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#tw food mention
ladyfarona · 7 hours ago
Power's out due to bad weather. I'm not sure lightning a blueberry candle and a pumpkin banana bread candle was a good idea... Smells funky in here. 😬
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imapursoon · 10 hours ago
b r e a d
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whaleincaloricdeficit · 10 hours ago
today was another difficult one. my head was spinning with cravings.
nachos piled with carnitas, guacamole, and sour cream. family sized bags of takis, salt and vinegar lays, sour cream and onion ruffles, funyons, and cheetos. a whole bucket of fried chicken, meat falling off the bone. creamy garlic mashed potatoes. baked macaroni and cheese. chicken chow mein, crab rangoons, and sweet and sour pork.
i do not know how i got through the day without bingeing, but i did. i should be proud of myself, but i am not.
when i am not thinking about what i want so desperately to eat, i am thinking about how much farther i have to go until my ultimate goal weight. over 100 pounds.
it feels so far away. it feels so unattainable right now that i could cry. i know that every pound i lose is one step closer to that goal, but i keep thinking about how much longer it will take to get there.
i hope i have made some progress this week. maybe a lower number on the scale come weigh day will lift my spirits. i can only hope so.
steps taken: 6032
water intake: 3.3 L
time fasting: 29 hrs
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kurt-nightcrawler · 10 hours ago
eating my feelings <3
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the-possum-prince · 11 hours ago
Head,,canons,,,,, aaaa
-Bandy exclusively refers to Dock as “le docteur.” Dock finds it annoying but Bandy Will Not Stop
-The Gang makes a pillow fort and Alchemy changes everyone’s clothes into onesies. Flint is so overheated (I might draw this one ngl)
-Y’know those clapping games that are like Advanced Patty Cake? Heartless knows all of them and he plays them with River a lot
-Flint likes to collect pretty rocks he finds on the ground. He keeps ‘em in his pockets so his pants do a funny lil jingle jangle when he walks
-Alastor is very sensitive to loud noises, so he wears earplugs whenever he and Lorelei have to be in a fight together
-Lance has a billion pets that he just Found, including four rats, a kitten (who is swiftly crowned as The Jury’s mascot), and a young orange dragon that he named Galahad, Gally for short
-When Flint gets real mad, the ground where he steps scorches and the air around him kinda wavers
-Bandy is infamous for switching people’s drinks out for gross stuff while they’re mid-sip. Most of The Jury now refuses to drink anything while Bandy is in the room. Lance constantly forgets this, leading to many a mouthful of ketchup
-Eira’s tolerance for spicy foods is absurdly high, he truly does not understand why Flint is such a baby about it. He doesn’t even particularly like spicy foods, but he could probably eat a ghost pepper with barely a flinch
-Dock never intends to kill his actual patients (aka test subjects). Not on purpose, anyway. If an experiment goes wrong, well, that’s not his problem. They usually go wrong.
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salemruinseverything · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
woo party in your inbox woo
who gave the skittles sunglasses
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I’m tired of kids going, “Ok, boomer” to me. Like you don’t know my life, kid. Back in my youth, all I got for a birthday gift was an extra potato for dinner. That’s right, a POTATO. Spoiled rich kids, meh.
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littleplease · 15 hours ago
fuck I ordered sweetgreen for din but I always switch out the romaine for kale (or spinach) and I forgot to and now I don't know if I can eat it fucking hell
I typically consider sweetgreen safe food but for some fucking reason romaine lettuce is a fear food and now I don't??? I hate myself it's just fucking LETTUCE
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total-cecilos-trash · 17 hours ago
Someone reblogged one of my incorrect quotes and said in the tags that my incorrect quotes were like pistachios and I just...
They also refused to elaborate on that so I’m just going to hope it’s a compliment
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holy-pucks · 20 hours ago
grace, do you cook much? if so, do you have any recipe recommendations?
not as much as i used to, sadly. most of my meals are quick + easy things that i wouldn’t exactly consider “cooking” but i have a few staples that i can give you :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also! my boy + his little make dinner for a group of us every week and it’s always fantastic so i can ask them for some of theirs <3
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ccss10987 · 20 hours ago
...So were the cookies good?
I only burnt the edges a little bit because I wasn’t paying attention
So they tasted fine, they just looked awful
And I left the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge for a snack :DDD
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ccss10987 · 21 hours ago
I am physically tired after attempting to make cookies.
I’m a dumbass and I can’t separate things for shit.
I also melted the butter too much because last time I didn’t melt it enough
so not only did I nearly destroy the pan, they look terrifying.
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phuvioqhile · 22 hours ago
Hi hello I've come to say ily and sending you good vibes 💜
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a-dreamingflower · a day ago
how about marble for the cake asks? :)
Ohh oki thanks for the ask :>
Marble: favorite time of the day?
Usually around the late afternoon bc the heat from the sun gives me a massive headache I also like dawn :]
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starry-eyed-spectre · a day ago
happy things!
five (five!!!) different people said they liked my hair c:
pain let up a bit today
i ate breakfast and dinner!
i got to ramble about the raven cycle to my mom!
also about renewable energy alsksls
found a wishing fairy!!
felt cute :3
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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
What Now, Pretty Bird?
Dick Grayson Week day 4: Bruce hits Dick and doesn’t get away with it | Time travel | Titans
“Why are you following me?”
Wally stops in his tracks. Dick keeps his eyes glued to the screen.
He takes a deep breath. In a more even tone, he rephrases the question.
“Why follow me specifically?”
He doesn’t expect an answer. The mechanics of death are a mystery even to the ones among it. As famous as he was as Kid Flash, Dick doubts Wally is high up there on the afterlife hierarchy (if such a thing exists). 
“You keep calling me.”
Dick pinches the bridge of his nose. 
“No, I don’t.”
He’s back, and this time he stole Dick’s favorite hoodie.
Legs swinging from the marble countertop, Wally tilts his head. “About time you got up. What kept you?”
Somehow, Wally has procured the article from Dick’s closet without a peep—a miraculous feat, given how Bats have a reputation for being light sleepers. His ensemble today also includes Flash-themed basketball shorts and a t-shirt that was so old the graphic—whatever it originally was—has faded out of cotton and memory, leaving naught but an off-white canvas. 
“Slept through my alarm.” A few mischievous coffee grounds jump off the spoon and onto the counter as Dick scoops them into the paper filter. “Weird dreams, the usual.” 
He places the filter in the machine, fills the water tank, and pushes the button.
“Wanna talk about it?”
“I got an appointment with Dinah this afternoon. I’ll do it then—no offense.”
Dick pours the last tablespoons of milk into a ceramic bowl, tosses the carton into the recycling bin, and opens a new one to top it off. 
“I still can’t believe you put milk first,” Wally says. “You, a self-declared cereal aficionado, putting milk first. That’s the equivalent of an art critic mixing up Picasso and Van Gogh.”
Dick rolls his eyes, lips quirking up. “Don’t be dramatic.”
“I have to be! Next thing I know you’ll be putting pineapple on pizza.”
“What are you talking about?” He adds his cereal to the milk. “Pineapple pizza is great, you just have the palette of a first grader.”
Wally gasps like it’s the eighteenth century and Dick is exposing his ankle. “How dare you speak ill of the deceased like that?”
The pin-drop silence is palpable. An arrow to the chest is what it is, slipping through fence-like ribs, landing a bullseye on a target that’s been assaulted a thousand times. 
Lips an invisible line, Dick fishes a spoon out of the dishwasher, pours his steaming hot coffee, and takes his breakfast to the apartment’s living room—a full twenty feet away from the other one’s presence. He switches the TV on to a mindless morning talk show and shovels a spoonful of sugary corn puffs into his mouth. He needs to wipe the coffee table; there’s still a dried tomato soup stain from when Donna brought takeout last week. Dick scrapes an almost negligible amount off with his fingernail before setting a mental reminder to clean the rest.
Wally hops off the counter. “Dick, I didn’t mean—”
“Why are you following me?”
Read the rest on Ao3
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i broke my fast a little early, as i may have to eat dinner with friends this weekend and i do not want to risk another binge. 118 hours is decent. it was not my longest fast (144hrs) but it was a fairly good one.
as usual, eating felt wrong. while i did not binge i feel about as bad as if i had binged, even though i had mostly vegetables.
i will try not to think too much about it.
i also changed my mind about weighing in twice a week, especially having eaten the day before what was meant to be a weigh day.
i wish i was thin already. i hate my stomach, full of food and covered with stretch marks. i hate my double chin. i hate my huge arms and massive thighs. i hate my chubby cheeks.
i wish i was thin, or dead.
steps taken: 5100
water intake: 4.2L
time fasting: 4hrs
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