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#tw feet
takahiiros · 8 hours ago
right right lemme js: tw makki being a hopeless romantic;; he would 100% sing off key to u when ur getting ready or he would post u on his ig story to that song
LMAOOOOO even worse he’ll start an insta live or whatever i hate him pls
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fairyboards · 8 hours ago
Hi! Can you make a stimboard for javey? ((Davey and Jack from Newsies)) and maybe grantaire from Les mis! :3
Newsies Javey StimBoard
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
📰Ah I Remember Watching This At One Point! I'll Make The Other One In A Separate Post! I Hope You Enjoy, Let Me Know If You'd Like Something Changed!📰
🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ ★ 🗞️ 🗞️ ★ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️
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validgendersonlytm · 10 hours ago
do u have any soft / webcore prnns ? ty !
I gathered all of these from old posts I’ve done! If you would rather I try and make some new ones, feel free to tell me that! I promise I wont bite your head off, lol!
Long post under cut!
Moth/mother/motherboard/motherself (motherboardself)
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stolligaseptember · 18 hours ago
i thought i was a little pathetic when i had to interrupt my run and walk home due to the pain in my foot, seeing how i'm usually able to just suck it up and run through it
but the pain also usually subside as soon as i get to remove my shoes and am allowed to just flex it out and allow my foot to retain a more natural state of being, but no, it's been 10 minutes and it still hurts like a motherfucker and i can't put any weight on it so. it's not a usual day
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childesgirl · a day ago
Tumblr media
this is what the headcanons post was referencing btw
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allegxdly · a day ago
ponyo ponyo ponyo fishie in the sea, tinnie little fishie who could you really be, ponyo ponyo ponyo magic sets u free, she's a little girl with a round tummie
Tumblr media
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b0ba-chan · a day ago
sakusa x reader
cw explicit content, dom/sub dynamic, foot humping, pet play, use of “puppy” and “mutt”, spit, degradation.
Tumblr media
“puppy, i’ve told you many times, as well ss stated in the rules, that...” kiyoomi continues on with his lectures, sitting on the couch with your leash wrapped around his fist. your forehead was pressed against his knee, sniffling over the longest scolding, but it was so tempting to rut down on his foot.
“i think it’s insanely bold of-“ he looks down to see you grind down against him, tongue lolled out as you pant like a bitch in heat. he tugs your leash as he leans closer to your face, causing you to choke on your moan.
“damn mutt, even when i’m trying to teach you a lesson, you cant think about anything but getting your slutty cunnie off on anything.” he keeps a straight face along with a stern tone. you rut helplessly as you pant up at him, eyes watering with tears of embarrassment after being caught.
you hear the familiar noise coming from his mouth, forming a glob of spit ready to land into your mouth. he spits onto your face, not caring if it lands anywhere bear your mouth. humiliation flushes through your body as you continue to grind, licking up any spit you can off your own face.
Tumblr media
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fushigurocockslut · a day ago
If I may ask, how would Megumi react to his S/O asking to worship his feet? Like she wants to rub/massage, kiss,and suck on his feet and toes? Maybe ask to paint his nails when it's all done? It's more or less like body worship but ofc feet ofc! I hope this isn't too weird or confusing for you! Megumi can be dominant durring the whole ordeal I don't mind!
hi anon, i’m super excited to finally write this one for you. i think you’re the last (or one of the last) requests that i’m gonna do before starting on my event fics! i hope that you like it!
please never feel like you can’t send in a request because it’s unconventional or “weird”. i value all of you, and i make content for you. feel free to abuse that (within limits). i will never kink shame anyone, unless you’re a gojo fucker.
Tumblr media
ok so initially, i think that megumi would be a little hesitant about it. he wouldn’t be grossed out, but he’d likely be a little self conscious. he would, however, agree when he sees how determined you are to worship his feet.
you’d definitely have to warm him up though. jumping in too fast might result in him aborting the mission. as you’d dig your thumbs into the bottom of his foot, he’d feet the last bit of hesitation go out the window.
he’d ask you to dig your fingers a little deeper into the flesh, moaning when you massaged an area just right. he’d slowly become more demanding, much to your enjoyment.
after feeling your soft lips pepper kisses on the bottom of his feet and his toes, he’d instantly become addicted to the sight. he never thought he’d enjoy seeing his precious little girl look so relaxed as she kissed the expanse of his feet.
“you were the one whining about wanting to do this, so get to it.”
the words have no bite, in fact, they show you just how excited he is to experience the rest that you have in store for him. smiling to yourself, you’d teasingly lick a stripe from his heel to his toes. he’d flinch but only because it tickled a little bit.
“ ‘gumi, quit jumping. you’re interrupting me.”
the next time, he’d let you finish, satisfied with the outcome. you’d lick up his foot again, stopping to suck on one of his toes. he’d moan as he felt the texture of your tongue run across the pad of his toe.
as you kept up your actions. he’d tell you to stop teasing him before he punished you. trying to avoid any punishment, you’d stop, choosing to keep sucking on his toes.
as you moved to the other foot, he’d find himself a little disappointed. he had hoped your oral assault would last just a little bit longer.
the process would repeat, and he’d instruct you through it like he was the most experienced man in the world. he’d notice that he’d hard sometime during the second foot, something that he’d find quite surprising.
“dirty girl, getting off on sucking my toes”
he’d throw his head back and close his eyes, really letting himself indulge in the feeling. but eventually, he would pull away, confusing you.
“did you not like it, ‘gumi?”
he’d grab your chin in his hand, making you look him in the eyes. he’d pull you in for a tender kiss, biting your bottom lip gently as he’d pull away.
“i liked it a lot, sweetheart. i liked it so much that i’m gonna do it to you.”
the entire experience would make him feel more confident in himself & it would make him feel as if there was more intimacy between the two of you. this would absolutely become something that happens more often. he would absolutely treat you afterward as a thank you for being so sweet to him.
long story short, megumi adores it when you worship his feet
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dilfhub · a day ago
no 😕
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dilfhub · 2 days ago
i feel like shoyo would like feet in cute socks ,,, he blushes so much when he thinks about footjobs and pastel colored thigh highs his face goes as bright as his hair
shoyo 100% does
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chucklenuts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scouts again, wanted to practise fullbody
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spielzeugkaiser · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Things are hard, but they have many happy moments too. [Masterpost]
Jaskier started out with a thyroid tumor here (which was more or less my modern take on the djinn) but things got complicated after that. There are also (here and there) little hints of what it means to be a witcher in that universe, but we will see if I get to draw more of that! (the rest of the wolves are gonna be so pissed once they find out.) This is still pre-relationship, since this is a flashback, but it’s also not an completely unknown quantity between them that they love each other. This somehow ended up being the slowest slowburn that ever burned, but with them (while not knowing for sure) also kinda recognizing what simmers there and in which direction they are moving.
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dilfhub · 2 days ago
I don’t know if you’ve answered this before, but since we’re on the topic of frilly socks and feet...who do you think would most want a footjob (aside from iwa lol)? Whether that’s dilfs, petboys, or whatever is up to you!
atsumu any form of atsumu, osamu, oikawa, makki, issei cock fat so he needs them idc, hinata, suna, tendou goshiki ,, omi even tho he pretends he doesn’t
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dilfhub · 2 days ago
iwaizumi x f!reader
tw - feet 😕, muzzling, puppyboy haji, footjob (through the clothing,,), degradation, callin him a mutt
a/n - i don’t like it :(( not edited or proofread bye,, also short !
Tumblr media
this just doesn’t make sense. hajime is a good boy. he’s your good boy, according to you, he’s the best boy. so it is completely unfair that he’s being muzzled up like a dumb mutt — and to have you know, hajime is far from a mutt. he’s a pedigree actually, all of his family are well bred rottweilers, each generation stronger than the last. hajime thinks you’re being a tad bit mean, no, he thinks you’re being very mean. the meanest of means you could ever be.
“haji,” you sigh, clipping the muzzle into place, lips brushing over his forehead, “don’t give me that look, babe. you know what you did.” he knows very well, but hajime bit that stupid puppy with all the right intent, he was slobbering all over you, dirty little paws pressing into your side. “‘tsumie is just a pup, you can’t bite puppies, haji.”
hajime upturns his nose haughtily, huffing a breath of annoyance. you giggle and pinch the tip of his nose through the caging of his muzzle. “don’t be like that. you know the rules.” you say, taking a seat on the couch, he sits at your feet, head resting on your knee; lips pursed and a hand creeping up your skirt.
“hey,” you snap, smacking it away and kicking him back with your foot, he yelps, expression darkening as a low growl grumbles in his throat. it sounds scary but he’s absolutely harmless, all you can see is a floppy puppy trying to appear big. “sometimes, haji, i need to put you in your place.” his ears twitch, awaiting your next move, his stance defensive; chest puffed and ears upright as he narrows his eyes at you.
it’s quiet, the two of you stare, your gaze is unwavering even in the face of his ferocious sneer. only because you know he’d never dare to hurt you. “hey, haji, do you like my socks?” his ear perks up, head tilting to the side in confusion as he lowers his gaze to look at your pink frilly socks. “they came this morning,” you giggle and hajime attempts to get off the ground but you press your foot into his tummy, clicking your tongue, “stay.”
hajime stills, going rigid at your instruction. his breaths grow laboured as you trail your foot over his abdomen and down the path of his stomach until it nudges the print of his cock. “oh, does haji like that,” you coo, smiling at the way his tongue lolls out, hot on the cold metal of his muzzle. “haji likes humping my feet? huh? like a worthless little mutt? is this the type of naughty thing my baby likes?” you jeer, heel pressing into his dick; draws out a lengthy whine from his throat, hips thrusting upwards desperately and relentlessly.
he does like it. panting and drooling as his clammy palms push your foot further into his crotch, he fumbles, hurried as he drags down his loose sports shorts; guiding your foot back to his cock. hajime’s warm, pre-cum seeping through the fabric of your socks and soaking your sole. “nasty. nasty little mutt, you are, haji.” you chirp, a saccharine sound that shoots straight to his core— his cum is thick, stains your socks beyond belief, there’s no way you’ll clean those up with just one wash.
hajime flops backwards, laying on his back and baring his stomach, wants you to pet him and you slink down off the couch onto the floor beside him, peppering kisses on the ridges and dips of his abs. “did you like that, puppy? messy baby ruined my socks.” you scratch behind his ears, “that’s okay, haji. i just gotta keep you in check sometimes,” you sigh, hajime grunts in response. he certainly knows his place. he is your loyal pet and you his owner.
Tumblr media
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