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#tw depressing stuff
livrere-red3 hours ago
I'm tired at 9 o'clock
Too early?
I don't sleep early, you lil shit
You don't get it,
I don't sleep at all.
I'm always tired
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homelesslittlegirl3 hours ago
My depression is FUCKING me raw
And I have no one to talk about it to
In other words.
Message me?馃ズ
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unloveable-blogs3 hours ago
I don't know when this happened.. When did I suddenly become invisible? When did you forget everything about us? When did I suddenly stop being important in your life? I apologize for pushing you away; I just thought that you would know me enough to realize that I was hurting. I don't expect things to go back to the way they were, I just wish it wasn't so hard to tell me a simple "Good morning". I guess I should get used to being disappointed. It's happened so long that I shouldn't get too attached. But I can't help the way I feel about you. Maybe one day I will forget you.... It's not likely, but I will try. I'm sorry I could never measure up. I'm sorry for not being the person you wanted me to be. I wish I didn't say this, but I still love you. I want to cry but I am too numb now. I am sorry for always letting you down.
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jupitertherebel4 hours ago
Sometimes I feel like all my friends secretly hate me...
I'm so unstable, i would collapse if they left and they know it, that's the reason why they stay. Maybe if i leave them alone, i can take this weight off their shoulders.
I'm always overthinking everything, i need constant validation and it's so overwhelming.
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prettybones-in-theyard4 hours ago
鈿狅笍-Triger Warning-鈿狅笍
So after not cutting for 2 weeks bc i had to go shopping with my fam and didnt want them to see it,
I could (finally) do it again and well it went deeper then I normally would go
As a right handed person cutting with left is well.. more difficult to keep it in control + all the emotions of 2 heavy weeks isnt going to help either
For some of yall its not gonna be deep but cutting deep is not my intention
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bigshitwithbigproblemss8 hours ago
I'm sorry that I'm not pretty. I'm sorry that I'm not skinny, I'm sorry that I didn't archive anything, I'm sorry for being useless, I'm sorry for being bad daughter, I'm sorry for being a bad friend, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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l0n3r-squad9 hours ago
It鈥檚 so weird thinking about how my life could鈥檝e turned out. How if I was like any other teen, I would have a full time job or be in university right now, maybe with a boyfriend, maybe even a child.
But instead, I鈥檓 stuck in this viscous cycle.
Binge... purge... restrict...
Instead, I have so far wasted 9 months of my life in hospital...
Instead, I have no job, no partner, and I am pushing away anyone who has ever showed me an oz of love, just to get closer to ana.
But that鈥檚 what makes me happy.
And I may moan and groan about the awful parts of this illness but it鈥檚 my world, my sanity.
And with any true happiness there鈥檚 always a little pain, a little struggle.
The pain is how I know I am succeeding.
I have accepted that this is how my life is going to be and it鈥檚 probably never gonna change, and I鈥檓 at peace with that.
I鈥檓 not gonna be like everyone else and that鈥檚 okay. I don鈥檛 have to follow their life plan. Because that won鈥檛 make me happy.
They鈥檙e going down that path because that makes them happy and I鈥檓 going down this one.
Others say my path only leads to darkness but when I look, all I see is a bright light.
I have accepted and embraced my path and everyone else needs to respect my choice and let me follow my destiny instead of trying to take it away from me.
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to-be-a-butterfly9 hours ago
"Kartka z pami臋tnika"
Budzi mnie g艂o艣na rozmowa z pokoju obok, mimo wszystko nie zwracam na ni膮 uwagi i pr贸buje nacieszy膰 si臋 porannym s艂o艅cem. Powr贸t do prakty, ludzie widz膮cy moje ochydne cia艂o i g艂upie docinki na ten temat. Lecz mimo wszystko by艂 tam kolega z klasy kt贸ry wydaje si臋 bardzo mi艂y i sprawi艂 偶e si臋 u艣miech艂am. Do tego sko艅czy艂am praktyki godzin臋 wcze艣niej!! 膯wiczy艂am pierwszy raz w 偶yciu na skakance. Spali艂am dzisiaj ok 485kcal!!! (Zjad艂am do艣膰 du偶o bo ok500kca) Powr贸t do rzeczywisto艣ci :D do tego rozmawia艂am, gra艂am i 艣mia艂am si臋 z pewna osoba przez dobre 3h. Mimo wszystko uwa偶am 偶e ten dzie艅 by艂 jednym z lepszych w tym roku. Od dawna si臋 tyle nie u艣miecha艂am jak dzisiaj, i to tak szczerze, nie mowie o takim wymuszonym niechcianym u艣miechu.
Mam nadziej臋 偶e ka偶dy z was motylki mo偶e poczu膰 takie szcz臋艣cie jak ja dzisiaj <33
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thornedmind10 hours ago
Have you ever felt shame for feeling something, because it's just too much and not how another person wants you to act in that particular situation? Have you ever been blamed for having a weird opinion on something, because it's not how another person sees it? I'm so confused. It never matter what I do, it's just wrong. I laugh too loud, I'm mad just to cause drama, I'm wrong. I know I wasn't wrong last time, and I start to believe I'm not wrong this time either. I can feel it in every piece of my body, it eats me up from inside not being able to ask you. I know you will lie, with a straight face, and then blame your actions on me. It was always your choice, not mine. You created me, happy birthday Sweetheart.
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elenawesker12 hours ago
Literally seems like I care about Everyone and no one gives a fuck about me..
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just-a-gay-disaster13 hours ago
No one sees her
As she follows behind me
No shadow, no footsteps
But I know she's there
Because with every step, I hear her whisper
She makes dark stairs seem so scary
A suspect of everyone
All their eyes they seem so judgy
As she whispers my insecurities
At night
When the lights are out
She invites in, the things that go bump in the night
Slithering shadows to mess with my eyes
Nights in alone are daunting
Every creak a footstep
The trees against the window a rapt of knuckles
The door bell rings but I cannot move
She holds me hostage, no escape to be found
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fadingaway101213 hours ago
I don鈥檛 know how much longer I can do this
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shenequasjournal16 hours ago
Today is NOT a good freaking day. My depression want me to starve, my ED wants me to binge, PMS wants me to cry and my anxiety just let's me go through every scenerio.
Fucking hate it here.
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all-dead-inside2116 hours ago
Crying in the bathroom again... I just want to go home. But I can't I'm at work...
The feeling of: I really want to die is really extreme right now...
Wow... Never felt so lost and Loveless...
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