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#tw ableism
What a WONDERFUL day for mentally ill/neurodivergent folk to wake tf up an realize that they are 100% NOT immune for bein ableist towards physically disabled folk!!!
If you say shit like “well no one denies a diabetic isoline” as a way to talk bout how some assholes deny mentally ill folk anti depressants then congrats!!! You are engagin in very ableist behavior!!!
If you say that we have it better cause our issue is visible so no one doubt us then you are DISGUSTLY ABLEIST!!! This goes for the invisible illness crowd, too!!! A double whammy!!!
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thatoneraven · 6 hours ago
Nobody is going to give you money just so you can do something that literally everyone your age is already doing. Get a job, stupid racist white girl.
I have a job, but I only make enough to cover basic necessities. I don’t make enough to cover healthcare for my disabilities.
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yailea · 7 hours ago
I am going to be personal in this post.
I relate to c!Wilbur a lot. I can get really into the thought process that I’m a bad person (actually struggling with that rn but let’s not talk about that lmao) and I can get really afraid that I’m going to lash out and hurt one of my friends. I see a lot of people call c!Wilbur a villain. Seeing a character that I relate to being called a villain can really worsen this sort of thing and make me even more scared, sometimes to a point where I don’t talk to anyone because I think I’m going to hurt them. I have to have the “Vilbur” tag blocked to avoid this kinda stuff from happening. So, to the fandom, can you fucking not?
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marisatomay · 8 hours ago
i saw you talking about the amy ch*a thing on Twitter and clicked on the full letter and it said she “talked about how small and pitiful ronan was as a student, and physically miming his then-disability” why does everyone suck
it’s so bad and you know there’s more to it than this even. unfortunately, when i saw what came out about her and her husband like a month ago i figured ronan probably knew Things or was targeted himself by virtue of her having been his thesis advisor and him being a more vulnerable target than others and there was a tweet from a law school friend of his that alluded to him knowing/ experiencing things and i hate that i was right. like he clearly has “people have it so much worse than me” syndrome and while he is incredibly privileged in some ways doesn’t mean he hasn’t faced abuse of his own and been in circumstances that no one should have to deal with, especially from authority figures who were supposed to protect him, and i hope that he is working to accept that and not brush things aside just because it could always be worse. but this really is all just so infuriating because he was so young and physically disabled--which of course doesn’t mean he was helpless, but it does mean he was so vulnerable and if these other students--who were older than he was and ostensibly more mature--were so affected by her abuse then like :// and yale knew about it all and did nothing. has done nothing. it’s infuriating.
it’s also possible ronan was the alum who shared the letter publicly at the behest of the author because as the original thread states “I’ve spoken with that alum enough, and seen the outward results of their work, that I trust that this is a real document.” like the alum who shared it has a body of work that’s well known and knows how to vet documents etc. and it would also explain why he was the only student listed whose name wasn’t redacted.
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yailea · 8 hours ago
yailea i am cry
i had to close chat bc they were all shouting "VILLIAN BITCH!!" at c!Wilbur and it hurt
I’m going to destroy chat.
I had to close chat too, I think a lot of people did. I just wish that people would stop being so shitty. It sucks to see this fandom that I’ve put so much of my time, energy and love into just be ruined by people spreading ableism.
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drunkcnsunlight · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
--- it all had happened so quickly. all of it: learning that the madman who had killed their friend was right about at least one of the things that he’d reported. that there could be a way out, but only for one of them. then, the unexpected happened: it happened so quickly that she could not have defended herself if she wanted to. he bashed her face in with his camera: with the one that he’d used to film her in the various small-time movie gigs that he always casted her as the lead female for. he and his jerk of a roommate always gawked at her, but it was only ALEX she had eyes for. it was only for the man who had chosen to take her life, so that he could save himself. he had not even tried to come up with a SOLUTION together, before her brains stained the lens of his equipment. what a fucking psycho. being given her life back was not something that she could have prepared for, but seeing ALEX again? that was the most authentic shock of them all. bile rose up in her throat, the moment that their eyes connected. JENNIFER took a step back, her legs wavering, her knees wobbling, as she attempted to maintain her balance. “how the fuck are you here?” she asked him, even if she should really be asking that about HERSELF. “well... maybe i should not be surprised, since... YOU CHOSE YOURSELF.” her tone of betrayal was intense and obvious. “whatever. not that i’d trust any answer from you, anyways. JUST STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME.” 
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esrahtheorganizedmess · 10 hours ago
honestly just big tw for passive aggressive ableism and sanism from my decade old psychology class
My decade old psychology class: This is the DSM-4 😌, the most recent Diagnostic Manual 😃📔! Let’s use outdated language to refer to intellectual and adaptive disabilities 🥰! Did you know 😲 people’s 👥 functioning capability in multiple areas can be summed up by a linear 0-100 scale 📉📈? People often experience stigma 😡 when they are openly diagnosed with a psychological 🧠 disorder. For instance, what do you think of 🤔 when you think of the word “sick”? What about “l**ny”? Or “cr**y”? Or “p**cho”? Anyway 😋 we’re not going to even imply that you shouldn’t 👎 use these or remind you that these have caused a lot of harm. Also! 😁 There are many harmful stereotypes 👽🤖 about people with psychological disorders 👤 , such as being dangerous to family 👵 and friends 🫂 , incurable 🤷‍♂️, and uncontrollable 🎲. But, the only 👆 people who fulfill these stereotypes are people with “severe” psychological disorders 🙋, the rest are basically abled and neurotypical 👫 , and mediation for that is the only direction ↖️↘️ of treatment or accommodation we’re going to mention 💬 . Media 📺📻 representation also impacts how people are seen 👀 , However, there is also positive ➕ representation! Like Rain Man 🧍‍♂️, a movie deemed by the vast majority of the autistic community ♾ to be harmful 🤕 and stereotyping 😓 of autistic people. Another thing that impacts how we see people is the language 🗣 we use. So always use person 🧑 first language no matter what!!! And did you know 😉 that many people use their disorders as an excuse 🤭 for not recovering and getting unnecessary accommodations? We won’t mention 🤫 that the amount of people 👥 who do this by no means reflects 🪞 the vast majority of people. And that’s the end of this digital 💻 lecture have a good day 😁😇🥳!!!!!!
Me, an autistic person who’s also the host of a whole ass system, who’s been taking a shot of water every time they said something inaccurate or were lowkey ableist: *finishes physically reeling* ....I think this is the most hydrated I’ve been in years
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vilethot · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hmmmm I don’t want to see this gross bitch on my dash no more. Literally not even two days ago they reblogged pedophilic incest art of the brother and sister from the simpsons.
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eugeniaslongsword · 13 hours ago
CC treatment of Thomas sickness pisses me off the most about TSC. What CC was describing was an at the very least an immune disorder (I am pretty sure it was an immunodeficiency disease but I don’t know much about his symptoms to specificity) and as someone who has an immune disorder it did not go away when I hit puberty and it definitely not going to go away if I go to Spain for a year (If it did my parents would have sent me to Spain along time ago) because they are chronic, immunodeficiency diseases in particular are mostly genetic disorders, they aren’t going to magically go away. And it’s annoying because immune disorders are serious and like deadly and they are rarely depicted about in media and whenever they are it is always HIV and AIDS and it not like HIV shouldn’t be portrayed they are just a hundred of others that never are.
Tumblr media
I don't know that much about immune disorders, but I'll start by saying that I agree! CC gave Thomas an Illness but didn't bother to do any research about it, doesn't even show us why his family was so protective of him. He was that sick but you can't bring yourself to specify why? Fun.
Apparently disabilities aren't hot enough for her to write about it properly, so of course he overcame it by... going to Spain for a couple of months, I guess.
Again, I don't know enough about this topic, so I hope you don't mind me posting without adding anything else!
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jay4firefic · 13 hours ago
I'm finally catching up on recent episodes of 9-1-1 and WOAH the ageism in 4x10
(Discussion of suicide, ageism to follow)
THIS WOMAN COMMITTED SUICIDE AND THEY JUST STOOD BY AND WATCHED BECAUSE SHE WAS OLD AND SICK SO WHY BOTHER STOPPING HER. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Her advance directive DOES NOT APPLY in that situation. She was fully coherent and admitted to trying to kill herself. She was not declining treatment for protected religious/spiritual/whatever reasons. That is a mandatory psych hold for danger to self. She was COMMITTING SUICIDE. At least in part because she DID NOT WANT TO INCONVENIENCE HER DAUGHTER ANY FURTHER.
They would have 5150ed her and administered treatment. The fact that they didn't and the episode shrugs it off is just... massively disgusting ageism and ableism. Literally makes me sick to think that first responders would stand by while one of my clients died just because they're old and say they're terminally ill. Hen and Chim had no way of knowing if that was true, or if her decision making capacity was impacted by her illness, by mental illness, anything.
I am disgusted.
I believe strongly that physician assisted suicide should be more accessible than it is. Death with dignity IS LEGAL in California, but too hard to actually go through with for most people. But there's also a reason it's hard. There's a reason you need multiple independent medical professionals to sign off on it. There's a reason there are psych assessments. There's a reason they make you wait and confirm the decision several times. Because spur of the moment suicide attempts LIKE THE ONE PORTRAYED IN THIS EPISODE don't necessarily reflect a person's considered, long term wishes, especially if they are impaired by heavy medication like this woman was.
Just. What the actual fuck. Why haven't i seen anyone talking about this. It's grotesquely unethical and the show handled it really badly and too many people will shrug it off because it makes sense for an old sick person to want to die rather than be a burden.
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r10t-kxtty · 15 hours ago
PLEASE stop using psycho or psychotic as an insult when you dislike the content a user creates or enjoys. Psychosis is unrelated to fictional tastes. Not all psychotic people are dangerous.
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macncheesenketchup · 15 hours ago
things people say to autistic people
because allistics have audacity i guess anyway here’s a list only using the many things I’ve had said to me that really should not be said
- “Wow, you’re Autistic? And you’re doing so good in school, too! You are SO inspiring.” I’m not inspiring I’m just me! God! - “Don’t use your Autism as a crutch, now, you’re more than your Autism.” I AM my Autism that’s the POINT, Chelsea.
- “Wait, you’re Autistic? Oh, but you’re not one of THOSE Autistic kids, haha.” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
- “You must be high-functioning.” WELL I MEAN SOMETIMES!
- “Huh, like Rain Man/The Good Doctor/Sheldon?” At least compare me to Entrapta.
- “It’s okay that you’re Autistic, I mean, Einstein was Autistic!” Why does my Autism have to mean I’m super awesomely useful or a genius in order for it to be “okay”??? - “Autism just means you have a special brain, you aren’t disabled, it’s a superpower.” Following the social model of disability, in a lot of ways I am disabled, just not physically. You inadvertently disable me further by saying this. - “Well. A person with Autism.” Uh, no, I’m Autistic, thanks though.
- “My brother has Autism and you guys aren’t alike at all.” The brother is seven.
- “Oh, my brother has Autism. You would get along.” The brother is seven.
- “I KNEW there was something wrong with you! Ah, um, in a quirky, fun way of course!” This one is my favorite. You didn’t mean that!
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dreamsclock · 16 hours ago
(// ableism) i really loved your writing about c!dream being adverse to touch with c!george, but please keep in mind that sort of thing depicted can be ableist or based off of ableist rhetoric. the idea that a disabled person or a person who doesnt like being touched, especially due to reasons all the personal, has to ‘heal’ or ‘grow to love it again’ in order to have a happy ending or to feel at home can feel ableist, as that insinuates a disabled person cannot be happy unless their disability is somehow wiped or healed from. i feel it would have been a better direction if dream touched george only a little or the touch is minimized, as suddenly laying on his lap and holding his hands can be jarring and in no way proper healing. all in all though i don’t have any right to tell you what to write. your writing is amazing, but please keep things like this in mind.
hi there, thank you for informing me! i honestly didn’t think of this and this is something i should’ve considered. often when i’m writing ficlets here i don’t have time to think as such, because i’m more focused on getting asks answered before classes, and in the case of that particular ask i hadn’t thought it through at all because it had only come though as an ask twenty minutes before it actually posted — i think if i’d given myself a day or two to think it over, i might’ve included a line or a couple of lines mentioning that (there are definitely things i would change in that fic aha). tgese aren’t supposed to be excuses either !! i just wanted to provide some context as to me Not Thinking: it’s something i’ll try to do in the future, and i’ll also try to sit on asks for a day or two before answering them to give me time to properly digest them.
pls continue to let me know if i ever do end up writing something with ableist ideas behind it !! i’m gonna mess up sometimes (like this aha) but i do want to try and correct myself as much as possible: i might actually edit that fic a little now, and if something similar happens again in the future, i hope u guys will point it out too :)
ty again for correcting me !! :))
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wetpinkorthodoxy · 20 hours ago
I don't know if anyone here knows what it's like to spend your late teens and your entire 20s being told that you're not an adult and you don't get to make your own decisions but I do. This was done to me repeatedly, on the grounds of mental health problems that turned out largely to be down to ADHD.
The premise was that I was too vulnerable to be treated like an adult, even though I still had to go to work, manage a household, etc. On those grounds I was gaslighted by various people, I had small decisions and big decisions taken away from me and I was eventually forced to choose between obeying my family or having no family. I can't tell you how trapped I was or how impossible it felt to overcome this.
And so I'm very firm that the age of adulthood is 18 and that's an absolute cut-off point because when people don't respect that it facilitates abuse. It's not that I think a 19 year old can't be hurt or exploited and I certainly don't want people in their 30s and 40s to be perving over 19 year olds, but I don't accept that a 19 year old is a child because that ignores their rights and autonomy.
I wore a corset and fishnets sometimes when I was 19 and it's not that I was a mindless victim of patriarchy or that I was being manipulated into doing so. Of course I knew some men would like it, but that doesn't mean I had no choice. It was not about being empowered or disempowered because clothes are not actually that important.
I am not willing to tolerate any bullshit that retrospectively paints me as a victim for making harmless choices about clothes whilst ignoring all the ways my rights were actually violated. I don't want to speak to anyone who labels me as "creepy" or "gross" for refusing to buy into the idea that all women are victims all the time and refuses to recognise the possibility that women experience misogyny differently. If this makes you uncomfortable, this blog is not for you.
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evie-in-wonderland · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not american mcgee supporting ABA (:: !!!!! why am i not surprised!!!
god if i didnt use alice to help process my trauma i would have left this fandom a long time ago
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timedeo · a day ago
holy shit i just found where this 13 y/o on twt basically was like confessing to being in love with dream and it was so obvious that the poor kid was dealing with delusions and every fucking person in the qrts and the replies jumped to bullying and reality checking them. holy shit thats so fucking dangerous you people are evil
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bee-tales · a day ago
i stg if i see anyone saying that rose's disability wasnt realistic im punting you to the MOON
as someone with an invisible illness i thought they did her really fucking well, and didnt turn her into inspiration porn
literally salt about ANYTHING other than that im begging you
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decentmonster · a day ago
I think what I find MOST ironic about all the people complaining about Tumblr using Queer as a term :
A large majority of them are complaining by telling the staff to commit suicide. I've also seen several users call it an r-slur decision! Terfs are even complaining, and I even saw one user use the N-word in their complaint????
Like??? Bro you have no right to complain about the so-called q-slur while suicide baiting, being racist, transphobic or ableist? Shut up. Fr. Shut up shut up shut up
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justicepursued · a day ago
WHAT’S DIFFERENT? • Angela directly witnesses the death of her parents in an airstrike on her neighborhood. • What Angela does during the Crisis is not kept deliberately ambiguous: she works in an aid camp running errands for the doctors in exchange for food, safety, and shelter. As the situation grows desperate and the number of professional staff dwindle, she works alongside the camp’s doctors. Her belief that all life is precious is only reinforced by her experiences. • Angela was unwittingly conscripted into Overwatch at an early age per a secret program by the U.N to recruit and train orphaned refugees in preparation for another O/mnic Crisis. The children would looked after in exchange for lifelong service to O/verwatch.  This program was shuttered upon the dissolution of O/verwatch. As far as Angela is aware, she grew up a ward of the British state, and her service to OW was entirely voluntary, as their offer was presented as a “choice.” • She is both a citizen of the UK and S/witzerland, although as of OW’s dissolution, she has given up her cramped studio apartment in L/ondon and currently lives in an aid camp full-time. • Mercy is a character that Angela “plays” on the field of battle, and one that both she and OW’s public relations department had a hand in creating. Graceful, invulnerable, and nigh-angelic, Mercy always defers to her superiors and never questions the decisions of the organization she serves. Unlike in canon, Angela pre-Recall does not wish to be associated with Mercy at all. • Her experience with OW was more negative than in canon. Not only did her colleagues encourage her to directly join the conflict, but many of her coworkers stole her research and modified her inventions to hurt, rather than to heal. • She actively refuses to rejoin OW when R/ecall is issued, but “settles” on acting as a consultant for the reformed OW from afar, occasionally dropping in to patch up old friends. • Whether she rejoins post-R/ecall OW is ambiguous, although she still keeps the V/alkyrie swift response suit.
PHYSICAL HEADCANONS • Angela is 5′11 or 180 cm and lanky. • She’s got a smattering of sun spots on her nose from being out in the sun so much before her body got heavily modded. • Per canon, Angela wears glasses to read. I headcanon that she is mildly far-sighted---just enough to cause a headache if she were to read papers without eyewear. • Angela lost part of her right arm at 27, and wears a below-elbow mechanical prosthetic. The prosthetic is detachable, and she removes it at night, before showering, or before immersing herself in a mikveh. Shortly after losing her arm, she was offered a chance “regrow” the limb using experimental genetic tech developed by B/lackwatch, but Angela refused on the principle of never having anything to do with “Moira’s department”. • During her tenure at OW, Angela was forced to cover her prosthesis with synthetic skin, as public relations believed Mercy showing a prosthesis would damage her “invincible, angel-like” reputation. Angela argued vociferously against the decision, believing Mercy’s use of a prosthetic would foster pride and positive self-esteem in disabled children that admired her persona. She eventually acquiesced to the decision when her superiors threatened to shutter funding for a major project. After the dissolution of OW, Angela no longer covers her prosthesis with synthetic skin. • Almost all of Angela’s spine is artificial, and most of the original cervical vertebrae are fitted with a cybernetic brace. She doesn’t like to talk about it. :^) • Angela tests out her nanite technology on herself first, always. She would rather shoulder the risk herself than potentially do harm to another living being. The wisest option it is not, but what’s a little cardiac arrest for the sake of progress? • While Angela does not “age”, the scars she had prior to applying advanced nanotechnology to her body are still present. • Nanites are not a cure-all; she is still capable of getting sick and of feeling aches and pains from old injuries. She’s a lil crusty about it. MENTAL HEALTH HEADCANONS • Angela has C/PTSD due to the trauma of spending part of her childhood in a warzone. • Her memory recall for the many traumatic events in her life fluctuate wildly; this ranges from being able to recount an incident with incredible clarity to being unable to remember the experience at all. Flashbacks are present but infrequent, with rumination taking up most of her mental energy. • Her C/PTSD effects her physical health, as she suffers from frequent migraines regardless of how “healthy” she is (quitting caffeine, sleeping 8 hours a night, hydration, etc.) • At times, Angela’s workaholic tendencies and mental illness impact her hygiene, with her struggling to shower, brush her hair, or do her laundry. • She avoids Z/ürich if she can help it; there are so many negative memories attached to her birthplace that she can’t ever see herself living there again. FAITH HEADCANONS • Even prior to her parents’ deaths, Angela understood the value of life, and the importance of t/ikkun olam. Painful as experiencing war and loss was, it only reinforced her convictions that life is precious, that preserving life is important beyond anything else, and that everyone has a duty to repair the world. Her motivation, her values, and her work cannot be disentangled from her faith. • I cannot emphasize this enough---the reason she joined OW in spite of their conflicting values was because she thought they were the best way to help as many people as possible. She questioned their methods and clashed with her superiors because she wanted the organization to do better for the sake of the world and everyone in it. This is intrinsically tied with her Jewishness!!!! • She keeps kosher. • Angela celebrated her b/at mitzvah shortly after she turned twenty, as she was not given the chance to go to H/ebrew school as a child. Her former thesis advisor and research partners were in attendance. • She is on the sour cream side of the debate. Accept no substitutes. If you eat latkes with ketchup she will never let that shit go. • P/urim is Angela’s favorite holiday. She loves the Book of Esther, she loves dressing up, she loves giving to others. It’s one of the few days out of the year where she smiles a lot. RELATIONSHIP HEADCANONS • She has an intense dislike of Moira, believing that her research outright courts e/ugenicist ideology. Moira’s lack of ethics both infuriates and frightens Ziegler, who draws parallels to other notorious “scientists” who put their ambitions above basic human rights. • Angela is incredibly protective of all children, but most especially children who are labeled “prodigies”, loudly advocating for people to leave them alone and give them a break. OTHER HEADCANONS • Angela is terrible at “getting” current pop cultural references and memes, as she spent most of her early childhood disconnected from the internet, and her teen years in university. • Given how stressful her job is and the various traumas she has to juggle, Angela heavily relies on caffeine to get through her shifts. Drinking and smoking (the former sometimes to excess) are used to cope with stress.
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