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momos-peaches · an hour ago
The Coat Thief
Mobius x F!Reader
Okay so imagine stealing mobius’ coat while he is in a meeting because work has been really hard on you. As his friend (and secret admirer) you didn’t think he’d care all that much but when he comes back to find you, how does he react? You can thank @gxldendxys for this brainrot. Also if you want to send in Mobius or Loxi x reader requests send them my way. I don't write smut only angst and fluff! Okay enjoy!!!
The day had started alright so you didn’t have a clue as to how it left you oh so drained. You had a good breakfast that consisted of two pieces of cinnamon sugar toast and a good cup of coffee with way too much creamer, got to work early by 5 minutes, had a brief conversation with Casey as you walked through the lobby and got straight to it. Though in between the paperwork and constant shuffling back and forth to the records room, the day began to slowly drag you down and you hadn’t noticed. Mobius did though and as you conversed through the day with your coworker who sat just across from you, he made sure to check up on you. 
Despite all the check-ups, all these events led you to where you were now, half asleep looking at paperwork and disaster reports all in attempts to catch the deviant your crew had been tasked with nabbing to stop it from causing any more trouble than they already did. Raking over the words proved too difficult in your current sleep deprived state since you had to reread your paper more than once to just simply digest the words in front of you. So as your fellow agent stood from his desk across the hall, his voice lulled you from your attempt of understanding your work at the moment. 
“Hey, you look like you could use a breather.” He said with great concern behind his eyes that you hadn’t managed to catch since you were still staring blankly at your sheets upon sheets that scattered your once tidy desk. 
“Well,” You started, cracking your back as you readjusted yourself in your office chair from your slouched over position. “At least I’m still breathing.” You muttered. In all honesty, you could use a dirt nap at this point since you were dead tired. This earned a chuckle from Mobius who had patted your shoulder, looking over it to see the amount of work you had accomplished and how much you still had to go. You never ceased to amaze him with your work ethic despite how destructive it might be to your health at times. Just another thing you two could bond over, Mobius figured.  
“If you aren’t planning on moving from this spot anytime soon, I could always get you some coffee.” He offered, tilting his head to look down at you with a knowing gaze. For the first time in a few hours you made eye contact since your head and his had been buried to the top with work, and a goofy smile appeared on your lips as you saw his own smile. It was contagious. 
“That would be rather nice- But where are you going? I never thought you would be one that would clock out so early.” As if 2 am was early but eh, here you two still are.  Mobius’ smile faltered and he stood up straighter which caused his hand and the warmth that came with it to dissipate from your shoulder. 
“Eh, boss wants to have a meeting over the Variant  situation I have to deal with. You know how it is.” The way he spoke, the warmth that left his tone.  You could just sense that there was something major about this meeting. Knowing him, Mobius was either going to be reprimanded or praised for his bold tactics out on the field. 
“Try not to get into too much trouble while you are there alright? It’s not like we need a repeat of last time.” You said, turning in your chair to see him better. A knowing smile reappeared on both your faces, and Mobius was quick to defend himself. “Hey, it was Loki’s idea-”
“You listened to him.” You were quick to call him out, in which Mobius scoffed. 
“You’re just jealous, Jet Skis are the pinnacle of human invention and-”
“Mobius! Would you please get a move on?” Loki groaned from the door leading out of your guy’s office. “I think I’ve aged just standing here and that’s damn near impossible here!”
“Such a drama queen-” You muttered playfully as you waved to Loki who seemed rather unamused.
“Don’t I know it-”
“Okay okay, since when were you the responsible one???”
Their back and forth banter drew a genuine laugh from your slightly chapped lips that made Mobius’ tired heart swell. “I’ll get you your coffee, y/n. Hang tight and I’ll be back before you know it.”
“My hero.” You teased, and with that Mobius left although between you playful conversation and tired demeanours, him leaving was the last thing either of you wanted. 
So while waiting you decided you pull your fly away hair back, tidy your desk once more to its former state of tidiness. If your pattern with Mobius would hold true, you two would end up having a conversation about nothing and everything all at once after his meeting; you always do. Mobius and Y/N the unstoppable gossip duo. You chuckled aloud to yourself as you put things in manilla folders, stacking them and then putting each stack into its corresponding filing cabinet that was slightly rusted at the bottom edges, revealing just how long it had been there. It hadn’t broken though so why get rid of something that didn’t need to be replaced?
It took about an half an hour to tidy everything up and by the end it you collapsed back into your chair. There was a draft that occasionally snuck it way towards your cubicle and now just so happened to be one of those times. So as you casually sat at your desk messing with your pens and whatnot to try and stay awake to accompany Mobius when he got back, your eyes shifted from those to across the narrow hallway that separated every cubicle in the vicinity.  There was a familiar brown coat that had seen better days draped over the back over the chair that belonged to your fellow agent. Lifting your head in curiosity, you looked back and forth to see no one else but you and a few others way back at the end of the office. Odd...He usually never leaves without it but Loki did rush him and it is late. Perhaps he must’ve forgotten it. That’s unfortunate for Mobius but lovely for you since the chill was starting to make your bones ache. 
Carefully, you walked across the rough carpeted hall with bare feet since your heels had started to cause you awful discomfort during the night. Your shaking hands picked up the coat which made the chair that held onto it whine from the slight pressure being lifted from it. The coat itself was made to last, have a thick outer layer that was similar to the inside though the materials were different. One of your arms slid through the proper sleeve and the other followed. You were prepared for the warmth but you weren’t prepared for the scent. It smelled like rain and a gentle hint of spice that made warmth spread to your cheeks. ‘He wouldn’t mind of course’  is what you told yourself, standing in the dim light and tugging it closer to your shivering frame. Despite your own reassurance, your cheeks ceased to stop blushing and it normally would’ve irritated you but right now you were too tired. So as you sat down in his chair, bringing your legs upwards so you could curl up and hide from the cold of the office you closed your eyes and prepared for a nap.
Meanwhile, Mobius had just gotten out of his meeting and any amount of energy he could had spared to keep up his facade of not being dog tired had withered away and turned to dust. As you had suspected, he got praised and reprimanded but it mostly went through one ear and out the other. His superior and him having such talks were almost routine at this point but Mobius knew that despite his recklessness at times with his partner, they were too good of workers and the TVA couldn’t fire them even if they wanted to. Plus it’s not like they didn’t anything to reckless...but Mobius and Slayer had two very different views on what was classified as reckless and what wasn’t. 
He was so in his own head that Mobius barely stopped by the employee lounge to get you coffee but of course he remembered in the nick of time since the flickering light from the inside had drawn him from his thoughts. The agent walked in and grabbed another generic coffee mug that the office seemed to have an endless supply of and he wouldn’t be surprised if that was the truth. Grabbing the coffee pot, he poured some and added the creamer and sugar just the way you liked it. He had been getting you your coffee for some time now so he had damn near perfected it. Mobius was indeed her coffee hero and with that it left a cheesy little grin on his face. It seemed that just thinking about you lifted his mood but he tried not to dwell too much on that. 
After entering their office with coffee in tow, Mobius had glanced around to see where his (h/c) coworker had gone but his gaze soon landed on your form in his office chair wrapped up like a burrito with his jacket.
“Y/n?” A voice came from behind and startled you, a yelp exiting your lips as you covered them. Once again Mobius came up from behind you and sat the mug down on the desk where a ring stain had been, just adding onto it. “I think someone stole my coat.” You didn’t have to look with your eyes to know he was smiling. You could hear it in the cadence and tone of which he spoke. With what little energy you had left, you let out a fake gasp as you reached for your coffee. 
“Who would ever do something as heinous as that?” You asked, voice just above a whisper but the playfulness still resided. 
“I haven’t a clue, any guesses?” 
You hummed in faux thought, looking over to your side to see Mobius looking at you with an unreadable look. It made you narrow your eyes to adjust to the intensity of his gaze. “I don’t have a single guess. You might have to look in the lost and found.” 
Mobius rolled his eyes purely out of amusement and pulled your chair across the hall, if you could even call it that due to its size, and sat down. “So, are you planning on giving it back anytime soon?” He asked, raising a brow as the two of you exchanged curious glances. You were mid sip of coffee when he asked so after you were done, you sat the beige mug to the side to respond.
“I can’t believe that you are implying that I, y/n l/n, lawfully abiding agent of the TVA would ever steal something of yours.” You hummed, kicking your feet up to rest them on his lap per tradition. 
“You know maybe I shouldn’t have gotten you coffee. You’re easier to handle half asleep.” Though he didn’t mind this. Of course not, why would he? The atmosphere that you two can create with your flirty and playful banter when it’s late at night and it’s just you two alone is something he cherished more than he could put into words. 
“You’re just jealous because I sleep, Mr. Undereye-bags.” You poked fun at his appearance, but in all reality it worried you a bit. He didn’t sleep nearly enough which was one of the reasons you believed he had so many grey hairs. “Between that and your hair you look like an old man.” 
“Now, y/n, you know half of these are from you.” He retorted, giving you a knowing glance as you smiled sleepily. Sheepishly, you stood, his jacket looking a bit too big for you but that only added to your appeal in the low light. With coffee in one hand and the other free, you patted his head. Mobius rose an eyebrow at your late night attics but allowed you to continue. 
“I would say I contributed to this grey hair patch riiiiight here.” You whispered, being awfully close to him. He could smell the way his scent intertwined with yours. It was crazy how you complimented him and vice versa in almost every single way. Between his own sleep deprivation and your figure being teasingly close, his hands rested on your hips which caused you to glance down at him.
Mobius met your eyes right back, chocolate gaze piercing your own. “And how do you expect to pay for that huh?” Your voice got caught in your throat and your wind pipes froze up. How were you supposed to respond to this? You just kinda looked at him with a gentle gaze, his own showing his unabashed curiosity at how you would react. 
You only scoffed playfully once you came back too. “You’re such a brat, you know that?” She asked, sipping her coffee until it was gone so she could discard it with their growing collection of mugs atop his own filing cabinet. 
“Yeah I know but you like it.” He hummed, which caused you to flick his forehead which launched you two into another long winded bout of banter.
It seemed like time flew by and as it did, your conversation had to die down. You would end up having to return his coat and put your heels back on. You unrolled your rolled up white blouse sleeves from your elbow, grabbed a few sheets and like that you were on your way. “So, are you free after work tomorrow?”
The question caught you off guard, seeing as how Mobius was looking at you with quite a bit of hope. This caused you to smile, “I guess you’ll just have to find out now won’t you?” It’s no fun if you don't tease him a bit, now is it? Plus the way his lower lip stuck out to show he was pouting was rather funny. “Oh don’t pout-”
“I’m not pouting-”
“Yes you were.”
He sighed and leaned back in his chair to look up at you, both arms resting on either armrest. “You could say a simple yes or no, you know. It’s not that hard not to give me a hard time.” Mobius pointed out, but you shrugged it off with a grin brighter than the sun.
“There isn’t any joy in just answering you out right. You have to work for it. Goodnight Mobius.” 
He said goodnight as well and watched you as you walked all the way out the door, seeing your figure disappear into the elevator. With his coat in his lap, his focus shifted to it and he sighed. “The things she does to me…” Mobius muttered under his breath, cleaning up for the night as well. He turned off his desk light, shrugged on his jacket and grabbed his key card. While he tucked it into his pocket as he walked down what seemed like an endless vast stretch of hallway to the elevator, his nose took in the scent of you and his shoulders relaxed. Maybe he would have to leave his coat at his desk during meetings more often… 
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mischievous-thunder · 8 hours ago
Ravonna: You have a soft spot for broken things, Mobius.
Casey: How dare you? How dare you call Loki broken?
Mobius: Calm down, Casey. She's just trying to get a reaction out of us.
Ravonna: Loki is an evil lying scourge too.
Mobius: What did you just call him?! He's the most innocent bean I've ever seen in my entire life, despite everything!
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skiplo-wave · 23 hours ago
Loki: So if coconut oil is made from coconuts, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then-
Casey: *gasp* Baby oil
Mobius: Boys can I eat my salad in peace for once?
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skiplo-wave · a day ago
Casey: these you guys here? Someone tried to fight Miss Minutes!
Mobius: she’s a hologram how is that possible
Loki:….nothing is impossible, Mobius…
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skiplo-wave · a day ago
Mobius: Hey Loki what you got there?
Loki: A knife
Casey: Oh god!
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(Mobius runs with B-15 and another guard into a bar that they saw Loki enter. They pause at a TVA guard who’s had plenty to drink and earlier watched the four Lokis run past him to no concern.)
Mobius: Did you see any Lokis?
TVA Judge: See what?
Mobius: Lokis, Lokis!
TVA Judge: Really, Mobius, old boy, you’ve been hitting the booze too hard.
Mobius (throwing up his hands in surrendering annoyance): Ah! 
(He, B-15 and another Hunter keep running throughout the TVA until they come across a door with the words CARD ROOM painted in the windows. Mobius pauses, and opens the door, looking around until he sees the nearest table, which Casey is at, deeply invested in a card game, but notices Mobius coming in.)
Mobius (whispering loudly): Excuse me, are The Lokis in here?
Casey (holds up a finger to his lips): Shh! (Mobius, taken aback & embarrassed, steps out and closes the door.)
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sigridlaufeyson · a day ago
I made a group chat for all the Casey fans out there. You're welcome to join!
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hobblywobbly · a day ago
What is Love (don't hurt me now) - Lokius
Loki's crush on Mobius is obvious to everyone except himself and self-assigned romance expert Casey decides to step in. (ft. nonbinary casey, casey pov, trashy romance novels, and two idiots trying to figure out what love is)
There aren't many things that Casey knows- the cons of living a life behind a desk. Quite literally. Things like fish, trees, rocks, flowers were all abstract terms only ever heard in passing, but if there was one thing they knew it was this. "You're in love with him!"
"I beg your pardon?" The god's brows furrow as he halts his movements, sandwich halfway to his mouth. Casey never thought they'd ever become friends with the guy- heck, they still weren't fond of him! He got their cart pruned, and threatened them! But Loki was definitely interesting and, despite everything, he actually cared. He would sit and listen as Casey rambled about work or their coworkers and always took the crust from Casey's sandwiches or brought him an extra juice box when working 'late.' Yeah, they'd consider Loki a friend.
“You are!" Casey repeats this time with more vigor. "I knew I wasn't just seeing things!"
"What are you talking about?" Loki sets his lunch down and sighs. "
You and agent Mobius! You two are in love with each other!"
"No," he holds up a finger. "No, you're getting it wrong. We are partners- coworkers- how do you know love, but not know what a fish is?"
"Oh, that's easy!" Digging through their satchel bag, Casey sets down a novel onto the table. "So remember how I told you some of the stuff that gets brought in we can keep?" "You'd be surprised just how many of these are brought in!" Casey beams. They watch Loki take the book reading over the cover curiously.
"To Tame a Variant?" Loki reads out loud, the bewilderment clear in his voice.
"That one Mobius lent me-"
"It's a good book!" The book is, rather carefully, laid back onto the table, three fingers perched on top, piercing blue eyes squinting at Casey.
"Horrible tastes aside-"
"This-" he taps the book. "Is not what love is. It's what bored, suburban middle-aged women going through a mid-life crisis read."
Casey takes a moment before realizing the jab was directed toward them. "...hey, what does that mean-"
"And for that, I have decided this cheap excuse of a meal from the vending machine is much more engaging than whatever conversation you are trying to drag me into." Casey watches Loki lean back triumphantly in his chair.
He sips his water.
"So you're in denial!" Casey shrinks away when the water is ungracefully spat out across the table. "You almost got that on my shirt!"
"Me?" Loki coughs and gestures to himself. "In denial?"
"Yeah? It's called pining! You have all the signs! Just the other day you wrote him a letter, and got embarrassed when he read it out loud!"
"First of all, it wasn't a letter. It was a memo. Strictly professional! And I was /not/ embarrassed." Loki crosses his arms. Now, Casey isn't stubborn, nor do they strive to always be right, but if there is one thing they don't like it's when a love story's slow-burn goes on for too long. And sometimes one must take matters into their own hands.
"Whenever he leaves a room, you always sigh." Loki raises a brow.
"Am I not allowed to breathe!"
"Yes, but it's always so-" as an example, Casey sighs, mimicking Loki. "Wistful! Like that!"
"...that doesn't mean anything." Despite his words, Loki seems engaged, or at least taking Casey's observations into consideration.
"You two tangle your legs together under the desk all the time!"
"That's because Mobius has no regard for personal space."
"And you let him borrow your jacket!"
"Mortals get colder easier than gods."
"And the way you say his name it's so-"
"I can tell you this, Casey," Loki begins. "Is that, with all certainty, I am not...'in love' with Mobius, or whatever you believe."
"Have you ever been in love before?" That has him visibly stop. Casey wonders if they said something wrong until they can see the gears turning in his head. Almost giddy, Casey leans over the table, trying to get Loki to look over. "You haven't, have you?" Loki huffs and turns away.
"I don't see how this has any relevance."
"This changes everything!" Casey beams. "Think about it!"
"...well," Loki starts staring past Casey at the wall in thought. "I...I haven't had role models when it comes to the 'romance' department. So I guess I'm just as lost on the subject as you are."
This is much more exciting than any paperwork, and they hadn't even known that was possible!
"So maybe it isn't love just yet. Not all romances begin with love at first sight, you know! Maybe you just have a crush!"
"A...crush." He rolls the word around on his tongue, face pinched. "I...guess crush would be the word."
"Crush what?" A third voice chimes in causing Casey to shriek and nearly jump out of their seat. A hand grasps their shoulder, steadying them. "Sorry about that." Loki seems dumbstruck. It's the closest Casey can get to. He is just staring wide-eyed at Mobius as if seeing him for the first time, eyebrows lifted just the slightest. "I just came to get Loki. We have an emergency, and I thought you might enjoy the trip."
"Don't think I haven't forgotten my plan on burning the TVA down," Loki says as if nothing had ever been wrong, grabbing his jacket off the chair and standing. Casey takes note of the fond smile he sends toward Mobius who returns it. "Thank you for the talk, Casey. It was...enlightening."
"You still haven't said what you plan on crushing." Casey hears Mobius saying as the two head toward the cafeteria doors.
They walk side by side, Loki's head tilted and their shoulders nearly bumping with each step. It was as if they had been sucked into their own little world. Loki says something and Mobius laughs, shoulders shaking with mirth, head turned up to him. And Loki smiles back, relaxed and staring at him warmly. Casey tucks their book back into their bag.
At least this time lunch wasn't a complete disaster.
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paradox-time · a day ago
It's been over a week and I still can't get over Casey not knowing what a fish is. I want someone to take him to an aquarium so bad. I might actually write this if someone else doesn't do it first. Loki and Mobius taking Casey to an aquarium. This is all I will ever need.
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Mobius: You're mine.
Loki: No. You're mine.
Mobius: What?
Loki: What?
Casey, eating his cereal and watching the interaction: It's too late to play the bashful beauty now. You both are too far gone.
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itscomplicatedx · 2 days ago
Loki: ::points to Casey:: I think I made a friend!
Mobius: Made a friend?! You ruined a perfectly good bureaucratic employee is what you did! Look at him-he’s got anxiety! And he won’t stop asking what a fish is…
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-omg when I tell you I was jamming to I Need a Hero
-that was so iconic I stan
-Loki's office outfit? Everyone shut up I'm in love
-miss minutes is so adorable
-loki u little bitch
-why am I suddenly shipping rovanna (don't @ me if I spelled that wrong sorry) and Mobius I feel like there's some underlying "we both have feelings but we'll never actually say anything"
-plz Loki's monologue, I'm deceased
-loki asleep at a desk guys apparently I have a new sexuality-
-omgosh the Asgard file? With Ragnarok?? HOW MUCH PAIN DOES ONE PERSON NEED TO GO THROUGH???
-plzzzz rip Mobius' salad and Casey's milk they were sacrificed for a good cause
-the way Loki was so emotional when he first looked at the file, and then legitimately two seconds later with Mobius he's like "Ragnarok? Meh anyhoo-" hurt me
-the mission to Pompeii, Loki speaking in Latin, releasing his horned friends I'm in tears this is hysterical
-also note the ironman parallel, arms spread wide while something explodes in the background marvel what are you trying to say here
-Mobius calling him a scared cold little boy made me want to murder himmmm
-"Here's a weapon." "Absolutely not."
-ofc they set a bomb I mean plz how could they not see that coming
-Loki being shushed like five times the entire episode is a whole ass mood
-when she took her hood off first of all, I called it secondly, wow I'm very bi
-that cliffhanger should've been illegal
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skiplo-wave · 2 days ago
Loki: Here. *drops like 10 cans of sodas on Casey's desk* For taking your drink during lunch
Casey: Wow Mobius must have given you a lot of coins?
Loki: Sure.
Mobius: I didn't give you money. How-
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skiplo-wave · 3 days ago
Casey sitting by himself on his lunch break
Loki joins in with new drink.
You know to give back drink Loki stolen. Totally not trying make friends with his desk buddy don’t be absurd 
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skiplo-wave · 3 days ago
Okay Mobius wants to ride a jetski
Casey never seen a fish
Literally gimme Loki beach episode(tm)
Please, I don’t ask for much. Y’all can throw in plot twist in, as a treat
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skiplo-wave · 3 days ago
Loki just taking everyone’s lunch to explain a point
Loki at least buy Casey a coke later and Mobius a new fresh salad
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sweetdollfromhell · 3 days ago
Gift list
Casey: goldfish
Mobius: Jet ski
Loki: 3 t-shirt size space lizard with written on it Loki is smarter than me
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