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its-commander-thorn-yall56 minutes ago
Tumble thinks about it for a moment, "I-I want it to stop! But... I-I'm afraid it will only get worse." Tumble sighs disheartened.
"Alright. It's fine. You don't have to make the decision right now. Would you like to stay with me for a while? I will sign you off your schedule for today and you can spend the rest of the day away from your squad.", he offers gently and already sits down to open tumble's file and put him on Command assistant duty instead.
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enchanted-lightning-aes2 hours ago
Trying to figure out what time to post and self-reblog stuff like a clown, amirite??聽馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ
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toxiqwasteland4 hours ago
鈾 Reset. Restart. Refocus. As many times as you need to. Just don't quit 鈾
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jafndaegur6 hours ago
Happy Monday!!! Hope you鈥檝e had a decent start to your week!!! 鈾ワ笍 This week I鈥檓 here to ask what鈥檚 your favorite mundane at home activity you and Jumin do together?
Happy Wednesday lovely Lea!!! How was your week? Good I hope!
Mundane at home activity? Hmmm... *cracks knuckles* let's give this a try 貌w贸
Jumin hands me the saucepan, and after gingerly touching the metallic sides, I deem it cool enough to put away the probably room temperature food. Dinner was a "simple" affair as he would say, since I had cooked instead of his chef. Homemade meals were far better for us in my opinion, and we got more than enough leftovers for us to use as lunches through the week too. It's not like Jumin stopped paying the chef either even when I provided the meal, so it's a win-win situation.
Plus Jumin's palette is easy to please, basically savory with robust flavors鈥攁nything to pair with a sharp Merlot or natural Cabernet Franc.
Which always worked for me because, savory dishes? My absolute favorite to make. Not to mention such rich meals always well followed by a warm-toned whiskey or spiced rum-bourbon mix. So cooking for us was always a treat.
And delicious.
Once I knew Jumin was no longer paying attention, he was gathering up our dishes to dutifully load into the dishwasher, I make my move. The sauce I had been putting away was a tangy broth marinade with mushroom and beef fond that could be eaten like a gravy. It went incredibly well on top of steaks, very much the flavor profile of a Salisbury steak.
I take a moment to enjoy the sauce until I hear someone clear their throat.
"I can feel your stare, don't look at me like that," it's a playful warn, something I offer half-heartedly after licking the spoon.
Jumin鈥檚 sigh crosses somewhere between exasperated and bemused. "What did I tell you about eating while you're putting the food away?"
"Not to do it?" I guess, offering an innocent smile before getting one last spoonful.
He immediately jumps to my side, snatching the spoon and the pan from my hands. After confiscating both, he clucks his tongue. "I cannot fathom why you would double dip."
"My germs are your germs at this point, love," I snort.
He coughs out a laugh before fixing his expression and sending me a reprimanding lift of his brow.
"Am I wrong?" I ask, leaning in and waggling my brow.
Sighing, Jumin lifts the spoon to his mouth and takes the last bite that I had wanted. "Oh...that is good."
Strangled vocalization manages to squeak past my lips. And he thought I was gross for double dipping!
"That was most definitely mine," I mutter. "Don't steal my leftovers."
Jumin makes a face, mimicking my pout. "Then don't eat while putting dinner away, Jaf."
He winks.
He actually winks after saying that.
But the moment is gone. His resting impassive countenance returns as he chivalrously offers himself up to the dish washing gods for the things that won't fit in the dishwasher. I decide not to help him. Out of retaliation. Jumin can handle the leftover dishes if he's going to eat the last of my leftover food.
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its-commander-thorn-yall8 hours ago
Tumble takes a few shaky deep breaths, calming himself down enough to start explaining, "Something...happened, back on Kamino. I wasn't as quick to learn everything unlike everyone else. I'm not good at hand to hand combat and I easily get nervous and stressed. They were planning on decommissioning me if I didn't do better. Apparently one of my batchmates, 80, overheard and started talking back to one of the trainers, that wasn't the first time that happened though. Nothing happened then, other than he was punished. He started to train with me after that to make sure I made the cut, only a few years later he was..."
Tumble takes a moment to calm down again when he feels that his emotions are about to flow over. He takes a deep breath, "80 was decommissioned later under the excuse of him not knowing his place and deviating by showing too much insubordination to his superior commanders. Two of my other batchmates....they blame me for what happened. Saying that if I didn't put him on the kaminoans radar, then he would still be here with us..."
Tumble rests his head on Thorn's shoulder, taking a moment before continuing, "They've been...mean to me ever since. I am not allowed to talk to or around them. They always tell me to shut up then, b-because I'm being a nuisance and am annoying them. They purposefully hide my stuff so I am late and get a bad record. They-they sometimes t-throw things at me or steal my rations, b-because it's.. It's being wasted on me. I-I'm a waste of space and a low excuse of a soldier and-and-" Tumble cried again into Thorn's arms, finding it painful to talk about. "Now I told on them and they're gonna hate me and hurt me even more! I'm scared, I don't know what to do! I never meant to get him killed! I never meant to be a bother!"
Thorn waits patiently to hear all of it. He holds Tumble through his tiny speech and keeps rubbing a hand up and down over his back. He doesn't interrupt him either and just waits for him to finish.
Once he got to the end Thorn leans back and raises a hand to dry the tears on Tumble's face. "You're not a bother, Tumble. Not to me." He pulls him in once more and places a soft kiss to his shoulder before leaning his head agsinst it.
For a moment he considers going in on what Tumble said and try to convince him that none of it is his fault. But he hasn't been there and so he doesn't know how much truth the accusations hold. Because if 80 really got down because he defended Tumble then saying "it's not your fault" will not make anything better.
So instead he takes his gloved fingers to carefully caress Tumble's cheek and dry off the tears. "Their behavior is unacceptable. I will talk to them personally and show them their goddamn place. The Coruscant Guard already has enough on their plate, we don't need vode killing each other as well. I mean. Unless you want me to keep quiet about it. I could understand if it made you uncomfortable to let them know you seeked help."
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lemonspecter9 hours ago
Tumblr media
If my adds are "drink wine and play with my dog" I think I'm doing a little bit okay.
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hastagidk11 hours ago
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This isn鈥檛 how you change a SIM card.
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peppermintreese11 hours ago
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when you're trying to teach your sibling how to sing but instead they do a high pitch baby screech
she'll get it eventually
Orvente - @dontvap0rdawave
Reluv - me
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beanstyled11 hours ago
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No words to describe the award I received today! I am so grateful to receive this award from the @usta_trampoline Decade as an Athlete supporting the Organization again in 2018 and now finally as a team in 2020-2021. To be along side old teammates and my coach made the 50th Anniversary a sentimental, emotional, and encouraging week. I do have the best job in the world.... Coaching. To be back with the U.S.T.A. feels just like home. Back with Family! Here's to my next 30 years. 馃じ鈥嶁檧锔忦煉滒煉涴煉欚煉滒煉涴煉欚煉滒煉涴煉欚煠糕嶁檧锔 . . . . #USTA50 #ustastrong #inmynext30years #unitedstatestumblingassociation #usta #powertumbling #tumbling #powertumblers #trampoline #doublemini #doubleminitrampoline #gymnast #trampolinist #acro #acrobat (at Rochester, Minnesota)
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shadoedseptmbr11 hours ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you鈥檙e supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you鈥檙e beautiful inside and out. :)o(^鈻絕)o
Tumblr media
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