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modern-wilde · 4 hours ago
i see a lot of people compaining that romanticism is only for rich people. but i wanna say...romanticism is not for a rich person but for a rich mind.
things that are absolutely free u can romanticise..
1. the blue sky
have you ever romanticised the clear blue sky in the morning and just let the brimming rays of sunshine touch not just ur body but ur naked soul?
2. the water
i once saw a video about the power of manifestation when u wish for something while drinkiing water.So, whenever i'm drinking water i'm always wishing and manifesting.
(i dunno if it actually works but it sure does make me feel calm and that's why i do it everyday and will continue to do so)
3. when ur mom serves u food
how many times have u romanticised the food that ur mom makes and given her a compliment and kissing her beautiful hands? the smile on her face after that moment of appreciation is just priceless.
4. when u water the plants or just see the plants moving with the wind
when plants just grow as u water them..if u can't have an animal as a pet..Then..WHATS STOPPING U FROM MAKING A PLANT UR OWN PET? they grow, they need attention, they need care and are always there to listen to u when u need someone.(oxygen is a bonus point)
5. when u finsh ur assignment on ur own without any help
to romanticise studying u don't need the aesthetic table or latest laptop..u just need a willing mind, a working pen, and some blank paper and u r good to go...have ur own time.. create ur own small space..can be ur study desk or ur dining table or can be just a pillow on ur lap...whatever be it ... just start romanticising it..u just need a mindset and u r good to go
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modern-wilde · 4 days ago
“Love heals scars love left” ― Henry Rollins, The Portable Henry Rollins
but what if love deepens the scars love left?
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modern-wilde · 16 days ago
Writing love letters by ink is cottagecore but writing letters with tears smudging ur handwriting is dark academia behaviour.
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modern-wilde · 2 months ago
Living on the edge
with a dagger placed in my head
I took it out
with the flesh dripping down
Oh! my love
is that what you need
with a sadist expression
and blood in his teeth
He made a frown
and pulled me down
the urge to retaliate
the shame to give in
all these made me deilitated
for that big man’s gin
his strong hands and a shining armour
take away my sturdy power
that strong built man makes me his slave
with just a look on his face
the shimmery gown and dagger strapped to my thigh
take him on a high
but- he’s a man of disguise
and victim of his lover’s demise
He hides his child in that armour
and his lamb in his viscious heart
picking on me harder
snatching away my foulard
He’s hiding in the hood
and shining in the battle
but the moment before the kiss
he shakes his head
leaving me alone in the abyss
like the pages of a book-unread.
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modern-wilde · 3 months ago
Always afraid to look him in the eyes, What if he finds out? And reads all those poems that I wrote to him in my heart.
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