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#tua the boy
hargreef · a day ago
sick of thinking about five hargreeves life and being miserable over it
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fivesandknives · a day ago
What do i want? Five dancebreak in s3. When do i want it!! Now!!
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fandommastermind · a day ago
"Hey, where did you learn to drive, you dumb fuck?!"
The brothers didn't spare a glance at the driver. They stared at the busy road in front of them, waiting for the green light as cars take their turn driving and passing each other.
"I'm talking to you, you blonde motherfuckers!"
They continued staring at the road. They have no idea what they did to trigger such a temper from a egotistical man.
"Yeah, you won't do shit! You won't do SHIT!"
Oscar quietly reached down. Otto, from the passenger side, turned to curiously glance at his younger brother. Axel didn't bother to turn, he was busy waiting for the red light to change.
Otto's face remained passive when Oscar pulled out his RPG, loading it with a loud click and turning it to face the angry man whose face turned pale.
"Oh, fuck!" He rolled up the window with faith that it was going to protect him from the rocket and sped off. Karma made sure the triplets were satisfied as they watch his car ram into another speeding car that was trying to go through a red light.
The light changed.
The brothers quietly drove by, finally glancing at the car that was turned upside-down and the other car flipped on its side.
It was like as if Oscar had indeed fired a rocket at the man.
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tuaincorrect · 2 days ago
diego: why are you looking at me through a fork?
five: I'm pretending that you're in jail
diego: why?
five: it's spiritually healing
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fivesandknives · 3 days ago
Heres some more five angst idk
He forgets they're there. Like he literally checks up on them at night, checking pulses and watching them breathe because he's so scared of losing them again.
They hear him calling their name, only to find out hes talking to them already, like he does with delores hes talking to nothing
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fivesandknives · 4 days ago
There has to be some other cons to his teleportation right?? Like i know there's dehydration, low blood sugar n the obvious faitgue but cmon! Nosebleeds??? Narcolepsy??? Seizures if he does something hard (stopping time, reversing time)
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celestial---devil · 6 days ago
Five: Sure, I don't get a "healthy" amount of sleep like some people do, but can they do this?
Five: *stands up, blacks out for a second*
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hargreef · 11 days ago
chapter ten of So Be It is up for my readers, i hope you all enjoy. <3
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feralnumberfive · 12 days ago
I need to know what was happening in that bts pic of a S2 promo with Diego, Klaus, Five, and Ben at a table
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celestial---devil · 12 days ago
Vanya: I made a marshmallow Five. See, his arms are crossed because he's mad all the other marshmallows for annoying him. You like it?
Five, choked up: It's fine
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hargreef · 14 days ago
imagine christopher uses fives fear of the apocalypse against him in season 3 and manages to convince him that he’s accidentally sent himself back there just like before
and five freaks, like he literally starts screaming and roaring and shouting into the abyss, pulling at his hair and trying and trying and trying to jump back home, but because it’s his biggest fear, christopher has him thinking he’s stuck again
and then eventually the illusion is broken and five realises he’s still exactly with his siblings who have been trying to pull him back to reality because he’s just been screeching the house down in the living room
and that’s the thing that gets him to break. he just collapses to his knees and cries his heart out, and diego catches him and tries to get him to calm down by pulling his head to his chest and just cradling him, and five is so worked up he just wails so loudly—until his throat is literally hoarse.
(aidan did say his throat was sore from screaming so have this)
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galaxy-blue · 15 days ago
Ben: Hi, welcome to Applebee's. Would you like the apples or the bees?
The Handler: B-bees??
*Vanya, Allison, Klaus and Diego walk in with a jar of bees each*
Luther: What the fuck is wrong with this family
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angst-frog · 15 days ago
Jazzy Conversations
Five x Male Reader
Talking about their relationship under the pretend topic of music, ft. Five and Y/N.
(Both TW-ings and regular warnings)
Mentioned transphobia, transphobia, unsympathetic pogo, breifly thinking love is one-sided, probably OOC Five Hargreeves, very OOC Five Hargreeves, cringey conversations
They were in his bedroom, he was scribbling equations on his walls and Y/N scrolling his phone on the bed, when the realization hit Five. Their relationship, whatever is was, hasn't been confirmed to be romantic. He always assumed it was, Y/N calls him "Love", "Dear heart", and other 'pet names' (which Five always thought was a very weird name for terms of endearment) that Five himself usually only called Delores. He didn't know how to breach the subject- only knew that he wanted to - so he sat in his spot, stilling his equation writing, and thought.
Unfortunately, Y/N noticed. He looked up from his phone, "What's up, Five?"
He grunted, hoping it somehow conveyed both 'what do you mean' and 'fuck off'. Based off of the feeling of eyes burning into his skull, he was unsuccessful.
"Did Monkey man call you 'ms' again? He sucks, like really??" Y/N goes back to their phone, obviously frustrated, "Sure he owes his life to Reginald, but like that doesn't excuse transphobia. I hate him so much, Grace is amazing though. 10/10 would recommend having a robo mom," He glances over and then backpedals. "Fuck, sorry! I didn't mean to bring it up unwarranted!"
"It's fine. The fact that Pogo still uses she/her for me and calls me 'Ms.' is-"
"-upsetting and shitty of him." Y/N smiles at him, ignoring the sharp glare they received for interrupting them. "You don't have to pretend you aren't upset and anyways, that wasn't why you were upset was it?"
Five scribbles out the numbers in front of him. He must've been distracted as he wrote them by something else because they were incredibly wrong (or maybe he was just telling himself that). "Nothing is wrong just- do you like..."
"Jazz?" Y/N smiles quietly. They don't look up from their phone. "Yes, I love Jazz. It's actually quite dear to me. "
"Really?" He meant for it to come out as biting, a 'really? You're a dumbass', but instead it came out soft and hesitate. He avoided slapping a hand over his mouth by biting his tongue until he tasted blood. "You're a dumbass." At least that came out right.
"That makes two of us, babe." Y/N looks at him, his eyes so piercing that Five almost feels as if he's being looked through. "Yes. I love jazz very much. Even if jazz isn't ready to further our relationship, I love jazz unconditionally."
"Okay," It's whispered and his voice cracks half way through but Five can't make himself care much.
[Later, Five will tell Delores that "Y/N loves jazz very much. I think.. I think jazz likes him too" in the quiet of the store. He smiles then, small but genuine.]
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