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#tua five
circumstellars · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, im crawling through footage for material for an unrelated gif matter and in all this goddamn time watching this ludicrous series not once did I ever register that Dolores is in fact fucking haunted but alright
Tumblr media
This isn’t some kind of editing error (one continuous up close take?), and it isn’t Five’s doing, clearly. Whether this is intended as a quick little wink wink audience, or they intend at some point to pull a weird Pinocchio situation that would kill me with instant psychic damage, well that remains to be seen... 
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plaguewater · 2 hours ago
dog days are over by florence and the machine is a five song. you cannot change my mind.
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acevampyre · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i 100% believe that five coming into klaus' room to pace and babble about whatever his current obsession is dates back to their childhood
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actualtimetravelingcat · 13 hours ago
Imagine a human!Delores, a super badass and intelligent wheelchair user, but rather than being from the Sparrow timeline or something she´s once again a segment of Five´s imagination, only this time she appears in Hotel Obilivion to kind of keep him there so he doesn´t cause trouble for Reginald. Five of course figures out she isn´t real, tells her, and she just “who the fuck can tell me what I am”, and she just, kind of, breaks out of whatever imagination-induced simulation she was running in, and her and Five goes out to save his family and the timeline, Delores basically an older sister to Five that always knows what he´s thinking (Five is ace after all and he never actually specified being romantic with her)
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captain-valkyrie · 14 hours ago
Sweet Summer Serenade
Five Hargreeves x Reader
Tumblr media
It was a hot summer night and you couldn't sleep.
Tossing and turning for hours, you finally gave up and sat leaning on the headboard. Next to you, Five shifted in his sleep.
"Y/N?" He said bleakly, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. "What's wrong?"
You sighed, exasperated. "I can't sleep."
He frowned, a bit taken aback by the simpleness of the situation. And then the corners of his lips turned up a little.
"I know what you need. Come on." He gestured to his shoulder and you hesitantly laid your head there, wondering what he had up his sleeve.
While you expected a multitude of situations, what you did not expect was for Five to start singing.
It was a pretty nice song, but his voice was better. It was deep and rich and so different from his speaking voice, but still the same. It was calming, and you felt the exhaustion rolling off of your body in waves.
You sighed. He lifted an arm to wrap it around you and you snuggled up closer. You could feel the vibrations of his throat from where your head laid, and the feel was entrancing and deep.
Slowly you felt your eyes beginning to droop, and soon, you were fast asleep.
Someone's soft, firm hands lifted you away from the headboard and down onto the bed, covering you with a blanket.
You stayed sound asleep after that.
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plaguewater · 14 hours ago
one of my favorite things about the tua fandom is that genuinely no one can agree on what color fives eyes are. like omfg something about that is just so funny to me.
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