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#trying to be creative
etherealwanderer · 5 days ago
she was known for placing her hand on places lightened by the sun. walls, windows, grass, streams. always. as if this gold would crawl under her skin into her veins and light her being from the inside. little did she know she was the sun herself
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etherealwanderer · 11 days ago
Things to embrace:
Messy, freshly washed hair in the morning
Being able to create things if you want - baking, writing, painting literally ANYTHING
Discovering a new song and feeling an immediate bond with it
Butterflies flying all around
New video from your fav youtuber
Smell of the new or old book you're holding
Observing the trajectory of sun
Another episode of your fav show
Laughs with your loved ones
Making stupid inside jokes
Accomplishing tasks you thought you'd have hard time doing
Aesthetic things on the internet
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Trying to be creative this morning.....
Tumblr media
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allura-me · a month ago
Starting this tumbler page cause I got nothing to do in quarantine.
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somestorythoughts · 3 months ago
Sometimes you just have to google “what are the circle knives called” because you can’t remember anything about a chakram except it’s a circle blade thing. In case anyone else is interested in knives, the result from that search was not chakram, but ulu, which is a flat semicircle blade used in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.
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mthoney · 7 months ago
How is it love that I can feel
The possibilities of dawn,
The excitement of high noon,
And the tranquillity of dusk
Followed by the love of midnight
When I am in your presence ?
MT~ 4-9-2020
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cherryflavortears · 8 months ago
I lack so many things is exhausting
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queerbluestocking · 8 months ago
hello you - yes you - you’re doing a good job, even if you hate your face and soul and remained horizontal for most of today. some days you can’t even do your best, and that’s okay.
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becas-bluebiird · 11 months ago
how do people make such good edits? I can’t even find a picture that works and I know they exist I just suck...
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krystalwithakay · 11 months ago
I am never asking my mom for help naming my fics ever again
ok i ive been having trouble coming up with a name for this fic and i wanted to have one before i post it since the working title is just “dabi smut“ which isn’t very creative imo. so i’m like
me: ok i’ve been working on this fanfiction. it’s about sexy frankenstein (what i call dabi cus she doesn’t watch my hero. she tried but didn’t like it ). I want the title to involve blue flames maybe cus it’s his quirk. but i can’t come up with anything.
mom: how about blue flames?
me: that’s too straightforward. i want something symbolic.
mom: blue flames of desire?
me: no! that sounds like a porno! i mean there’s gonna be smut in it, but i want it to be a cool title
mom: blue dragon?
me: no this isn’t yona and hak (the only anime/manga my mom likes is yona of the dawn). i was thinking maybe something with smoke? like suffocating cus he’s gonna be obsessed with her and it’s kind of overwhelming.
mom: blue smoke of desire
me: mom no!
mom: blue dragon of desire
this went on for a while i don’t remember all of them but omg mom
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pandapoofsundayapples · a year ago
Tumblr media
I made this doodle of a happy cactus today, it was a lot of fun, but I feel like I still have quite a way to go in order to come back😅
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summerlavender78 · a year ago
Poetry group
Ok guys I want to form a poetry group message where we support each other give ideas and give positive feedback .
Comment if you wanna join and I will let you know peace out ✌️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My afternoon spent relaxing in the garden, working on illustrations on my iPad and concept ideas in my notebook. Plus having the pleasure of Mr Pips (the cute doggo in the pics) company is always a nice addition!
As the days gone on I've been feeling a bit flat and I realised this has been happening the last few days. I don't know if it's because I'm not being a productive as I could be, or that I'm just overthinking stuff too much. It ends up having a knock on effect on my creativity and thoughts in general which isn't helpful. It's a bit of a drag but maybe I just need to find better ways to occupy my mind in the evenings! Anyway, enjoy the snaps! 🙌🏼✌🏼💛
Check out more of my artwork - via Instagram and Etsy
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bellarkegriffin-blake · a year ago
Ever have that one creative idea (writing, drawing, etc) that you know will completely fail when trying to accomplish it, but you have to try because it will not leave your head? Yeah, thats me right now with a project and im super nervous to post it when its done...
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