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#try not to laugh
superglue200015 hours ago
My Sam and Max epic mental health headcanons (aka I am projecting):
-Has ASPD, NPD, Autism+ADHD and maybe Bipolar II or just Major Depressive Disorder. Also dyslexia
He always comes off as a fellow antisocial cuz he seems to pick and choose his morals, always tries to justify his bad actions/never takes responsibility for things, lack of remorse, poor impulse control, lack of awareness for safety of self and others, chronic boredom etc. Also he's literally referred to as a sociopath (and Steve Purcell insists he's not evil so thank you sir for not writing an "evil sociopath" character). NPD I can't say too much but he is a narc because I say so <3 But he has his narcissist moments.
Bipolar or depression I know he canonically takes meds and as someone who's probably been an undiagnosed manic-depressive for 7 years I'm going to project on him to cope xoxo Dyslexia in the bloopers for S2(?) he says "woah the dyslexia" and also mentions in 101 that he gets letters mixed up. Also he can't read so... Me too king let's get you a coloured overlay and a text to speech program. Also he seems to keep all his novels in audio form (305) which is like a huge mood as someone who can only think in vivid imagery and like take in my work in auditory-visual form. Also he seems to actually be pretty literate if his novel writing is anything to go by but I imagine he has problems writing and reading
-Has Autism+ADHD, OCD, separation anxiety
I'm gonna leave out autism+ADHD in my writings because I think most ppl in the fandom agree on this (plus I'm neither so I don't want to speak for people) but I see a lot of ppl say Sam doesn't have ADHD. But I think he does and my friend w inattentive ADHD says so too. Max has hyperactive ADHD while Sam has inattentive. Thanks moving on
OCD yes in episodes when you go in the bathroom at Bosco's he's constantly going on about how he refuses to use public restrooms (most likely because they're germy and me too buddy) and mentions that his "paws are always spotless." He also mentions about the germs on the towel rack in the bathroom too. I think he also mentions it when you go back in time to Mama Bosco and use the bathroom. He also tells Max in one of the comics I think to not touch something because he might "get germs" which is something I do a lot as someone w contamination OCD. As in I have a tendency to want control over what other people touch and do so they don't contaminate me.
(And yes, I know his office is messy, so is my room. We're not all neat-freaks. In fact most ppl w OCD are fine w mess in their "safe spaces" because they feel they have control over what mess is acceptable to them and won't hurt them. It's when other ppl invade that space or you're using shared spaces is when it becomes panic inducing.)
Separation anxiety. He is a dog (also you can actually have adult separation anxiety). Everyone has seen what he's like any time he loses Max and won't stop going on about him and how he misses him and seems to not be able to live without him. Dogs are loyal and will always be waiting for their best friend. 馃槶
Ohhh Yoyo you're writing too many illnesses. Well guess what I don't care. Ok Awesome thanks bye.
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undermattsun2 days ago
i said mattsuhana on the first day we started talking and i stand by it. both of them blended together, not to be taken apart. mattsuhana. <33
i鈥檓 like their love child but they only passed down half a brain cell and None of the height
which fictional char(s) do i remind u of?
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ichishikisentoki2 days ago
tag dump.
#鉁 鉂漣 don鈥檛 really care about this reality that I can鈥檛 understand鉂 鉁 ooc;#鉁 鉂漣 was able to give it my all because I had my beloved friends鉂 鉁 promo;#鉁 鉂漣'm drawing the next destination鉂 鉁 admin art;#鉁 鉂漛ut that鈥檚 just selfish nonsense銆 isn鈥檛 it?鉂 鉁 verse: main;#鉁 鉂滻 do what I want to do not for any other reason鉂 鉁 self#鉁 鉂漺e should have been fixing our eyes on each other鉂 鉁 nanako#鉁 鉂漸nending seasons銆 crashing seas銆 now I wish upon a star as it falls鉂 鉁 koutarou#鉁 鉂漚ll things must have an end銆乥ut you don鈥檛 need to grieve鉂 鉁 tsubasa#鉁 鉂漣t鈥檚 easy to try to cover up those normal cracks with meaningless words銆 isn鈥檛 it?鉂 鉁 junko#鉁 鉂漚fter everything has healed銆 will you smile for me?鉂 鉁 shouki#鉁 鉂漣 would do anything for you銆 you know鉂 鉁 hayate#鉁 鉂漚 dream will remain a dream for all eternity鉂 鉁 karyu#鉁 鉂漼ou open your arms to the shadow that stalks you鉂 鉁 toryu#鉁 鉂漷here's wounds that you live with while pretending you鈥檙e not hurting鉂 鉁 anija#鉁 鉂漵o let me stay by your side because i鈥檒l do my very best鉂 鉁 chiharu#鉁 鉂漣'll stitch into my heart the reason for your faith in me鉂 鉁 shiki#鉁 鉂漼ou can鈥檛 function without their unceasing praise銆 can you?鉂 鉁 hien#鉁 鉂漷omorrow does not disappear; don鈥檛 kill yourself鉂 鉁 reiko#鉁 鉂漣f you hide your true nature銆 you can鈥檛 be torn apart鉂 鉁 reiji#鉁 鉂漣n this solitude銆 dripping with madness銆 i laugh in my scarlet- soaked loneliness鉂 鉁 kiku#鉁 鉂漣 feel like i could forget both the pain i endured and the tears that followed鉂 鉁 hikaru#鉁 鉂漼ou and the days of sunlight filtering through the trees are burned into my vision鉂 鉁 aesthetic#鉁 鉂漣 filled up that blank space by painting it black鉂 鉁 relatable#鉁 鉂漷hose sympathizers are really hyenas鉂 鉁 commentary#鉁 鉂漷hese memories i鈥檒l never be able to get rid of鉂 鉁 headcanon#鉁 鉂漼ou keep calling me again and again; your ringtone wails for me to take your call鉂 鉁 open#鉁 鉂漺hat will be left after this world has begun to crumble?鉂 鉁 question#鉁 鉂漷he answer was buried in our memories鉂 鉁 answer.#鉁 鉂漣鈥檒l hold you close so you won鈥檛 ever forget銆 even if someday my voice can no longer reach you鉂 鉁 music#鉁 鉂漣 want to be eternal like you鉂 鉁 home
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homefreeptx2 days ago
Imagine Your OTP #16
Person A and B watching Try Not To Laugh compilations. Person B tends to laugh at everything and therefore they keep losing, and A can鈥檛 help but laugh as well because of how contagious B鈥檚 is. So, they both end up slouched the sofa, arms wrapped around themselves because their stomachs and cheeks hurt so much from laughing.聽
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amygdalan-arm3 days ago
i know ppls opinions on reclaiming "queer" vary a lot (and thats fine--personally i dont really have a problem w people reclaiming but only as long as they respect a lotta people dont wanna be called that) but i really think its gross as fuck when big companies and corporations try to use that word for like. marketing and merchandising shit. like uh hey fuck you brand who said u could do that. gettin a bit too buddy-buddy with the rainbow capitalism there
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No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea
No voy a pedirle a nadie que me聽crea
芦No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea禄, nos advierten con frecuencia los distintos narradores y personajes de esta historia, en la que lo corriente se transforma en un delirio sin que uno sepa muy bien c贸mo, en la que lo raro acaba siendo normal y en la que no podemos hacer otra cosa que re铆rnos, porque todo es hilarante, cotidiano y surrealista a la vez, como la vida misma. Todo empieza con un鈥
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Las doce y veinte de la noche
Las doce y veinte de la聽noche
Uno de los grandes narradores contempor谩neos del Brasil indaga sobre la falta de esperanza en nuestro mundo, a trav茅s del retrato de un grupo de amigos que crecieron con el cambio del milenio. En medio de una inesperada ola de calor y en un Porto Alegre paralizado por una huelga de transportes, tres amigos vuelven a encontrarse despu茅s de casi dos d茅cadas. A finales de los noventa hab铆an creado鈥
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screamholland4 days ago
ayo my sister is best friends with one of the kids from every witch way... he doesn鈥檛 like to talk about it though lmao
and we understand that... shows like that were fever dreams okay
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bosco-mk4 days ago
If you want to laugh Check out the HolyGod鈥 TikTok Videos
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playfunnyvideos4 days ago
Funny Videos: Try NOT to laugh Funny & cute dogs and kids #funnyvideos
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marvel-m-lee4 days ago
Pranks, Horns, and Tony
Warning: Tickle Fic, birds, spiders, pranking,
Ppl: Loki, Tony, You
Words: 2254
Summary: You and Loki are known fir your pranks, and your both left alone in the compound together whole the avengers are on a mission.
It was another day in the compound, you had been living with the avengers for almost a year now and seemed to get along with the very mischievous God Loki.
You were both quite young- well sorta. If he were a human he'd be a couple years older than you but that's fine, you both got along splendidly.
You would read books together, play pranks together, be on each others sides and he'd always be there for you even if he wouldn't show the other avengers. Though they all knew you both had a special bond, Thor especially knew because whenever he'd take you to asgard or Loki to Earth you'd both have bright smiles and go somewhere to cause havoc.
Thor didn't really mind though, it just meant he'd get to bombard you both with tickles afterwards.
Yesterday Loki and Thor had come to visit again and would be staying for a couple of days. You and Loki caught up a little and read your books whilst keeping each other company. Today is when the true mischief would start, all the avengers would be going out and you and Loki would be left alone in the compound for a couple of hours so you both were planning pranks for the others.
"Alright y/n, we'll be back in a couple of hours. Don't burn down the house while we're gone okay?" Steve teased as he gave you a hug.
"Yes, and Brother, do not cause any havoc." Thor told Loki, only to be answered by a shrug and a smirk.
"Brother I'm the God of Mischief, what more must you expect?"
"Well then when we come back I'll be the God of Tickles, shall I, dear brother?" Thor asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Loki's face became a rosie red and crossed his arms whilst rolling his eyes.
You stood next to Loki and smiled at Thor with your hands behind your back, "we'll be good, have fun!" Thor nodded and all the Avengers left the compound for their mission.
Both you and Loki waited for there to be a silence that rang through the compound once everyone would have been gone. After a moment you both smirked and turned to one another.
You brought your hand to your face and showed Loki your intertwined fingers to show your face promise, Loki's smirk increased as he saw it.
"Ready to cause some mischief?" You asked him.
"It's in the name" he replied as you both began to run down the halls yo your first target.
You arrived at Bucky's room and looked around, "So, what's the plan here?" You asked the mischief maker himself. Loki walked around the somewhat messy room and found his way to the bed.
"A magnet, a large one. We'd place it under his bed and once he comes back and gets ready to sleep, in the morning he wouldn't be able to get out of bed!" Loki exclaimed, both of you began the process, both with large smirks on your faces.
Loki used his magic to lift up the mattress and keep it in the air whilst you both grabbed a large magnet from Tony's spare parts and placed it under the mattress bed. Loki then placed the mattress back on and the sheets were already messed to so he surely wouldn't notice?
Yeah, I don't know why Tony had a large ass magnet either, let's move on.
You and Loki both snickers at the idea of the prank and moved on to another victim.
For Sam you both collected a bunch of birds and locked them in his closet- with breathing holes obviously. One had pecked at Loki's hand causing him to curse which made you burst out laughing.
Steve's closet was now filled with a bunch of Rock concert shirts and IronMan shorts to pin the blame on Tony, Tony usually was in prank and tickle ears with Steve anyway so it wasn't that hard to believe he'd done it.
You both didn't dare do anything too crazy to Black Widow, so you both just stole a jacket each. She had incredible taste that woman. Loki stole a green jacket with some sort of fluffy collar and you stole a (f/c) leather jacket.
Clint's prank was the simplest, you both sprayed this fart spray into the vents and it STANK.
You both liked Bruce, well Loki wasn't as much of a fan but you all enjoyed reading so Bruce was safe from your havoc.
Wanda's room was all tidy, it smelt wonderful and honestly was your favourite room so you both decided to just put some spices in her bed to make her sneeze.
Vision's room was safe, only you'd both left a piece of gum next to his table with a note attached saying; 'Try this, Bruce and I were working on it. -Tony Stark'
Thor's room was one of the messier one, but he'd taken Stormbreaker out with him rather than Mj枚lnir, and by some sort of mirical you had all found out you could actually lift the weapon, so you took it and hid it away in a close vent that smelt of farts.
Turns out Clints prank was the most deadly as the whole place started to stink up making both you and Loki gag, and burst out with laughter.
Peter wasnt actually on the mission, nor was Scott but it was a Friday meaning they'd both be coming over for movie night. Plus Peter would be staying the weekend so why not torture him? Even if they were some of your best friends, they werent safe from the mischief makers.
You came up with the idea of hiding spiderman Peter's room, you were terrified of them though so you made Loki do so.
"Wait so Parker's afraid of Spiders?"
"Yeah, I don't really get it either-"
"Pffft, here you want a spidey y/n?" Loki chuckles whilst taunting, shoving a spider in your face as you screamed and jumped into the wall.
Loki howled with laughter and placed the last spider down. You both left and did the same with Scott's room but rather than spiders you placed all the ants you could find on his bed.
Last but not least Loki lead you to Tony's Lab where he would be working on all his suits and other personal projects. Its not the main lab but it wasnt too far off, just smaller and more personal so that he could work at night or alone.
You both entered while snickering to yourselves, it had been an hour and a half since they'd all left and you both should gave at LEAST 30 minutes. But hoped you'd have an hour. It wouldn't take long anyway.
"So what's the plan?" You asked Loki.
You both saw an IronMan head on his desk and smirked at one another, knowing that would be your target. Maybe jello inside the helmet? Maybe slime? Maybe hiding it? Repainting it?
"Here, I've got these horns that we can lazer on the front" Loki smirked while taking out two golden horns like his own on his head but separated to be put on a helmet.
You didn't really mind it was a mainly Loki thing, it just meant he'd get in trouble and not you for this. You werent per say throwing him under the bus, but you werent gonna bring it to his attention.
You both walked over to get ready to melt a horn on each, Loki grabbed some sort of tool and started the first one. You stood behind him and watched over his shoulder, you admired the small things,about how Loki's greesy hear was tired up into a man bun before he'd started working on it, and how he squinted one eye to concentrate with his tongue sticking out. It made you giggle.
"I'm almost done..." you watched as he'd almost finished it, both of you concentrating hard on the hand ship.
"Oh hey kiddo's"
You both jumped out of your skin, Loki fell off the chair and part of his hair came out, laying on the floor he turned to see who was talking, you on the other hand jumped and slowly turned around with a nervous smile.
The one and only Tony Stark stepped out of his suit, adjusting his watch as he stepped out.
"So, what are you both up to?" he asked, his lips scrunched inwards and his hands on his hips.
Both of you were silent until Loki began getting up and dusting himself off.
"Nothing, we were just about to leave" You noticed something about him, Loki that is. Something seemed different, and rightly so. You glanced behind you to see the real loki grab the helmet but sink down so he couldn't be seen.
"Oh good, I really cant have you both in here, off you go then."
Tony dismissed the two of you and you both left for ths door, and while he wasnt looking Loki diverged into his clone again but now holding the helmet.
Right before the two of you had reached the door, his suit came speeding past and covered the exit.
'Shit' was the only thing you could both think of. Neither of you turned around to see where or what the billionaire was doing, but you heard him.
"Wait a moment, wheres my helmet? Oh and Loki,I think you left something" Loki and you both turned around, Loki with his hands behind his back,obviously hiding something. Tony stood right in front of him,holding the other horn to his face with a wide smirk.
Quickly the suit begins you both snatched up the helmet and yourself as Tony pounced on the God of Mischief, his hands at his sides, wiggling his fingers all over.
Loki yelped and began lightly chuckling at the fingers that were tickling him, trying to step back but only into closed doors. He tried to use his hands to block the attack but Tony was having none of it.
"Sir I have the helmet and y/n, it seems they were moulding the horns onto it." Friday explained.
"Ohhh, so you were doing something? I thought you were the god of mischief? Not the God of lies?" Tony taunted, as he squeezed the puny gods sides, then quickly moved to a death spot, his hips. Squeezing tightly and vibrating his hands and fingertips causing Loku to fall down the wall with laughter.
"NoHoho!!!! Damn it StArarK!!!!" Loki yelled as he tried to force Tony's hands off him. Though he was incredibly weak from the torturous tickles.
It was a usual sight, Thor was usually tickling his younger brother for some reason or another, its what older brothers are fir though right? Loku would become a blushing screaming mess but he'd never learn. Same goes for you though, everyone in the compound knew your little weakness and would use it against toy for anything. Your laughter was just too cute!
As Tony abused Loki's sides and hips, he ordered Friday to put the helmet on the desk and tickle you. You squealed because as much as you enjoyed tickling, you couldn't never stand it when the robots tickled you. It was rare but in cases when Tony needed an extra set of hands, well he got em'.
The suit held you up and began using a vibrating simulation Tony had recently installed on the hands for some reason and placed them on your ribs whilst holding you in the air. And as this tickled you, because it did t seem like enough the suit also used it's big fingersto scrape and squeezed the insides of your armpits.
You kicked and squealed at the top of your lungs, trying to escape. Somehow being held in the air seemed much worse, and the vibrating cause you to laugh harder and harder when random electric bolts went through your skin.
After around 15 minutes Tony had both you and Loki in piles of laughter on the floor, weak and begging. Well you were begging, Loki was threatening.
"Okie Doki horny. First let me do this and I'll let you go."
Tony lifted up Loki's lime green shirt and blew the largest raspberry right above his belly button. An inhuman screech came from Loki as he curled in on himself and howled with laughter from ghostly tickles and squeezes.
"As for you" Tony taunted as he walked over to you, you were not on the floor, twisting and turning to get away from this oncoming attack and the tickles. The suit held your hands above your head as Tony brought up your shirt to reveal your belly button.
Tony looked up at you and smirked, "We all know you love it" and blew right on your belly button. Your laughter went silent and you melted into the floor as both let off.
Tony laughed at you both in giggly messes on the floor.
"I came back early, and the others will be back soon too. So I suggest you both go clean up your messes before you get something worse" Tony suggested as he walked over to his desk to suspect the iron helmet you'd worked on. You and Loki had now recovered- partly- from the attacks and took in what he said.
But it was too late, everyone heard birds chirping and Sam screaming.
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williamthiek4 days ago
VIRAL FUNNY TIKTOK VIDEOS | Chinese Funny Videos | Trending TikTok| Ep-16馃槀馃槀
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fanatic0114 days ago
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playfunnyvideos5 days ago
Funny Videos - Asked To Fall (TRY NOT TO LAUGH) 馃槀 #shorts #funnyvideos
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