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#trump supporters
odinsblog · 6 hours ago
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It would be much funnier if I really believed he was going to jail. Like I hope he is, but between how much shit he’s already gotten away with (without any serious repercussions), and how hard Bitch McConnell is protecting him, and how so many Dems are constantly consumed with appeasing conservative voters …… well, let’s just say that I’ll be surprised if Trump gets anywhere close to what he deserves (which is, to be clear, decades behind prison bars). But hey, fingers crossed🤞🏿
Guess I’ll have to settle for the consolation prize of Trump not being reinstated in August.
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biwilson · 7 hours ago
someone told me they thought about Pedro Pascal for starlord too and i haven’t stopped thinking about it. Very himbo
OHHH Pedro would be amazing too, but hold on -- lemme raise u something better, Pedro as Ego tho?? instead of another problematic old white man
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thecarolinapatriot · 9 hours ago
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President Trump: 75 million voters and I continue to support you!! #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessPresidentTrump
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johnschneiderblog · 11 hours ago
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Political blight
More than 7 months after the 2020 presidential election, all the pro-Biden signs are gone from this side of the North Country, but many Trump signs, like this one in the window of a gas station just outside of Cheboygan, continue to disfigure the landscape.
The signs remind me of the people still fighting the civil war.
For the life of me, I still can’t understand, a) why anybody would think our country was better off with Trump in office and, b) why anybody would be proud to have voted for a mad man.
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snezhnayah · 14 hours ago
must be a universal thing but i found out my very first tumblr mutual is also a hardcore d*eam stan and mcyt stan 😁
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roxydemi · 22 hours ago
I’ve had a crush on you for a while and honestly it’s bc you’re truly gorgeous and you seem really cool! And like I’m not necessarily scared to say this off anon I just kinda get the vibe that it’s not as welcome from me so I’m a bit shy
Don’t be scared to come off anon, I’m not scary. And I promise you I’m not cool omg
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empgloves · 23 hours ago
One time my ex said that we shouldn't give homeless people free healthcare
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nightfall-kachiniko · a day ago
Rest in Peace Kenny Ackerman, you would of loved Trump /j
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