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todayworldlatestnews · 33 minutes ago
AT&T battled the DOJ to buy Time-Warner, only to spin it out again three years later
AT&T battled the DOJ to buy Time-Warner, only to spin it out again three years later
Then-WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey speaks in 2016. John Lamparski | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images Just three years ago, AT&T finally closed its $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner, ending a protracted battle with the Justice Department under then-President Donald Trump, which sought to block the deal. Now it’s spinning off its media assets from the deal to combine with Discovery to…
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arabi-souri-blog · an hour ago
Biden Forces and their Kurdish SDF Terrorists Steal More Oil and Wheat:
#Syria #News #Hasakah #Oil #Wheat #Biden #USA #Trump #Obama #Terrorism #Kurds #SDF #RegimeChange #CaesarAct #EU #Economy #Blockade #Sanctions
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andnowadragon · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
There is nothing that makes me want to not get to know a person more than that fucking phrase coming out of their mouth. Because you realize you're not dealing with a person who thinks. Also, there's about a fifty percent chance I will burst out laughing in their face because they sound like small child imitating a parent.
Also, did you know the Nazis had their own phrase word to discredit the news? They called it Lügenpresse, "lies of the press". They weren't the first Germans to use it, but they co-opted it for use against any media of Jewish, communist, and foreign origin.
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