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#true quotes
entity9silvergen · an hour ago
Roman: I can’t believe you don’t like orange juice.
Virgil: I’m sorry. It’s just not my thing.
Logan: You like other types of juice and you like oranges. It’s illogical that you don’t like orange juice.
Virgil: Shut up. You don’t like SpongeBob. 
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naturalselectionxreb · an hour ago
“Natural selection, as it has operated in human history, favours not only the clever, but the murderous.”
- Barbara Ehrenreich
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its-onlyme-blog · 4 hours ago
Venire a sapere, che, chi mi ha bullizzata per anni alle superiori adesso ha finito gli studi di psicologia e quasi lavora, mi fa incazzare veramente tanto.
Io spero che questo elemento, abbia capito gli errori che fatto, il male che ha provocato, non solo a me, ma a tutte le altre persone che ha fatto star così male da cambiare classe.
Magari studiando queste cose qualcosa l'ha capita.
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margraveth · 7 hours ago
lavender brown got more hate for having a crush on a fellow housemate than severus bullied neville until the poor boy made him his boggart
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quakesparker · 8 hours ago
Stiles: Imagine getting paid for being adorable
Scott: You'd be incredibly broke
Stiles: Dude
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adhdwtf · 9 hours ago
sam: wait- did you just flirt with me?
bucky: have been for 2 years thanks for noticing
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suspiciousquotes-x · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
True "Gratitude" -
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i-would-die-for-york · 10 hours ago
Rosé: You're losing a lot of blood! What's your blood type!?
Jancy: B+
Grendon: We're trying to, but you were just stabbed!
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overundersidetoside · 15 hours ago
When I die, don’t be telling anyone who you know don’t like me.
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quotespile · 16 hours ago
If you don't furnish your brain with what everyone knows, then it will furnish itself with what no one else knows!
Jane Smiley, The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
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incorrect-nightmares · 20 hours ago
mono: i feel like i can be myself around you
six: you’re weird and loud around me.
mono: yes
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