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#tribe of rushing water
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dove's Wing and Lion's Roar for my AU 👀. Their color palettes are the same as my pre-Dovewing's Silence Dovewing and Lionblaze designs (besides Dove's ginger of course), Lion's Roar's markings are based off cougar markings, and Dove's Wing was based off a mourning dove. Maybe I'll do Jay's Wing someday idk these just took way too long.
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poisonder · 10 days ago
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spotted with stars
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warriors--nova · 10 days ago
After writing down close to every warrior cat character, its time I get to design them!
Keep in mind that I am only in Arc 2 Book 2 so I haven't seen Most characters yet
I will do my research about each cat that I haven't seen yet to get their personality right that I can interpret into my designs
I have started already but I just now made a list and I am gonna draw them full body and not half body/headshots like I did.
The cat in my profile picture is my OC Blackleaf, a tom and warrior in ThunderClan
I also have a list of how this will play out
-The Tribe of Rushing Water
-Loners & Rogues
-The Place of No Stars/The Dark Forest
-The Kin
-The Sisters
-Dawn of the Clans
And between those:
1. Leaders
2. Deputies
3. Medicine Cats
4. Warriors & Apprentices
5. Elders
6. Kits
7. Queens
So far I was able to keep that list except in ShadowClan because some/most cats of The Kin are now in ShadowClan
Hope you enjoy my designs, I may not be the best at art (I draw traditionally) but I will try my best!
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primrose-paw · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
69- Gray Wing
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mallowstep · 12 days ago
“Why does everyone keep calling Squirrel ‘Squirrelpaw’?” Lark asked.
da capo al segno (dream of a home i’ll never see, ch. 1)
first: out of the mouths of babes
second: i know i said i wasn’t going to work on this for a while but sometimes you just have to.
it’s definitely not my best work though. there’s. yeah some of it is strongly underwhelming.
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