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lejoursobre15 days ago
Lmaooooo I just watched the ep of the last season of the Simpson about nostalgia, trolls and JJ Abrams 馃槀 I died
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writelikefools2021a month ago
Ferengi Sonnets Pt 1 and Pt 2 - Joe Gallenstein - day 6
Part 1
It is a truth that is universal That when a Ferengi looks for a wife He is looking for a spouse To not just care for his physical house But that expands his opportunities for Latinum Someone that helps his fortune reach its maximum
But misfortune comes to the Ferengi who ignores women For the future is on its way It won鈥檛 be long before Ferengi ladies will have their say A male heir to the fortune was once a businessman鈥檚 goal But what about if the son鈥檚 enterprise was hopeless? Any child could be talented, or even taught, in the ways of business Why would forward looking figures look away And the emerging power of women is here to stay
Part 2
Because courting you is a dangerous game For my heart is my most valuable possession And Rule Zero of The Rules of Acquisition state That If Grand Nagus tells us it must be so And Rule Two makes clear that Money is Everything So you must be money made flesh For to me you now are everything.
Rule One says Once You Have Their Money You Never Give it Back Your heart is the fortune That I have spent my life searching Rule Ten says Greed is Eternal And so we come to my proposal Will you do business with me for all our tomorrows?
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vulcannic3 months ago
paramount+ spock has big comcast spock energy
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applanatum5 months ago
I have gotta stop watching star trek tos because a) I get aucked in immediatly and nearly crashed my car when I was thinking about the pilot episode again and b) many of the episodes offend me on, just, so many levels. Also c) I guess which is that I have been meaning to you know. Watch star trek that isnt tos and also now I'm thinking about it d) I am so insanely busy with work at the moment and for the foreseeable future I dont really have time
HOWEVER I am not going to take my own advice and i think we will all be very lucky if i dont end up writing some huge, shit mcspirk fic covering all 3 seasons
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striderepiphany5 months ago
idk anything about star trek but your art style is honestly the cutest
Thank you!! Neither do I honestly I'm just enjoying the vibes
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karam-ba6 months ago
what if I made a pon farr poster but like in the style of vintage wrestling/lucha libre posters
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captain-jimmeh9 months ago
i got tagged by @stardateunknown鈥 to post a screenshot of my lock screen, last song i listened to, and the last photo i saved 馃
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging @fatiguedvulcan鈥 @deepspacegallifrey鈥 @glamtrek鈥 and whomstever else wants to :^)
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mrsevangelineeroticarice11 months ago
alien race: *whips out new age lethal technology and an army of ten thousand highly trained immortal beings*
kirk: haha okay cool but look what i can do
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guldvkata year ago
Miles O'Brien, at some point: bout ye, whats the craic like? Im proper scundered
Julian, crying: i dont understand what you mean
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ratsoh-writes8 hours ago
S/o of the main is so small and sweet,a total cutie, right? They constantly lose their voice though and skeles know why. One night they catch them sneaking out really late and either follow then or confront them. Turns out small sweet s/o is in a death metal band and looses their voice because they have awesome vocals but they didn't wanna scare the skeles away because most think metal screaming in unattractive 馃憖馃憖馃憖 Thank you I love you, Ratsoh mwuah 馃槡
Sans: pfft, that鈥檚 the secret you were hiding?? Sure it鈥檚 well known that sans can鈥檛 stand metal, but he would never hold it against his SO for enjoying or singing it. Plus, he has to admit the death metal growl is impressive. Most humans can鈥檛 do that. The only metal band that sans listens to is yours. And only the songs where you Star. Boyfriend loyalty and all that
Star: sure he鈥檚 annoyed, but only because you thought you couldn鈥檛 tell him this. After the typical 鈥渢here鈥檚 no bed to be afraid to tell me about yourself鈥 lecture, tell SO about the resets you hypocrite, Star will be gushing over your voice! That鈥檚 so cool! How long have you been singing? He鈥檚 more interested your history than the songs tbh
Honey: dude he鈥檚 gobsmacked. Absolutely stunned. You鈥檙e such a sweet little thing and you scream on stage about violence???? Why is that so hot-
Red: oh he knew you weren鈥檛 just some sweet little innocent. No matter how hard you try to pretend, red knows that gleam in your eye. He found out about the death metal long before you two started dating and let you think he didn鈥檛 know because he knew it embarrassed you. It鈥檚 the same reason only reds closest friends know about him being a Trekkie. It ruins his bad boy image
Edge: he doesn鈥檛 see how this changes anything? You鈥檙e still his adorable little prince/princess even if you scream on stage. It is nice to know why your voice keeps going out though. Edge starts looking up all those home remedy solutions for you.
Mal: everyone else thinks you鈥檙e sweet and innocent. But mal knows the truth. And he couldn鈥檛 love you more for it. Mal lives for that passionate angry spark you get when you preform. On stage and at home~
Cash: what??? You鈥檙e a singer? He鈥檚 actually a little hurt that you would hide this from him. Cash is the theatre nerd. Metal may not be his music of choice, but he would definitely have supported you in any type really.
Oak: he doesn鈥檛 like how you鈥檝e been sneaking around. It makes him feel like you鈥檙e taking advantage of his bad memory. And being in a metal band isn鈥檛 an excuse. Oaks not gonna flip out and dump you for enjoying music that he doesn鈥檛 like. He鈥檚 annoyed at the sneaking, not your music tastes
Papyrus/Willow: oh boy. You鈥檝e hit the JACKPOT!! Not only are papyrus and willow huge metal heads, but both of them can SCREAM. Willow especially, his death growl can make a grown man cry. Shoot, they鈥檒l be so excited about finding your talent that they don鈥檛 even register the sneaking. Papyrus will absolutely make time to see all your concerts. And willow will definitely show up to several and might even treat your band members occasionally. Both of them are more than happy to help you practice your vocals too if you want!
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deepspaceclawstationa day ago
Tom Paris is someone who doesn't seem like much on paper and arguably as the compulsory straight white guy his presence in the main cast is frustrating but on screen his character...really works!?
Like he has interesting dynamics with basically all of the crew - He is Janeway's rescue project, he and Chakotay have 'history' (and yet respect each other), he has an ongoing romance with B'Elanna, he acts like an emotional foil for Tuvok's cold logic, he basically took Harry under his wing (and taught him to loosen up a little), he and Kes were good friends, he was the first one to give Seven a warm welcome when the rest of the crew were cold to her and he also acts as a foil for her practicality (and she's amused by his antics), he acts as the Doctor's apprentice (and is the butt of his many dry jokes), and lastly, he and Neelix also have a weird bond which they somehow developed through co-parenting an alien. He's even close to Naomi and Samantha Wildman (he's the only one who calls her 'Sam' as far as I remember). Talk about a friendly dude!
He also has a very interesting perspective on the happenings onboard Voyager and adds a unique flavour of sarcastic commentary. Also, he's basically a nerd, kind of a Trekkie in space. That should be annoying and condescending but surprisingly it's not.
I just wish that the writers hadn't pushed him into the 'rebel' archetype that doesn't really work for his character (imo) and instead just let him be the middle-aged dad who works on cars and listens to old rock bands and plays golf that he clearly wanted to be.
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fametek3 days ago
Flaunt Your Fandom With Functional Star Trek Collectibles
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Pick calls, maybe not and decline, listen to music and ask Siri and Google, everything is just a few taps away with your high-tech Star Trek Badge. The high-power battery also allows you to listen to audiobooks and map directions for long journeys with ease.聽
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Main Source :聽
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dilfpike14 days ago
I will block someone for not liking Discovery and I will block someone for only liking season 3, but if I had to pick a worse crime it would be only liking season 3. You鈥檙e telling me you watched the same 2 seasons that irrevocably changed my personality, turned me into a Trekkie, made me interested in drawing and writing fanfic, helped me bond with a whole subculture of people and make new friends, made my depression actually bearable (and then made it So much worse lol but let鈥檚 not talk about that) and you didn鈥檛 like them????? I鈥檓 suing.
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deadtedkord15 days ago
trekkies will argue about whether 鈥渢he city on the edge of forever鈥 鈥渢he best of both worlds鈥澛犫渋n the pale moonlight鈥 鈥渕irror, mirror鈥 鈥渜 who鈥 鈥渢he balance of terror鈥 are the best star trek episodes but have you all considered that it鈥檚 actually It鈥檚 Only a Paper Moon
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gothicmagpie17 days ago
9. do you like prequels? 13. do you mind sequels that are completely different with a new plot and new characters or do you prefer they stay with the same story and characters? (inspired by star trek but you choose the fandom)--kanyniablue
Thank you for the ask!
Number 9: I do like prequels, as long as they aren鈥檛 drastically reworking the internal history of the show/book/movie etc. in a way that feels out of sync with the established universe or in a way that feels pandering. As an example of the latter in keeping with your suggested topic of Star Trek, I frequently find the tone and subjects of Enterprise irritating/frustrating because it feels like someone worked off a shallow list of聽鈥渢hings Trekkies like鈥 and tacked them together without respecting the impact on internal timelines, and instead of actually continuing the larger concepts explored in DS9 and Voyager that engage folks. I have this issue much less with Discovery, despite them including far more timeline and tech changes.
Number 13: I don鈥檛 mind at all! Although I do like to have enough of a link that the connection between the two stories is clear. I鈥檓 skeptical of things that feel like the sequel is only name-deep, and just done for branding purposes because a publisher/studio was acting skittish about launching a new project.
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summerclover3420 days ago
I can't believe I only stumbled onto the transmasc part of tumblr through the queer trekkie part of tumblr. Couldn't find more than like 5 transmasc blogs when I actually searched for them a year ago and now I'm following so so many that are also star trek blogs
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androiidboyfriend21 days ago
I鈥檓 gonna be the only Trekkie who obstinantly has not seen tos.
Sponk? Who?
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worf-fangirl22 days ago
My review of Nemesis
鈥 this is gonna be a long post because I wanted to hide spoilers and didn鈥檛 feel like hiding a bunch of posts (Also friends recall I鈥檝e only seen TNG and its movies so if you wanna comment or something plz don鈥檛 spoil)
鈥 I knew it was coming. I KNEW it was coming. And it still hit me harder than a brick. I cried. So much.
鈥 His death??? I was expecting it to be agonizing. And it wasn鈥檛. Don鈥檛 get me wrong, it was awful, but it just blew up and then we got a few words? I feel like it could have been wrapped up better.
鈥 I will say I鈥檝e never felt like a Trekkie until everyone raised their glasses to him. It hurt.
鈥 I know you have to take TNG movies as tng movies because : they鈥檙e not the series. They have to make money in theaters and make the movies good enough for those who didn鈥檛 watch the series. It wasn鈥檛 a bad movie. It was a good movie honestly. Just not really TNG. That鈥檚 why insurrection is my favorite tng movie because it鈥檚 like the show: some new alien race has a problem they fix and they have a little fun and no one gets hurt. The problems I have with nemesis are the same problems I have with first contact. Too much action. That鈥檚 not TNG style honestly. I mean, why did Data die?? That鈥檚 not tng style at all. The movie had too much going on to cram an entire data arc + death in. And that鈥檚 why the movies don鈥檛 work for me. They try to do too much and lots of stuff gets pushed aside. If they didn鈥檛 have enough time to further develop the characters, they should have left them as is. You know?
鈥 Worf鈥檚 comment on the romulans was really sweet. It made me smile. This was the only time I smiled I think. (and we won鈥檛 get into the rant on why I think Worf deserved more screen time in the movies, I鈥檒l save that for another post)
鈥 B4 was absolutely adorable. Although I really wish data were back, I like how they didn鈥檛 replace data with b4. I really liked how they acknowledged he was a person too and didn鈥檛 try to turn him into data.
鈥 So it was a good movie. Unfortunately not canonnnn馃ぉ馃グ馃挄馃尯鉁煒氣湆锔忊榾锔忦煉
鈥 oh yeah one more thing- Mr. Spiner will be performing blue skies at my wedding.
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