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phoannix · 5 days ago
thinking how the main ds9 cast played their characters as gay even tho it wasnt in the script and it was their acting decision. yall i love star trek i love ds9 i’ve only seen 7 episodes of it but i love it so so much.
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One of my patients is a TOTAL Trekkie and I adore him so much. 
The first time he came in he was wearing a command insignia pin, and I complimented it and a few weeks later one showed up at the office addressed to me with a note that said, "From one Trekkie to another". 
He's here today and he's wearing a science blue detailed mask and his command insignia pin. He greets me with the ta'al and a "live long and propser" every time, and asks if I've seen/read/heard any of the new trek news. I just love him.
And I got to tell him that I found the book William Shatner wrote about Leonard Nimoy at a thrift store for $2 yesterday! 
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97jungse · 9 days ago
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Ensign Harry Kim -> Star Trek: Voyager
I decided to draw Harry first out of everyone off the crew! (1/?)
Also I’m already on s4 and sO FUCKING EXCITED WHATS BRINGING IT WITH IT 😎 The comeback of the borg and especially species 8472 hyped me up so much!!!
+ Added a grain effect this time because I thought it looked good that way!!
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undead-head · 12 days ago
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I’m calling this:
Oh Georgiou where art thou?
Really hope she’s getting a spin off series, her and Saru were the best characters easy.
Acrylic painting on canvas board 👩🏻‍🎨🎨
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buttspocks · 16 days ago
people be like I hate progressiveness and equal representation in media and then go watch star trek
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lejoursobre · 16 days ago
Lmaooooo I just watched the ep of the last season of the Simpson about nostalgia, trolls and JJ Abrams 😂 I died
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artenthusiast-atx · 17 days ago
To my bestie @harold.kohl , thank you for being the best friend a Trekkie can find. #trekkies #trekkers #startrek #williamshatner #scificonventions (at Pflugerville, Texas)
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blacktrekkie-blog · 17 days ago
Black Trekkie Gets Political
Black Trekkie Gets Political
Wikimedia USA! USA! USA! Aw hell, here we go…Star Trek has always been political, so no need to shy away from discussing politics here. Did you watch President Joe Biden’s April 28, 2021 address to Congress? I hope you did because this speech felt like we might be on the precipice of a cultural shift. There was direct discussion of the need for reform and progress on human rights, racial…
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garak · 18 days ago
if i had a hot trekkie bf i would give him the pythaslok url and people would think we’re kindating. no reason for this statement its just been on my mind
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Attention all Trekkies! One of the most successful german movies is a gay Star Trek parody!
Here some pictures:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The movie is called Traumschiff Surprise ( Ship of dreams Surprise) and it's filled with hundreds of innuendos and hints at the complete and utter gayness of Star Trek.
The creators of that movie looked at Star Trek, decided that it's ridiculous how gay it is without officially being gay and made a whole movie based on that.
The movie was made in the early 2000s and is filled with stereotypes which may be a bit problematic today but it's not outright insulting in any way.
The movie is insanely popular in Germany. For years it was the second most successful german movie in Germany of all time. The first place was occupied by a gay parody of another very popular franchise.
I don't know why but german apparently really like gay parodies of famous pop culture.
( The movies are obviously also a parody of popular sci-fi and movie tropes. Not just the gay. And they'regenuinely really funny)
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vulgarvulcan · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
NanaVisitor: 6:30 am walk. Still trekking after all these years.
i’m not- no, you’re emotional!
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