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#trans activism
maddwizard · 2 days ago
Throwback to when I made a post about people who menstruate and accidentally typed “mtf trans people” instead of ftm and people got on my ass and tore me apart in the comments instead of doing the logical thing and asking if I meant ftm. Tumblr can we pls step up and act like adults with a brain y’all are driving me nuts
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Tumblr media
[ ID: tweet by @/_SocSpecialist_ reading, “Just here to say that “micro” in microaggressions refers to the level of analysis in which they are observed, not the scale or magnitude of the harm they inflict.” ]
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savedbythegirl · 3 days ago
The failure of ignorant people to self-educate is becoming insurmountable. Mental illness is real. Genetics are different for every individual, it doesn’t always affect entire families and mostly, people are still in control of what they decide to do or not. The things they want to justify are crimes. Bigots are still a minority. Uniqueness is our only human power. You can’t buy it or sell it. So don’t negotiate with them. Equal rights are more important. We want crime prevention and we want justice equality. We’re not pawns. You’re creating a system of reward that’s encouraging their illness and it’s provoking them to hunt us down and kill us in broad daylight. We belong anywhere and everywhere. We have a right to exist. Discrimination is insane. There’s a difference between diversity and bias. I feel like I speak for everyone. That’s what having a conscience feels like. This isn’t made up. If you would just stop accusing people of lying then you would know the truth.
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labelsareforlosers · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
this is my fav subreddit LMFAOOOOOO
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dutchess-t · 4 days ago
The Netherlands about to introduce self-id into law
Well, it was only a matter of time. On May 4th our minister of Law introduced a bill on behalf of our minister of Emancipation (the irony is painful), proposing to simply the procedure to change the gender on your birth certificate. A declaration by a licensed doctor or psychologist will no longer be required. Instead, someone will be able to file in writing to have their legal sex changed. Four to twelve weeks later they will receive confirmation. 
Furthermore, the minimum age requirement of 16 years to have your gender legally changed will be dropped as well. Children younger than 16 will be able to change their gender if they get permission from a judge. 
The impact of this on women’s rights, safety and well-being has not been considered. At all. The Council of State reviewed the proposed bill and only requested clarification on the justification for dropping the age requirement, and whether the weight of the decision for the individual is properly safeguarded when a professional no longer has to be involved. 
Answer to 1: sometimes children under 16 are clear about their “gender” being “set”, so not being able to have their birth certificate changed yet is “difficult.  Answer to 2: this decision is up to the individual and the government should be involved as little as possible. Right of self-determination is the most important.
The Council of State agreed to these “justifications” and is now fine with this bill, which will now be debated in the House of Representatives. Again: no consideration at all for the impact on women. Maybe because women have already lost their legal protection to begin with. Unlike the U.K. and the U.S., the Netherlands do not list sex as a protected characteristic. Instead they’ve used gender (geslacht), and a few years ago they changed the law to add that gender identity and gender expression fall under the protected category of gender. So excluding a man with a womanly identity, or even expression, from female-only spaces is already forbidden.
@girlsfrommars @dutchradfem Sorry about the blunt @, but since you’re one of the few Dutch radfems on here, I thought you might want to know this. The proposed bill can be found here. I fear there is very little hope stopping this. So far the Netherlands ignore the more critical stances that have risen up in the UK and Sweden. And unlike the UK, we do not have any feminist organizations that haven’t been hijacked by liberal feminism and trans activism, except for Voorzij and they are very small.
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akcopeman · 6 days ago
The candidates for the police and crime commissioner roll for my county have pandered to the transphobic group "gender critical" by answering their questions - although the questions and answers weren't published it was clear that gc were please by their answers.
Damn right I'm doing something about it.
I've already emailed my police contacts and made sure the community is already aware of the situation, if it isn't settled to our satisfaction we're discussing additional protests to the regular bi weekly ones that take place in the city.
I'll update with more info as things develop.
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gayfertilitygoddess · 7 days ago
I remember once when I first started this blog, I got some TERFs really mad because I commented on a post that was like “women don’t need to be told it’s okay to be attracted to men” and I said women who are attracted to men are told they’re bad feminists or traitors and deserve to be told that they’re not. Boy did that get them going...
Since then it’s become even more clear that we’ve gotten ourselves to the point where people do need to be told it’s okay to be attracted to men, because TERFs have decided that the best way to cope with their own trauma from compulsory heterosexuality is to traumatize mlm, bi/pan women, trans women, and basically everyone who isn’t a Gold Star Lesbian by insisting that men are gross and ugly and evil.
If you don’t find men attractive, great for you! Be grateful to the trans women of color who dedicated their lives to making the world safer for you, and stop bragging about it like it’s going to get you a medal. Why don’t you brag about your love for women instead? Or your pride in your own sexuality?
Lesbian positivity is nothing if it’s about tearing down other people in our community. And in case you haven’t heard, there are not only people who are attracted to men in the queer community, there are actual men here.
If you’re attracted to men, you are wonderful and amazing and I love you. You are an important part of our community.
If you are a man, especially if you are BIPOC, trans, fat, disabled, or any combination thereof, you are extremely handsome and so many people are attracted to you. You are an important part of our community.
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savedbythegirl · 7 days ago
May 3rd, 2021
You aren't happy. No matter who you are, you must fulfill your own needs; both physical and psychological. You target innocent people because they know right from wrong. We don't want to do your bidding. We aren't here to protect you from the law. If you're corrupt then turn yourself in. If you don't know how, then manifest justice. Prayer and spirituality is a safe space and privilege that doesn't belong to criminals. Violence is not the answer. Religion is not a solution to everything. I don't care if you turn people away from your church, but if you do, you must also turn away violent people. 
There's really no other context for discrimination besides justice. Justice depends on the safety of human beings. Black people, females and LGBTQ+ people deserve protection. Equality is part of safety. Nobody has said that police work is inherently good, and that's a mistake. That is how fascists and nazis have corrupted our conscience over time. They're perverts and they want to redefine right from wrong. LGBTQ+ people and oppressed groups like Black people and the feminist ancestors of immigrants and slaves who reclaimed their land ESTABLISHED right from wrong. There is no civil society that can be created and supported that existed just to benefit one stereotype of a man. 
You don't realize it, but you're all the same without the rest of us. Sometimes, you do have to conform, and maybe you're not a kid anymore - it doesn't matter. You shouldn't have to wonder what the difference between right and wrong IS. You're not supposed to kill anybody, or assault women and gay men. You're not supposed to bully your peers. You're not supposed to corrupt your life and your work with threats, addiction and abuse. You are needed. It is not always a privilege and it is never an illusion. You actually have to be qualified.
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therandomfandomme · 7 days ago
Sometimes the best form of activism is shutting up and listening
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sapphicdesi · 9 days ago
I can’t comprehend the mental gymnastics tras make to say transgenderism is okay but that trans racialism isn’t. it’s total hypocrisy, extremely misogynistic and racist to women of colour. they really shit on intersectionality of woc when they say this.
Half of women’s identity is a choice? Being a female is a choice to them & a privilege but being brown is the only thing that is not? Imagine telling people of colour that experiencing racism is a choice and that we chose to identify with the brown-ness I was assigned at birth. Saying you can see my melanin but not my female characteristics and body? That’s how stupid they sound.
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mxactivist · 9 days ago
UK petition: Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity in the UK
[ Sign here ]
Here in the UK, it has been proven in court that nonbinary people are protected “beyond any doubt” under the protected characteristic of gender reassignment in the Equality Act 2010. By not including nonbinary people in the Gender Recognition Act 2004, which allows only binary trans people to change their legal documentation (e.g. birth certificate) to reflect their true gender, the government are breaking the law.
You can sign if you live in the UK or you’re a British citizen living abroad.
This petition has 39,538 signatures so far, and it needs 100,000 to be considered for debate in parliament. It’s also the petition getting the most signatures right now (2nd May 2021). You can check out the signature rate here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The deadline is 26 October 2021.
Thank you!
[ Sign here ]
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theres nobody more transphobic than a trans person’s inner monologue. you dont need to tell me i dont pass for a boy. i know. i fucking noticed.
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that-autistic-activist · 10 days ago
Love is so much more than labels.
At the moment everyone seems to be rushing off to find the right "term" to describe their attraction and while that is completely valid and labels can be important to many people these things change. Sexuality is completely fluid. For instance, it doesn't matter if you are a lesbian that likes someone nonbinary or a straight person who with someone genderqueer.
Don't close yourself off to love because "it doesn't fit a box" or something like "lesbians can't love enbies" because you could miss out on the best thing to ever happen to you.
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savedbythegirl · 10 days ago
Why would YOU be "forcing" me to come out? You were supposedly my closest friend for like, a decade. I thought you were the only one who knew. Honestly - what were your intentions? I won't reward violent behavior. I'm not dumb. You're a fucking bitch. I don't even know if you had any goals. Speak your mind but don't tread on me.
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savedbythegirl · 10 days ago
Trans Lives Matter / PTSD /Age
You have to stop normalizing child abuse. Age is a sensitive thing. You need to accept reality before you try making jokes about people. There's a problem with expecting to get harassed and normalizing behavior that encourages rape. I'm not a fetish object. You're extremely stupid. I can't cover for you. There is no such thing. You just want to be an inconvenience to everybody and you start misbelieving right from wrong until you can convince somebody you forgot. If that's not textbook PTSD I don't know what-is. I have feelings. Being sympathetic is not a passionless and labor-less feeling. If you don't want to reciprocate then I deserve to move on. You couldn't resist being narcissistic and giving me an ultimatum. It's rape. All of these people are obsessed with themselves. You're cannibalizing me. Bullying and psychological manipulation is the constant maintenance of child abuse.
I don't want to be your fake authority figure. I want real, adult friends. If you chose to function a certain way to draw attention from an abuser or a sex offender then I'm going to conceal your identity and exclude you from this and I did my best, but you framed me and you're acting illiterate and it's gross and offensive. If you want to be remembered as a pervert then I don't have to protect you. That's not the kind of thing that you embody to prove anything to anyone. A pattern of abuse is not the same thing as a coping mechanism. You don't have to hurt people to heal. I didn't know I was in the closet and nothing I did was harmful to you - you're just sexist and insecure. I won't role-play with you especially not as an oppressor. You're an immature brat. You don't know anything about me. I just wanted you to be healthy. You've refused me kindness and respect too many times. You don't learn & grow because you refuse to empathize with me. 
There's nothing else anyone can do but exist. We're not going to sacrifice ourselves for you. I've never self harmed before. I never wanted to have sex with a stranger. I never thought I would do drugs or drop out of college. If you want people to think that this is how we protect each other you are off to a great start. I'm not desperate. Cover yourself up. Read a book. You should be embarrassed. You could survive a little shame. That's a lot easier than being forced to feel it. I can't be the only person in my life who is self-aware. I have a right to think for myself. I'm not responsible for anybody else but me. There's nothing wrong with being trans and gay. I'm not a social experiment or a stereotype. That's all you need to know to avoid prejudice. All of these sexist roles don't exist. We're done playing house. I can be whoever I want. It doesn't have anything to do with white men, whether I am a cis woman, trans woman or a trans man, whether I am white or black or native american. I deserve my independence. Respect my youth and my rights. This isn't all about art. Duh. You know better. Stop exploiting me.
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