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latesunrizez · 32 minutes ago
telling myself that me being shit at my job last year was an act of anti-capitalist protest
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tomicito · 32 minutes ago
believe me when i say im never turning off repeat for double solitare. like???
muku rapping??? immaculate. juza's baritone rapping??? godly.
there is literally no bad song whenever any one or more member of the hyodosaka family are singing in it. all we need now is muku, juza, and kumon in one song and we'll all be done for. not even the depths of hell can stop us from rioting over this family and i stand by that fact.
just look the sheer power they hold and imagine how that would multiply tenfold if we get a song with all three of them. good lord don't even get me started with their character songs.
itsuka oujisama ni?? adorable. loner?? emotional masterpiece. seiten no sinker?? God's greatest gift no cap.
then there's their mixed troupe/play songs. q to juu?? iconic. the prince in full bloom?? angelic. double solitare?? intoxicating as fuck.
now project all that power into a hyodosaka fam song iN THIS ESSAY I WILL
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theangrysasquatch · 33 minutes ago
Anyone on here who is really skilled with dogs?
My brother’s puppy gets so amped up when he sees me. He gets all excited and nippy and grabs onto my pants and stuff.
Why does he do this and how do I get him to stop?
I’ve been trying all the tips on google, like ignoring, diverting the nipping to toys, scolding.
I have no idea what to do and it’s stressing me out.
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johtodaycare · 41 minutes ago
I've been out of the hospital for a while now. How are you?
juuuust fine!
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