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#trainer ethan
dunnluck · an hour ago
Dawn has to deal with feelings that are still unknown to her, why is this all so complicated ?
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professor-blue-oak · 2 hours ago
Aggressive high-five? Terrible idea especially if you forget to remove your wedding and engagement ring
Totally didn’t do that with Ethan... nope! Not at all.
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professor-blue-oak · 3 days ago
Are there foods that both Pokémon and Trainers can eat? Or does it depend on the Pokémon?
The food really depends on the Pokémon but nothings actually stopping us from eating Pokémon food aside from poison and steel typing pellets
You can thank Ethan for the information on how not safe poison pellets are. He’s now no longer allowed to take dares according to Sil. Ethan ended up in the hospital by the way for food bad poisoning. That’s the Indigo League Champ for ya
Now as for human food, it once again depends on the pokemon. A trubbish can eat basically anything but what you feed them also affects their smell. But a lot spices can be toxic for most pokemon, mostly the ones categorized as Field
Unless you make the food yourself, I’d say don’t feed your dog restaurant bought food as you don’t know what went into the making of it and some of the unknown things could cause issues like allergies and bad reactions
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
This year, 23 trainers entered the gym trainer and as of right now 4 has dropped out after the 3rd gym
The new gym leaders that Ethan approved are rather ruthless, sheesh.
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professor-blue-oak · 6 days ago
Any idea when Ethan and Silver's wedding is gonna be???
I’m not going to tell you :p
Sil doesn’t want this being covered by the media but I will tell you it’ll be outside
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professor-blue-oak · 6 days ago
Champion Ethan stopping some poachers with just his shiny Gyrados while caring for an egg
And in Ethan’s words
Ethan: Yeah, so I was like “Tch, cmon man! Alright. I’ll indulge ya crooks but we need to make it quick. I bought Sil his favourite ice cream cake and it’ll start melting.”
So one ones hand on the Chikorita egg while my other hand is reaching for Moon’s pokeball. I call Moon and instruct him to use Stone Edge on whatever wacky machine they were using and they were absolutely terrified! Some sleeping Aron were rudely awoken but luckily some rangers were already there.
Anyway, long story short, I pummel their asses, free some Pokémon, and make it back home in time for date night before the ice cream cake could melt!
His full name is Blood Moon
Tumblr media
Yeah, grown Ethan buffed up also but just slightly
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professor-blue-oak · 17 days ago
A Blaziken can can clear a 30-story building in a leap. You tryna compete with that Red???
Red: I’ve got strength not acrobatics. Try Ethan.
If you want actual hand to hand combat try my husband.
Silver’s great at playing mind games when it comes to card games.
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professor-blue-oak · 18 days ago
Video: Red v Snorlax
—Long Post—
“This is a stupid idea,” a voice could be heard off camera. “You’re going to get hurt Red!” The voice huffed
A familiar looking ex-Champion pops into frame. “Oh hello little one~ Are you recording?” Lance coos as the video does a full 360 spin. The rotom-camera moves back to reveal the group. Lance, his wife, Leaf, Silver, and Ethan were all there.
Ethan was all tangled up in between the fence planks while Silver sat on top of it, chatting with the current Indigo champion, a rare smile on his face. Leaf was just returning, handing over a older woman a cup of tea. The woman leans back against the fence, sipping her tea while Lance leaned closer and rested his cheek on the top of the woman’s head.
Ethan and Leaf suddenly erupt into cheers and wolf-whistles. Silver could be seen rolling his eyes as he sat on a fence. The camera whips around to reveal Red handing his shirt to his husband. Blue lets out a disgruntled groan “I’m not taking care of you if you get a broken wrist or some shit” he huffed, walking towards the group with the shirt
A second rotom-camera could be seen recording on the other side. The two buzz at each other happily before turning their attention to what was about to go down
Red smirks at his Snorlax, turning his hat around so the brim was behind him. The snorlax standing opposite of Red huffs, a smug look on his face. The two ready themselves as Ethan and Leaf could be heard cheering Red on
The Snorlax moves forward quickly, ready to throw a punch. Red catches both fists with his own and holds the large Snorlax back, grinning up at the Pokémon with a determined look. The camera zooms in on Snorlax’s feet, noticing it was being pushed back just a little. The scene switches to the second Roto-cam who was zooming in on Red’s muscles.
“Zipper! Stop doing that!” Blue shouts as the Camera quickly refocuses on the Snorlax
“Sweet Arceus, I knew he was strong but not that strong” Naomi could be heard saying quietly, watching the battle in awe
The Snorlax starts to push harder causing Red to slide on the grass. Red grunts and stands his ground for a good minute before letting go to prevent any injury. The large Pokémon stumbles forward a bit before catching themselves.
“Yoo! Lez go!!” Ethan cheers, standing danergously on the fence. He had somehow gotten himself untangled during the battle of strength.
“Ethan! You’re going to fall!” Silver shouts angrily, trying to get his fiancé down from the fence
“Oh my, please be careful” Naomi says softly to Ethan. “Alright alright! Only cuz Naomi was so nice~” the current champion scoffed, jumping down from the fence
Red walks over to Blue and winks at the Professor as he fixed his hat. Blue blushes darkly and hides his face in the shirt he was holding
Lance and Naomi share a glance before smirking and laughing softly, the woman giggling and holding onto Lance’s arm. Lance chuckles and leans into his wife, placing a hand on top of Naomi’s
[Video End]
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adelyaaskerova · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Johto Boy
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mx-myth · 18 days ago
Anyway so Blue (female Kanto protag) and Leaf are different people to me? Idk I think it’s just the connotations I have with their names, like how Ethan and Gold are different people to me. So now for posts where I’m refering to her as Blue will be tagged as ‘trainer blue’ and ‘trainer female blue’ while Leaf posts will continue being tagged as ‘trainer leaf’. I’m going to go back and correct it now!
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professor-blue-oak · 20 days ago
If someone annoying says "what are you going to do? Stab me?" isn't that BASICALLY an invitation to stab them??
Silver seems to think so. He’s jabbed his fingers into Ethan’s side when he said that and then said “He asked so I delivered”
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lexiesdoodles · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some doodles slightly adjusting how I draw bodies
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