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aksuallyours · 49 minutes ago
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This is an EXPOSING @finnwrld POST.
i’m tired of this MISTREATMENT.
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m3ntallyun5table · 55 minutes ago
“I couldn’t control my anger” is their way of saying they don’t care enough about you to not take their anger out on you.
Especially when you have trauma from others doing the same exact thing to you.
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wolvesofinnistrad · 59 minutes ago
In my head TK relays all this shit that happened to Buck, his new long distance friend over Skype a few days later and Buck, perennial "it's all my fault I'm used to taking the blame" immediayely has kinship with Carlos and is all "hold up, you pushed your boyfriend cuz you were mad? What?" And its only then TK really *gets* what happened and he cant even defend himself he just starts freaking out and shame spiraling (thankfully this is with another friend and NOT with Carlos himself in which Carlos would have to/feel compelled to defend tk to himself and reassure him). This all culminates in tk and Carlos having a really great talk about why exactly tk reacted with anger and why exactly Carlos reacted with deflection and self blame and how they can both be better at not reproducing toxic coping mechanisms in their lives to not hurt each other or themselves.
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mocha-bunbun · an hour ago
Please Don’t Go (pt.2)
A/N: here’s the part 2 of ‘Please don’t go’! I honestly did not expect the first part to blow up 😳 but im happy you enjoyed the first part! I hope you enjoy the second part my little bun buns! Also just a disclaimer, in no way shape or form am I trying to romanticize toxic relationships. No one should be in a relationship like this. Not only does this kind of toxic relationship harm somebody emotionally, it harms them mentally as well. I’m basing this off of my own personal experience so your experience might’ve not been the same as mine.
Content contains the following that could be triggering: angst, toxic relationship, manipulation, cheating, comfort kinda (?), fluffy at the end (?)
If any of the following makes you uncomfortable, please go read a fluffy fic for your soul! Take care fellow bun bun! <333
Kaeya x GN Reader, Platonic! Diluc x GN Reader, Platonic! Amber x GN Reader - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The blue haired captain kept his quiet as he watched the scene unfold before him. You waved goodbye to Diluc while thanking him once more, you walked away from him. Taking deep breaths, you managed to calm yourself down thankfully. Your posture stiffened when you felt familiar arms wrap around your waist. A wave of dread rushed through your body. You felt the wrong feeling once more, you usually had that feeling whenever you were with Kaeya.
“Hello darling, how are you today? You seem a bit tired.” Kaeya said. You put on a small smile and nodded.
“Yeah, just woke up a bit grumpy today.” You lied.
“I certainly hope that isn’t because I wasn’t there in the morning.” He said. You shook your head and pressed a kiss on his cheek.
“Of course not. I probably just slept on the wrong side of bed. No need to worry about me.” You reassured. For some reason, the words you said and the kiss you gave him made you sick to your stomach. You felt disgusted with yourself. Ever since that talk with Diluc, you’ve been feeling grossed out with yourself. Why did this guilt and regret weigh so heavy on your back? Feeling guily of letting yourself be blinded by love, regretting every single choice you made in the relationship with him. Is this self pity? Every part of your body screamed to push him away, you wanted to escape from his grasp. He wasn’t even holding you that tight so why did this feel suffocating?
“You know I love you right?” Those words snapped you out of your focused state. “I feel as if you tend to forget that.”
‘Why did his words sound so genuine if they weren’t true?’ You thought to yourself. ‘No, you’re playing right into his hands. He’s lying. He’s trying to manipulate you. Dirty liar.’ You told yourself.
“I love you too. I really needed to hear that, thanks my dear.” You said. ‘But doesn’t that make me a liar too?’ You questioned. Kaeya kissed your neck and smiled. He was relaxed, thinking that he probably still had you wrapped around his finger. You weren’t going to let that happen. You’re going to stand your ground. No more punches, no more heart shattering cries.
‘ wouldn’t hurt to stay with him for a few more days.’ You thought to yourself. A few more days turned into a month. You got addicted to this horrible feeling. ‘Surely, I’m going to leave him soon but let me stay in his arms for a bit longer.’ You said to yourself.
“Y/N.” Diluc’s voice called out to you. You snapped your head to him. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” He sighed. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked away.
“I don’t know anymore. One moment I tell myself I’m breaking things off with him. The next, I fall right into his trap. I know Diluc. I-I can’t get out.” You ranted. He could sense the hurt and confusion in your voice. “I know he’s bad for me but I just get so addicted to the praise and affection he gives me. I’ve never had anything like it.” You continued. You sighed, “I must be some sort of masochist I swear.”
“It seems like it. I don’t know what it feels like to have someone do that to you, I admit but you have to cut things off soon. All of last week, I saw him on a date with a girl.” Diluc said. Your heart broke once more but you were used to it.
“It’ll be fine. I’m used to it. So it doesn’t hurt as much, I just want someone by my side for once.” You tried to argue, knowing you were going to lose.
“Just because you’re used to it, doesn’t make it any better. It makes it worse. That’s not a good thing to be used to. And you do have someone by your side that’s not Kaeya. I’m on your side and I always have been. I’m here for you.” He said, looking you in the eyes. “That’s why I came here to make sure you cut things off with him for good.” He said.
“I’m here to tag along too.” Amber said, appearing out of nowhere. The brunette looked at you sympathetically. “I’ve noticed this entire thing for a while just like Diluc but I didn’t know what to do to help. I just knew Kaeya wasn’t a trustworthy guy.” She admitted. “You have my full support along with Diluc. I’m sorry that I didn’t intervene sooner.” She said. You teared uo again, hugging the both of them tightly. You didn’t get a grossed out feeling like you did when you hugged Kaeya. You felt happy. You felt...loved. To have this much support, it made you cry tears of happiness. Though it may not seem like much support, it was more than enough to break things off with the beloved captain of Mondstadt.
“I don’t need your love. If you could even call it that. I’m sick and tired of being used. I’m done being your play toy.” You told Kaeya, your voice was cold and stern. His hand reached out towards you, you quickly smacked it away. “Don’t even try. I’m done Kaeya. We’re over.” You spat, venom filling your words. He only let out a small sigh.
“It’s a shame really. I really did love you.” Kaeya said. Those words filled you with rage. ‘Don’t waste your energy on him. He’s not worth it.’ You kept telling yourself. “Oh well, I was waiting for this to happen anyways. It was obvious after you talked to Diluc. He really does like to ruin the fun.” He scoffed lightly. You clenched your fists but pushed him out of the door.
“Get out of my sight.” You said, before slamming the door in his face. You panted, shoulders and chest rising up and down. You were shaking so much. That was so difficult, more difficult than you thought it would be. Feeling a bit lightheaded, you went to the bathroom to wash your face with some cold water. Relief and happiness washed over your body when you fully processed what happened. You were free. You were free. You smiled happily while tears streamed down your face, you clutched the towel in your hand you used to dry your face.
“I did it.” You cried out. If this wasn’t one of the most happiest moments of your life, you weren’t sure what else it would be. You felt proud of yourself for the first time in a very long time. And you should be proud of yourself.
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kidcorestickers · an hour ago
what’s poppin bitchesss i forgot i had tumblr because i lack object permanance *sick guitar riff*
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suddenlysingle23 · 2 hours ago
The couple that bought our house. The house we built. The blood sweat and tears we put into the place. The house he ended our future at.
They just had a baby.
They are raising their baby in our house.
But it’s not our house anymore. He left. He gave it to me. My house was filled with ghosts of what should have been. He took our financial security and our sanity and our stability with one bullet that evening. So it wasn’t our house anymore.
They are raising their baby in my house.
But it’s not my house anymore either. I sold it. I left. I could manage the memories of what happened. I couldn’t handle knowing the future we planned he ended. I needed to run away from it. So it isn’t my house anymore.
They are raising their baby in their house.
And it fucking hurts.
Also, my dead husband’s parents have become bff’s with them.
My baby cried after school today because he wants his daddy back. His daddy’s mom is fawning over their baby.
Fuck suicide.
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isaygetalifekid · 2 hours ago
When ur not horny but the thought of ur bf masturbating to someone else pisses u off 🙃. I can’t be the only one ?
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mrsdoubleagentstarr · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’m 6ft from the edge of a hole so deep no one could ever find me 🖤🖤🖤
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citrussleep13 · 2 hours ago
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maisondepoupees · 2 hours ago
you intimidate me because someone told me you were toxic and i regret believing them because you seem really nice and because they weren't
If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, anonymously send ☠ along with the reasons why.
Tumblr media
u forgot to send the emoji, bestie!!! anyway i get an ask like this every couple months and i’m just gonna assume ur the same person bc concerning if not...... u can just talk to me. i’m not mean. i mind my own business.  that all said pls tell me who they r i love gossip and i deserve to know because it’s about me
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regularflan · 3 hours ago
rant time cause I'm tired of seeing the same shit over & over again
#*inhale*#ppl who diss on a group cause they had one or more bad experiences with the fandom#like??#ya'll the same ppl who when one of our own fandom members does smth bad to another group you go#oh but that was just a very small portion of our fandom who did that! that doesn't represent the whole fandom!!#I completely agree#that small percentage does not equivalent the same mindset the rest of the fandom have#which is smth everyone should remember#like when pledis was partnering with weverse & a few twt carats took it upon themselves to rate it low stars in the app store#cause they didn't want svt & nu'est to join & instead just stick to the fan cafe#& then a mini war between army's + moa's & carats broke out on twt#to which btw I was heavily embarrassed for & because of those carats#yes many carats didn't want pledis to join mainly because many rapid changes were happening since the affiliation with bhl#but none of us wished to condone such toxic behaviour like the few who did#afterwards many carats began apologizing on behalf of the toxic side of our fandom#bringing out again the excellent point that those ppl don't represent the whole community#so then why is it that when our fandom is in the wrong they go along with the 'not all of us are the same or think the same way' sentiment#but when someone from a different fandom does smth bad in general or you personally suddenly it's 'no they're all evil don't trust any ):<'#idk man it's a little ahh#& I would NEVER downplay someone's past experience that may have caused them to develop trauma from a certain group#like yes girl/guy/desired pronoun leave the toxicity behind & starting living the joys of life!!#but I'm more so directing this to the section of ppl who go out of their way to drag the group down#or ridicule a person within the fandom for just simply liking the group when they did nothing wrong in the first place#point is pls don't project or generalize a group based on your past experiences... it can be very damaging & toxic for both parties#trust me ik third (?) hand... it's not good at all for your mental health or those around you...#*exhale*#oh god it looks like I'm promoting negativity against negativity but I swear I'm not 😭#I'm just tired of seeing it constantly & needed to rant & some rants just happen to be more passive aggressive than others#personal 🍮
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drrhobertashaler · 3 hours ago
The Fear of All-Or-Nothing Thinking
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poetryatmost · 3 hours ago
I will forever search for the magic I found with you.
-Poetry At Most
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