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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#totally phenomenal
november-rage · 4 days ago
Is it really a life if you don't run into the person whom you have never seen, have never heard their voice, don't have a clue on how they are, but know that there exist a person whom you always write letters to; in a café while reading books and the place is Rome and you would exchange your diaries with pressed flowers,hand-written letters addressed to them, and recite poetry to each other?
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art--school--wannabe · a month ago
when you’re doing your cyberpunk thing and you see a hot intimidating punk guy and youre like well fuck now i gotta find a way to make my character hate him so we can push those emotions out of the way and your gm (conveniently also your best friend) decides to have the guy come over to your gay ass and suddenly oh by the way we know each other, were part of some weird johnny silverhand centered anarcho-punk gang (i mean vibes) but also hey guess what my character also apparently has some really weird commitment issues surrounding getting a cybernetic arm like literally everyone else and also they just have this quite fascinating dynamic that’s like confusing but in a hold on a second is this man a comrade or a lover or......perhaps...........both
#my first thought was it was a mentor vibe but it's like.  lmao marky already has a different guy who's their mentor so???#the baggage!!!!!  the drama!!!!!!!!!!!  the supplies for molotov cocktails readily available in their bag at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3#i love our campaign bc we all hate cops and love dogs (hey like that one song) and like#instead of actually fighting we just spend an hour of me laying on a sad man's couch while everybody fights over dogs#and who gets to sleep on the floor.  (but like wanting to sleep on the floor)#also they just really like food especially breakfast food bc i'm good at ~projecting~ but also they're kinda broke and can't cook for shit#it's funny bc the silverhand gang thing.. i was originally like damn ok what if i gave them a-- and i was like#no ok lets not do that bc that'd be too obvious and i don't like making obvious characters!!!1!!!11!!!!#but like if THEY bring it up ok i can work with that let's unpack what the fuck happened!!!!!!!!!#seriously though the bar scene where we're talking is sooo fucking funny#bc theres the description and everyone even the lesbians are like HoLd On NoW a SeCoNd HeLlO????#and then he makes his way to my gay ass who was totally being gay with some random ass stranger i guess#hm.  it doesnt help that im automatically flustered when roleplaying especially w them so like that.. theory could make sense#but honestly who tf knows at this point.  my friend's mind.. it's a vast expanse of holy shit hello???#i suck at most rpg stuff but i reallyyyyyyy wanna do a combat thing bc i have the coolest weaponssss#like ok beyond my character's namesake there's also this cool as FUCK transparent katana type thing that kinda retracts like a lightsaber#and also this gun type thing like small flashlight size that's closer range but holy fuck it does some damage.  phenomenal.  incredible#i am so glad my friend has patience with me damn#also i always do the stupidest gayest makeup and this is the second time i am wearing the leopard pants.  this may just be my tradition#i love it here idk.
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Hello fellow Nirvana fan 👀
Since you asked me what my favorite song was, I wanna know what yours is :)
Hi :) I relistened to bleach recently so School and Negative creep have been on repeat for awhile, but I also Son Of A Gun is up there so. Ok I know it’s basic as shit but smells like teen spirit is still really good I promise I’ve only listened to it the most Bc I’m learning it on guitar
Also do u have a name/nickname u like to go by? <3
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zzariyo · a month ago
it definitely was absolutely my intention that EHC would be the end even if I accidentally am sprinkling crumbs in the last chapter so far insinuating there's more to come
but then i had to come up with something so fucking good that now it's mandatory that i push forward cuz oh my godjhfgfgfgjhgfhfggjjgf
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