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r4nd0manime8 · 18 hours ago
*phone rings*
Hmm? What’s that?- I should just stay in traditional art?
Right... Copy that...
Tumblr media
Inspiration from this vid:
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sofiaisqueen2004 · a day ago
“I’m gonna need the suit back”-P.P *TH*
*I wrote this three years ago so sorry if it’s cringey!
Summary-Peter does something reckless that costs him his job.
Warnings-Slight Violence
*Spider-Man/ Peter Parker's POV*
I can't believe I split the boat open in half....what the HELL was going through my head. How could I be stupid enough to split the whole freaking Ferry in half with about 100 people on it! I was just trying to be like Mr.Stark. And yet it got me fired, got my suit taken away, and I lost my girlfriend...
[Long Flashback] (My bad for it being so long)
"Who's that guy on the left." I asked my A.I. that was in my suit. I looked down to a group of 3 men.
"Matt Gargon. Extensive criminal record, including homicide. Would you like me to activate instant kill?" Karen responded.
"N-no! Stop it with the instant kill already!" I yelled. I listened in on what the group of men were saying.
"White pickup truck." A guy with a denim jacket said.
Another guy with tattoos all over his neck signaled to another guy to go into where all the cars were.
"Droney, scan the ship for a white pickup truck." I signaled my spider drone.
I saw what my drone saw and smiled, "This is too perfect! They got the weapons, the buyers, and the seller all in ONE place!"
Karen interrupted me, "Incoming call from Tony Stark"
I started to panic, "No, no, no, no! Don't answer!"
Mr.Starks face popped up on my screen in my suit, "Mr.Parker. Got a sec?"
"Uhh, no i-i'm actually at s-school!" I lied.
Karen said, "No you're not!"
"Nice work in D.C kid!" Mr.Stark said.
"O-ok!" I stuttered.
"My dad never really gave me much support, and i'm just trying to break the cycle."
I interrupted him, "I'm kind of in the middle of something..."
"Don't cut me off when i'm complimenting you! Anyway, great things are about to happen," He stopped talking abruptly because of the Ferry's honk... "What was that?"
I actually started having a panic attack, "Umm, i'm at band practice..." I'm such a terrible liar.
"That's odd, Happy told me you quit band two week ago?" He stated confused.
"I gotta go!" I yelled.
'Hey...." Then I hung up on him.
"I'll take those!" I shot my web at the man who was holding a pair of keys, and brought the keys back to me. I jumped off from where I was and landed onto the floor that they were standing on.
"Hey guys, you left at the wrong time! The ferry doesn't doc until 10:30! You guys are early!" I said and they came running towards me. I shot two guys away and punched another guy in the face. He fell all the way towards the end of the boat. He was dangling off the edge of the boat. Another guy came up behind me and tried to hit me with a blue glowing glove. I dodged it and shot my web at his arm and it was stuck to a metal pole.
Two other men tried to get up but I shot them and they went flying the other way with a motorcycle. "Woah, woah, woah, not so fast! Oh sorry! Are you guys ok? My bad that was a little hard. I gotta say," Shooting my empty web cartridge out then replacing it was a full one, "The other guy was way better with that glove thingy. I'm honestly, i-i'm shocked!"
The guy with the wings came out and smirked at me, I started running towards him but before I could get to him, the FBI showed up and yelled, "FBI! GET ON THE GROUND!" A bunch of men came towards me and I put my hands up in the air yelling, "Wait, wait, wait! What do you guys mean FBI??"
Karen started to speak, "The FBI is the Federal Bureau of-"
"NO! I understand what the FBI is! But what are they doing here?" Wings popped out of a white van cut the van in half. They were metal which means it's the same winged man that I fought before! He flew towards me with a purple lowing gun in his hands.
I moved everyone out of the way without getting hit. He flew up in the air and aimed his gun towards the guy who had the blue glowing gun and set him free. He yelled, "Get to the roof. We're leaving here!" I shot my web at the guy but missed. So then I shot it to the winged man's ankle. He shot his gun everywhere on the boat making holes.
I activated my taser web that was attached to the guys gun, and he let go of it. It landed in front of me but it exploded and shot everywhere. There was a huge crack in the middle of the ferry. The guy flew away from the scene and water started bursting through the crack. Both halves of the boat started falling apart.  The cars were going everywhere and were being pushed by the water.
"OH MY GOD!!! WHAT DO I DO!!" I screamed, "Karen, show me a x-ray of the boat! And point out all the strongest points." I saw all of the poles. I got an idea. I shot my webs at every single one of them then tied them together and pulled them as close as I could to myself. So that the boat wouldn't fall apart.
It stopped moving after 5 seconds. A man started clapping but then the boat immediately started falling apart again. Then after a few minutes, the boat started getting back together again. I looked over and saw Iron Man, pushing the boat back together, "Hi Spider-Man! Band practice was it?" He said sternly and sarcastically.
He flew to the bottom floor and I followed him. He somehow glued the boat back together, "Uhh Mr.Stark! Hey Mr.Stark!" I yelled climbing to the top of the boat, "Can I do anything!? Is there anything I can do!?"
He sighed, "I think you've done enough!" He flew off...
I sat at the top of a building with my legs dangling off the ledge. I hear two suits land near me, I assumed they were Tony Stark, and Y/n Stark...
*Y/N's POV*
I saw everything that happened. I felt bad for Peter because I know my dad won't let him hear the end of it. We flew towards him. I had my own iron man suit only it was fit for my body type.
"SO previously on Peter screws the pooch, I'd tell ya to stay away from this. You have a multimillionaire suit, not so you can just sneak off anywhere and do the one thing I told you NOT to do!" My dad yelled at him.
"Dad! Cut him some slack!" I yelled at him.
"NO Y/N! I will NOT! He disobeyed me! He deserved to be punished!!!" Dad yelled back.
"Is everyone ok?" I looked towards Peter.
"No thanks to you..." Dad said.
"Dad!" I yelled.
"Y/n! If you keep on defending him I will ground you!" I stayed silent.
Peter turned around with his mask off, "No thanks to me!? Those weapons were out there and I tried to tell you about it, but you didn't listen!" My dad flew down to Peter's level, while Peter started walking closer to dad, "NONE of this would've happened if you had just listened to me!!!!" I knew Peter was on the verge of bursting out into tears.
"If you even cared, you'd actually be here..." Peter continued speaking but then stopped. My dad's suit opened revealing himself. I did the same thing too. My dad walked right up to Peter while Peter backed away...
"I did listen Kid. Who do you think called the FBI huh?" He sighed walking closer to Peter, "Did you know I was the only one who believed in you while everybody else said I was crazy to recruit a 14 year old kid!" Dad stated.
"I'm 15-" Peter said quietly.
"No-THIS IS WHERE YOU ZIP IT ALRIGHT!!!!! AND LET THE ADULT TALK!" Dad screamed in front of Peter's face, "What if somebody died tonight? Hmm? Different story right? But this time it would be on you! But If you died, I think that's on me... I don't need that on my conscious."
"Y-yes sir. I know! I-i'm sorry" He stuttered. But my dad just shook his head, "Yeah, sorry doesn't cut it."
"I-I just wanted to be like you!" My dad shook his head again, "And I just wanted you to be better..."
"DAD!! Shut the hell up!!!!! Peter is my age! He didn't know what to do because you NEVER listened to him!" I took a deep breath while my Dad glared at me, "He's too young to make these life threatening decisions. I love him ok. We've been dating secretly for a few don't you dare go yelling at him and blaming him for something that could've easily been avoided if YOU HAD JUST LISTENED TO HIM FOR ONCE!!!!"
"Ok so, you're grounded for the rest of your life and you're done dating Peter," He said pointing at me, "And so this is not working out, i'm gonna need the suit back."
"WHAT!?" I screamed, "You can't do that to him!!!"
"ZIP IT Y/N!!" He screamed at me. I had tears clouding my eyes now.
"Wait, for how long?" Peter asked.
"Forever" Dad responded sternly.
"No, no, no! Please, please, please! You don't understand! This is all I have! I am NOTHING without this suit!" Peter whined.
"If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it! Ok? God I sound like my dad..." Dad said disappointedly.
"I don't have any clothes..."
"Ok we'll sort that out..."
[End of flashback]
*Peter's POV*
I walked into my apartment where my Aunt May and I live. I had my headphones in and went straight to my room...
I stopped abruptly at the door that leads to my room. I saw Y/n sitting on my bed with a bag in her hands.
"Y-y/n..." I whispered in shock. Her head shot up and instantly ran into me. She hugged me so tight I couldn't even breathe. But I hugged her back and I heard her start crying. I pulled back and wiped her tears away with the pad of my thumb.
"Hey don't cry! I'm right here..." I leaned into her and kissed her soft lips. She kissed back putting her hands on my neck. I pulled back and she smiled at me and I smiled back.
"I came here because I convinced my dad to give this back to you..." She handed me the bag. I opened it and found my Spider-Man suit in it.
"No... freaking...WAY!!! Oh my gosh Y/n thank you so much!!!" I yelled. She chuckled and pecked my lips, "And we can be back together now!" I grabbed her and spun her around in the air. She giggled and said, "Can't wait to be your girlfriend again!"
"I wouldn't have it any other way..." She smiles at me then I kiss her again.
Word Count: 1,887
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evgreenz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Requests?: Hi !, is it ok if I request a little Drabble for Tony stark? Maybe Tony’s working in his lab, and hasn’t come out for a while and reader tries to get him out to eat and what not but Tony snaps on her but then realizes his mistake ? Maybe a hurt comfort type Character: Tony Stark x fem reader Point of View: Readers WC: bro this took me so fucking long to figure out how to fucking write- like im struggling bro I got a bad fucking case of writers block- literally couldn’t figure out how the fuck I wanted to do this so I had to play violin build-up classical music to finally get it- I still hate it. Tips: wc - writers comments, y/n - your name, n/n - nickname. Cool? Pog.
“Tony?” I mumbled, waking up out of my sleep to see his side of our bed empty and cold. Did he even go to sleep last night? I turned over to the clock ‘4:44 am’ was shown in blinking red letters. Slowly I made my way out of bed, not bothering to put pants on as no one would dare be up this early besides maybe Steve. The floor was freezing, the floorboards creaking with every step and croaking louder when I hopped down the stairs to his lab. The lights were on, he was focused on something Jarvis was telling him- his hands made steady work of removing and adding shit into a holographic suit he would more than likely create later on in the day. Each of the hologram screens were filled with equations or words or pictures, files on top of files dropped carelessly around each table surface available, and he had three coffee stained mugs by the sink.
I opened the door slowly, walking in and immediately reading the screens. After I nearly died because my suit malfunctioned mid-battle and Peter was forced to help drag a twenty-inch pole out of my leg (thank god for super healing, eh?) Tony had been overworking himself, desperate to make sure it never happened again. “Baby you almost done?” he jumped slightly, turning around and facing me before nodding “almost I just need to rework these files again, figure out why your suit shut down” I shook my head and walked over to him- grabbing the pen that rested on his ear, and took the coffee mug from his hand “sleep now, c'mon” he ignored me, continuing to drag files into the screen and talk to the ai as though I wasn’t here “Tony” he looked over to me, rolling his eyes “Tony for fuck sake can you at least acknowledge my presence?” he glared daggers at me “get out” was all he said before turning back to his screen “no.”
I dropped into one of his seats, ignoring the current glare he was sending my way “I wasn’t asking” I continued to ignore him, using the computer in front of me- deciding to look like I was busy “y/n I don’t have time for you to act like a child. Fuck sake this is exactly what happened last time, you’re the reason I fucked up all those files. You’re the root of all of my goddamn problems” I turned to face him, his face seething with anger “I know good and goddamn well you’re not talking to me like that, you wanna act like a fucking ass- go on ahead. But don’t you dare blame me for this shit, I helped as much as I could bare.” I stood up and headed out the lab and straight back to our room- getting dressed for training.
{little time skip to the rings}
“L/n, you’re up,” Steve said, he threw me a reassuring smile- helping me up and into the ring “how’s your leg, doll?” I faced Bucky “meh, still hurts like a bitch” he laughed “I’ll go easy on you then” I stood straight, a smirk playing on my face “awe you going soft darling?” before he got the chance to reply I threw a kick directly into his chest- him inching back and catching my leg before it could hit that ground “I’m not going soft” I laughed, jumping off of my left foot and twisting around- send a kick into his face “seems like you’re going soft sergeant, not even a punch?” he went to hit me only for us to be interrupted by someone clearing their throat, “thought we talked about you provoking me?” I shrugged, smiling and turning behind me only for the smile to drop to a scowl “what do you want Stark” everyone immediately stopped whatever they were doing “yeah- no. Whatever happened here, I don’t wanna be around to witness it explode” Sam said, rushing out of the room. Everyone else following in his footsteps. Leaving just the two of us.
“I’m an asshole” I laughed and nodded, unwrapping my hands and sliding out of the ring “not a new trait” he stood in front of me, immediately helping me clean the blood from my knuckles after having punched a few brick bags to let out anger “you didn’t do anything. I just- I’m blaming myself and I don’t have no clue what happened or why it happened or how to fix it so I took it out on you” he held my hands gently in his own, eyes refusing to meet mine “I don’t wanna push you away like I did to Pepper, n/n. I can’t lose you too” I didn’t say anything, deciding to just hug him “I love you and I forgive you, but if you ever- Anthony Stark I mean ever say something to me like that again I’ll beat your ass” he laughed, tightening his hold on me “meet me in the lab” I mumbled out in a rush, grabbing my water bottle and running out the gym- prepared to shower and go straight to the lab.
Hours had passed, by now we had gone through nearly 3000 layers of coding to reprogram my suit. We had rebooted Jarvis, and still nothing. So we were taking apart the suit itself, him shoving food into my mouth from his plate “thirsty?” I nodded, opening my mouth for the straw- all while keeping focused on removing the metal plate from my chest piece “what the fuck?” he jumped up from his seat on the table, going across from me and looking into the suit “is-is that a fucking spider?” he stared at me- a dumbfounded look on his face “you’re telling me the reason my suit malfunctioned was because a spider decided to have kids and they’ve been destroying inside of it?” he stared at the suit, then to me, then back to the suit “I-I’m not… we’re- no.” That was all he managed out, taking out the spiders and whatever webbing was inside of it “I told you to let me make you a retractable suit, it would look thirty times cooler and you could literally wear like a bracelet that’ll activate and deactivate it” I shook my head, plopping down into the seat behind me “you’re a fucking genius with an iq of 270 and I have an iq of 187 yet a fucking spider outsmarted us” I sighed- our eyes locking before we both burst out into laughter.
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icecoldreactor · 2 days ago
Here’s a little TikTok from my Tony cosplay that perfectly shows Tony’s two moods 😂
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girlon-aplane · 2 days ago
Sam, gesturing to Bucky: This is a man who would wear sweatpants to his own wedding.
Bucky: I now pronounce me.. comfortable.
Sam, turning to Tony: you chose to date him.
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girlon-aplane · 2 days ago
Natasha: how’s that wine and coffee combo treating you?
Tony: my heart is beating really fast, but time is moving really slow.
Steve: ಠ_ಠ
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girlon-aplane · 2 days ago
Tony: You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol
Tony: and you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol.
Steve: Tony no..
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girlon-aplane · 2 days ago
Steve: We’re a family. Families talk about things.
Tony: No! Families ignore things until they go away!
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girlon-aplane · 2 days ago
Bucky: Tony loves me so much
Bucky: and to be honest, Steve, it scares me
Bucky: I mean, I don’t think I deserve all of Tony’s love.
Bucky: all I do is tease him.
Steve: ....
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