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#tony x stephen
Tony and Stephen wanna celebrate something so they decide to take Peter to a hotel for the night as a special treat! He would probably love getting to swim with Daddies in the pool and wow there’s such a big comfy bed too but as soon as it gets to be night time Petey figures out he really really doesn’t like being away from home and gets an upset tummy (AKA my exact prob) 🌙🌙
hiii sweets Im sorry for being late with this!!💗💗 i changed a few things but i hope you like it still!!🌸🌸
Daddies Stephen and Tony, +18 Little Peter, Littles are Known, hotels, anxiety, whump, comfort
Tumblr media
Stephen and Tony want to treat Peter to something fun, and driving a few hours to another city to a spa hotel is just what they need. They left in the early afternoon on Friday, and they had originally planned on going to the pool and spa the next day, but Peter couldn’t stop nagging about swimming.
So, after getting the boy a quick snack after arriving at the hotel and checking in, the Daddies caved in and brought Peter to the pool. Peter had so much fun there that he tuckered himself out completely, and at dinner in the restaurant at the hotel, Peter ate his burger and fries sleepily. Daddies thought he was adorable, although they had to wipe his mouth extra during that meal.
After dinner, Peter perked up a bit, and watched a bit of TV with his Daddies in the king sized bed. But, when it was time to get ready for bed, Peter became hesitant. The strangeness of the hotel room and the lack of his personal belongings is making Peter a bit uneasy. He whimpers for Tony while getting ready for bed, refusing to stay in the white bathroom all alone even for a second.
Somehow, Tony manages to get Peter into his pyjamas, but the boy will not let himself be tucked into his single bed next to the king sized bed that’s meant for Daddies. The boy has a serious case of ‘overtiredness’.
“No, no, no. Wanna stay with Dadas.” Peter says teary, slipping down from his bed and pads to Stephen on the big bed.
“Baby, you have to sleep in your bed. You do that at home just fine.” Stephen tries, but Peter only whimpers louder and climbs into Stephen’s lap.
“No, no. Dadas! No, no…” Peter whines, sniffling sadly.
The Daddies exchange a glance, and quickly agree to give in. While Tony goes to get ready for bed, Stephen remains with Peter.
“Okay, sweetheart. I guess this is all a bit new and strange for you. I think reading a bedtime story will help, yeah? Can you go find your Mr Cuddles?”
After getting a few good smooches on his cheeks, Peter finds enough courage to go grab Mr Cuddles from his bed. Then, he quickly climbs back into Stephen’s lap to hear the story of a princess riding on a polar bear.
Twenty minutes later, Tony emerges from the bathroom to find the rest of the hotel room in darkness. Stephen is half laid back on the bed with a snoozing Peter in his arms and lap. A pacifier bobs softly in the boy’s mouth, but his breathing is slow and deep.
“Is he finally all tuckered out?” Tony whispers, sitting on the opposite side of the bed.
“Yeah, he is. I think we have to get him out of the pool earlier tomorrow.” Stephen whispers, kissing Peter’s forehead.
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little!peter with eczema, which always gets worse in the winter- or peter having dry skin in general, and his daddies developing an important skincare routine for him. they wash their faces together every night and then daddies help peter apply his creams, lip balms, anything that makes his skin stop being so itchy! it becomes a bedtime routine, maybe, and as soon as the last cream is applied daddy is ready with a bottle and a bedtime story. maybe some days peter is /especially/ tired and falls asleep whilst the cream is being massaged into his skin because it just feels so nice.
Hiya, sweets!💗 Ahhhh I sort of saved this ask to write a prompt, but then I realised I have nothing to add cause you described it so perfectly already!!🥰🥰
But, I’m especially soft for Peter doing his night time routine while Daddies do theirs! Daddies will take turns helping Peter if he needs it, but the boy has pretty much mastered each step. He just needs some help remembering each step and do them in the right order. At first Peter would get the facial cleanser in his eyes, nose and mouth, but not anymore. Sometimes he still scoops up a little too much of his special facial cream.
And Daddies will always rub body lotion into Peter’s skin when he is in bed. That way he can crawl right under the duvet, so the lotion can absorb more effectively. So Peter is that pampered little baby who gets a bedtime story and a massage in bed every night🥰🥰💗💗
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Stephen: Are you alright? You didn’t sleep at all last night
Tony: I got a solid eight minutes
Tony: Not consecutively but still it’s fine. You’re not even that blurry
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celebrities-imagines · 2 days ago
Avengers Preferences - Endearing nicknames
Tony Stark:
Tumblr media
Hot Stuff & Baby
Tony is a big fan of nicknames. He has two different names for you, hot stuff and baby. If Tony wants to make you blush or tease you he'll call you hot stuff. It also slips out when he's jealous. When Tony's being sweet he'll call you baby. He normally calls you that in a whiny voice when he wants to cuddle.
Steve Rogers:
Tumblr media
Steve is such a gentleman. So, unlike Tony, he'd never give you a nickname he considers inappropriate or impolite. It took him a few months into the relationship before he started calling you Sweetheart; he was afraid of being disrespectful. But now it's all he calls you.
Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
You and Peter started as friends, so when you started dating nicknames were a little awkward. Eventually, though, Peter started you, Angel, after it slipped out one day. He claims you were an Angel sent to save him. It's cheesy but you know he means it.
Bucky Barnes:
Tumblr media
Bucky is very old fashioned. He started calling you Doll before you even started dating, mostly because he'd always had a crush on you and it was his way of flirting. It always worked on the girls in the past at least. When you started dating the name didn't change but the weight behind it did.
Pietro Maximoff:
Tumblr media
принцесса (Princess)
Pietro calls you princess for the simple fact that you are his princess. You deserve the best and he wants to remind you of that. So, he started calling you princess all the time so you wouldn't forget you deserve to be treated like royalty. Pietro says it in Sokovian because he knows how much you like his accent.
Tumblr media
My Queen
Loki calls you my Queen for a couple of reasons. The first is because he still feels he should be king, and every king needs a queen. However, the main reason is because he thinks you should be treated as nothing less than a queen. To him, you deserve the world.
Tumblr media
Lady (Y/n)
When you and Thor first met he called you Lady (Y/n). You explained to him that he could just call you (Y/n) but he never did. Once you started dating he knew he could just call you by your name, but he didn't. Thor liked the way you blushed when he called you Lady (Y/n). He also knew it made you feel special, so he didn't stop.
Stephen Strange:
Tumblr media
(Y/n) & Beautiful
Stephen's not big into nicknames so he often calls you by your name. Early into your relationship he only called you (Y/n), nothing else. However, when Stephen started falling, hard, beautiful started slipping from his lips from time to time.
Tumblr media
Although Vision has adjusted extremely well to human life he still hasn't completely gotten behind nicknames. The only nickname he's given you is darling. For Vision, that word just seemed to come naturally when talking to you. He can't explain it but he also likes the way you blush when he calls you it.
Wanda Maximoff:
Tumblr media
медовый (Honey)
Wanda claims she calls you Honey because you're so sweet. After Wanda became an Avenger and lost Pietro you noticed she talked less about her home, and began talking in Sokovian less. So, when Wanda started dating you she decided to call you Honey in her original language to show how much she loves you, she's willing to be vulnerable and open up for you.
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Stephen: We call that a traumatic moment!
Stephen, turning to Tony: Not a “funny story”
Stephen, turning to Peter: Or a “Major L”
Stephen, turning to Harley: Or a “Ooph lmao”
Peter: What about a yikes moment?
Stephen: *sighs*
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Tony: How do I make a date really romantic?
Rhodey: Try being mysterious
Tony: Got it
(Later, on a date with Stephen)
Stephen: So, where are we going?
Tony: None of your fucking business
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Stephen: I can’t believe you two got yourselves into a fight
Tony: And on the first day of school!
Peter: In my defense, I tried to stop Harley from punching that guy
Peter: Harley, stop punching him!
Peter: Kick him! That hurts more!
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mimisempai · 3 days ago
Other Pairing MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
IronStrange - Tony Stark / Stephen Strange
Before you, solitude was my name 8/8
Stony - Tony Stark / Steve Rogers
When i'm with you i feel safe from the things that hurt me inside
Cherik - Charles Xavier / Erik Lensherr
You walked into my life like you had always lived there
We have never been ordinary
Tumblr media
Tarlos - TK Strand / Carlos Reyes
I love you more than words can say
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caradoc-dearborn · 3 days ago
Hello there! You're just the one I was looking for. If you could, Could you write Tony stark, Doctor Strange And steve Rogers x shy male who's sick? Like feverish or something not serious. Thank you
You know it's hard to find some mxm writer, you must be a blessing
Avengers x shy, sick, male reader
Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, and Steve Rogers headcannons
Warnings: none
It can also be gender neutral reader! I didn’t really use pronouns for the reader at all.
Tony Stark:
Okay, since the reader is shy, I’m guessing he’s not gonna want to reveal that he’s sick
but Tony Stark is a genius. He’ll figure out something’s wrong (eventually)
You usually come down to his lab to hang out while he works on a few projects because he likes to chat and work at the same time 
Except today you didn’t visit him? 
Tony figured you were just busy or something, so he didn’t mind your absence 
But then the next day you also didn’t come down.
And Tony, despite his terrible time management skills, does notice when he goes more than 48 hours without seeing you. So, he heads upstairs to look for you.
He finds you in your room, laying on your bed and he pretty much immediately assumes that you just didn’t want to hang out with him (which does hurt his feelings but he’s Tony Stark, godammit, and he will not let himself show that he’s upset)
so he tries to laugh it off, “Oh, I guess my sparkling personality is too much for you handle, isn’t it?”
You quickly assure him that there was a reason you’d been avoiding him, “I’m staying in my room because I’m sick, Tony. I wouldn’t want you to catch a nasty cold, now would I?”
Well, now that he knows, Tony doesn’t hesitate to buy you antibiotics and anything else you’ll need
He offers to watch a movie marathon with you to distract you from your symptoms (and because the man deserves a break. he works hard)
He’d probably even let you pick the movies. Unless it’s “something tasteless, like Teen Beach Movie” (come on, you and I both know he would be a High School musical fan instead)
Once you’re well again, he’s happy to see that everything goes back to normal, because he missed chilling with you in his lab. 
Stephen Strange:
Alright, so. Stephen seems like he likes to be busy all the time, so I doubt he’d notice anything wrong right away
You get sick on Thursday, and he doesn’t see you until two days later, on Saturday, so when you two meet up, you’re already sneezing and coughing
“Do you have allergies?”
“…, I’m sick”
He seems like a pretty sanitary person, so if you aren’t already wearing a mask, he’d tell you to
“Oh, is that what the doctor recommends?” you ask him, grinning.
“I’m not that kind of doctor,” Stephen replies with an eye roll
Despite “not being that kind of doctor” he’s pretty eager to tell you what to do
He decides that he needs to stay with you to make sure you can take care of yourself
(which you’re already able to do on your own. and he knows this. let him have his excuse to hang out with you)
You end up washing your hands more in the next few hours than you ever have in your life.
Stephen would rather interact with you than watch movies or TV, so you two play 20 questions and chat for a few hours. 
He tells you various stories about people who he had to preform emergency procedures on, like the guy who accidentally shot a BB pellet into his ear
at the end of the night, he says goodbye and promises to return tomorrow
He does, and he continues to keep you company until you recover
Steve Rogers:
Since Steve used to get sick all the time before he got the serum, he’d recognize the signs pretty easily
He would just ask you if you were sick
Once you admit you have a cold, he makes you some soup. It's what his mom (and Bucky, once Steve's mom passed away) used to do when he got sick
Actually, let me revise my previous statement: Steve tries to make you soup. He is not successful
He burns the soup which he didn't even know was possible, what the fuck??
At least it makes you laugh, though.
you don't have to worry about getting him sick because the serum strengthened his immune system, so.. cuddles.
no but honestly, he's such a huge guy. I'd give anything to hug him
So you two just snuggle and you show him a few classic movies that he doesn’t know about
this means Steve Rogers, Captain America, the symbol of patriotism does have to watch a few hours of whatever show you’re obsessed with (consider: making him watch the Clone Wars. that shit’s GOLD.)
Anyway, you get to hang out with him until you’re better (and it’s so sweet and domestic that you almost want to stay sick just to spend time like this)
I hope this was okay! Sorry it took so long to write, BUT it’s nearly summer and I’ll have loads more free time then. 
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Tony: What’s this?
Stephen: Organic food
Tony: … what’s that mean?
Stephen: It’s better for you
Tony: … does it come in cupcake form?
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huxs-waifu · 4 days ago
10,000 Nights - Chapter 4 - Doctor Doctor.** smut **
Tumblr media
A03 link -
Playlist -
Part 3 - here
Chapter Summery
so here we are post-sex, we find out something else very interesting about our little friend and Doctor strange isn't too happy about it at first. maybe a little punishment will help?
heya everyone thanks you for the great responses, Please drop a comment on here or on Ao3 ! I love them more an anything!
This chapter includes some more smut - tight riding and a tiny bit of doctor/patient roleplay
"Dio, I found someone of interest."
"Oh, Hermes? Who pray tell is that?"
"Well you know you had a few demigods on earth at one point?"
"Yes, get to the point."
"Their blood still runs and you'll never guess who they've partnered with currently..."
The hazy light of the morning had rolled on into the room. Strange; I guessed was some form of asleep, his eyes closed and face blank, arm sticky with sweat laying over my naked stomach. Peeling it away carefully I knew I needed to find the toilet somewhere. I was sure the real Doctor in him would agree that post-coital aftercare was something that was needed. Especially after it turned into another two rounds. It seemed to have taken him into some sort of mad need to keep going. Drinking me in creating new energy each time.
Hobbling from the bed, sore from finding the dress the night before. The red from blood staining the piece still from the attack. Opting instead for what seemed to be a Strange’s undershirt. Hugging my skin, thinking for a moment what his arms would feel like wrapped around me again. There was one thing that I hadn't told him yet, it wasn't anything big and I was sure once he was awake I could explain. That's if this isn't just a one-time thing. Taking a deep breath of his smell on the shirt. I really hoped it wasn't a one-off, Stephen had been different, a connection that felt right for once.
Not only was I cursed with diabetes, but I was also a mutant. Nothing major I could just manipulate the age of liquid, Ok it varied. Sometimes food and plants worked too, if anything it was a small magic trick. Tony snapped me up for working for him once, I disclosed it on a C.V to a catering company. Having an interview with the man himself to show him how I could change the wine. Saving him a buck or two for him to have a wider selection of wine from now on at parties.
Closing the door as quietly as possible; I found myself in a dusty hallway. The dust floating through the air, being caught by the light of the morning petering through. The only sound I could hear was my pump clicking periodically, feeding more of the insulin into me, remembering I should really check my blood. Plus Becoming aware of just how hungry I was as well as sore. Pacing quietly down the all way, passing a sad-looking plant trying to make its way to the window light. Not thinking anything of I reach out touching it the water content renewing itself excitedly reawakening the plant to life ...
Stephen felt like he'd awakened from a dream. A good dream at that. Yet his body felt like it had gone ten rounds in a sauna. Peering around, his brain did fall on the empty side of the bed, thinking it all had really been a dream. The diabetic girl in the wet hoodie was truly a figment of his imagination that he'd created through loneliness.  Before he realised that the door was shutting very slowly. Looking around the floor of the room making out that there was still a stained sage green dress in a mess, His own bottoms in a crumpled heap. Letting out a sigh of relief. That it was real, reclining back letting his head relive the night before a few times over. Getting out of the bed himself to follow the runway, sliding on the bottoms and fumbling for the shirt, giving a light smile realising it had gone. Knowing that if she walked into Wong it may cause embarrassment all around for the three.
The feeling that I was being watched all of a sudden in the hallway made me turn. That's when Strange discovered it. The shocked and also slightly angry look on his face is what I turned to.
"Before you get all angsty it can’t be used on humans, otherwise don't you think I would have tried to fix my diabetes by now? it's more environment-based. Liquid, flora and food etc. It's what I was doing in the closet at the party, ageing the wine." Using my finger to point at him, Hastily
“You've had abilities this whole time? Is this why the cloak was drawing you to me!”
“Possibly but the cloak seems to genuinely like me, I'm hoping you do too.”
“You know how much this changes things.”
“Stephen it doesn't change anything, me having a tiny mutant ability makes no difference to what we've felt around each other.”  He walks closer down the hallway stopping in front of me. “Is a small magic trick apart from that I'm human as you.”
He won't look me in the eyes staring above my head at the plant, his brain searching through all the possibilities I was lying."I've never kissed another with abilities before."
"Neither have i" pitching at his chin to make him look down at me.
"Will just assume then that the portal thing around happens when our abilities meet." crossing his arms. Looking into me trying desperately to work me out.
“And clearly thats the worst of it, “ stroking my thumb across his clenched jawline trying to soothe his anger at the secret being revealed. "Sorry Sir, I was going to tell you this morning I swear."
Strange couldn't help it. He knew I was teasing with the “sir” address but it didn't help the pang he felt in his pants when I said it. He still had an ego under it all, I just figured out how to stroke it. "So you were hiding things from me?" He swallows unsure whether he was angry or getting turned on for a round four.
"I promise I wasn't, they just came out at a different time due to the attack. Luckily I had a Doctor save me "  Winking.
"Did Tony find you just for me? If this is some joke between the two of you I don't take kindly to it." snapping his jaw away from my hands.
"Uh no Tony hired me to reduce wine bills at his parties. You were just naturally drawn to me, must have been some of the mutant abilities or the charming smile I've got on me. Doctor"
He let out a groan but it was kinda feral again like the one from the night before.  The names were obviously pushing at his buttons, especially after hed let me call him Stephen. "Nothing else you're hiding? Honestly." Taking a step towards me trapping me to the window ledge. His tall toned form and quizzical blue eyes looked at me fully once more.
"Doctor, I promise.  Cross my heart and hop-" cut off by a kiss he portals us back into the bedroom. Letting go and pushing me slightly to get on the bed.
"Well if your going to address me like that. This Doctor thinks you still need some bed rest. I will have to analyse your behaviour more to make sure you're telling the truth."
"And what if I don't want to rest in bed Doctor?"
"You are going to be a wonderfully frustrating patient, you know that?"
"Oh so the names did get to you! I'm going to enjoy playing this little game again in the future, Stephen. "
"One night you've already pushed my buttons." Nuzzling into my neck, nibbling on the sensitive spot between the neck and shoulder. Making me let out a gurgled moan. Hearing mumbles something about "The doctor needs to make sure you behave, during your examination." making me feel the vibrations of his rumbling voice through his shirt. Nipples erect through him now pawing of the cotton, grazing them making them sensitive all over again. Portals appearing like the night before.
Gasping though the rough handling he was now moving my body with, licking or nibbling at each exposed piece of skin on my neck to retract a moan out of me. “Doctor, you truly are magical.”
"Speaking of magic." grabbing hold of my wrists pulling them behind. "Maybe the patient should have some help staying in bed." He glides me to Sit me up slightly. I don't feel anything but looking over my shoulder I can see golden binds tieing my wrists up.
“Now who's doing magic without telling the other person.”
“That is exactly why I have them on you, little one.” licking a stripe up the exposed skin of my neck. “You've given me enough surprises, I thought I'd surprise you.” he props me up so I'm on my knees, his hands glowing so i float sightly following him around the bed. Before he sits with his legs off the bed and lands me down on his tight, not touching me once in the whole movement. “Now spread those legs wider like one of my books. I want to read every expression.”
“What are you expecting me to do?” he jolts his knee up. My unclothed clit feels the sudden friction.
“I think you know what you need to do,” whispering in my ear, placing a more loving kiss on my temple. Taking it as my cue I start to roll my hips. My mound grinding down onto his leg, slick starting to form. A moan escapes as he starts to bounce his leg up into me. I go to loop my hands around his neck, but struggling to remember my hands are tethered behind. The struggling pushing my breasts out to push them into his bare chest, the fabric of his own shirt stopping the connection of his subtle skin. “Now, now little one no need to struggle.”
Looking at him directly in his eyes, smirk quirks delightedly. Looking at me as if he is willing to find out what he's doing. A spark goes off in my head; he wants me to explain everything so he can help. So I'm not struggling to conceal anything and he can be the one to untie - to rescue me. He didn't like not knowing all the facts, that's why he got mad, he wanted it all laid out for him, so he knew what he was dealing with.
The wetness seeping through his trousers was making the most delicious smell to him. Although he felt like he was going to be consumed by some madness of lust yet again. He was holding steadfast against it till I told him otherwise.
“Stephen.” That made him snap up at the sound of his real name, his big blue eyes seemed to Glaze over in a mist “I want to touch you.” Grinding my clit down as hard as possible. Rocking my hips on a slow lounging rhythm, letting out a small yelp at every friction on my button. “Please.”
“You want the Doctor to release you? And why is that” he toys with the golden rope.
“Please Doctor, I need my hands free so I can hold on to you. Indeed your help to cum.Please.”  
“If I untie you, you've got to promise me one thing. Stop being so mysterious, I want to know everything about you.”
“So you can make an informed decision on seeing me again.” Winching for the reply. Starting to worry maybe this was just one night of passion.
“So I can start falling in love with you more.” He whispers so quietly, almost soothingly, stroking my locks seeing the change of worry in my face. My own hands come around to cup the back of his head. Realising he released me. “Now take what you need from me little one”
His knee continues to bounce, sending the vibrating pulse through my hole. Tossing my head back hips working overtime to build up to a hot white heat rushing over my body. His arms wrapped around me. His face and beard pressed into the peeking cleavage of the oversized shirt. Riding out my high dangerously loud groans of pleasure escape my mouth. Along with a string of swear words from both of us. His own erection showing prominent next to the wet patch on his cotton trousers.
“Stephen, there's so much to say.”
“I know Chrissy, Doctor Strange sees everything. But Stephen wants to listen to everything about you.” Giving a heated kiss.
Part 5 coming soon. 
tag list @d0ct0rstrangewife
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Prince!Peter x Mafia!Tony - oneshot ll
Tumblr media
original moodboard & oneshot written by @snowstark
Prince Peter, Mafia boss Tony, forbidden relationships, mentioned gun violence, injury and recovery, whump, Stephen being the good doctor, Peter feeling lonely and misunderstood
Peter had screwed up perfectly. There is no way he could have screwed up more than he did. That is the thing with rock bottom. It can only go upwards from there.
When Peter closes his eyes, he can hear the frantic clicking of the paparazzi’s cameras. Their invasive assumptions and prying questions make his throat close up in panicked embarrassment.
It was not like that. It was not like that at all.
Peter had for a long time despised his royal title and the privileges and burdens it entailed. If you asked him, there were hardly any privileges at all. Only burdens and troubles. Due to his dislike of his role, he had used every opportunity he got to make as much trouble as possible. As a child, he would often sneak into the kitchens and dining rooms to switch the sugars with salt, and vice versa. For a while he also cut many of the strings holding back the heavy curtains in front of the grande windows in the palace. They would then randomly come undone, and one time the undone curtain even made a diplomat’s mother fall over while she was gazing out the window.
Those small catastrophes added up, and rumours started circulating of ghosts haunting the palace. But, most of the staff and the royal family members knew that there was a certain young prince at fault for the seemingly haunting incidents. Now that Peter is older, his tricks have become more psychological and manipulative in nature. Some would call him cunning, others plain stupid, because his tricks involved putting himself in real danger.
At the adventurous and rebellious age of 19, Peter went to a BDSM club for the first time. He had manipulated the new substituting bodyguards to take him there without telling his family. To Peter’s knowledge, no one besides those two guards know of the visit to the BDSM club. That first visit was life changing to Peter, and ever since that day, he hungered for more.
Peter’s full time bodyguards, Steve and Bucky, are not as easy to fool as the substitutes. So, instead of fooling them, Peter gives them full disclosure, letting them know just who he is going to see and where. Naturally, the two men were not pleased, so Peter brought the big guns.
He knew it was a nasty trick, but it was years ago that he decides to ditch playing nice. Just like the rest of his royal family, he is only looking out for himself and he is not afraid to harm others to advance his own interests. And going out to this club to meet a certain someone is his sacred priority now, and Peter went as far as openly threatening to reveal Steve and Bucky’s forbidden romantic relationship to protect his own blossoming relationship at the club.
Perhaps a certain someone’s bad habits and ways of acting is rubbing off on him, Peter thinks. This is quite the step up from sabotaging meals and curtains as a child. However, his threats had earned him a useful deal.
Steve and Bucky will take Peter to the BDSM clubs without saying a word to the other staff nor the family, nor will they speak to anyone who Peter is meeting at the club. To put it mildly, the royal family and the public would be quite horrified to learn that the prince is seeing the most famous mafia boss at a BDSM club.
And so they were. They were horrified to learn that, but Peter is choosing to focus on the comfort of the morphine in his veins rather than all the gossip going on outside the four walls of his room. Steve and Bucky are sometimes on watch duty outside his door, and Peter can practically feel their guilt radiate through the wall. His family have been to see him, of course, but only briefly. Peter pretends to be asleep whenever they come. He can only imagine what they are going to say to him. Or perhaps they will never speak to him. Perhaps that would not be so bad.
Being outside the palace gates is dangerous enough, but being in the same room as a mafia boss only increases that danger. And Peter had sat on Tony’s lap when a rival boss’ minions had shown up with violent intentions. The prince had been hurt in the crossfire, and the incident made it impossible to hide the fact that Peter was in a BDSM club with a mafia boss. Even if he wore a mask to hide his identity, it had to be ripped away when Peter’s life was at risk. Cat’s out of the bag, and there is no forcing it back in.
Peter must have lost consciousness at some point, because suddenly he woke up at the palace and was met with the slightly disappointed but relieved face of Stephen Strange. The surgeon is the chief physician at the palace, and Peter has always seen him as an ally in the prison he calls his palace home. The doctor says it like it is, and the prince wishes he had more people like that around him.
“You scared the shit out of all of us, Your Highness.” Strange had said. Peter quickly lost consciousness after that.
Strange told Peter he had been shot in the abdomen, but luckily the shooter had missed any vital organs and large blood vessels. It still hurt like hell, but that did not stop Peter from trying to get up.
“Your Highness, I really cannot believe you sometimes.”
Both the pain shooting up from his wound and the voice from the doorway make Peter stop in his tracks. He did not get far, just a bit higher up on his bed in fact, but Strange still looks displeased.
“Shud’- shut up.” Peter spits back, hissing in pain as he tries to sit up further.
“Come on, I’ll help you lay down again.”
“I don’t want to.”
“I’ll get you more morphine.”
A few minutes later Peter is a bit higher than he was before. A quiet gasp escapes Peter’s open lips, and for a few short seconds the few colours in the bland medical room blend together. The doctor hums approvingly and goes to dispose of the syringe he used to inject the pain medication into Peter’s IV. Then, he returns to his patient’s bedside, watching him carefully. The boy blinks multiple times, and then nods at the doctor that he is ready to lay back down and get comfortable.
“So, who is this guy you met at the BDSM club?”
Peter’s eyes go comically wide at the question. The intrusive question is sobering and Peter fixes his eyes on the doctor.
“You know? How do you know?” Peter asks dumbly.
“Everyone knows now, You Highness. Can you lift your head up a bit for me?”
Peter does as he is told, and thanks the doctor mentally for placing the pillow so perfectly under his head. The prince sinks a bit into the mattress. However, he cannot relax fully. He can feel Strange’s eyes on him, expecting an answer.
“Fuck. Fine, I met Tony.”
“And who’s Tony?”
“Doesn’t everyone know that as well?”
“Well, not what he is to you.”
“And that’s what you’re asking?”
“Yes, Your Highness.”
Peter’s gaze is still sceptical as he eyes the doctor. Strange has been at the palace even before Peter was born into the buzzing world and his cruel role. Luckily, Peter has not seen Strange frequently. Sometimes he would do Peter’s annual check up, sometimes another palace doctor would do it. On even rarer occasions, Strange or one of his employees would show up at Peter’s room, having heard rumours about the prince coughing or complaining about stomach pains. One time, Strange ordered Peter to stay home from a planned trip abroad due to a strep infection. He had been quite furious with the doctor for that, only to learn that he loved staying home while his family was away. The palace had never been so peaceful. It gave him another glimpse of what life could be like for him.
“... And you’ll just go running to tell everyone else then? Fill in the gaps for them? Hell no.” Peter snaps.
“I won’t tell. I’m just curious.”
“Why? This doesn’t have to do with your work. You just patch me up, is all.”
“No, I’d say it is part of my responsibility.”
“He might break your heart. And I don’t want that to happen to you, Your Highness.” Strange says, his voice gentle and caring. The genuineness in his tone catches Peter off guard and makes him realise just how hungry he is for that sort of interest. “So, what’s Tony to you?”
Peter’s eyes burn with tears at all the emotions that the question triggers in him.
“I-I think… I think I’d give up my title.” Peter says quietly. He has to swallow the lump in his throat before continuing. “For him. To be with him.”
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thefieryphoenix · 4 days ago
So I’m currently obsessed with yandere strange and tony lately so I was wondering if I could get a headcanon of them both and I also don’t know if you write for strange and if you don’t that’s fine)
No worries
Tumblr media
Pic from: Screen Geek
Get ready to be completely spoiled rotten and doted on 24/7/ 365 by these 2 since they will literally smother you with affection and love day in and day out
Very clever and crafty yanderes, quite a pair I tell you. And also literally impossible to escape from since they have science AND magic on their side. So, good luck escaping from them
Both of them don't have too much patience but I can see Tony being a tad bit more patient that Strange. No matter if you're a villain, Avenger, SHILED or HYDRA agent or even a civilian for that matter once you catch their attention you're dunzo
They'll take care of any pest in the way of you and them in less than 24 hours. These men here are not playing around when they tell you that crazy for you and they're madly in love with you
You won't be able to escape from them, ever since they've rigged the house with cameras in places you didn't even think or know that they could be there (No worries at least nothing's in the bathroom) and Strange's magic will prevent you from escaping. Now, if you act up with Tony, he'll just take your favorite stuff away and scold you like a disappointed dad. Now if Strange catches you acting up.... well, you'll be needing your running shoes and run as far as you can from him. That's all
Tony is kinda more lenient and laid back than Strange that's for sure. He'll let you get away with stuff and will lay it easy on you when you do some nutty stuff. Strange on the other hand takes discipline very seriously. As much as he loves, adores and cares for you he will NOT tolerate bad behavior from you at all. Even if his heart breaks and he feels like someone's stabbing him with a blade through his chest, he will make sure you behave like a good little girl/ boy for them
Tony can be a bit... over smothering at times which is why Stephen will drag him off of you anytime you want to be left alone or you need some space
Just play your cards right and assure them that you'll never leave them and you're good to go :)
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Stephen: Truth or dare
Tony: Dare
Stephen: I dare you to go to sleep
Tony: Actually, truth
Stephen: When was the last time you got actual sleep?
Tony: Three or four
Stephen: Three or four what?
Tony: Three or four
Stephen: Tony, honey, go to bed
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Peter: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight
Harley: Ah, but are you shuffling?
Peter: Everyday
Stephen: …
Tony: What language are you two speaking?
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Tony: Tall People: if we are walking together, please take into consideration my tiny legs. I can’t keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs. I don’t want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you Titans
Stephen: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang on to my sleeve, we don’t have all day
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natashastarkotp · 6 days ago
Stephen: Where are you going?
Tony: Home. I need to take my medication.
Stephen: What is it? Maybe we have it.
Tony: No you don’t. It’s a very delicate balance of cannabis, 12-year Scotch and Zoloft.
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Tony: I want a cheeseburger
Stephen: I want to cuddle with you
Tony: Who cares what you want to do
Tony: I want a cheeseburger
Stephen, sighing: *opens a portal to fast food restaurant*
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