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#tony stark headcanons
x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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rosieshipper · a day ago
Rose’s random headcanons
This is definitely a crack headcanon
When Rose was young, she definitely did the “Buff Baby dance” from adventure time when she was alone in the bathroom at one point. Tony may or may not have caught her doing it
Tags: @astralshipper @aricka-and-her-fictional-others @capitaine-amour @magicalbunbun @journalofdeath
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ackermanbitch · a day ago
i wanna write for marvel, like ong, send me marvel requests >:(
my only rule is no smut! im bad at writing it and i also mostly write for minor characters so like 😃obviously no smut
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crypticwanda · 2 days ago
Hi, I saw your requests were open! If you're comfortable with it, could you write how the avengers would react if the reader was going blind?
Apologies that these are short, I'm still getting used to writing headcanons!
The Avengers reacting to you going blind
summary: how the avengers would react to their s/o going blind
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | thor odinson x reader | bucky barnes x reader |
warnings: mention of blindness (?), fluff
Steve Rogers
such a sweet man omg
when he first finds out that you might be going blind, he's there from day one to support you
steve is always there whenever you need him, seriously ANYTHING you need and he will be there
always walks holding your arm, even if you said that you don't need it
always checks up on you to see if you need anything from him
he always holds your hand to reassure you that he's there
Tony Stark
like most things, tony was initially silent
he was calm on the outside but he was secretly worried
he would create some sort of tech that you could wear to keep you aware of your surroundings
I could also see him becoming slightly more possessive of you, not wanting you to get yourself hurt
he would 100% help you with styling your outfits if you needed help
he'd probably have fun doing it too
Thor Odinson
at first, he's a little confused
he doesn't understand how you could slowly lose your vision
once you explain it too him, he becomes much more understanding
lowkey I can see thor LOVING carrying you
I mean it's canon that this man is incredibly tall and over 600 pounds-
I can totally see him carrying you place to place whenever you want
Bucky Barnes
my favorite boy
when he first finds out you are losing your vision, he becomes very worried
even after hours of reassuring him that it's fine, he's still overly stressed about it
he would always keep his hand in yours
is always extra observant whenever he's out with you
if anyone even looks at you the wrong way, they are dead
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atlas-of-the-universe · 2 days ago
Vision’s Powers
Finally here we are guys! I really hope you enjoy.
Length: 3,512 words; ~12 minute reading time
Tumblr media
It had been a long and difficult day training with a few of your fellow colleagues at Stark tower. The tank top that you had on had a brim of sweat around the collar and fell loosely past your hips. Your shorts fell mid-thigh, clinging to your waist with a tight elastic stretch and, not unlike your shirt, fell quite loose. It was getting closer to nighttime, but you, Natasha, Steve, and Bucky decided to stay and chat in the training room.
Harsh rays of sunset fell into the room and blinded you slightly, so you faced away from the window, bouncing on the balls of your feet. Bucky and Steve were caught in some lengthy conversation and you were able to pick up words here and there but not enough to understand what they said. Maybe had Natasha not been nit-picking your attacks and defenses, you would have been more interested in what they had to say. The punching bag in front of you dangled on a bulky and squeaky chain, the repeated motion of the Stark logo swinging back and forth just egged you on.
Natasha put her hands on her hips, a stern expression playing at her face. “Feet more apart,” she scrutinized. You did as you were told and shifted your feet apart further. It made your calves burn but you held it together and looked up at her for confirmation. She nodded and watched your movements with a critical, yet compassionate eye. She and you had been training for most of the day but taking breaks in between when needed. She was a tough teacher; she and you both knew that. However, that did not make training any less enjoyable. There were certain moments where she would tease you on how your punches fell or you would make comments on how teachers are supposed to teach. Each one would break the “training-tension” and give you two a moment of peace before going right back to work. It was necessary.
“Let her relax Nat,” Bucky cawed from across the room. “Tony and Vision should be done soon.”
Tony and Vision had been working for the past few hours on demonstrating and taking note of each one of Vision’s aspects. Even with their (rather large) lab directly across the hall from the training room, neither of them stepped in to greet them in the day. The only one who saw them before disappearing into the lab was Natasha, who had let the guys and you know when you first walked into the training room. Natasha did not seem concerned, so it did not concern you.
Nat scoffed and picked up your water bottle, handing it to you with a smirk on her face. Facing you, she briefly made eye contact with you before rolling her eyes and calling over her shoulder “She’s the one who asked for this, Barnes.”
Bucky grimaced but chuckled. “Why on Earth would you do that to yourself, kid?”
You smiled, appreciating the empathy. “I needed to train. I felt out of practice,” you said, walking to go grab your bag from the benches on the left side of the room. The red walls were a contrast from the white boxing arena that Steve and Bucky sat against. You walked over to the arena and sat on the padded ground a few feet in front of the boys, Natasha coming to sit next to you. “Plus, she could have been a lot tougher,” you continued. “We’ve been going at a good pace, I think.”
“I guess I’ll just have to go harder on you next time,” Natasha responded with a smirk and playfully bumped into you.
Steve chuckled and gestured to the door with a nod, “Why don’t we all go get something to eat? I don’t think Vison and Tony will be done anytime soon.”
The group nodded around at each other and you placed your hand below you to push yourself up off the ground. Your arm was sore from the long day of work, so you were rather excited to get back to your room, take a shower, and finally decompress. With a ‘hup’, you pushed off and walked over to the benches to gather your things. However, before you were able to reach your hoodie, the door to the training room opened and you instinctually looked over. Vision’s face peaked into the room with a curious look, his eye searching around the room,  and finally locked on you. He made eye contact with you and quickly glanced away to face Natasha. Everyone stopped and watched Vision as he pushed open the door and walked inside.
“Hello everyone,” Vision greeted slightly quiet. “I was wondering if I could borrow Ms. (Y/L/N) for something.” Vision’s gaze shifted to you with a polite expression.
“Oh great, am I going to be a guinea pig?” You chuckled and threw your hoodie into your bag. To be fair, you weren’t nervous. Tony had done other experiments with you in the past and they all simply involved weapon production. You were typically his assistant when he would need someone else to try thing for Peter’s upgraded gear. You swung your bag over your shoulder and looked around the room. “I’ll catch you guys another time, thanks for the invite Steve.”
Steve smiled and nodded at you and Natasha told you to be up early tomorrow for more training. With a smile, Vision led you out of the room and into the hall. “So what exactly is it you guys are doing?” You asked.
“Energy influxes on human skin,” he said walking next to you.
You stopped dead in your tracks, your sneaker squeak echoing in the hall. A feeling of dread set in your stomach. “Vision, no, no, no, no, I don’t-”
Vision put his hand on the small of your back and your wrist as you babbled on, leading you down the hall. “Don’t worry, it’s painless,” He interrupted. “Unfortunately, we needed someone besides Tony.”
“How come?”
“Actually,” Vision said. “Now that you mention it, I’m not quite sure why. We were experimenting with my powers on his own skin to see if they created any sort of reaction. He initially pulled away but told me he didn’t feel anything.”
You scoffed, “That doesn’t really make me feel better.”
Vision smiled at you. “No, I can understand why. I don’t believe it to be painful.”
You nodded and grabbed the handle to the door of Tony’s lab. Tony’s lab was a bit of a mess, with paper scattered across a large glass desk with massive computers that looked too difficult to figure out how to use. In front of Tony’s desk, Tony sat on a high metal stool with a clipboard, and a pen between his lips. There were various machines around his office to, from what you assumed, assist Tony with various tasks that came with him.
Tony glanced up at you and smirked. “Ah!” He exclaimed. “(Y/N), so glad you could make it. Take a seat.” Tony hopped off the stool and motioned to it.
Vision wasn’t too far behind you. He looked at Tony with furrowed brows, but you ignored your gut and tossed your things on the ground, kicking it away from the stool so no one would trip over it. You hopped onto it, despite your muscles aching. Once you had yourself comfortably seated on the chair, Tony sprung up.
“So, the point of this experiment is to see if Vision’s energy produced from his power has any effect on human skin,” Tony said quickly. “Before you ask, no it’s not cancerous. No, it’s not painful. I didn’t have any rashes, itching, or allergic reactions, so if I was fine, you should be fine.”
Vision spoke, “Mr. Stark, I don’t believe that’s how allergic reactions work-”
“Sure it is,” Tony interrupted. “Alright, Robocop, hop to it.”
With a sigh, Vision took your hand in his palm gently and turned the top of your hand towards the ceiling. You watched his delicate movements, him occasionally stealing glances at your face. “Please,” he said. “Let me know if anything hurts.” He put his other hand over the top of yours, slightly hovering above it. The underside of his hand emitted a small, purplish glow as the energy touched your skin. It felt warm, like there was static floating across your hand. To be honest, you kind of expected more but knew that Vision was being gentle on purpose. He had powers capable of things you hadn’t ever seen, and you didn’t want to find out. You smiled at the feeling of his power traveling across the top of your hand. If anything, it kind of tickled. You smiled.
“You seem to be rather enjoying this,” Vision said as he looked up from your hand.
You chuckled. “It just feels weird.”
“Weird?” Tony asked, strolling over to the other side of his desk. He flipped his pen in between his finger. It was faint, but you could tell that there was a small smile playing at his lips. It made you curious, but you decided not to ask.
“Yeah,” you responded. “I don’t know. It feels sort of itchy? Not like…a bad itchy, though.”
Vision, after giving you a glance up from focusing on his powers, and then returned his gaze to his and your hands. “Shall I continue, Mr. Stark?” Vision asked without ever looking up. Tony didn’t need to answer Vision for Vision to already have the answer.
He began slowly inching his hands up the outside of your arm. However, the further he went up, the more intense the feeling became. Occasionally, you would twitch or jerk your head away slightly from the feeling. It was definitely becoming more of a solid tickle now instead of the itchy sort of tickle that it was before. It wasn’t terribly unpleasant, but it did sort of surprise you. The more you attempted to hold back the giggles that began broiling in your chest, the more difficult it became. You thought from the outside, you seemed to be holding yourself together; Vision’s eyes slowly followed his hands up and down your arm, the purple hue tingling across your skin. It had gotten bad enough to the point where you needed to close your eyes and take deep breaths. You felt Vision halt, the tickly feeling lingering on the top of your forearm.
“Ms. (Y/N), are you alright?”
You sighed and smiled at Vision. “Yeah, I’m good.”
Vision had a concerned look on his face. Perhaps he was worried about your reaction, or maybe something else. His brow was furrowed and his eyes bounced between you and Tony. “Mr. Stark,” He said and stood up from his hunched over position. “Perhaps it would be best if we continued tomorrow. Or even found another subject. This seems to be causing discomfort.”
A feeling of guilt set in your stomach. You reached out to Vision and grabbed his arm. You didn’t want to be the person who interrupted an important project. God knowing Tony, he was probably working on something terribly important. “Wait,” you said. “I’m completely fine to continue.”
Vision turned back around to face you. He let out a large sigh and wiped his hands with relatively small  cream-colored towel. Perhaps this was more of a difficult task for Vision than you had previously assumed. “Are you sure you’re alright? You seemed to be uncomfortable.” Vision said.
You nodded and felt your face heat up. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to admit to your colleagues that you were ticklish. How embarrassing! Someone as strong as yourself, being amongst literal Gods, a couple of super soldiers and a bunch of other extremely talented and smart individuals? You felt like it made you look weak. Thinking about it further, if you found out the same fact about one of the other Avengers, you wouldn’t view them as weak, so why blame yourself? Additionally, if you didn’t tell them, you knew that Vision wouldn’t have the moral capacity to let himself continue. If this was an important enough project, it would need to get done regardless of something as childish as you being ticklish. Ultimately, there would be no point in keeping it a secret.
“It just…” you began, trailing off. Your eyes bounced back and forth between Tony and Vision. Tony had a small smirk still on his lips but he kept gesturing for you to continue. “It just kind of tickles.”
Vision tilted his head and immediately smiled. You prayed that your face didn’t look as red as it felt. Vision chuckled and placed his towel down on a rollable science table. “Oh dear, I thought perhaps I was hurting you,” Vision said, obviously relieved.
You immediately raised your hands in defense. “No, no, not at all!” You spoke. “I just didn’t want to say anything. Whatever you’re doing looks important, so I thought it was best to let you focus.”
Vision smiled and looked over his shoulder to Tony. “Mr. Stark,” he said. “I think we’re good to continue, if (Y/N)’s still well enough.”
You nodded and gave Vision your arm once again. However, just before Vision’s fingers touched your arm again, Tony called out and started you both.
“Vis,” said Tony. He spun his pointer finger in a circle. “Pepper and I were supposed to have dinner tonight. Get a move on.”
Vision smirked a bit. You watched him as he walked over to the opposite side of the stool. Your instinct was to turn around to face him but he quickly placed a hand on your shoulder and let you know to stay where you were. It was a bit uncomfortable, looking forward while Vision fumbled with a box of gloves behind your back. You could hear everything but, fighting your instincts, you continued to look forward.
“I’m going to begin again,” Vision said. “…and it anything hurts-”
“Let you know,” You interrupted with a smile on your face. Vision was close enough to your that you could hear the power in his hands light up again. Normally, you would have been uncomfortable, but you trusted Vision. He hadn’t given you any reason to distrust him and Tony’s work. “Of course.”
Vision began hovering his hands over your shoulders, the feeling immediately sparking to life with barely a warning. It made you shift, but you kept your lips pursed tightly together. The feeling on your shoulders wasn’t terrible, but it was quickly becoming more intense than you’d like to admit. Vision began moving once again. The itchy tingly feeling creeped its way towards your neck and finally, you shrugged your shoulders up and let out a stream of giggles. Vision, to your dismay, kept his hands at your neck, following your movements as you leaned forward to try to avoid the feeling.
“Vision! Plehehease I need a sehehecohond!” You giggled out, your hands reaching up to grab his wrists. He didn’t stop.
“I’m quite sorry, Ms. (Y/N), but we are on a schedule.” Vision said, playfulness gracing his voice. “Surely you can handle a bit of tickling, can’t you?”
Before you had time to protest, Visions hands leapt down from your neck and gripped your sides. You let out a startled yelp and immediately burst into a new set of high pitched laughter. You could feel that Visions hands weren’t even moving but feeling his hands on your sides was enough to make you lose your composure.
In a completely involuntary reaction, you leaned backwards into his touch and felt your back collide with his chest. However, only your brain could process that moment which might have been uncomfortable, if your body wasn’t too busy reacting to Visions hands now skittering around your sides. He still held you close to him, and pinched the area directly under your ribs. Your elbows flew back and attempted to guard your sides but Vision simply kept his hands there. You were too weak against him, especially considering that most of your strength was being consumed by your uncontrollable laughing, but your arms did little to nothing against his tickling. Instead, you bucked your hips and managed to get yourself off of the chair. Your giggles didn’t seem to want to stop at this point, so with a smile and a defensive hand in front of you, you turned around to face your attacker.
Vision’s eyes were wide and his brows were high, but he had a rather large smile. He let out a laugh and crossed his arms. “I suppose that answers that question, Mr. Stark.”
Tony let out a nasally, almost teasing laugh and walked over to you. You straightened your back as Tony patted your shoulder. “Sure does,” He said to Vision. Tony turned to you. “Thank you for being a wonderful test subject today, (Y/N). We got some great info.”
“Wait, how did you guys get good info?” You asked. “Vision used his fingers for the last bit of it! That’s not fair!” You smiled but gesturing to Visions hands, you noticed that Vision had a confused, but amused expression.
“I suppose it would make sense for the victim to feel phantom fingers,” said Vision, flexing his fist.
“Alright, great, mark that down as one of the symptoms. We’ll call it phantom fingers. Good name.” Tony said, quickly walking away from you and heading to his desk. With a pen in his mouth, he rapidly typed something into the computer.
You were more than confused to say the least. When Vision was tickling you, he was tickling you. You could physically feel his fingers on your body. “Wait, what do you mean? You were touching me! Like, not with your powers, with your fingers!”
Vision chuckled. “I assure you, we never strayed from the rules of the experiment.” Vision winked, which just confused you more.
You crossed your arms and looked at Tony, whose smile had returned to his lips once again. “What exactly are we doing here?”
Tony tilted his head and took the pen from his mouth. Without looking at you, he pointed the pen in your directly and gave a knowing smirk. “An experiment.”
You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, I kind of got that but what kind of experiment?”
At this point, Vision uncrossed his arms and took a step around the table to gather some papers from the side of Tony’s desk. He had a little smile on his face as well. He looked to Tony, but Tony was too absorbed in whatever he was doing on his computer. “If I may,” Vision spoke. “The original intent of the experiment was to see if my powers reacted in any way with human skin. Originally.”
“Originally,” You repeated.
Vision nodded and chuckled. “From there, we discovered that if I put a certain amount of effort into my powers, they begin to cause pain. Enough of it could possibly injure someone and do permanent damage.”
You shook your head. “So, you experimented on me? Knowing that it could hurt me?”
“No,” Vision said matter-of-factly, “Actually, we discovered that the lighter I go, the more it actually begins to tickle the skin.”
“Okay,” You said. You could feel your face heating up. “Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?”
“Rules of science,” Tony chimed in. “In all well-conducted experiments, you never let your subject know what the test is. We needed to see if it applied to everyone, and I thought you were the most well-apt guinea pig.”
“That’s terrifying, Tony,” you said.
Tony smirked and nodded. Vision walked over to where you stood and handed you a bottle of water. You appreciated the gesture but waved it off and picked up your metal water bottle that you had in your bag. Taking a swig of it, you chuckled and shook your head, thinking about the ridiculousness of it all. As long as it was just Tony and Vision who knew about this little “weakness” of yours, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Right…? Well, maybe not. A feeling of dread set place in your stomach.
“You…aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?” You asked, side-eyeing Tony.
Vision hummed and smiled. “No, (Y/N). Why would we tell?”
“Speak for yourself, cyborg,” Tony interrupted. “This is useful information.”
“Tony…” you threatened.
“(Y/N)…” he teased.
“I’m serious.”
“You’re no fun,” Tony said, deadpan. “I can’t make any promises.”
You sighed and picked up your bag. The last thing you needed was the Avengers teasing you over something like this. However, with a (relatively fake) air of confidence, you said your goodbyes and left the lab and stepped out into the hall. Your water bottle seemed to be the only comfort to you right now. Before you could reach the door of the gym, Natasha stepped out and gave you a wide smile.
“Sounded like you guys were having a ball in there,” She said. “Heard you laughing pretty loudly.”
“Ha…it’s nothing,” You responded and shrugged.
Like you said, the last thing you needed.
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serial-killr · 2 days ago
send requests
fandoms/ppl i write for
•harry potter (the fandom)
•sherlock (the fandom) bbc
• doctor who (fandom)
marvel (mcu fandom)
the mcu cast
henry cavill
killian from once upon a time
divergent series
saiki k
hans gruber (die hard)
i watch loads of shows/movies and i may not have remembered them all so request stuff that may not be on this list and i’ll see what i can do 😎
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crypticwanda · 3 days ago
Could you possibly do something where Steve, Tony, Bucky and Nat find out the reader has bulimia or anorexia or maybe even possibly they find out they self harm?
Also if you don’t want to write all those characters could you just do Bucky or Tony?
Hello! Just a forewarning, I haven't written much about this topic so I'm sorry if it's not that well done! Also, since there are multiple characters this will be in headcannon format :) Also I'm very sorry these are so short!
MCU characters reacting to you having anorexia
summary: how certain mcu characters would react to their s/o having anorexia
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | bucky barnes x reader | natasha romanoff x reader |
warnings: anorexia, angst
Steve Rogers
at first, he's in shock
he starts to notice how you've constantly lost your appetite or how most clothes are too big on you
he is the most comforting man on the planet
wants to help you get better very much, but doesn't push you over your limits
he's extremely caring on your journey through this
Tony Stark
when you first tell him about it, he's in disbelief
he's silent for a moment, pondering if you were being serious or not
once he realizes you are serious, sadness appears on his face
he's always there for you whenever you need him and he's willing to get you any sort of therapy you might need
he's not well with talking about this serious situation, but he shows he cares through his actions
Bucky Barnes
this man is so sweet oh my god
when he first finds out, his initial reaction is pure sadness
he wouldn't say much at first, instead he would pull you into a soft hug as he held you close
he'd always be there for you whenever you need him
much like steve, he wants to help you through this journey but he won't push you over your limits or make you uncomfortable
Natasha Romanoff
nat's face is stone cold when you tell her at first
instead of asking questions, she reassures you the first chance she gets
she's surprisingly very understanding
whenever you have a hard time eating or doubt yourself, she's always there to kiss your head and tell you that it's okay
she would KILL anyone who looked at you wrong or said anything about your body
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multixfandomwriter · 3 days ago
Can I request a nsfw headcanon for top tony x bottom male reader who’s smaller than tony and very submissive please
Ofc if youre comfortable with the topic💜
tony stark x male!reader
tag list | marvel master list | hc master list
warnings smut 18+ , dom!tony / sub!reader , daddy kink
smut under the cut
ok so
tony would be such a soft dom to a male reader
tony would never go hard and rough
he would call tony “daddy” all the time
tony would always let the reader cum a few times before tony would
most times they have sex , tony wouldn’t care as much for himself getting release than his boyfriend
tony would know when the he was feeling subby and needed release when he would lay on top of tony and put his head in the crook of his neck
“what’s wrong, baby boy?”
he would mumble into tony’s neck
“please. i need release, daddy”
tony would then carry him to their room and slip of his clothes and start kissing him
tony would start with the lips then move to his pecs (?) then down his tummy
he would give his boyfriend at least 2 hand jobs before doing anything else
the aftercare is immaculate
once both parties were satisfied , tony would carefully clean up his boyfriend
tony could tell when he was in subspace because he wouldn’t want tony to leave and would make grabby hands
tony would run a bath and get in behind his baby and whisper sweet nothings to him
when they would get out of the bath , tony would give him a sweatshirt and would have sweater paws
they would both get under the covers and tony would wrap his arms around his boyfriend and pull him close
his boyfriend would fall asleep fast and then tony would
but they never went to sleep before both would say
“i love you”
i hope this is what you were wanting !!
tag list
@1234-angelika @cutiebandlover202 @sw33tgirl
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xironmaiden · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay. Okay. So, I had this in my head and I had to get it out. So, Leia Stark is five years old when she gets snapped in the Spring of 2018 with everyone else in the Blip. Of course, Ana is devastated, especially because I headcanon her having been on Sakaar for two years with Banner/Hulk. 
Morgan Stark is born in 2019 and while Ana loves her little half-sister, it’s a little rough for her because she misses her daughter so much. Still, she becomes the best older sister she can possibly be for her little baby sister. 
When everyone is brought back, Leia Stark is still five years old, making her only one year older than her Aunt Morgan. I imagine being that close in age allows the girls to bond pretty well. I imagine Leia is always showing off her powers (which could possibly get annoying, but could also be cool). I also imagine Leia being super protective of Morgan (who she just calls Morgan because it’s weird calling someone younger than you “Aunt” and no one enforced it or anything. I do imagine her doing it sometimes just to be funny tho). Anyone fucks with Morgan, and Leia is right there, full force, channeling her inner Loki. I just imagine them being so close and it being cute and Ana is so happy and she loves them both and wishes that Tony had the chance to see it ;^; 
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thefieryphoenix · 4 days ago
Howdy! May I have an avenger matchup please? I am a 5'4 ace/heteromantic gemini girl ambivert.Dark brown hair(peuple tips)/eyes(glasses) a little chubby/muscled and pale skin+permanent smirk or b*itch face.Sassy sarcastic a little naive,calculative,protective,creative,expressive,,tsundere,manipulative,a devil's advocate,prideful,charismatic,smartass,bookworm,daydreamer,a little insensitive/blunt because I'm more on the logical side so I don't really understand or recognize emotions,vengeful,mischievous,a huge tease,open minded,very curious,gets annoyed easily,impatient so kind of a bad temper,observant but not romantically,sadistic to a point but I stop myself if it's a friend.Indifferent to most things,open minded,morally...unique,I hate injustice and fight for my beliefs,trust and family issues so I never talk about my problems.Rebellious,sneaky, but I'm a chaotic good and I love cats/laughter/pranks/dark humour/ a true crime enthusiast and I love science especially concerning space, chemistry, robotic and psychology. With my friends I am either laughing, goofing around or annoyed. Those who don't talk to me see me as a nerd aggressive smart and blunt person (maybe even prideful) and strangers as a polite sweetheart. I have some bad habits like biting my nails/lips bcs I am always nervous, disorganized room/sleep and eating schedule plus I am lazy. I don't understand a lot of references because I'm either too lazy to watch or I don't care/predictable. My style varies a lot (always comfy) but I never wear dresses heels/makeup. Thank you!
Howdy :) And dang... You sound EXACTLY like me lol. I have a feeling you’d be a perfect match for one of my fave characters in the MCU Tony Stark aka. Iron Man :)
Tumblr media
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He’d first meet you at a Christmas party and when he tried flirting with you, you down right rejected him. He was confused and you left him scratching his head. He was kinda pissed but at the same time impressed you were immune to his advances but he likes a little chase and since you were playing hard to get, he’d pursue you till you  return his love and he’ll make sure of that 
You’re kinda naive and oblivious to the fact that Tony Stark THE Tony Stark had taken an interest in you. He didn’t know you were innocent, he thought you were just teasing him and playing hard to get. After he spent some time with you, he understood how innocent you were and he had a LONG mission cut out ahead of him 
He may or may not have sent JARVIS or Veronica occasionally at times to spy on you or as he prefers to call it ‘Make sure you’re safe’. The world is a dangerous place now. Sometimes he’ll even hack into your personal media to know if you’re doing all right. Someone was flirting with you on Instagram and let’s just say that person doesn’t exist anymore
As a yandere, he is extremely possessive, obsessive and can be manipulative at times but in his eyes it for the best reasons
Tony LOVES to spoil you with gifts and he’s pretty confused when you don’t wearing the dresses and makeup he got just for you. Then when he realized that you’re more into science and books and stuff, he was by now convinced that the 2 of you were DESTINED to be soulmates or something lol
He loves your snarky fiery personality and your sassy comebacks too. He often finds it really humorous and amusing when you answer back at him with a sassy comeback. He’ll be using things that you like and give them to you to make you fall in love with him more easily. When it comes to kidnapping you, he won’t exactly do that since well... He is Tony Stark after all. He’d just convince you to move in with him and pretty soon, you’d be cut off from the outside world if he isn’t convinced that you love him back. He’ll keep you in the Stark towers till you fall in love with him
He can be pretty gentle, sweet and caring at times too. He’ll never raise his voice at you and he practically DROWNS in his respect women juice. He’ll give you privacy when you need it but he loves cuddling with you too, He’ll deal with rivals in such a way that their lives would be messed up for good. He’ll either have them arrested for something they didn’t do or kill them or blacklist them from every job and yeah... stuff like that. It’s best if you don’t fight him. Just give into him and things will be fine :)
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First of all, congrats on 1.2k followers!! And, from those prompts, can I get something with "watching the other wake up" with Tony Stark? Thank you!!
Caught you
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you for requesting anon! ❤️
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: 18+ fluffiest!
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Tony Stark had a habit of slipping out of bed way before you woke up and that wasn’t a secret.
You understood to some extent, but you’d had enough one day. It wasn’t exactly pleasant waking up every morning all alone while your live-in boyfriend sipped on his third or perhaps fourth cup of coffee in that sacred lab working on things meant to either save the world or destroy it.
A plan was hatched to catch him before he awakened and began his day.
You woke up thanks to the alarm you set on your watch, just in time before it could disturb the silence.
Tony had never looked so peaceful and at ease as you turned to face him. Features relaxed, no worries of the universe troubling the frown lines on his forehead, no sassy quips and comebacks coming out of that smart mouth.
He looked so serene, beautiful.
That lasted only a couple of minutes, to feast your eyes upon the sight before those brown doe eyes stared back at you, a smile making it’s way on that handsome face.
“Hi creep.”, “Hey insomniac.” “I mean I know I look good, but watching me sleep? Really?” “Am I not allowed to?”, “You are. Well now that the three of us are awake..” “Three?” Of course.
Sometimes you’d join him in the lab because you couldn’t fall back asleep, not without his arms around you anyway.
The technical jargon he mumbled under his breath, sometimes to FRIDAY and the cool air conditioning of the lab often lulled you back to sleep in no time.
There was a couch in the corner and a soft blanket kept especially for you which would find it’s way over your body after your eyes would eventually close listening to Tony.
“Now I get to watch you sleep honey.” “And you thought I was the creep!”
Tumblr media
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Going to Disney World with the Avengers Gang™
A multi-part, headcanon series including: (The Whole Gang) Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Thor Odinson, Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
Planning The Trip
Checking In (Where They Would Stay)
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Downtown Disney
Hotel Hopping
Disney Bounding / Dressing Up
Pool Days
Water Parks
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dizzydancingdreamer · 5 days ago
Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™ | Planning The Trip
Part One of my "Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™" headcanon series
Includes: (The Whole Gang) Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Thor Odinson, Loki Laufeyson
Word Count: 3.9k
Relationships: The Avengers x F!Reader, Ambiguous; just how we like it ;)
Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™ Master List
Tumblr media
→The whole idea starts when the team is lounging at the compound doing regular™ team things
→A.K.A Wanda, y/n, Pietro, and Vision are in a pile on one of the couches cuddling, Clint and Nat are across the room playing pool, Bucky is making ramen in the kitchen, Steve is trying to convince Bucky to add an egg or something for more protein, Bruce and Stephen are talking neuroscience and bickering over techniques of spinal fluid something, Thor and Loki are fighting over the remote before Loki finally rolls his eyes and picks up the book y/n had left on the coffee table, Sam is asleep on the floor, and Tony is just tired
→In the madness though he picks up on the conversation happening between the four people on the couch
→“You’ve never been to Disney World?”
→Three rounds of “no” “nope” “I’ve only had a body for a year, y/n. When would I have gone to Disney World?”
→”Okay, yeah, good point, Vis. But y’all would love it. I haven’t been since high school but I want to go again so bad. We need a vacation.”
→Tony doesn’t even stick around to hear the rest, he’s already walking away while speaking to FRIDAY, telling her start pulling up the Disney site and analyzing it, disappearing to his lab and using all of his monitors to compare the resorts and try to decide where to stay that everyone would like (and where they would all fit because there’s too many of them)
→It doesn’t take him long to realize they’re going to need large accommodations
→Bruce is the first to notice that he’s gone, sneaking into the lab and scaring the hell out of Tony
→“Whatcha’ doing?”
→“Ah shit-- Bruce! How are you so quiet?”
→And then he points to the seven open listings on the monitors and explains that the team needs a break and that he heard y/n talking about Disney World and that he wants to surprise the team-- Bruce agrees immediately (the man is always in need of relaxation)-- and that’s how the team’s geek squad ends up playing Disney Dad #1 and Disney Dad #2 and planning the most extravagant vacation in less than three hours
→They have it down to a science after the first twenty minutes-- dividing what needs to be done and tackling it individually while bouncing ideas off one another
→“Do you think they want to eat at Beauty and The Beast Castle or Ariel’s Grotto the second night?” “I’m not sure-- book them both.” “Tony we can’t--” “FRIDAY, book them both.” “You got it Mr. Stark.”
→There’s a lot of Bruce wondering if what they’re booking is too expensive and even more of Tony reminding him that he’s a literal billionaire and that he could buy the Disney company if he wanted to-- that still doesn’t stop Bruce from suggesting more frugal methods from time to time-- it only makes Tony want to spend even more money because you need to lighten up, Banner
→The next person who realizes Tony and Bruce are gone is-- surprisingly-- Sam
→Honestly it’s only because he has to pass Tony’s lab on the way back from his room and he sticks his head in to tell them that “Romanoff and Barton ordered pizza if y’all want any… holy crap is that Disney World? Are we going to Dis--”
→Tony literally grabs him by the collar and tells him to hush it, birdman before pulling him into the room and explaining his plans for the second time-- “Yes, we are going to Disney World and I want it to be a surprise.”
→Sam just nods, his eyes on the screen and his brows beginning to push down and-- “Okay but why are you booking dinner at Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue on the same day that you have fast passes for World of Color at Epcot?”
→And Tony and Bruce blink and are just like “What?”
→And Sam is already at the computer, fingers stuttering over the weird ass hoverscreens while pulling up the page which shows that the World of Color has a whole ass dining experience-- Tony and Bruce have no clue that was even a thing-- and suddenly Sam is the one telling them what to plan because, as it turns out, this man loves Disney World and has been upwards of thirteen times and knows it inside and out
→Thank gods for Sam because these two Disney Dads™ were really shooting blindly into the abyss of trip planning without ever having gone to Disney World-- he has to shift around fast passes, dining reservations, water park tickets, and even the family portrait session that Tony demanded Bruce add
→He shows them all the things they don’t even think to plan-- firework shows, dessert parties, literally all of Downtown Disney-- Tony wants to be mad but he’s too busy picking his jaw up off the floor when Sam manages to book them for an After Dark Party in Magic Kingdom
→Bruce gets so excited when Sam tells him that’s a thing that he almost gives the plan away when Natasha comes rushing to see what all the noise is (it’s Banner jumping up and down like a toddler) -- he has to rush to the doorway, make up a lie about him dropping a piece of equipment, and then walk her back to the common area and play a round of pool with her to keep her questions at bay
→It’s all fine because Sam puts the final touches on the plan and has Tony give the order for FRIDAY to book it all and then it’s ready to tell the team
→They sneak back into the common area, it’s nine pm and everyone just looks so worn out
→Stephen is literally half way to snoring, legs curled under him on the love seat, doing that thing people do when they’re falling asleep and their head slumps and then they spring back awake, repeating the process an embarrassing amount of times but nobody’s even paying attention
→Steve and Bucky are talking quietly in the corners about whether or not they should just go to sleep because it’s Thursday and there’s really no point in staying up any longer
→Clint and Thor are sharing a bag of popcorn and half watching John Wick while discussing the inaccuracies of the movie-- “If he had a bow none of this would have happened.” “Or a hammer.” “Yeah, that too.”
→Yeah, they’re exhausted, and it makes the Disney Dads™ and Sam that much more excited to share the news
→Sam’s twiddling his hands behind his back and sharing smiles with Banner who’s trying to keep his excitement at bay and Tony is rolling his eyes but smiling too and for a moment nobody notices their cheshire grins and nervous foot tapping until finally y/n lifts her head from Pietro’s chest-- who complains at the action and lifts his head too-- and lazily asks
→“Tones, what on earth are you smiling about?”
→And the man opens his mouth but before he can even get the words out Bruce and Sam are already jumping up and down again and screaming “We’re going to Disney World!”
→And the room goes dead silent for three beats-- one, two, three-- and it feels like a million seconds and Tony’s face is dropping slowly and he’s ready to be like sike and then she jumps up, literally stepping on Pietro’s stomach, hurtling the back of the couch like a damn track star and rushing the man at full force, flinging herself at him and jumping into his arms and there are tears streaming down her face and she’s screaming
→“Tony you didn’t! Oh my gods you didn’t! You’re lying oh my god no! Are you serious?”
→And he’s nodding but he still can’t get a word in edgewise because she’s still rambling-- “You heard me oh my gods! You heard me and you did it! Tony that’s insane and reckless and oh my god I love you! Are we actually going? This isn’t a trick? Please don’t let this be a trick!”
→And he just laughs and spins her around and tells her that no, this isn’t a trick I’m not the mischief god here and Loki rolls his eyes but he’s also kind of excited despite the frown on his face
→They’re all excited
→Pietro and Wanda and screaming with Sam, slapping each other and just full on freaking out like children, incoherent and happy and raring to just go already
→In turn this wakes Stephen up who hears the madness and jumps up, on edge and ready to literally fight before he realizes what’s going on and calmly sits back down, nodding his head but not speaking because if this literal grown man opens his mouth he knows he’s going to freak out too because holy shit Disney World-- even sorcerers like Disney!
→Steve and Bucky are kind of confused-- they just barely remember Snow White when it came out but Disney World? They made a-- what is it? A theme park? Regardless they’re excited, ready to break the old men lull they’ve fallen into-- Bucky hears y/n ask if Tony booked water park tickets and gets super excited
→Vision is also confused but he sees everyone getting turnt over Disney World and decides that he is also excited-- Wanda momentarily stops being hyped up to ask him if he’s waterproof in which he goes into explicit detail about how yes, he is and he’ll show her if she’d like and she has to slap her hands over his mouth and tell him to hush
→Thor and Clint also turn into children but they’re the run around the room yelling types as opposed to the stand in a circle and scream types-- the gang is apparently just like fifteen children who barely manage to get things done apparently because they’re all hyped as fuck
→Clint sprints over to Nat whose hands are already up, ready to fight the man off because she knows what’s coming, but he’s too fast and too happy and uses all his assassin training to dodge her kick, grabbing her around the waist and spinning her around until she’s giggling and slapping his back
→“Natty we’re going to fucking Disney World!”
→“I know you lug, I heard Stark too. Let me down!”
→He doesn’t-- he just shakes her harder, cheering with the rest of them
→Thor slumps down next to his brother, nudging his shoulder-- “Migardians are strange”-- and Loki nods but pulls out his phone and starts looking up what’s actually at Disney World and-- “Look, brother, our home… wait is that us?”-- and the brothers get sucked into a rabbit hole of the Norwegian pavilion and whatever the hell the Frozen ride is and why their pictures are there
→It takes thirty minutes for everyone to calm down enough for them to actually have a conversation about what on earth Tony and Bruce and Sam did-- it takes another ten minutes after that for Stephen to finally break through the chatter to ask the most important question-- “Guys, seriously. You can ask about the plans after. The main question here is when are we going.”
→And Tony glances at Bruce and shrugs and is like “Tomorrow.”
→And they all erupt again-- y/n and Wanda because they have to pack and Stephen because normal people don’t just up and go on Vacation, you’re supposed to make time and Clint and Pietro because holy shit we’re going to Disney tomorrow!-- but Tony just brushes the worry off and reminds them-- again-- that they’re superheroes and that he’s a billionaire and that they can go on vacation whenever they damn want
→Cue fifteen more minutes of freaking out and y/n tackling Tony and then tackling Bruce and then, finally, tackling Sam who scoops her up and all but tosses her in the air before thanking her profusely for putting the idea in Tony’s brain
→They spend the next few minutes fangirling together-- Sam raves about all the food he’s going to eat-- Mickey bars, corn dogs, pretzels, those huge turkey legs-- and y/n talks about how she wants to get all the autographs she can-- especially Goofy and Pluto-- and then Sam mentions the After Dark Party and, like Bruce, she freaks out
→Finally Wanda has to split them up, grabbing y/n with one hand and hauling her over to the other redhead who’s still being held hostage by the resident archer and grabbing Nat with the other-- when Clint protests she curls her fingers, warning him with a pinch of red magic, and he holds his hands up, backing away slowly but telling Nat she’d better come see him before they leave
→On the way out Steve asks where they’re going and Wanda almost threatens him too until Nat tells him they’re going to pack for tomorrow-- he then turns to Bucky and reiterates the idea to a less than enthusiastic super soldier who tries to argue that I can pack in the morning but Steve just isn’t having it-- it takes five minutes but finally Buck agrees (but only after Steve says Bucky can just throw his stuff in his bag)
→The girls spend the rest of the night giggling and packing, holding up dresses and putting them down, shoving things in each other's bags and dancing to a playlist of oldies from Wanda’s phone-- Nat is the most boring packer but after some threats to get resident archer involved she gets her act together
→Pietro comes in when he’s done and Wanda scoffs at what he has packed but he only shrugs, slumping on y/n’s bed and giving her grabby hands until she rejoins him
→“But Pietro what if I forget something?”
→“You worry too much-- can’t Stange make portals?” He has a point
→What they all pack:
→Tony: Suits and graphic t-shirts. He’s either rolling up to Disney World in a Metallica t-shirt or a full three piece suit there’s no inbetween. He’s really not concerned about packing-- he can just buy whatever he needs there. After a text from y/n though he throws in a few pairs of shorts that he didn't even know he owned and his M.I.T. hoodie. He tops it off with a few gadgets he thinks he might need-- FRIDAY’s chip and some nanotech-- and he’s good to go. Billionaires don’t need to pack.
→Steve: Clothes and toiletries. Boring, basic, forgets swim trunks until he sees Bucky put his swim trunks and nothing else into Steve’s bag. That’s how he remembers most things actually; by looking at what Bucky doesn’t put into the bag. Along the way he suggests what the super soldier might want to pack while adding a few extra of his own just in case. After thinking about it for a few minutes he adds two books-- one for each of them. He also adds some tools-- a screwdriver and some pliers-- in case Bucky’s arm starts acting up. He’s sure Stark will have something but in case he doesn't, those will hold it over.
→Bucky: Swim trunks. And, when Steve begs, he grumbles and adds a few button downs and henleys. He also sneaks in a few knives, burying them in the henleys. He watches Steve pack for him though and leaves it at that-- what’s the point of packing when the super soldier can just do it for him? He’s not stupid-- he’s tired and Steve is fussy. He’ll have what he needs and if he doesn’t then he’ll just make y/n go swimming with him. Then he won’t need anything. Easy peasy.
→Nat: She’s the most level headed packer of the bunch, spare maybe Bruce and Sam. She Packs what she’ll need-- not too much and not too little. If anything she packs too many of Clint’s hoodies (three). Part of that, though, is her knowing that he’s probably going to forget one. She packs her normal toiletries, making sure to add an extra stick of deodorant and a bottle of Wanda’s red nail polish because-- despite the fact that she spends an hour watching Wanda pack her entire room-- she just knows that the woman forgot a bottle of that stuff and that she’ll be upset if her nails look chipped in the pictures. Wanda and y/n make her pack a bikini despite the fact that she has two scars from Bucky still and they threaten to get Clint involved if she tries to refuse-- “I suggest you put that little black number in that bag right now unless you want some aggressive compliments, you hear me woman?” She didn’t have to be told twice.
→Clint: Not as much as he should. Never as much as he should. He packs boxers, a pair of swim trunks, a few regular shirts and shorts (not enough), a couple nice shirts and a pair of jeans, and his toiletries. He’s gone longer with less but-- like-- he doesn’t have to this time? Nat walks into his room as he finishes packing and takes one look at his bag before marching to his closet and adding a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a jacket, a pair of sweatpants, and socks because who the hell doesn’t pack socks when they’re going to be walking around for days, how the hell are you an accomplished assassin Clint?
→Wanda: She literally packs as much as she can-- think the essentials times three and then some, like five different dresses, two leather jackets (even though y/n reminds her that Orlando is hot), her laptop and her ipad, two pairs of headphones. She has a notebook, a sketch book, and a regular book. Six bikinis and a one-piece. Three hats, four pairs of sunglasses, enough panties to last a month, let alone a week. She packs heels, boots, sneakers, flats, and sandals. Two purses and a backpack. Wanda Maximoff is the epitome of team mom-- anything Nat and y/n forget she’ll have it. She also packs a few things that she thinks Pietro will forget-- a few nice outfits for nights out and his main toiletries. Oh-- and sunscreen! Lots and lots of sunscreen!
→Pietro: Well, let's just say that it’s a good thing Wanda thinks to pack some things for Pietro because this man barely remembers his toothbrush let alone his phone charger. He gets the basics-- the bare necessities-- like three t-shirts, a pair of shorts, some (?) boxers, and like seven pairs of shoes because with how fast this man is he’s going to need them badly. He does, however, remember to pack his bathing suit and that’s more than a few people on the team can remember. Poor baby just wants to get there already-- he can just buy whatever he forgets.
→Vision: A very strange assortment of items. He doesn’t need clothes-- he can make whatever he would like appear on his body-- but he does want to feel included so Wanda gives him one of her backpacks and he puts like kind of random items into it. He sees a phone cord and shoves it in and like a hairbrush-- all items someone will need eventually but not him (later will find out that it’s the cord to Sam’s Iphone and will hand it over and have the audacity to say you’re welcome Samuel after doing it).
→Sam: He packs at least four ball caps. Nothing besides that really matters; he just knows how fucked you are if you don’t bring a hat and he’s bringing enough for the people who forget. As much as Bucky gets on his nerves he also packs him one. Besides that he packs normally-- t-shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, boxers-- all regular amounts. He freaks out a little when he can’t find his phone charger but he’ll just buy one when he gets there. He also brings a Polaroid camera and a shit ton of film-- some of his team members have never been and he will be documenting it all.
→Bruce: He’s the most boring packer and that isn’t a bad thing-- it’s the reason he has so many doctorates-- because he’s smart and level headed. He packs the clothes he needs with one extra of everything. He packs his toiletries. He doesn’t pack his whole room and he doesn’t pack nothing at all. He’s perfectly in the middle-- a Disney Dad™! He does, however, forget his swim trunks-- oops.
→Stephen: One backpack with a t-shirt, sweatpants, and swim trunks. That’s it. Why would he pack anything else? The man can open a portal whenever he needs! He’s always one step away from his bedroom! Stephen simply flicks his wrists and can change and rejoin the group in less time than it takes the rest of them to pull shit from their bags and wait for the washroom to free up. It’s actually a genius play.
→Loki: Despite being the most outwardly unenthusiastic he packs almost the exact same way that Wanda does. He’s a nervous packer. His brother laughs but, like, he has a point. Safe is better than sorry. It’s comical that he packs like five sweaters though considering that he can snap his fingers and make the sweater appear. All his clothes are either green or black. He packs at least one all black suit. Thor has to force him to add a red Hawaiian shirt and he scoffs at it and shoves it to the bottom. Definitely packs three pairs of swim trunks because he doesn’t like putting them one while they’re still wet. He doesn’t even know if he’s going to go swimming but he’s still doing it anyway. He also packs the scrunchie y/n gave him to keep his hair out of the way and when Thor tries to say shit about it he pulls a dagger from thin air and just chucks it. After dodging it Thor asks why don’t you just make your clothes appear the same way?
→Thor: Enough but, like, definitely not enough. The normal things but like less. He figures he’s going to be spending most of his time in his bathing suit anyway. Loki tries to remind him that he can’t go shirtless in the parks (he looked it up already) but he doesn't listen. It really is a good thing his brother can make things appear from thin air. He’s the type of guy to be content in a pair of flip flops and an open button down. He does, however, bring one of those dad-esque fanny packs and somehow he makes it look hot.
→Y/n: Literally packs the same as Wanda, if just a tad less. So many clothes that it’s insane. She, however, has the added bonus of her old Mickey ears-- a pink sequined pair that are a little worse from wear but still pretty. She packs a bucket hat to pin collectable pins to. She makes sure to leave extra room in her suitcase for souvenirs. She’s had her eye on the luxury bath salts from the Grand Floridian ever since the Disney Instagram posted them a few months ago and now that she’s going she won’t be leaving without them. She also packs the strapless dress she’s been meaning to wear for months now-- she doesn’t know who’s going to be there to admire it but she’s sure there’s at least one person who will. Besides, Nat’s been telling her to wear it for ages.
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sorrythatwasmean · 6 days ago
Peter Parker calling Tony "Dad"? No, no.
Who raised Peter?And what would be far more heartbreaking?
"Thanks, Unc--Mr. Stark."
Peter Parker was raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben. The MCU never took that away. It merely gave him yet another person to admire and have as an example.
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welldonekhushi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
This is written for the special "Superhero Day"! I know I might be late but timezones suck oof :')
Anyways, enjoy this imagine! Even if it's just a stupid random idea but I did it anyways lmao—
Summary: Tony saves you during the Chitauri invasion.
Timeline: The Avengers (2012)
Warnings: Superhero stuff? But something cute is coming up when you go further ;)
It was the battle of New York. Strange creatures from space were attacking the entire city, maybe further with the world, and destroying every property and life of people. You were one of them, trying to survive from those evil space monsters, as you called, but in real they were the Chitauri. Running along with the messy crowd, who's were not sure where to go and hide from the massacre, because of being trapped in a huge building on the top floor, where danger is imminent. To escape, a lot of choices were not possible of the face, courtesy to the alien attack.
Your breath hitching and adrenaline secreting, panic filled your wake. It felt like it was over for you, but looking at many other people trapped with you around was what made you feel a bit encouraged, hoping that they can think of something quick soon.
The attacks increased, soon and each after every building was being destroyed by them, meeting screams and shrieks by their side. You didn't cry or shout because everything was just like a horror movie to you with bad things happening.
But, the moment everyone's expectations increased when the mighty Avengers, arrived at the scene. You suddenly smiled when you saw Iron Man and Thor, flying towards the almost damaged building you all were in, smashing through the glass, and everyone cheered that they were finally safe and sound. You too sighed in relaxation and relief, smiling.
Just then, Iron Man started speaking through his suit.
— Alright, hiding time's over. Time for the pickup. Thor, you help the others, I'll for the rest.
Thor grabbed some of the people in his arms and then using his hammer to safely move down the ground, whereas for the Iron Man? It was different.
— Okay, everyone else will hold onto me tight, or else one of us is gonna have a bad landing.
Everyone nodded in agreement, holding onto him but for you it was kind of.. weird.
Since there was no space for you to handle him, he quickly thought of a plan to set you along.
The building started crippling from it's surface, threatening to fall. After that, he turned to you.
— I want you to sit on my lap and hold my chest.
You gasped, what did he just say?
It let out a blush from your side, but you had to be very quick since everyone too were to be rescued. He forwarded his thigh in front of you, as you gently sit and then hold onto his chest. He started his repulsors and then flew off from the now destroyed building. Flying everyone to safety, he gently landed over the road, letting the people go and run somewhere safe. You were still held onto his chest, with your eyes clenched.
— Dear, you're safe now.
Gasping, and opening your eyes. You see around yourself, no longer in the building and were held onto the billionaire genius, for no reason. Quickly holding off, you blushed and tried to forget what happened.
— S-sorry, I was just too afraid.
— No problem, when I'm with you, why do you even need to be?
Turning back at the genius, your blush increased more. Tony did notice that, making him slightly chuckle.
— Anyways, I gotta go. The city is in trouble. Oh! I think you forgot this.
Tony handed your wallet, shocking you to the core.
— It was in the building. You would have lost it.
— O-oh, thanks..
You take your wallet away, waving him goodbye.
— Stay away from everything you see, and don't trip like the last time.
— Of course!
Iron Man left after dropping you, flying across the sky. You sighed in relief and thankful that the billionaire genius had saved the day once more. Looking if you didn't lose anything in your wallet, your attention went towards a card. You take it out to see it was written, it has his number with a note — "Call me once this bullshit's over. Love ya~"
You squealed and covered your mouth in surprise. Really? He gave you his number? The Iron Man itself?
— Damn it Stark, who knew you could be such a surprise?
Smiling heartily, you couldn't stop your happiness at all. This could have been the best day ever.
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syiano · 7 days ago
Okay so, I've been struggling today but I still had some motivation to write. I've been doing a little better with eating since I normally don't eat much, which is kind of hard but I'm making progress. :)
Being Tony's Boyfriend and Having Light Powers Headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💲Tony calls you a walking light bulb.
💲Well, that's your main nickname. He has ALOT for you. Disco ball, flashlight, his ray of sunshine...
💲Okay, that last one wasn't so bad.
💲You can take energy and make it your own, which is why Tony doesn't let you touch his suits because he knows you can drain the energy out of them and turn it into light.
💲You absorb energy and power from the sun, which makes you an incredible asset to the team, especially during missions. As long as you have the sun, you can literally fight for (endless) hours.
💲But you're not weak when the sun isn't out, though. Your energy or powers are just limited, but not to a point where you're just completely vulnerable.
💲You like to make little sparkles with your fingers and make mini fireworks. (Light making fire and all)
💲Luckily, none of the Avengers are bold enough to try and make you angry. But if anyone does, uh...they'll most likely have a bright flash in their eyes and go blind.
💲Or the lights in the room will go so bright that they will explode.
💲You sometimes make your shared room look like a disco room to dance and listen to music.
💲When Tony would keep making jokes about your powers, you would purposely make the lighting on his phone screen or computer WAY too bright when he comes back.
💲You literally shine when you're exicted or filled with joy.
  "Whoa! Turn the brightness down, Y/N!
  "Shut it and let me be happy, Tony." You said.
💲You sometimes accidentally wake up Tony up in the middle of the night and he sees you literally glowing from being so comfortable and happy, and he makes a snarky comment everytime it happens.
  "Hey, can someone turn the light off?"
   "Heh, heh... sorry."
    "Do you have an off switch?
    "Tony, don't start it."
    "Don't start what? You? You're already on."
💲You make a good light in the dark when the lights go out, though.
   "Shit, the power went out." Tony said. Then, he clapped his hands. "Why didn't you turn the light on, Y/N?"
  You cringed. "I'm not a lamp, Tony..."
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marvelsbanner · 7 days ago
Sorry for the interruption
Prompt: fluffy Tony Stark where reader is talking passionately about something important to her (maybe a favorite book, or a book that she’s writing, etc.) and Tony just can’t stop staring at how beautiful she is and they just like blurt out “I love you” in the middle of her talking
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader, Tony Stark x bookworm!reader
Wordcount: ~750 super short but sweet <3
A/N: This has been sitting in my inbox for so long I'm so sorry, I hope this is okay! All mistakes are my own, lips/reblogs/feedback much appreciated. I don't own marvel sadly. 
Tumblr media
“No seriously Tony, I really think you’d like this one!” Your boyfriend rolled his eyes at you while pulling you down to sit on his lap, head resting against his neck. 
“Sweetheart that’s what you said about the last one, and the last one, and the last one, and the one before that- and what did I think of all those?” He let his eyes shut and head lull back as he let out a fake snore and you playfully hit him across the chest.
“You’re an ass, you know that? Remind me why I’m with you again?” your words seemed harsh but it was all play, a large smile upon your face as you looked at the man in front of you. 
“Hmm, well let's see- maybe because I’m a genius, playboy, millionaire, philanthropist? And a handsome one, at that” he waggled his eyebrows at you and you playfully hit him again, going to move off of his lap before he wrapped his arms around you to hold you in place. 
“Okay I’m listening, I am- really sweetheart. Tell me about this new book” You narrowed your eyes at him before giving him a small smile and peck on the lips before you dove into a detailed summary of the new book you were reading. 
You were a huge bookworm, and when Tony Stark had told you that he didn’t like to read you had just about made it your life’s mission to find a book the man would fall in love with. Much to your dismay, that had yet to happen. 
“Okay, I really think this could be the one. It’s got action and adventure and just the teensiest bit of romance- oh don’t roll your eyes at me, it's nothing too cheesy. It’s set in this post-apocalyptic dystopian world and what’s left of the government has become corrupt and it’s constantly trying to steal resources from the citizens and- are you even listening to me?” 
His big brown eyes looked hazy, and he had the smallest smile on his face- an unreadable look glossing over his expression before he shook his head and urged you to continue. “Yeah no, definitely. You know, that beautiful face of yours can be really distracting. Dystopian world.. citizens are corrupt or something, I dig it. Continue”
You rolled your eyes and frowned at your boyfriend but continued nonetheless. “Well if you were paying attention I said that the government was corrupt, the citizens are just doing whatever they can do to survive. I think it's a really good metaphor for how capitalism makes the standard of living impossibly high for certain areas which leads to an increased crime rate- oh! And at the center of it all is this character who lost his parents at a very young age, he’s been through a lot so he puts on a sarcastic and hard-headed demeanor to push people away and it honestly kind of reminded me of you and-“
“I love you”
You stopped your rambling, looking at the man before you that had that same dopey smile creeping up his face as he slightly shook his head at you in disbelief and admiration, almost like he couldn't believe you were real.
Your breath caught in your throat, your own lips quirking into a smile as you realize the weight of what he had just said.
“I- I love you too Tony. But wha-“ he cut you off again with a quick but searing kiss. “It sounds perfect, this might just be the one, really. You know me so well..” He said as he moved you off of him, getting up and giving you another quick kiss on the forehead.
“Tony I can’t tell if you’re being serious or just saying that to get me off your case about those books,” you say with a chuckle.
“You know, I would answer that but- oh would you look at the time, I’m running late for a very important meeting,” he said, moving to slip out of the room. 
“Tony it's Saturday” you scolded as you laugh at his ridiculousness. 
“Business never sleeps, babe. Leave the book on my nightstand, I'm sure I’ll love it, I love you” he says with a wink, leaving the room with dramatic flair as always. 
You sink back into the couch, laughing with a small smile on your face at the whirlwind of a human that was Tony Stark. The whirlwind of a human that- after swearing he would never commit to someone decided that you were the exception.
Maybe it was okay that he didn’t love books like you did; because he loved you.
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darwin-tries-to-write · 7 days ago
Tony is annoyingly good at wii bowling to the point of its all he wants to play. Not because it’s fun but because he enjoys beating the absolute shit out of the other Avengers.
Tony: “Oh would you look at that. Another strike. Must be on a lucky streak tonight.”
Peter, crying: “Please just let me go home I don’t wanna do this anymore.”
Steve, ten seconds away from throwing Tony out the window: “Go home kid. You’re gonna like it here even less in about eight and a half seconds...”
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mostly-marvel-musings · 8 days ago
OMG CONGRATS!!! How about pet names with Tony Stark, maybe headcanons? Idk... Thanks anyway and congrats again!
What’s in a name?
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you sweet nonnie for requesting! ❤️
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Warnings: language, fluff.
Requests & Challenges
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We all know Tony LOVES calling people by anything but their actual name.
Rock of Ages, Point Break, Triple Imposter, Legolas, Big Green, Capsicle. All names reluctantly accepted by the team, with eye-rolls and groans every time he would call them that.
He didn’t spare you either. A newbie addition to the team, a SHIELD agent before and most recently Tony Stark’s main squeeze.
Before, he often referred to you as Miss Meanie given how you’d put him in his place on multiple occasions & never took anything he said seriously. It transitioned to ‘gorgeous’ in a couple of months.
There were moments initially when you’d ask him not to, but Tony wouldn’t be Tony if he would’ve actually listened.
You didn’t back out either. He was met with your ‘metal man’ ‘Richie Rich’ or Nat’s ‘shell head’.
An accidental ‘honey’ that slipped out during a team meeting let the rest of the team know that you were more than just a team member.
Does this mean you spent hours in bed, zeroing in on a perfect one for you? Yep. There was a lot of rejecting some initial sugar lips, honeybun and sweet peas of course.
His nicknames reserved for you in the bedroom were something you didn’t mind at all.
Baby girl, sweetheart, princess were all you responded to when he’d make you forget your actual name.
“Tell me what you want baby girl.” “Princess, you look so gorgeous when you cum.”
Yeah, you definitely didn’t mind being all those things for your genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
Tumblr media
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