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#tommy x reader
aries-writes-shit · 8 hours ago
Heads up(Sbi x reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing:SBI X Reader
Synopsis:Your brothers find out about your alliance with dream + some flashback to the readers first bit alone
A/N: part 1 part 2
“if i wanted to make amends i would have come to you, you are not my family and you lost that tie with me when i left”
the freedom you felt was short lived, for you now have a war to fight, and a war you want to win.
"You know how to fight right (N/N)" George asked, handing you you armor for he first standoff. "Course i do Georgie, I've been alone for seven whole years, I'm nineteen now". You had begun putting your chest-plate on, the final piece, before Sapnap paused "so you were alone, in those woods at age twelve?" his mix of concern and awe very audible in his voice. You gave a small sigh, fixing your chestplates positioning "yep, and i did a fucking stellar job taking care of myself, plus i met yall four years after i left ". with a wicked grin you looked at your two friends, you grabbed your sword from the wall. "you ready boys?"
a small cough escaped your mouth, you had been out in those cold woods for a few days now. You were careful with what you used to light your fires with, and for how long as you knew your father was probably scouting the skies for you. Your stark white wings stood out from the dark aura of the forest. you held your dull stone sword close as you continued by foot through the woods, hoping to find a warm, dry place for the night.
"Fuck them" you muttered, teeth chattering as you sat in the small, empty cave. you made sure of it. With a few dry, dead longs you found, you started a small fire to cook up the wild rabbit you had killed a few hours ago. "i don't need any of them" you grumbled, your rabbit cooking over the fire while you warmed up.
There you stood, alongside the dream team, Bad and Ant. The six of you very ominous looking to the five, barely geared up, rebels below you.
"Just give up wilbur" dream began, you tuned him out, and you could tell the other members of your friends little army were doing the exact same thing as he continued his speach on how this is his land and how they don't want or need people breaking off from the greater smp. Your eyes trained on your two brothers below you. both looked horrified that their sibling was part of the enemy faction.
You were now 16, and you were a completely diffrent person. you held a freshly crafted iron sword. you were proud of yourself for surviving this long all alone. Although, your wings were very dirty at the moment and your body was littered with scars from past battles. with a grin, you stepped out into a clearing, only to be ran into by a boy in a green cloak.
"Oh my ender, im so sorry" he appologized, chcking you over to make sure he didnt hurt you. "its fine" you chuckled "my names (Y/N)" you greeted, standing up and offering your hand out to the boy, who had an awestruck look on his face. This boy could only be a few years older then you, yet he still held such joy in his heart, you could easily tell by his facial expression.
"Im clay" he began, taking you hand. Suddenly two other boys showed up. You formed a bond in the matter of a few hours, when the boys left at sunset, asking if you wanted to tag along, you just shook your head. Quietly you watched as the boys left off to go to where ever they lived. a sad smile forming on your lips as you thought to yourself. "i hope i meet those boys again"
Here you stood three years after meeting your best friends, finnally getting the revenge you so desperately craved. "i want to see white flags, i want you to have white flags hanging by dawn or so help us" dream threatened. you held your sword, swinging it over your shoulder, as you stared down at the five people, Five people who all looked hurt and afraid. "If you do not have those white flags up by dawn tomorrow, we will not hold back". with those final words your group turned and began the walk back to where everyones houses sat nestled in the trees.
you had just finished removing your armor, hanging it back up next to your friends when bad burst into the room. "(Y/N)" he began, the panic almost palatable "Your house was just burnt down"
@satansphatass @angelicaschuyler-church @unded-bride @zefrenchturtle
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sleepysoupi · 11 hours ago
hi! congratulations! could you do tommy with prompt 1? and thank you!
midnight stars shine brighter with you — dream smp!tommyinnit x gn!reader
prompt : “i can’t sleep, can i sleep here?” 
the wind howled against the glass pane windows, the air hissing as it snuck through the broken cracks and into the smooth stone home. his eyes were wide open and mind running through thousands of thoughts, keeping him away from his desire to sleep. he tossed and turned under the thin cotton blanket, no position comfortable enough to rest for the night. 
defeated, the teenager stood up and huffed. he pulled on his dirty white converse and opted to go wander down the streets on the smp. the moon was out but clouds scattered to skies to hide away the sparkling stars. his arms clinged onto himself, in attempts to keep himself warm from the rustling bitter breeze. 
the entire town was dark and asleep, only lights around were the street lamps that enlighten the prime path. except for one familiar home that was a few houses away from his own, the cozy sweet home that belonged to y/n. 
he found himself at the doorsteps of the cream coloured house, the warm white lights glowing from the main level windows. tommy knocked on the wooden door lightly, in hopes to have them come let him in.
“hello?” y/n said as door opened a sliver, “oh, tommy! what are you doing here?” the sixteen year old asked the shivering blonde.
he shrugged before looking around at the silent surrounding area, “i can’t sleep, can i sleep here?” tommy told them, “are you busy?”
they quietly shook their head before opening the door for him, “no, just doing some writing. you can stay here for the night.” tommy smiled and nodded, walking into the delicate scented home. he kicked off his high tops before following y/n into the kitchen.
they jumped to sit onto the counter to face him, “do you need anything? food? something to drink?” they offered, even though there were in the same situation as him with little amounts of food and equipment from always being stolen from.
“no, no, i’m all right.” he said before sitting down on the chair, “what have you been up to?” 
y/n reached over to lift up the leather covered journal, “just some planning for wilbur, he asked.” 
tommy slowly yawned before his eyes got heavy with sleep. y/n got off their counters and motioned him to follow them to the second floor. they prepared multiple blankets and pillows on the floor for the makeshift of a bed for the night.
“i’m getting tired too...” they mumbled before lying down on the blankets, “you can see the stars.” they pointed out at the glass cieling that showed off the brightly shining stars. tommy sat down next to them and tilted his head to look up, 
“oh, yeah!” he grinned, “the stars were hidden earlier when i got here.”
the two teenagers both stared out the large window before laying down on the cushioned floors. y/n yawned before blinking a few times, “goodnight, tommy.”
“goodnight, y/n.”
taglist!  @realitycanbeajerk @local-blueberry-boy @sen-nes @thegeekisheere @nite-land @idkbroitschaotichere @spair-m @cakie-chu @dysfunctionalcrab @basilly @starstruckllamapuppy @reinyrei @inniterhq @bioluminescentfrog
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imacomfymess · a day ago
3 Years
cc!philza x gn!reader, cc!ranboo x gn!reader, cc!tommy x gn!reader, cc!tubbo x gn!reader, cc!wilbur x gn!reader (platonic) (seperate) [headcannons]
warnings: self harm mentions (it is reader's 3rd year clean from cutting), cursing, typos
wordcount: 980
dialougue: Y/N, Philza, Ranboo, Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur
.again, this work handles a sensitive topic, self-harm
.so if that is a possible/tigger, please do not read this, or atleast proceed with caution
.at the end, there is an informative...thing (idk what to call it)
.you woke up with a smile on your face
.3 years, you thought to yourself
.you were so freakin proud of yourself
.with covid, things had been hard
.with the lack of face-to- face interaction
.the feeling of being trapped inside your house
.but, hey
.you didnt relapse, wich was defo a win!
.your grin grew wider, as you picked up your phone and noticed the messages from your friends, congratulating you
.you set your phone down after replying with various forms of thank yous
.and then proceeded to get out o f bed
.you walked down the stairs, and saw that yuor parents were awake, and making breakfast
."what are you so excited about?" one asked, noticing the extra pep in your step
.except it was all drained from hearing that question
.while they knew about how you used to cut yourself
.they didnt particularly celebrate things like this
.the only time now that they ever remotly talked about it with you, was when they did the occasional wrist check
.while you were some what glad, because you honestly didnt think you could deal with talking about that often
.you were also disapointed that they didnt make a deal out of this date
."nothing," you answered, "just feeling happy."
.you got a hum in response
.after breakfast, your parents left to get grocieries, and you went up to your room to stream
.right before going live, your discord pinged
.it was Phil!
-congrats on 3 years!!
-stay strong, mate :DD
.a warmth spread through your chest
-thanks dad!
.you went live, a huge grin on your face
.it was the night before, you and Ranboo were doing a late stream
.after it became 11pm, you began to check the clock, trying to see if you had hit 3 years, yet
.your beloved friend had taken note of this, and sent you a message on Discord
-you okay?
.you smiled at his concern
-yeah, i'll tell you later
.at 11:49 pm, you guys ended stream
."so, what up? i saw you looking at something"
."nothing, tommorrow is just an important day for me," you answered
."why, if you don't mind me asking"
."well. tomorrow comes with me being clean from cutting, for three years," you started hesitant, but found yourself swelling with pride
."really? thats great! im so proud."
."thank you! it means a lot, really. less than three (<3)"
.you laughed hysterically, and even fell out of your chair, when he left the call after that
.the next morning, your 3 year, you saw that Ranboo was streaming once again
.after doing whatver, you started your own stream
.after a few minutes, you noticed that Ranboo was raiding you
."hello chat, and Ranboo raiders!"
.a dono caught your attention
-RanbooLive has donated 3 (currency of choice)
.while chat began arguing that Ranboo should've given more, jokingly ofc
.you smiled, knowing why Ranboo only donated 3 (currency of choice)
.you sent him a quick message on discord
-thank you
.you woke at the sound of your phone's ringtonne going off, at 12 am
.it was The Child
."hm," you grunted
.how dare he interrupt your sleep?
."congrats on 3 years! big y/initial!"
."the other day, you told me that, this day, would be the day, that you'd be three years not having hurt yourself"
.it was your 3rd year clean!
."holy shit"
."yeah. you did it, y/n. pog."
.you laughed, "thank you, Tommy"
."mhm. let;s go and vandelize the smp, to celebrate!"
.you can guess how that went
.later, when it wasnt 4 in the morning for you, you recieved a package from Tommy
.you called him
."what this thing that showed up on my doorstep?" you asked showing the box
."oh! it came in! open it! its for your 3 years!"
.and so you did
.and you gasped
.inside was a beautiful amythest pendant
.pearing closer, you saw "3 Years Pog" engraved into it
.you laughed, tears pricking the corner of your eyes
."thanks, big man"
."any time, big y/initial"
.mans sent you a poster
.it had a bunch of inspiring quotes on it
.and quotes from shitposts
.he called you, while you were examining it
."do you like it?"
."yeah! thanks, tubbo!"
."yeh, of course, of course. congratulations, y/n, im so happy for you!"
.the two of you proceeded to stream together
.the two of you were in your kicthens, doing dumb shit
.you guys had pulled up a cake recipe, except you guys switched some of the ingredients with some from a meatloaf recipe
.rip your tastebudds lmao
.after the stream, you two wacthed a compilation of tubbo getting scared by random things
.when you guys are getting off call, he says
."really though, keep going, y/n"
."i will. thank you tubbo"
.wether you live nearby, or farther, you can bet he's coming to visit
.first thing he does is hug you
.its a soft moment of silence
."three years"
."im so proud of you"
.you stream the visit, the two of you did a 'you laugh you lose'
."y/n, would you like the honor of statting the rules?"
.you inhaled
.the two of you burst into laugter, and chat debated if that should count as a lost life
.after the stream, the two of you watch an anteater doccumentry, and you laugh as Wilbur goes on about what little fucks they are
.sadly though, wilbur had to leave
.he tried to go as late as possible, this man is so sad he has to leave
.he hugs you one last time
."im so proud."
[WARNING: from here, i discuss self harm a bit further]
today (April 18th) is a very important day, to me. because, as of today, i am three (3) years clean from cutting.-which you probbaly could've guessed, if you read this far. this post was a celebration for this date, as well as for others. before i give some specific messages, here is a link to a site, filled with many useful hotlines:
If you are currently self harming (cutting, substance abuse, etc.), please, please reach out. i dont know if youre doing it because it feels good to have control of something in your life, or because you use it as a coping method, or any othre completly different reason. please, reach out. there are people who want to help you stop hurting. please, reach out. you all matter, so much. i know it hurts, but it gets better. just please, reach out. i love you guys <3
if you've stopped, and have been clean for however long (even if its only been a day). just because you stopped, doesnt mean you stopped hurting. just because any scars you may have, are faded, doesnt mean it never happend. it doesnt mean you deserve any less care, than those who still are. self-harm can become an addiction, and there is always the risk of relapsing- the road to recovery is not easy, but i know you can do it! you guys are all so strong, okay? <3
if you are considering self harming, please, please do not. and instead reach out, and speak up about these thoughts. i know that there's a load of stigma around this, and it is scary, but please dont be scared to reach out. there are people on standby, waiting for your text/call. please dont hesitate to dial a hotline. even if you havent, yuore still thinking about it, and you guys are just as important <3
my asks/dm s are always open, if you want to talk, and i wil try to get back to you as soon as possible
.you are important
.you are wonderful
.you are valid
.you are loved
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lustheavens · a day ago
NSFW Alphabet - E
A/N: Hello! Here is another part of the NSFW Alphabet while I take my time writing the upcoming Paulie smut fic. I’m currently struggling a bit with everything that is currently going on in my private life so my motivation is not on top at the moment. But I hope that you will enjoy this one for now and hopefully I’ll be able to finish the fic within this upcoming week. Have a nice Sunday!
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Angelo: Because of his career before joining the Salieri Crime Family, Tommy never really had the time to meet women and the interest was probably never really there either. Therefor the experience in itself is lacking a bit when it comes to Tommy for that specific reason. He wouldn’t be completely out of it but he most likely wouldn’t be as smooth as the others at first. Sex is also not as frequent since Tommy’s sex drive isn’t as high as the other twos is. That being said I still believe that he would be good in the sheets, no doubt about it, and he would most certainly make sure to put all of his attention on you. Unless you’ve been teasing him he wouldn’t be very selfish in bed and would rather make sure to give you all the pleasure while still asking you to give him what he wants when he needs it. It would take a bit of exploring for him to know exactly what you like and don’t like, but to say the least you’d have a lot of fun in the process of discovering each other’s preferences.
Lombardo: Although Paulie would be all too familiar with how to please a lady, he’d be experienced in a different kind of way. Up until you came into his life, sex for him was nothing but a way of dealing with his stress, trauma and emotions. He used to be very careless with the girls he slept with at the Blue Tropics gentlemen club and he didn’t really care much about any of the girls he slept with. So, to say the least Paulie used to have quite a toxic view on sex. When the two of you became serious, however, Paulie learned how to work your body the way you love it and it would always be with outmost care and the intention to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had. He went from being rough and completely ignorant towards the broads during sex to suddenly developing a sensitive side in the sheets when he fell in love with you. That being said Paulie would have experience in both fields; he can be very rough but he also know how to make sex really romantic and loving.
Trapani: Sam has always been popular with the ladies so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is experienced when it comes to sex. Despite not having any serious relationships with most of the women, he at least tried to make the experience as pleasurable for them as well without neglecting his own wants and needs in bed. In fact, Sam would always put his own needs as the top priority. Much like Paulie there would never be any romantic feelings involved and it was mostly a way to get rid of stress and anxiety. When you came into his life the only thing that changed was that sex became much more connected to his emotions and feelings towards you. Sam is always rough though and he likes to spice it up every now and then by showing off his dominance in the sheets - but he’d always make sure that you’re comfortable and feel safe. His experience would not be kept a secret because this man knows exactly what to do to make your toes curl and the butterflies to go crazy in the pit of your stomach.
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basilly · a day ago
care packages || irl!p!bench trio x reader
Tumblr media
. request: hiiii! could you please write something where the reader (they/them pronouns pls) sends the bench trio each a care package and they open them together on their own streams? thank you and make sure to take care of yourself!
. thank you for the request i thought this was adorable- also for this, say they’re video chatting on discord while on stream
. pronouns: they/them 
Tumblr media
safely securing the top of the box with shipping tape, you grinned, excited for the boys to receive their surprises. the cream cardboard boxes in front of you held lots of fun snacks and things you had planned to send to them for a while and you had finally got the time to send the packages.
you were unable to contain your excitement, so the most you could do was go to tell them was warn them something was coming.
*y/n joins the vc* “y/nnn” “hi guys! how are you?”
“oh! expect a package in the mail this week- and DO NOT OPEN IT YET. I’m looking at you tommy-” “WHA-” *cue bee&boo bursting into laughter*
effectively getting them excited and reliving a bit of your excitement, you explained they would have to open it on stream together.
tubbo: “wait does this mean ranboo face cam stream?” ranboo: “oh god yea-”
everyone was very excited for ranboo face cam stream, but who wouldn’t be? 
after what felt like a slow going, long week, the boys all finally had their packages.
tubbo: “can we open them now?” y/n:  “no- you need to all be on stream so i can watch the vod over again in the future.”   tubbo: :(
they did not have to wait long though, as they were luckily all free the next day.
“WHAT’S UP CHAT WELCOME BACK TO THE STREAM- as you know- tubbo, ranboo, y/n, and I will be in a discord call-  y/n said they have a surprise for us and THIS showed up at my door yesterday so we are going to open it up on stream together.”
y/n: “ok boys- are you ready? Pull out one item at a time, each one has similar but different items” tommy: “guys I have a knife to open this- hopefully this isn’t against twitch TOS” y/n: “tommy be careful please”
tubbo: “can i pick out an item first? you guys are taking too long” tommy: “oh my god shut up tubbo-” ranboo: “sure tubbo” tubbo: “See- this is why i married ranboo”
tubbo lifted the flaps of the box, pulling out the first item he saw. 
tubbo: “OH MY GOD! it’s a dinosaur! wait- AND IT LIGHTS UP!” ranboo: “wait does that light up like benson?” tommy: “who’s benson?” tubbo: “oh my god- thank you y/n”
y/n: “tommy you want to go next?”
tommy, being tommy, stuck his hand down to the bottom, pulling out the carefully folded hoodie. the hoodie that you had packed was layered underneath everything out, so once pulled out, tommy effectively had spilled the other contents of the box.
tommy: “oops.” *facepalm*
tommy: “woah- look at this- it’s so cool” y/n: “since tommy already took it out- tubbo and ranboo you guys can get your hoodies too”
tommy quickly shuffled on his new red hoodie, slipping his arms through the sleeves. 
chat: DISC THE DISCS tommy: “why is my chat spamming discs?”
over the chest area were embroidered discs, something tommy had failed to notice. tubbo and ranboo at this point had also put on their own hoodies, ranboo’s a black and white hoodie with an allium and tubbo’s a light blue with a bee. 
ranboo: “this is sick- thank you” y/n: “there’s still more in the box you know.”
ranboo: “chat- y/n is so freaking cool, look at all of this”
one by one, the boys showed off their new items. 
tommy: “is this a water bottle? it looks like a torch!”
tubbo: “its a surprise mystery toy! and you dig it out using a tiny minecraft tool-”
ranboo: “a new mask? pog! i needed a new one, this one is stuffy”
the entire time you couldn’t help but smile, you loved being able to make the boys smile. it was like watching kids opening gifts on christmas. 
along with snacks, hoodies, toys, you had one more surprise for them.
y/n: “ok- ready for the last thing? there should be an envelope taped to the bottom of each box.”
curious, the boys tear at the envelope carefully. it had been a thin envelope, seeming as though there was a letter inside.
y/n: “ok- read it!” tubbo: “thank you guys for becoming..” tommy: “my best friends and providing me laughter..” ranboo: “what if we could make these laughs in person? y/n?” y/n: “surprise! we’re all going to meet up! i don’t know when yet, but i was able to get my parents to talk to yours- a meet up is planned sometime soon.”
the boys paused in shock, tommy being the first to wear it off. 
tommy: “vlog content!” tubbo: “wait this means we can like- go to cool places and do cooking streams” y/n: yup! squad content! ranboo: “wow, y/n thank you so much for all of this.”
tubbo: “this has been the bay day ever- wait no the best day ever is when we will meet” tommy: “yea- thank you, seriously” ranboo: “everyone pls send y/n some love, they are amazing.”
none of you could wait till the meet up, but could not be happier knowing it would come soon. 
Tumblr media
an: i’m going to be honest, i didn’t know where I was going with this so sorry for the awful ending- this could have been better in head cannon format
taglist: @bozowrites​ @kai-was-here​ @xoxothornbudoxox @nite-land​ @truthfulsyncerity @forutheworld​ @losingvienna​ @luluwinchester​ @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc​ @dreamiewrites​ @a-simp-for-block-people​ @dysfunctionalcrab​ @ella-ivanov​ @akasuki​ @bioluminescentfrog​ @brainsanalysis​ @momo-has-a-gun​ @korylyzed​ @etherealexsistence​ @sleepysoupi​ @1ghoste1​ @ialexabsuniverse​ @disastrousdream​ @inniterhq​ @bugthegremlin​ @spoonz​ @god1ngs​ @sabinanotfound
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dysfunctionalcrab · a day ago
requests are open again :)
i write for: the dream team, karl, quackity, wilbur, nihachu, +(, tubbo, tommy all platonically
note that my spring break is over and it may take a little longer, but i’ll do my best.
please read the rules before requesting <3
ily all xx
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imacomfymess · 2 days ago
Quid Pro Quo
cc!tommy x gn!reader (platonic) [headcannons]
warnings: cursing, typos
wordcount: 716
dialouge: Y/N, Ranboo, Tommy, Tubbo
.decided on a whim to write this at 3 am
i've added to the newfouund trope, of how tommy steals ranboo' s best friend
.but like...with a twist (-? idk if someone else has done this yet qwq)
.didnt nessacriuly go the way i wanted, but im still pretty happy abt it :D
.it started with a discord call
."y/n, we should get cannonically married."
."well, our bestfriends abandoned us, and got married. so, why dont we do the same?" the blonde suggested, halfheartedly
.you knew that your bestfriend, Ranboo, had been hanging out more with Tubbo (as much as he could, with being in different countries), not that you minded
.the four of you had bantered about this before, but it was all jokes, no one actually feeling hurt
.you and Tommy had joked about returning the favour to the pair, but again, it was all a bit
."what'd'ya say?"
."let's get cannonicaly married."
.the two of you had set up for the stream, making sure to Go Live at the same time
.your stream was titeled, "important y/n lore"
Tommy's was, "lore pog"
."hello, chat!" you greeted as people began to view your stream
.scanning through, you saw that some were already connecting the dots between yours and Tommy's stream
."yes, chat. tommy and i do have some connected lore!" you laughed lightly
.as you logged onto the Dream SMP, the sound of an incoming discord call could be heard
.it was Tommy :D
."hello, big man."
."hello, big y/initial."
.two others joining the call could be heard
."hello, tubbo. hello, bitch-boo."
.you laughed as you heard your bestfriend splutter from his end of the call
."hello!" tubbo chirped
.you calmed down and replied back, "hi, tubbo! chat says hello to you both, by the way."
."hi, chat!"
."hi, chat!"
.the two yelled in sync
.the call quieted down, as Ranboo and Tubbo logged onto the server
.you took the time to put on your ✨lore music✨
.now, you were just waiting for the other two
.your character began to make it' s way to the area you and Tommy had cleared out and refurnished for your guy's wedding
.you heard Ranboo clear his throat, "where are we needed?"
."i'll send you and tubbo the chords"
.the wedding spot you and Tommy picked out, was in actually in Pogtopia
.for real lore points, you guys would say, "to make this place have good memories too"
.a small cave was cavrved out of the ravine walls
.there was a simple arc made of polished diorite, and oak stairs as seats
.Tommy was already there
.chat had taken in the new room, and were able to figure out what was happening
-marriage pog?!?!?
-no i bet this is all marriage fraud
."uh, Tommy, you know that these are chords are to Pogtopia?
."yeh, i know"
.soon enough, their characters appeared
.you and Tommy led them to the new section of Pogtopia
."uhhh...what's this?"
."y/n, and i, are getting canonically fucking married"
.Ranboo and Tubbo's chracters were crouched in their seats
.right now, was vows
."y/,," Tommy started, "you are pretty pog. i know that when people get married, that they share things. that means you'll be sharing your twitch primes. since we'll be married now, i vow that i will not commit marriage fraud."
.Ranboo and Tubbo's giggling could be heard
.your turn!
."Tommy, people say that spouses are best friends. and that is true. you are now my new best friend"
.Ranboo laughed
."i cannot offer much, but i can offer to vandalize 3 things a day, in honor of our new marriage."
.now it was time for gifts
.you grabbed the enchated fishing rod, relabled, "Prime Fisher", from your inventory, and gave it to him
.Tommy cheered, and even tried out the fishing rod a bit, before giving you his gift
.it was a bell...wait-
."Prime Bel?!?!!"
.his character nodded, "use it wisely."
.after the stream, Tommy tweeted, with a screenshot of your minecraft characters, "i have husband/spouse/wife. they are pog."
.upon checking your guy's wiki-page, you laughed for a solid 10 minutes, because when you looked at the relationships, it said:
-"TommyInnit (cannonicaly fucking married)"
.you had come over to Ranboo's house, during one of his streams
."how's the hubbie?" you asked, entering the room
."he's good. gave me 'friENdShIP flOweRs' though. and yours?"
."Tommy;s good," you answered, pulling up a seat next to your best friend
.later in the stream, a dono asked
-why did you and Tommy really get married?
."because," you glanced at Ranboo, "quid-pro-quo."
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lizzywrites · 2 days ago
being irl friends with different DreamSMP members!
includes: Karl, Ranboo & Tommy
• hugs hugs HUGS
• he’s always touching or holding you and just wants to be around you all the time
• literally a cuddle monster
• speaking of addiction
• streaming together and inciting chaos on twitter dot com
• him doing everything in your power to make sure you’re comfortable at all times
• you two are just pure chaos
• every time you guys are together something goes wrong but it somehow manages to work out
• you two try baking and then boom he almost starts a fire
• him giving you a very interesting and realistic tour of the smp
• him trying to teach you how to be a very professional Minecraft player
• him forcing you to stream with him and do a you laugh you lose challenge
• you two being pure chaos when you’re together
• him telling you you’re poggers everyday
• he would definitely check up on you everyday and force you to hangout with him
• if you were sad he would do everything in his power to make sure you had a better day
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lustheavens · 2 days ago
They find their s/o naked in bed - Main 3 headcanon
Warnings: Semi-Smut.
A/N: Hello lovelies! I just finished this headcanon request with the main 3. I decided to make them a little bit story based, like a very small fic because I felt like it would fit in well. I hope you like it!
Tommy would walk into your shared bedroom and find you sound asleep on his side of the bed, completely naked. The sight would take him a bit by surprise and before he've even processed it he can feel his manhood pressing against the fabric of his pants. He'd let out a hopeless groan, frustrated about his body reacting without his permission.
His groan would wake you up and you'd smile at the sight of him. He wouldn't be able to help but bite his lip at the sight of your beautiful body in full display so he'd walk over to you and place a kiss on your forehead, trying really hard not to just throw himself over you.
He'd get himself completely undressed before joining you under the blankets, making sure to cover you with the blanket as well. His arm would instantly sneak around your waist before pulling you in close to him. You'd feel his manhood pressing against you but when you ask him about it he'd hush you with a finger pressed against his lips, an embarrassed smile hiding in the corners of his mouth.
You wouldn't be able to keep yourself from teasing him a bit by wrapping one leg over his lower abdomen so that your crotch is pressing against his. He'd tell you to stop unless you want him to act on his arousal and flip you over right there and then. Your decision to defy his words ends up with him rolling on top of you, trapping you between the mattress and his body. He would then make sure to remind you who you belong to.
You would have just finished cooking some breakfast while being completely naked and with only an apron covering the front of your body. You’d then sit down on your bed to wait for Paulie to finish his shower. The second he’d step into the bedroom his eyes would widen and a huge grin would spread across his lips at the sight of you.
His excitement over seeing almost every part of your body makes his eyes spark with total excitement. He’d drop the towel which is hanging low around his torso, instantly revealing just how excited seeing you so revealed got him. His grin would only widen, not a single bit of shame within him.
Paulie would run across the room towards you and throw himself over you, tackling you down onto the bed. All of your giggling and squirming would only motivate him to straddle you and pin you down onto the mattress. He’d bring his knee in between your thighs to keep them spread apart as he slowly starts lifting up your apron, his eyes glimmering with happiness.
When you’d playfully slap his hand away from removing your apron he would look at you like a disappointed puppy. As you’d go to wrap your arms around his neck to make him stop pouting he’d reach behind your back and untie the knot and rip the apron off of you before going down on you. Paulie would simply devour you and help the both of you to an orgasm.
Sam would get very flustered seeing you naked on the bed. Usually it’s very difficult to make him express anything else other than complacency, but the things he doesn’t express tend to take him aback. You waiting for him to get home in the nude is one of those moments where Sam doesn’t know what to do.
He’d smile suspiciously when you grab his hand and pull him over to the bed trying to figure out what’s going on. When you’d tell him that you missed him while he was at work and wanted to surprise him his expression would turn into a smirk instead. He would take his coat and shoes off before pulling you down on the bed.
He’d let you undress him  while he’d be reaching down to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. Sam would absolutely love this whole new coming home to you to waiting for him naked thing, ready to be taken hard by him.
That being said he wouldn’t waste a single second pouncing on you. The sight of your body and the feeling of your skin pressing against his drives him crazy. He wouldn’t let you get out of bed before you’ve let him have you right there and then. You’d know about this and would tease him by trying to get up but each time he just grabs you and throws you back onto the bed. Once he’s got you pinned down there’s no way you’ll get up and after you’ve had some fun there will be no point in getting up cause you’ll probably have a bit of trouble walking.
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itstheimperfectwriter · 3 days ago
Lucky Shoes {Campus AU!}
> A/N: I am thinking of maybe turning this into a little series if you all like it! Its one of the longest things I have written in a while and I hope you all like it! I am sorry for any bad spelling or grammar 00;
> Characters: Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo (platonic)
> Warnings: swearing 
> Masterlist || Requests are open 
Tumblr media
Campus life was meant to simple and relaxing. It was meant to help take some stress away from trying to find a place to stay and travel to school. Yet here you were running across the football field, holding a pair of ‘lucky’ shoes, getting chased by a couple of other students. Who was trying, and failing to catch up with you, as they hurled slurs your way.
If you knew you’d be running for what felt like your life, you wouldn’t have accepted such a stupid dare. Earlier in the night, you arrived at a party your friend organised, it was only a small party. It was just a few of his friends coming over for drinks. You only agreed so he would stop annoying you. You met a few of their friends before, but only once or twice when they came over. Though a few others whose names escaped you were also invited. There was only about 10 of you, stuffed into your shitty dorm. You had all laughed, drank and danced until midnight.
Most of them wanted to leave, as they had planned the next day or were too blind to walk. That just left, you, your roommate and a few others who were content on just chatting and playing some childish games. That’s how you found yourselves playing truth or dare. It started with harmless, revealing crushes, drinking toilet water etc. Though the drunker the three got the wilder the dares got, getting punched in the face, running head-on into doors etc. It was around 2 am when you got the dare from someone who you barely knew that would have you running across the football field.
“(Y/N) truth or dare?” “Hmm dare,” “I dare you to…… steal Brad Johnson’s luck shoes”
They smile devilishly while the others started hollering like dickheads. Brad Johnson was a part of the football team, he was the star player, the golden child. When asked about how he was so good he would laugh and just say it was luck. Though if you asked some of his flings they would say he swore on his lucky shoes. It was a pair of dirty, smelly shoe, one could only assume Brad has had for years. He was very protective of the pair of shoes.
Not wanting to seem scared you accept, to the surprise of the group. Oh, how you now wished you declined and told Tubbo to stop being childish. He probably knew you would get chased, the asshole. You were able to sneak into his dorm through an open window, it took you a small while to find them but you did. Unfortunately, you knocked over a ball that ended up hitting a trophy making a loud thud when it fell. That seemed to be enough to them wake up because before you knew it you were running out their door and out of the building. The words of shock and surprise were only heard for so long before they were replaced with harsher words and heavy footsteps following you.
You knew you’d never make it to your dorm, besides you doubt the assholes you let you in fast enough. You found yourself booking across the green grass of the field, with barely enough light to know you were going. You wanted to look back to see how far away the two were from you but you knew it would probably be your demise. So with some willpower, you kept your head-trained forward as you ran as fast as you could. The two were catching up on you quickly, their voices getting louder.
You weren’t too far away from the other dorm building, your eyes scan for an open window on the first floor or even the second you could dive into. You spotted exactly what you needed, an open window on the second floor. Whoever was inside was still awake, evident from the light coming from behind the closed curtains. 
You came face to face to the side of the building, you had no time to waste, throwing the shoes through the window before attempting to scale the side of the building. Thankfully a drain pipe was next to the open window you could use to help you scale the building. Along with the small ledges of other windows, it was an easier than expected climb. By now the pair chasing you made it to the building as well. They started swearing louder, asking who you were even throwing sicks at you trying to get you to fall. Ignoring them the best you could, even if a few stick and rocks hit you, you pulled your body into the open window, landing ungracefully on the floor.
You start to laugh in relief, you had made it, the two idiots had not caught you. Looking around the room you were taking sanctuary you met 3 pairs of eyes looking at you. In all your happiness to get away from the pair chasing you, you seemed to forget you had just thrown shoes into someone else dorm and then entered it through the window yourself. Your face was red from running so it would easier to hide the blush of embarrassment you had. “Oh…..Hello,” There was silence until the blond one spoke up, he was the second tallest of the three, wearing a red and white shirt. Unlike the other two who were confused with you being there, this one seemed enraged. 
“Hello? You just fucking fell into our dorm! You, woman, are not meant to be here!” “Sorry, I was being chased by a couple of meatheads,” you chuckle trying to ease the situation.
“Yeah, we could tell. Number one, we could hear them. Number two, you threw bloody shoes at my head!” he seemed ready to throw you back out the window.
“Tommy, relax. I am sure they didn’t mean to hit you,” the tallest spoke up, they were much quieter than the blond one.
“Relax? I could have died Ranboo! Died!” he says loudly throwing his arms in the air. The shortest rolled their eyes at his friend’s dramatics. “I’m sorry about him, he’s just sensitive,” the short one whispers to you with a cheeky smile. You smile back, getting up off their ground and standing up.
“I am really sorry if I did hurt you. I shouldn’t have come into your dorm like this. I was just trying to get away from them. I wouldn’t have accepted the dare if I knew it would cause me this much trouble,”
The one ‘Tommy’ called ‘Ranboo’ and the short one you don’t know the name of smiled. They seemed to be taking you coming into their dorm quite well while the ‘Tommy’ seemed to quiet down after hearing about a dare.
“Yeah well, that will serve you right for just accepted dumb dares. What was it anyway?” “....steal Brad Johnson’s lucky sho-” “I can see why you were running so fast! Only dickheads would do something so dumb,”
“I’m Tubbo,” the short one spoke up, seemingly ignoring his friend. 
“I’m Ranboo and that is Tommy,” the tallest spoke pointing to the blond one.
 “(Y/N).... would you guys mind if I stay here for a couple of hours just until they leave,” You knew it was a stretch to ask even after Tommy showed such disdain in you.
“N-” “Of course!”
Tubbo had cut off Tommy, allowing you to stay. Tommy started off on another rant while you thanked the two others and quickly fell into conversation. Maybe it wasn’t a total bust.
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cas-kingdom · 3 days ago
For the prompt thing: “Oh my god, do you ever stop talking?”
"Oh my God, do you ever stop talking?”
You stopped mid-pace, mouth open, eyes staring at your brother. Tommy had both hands over his eyes as he leant back against his leather chair, piles of unfinished work and unsigned papers on the desk in front of him, and a banging headache that wouldn’t fade with whiskey to accompany it.
“Huh?” you asked, innocent confusion shining on your face.
Tommy withdrew his hands to give you a look. “I love you,” he said matter-of-factly, “but you’re making this pounding in my head worse with every word.”
You continued to stare. He had been working pretty hard recently, and you knew he was tired, which was why you decided not to take his words to heart.
But you had no one else to rant to, so...
“And Arthur said-” You started pacing again, your voice lowered to a barely audible whisper- “that Finn didn’t toss the goldfish in the Cut, but how the fuck would he know? He wasn’t there. So I said-”
Tommy sighed. This would teach him to lock his doors.
send me the first sentence of a fanfic and i’ll write the next five, except i don’t know when to stop writing so i guarantee there’ll be more than five
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itstheimperfectwriter · 4 days ago
12am Chats {Tommy w/ Aussie friend}
> A/N: You all seemed to like Tommy with an Aussie friend so I made this. Its a little short but I hope you all like it!
> Characters: Tommy (platonic) 
> Warnings: swearing 
> Masterlist || requests are open
Tumblr media
(Y/N) and Tommy had been chatting for a few hours. It was around 12 am for (Y/N) while it was only 3 pm for Tommy. As usual, Tommy was talking happily and loudly, at the moment he was going on a rant about something that (Y/N) was too tried to remember. They had been trying to catch up on schoolwork the entire day as they were pretty behind in all their work. All (Y/N) wanted to do was go to bed, but Tommy insisted they called since they haven’t called in a few days. Luckily it was a Saturday night so they didn’t have school in the morning but it didn’t mean they didn’t want to sleep at a reasonable time.
“What do you think (Y/N)?”
Tommy’s questions woke them up a little, he knew (Y/N) was a little tired but it wouldn’t be the first time the pair spoke when it was late for one of them. “Huh? I dunno….. You should just….fight the dog,” their words were slurred and their words were drawn out a bit. They had no idea what Tommy asked but still wanted to give an answer.
“No! I am not going to Tubbo!” Tommy said loudly making (Y/N) jump a little. “Oh…. hey Tommy…” “Yeah?” “What is the purpose of snails? “What?!” Tommy laughs loudly “Yeah, like what do they even do? I have never met a useful snail.” “Oh? Well, I have,” Tommy decided to entertain the idea about useful snails. It was funny watching the silly Aussie talk about snails.
“You have?....lucky…..stupid kookaburra probably ate it huh…..Jacko probably told Blinky about it…..silly Koala and lizard,”
Tommy didn’t have the slightest idea what they were talking about but found it funny either way, making a mental note to ask them about it later. He tried not to laugh too loudly but it was hard when they were just talking nonsense. (Y/N) kept muttering some random things about Blinky Bill, Major crackpot, and Jacko.
“(Y/N)” “Hmmmmm?” “Go to bed, alright,” Even though he found their rambling quite funny, he didn’t want them to hurt themselves in a sleepy state.
“But I thought you wanted to chat,” “I do, but you sound like shit. You’re not as fun as when you are awake.” Tommy could hear them mutter some swears 
“Alright, night night Tommy,” (Y/N) said lazily getting ready to flop into bed “Night (Y/N)”
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nite-land · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
request: Stealing tommy's clothes, Stealing tommy's clothes!! His clothes would look so big on a tiny s/o (Drabble)
caps are used
Tumblr media
“what the fUCK ARE YOU WEARING?” Tommy exclaimed, a red blush tinted his cheeks with an embarrassed expression matching it. his eyes widened when you first opened the door, his attention immediately going towards to the familiar shirt you wore.
you looked at Tommy with a exaggerated confused look. The fuck was he on about? you, wondering why he was so flustered, slowly looked down at the outfit you were wearing.
the fit you wore was Tommy’s red-white shirt that was too big for you, the t-shirt ending at mid-thigh. you were much shorter than your boyfriend, so any clothing you stole always was baggy on you. to match the shirt, you wore beat up black converse and black trousers.
“clothes, dimwit.” you replied to Tommy’s question, looking back up at him. You ruffled his hair as an affectionate action, then placing down the backpack you brought to the side of his bed, a heavy thud echoing in the room due to the laptop and other things you packed.
“I think I look good too, I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about.” you remarked, rolling your eyes. You sat on the bed and opened your phone, seeing what Twitter had in store for the day. Tommy watched every moment you made, even watching your eyes focus on the social media posts.
he blinked out of his daze and started to yell again.
Tumblr media
tag : none, send ask or dm to be added to niteland’s alerts (taglist)
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sugarsoftie · 4 days ago
If you are doing request, could you do mcyts seeing their s/o's cuts? If your not comfortable doing it that's okay. you also don't have to do tommy, tubbo, and ranboo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tw: Self-Harm
Ranboo :
♦︎ It takes a few seconds for him to realize what they are.
♦︎ Ranboo is devastated, 'What would make you want to do that to yourself?'
♦ He quietly asks if you want to talk about it, not really sure what else to say.
♦ If you don't want to talk about it, he won't push.
♦ He bandages up your wounds, makes you promise not to do it yourself, and gives you support from the side instead.
Tubbo :
♦︎ Tubbo had seen your scars before but thought they were just injures from a previous war.
♦ He only figured out they were self-harm scars several days later.
♦ When he realized the true nature of your scars, he doesn't confront you about it since your scars were old.
♦ Treats you differently after that, acts nicer around you and makes sure that you don't start cutting again.
Tommyinnit :
♦︎ Tommy hadn't seen self-harm scars before, but he knows that your cuts are too neat to be from anything other than self-harm.
♦︎ He doesn't know what to say and stays quiet, wondering what happened to you.
♦︎ He doesn't know how to comfort you properly but he'll try his best.
Tumblr media
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itstheimperfectwriter · 6 days ago
Planning {c!TommyInnit}
> A/N: As always I hope you all like this and have a nice day!
> Characters: TommyInnit (platonic), Philza and Techno (mentioned)
> Warnings: swearing
> Masterlist || Requests are open
Tumblr media
“I have a plan.” Tommy said triumphantly, he looked very proud about whatever he thought up. 
“I’m already terrified,” (Y/N) says looking worried, they new whatever he had come up with was going to cause them to get into trouble. They had just gotten told off for trying to steal something from Technoblade. He wasn’t impressed seeing the two looking through his chest.
“OI! What’s that meant to mean?” Tommy frowned looking down at (Y/N) who was just relaxing on the bench. “You know what I mean. Your plans always end up in us getting caught.” 
“That’s not true!”
“Its not? How about, I dunno, yesterday, when we got caught by Techno. We broke into his house by making a hole in the wall, took his things then got chased away like we were some filthy mice.”
(Y/N) gave him a bored expression waiting for him to argue with them. Probably saying how wrong they were, or try and lie. Tommy had chosen the latter. “You are exaggerating it (Y/N). The cold must have stuffed up your brain,” he tapped his brain for emphasis “We broke his window not wall, and we arent mice more like raccoons.”
They deadpan, unimpressed with Tommy’s answer. Sure the cold stuffed up their brain. Not falling 3 blocks because Tommy couldn’t wait a moment for them to get down safely
“Sure, sure. Oh, tell my great Tommyinnit. What is your plan,”
“Thank you for asking,” he clears his throat loudly “Big Man Sam Nook, said he needed some materials for a …. Project he is building for me. I don’t have the materials and I know you don’t. Luckily Philza Minecraft does -”
(Y/N) cuts him off already seeing where this was going, it was always the same plan just different victims. They didn’t understand why Tommy didn’t just get things himself and stop being lazy.
“We are not stealing from Philza…. Hey! What do you mean I don’t have it! How would you know?” (Y/N) said defensively.
“Oh dear (Y/N), have you seen your house? The place is filthy,” he starts to laugh loudly, while (Y/N) frown getting up and smacking him on the arm.
“Shut up, you’re one to talk about house. Last time I checked you lived in a dirt house,”
“Still better than you house,” he muttered, which earned him another smack. (Y/N) sighs rubbing their template.
“Why don’t we just ask Philza if we could borrow some, or even ask where to get some ourselves.” (Y/N) offers not wanting to steal from him. Tommy leans towards (Y/N) wrapping his arms around their shoulder pulling him into, almost a side hug.
“Oh stupid (Y/N), don’t you think I have already tried that? Come on please help me. Y’know I won’t be able to do it without you,”
Tomy was trying to butter them up in an attempt to get them to help him. (Y/N) sighed deeply, knowing there was no use trying to argue with him.
“Fine, but this is the last time,” “You’re the best (Y/N)!”
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aries-writes-shit · 6 days ago
Hello, could i request a matchup (i dont mind if its platonic or romantic) please ? im 5'3, im a nonbinary bisexual. I always curse, i can fight, i play guitar and i can sing. I also wear glasses, My fav band is lemon demon, my personality sometimes im mean and sometimes im very kind.
Im an artist, i really love cooking especially spicy food. I love leather jackets so much. I also ride a motorcycle.
Thank you so much! and i hope you have a nice day and stay safe <3333
Lemon demon supremacy
I match you with
This kid 100% matches your energy
He would find you so cool
Would try and convince you to help him fight
Would pretend to hate your cooking but would 100% enjoy whatever you make
Because that's what friends are for, Right?
Would also try and convince you to give him a motorcycle ride
If you were to say yes, he would hype you up to anyone who even bothered to give him the time of the day
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navolani · 6 days ago
First actual post LOL hope you enjoy! ( i really hope tumblr works on me this time- )
Tumblr media
Philza: (Y/N)...
(Y/N): Oh no, "(Y/N)" in b-flat.
(Y/N): You're disappointed.
✄ - - -
(Y/N), talking to Ranboo on the phone: Did you preheat the oven like I told you to?
Ranboo: You bet!
(Y/N): At what temperature?
Ranboo: 535.
(Y/N): That's the clock.
Ranboo: 536.
✄ - - -
(Y/N): I’m gonna need a human skull and I can't have you ask any questions why.
Techno: Only if you also don't ask why
Techno: *Pulls out 7 pristine human skulls* Take your pick.
(Y/N): This one is fine
✄ - - -
Tommy: I'm incredibly fast at math.
(Y/N): Alright, what's 30x17?
Tommy: 47
(Y/N): That's not even close.
Tommy: But it was fast.
✄ - - -
(Y/N): Fuck.
BBH: We've got to work on your cursing.
(Y/N): Why? I'm pretty good at cursing already.
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sugarsoftie · 6 days ago
hello! may i request an imagine/headcanons with irl wilbur, tommy, & ranboo (platonic for all 3!); where the reader is normally a mc streamer but also a ballet dancer, so when they open her stream & see her dancing instead of gaming, they are surprised & enamored? she/her is preferred just because of the style of dance. if you’d like inspiration, look up the Esmeralda Variation! sorry for blathering on, but you write wonderfully!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Note: I couldn't come up with any ideas for your request so I decided to tweak it a bit. Hope you're okay with that!
Wilbur :
♦︎ Wilbur already knew you did ballet and went to most of your performances.
♦︎ You had told him of your decision to stream a ballet performance and he decided to help you out.
♦︎ He helped you set up the camera and start the twitch stream.
Ranboo :
♦︎ Ranboo heard about the fact that your a dancer, but didn't really process that fact.
♦︎ His first time watching you dance was when he decided to watch your stream since he was bored.
♦︎ He joined the stream when you were in the middle of the dance.
♦︎ Took him a minute to realize "Oh- That's y/n"
♦︎ Doesn't know much about dancing but is really impressed by your flexibility.
Tommyinnit :
♦︎ Tommy was really confused when he first joined the stream.
♦︎ Like- 'Why is the camera facing a stage? Wasn't this a gaming stream? Did he accidentally click on the wrong stream?'
♦︎ He only realized it was ballet after you started dancing for a few seconds.
Tumblr media
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aries-writes-shit · 7 days ago
The giving and the taking(SBI x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing:sbi x reader
A/N: part 1
" leave now" you said, your voice dangerously low " this is your only warning"
your father and older brother left shortly after your threat. you were happy to finally be free of them, but something deep inside of you made you feel guilty, they were your only family after all. Shaking off the guilty feeling, you reentered your home, hanging up your hat as you gently walked to where the kitchen stood in the opposite corner of the open first floor. You dunked your head in the cauldron you used to clean your dishes, you had changed the water out a few hours ago, yet is was still icy cold. You took your head out after dunking it for a few seconds before a knock sounded at your door. You wiped your face off then went to open it.
"Hello boys" you greeted warmly. Sapnap,Dream and George stood gathered around your door "Dont just stand there, come on in". You ushered the three inside to your makeshift dining area.
"We want your help (y/n)" dream began, he had been fidgeting with his mask as george and sapnap tried their hardest to avoid eye contact. "You three are my best friends, id help you with anything you needed" you stated, folding your arms infront of you. "Would you even stand against your brothers?"
When the boys left, you felt completely conflicted, on one hand, they were your family, but on the other hand they had chosen their path a long time ago. you let out a heavy sigh, flopping down onto your bed and falling asleep to help clarify your mind.
"Daddy,Daddy look" five year old you exclaimed, holding a cool looking rock towards your father. "cool (y/n), im a bit busy right now kiddo" your father said, sparing a glance over at you from where he sat playing with your, two older and one younger ,brothers. Tiny you had a teary look in their eye as they turned around and went to their room. When Younger you entered their room, the tears began to roll down their cheek. They chucked the rock as far across the room as they could before the hiccuping sobs began. they fell asleep like that and was in that position against the door until techno had been sent up to get them for supper.
The next day, you had met dream at his house. it was pretty early when you came banging on his door, sunrise to be exact.
"(y/n)" dream groggily greeted "what are yo doing here this early" he questioned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. with a detrimined look in your eyes, you responded "i want to fight alongside you, i want to help you out".
"(Y/N), are you sure?" dream asked, almost fully awake now "your one hundred percent sure?". "yes dream, i want to help, those two did nothing but hurt me for so long, consider this payback" a wicked grin formed on your face as dream gave you a small smile. "alright cool, me ad the others will come grab you when its time" he replied, nodding in your direction. "Thanks dream, i wont let you down" you laughed, giving your wings a few flaps before you began your short flight towards your home.
When you landed in your clearing, you saw our two brothers outside your door, Anger began to raidiate from you as you drew your sword from its hilt.
"What had i told you two the last time you were here?" you asked in a rather cool tone "i would have sworn i told you to never return, yet here you are". your sword held tightly in your hand as you pointed it at the two. "We just wanted to see if you might reconsider" wilbur started, raising his hands in surrender "We want to make amends with you (y/n), we really do, and we completely understand how much you must be hurting-"> You cut him off by pressing the sword to his throat "As i told our father, You lost your chance with me long time ago. if any of you actually cared, you would have actually tried to form a relationship with me" your eyes were glaring daggers into the two, you pointed your sword towards he woods "feel free to pass that message to dad, no wait, Philza and techno" your words fueling your burning hatred toward them "if i wanted to make amends i would have come to you, you are not my family and you lost that tie with me when i left".
The two exchanged a glance and left without another word. you finally felt free of their grasp, you were finally your own person.
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pixelgh0sti · 7 days ago
A letter to my dead best friend
Platonic!Tommyinnit x GN!Reader
Tw// suicide mentions, self harm mentions
Au// Realistic dream smp
When the news reached Y/N they were heartbroken. Their best friend had committed, and it was delivered by their other best friend, Tubbo.
Rage bubbled inside Y/N, they blamed themself for not helping or visiting him as much as they should. They blamed Dream, Tommy had told them about what he’s been doing.
8 days later, Y/N needed to find a way to cope with their loss- well that didn’t include harming themself with their sword.
Fundy suggested writing letters to Tommy, and Y/N figured it could help- even just a little.
‘Dear Tommy,
I miss you man, so so so much. I’m so sorry I didn’t visit you as much as either of us would’ve liked, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend your beach party(which I was never given an invitation to, but I know it wasn’t your fault and instead Dream’s). I should’ve helped you with Dream, I should’ve helped you to get back on your feet.
Remember when we first met? It was years ago, you had found me in the forest and somehow convinced your father to let me stay with you. I’m forever in debt to you, Tommy. I’ll never forget you, no matter how hard someone wants me to. You’re my best friend, my practical brother, and someone I owe my life to.
With love, Y/N’
Y/N folded the piece of paper and put it in their pocket, sighing and putting their hands on their face. After a few moments, they stood up and walked out their door. They went to the place Tommy was exiled to, wincing when they saw his abandoned embassy on their way to the ocean.
They saw the familiar Logsted, except it had exploded. There was barely anything left, Y/N fell to their knees and felt tears form in their eyes. They stared at the tall tower that had been built from an assortment of blocks.
“Tommy...” Y/N whimpered, they felt numb, like they couldn’t move. It hurt to think as their heart started beating faster, their tears quickly leaving their eyes as they sobbed to the dirt floor.
They punched the dirt in frustration, and guilt. They could handle the news of him dying, but not the scene of where he died. It all felt so surreal to them.
They took the note from their pocket and walked over to the grave Tubbo had built for him, Y/N had refused to leave their bed for the first day and that was the day he built it.
They placed the paper down on his grave, getting a handful of cornflowers and placing them near the grave.
A hand on their shoulder startled them as they quickly turned to face someone.
“What do you-“ Y/N said, they paused as they saw who it was, “Tommy!!!”
They quickly tackled him into a hug, he protested but Y/N didn’t care. They cried into his chest.
“I thought I lost you...” they mumbled quietly.
“You can get rid of me that easy, Big Man.” Tommy replied. He smiled brightly at Y/N, who gave him their own bright smile.
“I love you, Tommy.”
“I love you too, Y/N.”
Ahahaha can’t write angst without a happy ending or else I get sad!!!! -Pixel
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