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#tommy shelby imagines
rachelsteapot · 6 days ago
Dating the Shelby Brothers would include... Part 2 (Tommy)
Here’s part 2 of ‘Dating the Shelby Brothers’. Today’s brother is Tommy, the soft boi crime boss we all know and love. 
He would probably have noticed you on a buisiness trip. 
Tommy would definitely use you as a distraction when making buisiness deals, but you would never be in any danger. 
He wouldn’t pay much attention to you if there were other people around
but when you two are alone he’s all yours.
He would feel embarrased that he has had children with other women
but he would be happy to have children with you
he really loves his kids, but doesn’t spend as much time with his as he would like. 
becasue he’s spending it at work or with you. 
he would probably end up buying you new dresses to replace the ones he’s damaged ;)
He would probably buy you a horse too. 
A fast one 
and he would teach you how to ride, in more ways than one. 
Tommy would want to fuck you everywhere. 
he especially would love it in his office at work though. 
You would fight about him keeping secrets 
and he would defend it as ‘trying to protect you’
you knew that was his only intention, but it would still hurt
and he would be away for weeks. 
He really loves his family, and wants to love yours, but they’re still wary of his reputation. 
you would be really close with his brothers, probably having practically raised Finn. 
Tommy would have anyone that flirted with you killed. 
and you would flirt with others to get his attention
All in all, he’s lost too many women that he loves, and he wasn’t going to loose you too. 
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yyosemite · 7 days ago
''Not Everything Happen As Planned'' Part 3 - Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 2
Summary: continuation of YN's encounter with Thomas, a little bit of angst, and a very smitten Thomas.
Author's Note: English isn't my first language, and I hope Thomas are not out of his character.
No warning
Word Count: 1308
‘’Are you surprised to see me, sweetheart?’’
After he told you that, you almost came to the conclusion that you really wanted to hit him and curse him, with the hormones of pregnancy giving an extra intensity to what you felt, you almost attended to your senses. But you couldn’t lose your job, right now that you have managed to find somewhere that would accept you and even more with this pregnancy, you couldn’t let yourself be carried away by emotions, after all no one would hire a pregnant woman who punches her clients. Releasing a deep breath, you forced a smile and said:
"How can I help you, sir?"
He didn't answer you looking busy searching for something in his suit pocket. You felt your impatience take over your head again, when he finally found what he was looking for, he looked you in the eye as he passed the cigarette over his lips before lighting it. He must have noticed your discontent from the way he had an expression that seemed to scoff at the situation:
"Do you treat all your customers like that, or just those you've already fucked, Ms. (Y/L/N)?" You were stunned by the question.
"Only with those who take my time" You said, but deep down you wanted to say 'Only with those who get me pregnant, and fuck with all my life planning, asshole'
"I don't want to take your time," he said.
“Then I will repeat it again, how can I help you, sir?’’ You said in a stern tone.
Before he even had a chance to answer you, Susie, appeared from the room in which she was sewing a dress, when she realized who the customer was, she tensed at the same moment.
You didn't understand why your co-worker was so scared by his presence, she shivered while talking to him and also shivered while taking one of the orders in which there was a handmade suit with one of the most expensive fabrics in the store, and delivered it to him.
He didn't have to pay for the clothes, and before he left the store he winked at you, you were incredulous. But your biggest concern now was Susie. You found her sitting on a chair, she seemed to be distressed by what happened. You approached it carefully for fear of scaring her.
"Susie? Are you okay?" You said while stroking her back to relieve some of the tension she was feeling.
"I'm fine, it’s just because he never came here before," she said in a shaky voice. "He always asked his little brother to fetch the suits, I didn't understand why he wanted to fetch this time." She continued.
You didn’t understand why she said that, you haven’t lived in Birmingham for a long time, you’ve heard about the violence of the place, even your parents didn’t like the idea of you living here because of the news, and now your concern about who’s your child’s father started tormenting you, you were really fucked up, and you wanted to wake up from this nightmare that your life was preaching to you, a joke in bad taste, but unfortunately what you were now doomed to live.
You checked to see if Susie was okay, before heading home.
Tumblr media
“God, are you okay? It looks like you saw a ghost, ” Said Natasha.
"Believe me, it would be a lot easier if it was a ghost" You said almost crying.
"Girl, what happened?" She said, finding your behavior strange.
"I saw him, Nat. The baby's father, he went to the store today" If you weren't crying before, now you're sure you are.
“My God, (Y/N). Did you tell him? ” She said waiting for your answer.
"No, I couldn't do it, I was shocked by him showing up and then ... and then Susie was so scared by his presence, that I-I didn't feel like I could say anything like that to him." Nat looked at you as if a light had come on for her, as if she had connected the dots.
"Only someone in this city can have left Susie like this." You looked at her, and then she continued, "Don't tell me his name was Shelby." You felt your body tingle.
“I looked at the order she took, on the label it said Thomas ... Shelby’’ Nat got up from the chair that she was sitting in an almost crude gesture.
“Fuck, really? Him? ” You were now desperate with her reaction, she was the second person who seemed to be uncomfortable with the mention of him.
"Nat, who is he?" You felt like you were going to hear something you didn't want.
"The guy is the leader of a gang, The Peaky Blinders, from what I hear they are extremely dangerous, and the things they do are not pleasant."
"I never tried to know much more about them, the residents always say that just stay in yours, that nothing happens to you, and that is what I have done in the last few years living here" She explained.
"But I just didn't stay at mine, Nat, I had sex with him, and now I'm pregnant." You didn't know if you were willing to listen to the rest, the stress wasn't good for the baby, and let's face it, the stress you've been through so far was more than enough to worry you.
"We are going to think about something, now come here to rest" said Natasha.
She gave you some chamomile tea which helped, along with tiredness, you get a full night's sleep.
Tumblr media
Today was the day to do the basic shopping, so you took the shopping basket and were choosing some apples to buy, your doctor said that fruits were great allies during pregnancy.
You were in your serenity, focused on the apples, until someone said behind you:
“You look adorable today” You knew whose voice it was, so in a clumsy move you dropped some apples on the floor.
"Are you stalking me?" Only after you said it, did you realize what you did, two days ago you discovered that he was a gangster, and now you openly said that he was chasing you, you were crazy.
"What if I am?" He said playfully.
"I ask you to stop" You said while picking up the apples from the floor. When you got up, you took your basket and went in the opposite direction from where he was.
"What do you think about going with me to Garrison friday night" You looked at him.
"I think it would be a bad idea" You said, but soon realizing that he didn't ask you if you wanted to go, he said as if he had been bossing you around or as if he knew you were going to accept it, so you furrowed your eyebrows.
He seemed to enjoy your confusion, and once again you found yourself impatient with that man.
"If you go I promise not to follow you anymore" He said as if he were making a deal.
You don't know how to explain why these new sensations started to touch you, but the fact of your pregnancy made you feel things that you shouldn't or things that you couldn't feel.
You didn't felt afraid of him, or that danger that he emanated to other people, he had a stoic and robust expression, but you liked so much the night you spent with him in the garrison, you for a moment felt that you belonged to him, that you were safe with him, and you couldn't always blame him for what happened, now you saw your baby as a gift and no longer as something that was not planned that would delay you from your goals.
So before you know it, you said:
"I’ll go".
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nineteenninety-six · 7 days ago
Stray in the Street
2.3K Words
Tumblr media
She found him unconscious in the street and even though she knew she shouldn’t, she dragged him into her house. It was pouring down with rain and if she left him out there on the street in the rain, she doubted he’d be alive in the morning. 
While he wasn’t as heavy as she thought he would be, it was still a hassle to pull him up and drag him to her house. At first, she had thought he was drunk and had collapsed into the street as that wasn’t uncommon for her street but it was until she had dragged him in front of her fireplace and turned the lights of her front room on did she realise that he was far from a drunk.
He had cuts and bruises littered on his face and hands and (Y/N) would bet that there was more underneath his shirt. She left the stranger by the fireplace in hopes that it would dry him off and keep him warm as she collected her first aid kit, a bowl of water and a clean rag, she didn’t know much first aid but she knew enough to clean the cuts out and bandage them.
She didn’t know what to think of the man as she cleaned and disinfected his cuts, he looked vulnerable as he laid unconscious with his head on her lap and (Y/N) couldn’t help but wonder what he had gotten into that had left him like that. Maybe he had some unpaid debts or perhaps slept with the wife of a rich and important man but whatever it was, it must have been serious. 
(Y/N) was exhausted, she had been up early and had been working all day so all she wanted to do was sleep but she couldn’t with the stranger in her house. He could wake up in a panic, having no clue where the hell he was and she would have to explain but despite all that, she couldn’t resist the pull of sleep and fell asleep on her couch.
.•° ✿ °•.
(Y/N) shot up with a gasp and her eyes immediately went to the space in front of the fireplace but it was empty. As she stood up as she tried to listen to see if he was still in the house she felt something fall off her and when she looked down she saw a blanket pooled around her feet, something she most definitely did not fall asleep with. 
She bent down to pick it up when she heard shuffling in the kitchen and the blanket was quickly thrown aside in pursuit of the noise. She made her way towards the kitchen with quiet steps and peered around the corner and spotted the stranger at her kitchen table, yesterday's paper in hand with the glass of water beside him. There didn’t seem to be anything nefarious going on with the man so she walked into the kitchen, announcing herself to him.
“I’m surprised to see you up” 
Dawn was breaking and (Y/N) could see blues and purples starting to appear in the sky which meant she was asleep for around four hours.
The man flinched in surprise and looked up at her and the first thing (Y/N) noticed was his blue eyes.
“You were asleep when I woke up” The man folded the newspaper up and placed it on the table and (Y/N) could see the way his body flinched in pain whenever he moved beyond his bounds.
“You could have woke me up. You had no issue placing a blanket on me” (Y/N) didn’t know how she was so calm now that the stranger was awake.
“The fire had gone out, you looked cold”
(Y/N) smiled at that before she walked further into the kitchen, “I’ll make us some tea. Are you hungry?”
The man shook his head but (Y/N) was going to make toast for him anyway.
With the toast and the tea on the table, (Y/N) took a seat opposite the man who returned to reading the newspaper, she watched him for a bit before she spoke to him, wanting to know more information.
“You know that’s yesterday’s paper right?” She started off with a soft conversation opener
The man looked at her and shrugged, “I was busy yesterday”
(Y/N) let her eyes run over his cuts and bruises, “I could tell”
The man placed the newspaper down and faced her fully before he asked the question that had been weighing on him since he woke up “Why did you take me in?”
“I thought you were some drunk at first and usually I would have left you there but it was raining and stumbling across a dead body on my way to work isn’t my favourite way to start the day.” (Y/N) told him, “I brought you in and then I saw your cuts so I cleaned them and patched them up”
The man fingered the bandage around his right hand and nodded his thanks towards (Y/N). 
“Are you going to tell me how you become unconscious and dumped on the street?” 
The mans face instantly screwed up at her question and (Y/N) quickly corrected herself, 
“-Or not. You can keep your secrets”
They remained in silence after that, drinking their tea but it didn’t escape (Y/N)’s notice that the man ate the toast she had laid out. 
When the clock struck eight, (Y/N) pushed herself away from the table and stood up, 
“Look, I’ve got to get ready for work but you’re free to stay here if you want but please don’t burn my house down” 
With that (Y/N) disappeared upstairs to get ready for the day and the only reason she had a skip in her step after only having four hours of sleep was because it was Friday. 
.•° ✿ °•.
When (Y/N) returned home from work, she expected the man to have left but she found him relaxing on her couch like he owned it, though this time with a glass of whiskey and today’s newspaper, which meant he had definitely gone to the shops.
“You haven’t gone home?”
“You said I could stay”
“I did” (Y/N) sat down next to him, “Though I would appreciate if I knew the name of my stray”
The man’s lips twitched at her nickname for him before he stuck his hand out, “Tommy. Tommy Shelby”
(Y/N) shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Tommy. I’m (Y/N).”
(Y/N) sunk into the couch with a tired huff, her long hours were not worth it but she couldn’t pay the bills otherwise.
“Do you know how to cook, Tommy?”
Tommy looked at her from the corner of his eye and shook his head, “I don’t but I know who can”
“Will they be able to cook for me?” (Y/N) was too tired to even make herself a sandwich
“I’m sure they’ll have no problem but first I need a phone and a car”
“I’ve got a phone but I can’t help you with a car”
“That’s fine” Tommy stood up and stretched, “Where are we? Is Small Heath nearby?”
“Small Heath? Yeah, it’s the next town over, maybe a fifteen-minute walk”
“Good, I’ve got a couple of phone calls to make. Where’s your phone?”
(Y/N) pointed at the kitchen and Tommy disappeared. She had no clue where he was going to take her nor what the relevance of Small Heath was but the man interested her and she was keen to find out more.
Tommy returned and raised his eyebrows at her, “You ready?”
“Yup!” (Y/N) jumped up from the couch and picked up her coat and handbag before she followed Tommy out of the house, “Where are we off too?”
“Small Heath first, gotta pick something up but then I’ll take you to where the food is”
(Y/N) nodded and followed him as he walked to Small Heath, the journey was quiet and short but (Y/N) wished she changed out of her heels because her feet were killing her.
When they arrived in Small Heath, Tommy strutted around like he owned the place and add the fact that everyone they walked by including police officers, nodded their head and called him ‘Mr Shelby’, (Y/N) wondered if she was far off by that assumption. 
She followed behind him as he made his way down a street called, ‘Watery Lane’ and stopped at the house with a car outside it. He spoke to the man leaning against the house and took a pair of keys from him and had a little conversation before the man retreated back into the house but not before he took a look at her.
Tommy held the keys up at her and motioned for her to get into the car, 
“C’mon let’s get going”
(Y/N) cautiously made her way into the car, nervous as she has never ridden in one before but she didn’t want to dawdle and waste time.
“Who’s car is this?” (Y/N) asked as Tommy pulled away from the curb, “And where are we going?”
“Company car and we’re going to Warwickshire”
“Company car?”
“My company”
Now (Y/N) was all the more confused on why he ended up outside of her house. If he owned a company and cars then he couldn’t have been in debt, though it was still a very small possibility. 
(Y/N) ended up falling asleep on the journey to wherever Tommy was taking her and was woken up when he gently shook her awake. 
“C’mon sleeping beauty, your food is waiting” Tommy whispered as she woke up. 
“Fucking hell!” (Y/N) couldn’t help herself when she saw the house in front of her, it was bigger than all the houses on her street put together.
Tommy was already out of the car and heading towards the door so (Y/N) quickly jumped out and followed him, quietly marvelling at the house.  Tommy walked into the house and had only taken two steps when was ambushed by a maid.
“Mr Shelby! Where have you been? We haven’t seen you in two days and suddenly we get a call which only tells us to prepare some food” The maid is simultaneously  exasperated and worried, “Look, you’ve got all these cuts and-”
“Mary, it’s fine. I’m fine” Tommy cuts her off, “You have no reason to worry”
“Don’t need to worry-” Mary scoffed before she noticed (Y/N) for the first time and a flush came up her neck, embarrassed at being seen that way by a stranger. 
“The uh chefs have finished dinner, everything is waiting in the dining room” Mary’s eyes never left her feet. 
“Thank you, Mary”
(Y/N) quickly thanked the maid as well before she followed Tommy.
“You have a maid?!”
“Several, actually”
(Y/N) gaped at the man and his wealth, she was rendered speechless by everything that man did. 
Tommy pushed open the door to one of the rooms and gestured that she go first, so she did and she found a large table filled with plates of food she had only dreamed of having. They were all extravagant and high quality, something she could never have afforded.
“Take this as a thank you for everything you did”
“I didn’t ask for all of this, I would have been fine with a simple meal”
“You did something stupid, taking a stranger in from the street….but I am thankful for what you did.” Tommy looked shy as he said those words, “Me giving you dinner, is the least I could do to repay you.”
“Well, I’m not complaining” (Y/N) said as she took a seat and pulled the closest dish towards her.
“You did though” Tommy deadpanned.
(Y/N) held up her thumb and index finger and brought them together until there was only a small gap between them, and grinned up at Tommy, “Only slightly though.”
Tommy took a seat opposite her and continued small talk with (Y/N) as she ate the food in front of her. She was a curious woman, snarky yet kind and considerate and he liked her. 
“What’s your job?” He asked once she finished. 
“Accountant” (Y/N) scowled, “Long hours, underpaid and undervalued, it’s my dream job”
“How about you work for me?”
(Y/N) choked on the water she was drinking, “E-Excuse me?”
“Obviously, I need to see how you work and if you are suitable to work for the company but what do you say?”
“Are you just doing this because of yesterday?” (Y/N) was unsure of where this was coming from. 
“You said you were underpaid and undervalued, you won’t be if you work for me”
“What exactly is it you do?” (Y/N) had been curious as to how he got his massive house.
“Shelby Company Limited is in the business of exportation. We export goods from Birmingham around the world, specifically car parts” Tommy drawled as if he was repeating a pitch for rich investors. 
“Where’s the office, Small Heath?”
Tommy nodded, “What do you think?”
“What am I getting paid?”
Tommy gave a little smirk, “Above average, I assure you. Plus additional benefits.”
(Y/N) nodded after a moment and stuck her hand out, “You’ve got a deal”
Tommy took her hand and shook it once, as a confirmation of their agreement.
“I’ll pick you up on Monday and take you to the office where you can sign the paperwork.”
“Sounds good but speaking of, how am I supposed to get home tonight?”
Tommy looked at the clock in the room and was surprised at how late it was, “It’s late, you can stay the night, there’s plenty of guest rooms.”
“No shit” 
Tommy ignored (Y/N)’s comment, “I’ll have a driver take you home tomorrow.”
“Thank you.”
“If you’re done here, Mary can show you to your room”
As (Y/N) followed Mary upstairs, she realised she never found out why Tommy was left unconscious outside of her house.
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oh-theres-a-woman · 8 days ago
Blood Doilies; Part Nine
Tumblr media
A/N: it's been a while since I updated my writing of any sort. This is something quick I whipped up tonight. Not the best but I'm still hoping people enjoy it. Sorry for how long it took me. I'm thinking about the next part being the last part. Purely because I want to work on finishing other stories and starting new ones. Giving other characters love. Making more the Peaky Universe and writing them.
Taglist: @zodiyack, @itsfrancisneptun, @hesagod-notyet, @amys-small-world, @smallheathgangsters, @hinagiku0, @dylanlover24, @amirahiddleston, @a-dorky-book-keeper, @theamuz, @captivatedbycillianmurphy, @rosiemaisworld​, @queencoraline3​
Parts: [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5 ], [ 6 ], [ 7 ], [ 9 ]
Word Count: 649
A singing bird, landing on the roof of the caravan, stirred you awake the following morning. For a tangle of limbs lazily, a hand swept through untamed locks of bed hair. Dreamingly looking down at the man who laid by your side. Hair in his face, chest bare exposing the light dusting of freckles across his shoulders. Little features—you did not even know about last night. Something so intimately hidden by the moonlight. Now revealed to you naked eye under the glory of the sun peaking through the caravan’s little window.
Last night. The memories flickered through your mind as if they were vivid dream. Almost unbelievable. Not for a moment had you ever pictured such a thing happening with Thomas Shelby.  But here you were. Happy and contented. Settled in watching him sleep for a short moment. Goosebumps beginning to kiss up the tender skin of your nipple. Making the peaks harden in the morning cool. Blankets bunched over any further indecencies.
 Stretching to release all the tenses from your body. Tommy rolled onto his side, lazy arm curling around your waist. Grip fastening on the curved expanse of skin, covering your waist and hip. “Don’t get out of bed yet,” Thomas said with a voice thick and full of sleep. One eyes barely open in the morning light cast soft across his face because of your movement. No longer sheltering him from that light.
 Exposing the pale scarred skin to you in it is in entirety. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Said a voice that you did not recognise as the mask worn over the last few years—with your husband. It was light. The lightness that you found with Tommy. Just in the soft and slow moments. After last night—you felt like there was a new chance to life and love. In a way it did not seem at all possible.
 Leaning down, your lips brushed against the chap of his. Smiling at the roughness. Tommy’s lips moving against the edge of your jaw. Warm and inviting. It was almost impossible not to imagine what would happen next. Bodies meeting once more, furthermore waking you and Tommy entirely. Sweat clung to flesh and the smell of sex was thick in the air. If your hair wasn’t anything remarkably like a bird’s nest before; it was now.
 Laughing as if you were high on the release and gitty feeling deep down. Safety measures didn’t seem too high on your list momentarily. It just felt raw, real, and beautiful. Things you truly desired for a long time in a partner.
 This had been the start of something between you and Tommy. Time together started with days or nights when work didn’t hold such a demand. An extraordinarily little pocket of normal for the head of the Shelby family. Where for even only for a moment he could be just a man.
Arriving in Birmingham again; already late afternoon. There was just a fluttering of Euphoria still causing through your body. Even when it came to seeing your children after the first night away, since possibly the youngest was born.
Collectively, you kissed their head. Their little brows frowning at the motherly affections. Terribly—was the way you would describe missing them. Though, the night away was nice. A little break amongst the chaos. You were certainly sure that Tommy needed such a break too.
 Thomas. Tommy. Tom. At night it made him lay there awake. A promise burning heavy into his mind. That he would not let any risks come to you. Not to you. Not to your children. Or now, the baby that he fathered that night in the field. Growing within you.
 The child that came to him in a dream. Which came true with the doctor’s confirmation and continuous swell of your belly.
 This was nice. It was what was needed.
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tommyshelbysgirl · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
So today I took the time away from writing the imagines you have all requested because since doing them TOMMY has been in my dreams so that means 5 WHOLE NIGHTS!!!!
Writing shall resume tomorrow ❤️💕❤️
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yyosemite · 11 days ago
''Not Everything Happen As Planned'' Part 2 - Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 3
Summary: A little of YN's life story, the facts that taken the hook up at Garrison, Thomas and reader meet again.
Author's Note: English isn't my first language, and I hope you like the direction that story is taking.
No warning.
Word Count: 946
You were not born into a wealthy family, but your parents were always able to provide a life where you had the best education and could have everything you wanted. Your mother's pregnancy was something that your parents planned very carefully, you were a long-awaited daughter, a dream of your mother since she married your father, your family's greatest treasure.
Being their first and only daughter made things a little complicated, as they had planned a whole expectation of what you would be like, what you would do with your life. You were always very grateful for everything your parents did for you, after all in a world like this, knowing that you had opportunities to live a prosperous life was enough for you to feel grateful, and to be even more grateful for having parents who did what they were capable of to make this possible.
When you were a child, family discussions about your life were not a topic, because when you were little you didn’t feel the need to express an opinion about your future, so you went to your ballet and jazz classes, learned foreign languages like french, fulfilling the role that your mother so desperately wanted, to see her daughter be like a refined lady.
However, when your adolescence arrived, you started to aspire to your own career and to plan your future based on your particular wishes. And as expected this was not something well accepted by your parents, your teenage years were marked by your rebelliousness and arguments between you and your parents.
And it all led to the day that you finally convinced them to let you move to Birmingham and live in a flat with your best friend Natasha, where you could finally make your decisions. In fact, you believe that your parents just let you do that, because they hoped it wouldn't work, and that their daughter would come back like a lost puppy coming back to the owner and finally see that what they wanted was the best for you.
Tumblr media
After a week living in Birmingham, you finally managed to get organized and get used to that place being your home for a while.
It was not so difficult to make this place your home when you had Natasha around, she knew like no one else to understand you and help you in your most turbulent moments. Not to mention that she gave up one of her rooms in her flat for you to live in, while trying to adjust until you finally reached your goals. Everything was going according to plan, until your parents tried to get in your life, once again.
Your mom made a call asking you to come home to Nathan's party. Nathan was the man your mother wanted more than anything to become her son-in-law, and she always hated the fact that you couldn't fall in love with him. It was more than obvious that this invitation was a desperate way for she to try to make you a reason to come home, and as always this resulted in another fight, a very heavy fight, and over the phone.
You just didn't count on your mother blocking you from using your bank account, the one you struggled so hard to have, where you deposited your money, from your work teaching ballet to some children. You didn't even think your mom could do that, but then you remembered that she had contacts at the bank.
That was when your struggle to get a job started, you spent days trying to get hired, but despite your dazzling resume no one seemed to accept a young woman without much experience. It seems that everything that could have happened that week happened, and that caused a desperate (Y/N) to stop at the door of that pub. Now that you regret having entered.
The pub didn’t serve drinks for unaccompanied women, but after a lot of bargaining on your part, the barman gave in, maybe he realized by your face that your day had been nothing good. One drink leading to another, and that was when he arrived, the blue-eyed man. The one who gave you a few more drinks for free, who took you to the backroom, who kissed you like it was the last thing he was doing, and who fucked you like no one else had done before. But if you only knew what it would result in.
Tumblr media
After you discovered your pregnancy, the effort for employment was more necessary than before. Like an angel in your life, Nat got a job for you at a clothing and sewing store with a friend of hers. And now you were going into your second month of pregnancy, your belly was not visible yet, but when you looked in the mirror you could already see the shape was like a pregnant belly.
You were fixing up some fabrics when the store's door bell announced a new customer, your co-worker, Susie, asked you to see the customer, since she was busy sewing a dress. You put a smile on your face, ready to serve the next customer, but you felt your body freeze when you saw who that customer was, it was your child's father, the guy who can't even imagine the shit he did.
He was talking to you, but you can't pay attention, all you thought about was if you hit him and cursed him, if you told him about the child, pretended and didn't tell him, you felt your heart beat faster and a panic went up on your chest, until he looked you in the eye and said:
“Are you surprised to see me, sweetheart?’’
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nineteenninety-six · 13 days ago
My Healer
REQUEST: Tooth rotting fluff with Reader patching up Tommy’s wounds.
Honestly, truly, if this reupload doesn’t appear in the tags I will lose my mind.
Tumblr media
They were both sitting in front of the fireplace, Tommy was shirtless and his hair was soaked but (Y/N) had made sure he had a blanket wrapped around him and he had a warm drink next to him.
It was storming outside, and just a few hours ago, (Y/N) had been anxiously waiting for Tommy’s arrival home. He had left before she had even awoken that morning and she stood by the window, eyes focused on the driveway of the house waiting for him to return but when the rain only got heavier and thunder and lightning, she accepted that he wouldn’t be coming home that night since it was too dangerous to drive, but Tommy had surprised her.
He had tried to be silent but (Y/N) had fallen asleep on the couch in the front room so she had woken up when he entered the house. She had caught him as he tried to escape to his office and she would have let him go peacefully if she didn’t see the tenseness of his shoulders or heard the pained breaths he took as he walked.
She caught up with him and gently took his arm in hers and redirected him to the front room which still had lingering warmth from the fire that was dying out. Tommy didn’t even complain, he simply held tightly on to her and let her drag him away. She dumped him on the couch, softly telling him to take off his shirt, waistcoat, socks and shoes before she went and brought the fire back to life and then she went off to make him a hot drink.
Tommy did as commanded and he melted into the couch, warmed by the fireplace. His body relaxed and he dropped his head to the back of the couch, he had desperately wanted to be babied by (Y/N) but when he arrived home late, he had resigned himself to being alone and self-medicating on alcohol and whatever medicine he had laying around.
His body ached and bruises littered his body along with cuts and scrapes on his hands and face and he just wanted to sleep and deal with everything the next day but before he could find a comfortable position, (Y/N) returned with a tub of hot water and mug.
“I’ve just got you some warm water and lemon, you drink that whilst I patch you up” (Y/N) waved him over from where she had settled in front of the fireplace, “Bring that blanket along with you”
Tommy did as he was ordered and sat down opposite her, blanket wrapped his shoulders. (Y/N) passed him the mug before placing his hand on her lap, she sighed at the bloody state of it but reached for the rag that was sitting in the tub and wrung it out and began wiping it clean.
“Honestly you should be having a bath or at least a shower, it would relax you” (Y/N) commented as she scrubbed the blood that had dried around his fingers, “But I suppose you can have one tomorrow”
She gestured for his other hand, which he dutifully gave her and she got to work on it. Tommy knew she desperately wanted to ask what happened and he would tell her but not tonight.
Tommy sipped the lemon water and let (Y/N) do her work, the less he made a big deal about it the quicker she could get it done with and then she could curl up with him.
“Come closer, I need to clean your face” (Y/N) shifted so closer to him and took his face in her hands and tutted at the sight of it.
“I think we have some of that pain cream in the bathroom,” Tommy told her as she gently rubbed a clean cloth across his face.
Tommy watched as she nodded and focused back on her task. He loved watching her in general but seeing her care over him and make sure he was okay made him feel warm. His heart raced as she brushed her fingers under a cut on his cheek and it was he was back at school with a playground crush but luckily for him, they were already married and he didn’t have to do any awkward confessing.
“It’ll be cold upstairs, do you want to sleep down here on the couch?” (Y/N) asked as she cleaned the last cut on his face.
Tommy shook his head, taking her hands in his, “I want to go to our bed, curl up with you and sleep”
(Y/N) smiled down at him and nodded, “We can do that”
She gave him a peck on the cheek before she moved away from him and placed the bowl to the side before she stood up and stuck her hand out so Tommy could pull himself up.
Together they made their way upstairs to their bedroom, Tommy extending his blanket over (Y/N)’s shoulders as they did so and when they finally climb into bed, Tommy curls around (Y/N) and quickly falls asleep, exhausted but glad to back with (Y/N)
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nineteenninety-six · 13 days ago
My Healer
REQUEST: Could I please have some tooth-rotting fluff with either John or Tommy Shelby? Like slow dancing or patching up their wounds or something? I absolutely adore your writing! Thank you!
I’ve decided to make two imagines out of this request and I’ll do John’s at some point. I don’t think this is really tooth-rotting fluff but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
I’ve somehow injured my arm so this was a pain in the ass to write lol
Also, please send me some requests <3
Tumblr media
They were both sitting in front of the fireplace, Tommy was shirtless and his hair was soaked but (Y/N) had made sure he had a blanket wrapped around him and he had a warm drink next to him.
It was storming outside, and just a few hours ago, (Y/N) had been anxiously waiting for Tommy’s arrival home. He had left before she had even awoken that morning and she stood by the window, eyes focused on the driveway of the house waiting for him to return but when the rain only got heavier and thunder and lightning, she accepted that he wouldn’t be coming home that night since it was too dangerous to drive, but Tommy had surprised her.
He had tried to be silent but (Y/N) had fallen asleep on the couch in the front room so she had woken up when he entered the house. She had caught him as he tried to escape to his office and she would have let him go peacefully if she didn’t see the tenseness of his shoulders or heard the pained breaths he took as he walked.
She caught up with him and gently took his arm in hers and redirected him to the front room which still had lingering warmth from the fire that was dying out. Tommy didn’t even complain, he simply held tightly on to her and let her drag him away. She dumped him on the couch, softly telling him to take off his shirt, waistcoat, socks and shoes before she went and brought the fire back to life and then she went off to make him a hot drink.
Tommy did as commanded and he melted into the couch, warmed by the fireplace. His body relaxed and he dropped his head to the back of the couch, he had desperately wanted to be babied by (Y/N) but when he arrived home late, he had resigned himself to being alone and self-medicating on alcohol and whatever medicine he had laying around.
His body ached and bruises littered his body along with cuts and scrapes on his hands and face and he just wanted to sleep and deal with everything the next day but before he could find a comfortable position, (Y/N) returned with a tub of hot water and mug.
“I’ve just got you some warm water and lemon, you drink that whilst I patch you up” (Y/N) waved him over from where she had settled in front of the fireplace, “Bring that blanket along with you”
Tommy did as he was ordered and sat down opposite her, blanket wrapped his shoulders. (Y/N) passed him the mug before placing his hand on her lap, she sighed at the bloody state of it but reached for the rag that was sitting in the tub and wrung it out and began wiping it clean.
“Honestly you should be having a bath or at least a shower, it would relax you” (Y/N) commented as she scrubbed the blood that had dried around his fingers, “But I suppose you can have one tomorrow”
She gestured for his other hand, which he dutifully gave her and she got to work on it. Tommy knew she desperately wanted to ask what happened and he would tell her but not tonight.
Tommy sipped the lemon water and let (Y/N) do her work, the less he made a big deal about it the quicker she could get it done with and then she could curl up with him.
“Come closer, I need to clean your face” (Y/N) shifted so closer to him and took his face in her hands and tutted at the sight of it.
“I think we have some of that pain cream in the bathroom,” Tommy told her as she gently rubbed a clean cloth across his face.
Tommy watched as she nodded and focused back on her task. He loved watching her in general but seeing her care over him and make sure he was okay made him feel warm. His heart raced as she brushed her fingers under a cut on his cheek and it was he was back at school with a playground crush but luckily for him, they were already married and he didn’t have to do any awkward confessing.
“It’ll be cold upstairs, do you want to sleep down here on the couch?” (Y/N) asked as she cleaned the last cut on his face.
Tommy shook his head, taking her hands in his, “I want to go to our bed, curl up with you and sleep”
(Y/N) smiled down at him and nodded, “We can do that”
She gave him a peck on the cheek before she moved away from him and placed the bowl to the side before she stood up and stuck her hand out so Tommy could pull himself up.
Together they made their way upstairs to their bedroom, Tommy extending his blanket over (Y/N)’s shoulders as they did so and when they finally climb into bed, Tommy curls around (Y/N) and quickly falls asleep, exhausted but glad to back with (Y/N)
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yyosemite · 15 days ago
''Not Everything Happen As Planned'' - Tommy Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
Part 2
Summary: A hook up, it ends up in something unplanned.
Author's Note: English isn't my first language, so forgive me if you've found some errors. I didn't liked so much the result, but if at least someone like, I would love to know, so I can continue writing. I hope to not disappoint, thanks!
Warning: smut, but nothing too detailed.
Word Count: 629
You’ve had everything under your control, so you didn’t know how you’ve found yourself in the backroom of The Garrison being kissed by a strange handsome blue eyed man. The skirt of your navy blue dress raised enough to expose your thighs and underwear, and his hands lifting your ass at the same time he trailed kisses in your chin and neck.
‘’What’s your name?’’ Said him between the kisses
''It 's (Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I said breathlessly.
After that, the two of you didn't have to say anything else, because you are so intoxicated by the ecstasy and the bliss of the moment that nothing remains to say, just the kisses and his hands discovering the curves of your body.
With your pantie pulled to the side he turned both of yours bodies in one, that man made you see stars like no one else did before, it’s like in that moment you belonged here, in that backroom all messy, moaning and feeling fullness joy, he made you for that moment not care if that wasn’t planned, and together both of you came.
He put you on the floor and waited until you were recovered from your orgasm, until your body was good enough for you to stand alone, and with one last kiss he left you in the room in the company of the guilt now growing in your chest. The thought ‘’what the hell did I do?’’ now playing in your mind such as a mantra. So you made yourself presentable again and left the pub.
Tumblr media
You woke up with a headache and soreness in your thighs because of the previous night, with your last strength you left the bed and went to the kitchen, where your best friend Natasha was preparing coffee.
While you sat on the chair she put the cup of coffee on the table in front of you, and with just one look she seemed to understand everything, it is incredible how your friendship allowed this understanding without words.
‘’Someone seems to have enjoyed the night’’ The woman said with a smirk.
‘’Don't even tell me, I shouldn't have entered the pub’’.
‘’You should stop being so controlling, (Y/N), you’re young, beautiful, you should allow yourself’’ She explained and I rolled my eyes.
‘’I know, but I can't, I hate things that happen without me having an idea that it would happen’’.
‘’Weren't you the one who wanted to leave your parents house, exactly because they didn't agree that things would happen outside of what they planned for you?’’ She scoff.
‘’Yes, but there are two different things, Nat’’ I explained trying to defend myself.
‘’No, itsn’t. But if you still want to be independent it is better to improve that face and start getting a job.’’
Sometimes Nat was annoying with her scolding but you know that she is right, so you took a sip of your coffee and started running for your life.
Tumblr media
After two weeks dedicating yourself to finding a job, it was a tragedy, although you have a great resume, nobody wanted to hire a young woman with no experience.
It all started to get worse when you got sick, throwing up all the time you smelled food, you and Nat had a vague idea of what it could be, but you didn't want to go into despair without first knowing if it's true, but for real, you were already in panic.
So when the doctor examined you and said with all the words that you were pregnant, you knew that it really wasn't in your plans.
You. Pregnant. Of the child of the blue-eyed man. That you don't even know the name.
You’re fucked up. That’s the word, fucked up.
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geekwritersworld · 21 days ago
Years later
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x witch!reader
warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of animal blood, swearing (it’s peaky blinders, its inevitable)
Summary: As stated below in the Request
Request : @screechingexpertpruneneck Can you write something based on the movie Carrie. Tommy x witch reader. Polly is telling a story to the Shelby's about her old high school prom. And shows them the yearbook and pictures. She says she was in a group that picked on this really nice shy girl. Then at prom they pulled that mean trick and the girl got her revenge but Polly escaped. The reader say’s she’ll get Polly one day and shows up to the garrison still young as she was in high school. Polly instantly recognizes her and do all the Shelby's. Tommy's instantly smitten with her and can’t help it.
a/n: I did add a few changes to the story when compared to your request @screechingexpertpruneneck​, I hope that’s alright 😊
When Polly thought of her years as a teenager, she knew she’d done ridiculous and unnecessary things. She hadn’t been an easy child to raise.
There were things she’d done and been through, that she just  never spoke off. But the one thing that kept her going back to Church, was the humiliation she’d brought down on a teenager on the night of their prom, years ago.
There wasn't a day, it didn't cross her mind filled with guilt.
Polly hoped that one day, if she saw the woman once again, she'd repent for what she’d been apart of that night.
It didn't help matters that the woman was several years younger to Polly, and Polly had only gone to the dance, though she wasn't in school anymore at the time, to ruin the young woman's night.
She’d been in her mid 20′s while the girl, Kaliyah, had been 17. The night of the dance, Polly and the few girls she ‘d befriended, decided to sneak into their old school, during the dance. 
The young girl was treated as an outcast, while their high school years were supposed to be memorable, she had found hers to be a nightmare.
“I signed the business papers with a businesswoman today. Been talking to her about it for a week now, we’re Going to get the shipping started in 2 days time” the smoke puffed from Tommy’s lips, while he sat down in his aunts kitchen. “ she deals with the exports and imports there”
“where are you shipping to?” the chair Polly, gripped her hand on , made a screeching noise as she pulled it out and sat down.
“Nottingham” Came Tommy’s response.
“How fucking illegal is this exportation going to be?’
“The woman, Kaliyah White, she’s made sure the illegalities of the exportation of our Gin are under control.” Tommy spoke, his voice rough and tired. “so not very illegal Pol” 
But even in his exhausted state, even though his eyes burned with sleep and his body ached with the continuous moving of the day, Tommy didn’t miss the way his Aunt paled at his words. 
“what is it Pol?” he sat up straight.
“ Kaliyah White? Kaliyah White, You’ve done fucking business with Kaliyah White!?” the chair made a screeching noise again, against the floorboard, this time because Polly stood up and grabbed the glass of drink from Tommy’s hand and threw it across.
“Fuck sake, Pol, what’s the issue in doing business with Kaliyah, eh? I'm trying to fucking expand our fucking business!” His Aunt had rarely been the reason behind his confusion, but tonight, she’d given him a hundreds reasons to be confused.
“You can’t do business with her alright”
“NO! at least let me fucking meet her first and then-”
“then what? I’m not marrying her Pol, I'm doing business with her, what’s this about you meeting her first?”
Her eyes were wide, she looked scared out of her wits, and Tommy felt nothing but confused. He couldn’t understand why Pol had reacted the way she did. But Tommy was smart enough to put some pieces together and understand that his aunt clearly knew the businesswoman he had done business with earlier that day.
“Get the fuck out "Polly spat, turning around and looking at Tommy with an expression that made it very clear to him that there was no conversing left to do.
He rolled his eyes, put his cigarette out and turned around to leave, slipping his dusty black coat on.
Polly poured herself another glass whilst ignoring the broken glass that held Tommy’s drink a few minutes ago. She sat back on the chair, lighting a cigarette, and taking in a deep breathe , she let out a smooth outflow of smoke from her lips. 
Her hands trembled. Tommy turned around looking at his aunt one more time, he noticed her hands shaking. He didn’t often question business deals once they’d been made, but he was now, while walking out. There was nothing he had ever seen make his aunt tremble, but the seemingly harmless woman he met with, seemed to make her tremble in fear. And all he had done was simply mention her.
The night ,for Polly, passed with a slowness that was agonizing. She’d seen what Kaliyah was more than capable of that night, more than 10 years ago.
When the sunlight finally broke in through the curtains, Polly got up and put on her shoes, deciding today she needed to tell Tommy why he couldn't do business with Kaliyah. Because Tommy wouldn’t quit his decision of exporting to Nottingham any other way. He wouldn’t, without asking questions and a proper reason.
She headed into the living room after breakfast, she felt nervous. And she hadn’t felt so, in a long while. It was fatuous, she to this day, couldn’t understand why she did what she did to Kali in high school.
Polly’s slender fingers traced over the different books and albums on her shelf. It had been years since she opened any of these albums, especially her album from high school.
The red colored album tucked under her left arm, Polly pushed open the door to the Garrison, walking inside she headed straight towards the private room, where she knew Tommy always sat at this time of the day.
Opening the door to the private room, Polly cursed under her breath, seeing John, Arthur and Tommy sat there , smoking.
“What ya got there Pol?” Arthur inquired, leaning  back.
“I’d fucking ask you to get out but its fucking pointless now” Polly sat down in the empty seat next to Tommy. She almost pretended that the other Shelby boys weren't even there.
“This Tommy is why you need to fucking quit business with Kaliyah.” her hands flipped through the pages. The thick and slowly browning pages had multiple pictures on them. But Polly kept flipping through the pages, until she stopped on one. 
“This the businesswoman?” She pointed at the image of a girl no older than 17,her hair smoothed back , a sad little smile on her face.
“Yeah, and?” Tommy smoked, still feeling no alarm.
John and Arthur furrowed their eyebrows , wondering where this was going.
“This is from more than 10 fucking years ago, from the high school I once went to.” Polly took a deep breath.  
She narrated the events that took place the night of the prom , that often kept Polly up at night. Tommy raised his brows at Polly with amusement , when she told the Shelby’s of the way she and her friends , formed a group. A group solely intended to pick on her. She told them of the way she had come up with the idea. 
John snickered when Polly told them of how she and her friends , though long , almost 6 years done with high school, decided to head to their school dance , and play a joke on Kaliyah. 
The narration of the young girl being humiliated stunned Tommy, Polly’s hands shook as she told Tommy that Kaliyah swore to come after Polly, when Polly managed to get away. The Shelby brothers listened intently to their Aunt telling them of what she’d done along with her friends and how she remembered the screams of her friends and her boyfriend at the time , when Kaliyah unleashed hell on them.
The boys saw a visible shudder pass through Polly’s hands. 
“Jesus Christ Pol” Arthur breathed out.
“A fucking witch” John put his cigarette out, and run his hands through his hair. 
Tommy, however, was yet to give a reaction. He’d found it hard to believe. There were multiple things he found hard to swallow about the incident that his Aunt had narrated to him, but the one most difficult to believe , was that the woman who’d spoken to him with zero judgement and the utmost kindness, was capable of this. 
He wondered, if like Grace, Kaliyah was perhaps using him ? 
“Thomas!” Polly looked at him, with frantic and impatient eyes. 
“I’ll see what I can fucking do, eh” Tommy put his cigarette out, got up, grabbing his cap off of the table opened the door to the private room. 
He put his hat on , whilst closing the door to the room, looking up however , he noticed her standing at the door of the pub immediately. 
There weren’t too many people in the Pub, maybe around 9 or so.
But she was clearly looking for somebody. Her hair, she looked her around the room. Her eyes searching the Garrison, Tommy saw her shoulders drop when she didn’t find whoever it was she was looking for; Tommy had a feeling it was possible Polly , she was looking for. 
The woman , who looked nothing older than 25, walked towards the counter, Tommy watched the way she looked at Harry. The look in her eyes, gave more than enough reason to Harry to just serve her, even though they didn’t serve women.
“surprising seeing you here, Miss White” Tommy walked towards her, cautious with each step he took.
“How’d you know its not Mrs.” She looked up at him with a smile that almost had Tommy walk back into the private room and ask Polly if she was sure it was the same Kaliyah that killed her peers.
Tommy sat on the chair next to Kaliyah’s, and carefully observed her when Harry put down her glass of Gin, in front of her.
“Thank you” the warm tone of her voice made Tommy squint, nobody ever thanked the barman or barmaids at pubs, yet the woman seated next to him did just that. 
“I make sure I know who I’m doing business with, plus you're infamous in Nottingham” He said slowly. Watching the her lips twitch into a hesitant smirk.
“well, that’s another thing we have in common then, Mr. Shelby”  her emphasis on his last name told Tommy that she knew who he was, and of his relation to his Aunt.
“Let’s cut the crap though, Tommy.” her voice turning cold while she slowly placed her glass down, and turned towards Tommy. “where is Polly fucking Shelby?” 
He knew , or at least had a rough idea, of the chaos Kali could bring down around her. And he wasn’t so sure if she would care if she hurt the blinders and others at the pub in that  moment.
“It’s been years, eh-” He started, calmly.
“I don't fucking care. That bitch ruined everything. The minute I felt fucking accepted, the moment I felt there was fucking hope for me, she fucking ruined it.” Her grip on her glass got tighter, her knuckles slowly turning white.
“Answer me this, and I’ll tell you where she is,” he took a breath “ what will it do for you? Will it bring you peace, if she’s dead? happiness? Because I’ve killed a lot of people , Miss White, and I fucking assure you there is no consolation that comes of it. Just more fucking shit”
“What the FUCK what would you know about humiliation? You don’t know what its like to live with the mother I had, or with the constant picking and harassments , that YOU’RE fucking aunt was apart of, you don’t know what its  like to feel like an outcast you’re whole life, and then the one moment, someone finally makes you feel normal, and like you belong, you’re humiliated in front of everyone.”
“you didn’t answer the question” Tommy’s face remained expressionless, yet he felt a multitude of emotions; anger, love, sorrow, and familiarity. He knew what it felt like to feel like an outcast. But maybe not to the extent she did.
“I....I don’t fucking know” her breathe hitched. Her breathing got heavier and her eyes slowly filled with tears. But she was adamant not to let it show. 
“Let me tell you, eh. “ he leaned in, his face only a few inches away from hers. He only know noticed the beauty in her eyes, the soft shade of green and hint of blue, he noticed the natural pink of her lips. “ you think killing Pol will you bring you peace, consolation even. But it won’t. There is no consolation some times, But peace, the only way you’ll ever be at peace, will be if you make peace with yourself and your past. people change, Kali. The Pol , I know now, wouldn’t do that to you.” Tommy could see her eyes soften, the anger slowly, very slowly, yet surely melting away.
Kaliyah, still avoiding his gaze, stared into her glass.
“Ey, the Pol I know now, she would do anything to fucking make it up to you. but fucking killing her won’t do anything. There is no peace that comes from it, only guilt. A fucking lot of it too.”
“If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve had the boy who loved me” Kaliyah sighed. Tommy had got through to her, but making peace with herself and her past would be a long and bumpy process.
She finally turned to face the man she initially intended to use to get to his Aunt. But looking at him now, the years and years of pent up anger slowly washed away. Or so she thought.
Kali took in his deep blue eyes, she’d never seen eyes as blue as his, and they were warm. His lips looked soft, and she almost kissed them, but refrained from doing so.
She could tell this was out of character for him, but nevertheless he slowly , put his hand over his, that still gripped the glass; which Harry feared , while watching from afar, that she might break. He slowly slipped his fingers with hers, loosening her grip and tightening her grip on his hands instead.
“You’ll find someone else then, eh” his tone was hopeful, something he hasn’t been nor felt since returning from the war, that took away his faith in the world.
“Who, Thomas, who the fuck would possible love a witch that's killed people?” Her tone was now broken. The anger that she felt for years may have washed away at the realization that it would bring her no peace, nor would it undo what had been done. But the pain remained unlike the anger.
Tommy’s response went unheard, because behind him, he heard the doors to the private room open. Upon turning around, he saw Polly standing there. Her eyes wide. 
The instant cold that replaced the grip of her hand on his, made Tommy immediately turn around, to stop Kaliyah if needed.
“kal-” but instead Kaliyah was already headed towards the exit of the pub.
Tommy quickly got up and in quick and long strides, he walked towards the doors as well, following Kaliyah.
“I can’t” she breathed out, as soon as she was once again in the cold Birmingham air. I thought I wasn’t so angry anymore, but looking at her again, i-i’m still just so fucking angry. After all these years, i don't-” She didn’t finish , because in that moment, she flipped a car that was parked, with a flick of her hand.
A lamppost, slowly bent. The sound of the hard metal turning, made Tommy look at back and forth between the metal and Kaliyah. With very unsure hands, Tommy slowly, reached out towards Kaliyah. 
Her hands, covered her ears, her eyes shut tight, tears rolling down her face. 
“Look” Tommy softly placed his hands on hers. Trying to loosen her grip on her ears, yet he was careful trying to not trigger her further.
“Kaliyah, listen to me alright” he managed to slip his rough and calloused but warm fingers through hers, and slowly loosened her grip on her ears.
“I fucking can’t, just the sight of her” she broke down further. Tommy got closer, and wrapped his arms around her, tightening his arms slowly.
“It’ll take time alright, all those years of anger isn’t going to fucking go away in a matter of minutes.” he whispered, which for him was unusual.
she said nothing, but just nodded, holding onto him, like he was the only thing keeping her sane. Because he was. But she couldn’t tell him that.
“I would” 
“what?” she furrowed her eyebrows , confused.
“the answer to the question you asked me inside a few minutes ago; I would” He said it in a very nonchalant manner. But it was, once again out of character for him, never , even with Grace, did he feel so awfully comfortable or close, as he did with Kaliyah, that too within just knowing her for only a week.
Kali recalled what she’d asked him inside, and once she realized, her eyes widened.
For once, she felt, safe. She felt as though she could maybe finally let down her guard, even just for a minute. 
He held her and she held onto him, for as long as either wanted. He held on to her, because she didn’t let go of him, and she didn’t let go of him, because he didn’t let go of her.
Polly didn’t step outside. The guilt came back stronger. If Kaliyah let her live, she’d spend as long as required, trying to make it up to Kaliyah.
Outside, Kaliyah finally let go of Tommy, “ it’s getting cold” she whispered.
“I think this’ll help” she said before leaning in closer to his face. The warmth of his breath hitting her face.
Tommy held the back of her head, while she connected her lips with his. The air turned warmer, or maybe it was his ears turning red, either way, it felt just right. 
They way it never did with Grace. 
She held his face, his skin soft under her cold fingers. 
“I think it worked.” she breathed out, when they finally broke the kiss.
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ijustwant2write · 22 days ago
The Cheat-Thomas Shelby x Reader
Tumblr media
(GIF credit to @myimaginesworld​)
Summary: (Y/N) makes the biggest mistake of her life in one night, praying that her husband will never find out. But no matter how hard she tries to hide it, Thomas Shelby knows everything.
Characters: Thomas Shelby x Reader
Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)=Your last name
Warnings: Cheating, swearing, mentions of weapon, angst, arguing, divorce, threats, rape, violence, death
Why had I been so stupid?
I was a reckless woman, a cheater, a filthy, lying cheater. He didn’t deserve this. Not after everything he had been through. Not after everything he had done for me. Yet here I was, hunched up in shock whilst laying in another man’s bed, miles away from my own home.
My wedding ring reflected the light coming through the window, reminding me that I was indeed a married woman. My eyes shut quickly, blocking out the sight of it. It was a cruel tease, rubbing the salt in an already huge open wound. How was I supposed to get out of this? What was I going to do?
The truth is I’m not going to get out of this and I can’t do anything about that.
Everyone knew who I was. I wasn’t going to sneak away easily. If someone spotted me, Tommy would find out almost immediately. Sometimes it was scary how powerful he was. The stranger beside me was still asleep, giving me the chance to get away. Slowly shifting out of bed, I shivered at the coldness, my body covered in goosebumps within seconds. Our clothes were tangled up together, just as we were last night, meaning it was taking longer than it should have for me to escape. I hadn’t even put my underwear back on before I heard him stir. Freezing, my head whipped round to see if he was waking up, and much to my dismay, he was already looking at me, a smirk on his lips.
Without hesitating, I grabbed my purse from the floor, not even fumbling as I pulled out my gun, aiming it right at his head. His eyes widened, mouth falling open in shock.
“If you speak a word of this to anyone, or even think about it, I’ll have a Peaky Blinder take your eyes. Or I could get it all over with now and save you the pain.” I threatened.
He furiously nodded, not able to say anything.
“You don’t know me, you never saw me, and you were never with me. Do you understand?”
He repeated his actions, managing to squeak out a ‘yes’. I felt like I couldn’t move, that if I did, he would somehow shout out to the world that we had slept together. What the fuck was I supposed to do now?
(Y/N), you’re standing stark naked in front a man with a gun. 
“Where’s the best exit to sneak away?” I composed myself, slowly lowering the gun.
“O-out the back. It’s a tiny alleyway.”
Standing still for a few more seconds, I made sure he wasn’t going to do anything stupid, continuing to hastily change back into the clothes from the night before.
“You got a hat? A coat?”
“Good, remember what I said. It wasn’t a bluff.”
Rushing downstairs, I took the hat and coat he spoke of, glad that they were big, better to hide myself with. Finding my way to the kitchen, I spotted the back door to the tiny yard, which had a gate leading to the alley. Although I was quick in my step, I had to look normal, not suspicious. It was still very early morning, a slight fog layered the streets (good, another advantage for myself). My mind began to relax a little, seeing that no one was about, until a distinctive voice called out to me.
“No point hiding Mrs Shelby.” Johnny called out from down the street. 
He was leaning against a car, obviously borrowed from Tommy, hands in his pockets with one leg crossed over the other. I glared at him, quickly checking my empty surroundings before marching over to him. 
“Keep your voice down!” I hissed at him, worried that people would be spying through their windows. 
“He knows (Y/N).”
I hated the look on his face. It was a look of disgust, bewilderment, he couldn’t believe I had done such a horrible thing to the man I loved. Why would a woman who had it all, throw everything away in one night? I was married to one of the most powerful men in the country, he could give me anything I wanted, provide protection, money, anything I asked for! And here I was at the crack of dawn, in last night’s clothes and sneaking out like a teenager.
No more words were exchanged as Johnny drove me home. I could see why he was sent to fetch me. Perhaps he would try and get something out of me, or make me slip up. Any old bodyguard would have no effect on me. It also meant the staff knew less about the situation, though I knew word would spread around soon enough.
If I didn’t feel sick already, I surely did now. Johnny parked up all too soon in front of the house, the tires on the gravel making too much noise for my liking. The sun was only just peeking over the horizon, but I wanted to keep hiding in the darkness. Johnny opened the door for me, and I hesitated to get out, dreading what I could be in for. Would it be a screaming match? Would he be silent? Or would I be facing something more...violent?
Slowly stepping out of the car, I avoided eye contact with Johnny Dogs, trying to clear my mind before I had to face Tommy. My legs buckled slightly, and I couldn’t tell if it was from the after effects of alcohol or the fear surging through me. Going into this extravagant house felt wrong. I had decided to stay in a run down, tiny, dirty house squeezed in amongst other properties, rather than this luscious home last night. Now here I was, walking in as if I didn’t live here. This could be the last time I ever stood in these very walls.
If anyone else was here, they wouldn’t have to tell me where to go. He was going to be in his office, cigarette in his mouth and a glass of whiskey in his hand. He would remain silent as I walked in, take his time, maybe down the rest of his drink before speaking. I knew Tommy. He was my husband after all.
My hands were clammy as I opened the door, seeing the back of him as he stared out of the window. I was right about the cigarette and glass. I silently took in a deep breath, approaching the desk timidly, as if I was a child getting told off. That’s how meek I felt, he was practically going to do that, but instead of being sent to my room, I was going to be kicked out of the house. 
“This is late for you. You were never one to stay out that late.” he started, still not looking at me.
I struggled to think of a response.
“The only time you’ve seen the sunrise is when you waited for me, after that big fight. If I hadn’t married you before that day, I certainly would have then.”
I deserved that.
He turned to face me.“Maybe I should have held my breath.”
My voice was extremely shaky as I spoke, tears already rolling down my cheeks."Tommy, I could say this a million times but it will never express how deeply I feel this. I am so sorry for what I did. You know that I would do anything I could to change all of this-"
"You knew what you were doing."
"I-I don't know how to explain it-"
"You fucked another man, (Y/N). Plain and simple." he stubbed out his cigarette harshly, slamming down the glass at the same time.
"No, I ruined everything, I just...I don't understand why I did it!"
"I don't either. Come on then, let's figure it out together." I hated how patronising he was being.
"Tommy I-"
"It can't be me. I haven't slept with anyone. I've given you a good life, haven't I? Was there something you didn't like? Perhaps you didn't like the way the cooks scrambled your eggs in the morning? Or maybe the newest dress I bought for you wasn't up to standards for you?"
"Fucking stop it Tommy!" I raised my voice.
"Oh, you're raising your voice at me now? I didn't realise I was the one in the wrong."
"I know what I did was ducking stupid, and the most disgusting thing I've ever done. I've broken a promise from our marriage, I've deceived you, I acted as if I didn't love you, and for the life of me, I don't know why!"
"I'm not giving you time to figure that out."
"I want you out of this house."
"Tommy, please-"
"You knew this was coming as soon as you woke up this morning."
"Yes, and I've been trying to think how I could fix this."
I opened my mouth, quickly closing it when I had no idea what to say.
"Ah, nothing. That's what I thought."
"No, fucking enough. You've done the damage."
"But, why can't we do something to fix this?"
"Because it's a big fucking mess. And I don't have the time nor patience to deal with something like this."
"Y-you're not even going to try? Just give up on us like that?"
"Might want to remind yourself what you did last night. I want you out of the house by the morning. You can have a portion of money to keep you going, I won't put you on the streets."
"Tommy, I love you! I want to forget this happened, learn from this-"
"Learn from this? Fucking learn?!"
He wasn't listening, and it was making me angry."Oh, like you're a saint and haven't slept with multiple women!"
"Not whilst I was married! You can try to justify all of this to make yourself feel better, but it won't change what you've done."
"I know! And it's killing me!"
“So how do you think that makes me feel?!” he shouted.“You betrayed me! You were one of the few people I trusted.”
“You can trust me!”
Tommy’s eyes were wide.“Are you fucking stupid?! I am not going to stand here all morning shouting at you. There is no resolving this.”
“I can’t be with someone who goes behind my back. If this was the other way around, you would be thinking the exact same. So don’t tell me what we’re going to do, because we’re not going to do anything. It’s over (Y/N).”
I let out a heavy huff as I leaned back in my chair, staring at the numbers written out in front of me. After the divorce, Tommy stayed true to his world, giving me a big quantity of money. I had enough to buy a small house, I could live off of the rest for at least a year, maybe a year and a half. However, I knew I would have to start working again. I wasn’t against that, it would mean I could make friends at least. But it would be difficult to find an employer that wanted the ex-wife of Thomas Shelby.
Tommy was able to file for the divorce papers extremely quickly, meaning I was out of the house and his life much sooner than I thought. That didn’t stop me from trying. I apologised everyday, trying to convince Tommy nothing like that would ever happen again, even as the movers were taking my belongings out of the house. But hid mind was made up. I had lost him, I lost the man I loved. 
I heard a thud outside, as if someone had slammed the garden gate. At first I tried to shake it off, it was slightly windy. Perhaps I didn’t put it on the latch properly. When I didn’t hear anything else, I ignored it, looking back on my calculations. I didn’t have to panic about money just yet, though it was still a good idea to be prepared. I was about to redo my numbers, wanting to double check my answers when another sound echoed outside. This time I kept my guard up, heading to my purse on the side and getting out my gun. Turning off the lights, I peeked out of the windows, checking all around the house, but didn’t find anything. There were no more noises, no signs of anyone trying to break in. I was being paranoid, because I found myself lying awake, gun clasped in my hand and staring at the phone, debating if I should call him.
I had given in.“Tom, it’s (Y/N). Please don’t put the phone down!”
“What do you want? It’s the middle of the night.”
“You say that as if you have a regular sleep schedule.”
He didn’t reply.
“I’m sorry, this is going to sound stupid but I think someone is watching me. I heard noises earlier and just have a strange feeling, like the one I got when-”
“And what do you want me to do about that?”
I was shocked.“I...I had no one else to call. I just thought-”
“Go to bed (Y/N), there’s no one out to get you, not anymore.”
The phone was slammed down, and I couldn’t comprehend what just happened. Tommy may have hated me, despise me even, but what if I was truly in danger? Would he never be there to help me again? It seemed stupid to ask such a question, however, after having years of someone looking out for you. There was no rest for me that night, I couldn’t recall my eyes shutting for more than a second. Not only was I kept awake from the fear, I also couldn’t stop thinking about my ex-husband’s behaviour.
With heavy bags under my eyes, I dragged my feet along the pavement, arms aching from carrying all my food shopping. I hated how far away I was from my home on days like this. I wish I could have afforded to keep my car, another thing Tommy gifted to me. Trying to conjure up any sort of energy left from yesterday, I pushed myself onwards. But as I tried to keep positive, a man practically jumped around the corner of a building, causing us to collide, my food spilling everywhere.
“What the fuck?!” I snapped out of instinct.
“You can’t talk to us like that.” he snarled.
“Who? Actually, I don’t care.”
I bent down to pick up what I could, when someone from behind scooped their arms underneath mine, dragging me backwards. I screamed out loudly, making my body go limp and heavy to make it difficult for whoever had a hold of me. What made me more scared was the fact that there were at least three people walking by, all turning their heads away as if it made me invisible. Flailing around, my heart started racing as I realised I might not escape this, especially as we were met with more men. 
“What are you doing?!” I yelled out.
“Avenging those taken from us, by your husband.” one of them growled.
“I’m not with him anymore!”
“Too late to go back now.”
The two policemen fidgeted as they stood on the doorstep of Thomas Shelby’s house. They had no power over this man, he had somehow legally/illegally made his way up in the world, bought a huge house, multiple cars, lots of land...and always managed to cover up his tracks. However, today they had to forget about that, they were here on serious business.
Tommy sat at his desk, surrounded by a cloud of smoke from his cigarette. He was preparing for a family meeting, they had a lot of work to do. There was a knock at his office door, and he called for the servant to enter, not even looking up from his papers. 
“Mr Shelby, there are two policemen here to see you.” they explained.
Tommy wasn’t phased. He knew he hadn’t left any tracks from any recent plan of his.“Alright, let them in.”
The policemen timidly entered, approaching the desk. Tommy didn’t bother standing, putting out his cigarette and waiting for them to speak.
“Mr Shelby, I’m afraid we have some...unfortunate news.” one of them started.
“And what would that be then?” 
The officers glanced at each other, scared what could happen to them when they revealed the news.“It’s about your ex-wife, Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She’s dead.”
Tommy felt like his heart stopped for a second.“What?”
“She was found dead in an alley way. It appeared she was...forced there, raped, beaten and killed.”
His gaze fell lower, shock filling his system. (Y/N) was dead. She had called him too. She was scared and he did nothing because of the spite in him.
“We’re sorry for your loss, sir. But, we also need to have someone come confirm the body is hers. It’s procedure and-”
“Get out.”
“Yes sir. We will arrange something at a later time.”
The officers scurried away and out of the house as quickly as they could. The servant waiting on the outside of the door had heard every single word, instantly rushing to inform their co-workers. (Y/N) had been a good employer, she didn’t deserve to die that way.
Tommy let out a painful yell as he swiped everything off of his desk. papers went flying, the glass full of old cigarettes and ash smashed along with his glass of whiskey. He kept screaming, not knowing how else to let go of his rage. He pushed over chairs, smashed statues and it still didn’t help. His chest raised up and down as he breathed heavily. His eyes were like saucers, hands gripped into fists as he debated what else he could smash. 
What would have happened if he had just helped her? She wasn’t asking for him to love her or take her back. He was the only person she knew that could protect her. She was alone, scared and asked for the smallest thing. Would she still be alive if he sent men out to patrol around her house? Could she at least escaped with a few bruises? Those men wanted revenge because of something he did, because of his killing. His worst fear had come true. (Y/N) was gone, and this was something he could never fix. 
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nineteenninety-six · 23 days ago
Police Station Meet Cute
3. Meeting the love of your life in a police station does not make for a good story to tell the grandchildren, but definitely an interesting one.
Tumblr media
Meeting the love of your life in a police station does not make for a good story to tell the grandchildren, but definitely an interesting one.
Their children had tried to stop them from telling the story to their grandchildren in fear that it would give them the wrong ideas but the children were insistent and what is the point of being grandparents if not to indulge your grandchildren.
It was the usual monthly family dinner and all of the children and grandchildren were at Arrow House for the usual Sunday Roast. Dinner had ended and now everybody had gathered in the front room with a bowl of ice cream in their hands and the children were sitting on the floor surrounding the chairs of their grandparents eagerly waiting for the story they heard every week.
"C'mon grandad, the ice cream is melting"
"Alright, alright. Sit down and eat your ice cream" Tommy rolled his eyes at the impatience as he shifted in his chair to get more comfortable, “It was nineteen-twelve and…”
Tommy glared at the hand that was wrapped around his upper arm, gripping so tight it would leave a mark. He had tried to pull away multiple times but the police officer did not budge, determined to drag him straight into the cell himself.
The police officer shoved him into the cell and Tommy barely avoided falling to his knees by the force of his shove but when he turned around to glare at the officer, the officer had already slammed the cell door closed and walked away.
“What a sweetheart” A voice behind him muttered.
Tommy spun around and was surprised to find a young woman around his age sitting in the corner of the cell, he didn’t even realise someone else was in the cell.
“Do you think he was born like that?” Tommy asked
The woman snorted, “Probably. That’s why he became a copper, so he could be miserable all the time”
Tommy laughed as he took a seat on the floor, back on the wall but with enough space between him and the woman so she didn’t get uncomfortable.
“I’m Tommy” He introduced himself.
Tommy turned his head towards her and she shot him a small smile which he returned.
“What did you do to get in here Tommy?” (Y/N) asked
“A copper was giving my aunt trouble so I threatened him” Tommy held his thumb and index finger so that they were close together but not touching, “Just a bit though”
“Are you gonna go after him when you get out?”
“Ah no. They’ll be keeping an eye on me so I’ll have to be on my best behaviour but I also have two brothers”
(Y/N) let out an ‘oh’ once she realised what he was implying.
“Won’t that mean they’ll get in trouble?”
“Only if they’re not careful” Tommy responded before he flipped her question back at her, “Why are you in here?”
“My boss decided to not pay me for this month's work so I decided to make him regret his choice. I told all of the workers that the boss said to take Friday off and then I took my money from his office whilst he was out. I also took a bit for next month because I knew he’d fire me but I don’t think he knows about the money yet. I’ve been sentenced to a day in jail but I’m free after that ”
“Some might say not to bite the hand that feeds you”
“Others might say don’t be a thieving bastard and you won’t lose a day of production and a chunk of money, but hey what do we know”
They fell into a comfortable silence after that but when night fell and they weren’t given a blanket, they curled up with each other, keeping the both of them warm throughout the night.
The following morning after they were led out of the police station, they paused in the courtyard  and faced each other,
“It was nice to meet you, Tommy. I must thank you for keeping me company and warm”
Tommy flushed a bit at her words, “It was nice to meet you too.”
(Y/N) gave him one last smile and turned to leave but Tommy quickly shot his hand out and grabbed her arm,
“I-uh, work at Charlie Strong’s yard if  you ever want to meet again”
“Charlie’s Yard” (Y/N) repeated to herself before nodding, “I’ll make sure to visit”
“Aw, that’s so cute. I wish I could meet my love like that” One of their granddaughters gushed. At seventeen and with her head always buried in a romance book, she loved everything romance.
“Don’t torment yourself over it dear” (Y/N) smiled at her granddaughter, “Don’t force it. It’ll happen when it happens and you’ll know it. Don’t worry about it”
Tommy looked at his watch and then at his grandchildren, “It’s getting late and you need to get back home because you’ve all got school tomorrow”
Tommy smiled at the whines and groans all the children released, “You’ll be here again next week and I’ll tell you another story”
That perked the children up and soon they were giving their grandparents goodbye kisses and hugs before they left the house, sticking their heads and hands out of their parents’ car waving until their grandparents were out of sight.
Arrow House was quiet and lonely six days out of the week but Tommy and (Y/N) always looked forward to Sundays.
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athoughtofblue · 29 days ago
Picking strawberries w the Shelby brothers would include...
Tumblr media
So I wanted to actually write the stuff that I always do, but I couldn't find a good plot to get it going, so I decided, why not write a bunch of headcanons instead?
taglist: @captivatedbycillianmurphy @babylooneytoonz @thomasinada @shelby-love
Tommy Shelby
✧ He’d hold a basket for you and follow you around tiredly because you keep spotting strawberries
✧ He loves you anyway and he 100% thinks it’s cute.
✧ When he notices you hum a tune as you walk, he just falls in love with you all over again
✧ “Tommy, look, here’s another one!”
✧ “(Y/n), Pol’s not going to need this many strawberries.”
✧ He also steals them from the basket when you’re not looking
✧ When you catch him though, he feeds you one quickly so you can’t scold him
✧You obligingly eat it but you stop him after a while because it’s unhygienic
✧After a while you both are kinda tired and lay in the grass
✧ His cap is placed beside him because he knows you like to play with his hair.
✧ The summer brings a nice warm breeze over Birmingham so it’s not the coldest.
✧ It’s still cold so you end up wearing his jacket around your shoulder.
✧ And you’re both just there, it’s peaceful.
✧ Eventually you both doze off and it isn’t until Polly comes to find you and scolds you both for staying out so long with no hear on your whereabouts.
✧ (She goes soft when she sees the amount of strawberries you both pick, gives an excuse of dozing off)
John Shelby
✧ John thinks you’re absolutely gorgeous in the dress that he bought you
✧ It was expensive but oh so worth it
✧ Because it’s John and he loves his kids, he brings them along too
✧ It’s your first time meeting them so you’re nervous
✧ You also prepare a small picnic, minus some sweet things because you know how children can get.
✧ You didn’t have very good experience with kids therefore somewhat disliked them
✧ “What if they don’t like me John?”
✧ “Don’t worry, they’ll learn.”
✧ But you inwardly asked yourself what if you didn’t like them.
✧ It goes on smoothly when you find that they aren’t a very disobedient bunch
✧Of course as kids, they can be, but you could handle it
✧You easily distracted them from breaking out into fights with strawberries and exaggerating your praises when they picked them
✧“That is indeed a marvellous strawberry, I don’t know how you did it.”
✧“Of course your strawberry is marvellous too!”
✧“It is red yes, well arent you clever?”
✧ John just looks from afar and grins like a fool in love because he doesn’t know how he managed to get someone like you
✧You feed him one for the fun of it out of the blue
✧“It’s sweet isn’t it?”
✧“Not as sweet as you.”
✧When you settle down to eat it takes both your efforts to make sure the children don’t ruin the whole mood by erupting into a food fight.
✧It fails because when you both give up and play along, it’s actually fun.
✧So everyone is slathered in food and strawberries and laughter.
✧When the kids get tired, it’s a quiet drive home, you fall asleep in the car
✧ John drops his kids off with Polly and you wake up shortly after.
✧ And yeah he jumps on you once you both reach home because hey it’s John.
Arthur Shelby
✧ He kinda finds the activity boring but because you invited him he couldn’t say no
✧Eventually he finds that it’s all worth it because he’s spending time with you
✧He truly thinks you’re an angel at this point when you frolic around and pluck berries with the sun shining brightly.
✧“Arthur, you’re staring.”
✧“Well why not?”
✧You kinda know he wasn’t the most enthusiastic about this activity, so you bring your radio along for his entertainment.
✧And he’s okay with it, you’re kinda worried that he’s bored but he’s honestly just fine watching you.
✧ and you’re just glad that he’s there.
✧You both kinda just small talk or walk around, whatever suits.
✧Arthur doesn’t want to ruin how peaceful it is but he doesn’t really know how to act either so he kinda just follows what you do
✧“You alright Arthur?”
✧“With you? Always.”
✧He’s a pretty smooth talker when he wants to
✧Out of impulsiveness and boredom you decide to dance to a song on the radio with him
✧ He's so awkward because Arthur Shelby? dancing? in the field like some dream? it made him laugh.
(tbh it made me laugh too bc can u imagine a slaughtering muderous gang member giggle and dance in a meadow? its so funny)
✧ Of course you lead and he just smiles, when he gets the hang of it he leads too.
✧Upon reaching your house you kiss and thank him for his company at the doorstep.
✧But yeah he can’t really take it anymore so the kiss escalates into something more (ykyk)
✧(or maybe not because he doesn't really wanna ruin the moment)
Finn Shelby
since I was making one for everyone, why not baby boy Finn?
✧Finn is somewhat excited to try a new activity, but he doesn’t show it.
✧He doesn’t laugh at you or tries to act cool about it because he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you for suggesting such a mundane activity
✧He picks strawberries with you unlike his brothers that just watch you from afar or help off and on, he wants in on the action too
✧of course, like his brothers, he eats them too.
✧“(y/n) you’ve missed one.”
✧"So i have."
✧“I bet i can pick these red things faster than you.”
✧So yes it turns into a competition on who can pick the most strawberries.
✧You look at your basket off and on to make sure he doesn’t steal from your pile
✧The reward is that the winner gets to control what the loser does for a whole hour.
✧When Finn wins by a berry, you hoped that he wouldn’t tell you to do anything weird.
✧He only chooses to use his hour when you both arrive back at the betting house/ The Garrison (whichever suits, this is alt.)
✧When you both reach home, Polly insists you take some home because during the competition you guys just picked so many.
(cont. i didn't want to add this in because it has nothing to do with strawberry picking lol but eh)
✧Everyone is so confused at your movements and how you were talking because Finn just wants to fully utilise his authority
✧Or abuse it
✧He tells you to speak like Tommy in front of Tommy, and it just gives you dread but he says it’ll be fine.
✧“Tommy *clears throat*.”
✧“I’ve come to see *a pause* about those reports Tommy yeah?.”
✧He doesn’t know how to feel about this joke because he doesn’t know if it was to mock him or if it's just for fun.
✧You’re not allowed to tell people about your circumstances during the hour too
✧Whichever it is, you were somewhat humiliated by the end of the hour.
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athoughtofblue · a month ago
Bet's a bet!
Tumblr media
Notes: Hey! so this time i had an idea for a tough and badass (y/n) but i'm not the best at writing those nor dont usually write those often so if this is a little , weird(?) question mark(?) I apologise. Also i might experiment on modern AUs soon :D
so that was my original note thing, i just wanted to say that i would be making a slightly different one this time bc hey growth in writing huh? (*cries*)
I hope you guys enjoy this one too!
(Also a half crown is 1/8th of a pound, idk how much that is since I don’t use that currency so you do the math—)
Prompt: none
Tommy Shelby x reader
tagslist!!: @captivatedbycillianmurphy @babylooneytoonz @thomasinada @shelby-love
You put down the plastic toy gun and furrowed your brow annoyingly when the ball hadn't hit the target that you wanted.
"Ma'am..." the stall owner called to you in a worrying tone."You're running me down with all your winnings."
"Keep them my dear sir, and I do apologise." you chirped, smiling apologetically and waving your hand dismissively." But I'll have another round if you don't mind, trying to get your pups."
"Oh, I see." The man returned a nervous smile, it wasn't everyday he saw a woman winning his prizes," good luck then."
You reach into your pocket to pay the stall owner another round, but your palms start to sweat when you feel nothing but lint in your small purse, when suddenly from the corner of your eye, you see a few pennies laid beside you.
"I'll pay for it." Sounded a familiar voice.
You turn to see a smoking Thomas Shelby, dressed in the usual Peaky Blinder uniform in all its intimidating and dangerous glory.
"I didn't expect to see you here." You remarked as you nod at the stall owner in thanks as he passed you a reloaded toy gun. Immediately aiming carefully at the target that had sat all the way at the other side of the stall.
Somewhere at the back of your mind there was a warning alert. This was the man that screwed other women, this was the man Ada told you not to get infatuated with, this was the man you wanted to avoid, this was the man you hated because...
...this was the man you regrettably had feelings for.
He simply shrugs." Had nothing better to do."
"Or maybe had no one to do." you muttered scathingly under your breath, whether he heard it or not you didn't care, cursing when you saw that you didn't exactly quite hit the bullseye when you shot.
"You've won something." he comments confusingly at your cursing.
You pointed, using you toy gun, at the moving, musty cardboard box that had been filled with a small and energetic but very dirty puppy.
"Yipping little thing, adorable." you grinned. "Top prize, bullseye."
"Birmingham's no place to raise a mutt." he states casually." Need help?"
You scoffed, ignoring his first statement." I'm fine thanks, besides, stall owner wants it rid of."
He studies you for a while before saying." A pint and a half crown if you do it within your chances."
You stared at him incredulously.
Is he doubting me?
"Are you doubting me?"
"Just a bet." he replies, a casual smirk playing on his lips.
(Not that you were looking at them)
You scoff and shake your head." Alright then. Prepare to lose Thomas Shelby."
Turning away from him, you raised your gun and readied your aim.
One shot gone, 2 more tries left.
You furrow your brows in determination, ignoring the feeling of being watched by him, ignoring the need to impress, but before you could shoot again, you hear two voices announce themselves loudly behind you.
"Tommy! Is that (y/n)?" bellowed the voice of the eldest Shelby.
"Hey (y/n)" John greeted simply.
"(y/n)'s trying to get the top prize." you hear Tommy explain beside you.
"Hello Arthur, John." you say, not letting up your aim." Dearest Tommy here bet me a half crown and a pint if i win."
Sounds of chuckling erupted from the other two brothers, praising you and saying that it was nonsensical to bet against you. A smile grew on your face with all the compliments, but a nervous feeling that wasn't there before grew in you as you shot again.
Missed again.
Last shot.
Now with your pride on the line, you turned and narrowed your eyes at Thomas, who was looking at you smugly with a raised brow . Bloody wanker, tossing your head, you take aim and shoot once more.
You exclaim with a victorious." Hah!" and enthusiastically waved the stall owner over to you." Good man! Bring that box over!” You turned to look at the two other brothers behind you that had erupted into snickering while patting their respected brother’s back sympathetically.
You smiled at the amusement of it all, it really wasn't a normal sight to see him lose.
You take the pup and the box altogether, grinning at your victory. It really was an adorable thing, or he, to be specific, you chuckle. You sigh teasingly at Tommy, stretching your hand at him” A half crown as we agreed, Mr Shelby.”
He stares at your hand for a second, as if deciding whether or not to give the money to you (being the sore loser as he was) but he gives a slightly defeated expression as he reaches into his coat reluctantly only to flip the coin towards you. Watching as you caught it expertly with your free hand in mid air.
"Bet's a bet Tommy." you winked, playfully," now, am i getting that pint or what?"
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athoughtofblue · a month ago
The Shirt
Tumblr media
Notes: I had this idea for so long it was even before I decided to quit writting last year but I didn’t know how to write it but here you go. Hope you like it, and have a great day ahead or tomorrow ;))
Prompts: “Is that my shirt?”
Tommy x reader.
Tags!: @captivatedbycillianmurphy @thomasinada
You stared in the mirror in the living room confusedly as you just realised...
Why were you wearing a white shirt and a pair of pants?
Maybe why was not the question, it was more of whose.
Not a few moments ago you had hurriedly dressed because of the harsh cold whispering about yourself. You had intruded on Ada’s residence when you had been caught in the rain outside, which, you observed, was not letting up anytime soon.
And the nearest shelter being Ada’s house.
You chuckled upon realising that all you needed now was a cap, overcoat and a barrel of alcohol. “Peaky fockin’ blinder.” You whispered, smiling to yourself as you snarled and mimicked the accent that belonged to the eldest Shelby. “This place is under new management!!”
You pause for dramatic effect.
“By order of the Peaky Blinders.”
“Thomas Shelby.” You held up your hand loosely as if you were holding a whiskey glass.” Alcohol and cigarettes are my specialty.” You clear your throat and whispered hoarsely, holding up your hand higher as if for a toast.” You know, gentlemen, there is hell, and there is a place below hell.”
You spy a figure in the corner of your eye and, thinking it was Ada, you smile. “Ada, look.” Opening your arms, still facing the mirror.” Don’t I look like a Peaky Blinder?”
“I’ll say you do.”
Your eyes widened as snapped to turn at the voice, stunned as the figure that you thought was Ada, had been, evidently, Thomas Shelby. You meet a pair of glittering blue eyes searching you up and down.
“Is that my shirt?”
You clear your throat awkwardly, as if you didnt mimick and mock him a few moments ago.” I dont know,” you answered steadily,”is it?”
He looks at you, an amused smile playing on his lips as he studied you. You gulped at the intimidation.
Not that you were afraid,
its just not everyday you were under the gaze of Thomas Shelby.
“(y/n)? You alright?” Ada’s voice sounded (to your relief).” Here you are Tommy.” She passes him a loaded gun and he nods his thanks, moving to place it in his holster.
You turn to her, opening your mouth to speak, but Tommy had already beat you to it.
“Why’s (y/n) wearing my old things?”
On Ada’s face there grew a smile, she looked at you smugly.
And realising her intentions, you returned it with a death stare.
She always knew you were slightly attracted to her brother, she made sure to be careful that it didn’t escalate any further, so it was a running joke for her to tease you about it.
This, you assume, being one of the jokes.
“Well why not?.” Ada answered innocently, looking at her brother, “m’sure you dont mind.”
He shrugs and blows out the smoke from his cigarette.” It’s a little big though.”
You turned to Tommy and feel a slight burning sensation in your cheeks.” I- I’m sorry, I didn’t know...” you stammer as you spy from the corner of your eye that the smile on Ada had been full. Ada you sly fox, I will get you for this.
He shakes his head with the same smile on his face. Runs in the family, you thought, as you rolled your eyes inwardly.” Well ladies, I take my leave. Be careful both of you.” When he bends to kiss your cheek goodbye, he hovers near your ear.
“Impressive performance.”
You gave him a startled look and he walks away. Once he had closed the door, you turned slowly towards the Shelby sister, narrowing your eyes. She bursts out in laughter looking at you.
“Come here you...!”
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geekwritersworld · 2 months ago
crossfire pt2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Reader
warnings: angst, mentions of violence , mentions of injuries 
summary: Can Tommy find you in time , is it too late?
a/n: i accidently deleted this whole thing , like all of it, and i thought id have to write it all over again. But I luckily managed to recover it😭😭
Feedback is welcome. Requests are open as well!❤
Tommy’s hands were shaking , as he grabbed his gun and coat. Isaiah waited frantically, awaiting Tommy's orders 
He’d been asking around about Tommy Selby’s wife in  small heath ,just as he had been ordered by Tommy. 
“she's been taken by Sabini , Isaiah Jesus. ”Isaiah was walking down the musty cold alleyway, when someone behind , said those words to him. 
Isaiah didn't have to turn around to know who it was. The cold Irish voice, along with the sound of a stick was more than enough to tell him who it was. 
“Campbell” Isaiah turned around ,ready to defend himself. 
“I hope you will inform Thomas Shelby that he belongs to me now " the burly man turned around , walking away before Isaiah could get another word out. 
Blinders moved out of the way, as Isaiah shoved his way through the betting shop , towards Tommy’s office. “Tommy!” 
“Y/n-she-she's been taken by” Isaiah struggled to catch his breath. Tommy looked up at the ‘frantic boy “BY WHO ISAIAH?”
“By Darby Sabini” 
“get john ,Arthur and the rest of the fucking blinders headed towards Clerkenwell, NOW!”  he ordered rushing out.
Tommy knew it was a bad idea to head into a place taken over by sabini , by himself, but he couldn't care less , he needed to find his wife before it was too late. 
He drove frantically, hoping that he got to the woman he truly loved , the woman who was everything to him, in time.
He got out of the car infront of a building that looked like it was going to collapse at any given moment. Tommy wasn't sure if this is where sabini had y/n, but this was the only known address where Sabini was last seen going in.
 He found it absurd that Sabini didn't have men watching out front, He raised his gun as he walked towards the door. He pushed it open, and saw two men walking towards him, shooting them and Before he knew it, shots were being fired back and forth, Tommy hoped that Arthur and John would get there soon, he needed to find his wife. Killing these bastards would come later after he made sure of his wife’s whereabouts and wellbeing.
After shooting 7 of the men , Tommy turned a corner and froze. Her screams echoed throughout the damp and cold warehouse . there were very few things that made tommy feel physically sick after the war, and his wife’s agonizing screams were one of the few.
He ran towards the door behind which he was sure she was. Reloading his gun, he tried opening the door. Which he couldn't because it was locked, right then, he heard her scream again, which was closer and worse. Tommy shot the lock of the door, just as Arthur and John came running in with the rest of the blinders behind them.
She was bleeding. Not because shed been blinded , because she hadn’t been. But because sabini decided to cut her in numerous places, and decided that when the woman finally begged and screamed for death, he would blind her himself. 
y/n’s pov
Everything fucking stung and hurt. The numerous cuts on my thighs, hands and stomach made it impossible for me not to give in and end up screaming. I tried to hold it in for a while, refusing to give in, but I couldn't anymore. it hurt too much, and my face hurt from the beating id taken too it. 
My swollen and cut lip didn't feel any better with the screaming, and my head started to pound as well . I was starting to feel faint, which was without a doubt from the amount of blood I’d lost.
I’d just about given up when , I heard a shot being fired somewhere behind that locked dor. It had to be Tommy. Before Sabini and his men could pay mind to it, i screamed as loud as i could. Partly from the white hot pain searing through the gashes, and partly because I hoped Tommy, if it was Tommy, heard me.
But Sabini’s men heard the gunshots regardless, which obviously wasn't surprising since I couldn't possibly be louder than gun fire. 
Just as soon Georgie, sabinis assistant, made his way to the door, the lock was shot at and the door was slammed open. 
I missed him. I let out a sigh of relief looking at him. The pain didn't decrease, but I could bare it now that he was here. 
Tommy came towards me, his eyes trying to take in the gashes all over me , all at once. “Tommy” i whispered , getting light headed.
“keep your eyes open for me , love” he panicked, untying the ropes even faster. "do not close your eyes, alright”
I could hear The rest for the blinders fighting the rest of sabinis men. And i knew Arthur would keep Sabini alive , for Tommy to kill him later.
“Tommy, I'm tired” I closed my eyes, giving into the heaviness of my eyelids and let the darkness was over me.
3rd pov
He held her hand. Her eyes closed. Tommy couldn’t remember the last time she looked this peaceful while sleeping. She usually had a slight furrow in between her brows, even when she slept.
She’d been in the hospital for 4 days now. She’d wake for a few minutes and fall asleep again. They’d hit her in the head multiple times. She’d had a deep cut on the back of her head. And multiple others on multiple places on her body.
Tommy had let Arthur and John deal with sabini. Even though Tommy really wanted to slit the man’s throat himself, he couldn’t because he wasn’t going to leave you alone again.
Tommy hadn’t left her side for the 4 days that she’d been there. And he wouldn't ever again. The warm afternoon sunlight poured in thorugh the windows, whcih warmed Tommy’s back. Tommy positioned his chair next to y/n’s bed, to sit next to her in such a way that he was sitting near her head. So when she opened her eyes, the sunlight wouldn’t directly be in her face and eyes.
“Tommy” her raspy and hoarse voice was barely audible. But to Tommy, who found the silence maddening, it was loud and clear.
“y/n” he leaned in, the small smile on her face slowly growing more evident. His wife slowly revealed her y/e/c, turning her head towards him.
“Fuck,I thought id fucking lost you” 
“your going to have to try harder then Shelby” she brought her right hand up to  the back of his head, slipping her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer. His gentle plump lips on her. The taste of nicotine slipping into her mouth. 
“i love you , Mrs. Shelby” he murmured into the kiss, his hand cradling your head gently .”I love you too Mr. Shelby”
“I'm sorry sweetheart. I'm so sorry I didn't find you sooner” the apologetic words tasted foreign in his mouth, but he knew you deserved them now more that ever. 
“Its not on you tommy” you smiled gently “ but how did you know where I was being held ?” 
“are you hungry?” he failed miserably at trying to change the subject.
“Thomas fucking Shelby” you warned 
“Campbell, told Isaiah he owned me now or something. I’ll fucking sort it out later alright? ” he kissed your forehead.
“just shoot him” you snuggled your head into the uncomfortable hospital pillow, sighing and closing your eyes.
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geekwritersworld · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tommy Shelby × reader
Warnings: Slight angst , cursing?(then again its peaky blinders )
Summary: Tommy's wife gets taken by Sabini's men.
A/N please do let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome.🧡
Y/n' s Pov
I couldn't breathe. The room was musty and smelled heavily of dampness.
It  was dingy and the only thing there apart from me in the room was a table.
I shuddered, trying to take deep breaths.
I heard a metal clang echo somewhere outside, and assuming by the way the echo seemed to travel, it seemed as though it was travelling through a passageway or hallway.
My wrists felt sore from trying to wiggle my hands out of the ropes ,that were brutally tightened.
I could hear footsteps towards the door behind which I was being held and the panic slowly started to rise in me.
Was it tommy? Did he find me? Or was it Fucking Sabini?
The door was then slammed open.
Third pov
Tommy paced his office.
"FUCK!" He slammed his hands on to his table.
The sudden strike causing the photo frame on his desk to fall forward onto the table.
He inched his hand towards it and picked it up.
There you were smiling, at your wedding.
The beautiful white veil flowing behind you, your soft hands wrapped around his left arm.
He remembered every single emotion from that day, and though he didn't smile at all and to any the picture may have been misinterpreted as an unhappy man getting married, the truth couldn't be farther off.
Tommy let out a breath , he promised to protect you . He swore he'd keep you out of harm's way.
And now you'd been missing for more than 24 hours and he had no idea where to start looking.
Y/n' s Pov
I flinched when the door hit the wall behind it.
"Aren't you a fucking sight " Sabini sneered , walking towards me , slowly.
I didnt say a word. I glared at him, breathing heavy.
"What the fuck do you want " I looked him in the eyes.
"I want that gypsy bastard fucking dead" he was so close to my face , I could smell the whiskey off of him. "But I'm going to send him a fucking warning first" he grabbed my face , his grip tightening .
I was terrified but I wasn't going to show it. I was caught in the crossfire between Tommy and Sabini and all I could do now was hope that Tommy found me soon.
I flinched , this is was not going to be fun.
Sabini's consiglieri made his way to me. Grabbing a small rectangular blade.
"Isn't this what you fucking blinders use , fucking ironical isn't it" Sabini spat.
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tommyshelbysgirl · 2 months ago
Requested Tommy Shelby x Reader
Hi lovely ! Can I request a Tommy Shelby x reader please ?
Would love some jealous Tommy, someone chatting her up in The Garrison and feeling her bum.
Thanks !
Tumblr media
You are sat in The Garrison where everyone else is sat although Tommy wished for you to join him in their private room.
But you always refused, you did not want special treatment all because you was dating the famous Tommy Shelby.
A few hours went by & you fount The Garrison to be fully packed now, you could not even see the door which led into the private room you just shrugged it off as you was used to it, it just meant that Tommy would not be watching you from the doorway every chance he got.
You stood up & decided that you would stand at the bar for the remainder of the evening to make it easier for you to get a drink & not have to shimmy around a lot of people.
“Whisky Y/N?” the barman asks you nod your head at his question & watch him as he grabs a bottle from the shelf & pours you some into a tumbler then placing it in front of you.
You smile & take a small sip feeling the warm liquid go down your throat.
“Can I buy you a drink pretty lady??” you hear a soft voice from beside you, you turn your head to see a black short haired & cut gentleman smiling at you.
“Well let me at least finish the drink off first” you smile at him as you finish your Whiskey off with one gulp.
The bartender gets you another one & the same for the gentleman to you watch as he pays for yours & his drink.
“So what is a pretty lady like yourself doing in a place like this???”
“This is my local like everyone else in this city” 
He gently brushed his fingers down your arm as he looked at you in your eyes & he gave you a smile again.
“So what is a handsome gentleman like yourself doing in a place like this?”
“Its my local to, I’m glad a met a pretty lady like yourself in here, don’t see them very often.”
He places his hand gently on your bum, you tense a little then relax you smile at him.
“So what’s your name pretty lady?”
“Y/N whats yours?”
“My name is Tyler Y/N that a pretty name, I guess a pretty name for a pretty girl”
He kisses your cheek & neck as you allow him to as you don’t want to cause any trouble.
You hear a clearing of a throat behind you & he stops in his tracks & moves his hand away from your ass.
“Sorry Mr Shelby Sorry” 
“Flirting with my girl are ya Tyler?”
“Sorry I had no idea Y/N was yours, she did not say at all she seemed to enjoy it”
You watched as his facial expression changed & he Tommy turned for a brief moment nodding to Arthur & he begins to make his way to you both.
Tyler starts to sweat “I promise I won’t do it you really need to do this ?”
Before Tommy could answer his question Arthur grabbed him & pulled him out of The Garrison.
You Scoff “Tommy it was a bit of flirting that is all”
“This is why you need to be with me at all costs because of men like him”
“I can hold my own Tommy I don’t need your protection”
He took your hand & started to walk towards the private room he had, he opened the door then you stepped in & he shut the door behind you before he put you up against the wall.
He placed his hand up your skirt & you gasped as his hand was placed on your inner thigh, he moved into the crease on your neck as you felt his warm breathe on your neck, giving you goosebumps.
He started to kiss your neck then you pulled his head in closer “Tommy not here” you gasp.
“Your mine & only mine” 
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sunsetmando · 2 months ago
hey guys I made a playlist inspired by tommy shelby feel free to follow and listen 👼
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