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#tomioka giyuu
jjunekl · 2 hours ago
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𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐎𝐊𝐀 𝐈𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒 . → 驚叫 ╯⌗!
承 — 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾/𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾 · . · . · .· .
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daneesoro · 23 hours ago
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saaraofthesand · a day ago
Tumblr media
The fact that Giyu’s house is just empty and he spends his days being angsty and alone until a small child adopts him is so freaking funny
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hajigumi · a day ago
pairing: giyuu tomioka x gn!reader
genre: fluff
word count: 523 words
warnings: none
Tumblr media
his hands were a firm anchoring point against the small of your back, pushing you and guiding you as the two of you flow within the crowd. you weren’t aware of it, but giyuu’s gaze and visage of apathy was enough to steer even the boldest bystander away from the couplet you made up.
“are we almost there yet?” you tilted your head back to be able to hear him better, since the crowd was just loud enough for it to be a bit hard for you to hear him.
his head was canted towards your ear, lips brushing against the shell of your ear. “the inn is only just a bit ahead, we’ll make it in the next few minutes if we keep walking.”
you pursued your lips disdainfully, eyes scanning the crowd and keeping a close eye on the signs advertising food that made your stomach rumble. often you’d have eaten by now, but work had kept you occupied to the point that the sun was already setting and you hadn’t a morsel of food yet.
“would you like to stop?”
you’d hardly noticed that the two of you had stopped, a little off to the side so the flow of people was winding around you without hassle. looking up at him, his gaze was turned away from you, instead focusing on something in the crowd. “what?”
he had pretty eyes, you thought as he looked back down at you. his dark blue eyes seemingly black in the evening lights, all that was around were the torches that had been lit for the night. “i said, would you like to stop? you kept glancing at the food stalls, so i thought perhaps we could stop for a meal before the inn.”
“yeah,” your words were just a mere susurration among the white noise of the busy village, as many men were heading to the bars to drink their sorrows away, “i’d like that a lot.”
which is how you found yourself sharing a bowl of ramen with giyuu, who had insisted he didn’t need a full bowl of his own, content to just pick at the food you had chosen. there wasn’t an ounce of the usual stoicism that he often seemed to exude when he was surrounded by your fellow hashiras, instead a simple smile drawn across his lips.
his hand had wound up curling around yours at some point, warm and protecting yours from the harsh cold air of the evening. you knew the weather wasn’t the coldest, but from the red blossoming along the bridge of his nose, you had a feeling that he’d claim the chill in the air was to blame.
“shall we head back, darling?” giyuu’s head jerked towards you at the use of the pet name you often saved for just the two of you, flush spreading from his face to the sides of his cheeks.
he huffed loudly when he saw the glint in your eyes—full of mirth and a hint of something the pair of you hadn’t been able to discuss—before tugging you from your sitting position.
“of course. let’s get going.”
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sasukebokeyama · a day ago
I have this SaneGiyuu headcanon that after the battle with Muzan they pined for each other for a year until Tengen stepped in.
Sanemi & Giyuu grow closer since they’re the only harshira left, besides Tengen who has his own life. but as they continue to constantly hang out he starts to show his true self to Sanemi. Giyuu felt so comfortable enough to let him know about Tsutako, Sabito, & the reason he acted the way he did towards them. Sanemi realizes Giyuu was never acting like he was better than the rest of them. he felt he wasn’t fit to stand with them & call himself a hashira because in his eyes he didn’t pass the final selection that day. Sanemi wants to make sure that the rest of his & Giyuu’s days are nothing but happiness. however Sanemi couldn’t forget about his past actions so he apologized to Giyuu on how he treated him, he even apologized on Igruo’s behalf. because he knew if they all got to know the real Tomioka, things would’ve been different amongst them.
now him & Tengen wrote often only for one reason tho, Giyuu wrote him too just not as often as Sanemi. whenever Sanemi wrote to him he talked about a bunch things, like what he’s been doing, the little things that remind him of Genya, etc but he always had multiple paragraphs about Giyuu. it got to a point where Tengen called him a “Lover boy”, he didn’t think he was in love he just wanted to talk about the things him & Giyuu did. like one time Giyuu wanted to go for a walk under the sakura trees after lunch & Sanemi went into so much detail about the day, what they talked about, how Giyuu’s hair swayed in the wind, etc. Tengen wrote back telling him that he was in fact head over heels he even said “I know your in love, I been there three times already. So I know exactly what I’m talking about, Tomioka probably feels the same way too.”
it took a few days for him to come to the conclusion that he was in fact in love with the former water hashira.
Tengen explained to him that when Giyuu writes to him he talks about him as well but not as much as him tho, he likes to keep it brief & sweet. he didn’t want to say anything but he was over Sanemi saying Giyuu didn’t feel the same. Tengen even went as far as to sending a few of Giyuu’s letter to further prove his point.
“Today Sanemi gave me a hair cut, I never seen him so red before it was cute weird. Maybe because were to close to each other.”
“We went for a early morning walk and on our way back I tripped over a rock. Sanemi insisted he carry me home, so no further accidents happen. Since I quote am a “clumsy ass”, I will admit I did not put up much of a fight. I honestly quite enjoyed being carried especially by Nemi.”
“Last night Sanemi made my favorite dish, I didn’t think he’d remember it. I only told him once but I guess once was enough. nonetheless he was amazing I mean it was amazing, the dish was amazing.”
“Your not aware of this because Giyuu clearly doesn’t write to you but when mess up he doesn’t start all over again, he just crosses it out.”, Tengen wrote hopefully getting Sanemi to understand so it will be the end of the SaneGiyuu Chronicles. “If you really read between the lines you can clearly see Tomioka has a thing for you. If you don’t believe me, ask the Kamado siblings. He writes them too, correct? So go ask them.”
Sanemi in fact goes to Tanjiro & Nezuko for more detail on his current issue. they both confirm that Giyuu often talks about him & their adventures. that still wasn’t enough for Sanemi to confess his aching feelings. this went on for months it got to a point where Tengen came by every month just to harass him into confessing. Sanemi laid down gazing into the backyard finally deciding he didn’t want to ruin his new found friendship with Giyuu over his one sided feelings. having Giyuu around was enough for him even if it meant not being able to tell him the truth about his feelings. imagining what life would be like if he just flat out admitted his feelings made his brain shut down for the night.
Giyuu came to see if he wanted any ohagi that Tengen’s wives had made but instead found a peaceful sleeping Sanemi. he loved watching him sleep, he especially loved taking naps together. Giyuu wasn’t the best at expressing his emotions to people but he thought Sanemi would catch on to his little actions soon or later. but the thought just maybe he didn’t feel the same lingered in the back of his mind. even if that was the case Giyuu still loved Sanemi no matter his feelings towards him. he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of taking their shared nap together so he closely laid down beside Sanemi taking in his features before gently placing a kiss on his check. nuzzling up into his chest for warmth.
Tengen, Hinatsuru, Makio, & Suma witnessed the wholesome moment from peeping in through the sliding door. “I’m totally gonna expose them tomorrow.”, he whispered amongst them slightly grinning as he shut the door closed.
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animestreetfashion · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kimetsu No Rain Poncho.
Tumblr media
Length: Approximately 71 cm (adapted height 110-125 cm) Tax-included price 1,650 yen each
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fangirlsmood · a day ago
Kyojuro Rengoku x reader x Tomioka Giyuu - Another love
_Warnings : spoiler about mugen train
Synopsis : After the death of your husband you slowly take back a taste for life ... with another man
Tumblr media
_ Senjuro ? Where are you going like this ?
_ Ah (Y/n)! I am going to take a walk in the village, to sell the wood that I collected this morning!
_ Oh Senjuro... You don’t have to do this.
_ I want to ! It won't bring in a lot of money, but you can buy yourself a new kimono or a pretty brooch. 
Knowing that he was as stubborn as his elder brother, you sighed :
_ Fine. But don't get too tired and get home quickly.
He embraced you tenderly before leaving, promising to be careful. Senjuro had always loved you very much, but it was only since his big brother was no longer there that he got into the habit of hugging you tight before each departure. You didn't know if he was doing this because Kyojuro asked him to take care of you or because he was afraid of losing you. 
Since your husband's death everything had changed. You would wake up every morning in a cold bed, the smell of your loved one was gone over time, and getting up was a struggle. Even though the pain was sharp you had no choice: you had to stay strong for Senjuro and Shinjuro. Although you had some money aside without Rengoku's salary, you had to accumulate the jobs while running the house. Senjuro was doing his best to help you, like this morning when he went to sell wood. He too had changed. He was even more determined to become like his brother, a demon slayer. You didn't agree, the idea of ​​losing Senjuro like you had lost Kyojuro made you sick and you had become a little overprotective with the child who for some time had ceased to be one. Shinjuro hadn't spoken about the death of his son. You acted like the perfect daughter-in-law and you took care of him the best you could. Sometimes you resented him for not having been more present for his sons, for never having told them that he was proud of them but now you understood why the passion that had inhabited this man for so long was extinguished and had given way to bitterness. 
You and Senjuro supported each other, he allowed you to face life one more day. He had become your reason for living. Him and ... Tomioka Giyuu to be honest.
The sun set slowly and you were worried to death. Senjuro had not returned. You were going out to get him when there was a knock on the door. You rushed in hoping it was him. 
_ (Y/n)! Look who I found on my way !
Tomioka stood beside him with a straight face. You laugh inwardly imagining your little Rengoku forcibly taking him to your home, you visualize very well Giyuu unable to say no to this child full of passion. Tomioka nodded polietly his head to greet you and you invited both to enter. 
You served dinner for the two boys. Giyuu wanted to help you but you declined. You brought his meal to Shinjuro who was eating alone in his room as always and when you returned Senjuro and your guest was in the middle of a conversation. Giyuu seemed to be telling a story and you were surprised at how attentive Senjuro was. Usually he was too talkative to listen to anyone, getting into long stories, unless it was his father or his brother. His eyes were shining, you didn't want to interrupt them so you took a seat discreetly. Giyuu continued his story :
_ The demons were not that strong but they were clever and numerous. The civilians were terrified but he told them "Don't be afraid, everything will be fine, there will be no deaths or injuries"...
You choked. He told of his first mission as a pillar, a mission carried out with Kyojuro. You knew it because your husband had enthusiastically told you about it in detail. Giyuu stopped the two boys looked at you worried :
_ Oh ... sorry, maybe I shouldn't...
_ No it's me ! I shouldn't have asked you to tell me about a big brother ... Sorry (Y/n) I didn't think ...
You drank a mouthful of water before smiling, reassuring them quickly :
_ No it's good, everything is fine. I was just surprised but keep going, i want to hear the rest.
Giyuu hesitated a bit but ended up continuing his story. His voice was very monotonous but he recounted the events with precision for your viewing pleasure. Senjuro let out little noises, sometimes of admiration, sometimes of surprise. It had been a long time since he had been so passionate and you were really happy to see him gesticulate all over the place and ask for more. Contrary to what you might think, hearing about your late husband didn't break your heart. On the contrary, it was like talking about good memories. This impression left you perplexed. Did you have the right to think so? Not crying anymore when hearing about him ?
At the end of the meal Senjuro went to bed, claiming that the day had been exhausting. You accompanied him to his room to tuck him in as if he were a fragile little baby. Being mothering like this embarrassed him but he didn't say anything knowing that this kind of thing would reassure you, so you knew he was sleeping peacefully and safe. When you returned to the kitchen Giyuu had cleared the table and was doing the dishes.
_ It is not for the guests to take care of this kind of thing, you said playfully taking from his hands the plate he was washing.
He then grabbed a tea towel and wiped up what he had already washed :
_ I want to. 
You knew him long before you got married but since the death of Kyojuro, you and Giyuu had become closer. He came to visit you regularly, to make sure you were okay. You even cry on his shoulder more than once. When you felt overwhelmed by your responsibilities his visits were a great support. With him you felt less alone and stronger, enough to face another day. 
You lost yourself in your thoughts for a moment and found yourself staring at him. You tell yourself that he was more than beautiful. You really wanted to put a hand on his cheek, just to feel the warmth of his skin. Suddenly you realized what you were thinking and your face flushed with shame. Noticing your change of attitude Giyuu broke the pleasant silence that reigned :
_ You should go to bed if you're not feeling well. I take care of the rest.
You told him where he could spend the night before leaving. This night you had a lot of trouble falling asleep. You rolled around, crying silently. You were falling in love with another man than Kyojuro. You felt terribly guilty, you felt like you were betraying him. You never thought about being with anyone other than Kyojuro, you never thought he would actually die before you. Now you didn't know how to shut up those emerging feelings and it was gnawing at you, you thought you must really be a horrible person. 
Giyuu didn't get much sleep either. He thought of you. When you first met, how beautiful he found you. Would things have been different if he had told you ? He  remembered your wedding, Tengen had said that you and Rengoku were "both flamboyant" and he had agreed. He had silenced his feelings but now he couldn't. Each time he told himself he wouldn't visit you but each time he couldn't help it. He had to be sure you were okay, he had to take care of you. He felt guilty for loving you, you who would never be his. You were Kyojuro’s and you will always be. He was so ashamed. Wasn't that disrespectful to his deceased comrade ? It wasn't the first time he thought of you before sleeping. Many times, before and after you were married, he had found himself imagining his life with you, but he always ended up telling himself that it was impossible. He wasn't as strong, sociable or funny as Rengoku. He wasn't as good as him and clearly he wasn't good enough for you.
You were awakened by noises coming from the inner courtyard. Going to see you discovered Giyuu and Senjuro training. The child tried to touch him with a wooden katana but Giyuu still dodged. You sat down and stared at them. Senjuro was really happy to be training with another person especially with a hashira. Someone took a seat by your side.
_ He's improving.
_ You should tell him to his face, Shinjuro.
_ The one with him... It’s Tomioka Giyuu ? The water hashira ?
_ Yes. How did you guess ?
_ Senjuro talk to me. He mentionned him many times recently. 
It was really unusual for Shinjuro to come talk to you, usually you just went through the formalities.
_ Can I help you ? You need something ?
He ignored your question. 
_ He seems to be a good men. Senjuro told me that he helped you a lot. 
You were a little uncomfortable.
_ Yes... He’s a really good person.
_ And a strong one. A good model for a boy, someone you can count on. 
_ What do you mean ?
It was really unusual for him to talk to you so much. Did he know your feelings ? His gaze fell on your hand :
_ You still wear it.
He talk about your wedding ring. You have been playing with it nervously since the start of your conversation. You didn't know what to say. The atmosphere was heavy. He went on :
_ Kyojuro isn’t here. We didn't talk much to each other but I know there were only three things that mattered for him. Become a pillar, the happiness of Senjuro and your happiness. He wants ... He wants you to be happy. Alone, with him or with... someone else.
You looked at him with wet eyes. It was as if Kyojuro, through his father, gave you permission to love someone else. You had the right to be in love with Giyuu, it was not a crime. You didn't have to fight your feelings, to blame yourself anymore, you thought you were going to cry in relief.
_ Senjuro is very observant. He told me that you and Giyuu were maybe more than friends or at least you could be. You look at this man like you looked at my son. You are lucky. I've never met someone like Ruka, if it had been things might have been different. I would have been a better father, a better man.
Your lip had started to tremble. You wanted to talk. To say what ? That you didn't know what to think anymore, that you were afraid to love another man ? Seeing that you were about to crack, Shinjuro tells you what you needed to hear :
_ You loved my son, you love him and you will always love him but now it's this man you are in love with and you have the right to.
You burst into tears. Shinjuro ran a comforting hand along your back. 
_ (Y/n) ?! Something’s wrong ?
Senjuro noticed that you were crying and he and Giyuu were running towards you. You tried to dry your tears but you couldn't control anything. He hugged you, his father left you and Giyuu stepped aside. It took you a while but you slowly regained your composure even though you were still crying :
_ It's okay now, don't worry. 
You offered him a big smile to support your point. In the evening, Giyuu's crow had come to warn him that he had to leave in the morning. 
Before sleeping you looked at your hand for a long time. You had a thought for Kyojuro before removing your wedding ring. It was strange not to feel the weight of the ring around your finger. Nonetheless you fell asleep peacefully.
You woke up at dawn. Giyuu was just getting ready to leave.
_ Giyuu ! Wait !
He stopped, he noticed that you no longer had your alliance which left him confused but he said nothing.
_ There is a festival in town next weekend. There will be a lantern throw ... If your mission is finished, would you like to go together? 
You thought it sounded a bit too much like a date so you pressed to add  :
_ Erm... We could take Senjuro and propose to Shinjuro even though I'm sure he'd rather not go out ...
He looked surprised but a small smile quickly lit his face :
_ My mission will be finished.
_ See you next Sunday then. Be carefull.
_ See you next Sunday.
You watched him go and when you no longer saw him Shinjuro appeared beside you. He had obviously heard everything. He looked at you smiling
_ What makes you smile ?
_ Nothing, I'm happy that's all. And I also tell myself that big brother is very happy at the moment.
And he was right. Kyojuro was happy knowing that you loved and was loved by a good men like Giyuu.
author notes : After seeing the film this one shot had been running through my head for a while. I hesitated for a long time to write it, I even thought of making the reader pregnant but finally i like the result. I really hope Rengoku fans move on (with Giyuu maybe). Falling in love again after her husband's death is a sensitive topic, but I see Rengoku the type who wants his wife to be happy, alone or with someone else. Maybe i am wrong. There was no romatic interaction in this one-shots and I regret it a bit. Maybe I should do part two, now that I say so I could write about the festival ...
Thanks for reading, every time I see someone liked my story my heart melts. I take any criticism (positive or negative). And if you see a grammar or spelling error, please let me know (English is not my first language so I don't always realize it), I will correct it.
Have a nice day / evening / night ♥
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aestheticxcastiel · a day ago
I don’t know why I waited so long to watch Demon Slayer. I LOVE IT
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wanbenan · a day ago
Tumblr media
queria muito que alguém que eu conheço gostasse de animes e Demon Slayer pra podermos usar isso... ai gente que coisa linda <3🦋
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