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calumsnatchedmyheart · an hour ago
I LOVE YOUR WRITING HAHSJSHWNSB could you write a slightly longer fic where the tom and reader are married but reader wants to put off having kids for a bit longer but tom tries convincing her multiple times by being super sweet maybe a lil bit of angst idk but just tom being super sweet all round??hwkdhwkdu
Awww, thanks for saying you love my writing!
I hope this is what you wanted!
Other Writing
Warnings: talk of pregnancy, shouting, mentions of smut and conception(but nothing overt)
When you can Tom had gotten married you had agreed to not immediately start trying to conceive but that was a couple years ago. In the past few months he had been bringing it up here and there, drilling comments about our kids and baby clothes and honestly you were feeling kind of lost. You didnt know if you were ready to create a human let alone take care of it. What if you were a bad mom? All of these thought flooded your brain whenever Tom would bring up kids, but he hadn't directly asked yet so you thought you had a little bit more time to prepare, but you were wrong.
You were swaying softly in the kitchen, dicing vegetables for dinner when two muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling your back flush to Tom's front, you felt his breath on your neck before he started peppering the exposing skin with kisses making you squirm.
"Tom!" You whined as you tried to wriggle out of his grasp but to no avail, his palms flattening against your belly as he ceased his attack, movements stilling, focusing purely on his fingers touching your belly.
"What if we put a baby in here" if you weren't so focused on the fact that he had come to the stage of straight up saying he wanted kids you would have laughed at his wording, but instead his words made you freeze. You didnt know what to do, and though you knew it wouldnt work or at least he wouldnt believe it you just pretended not to hear.
"You hungry? Dinner should be ready soon" you comment, returning to chopping vegetables, his face scrunched with confusion as his arms fell from your sides.
"Babe? Did you hear what I said?" He asked making your stomach clench, you had hoped your feigned ignorance would be enough to deter him, but alas he was persistent.
"Um, no" you both knew you were lying, but it only messed with Tom further.
"Well, i was saying what if we started trying for a kid" a smile taking over his face when he said the word kid but yours pinching at the word, anxiety beginning to fill your stomach as you suddenly felt trapped.
"Can we uh, can we talk about this later?" You mumble, trying to slip past Tom to get to the stove to stir something.
"Uh, sure I guess" Tom said, still blocking your way to the stove, catching your wrist in his hand and thumbing over the skin in an attempt to soothe you. "Are you alright, love?" His eyes looked concerned, the happiness at his previous suggestion had melted away and left concern in its place.
"Yes, I just need to get to the stove" you assured, skipping from his grasp to go to the boiling water on the stove top. You were anything but fine, you felt hurt and lost, you didnt know what to do with yourself, how did you tell your husband that you dont want to have kids right now because you're worried you're a bad mom. Well you probably just tell him that, he would understand, but something about that concept terrified you, not having some larger more important reason as to why not now.
Tom watched you as you finished dinner, eyes falling on your silent frame everytime he entered the kitchen as he set the table. He remembered the agreement that you guys had made after you got married, that you would wait a couple years to get fully settled into your life before adding another member. He thought that the both of you were doing good, your relationship was stable and things were decently calm, so why not now.
"Dinners ready!" You called from the kitchen, breaking Tom's thoughtful haze as he houned you in the kitchen to carry some if the food out. You both sat, no words being exchanged since you had began eating, Tom seemed slightly lost in thought and you were still feeling weighed down by the whole having kids conversation.
"Do you not want kids?" Tom spoke right as you said
"Are you okay?" You froze at his words, as he stared at you. You dropped your fork onto your plate, grabbing it and starting to clear the table.
"Y/n!" Tom shouted "I'm trying to talk to you" he didnt sound angry, simply exasperated. He followed you into thr kitchen, watching as you set your plate down, pressing your fingers into the marble counter top before turning back to him.
"And I dont want to talk, Tom!" You shouted back, your words made his cloudy face break, hurt overcoming any annoyance.
"You dont want to talk to me?"
"That's not what I meant, Tom, you know that!" You didnt know what to do, what to say, you felt lost and all you wanted was a kiss from your husband to ground you but you were fighting.
"No, I dont because you are avoiding the conversation I have been trying to have for months now!"
"Hinting at something isnt actually broaching the subject" you mumbled
"Oh so you did notice that I was trying to bring it up" he bit at you, arms crossing over his chest defensively.
"Yes, Tom, I noticed but I didnt acknowledge because, then, much like right now I dont want to talk about it" you hissed.
"Why? Why dont you wanna talk about it, is it cause your scared to tell me you dont want kids?"
"I do want kids" you whisper, eyes casting to the floor, unable to look at him anymore, it hurt too much.
"Then what is happening?" His voice softened as he stepped closer to you, hands landing on your shoulders.
"Because what if I'm a bad mom?!?!" You shout, throwing your hands harshly down at your sides releasing yourself from his grip but he quickly regained his hold on you. Bringing you into his chest and rubbing the back of your head with his hand as tears began to cascade down your face.
"That's what you're scared of?" He whispered into your hair, before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, pulling back from you a little as your breath began to calm slightly.
"Yes" your voice was small, almost embarrassed that you were so scared of it.
"I thought you didnt want kids with me" he sighs to himself, cupping your cheek and wiping away a final tear that fell from your eye.
"Oh Tommy, I do, I do want kids with you, but I'm scared, what if I mess the kid up" you were close to crying again.
"You're gonna be a great mom, but every kid is a learning experience, we are gonna fuck up at some points but I dont think that there is anyway you could mess up a whole child" he chuckled making you giggle with him, it was a pitiful laugh, phlegm catching in your throat making you cough, only making Tom laugh harder. When you both finally calmed down Tom spoke again.
"And it's not like you're doing it alone, I would be with you every step of the way, so please, can we start trying to have a kid?" His eyes were pleading with you , and even if they weren't you would have agreed, finally talking to Tom about it had brought you so much calm, easing your mind at the concept of having a kid.
"Yes!" You mumble, a grin spread on Tom's cheeks
"Come again?" He egged you on
"Yes we can start trying for a kid!" You shout happily as you jump into his arms, kissing him softly, before pulling away. He looked elated, like someone had just handed him the world, and in a way you had. You smiled as you began to put away the food, before you felt parks in your waist like they had been earlier in the evening.
"I'll ask you what I asked you earlier cause I just wanna hear you say it again," his fingers slipping under your shirt and tracing soft patterns on your tummy. "What if we put a baby in here?"
"I think I'd be okay with that, only if you never say that sentence again" you giggle.
"Okay, deal" he chuckles, kissing you beneath your ear. Ypu thought he would move back to the dining room to help clear the table but he stayed behind touch arms around you, pulling close to his chest, he seemed lost in thought. You were just about to ask him what he was thinking when he piped up.
"So does this mean I can fuck you raw?" teeth stinging your earlobe as he bit down, pressing himself into your ass, making you feel that he was already hard.
"Tom!" You gasped at his words, spinning in his grasp so you were face to face, he took this opportunity to meld his lips with yours. The kiss was heated, your body relaxing into his, everything feeling like it was on fire, but he pulled back too soon, a pout developing on your mouth.
"What?" He smirks at your flustered look, lips already swollen from the previous kiss. Your breath escalated from the heat of him against you, so close to you.
"Nothing" you panted reuniting your lips but he pulled back again.
"So does that mean I can?"
"That's kind of a necessary part of the conception process, yes" you chuckle.
"Oh fuck yeah" he growls.
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guillaumeredfield · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Iron Man Mark XLVII 47 by #hottoyscollection #tonystark #ironman #marvel #avengers #robertdowneyjr #captainamerica #mcu #avengersendgame #spiderman #thor #endgame #blackwidow #rdj #marvelcomics #tomholland #steverogers #infinitywar #peterparker #hulk #chrisevans #marvelstudios #avengersinfinitywar #loki #thanos #captainmarvel #iloveyou #natasharomanoff #tonystarkedit #chrishemsworth
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sunnymuffins45 · 16 hours ago
Hi bella!! I just finished watching the episode in Grey's Anatomy where Derek dies and am a sobbing mess 😩. I know your pretty busy w all of the requests for personalized fics you have gotten, but If you have time to a short blurb about tomhollandxreader, where y/n is crying really hard and Tom hears her and asks her whats going on, then y/n tells him Derek died and hes likewhoss derek?! 😆 Thankyou Isaaa, Love you bubs!!!
Pairing: Tomhollandxreader
A/n: This is just a tiny little 2 am fic for yall. But I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS REQUEST. I remember when Derek died, I almost dehydrated :) This goes out to all greys anatomy fans out there.
WC:443 :)
Warnings: Y/n heavily crying, slight angst, mentions of death, worried Tom. ⚠️GREYS ANATOMY SPOILERS⚠️
Tom raised an eyebrow at the sounds he was hearing, whimpers and heavy sobs. He decided to ignore it, one, being too lazy to stand up from his comfy position on the couch, and 2, he figured you were watching a movie, and a character was crying. You did tend to watch movies with a high volume. Tom continued watching the golf match from the TV in the living room while petting Tessa. The noises toned down, but after a while, they started again. Tom reached for the remote control and lowered the volume to make sure he wasn't making stuff up. He heard the sobs turn into heavy cries and immediately recognizes them. Tom jumped from the couch and ran to your shared bedroom, worried something wrong had happened.
The door was opened, which explained why Tom was able to hear your cries. He stood there with a worried look.
¨My Love, what's wrong?¨ He asked taking in the scene upfront.
His girlfriend, sitting up, resting her back and head against the headboard. Mascara all over her cheeks. Her lashes were sticking together due to the tears, and her hair all around her face. He turned his face to look at the Tv. The show ¨Grey's Anatomy¨ on Netflix and paused.
¨Baby, what's wrong?¨ He asked you again, climbing next to you on the bed.
¨Derek died¨ you continued to cry, choking on your saliva.
¨Derek died?!¨ He exclaimed, thinking it was a real person.
¨Wait, who´s Derek again?¨ Your boyfriend asked with a confused face.
¨The sexy doctor from Grey's Anatomy Tom¨ You reminded him and he rolled his eyes while he pulled you into a hug.
¨Why are you crying though¨ Tom asked stroking his hair with his hand.
¨Because! He promised Meredith he was coming back, Meredith is pregnant, and they have two other kids Tom, Two!. Plus he saved other people from dying, and then he died¨ You started to cry into your boyfriend's chest again.
¨Well am I here, ama cuddle you and give you kisses, and you stop crying over this doctor dude, ok? he's not even real¨ He kissed your head.
¨Okey Tommy, I love you¨ You sobbed one last time, then, lifted your head up and kissed him. You returned to your cuddling position and pressed play.
¨ He isn't sexy y/n, I am sexy. Very sexy¨
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Could you write something with tom reading thirst tweets with the reader and it's about her?
Thirsty Madness
Tumblr media
Pairing: TomHollandxActress!reader
A/N: You guys come up with request ideas I can't even think about. I love you all sm !!
WC: 711
Warning: Thirsty tweets, dirty talk, protective Tom, Jealous Tom, Annoyed y/n.
¨Hey guys, I am Tom Holland¨ He looked into the camera.
¨And am Y/N Y/L/N, and we will be reading some Thirst tweets today¨ You spoke as the intro played.
¨Okey, let's do this like this. You read one for me, I read one for you, and we take turns, so on¨ Tom explained.
¨Lets do this¨You said grabbing a paper out from Tom's cup. You read the paper to yourself first and laughed. ¨I want Tom Holland to choke me with his daddy hands¨ He laughed out loud.
¨Your into choking huh? That makes two of us¨ He smiles devilishly and picks a paper from your cup.
¨ @y/ny/L/n, I just know that throat is deep baby, show me what it can do¨ Tom awkwardly laughed, while you laughed hardly. ¨I must agree with you on this one mate¨ Tom spoke jealously.
¨Well your right, my throat is pretty deep, baby¨ You turned around to face your boyfriend looking at him, knowing he was jealous.
¨I would highly appreciate it if @tomholland1996 would tie me down in a sex dungeon and fuck the living shit out of me¨ You read and remained looking at the paper while Tom choked on laughter. ¨Wow! That turned into Fifty Shades of Ilegal real quick¨ You joked and Tom started laughing again.
¨You people are wild¨ Tom managed to get out. ¨ Okey Next one, Y/N Y/L/N I will buy you how many vibrators you wish, in exchange for one night with you¨ Tom clenched his jaw at the tweet.
¨That does seem like a promising offer. Send me the location¨ You winked and picked another paper. ¨Tom holland is daddy, he can smash and break my walls down, i'd say thanks¨ You gasped
¨Well I am sure of one thing, I am not your daddy, I am very much not your daddy, but thanks love¨ He winked at the camera ¨@y/ny/l/n the backseat of my car is pretty comfy, wanna try it out?¨ Tom read ¨I think she likes my car better¨ He smirked at the dirty memories, and you gave him a ¨shut the fuck up look¨.
¨I would let Tom holland plant each and every one of his eggs in me¨ You read and nod ¨Same girl, same¨ Tom gasped
¨Y/n, that was unexpected¨ He smiled at you.
¨What? Its true¨You shrugged
¨ @y/ny/l/n why are you with a man who I bet can´t please you enough for what you deserve. @tomholland1996, leave her alone and let a man, like me, please her. ¨ Tom whistled trying to hide how hurt he was.
¨No thanks, Tom knows how to do that better than anyone¨ You kissed his cheek in comfort. You picked the last piece of paper from his cup.
¨Tom please, I beg you, paint my face with your white, warm- noup, noup, not reading that¨ You said uncomfortable and Tom laughed.
¨I mean, she´s onto something¨He said
¨Alright last one, Y/n y/l/n please let me eat whipped cream from all over your naked body¨ Tom read remembering the time he tried that with you.
¨Oh My God, I would love that, your totally aloud to do that¨ You said also remembering how much fun you had when you tried that out with Tom.
Tom gulping hardly in jealousy. ¨This was all for today folks, see you next time¨ Both of you waved bye at the camera.
When you both arrived home after a long press day, Tom felt like shit. He always believed he could please you as you deserve, but the Thirsty Tweets made him overthink.
¨Baby, Do you feel satisfied with the way I please you?¨Tom asked insecurely, making his way to the kitchen
¨What? Of course, you're amazing at making me feel pleased. Don't worry about that stupid tweet. Your perfect to me in every fucking way.¨ You said as you wrapped your arms around his waist, kissing his neck. He turned you around and kissed you. You pulled away and kissed his nose.
¨I love you¨
¨I love you more buba¨
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mightyexast · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone ___________________ Your creativity is your limit ___________________ YouTube link in bio ___________________ DEMANGEL ___________________ TIME - 30 MINUTES ___________________ MODEL - #elizabetholsen ___________________ #design #graphicdesign #designinspiration #designinterior #fashion #art #artesanato #artdaily #artworks #art_spotlight #elizabetholsen #elizabetholsenedit #avengers #scarlettjohansson #marvel #elizabetholsenofficial #elizabetholsen😍 #scarletwitch #tomholland #avengersendgame #dark #darkart #photography #photooftheday #black #darkmemes #blackandwhite #instagood #love
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mightyexast · a day ago
Hello everyone ___________________ Your creativity is your limit ___________________ YouTube link in bio ___________________ DEMANGEL ___________________ TIME - 30 MINUTES ___________________ MODEL - #elizabetholsen ___________________ #design #graphicdesign #designinspiration #designinterior #fashion #art #artesanato #artdaily #artworks #art_spotlight #elizabetholsen #elizabetholsenedit #avengers #scarlettjohansson #marvel #elizabetholsenofficial #elizabetholsen😍 #scarletwitch #tomholland #avengersendgame #dark #darkart #photography #photooftheday #black #darkmemes #blackandwhite #instagood #love
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Neptune Love
Tumblr media
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Sign up here 👈to request your own personalized fic!!!
If you want to read this fic but your name is not shown here, pretend it's yours lol :)
Main Masterlist Personalized Fics Masterlist
Name: Lia
Character: Peter Parker
Additional Character: Safira( Dog), Tony, Natasha, Clint
WC: 2K
Request: Hello, good night how are you?<3 so umm, I was thinking about bruce banner daughter!reader so the reader is an avenger but their suit cover her face, their superhero name is Neptune and you can choose their powers :) so no one knows Neptune's secret identity except some of the avengers (Tony, Natasha, and Clint would be cool <3) reader goes to Peter school and they start going out and the avengers are like "so you are dating, who is the person" do they all do a dinner and accidentally they all discover about them being a superhero. it can be fluff or smut what you prefer<3 thank you so much!
A/N: Thank you for your request @cenouradourada, I hope you like your fic!!! I am really proud of this fic idk why haha!!!
Warnings: Slight smut ( almost nothing), swearing, mad Bruce Banner.
¨Hey Lia¨ Peter waved at you as he came closer to your locker.
¨Oh, hey Peter¨ You waved back ¨Whats up?¨ You asked closing your locker, taking your books in between your arms.
¨So, you know the Chemistry test we have next week¨ Peter asked you.
¨Yeah, what about it?¨
¨Would you help me? I am struggling with this one question in the test practice review, and I know you are pretty going at Chem so?¨ He asked moving his body back and front while grabbing his backpack straps. You blushed at him.
¨Sure, sure. Wanna come to study at my house later?¨ You offered.
¨Yeah, that would be great¨ Peter was smiling ear to ear.
¨What time can you come around?¨ You asked
¨ Anything after 6, I have to patrol¨ Peter said and you were mentally thanking him because you also had to be somewhere at that time.
¨Great, is 7 okay ?¨ You asked the boy
¨7 is perfect Lia, thanks¨ He looked at you in the eye.
Man he does have beautiful eyes
¨Yup, anytime Peter¨ You said and he left with a smile.
Your heart was racing, and your cheeks bright red. Yes, you had a crush on Peter Parker. He was a nerd, so what. He was smart and funny, he was so nice to you, sometimes you would catch him staring at you in class. Every time you thought of him, you were sure butterflies were doing cartwheels in your tummy.
¨So, Parker huh?¨ Mj asks from behind you, having witnessed the whole scene.
¨What?¨ You looked back.
¨You like Peter don't you Lia?¨ Mj asked with a smirk on her face.
¨Wha-nooooo, pfff what, he's like not even my type- yes I have a crush on Peter. ¨ You gave up once you saw Mj was not buying it.
¨I knew it, am amazing¨ She complimented herself and you rolled your eyes.
¨Please, don't say anything¨ You begged MJ
¨Nah, but doesn't Peter like, work with your dad or something?¨ Mj asked.
¨Yes, I see him sometimes in the tower¨ You answer
¨Wait like the Avengers Tower?¨ she asked and you realized what you had just said. Mj, Ned, and yourself knew about Peter's little secret. No one knew about yours though.
¨Uhh, yea-yeah, you know, b-because of my-uh, dad?¨ You struggled to come up with an excuse.
¨Phew, that was a real rollercoaster Lia, either way, I don't care about your Peter thingy, I have to go, talk to ya latter¨ She waved and turned around walking to class.
Three years ago, while you were walking home from school, you started to feel weird. You were shivering a lot, you felt dizzy and overall unwell. You closed your eyes for a second and opened them again. You found yourself in a different place. From that day and on you discovered you had inherited powers, different from your dad's of course. Your powers were stronger; Time Travel and Elemental Control. You were scared to tell your dad, so you told Nat. She had always been a second mother to you. When you told her about your powers, she helped you learn their ways and how to control them. Later on, Nat told Clint, she needed help training you. At last, they told Tony. You were ready and needed a suit, you all decided it was better for your identity to remain secret. Tony made you a beautiful suit. It was dark blue, with light blue and purple patches and black boots that were part of the suit. He made you a mask, covering everything but your ponytail. Now you help protect New York behind the name Neptune. Peter had heard of you. He never knew Neptune was the Lia he knew.
So this is where you were now, on the roof of a building watching out for any trouble. Then you say something swinging by, your senses activated for a second, but you soon realized it was Peter. You were fighting the urge to say hi, tell him you liked him, reveal your identity. But no. You stayed silent and in your position. Peter was thinking the same thing. As he was swinging, he saw Neptune, he always saw her around the same time and wondered who she was.
Soon 7 o´clock arrived. You returned home from patrolling an hour ago, so you'd be able to get ready. You wore some ripped jeans and a pink sweatshirt. You didn't want to seem like a try-hard, after all, he was just coming over to study.
¨Hey Dad¨ You hugged him as you entered his lab at home.
¨Hey sweetie¨ He hugged you back.
¨So, um Peter is coming over to study, he needs help with the Chemistry test. ¨ You told him.
¨That´s good honey, the team is also coming to dinner, so it's perfect that Peter is already staying¨ He kissed your head and you left with a wave.
¨Oh, and Lia, keep the door open¨ He warned, and your rolled your eyes at him.
¨ It Peter dad¨ you wined
¨Does Peter have a dick?¨ He asked looking through his glasses.
¨Wha- yeah I guess¨ you made a disgusted face.
¨Okey, that means babies, no, no babies. Door. Opened. Lia.¨ He pointed a finger at you.
¨Ok, Ok stop¨ You left before the conversation got worse. Soon, the doorbell rang. You took a deep breath and opened the door to find Peter with his backpack ready to study.
¨Hey Lia¨ He pulled you in for a hug.
¨Hey Pete, come in¨ You welcomed him in ¨the team is coming later for dinner, can you stay?¨ You asked hoping he said he could.
¨Yeah, why not?¨ He smiled and you both walked to your room.
¨ Dad says I can't close the door because you have a dick, sorry¨ You shrugged, trying to say that in the most normal tone.
¨Okey?¨ He laughed ¨Guilty for being a male ¨ He brought his hands to his chest.¨
¨Shut up¨ You both laughed and started studying.
The doorbell started to ring, which meant the others were arriving. Nat, Steve, Tony, Pepper, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, and Vision were all seated in the living room, drinking wine and making conversation waiting for dinner to be ready.
¨Is Peter coming?¨Pepper asked Bruce.
¨Yeah, he's actually already here. He's upstairs studying with Lia.¨ Bruce sipped from his wine glass.
¨Upstaris huh?¨ Tony raised an eyebrow
¨The door is opened Tony, it's fine¨ Bruce calmed him down.
¨Those two seem to be spending an awful lot of time togther¨ Wanda pointed out and everyone nodded ¨Are they dating?¨ She asked Bruce.
¨Well, not that I know of¨ He shrugged and they all changed the subject.
Back to you and Peter. You guys were still stuck on that same question Peter was stuck on.
¨This has no solution¨ You said on the verge of tears.
¨Hey, it's okay. Will figure it out Lia, am here¨ Peter comforted you as he rubbed your back. You wanted to tell Peter how you felt, it was one of those moments when your on a high and you just have to do something about it. So you did.
¨ Peter? Can I confess something?¨ You asked, looking into his hazel eyes.
¨Anything Lia, anything¨ He smiled softly.
¨I like you...I- yeah¨ You left out a sight, mentally slapping yourself with a Fly killer.
¨Are you serious Lia?¨ He asked smiling widely.
¨No Peter, am just fucking around with you- OF COURSE AM SERIOUS¨ You snapped in an annoying way.
¨I like you too Lia¨ He bit his lip.
¨No, stop, you don't have to do this.¨ You told him
¨ Do what? I really, truly, believe you are perfect¨ He said meaning every word he spoke.
¨Really?¨ You asked
¨Really¨ He assured
¨I think your pretty perfect too¨ You blushed.
¨May I kiss you now Lia?¨ He asked eagerly.
¨Please¨ You pulled him closer and he brought his lips to yours. They tasted sweet, and they felt soft. Perfect. You placed your hands on both sides of his face, he lifted your chin up. You both stood up from the chairs and made your way to the bed. Peter was on top of you, his arms next to your head on the bed for support. The kiss started to get heated and Peter took off his shirt, grinding his hips against yours. Then you heard Steves voice.
¨I really feel bad for your dad Lia, he thought leaving the door opened would help¨ He laughed at the scene in front of him. He was standing on the door frame with Safira next to him.
¨Hey Steve¨ Peter said awkwardly putting his shirt back on.
¨Hey kid¨ Steve laughed ¨Dont worry, Lia I won't say anything, my lips are closed. Dinner is ready, come down¨ He said
¨Thanks Stevie¨ You kissed his cheek and Peter followed you down the stairs. You arrive at the dining table where everyone is already seated.
¨There they are, my favorite young adults¨ Tony welcomed them.
¨Hey Tony¨ You waved
¨Hello Mr. Stark¨ Peter nodded at him.
All of you made small talk during dinner until Wanda made an interesting question.
¨So Lia, are you and Peter together?¨ She asked while cutting a piece of food with her knife.
¨Umm¨ You looked at Peter and he had a panicked expression, he just shrugged uncomfortably, and everyone was looking at you two, Steve silently laughing.
¨Yeah¨ You said ¨I think¨ you looked at Peter and he smiled looking at you, holding your hand under the table. Bruce started choking on the pasta.
¨What?¨ He asked in the middle of coughs and pats in the back from Vision.
¨And you ask me why I tell you to leave the door opened¨ Bruce explained and Steve burst out loud laughing. All turned around to look at him, tomato red from laughing.
¨What is it that you find funny Steve¨ Vision asked.
¨Oh nothing, just remembering a funny meme I saw earlier¨ He played it off.
¨Anyways, could you both finish studying?¨ Pepper asked
¨No, this one stupid question, we've been stuck on it for about an hour and a half. ¨ You explained frustrated and better rubbed your thigh from underneath the table.
¨Ohh, I like the Chemistry, maybe I can help¨ Vision offered
¨Great, gimme a sec¨ You said standing up from your chair and going to grab your backpack. You came back with your backpack and placed it on the chair. There was one minor detail you had forgotten. When you came back from patrolling, you squished your suit inside of your backpack. This whole time, your textbook was underneath the suit. You didn't need it because you were using Peter's textbook. When you went to pull the textbook out, the suit came out as well. Gasps filled the silence in the room. Tonys' eyes widen as he realized. Peter looked down to his lap, where the suit had landed. He picks it up and realized what he was holding.
¨You are Neptune!?¨ He asked eyes wide open
¨Lia, why didn't you tell me, you know I am Spiderman¨ He asked kind of sad you didn't trust him.
¨It was totally professional¨ Tony clarified
¨Mr. Stark knew?!¨ He asked wide-eyed again.
¨ Well, he did make the suit, so.¨ You shrugged
¨Is there something else you'd like to tell me Lia¨ Your dad asked furious, his arms around his chest.
¨Peter and Lia were about to fuck, Bruce¨ Everyone spits out the water they were drinking as Steve confesses, laughing.
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sunnymuffins45 · 2 days ago
Batman Roses
Tumblr media
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Sign up here 👈to request your own personalized fic!!!
Name: Jessica
WC: 1.3k
Request: how about I had been away for months filming a movie and I decide to come surprise tom when filming is over without him knowing so I go to one of his meets and greet/photo op things and stand last in line to surprise him and he starts crying when he sees me.
A/n: This was such a cute idea !! Thank you for requesting this, I hope you enjoy it !!! @jess-holland23.
You sighed satisfied as you got off the phone with your agent. After four tiring months, Jess was finally able to take a break from filming. Months ago, you were cast to star in the next hit film of the summer. Your boyfriend, being a former actor, had recommended your work to some great directors. They seemed to agree with Tom that you happen to have an outstanding talent for the cinema industry. So, that´s how you ended up cast about six months ago, just right before your boyfriend, Tom, started the press tour for his new Marvel movie.
You stood up from the couch where you were thrown on. You went to the closet in your hotel room and took your suitcase out. It was full of dust, considering you didn't seem to have to use it.
Jess took her clothes out of the closet and placed them in the suitcase, not even bothering to organize them.
Mark, your agent, had already arranged a flight for you to go to San Diego that weekend. Why San Diego? Well, the San Diego Comic-Con was happening that same weekend you had off, so naturally, you went to surprise your boyfriend, who just happened to be Spiderman. When you finished packing your needs, you went to sleep, enthusiastic about the next day ahead of you.
It was 5 am when the alarm went off. Opening your eyes in a heartbeat, thinking how in just a few hours, you were going to be in the warmth of your boyfriend's arms.
Standing up from the comfy place on your bed, you made your way to the bathroom to get ready for the flight. In about half an hour, you came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. You hopped on the car and went straight to the airport. Once you arrived, you took a couple of pictures with a few fans that happened to have recognized you. Then, you boarded your flight to San Diego. The flight wasn't that long. Traveling from LA to San Diego had its advantages. The flight was about 45 minutes long. Once the flight arrived in San Diego, you stepped out of the plane and went to through the whole process of entering a new airport. You got checked, picked up your bags, and made your way to the exit. Of course, she had to tell someone about your visit, so you told Harry. Harry himself was excited about you visiting, you both had a strong friendship. He honked at you from his car. He saw you standing up, looking for his car. When you heard the honk, you smiled and waved at your boyfriend's brother. You sat in the passenger seat, closing the door behind you.
¨ How you doing¨ He pulled you in for a hug.
¨Great, what about you Harrold?¨ You messed with him.
¨What have I told you about calling me names Jess¨ He plead
¨Oh shut up, you love it¨ You laughed and he drove, making his way to the comic con.
You both got to comic con and Harry parked the car.
¨Id say you leave your bags here¨ He told you, opening the door for you, and you nodded in agreement.
¨So what's Tom doing right now?¨ You asked Harry.
¨He is taking pictures with the fans. You should surprise him by doing that.¨
¨Doing what exactly?¨ You asked confused
¨I mean you make the line like everyone else, when it's your turn, they will let you in like your a fan, and there, you will surprise Tom.¨ Harry explained.
¨You see that is a genius idea, but I have no ticket, Jessica 1, Harrold 0¨ You kept annoying Harry.
¨Well, I bought you a ticket last night. I planned the whole thing, Jess. Harrold 1, Jessica 0¨ He mocked you and you stuck your tongue out to him.
Harry showed you the way in, you saw thousands of people. Some were dressed up in these crazy costumes, they looked so real. Some others were waiting in line for panels, Q&A´s and for photo taking.
¨Okey see that line, that's the one for Tom. Get in line, try to make yourself unnoticed, go in and surprise him.¨ Harry instructed you as he held the ticket out for you.
¨Okey, wish me luck¨ You held in a breath.
You walked past by many people, but you started to get some looks. You made a quick stop at the gift shop. You bought a Hulk mask so that your face wouldn't be recognized. You put your mask on and continued to walk, getting closer to Tom's line. Your walk was interrupted by a very realistic cosplay of Batman.
¨Hey?¨ You asked awkwardly
¨Hello, I am handing out these pretty roses to pretty girls like you. Take one.¨ The Dressed Man spoke and he gave you two perfectly red roses.
¨Thankyou¨ You thanked the man and he nodded stretching his arm out, signaling you to continue your way, and so you did. You finally got in line. Some girls in front of you were talking about how much they loved Tom, you laughed silently at how lucky you were. The whole time you were in line, you were thinking about 2 things. One, why is this mask so damn uncomfortable, and 2, what do I do with these roses. They were beautiful, and an idea came up. Soon enough you were next in line to go take a picture with your beautiful boyfriend.
¨Okey Mam, your up next. Maintain your distance and be respectful. Remember these are celebrities, not friends.¨ The guard spoke before letting you in. Pffff he's my boyfriend, you idiot.
You entered the room and saw him standing there with a smile on his face. You still had the mask on, so he had no idea it was you. Tom pulled you in for a hug.
¨Hello love, you know, it's okay to take the mask off¨ He laughed letting go of the hug.
¨Oh my, thank God, It's so hot inside this piece of shi-¨
¨Holy shit !¨ Tom explained once he heard your voice and saw you taking your mask off.
¨Hey Baby¨ You smiled at your boyfriend.
¨Jessica! what are you doing here?¨ He asked pulling you in for the tightest hug you had experienced.
¨I came to surprise you Tommy¨ You pulled away and kissed him.
¨ Hey! Mam, Mam, we talked about the distance-¨ The guard warned.
¨Mate Chill, she´s my girlfriend¨ Tom said to the mean guard ¨ Am so happy your here my love¨ He kissed your head before you pulled out of the hug.
¨So one of the Batmans gave me these roses¨ you told him.
¨A WHAT? No return those Jessica¨ He joked
¨Nu Tommy let's take a picture with them¨ You asked him.
¨Okey how do you want to do it?¨ He asked you.
¨So like you put this rose in your mouth, like this¨ You placed the rose in his mouth. ¨And then you hold me like am falling....but am not actually falling. ¨ You cocked your head to the side, like asking him if he understood.
¨Because am holding you?¨
¨Because you are holding me exactly¨ You kissed his cheek and got in position. The cameraman took the picture and Harrison came in.
¨Mate, what's taking so long? These girls are eating each other outside- Oh Jess!!! Hey, ¨ Harrison realized why it was taking so long.
¨I think I should probably head out¨ You kissed him one last time and started making your way out with Haz.
¨Jess wait!¨ Tom called out ¨Take your Batman roses with you¨
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 2 days ago
Can you do one with Dad!Tom x Mum!Reader where the Reader is waiting Tom to come home from the pub and she and their 5 month old son is asleep on their bed and when Tom comes home she is like “shhhh don’t wake him up”KSHXTHWHWVSJSSIDP
Fuck okay, lets fucking goooooooo!
Other Writing
    The night eased away, slower than it would have with Tom by your side, leaving you to do bath time on your own, changing Caleb into his pajamas, his small legs fighting back at you as you tried to slide his feet into the leg holes of the onesie, fat tears escaping his large brown eyes as he made distressed gurgling noises, you knew that if he could talk he would be asking for his daddy, but he couldn’t and it left you here to interpret them. 
    Finally Caleb got to sleep letting you clean up the house from the day and retreat to your room, slipping in between the sheets, looking at the clock and finding that Tom should be home soon, might as well wait up a little longer for him. Just as you were about to press play on your show soft cries reached your ears. You hurriedly got out of your bed and ran to the room just down from yours. Picking up your teary faced boy and holding him to your chest, you realised he was hungry as he began to tug at the collar of your shirt. Making your way back to your bed pulling him to your chest as you pulled your shirt aside, letting him latch.
    You nursed him until he dozed off at your chest, small eyes fluttering closed as his latch around your nipple loosened, head falling back into the crook of your elbow as you cradled him. You laid there admiring your beautiful son, his round cheeks and fluttering eyelids, cheek still pressed against your breast, if he hadn’t fallen asleep you would have pulled your shirt up but you knew that movement would be enough to waken him. You don’t know when you dozed off, it could have been while thinking about how your son looked like his dad, or how his nostrils moved when he took a deep breath, how soft he felt in your arms. You woke up to a loud clattering followed quickly by the opening of your bedroom door mouth open as if he was about to say something, but before he could speak your eyes found his slightly bloodshot ones, glaring at him.
    “Shhhh, he’s asleep!” you whispered, raising your eyebrows to emphasise your words, his mouth falling shut as he cast down to the small bundle who was gurgling and fast asleep in your arms. He walked over to you quickly, immediately sobering at the sight of the loves of his life.
    “Can I take him, Love? I missed my little guy so much” he asked, reaching out his large hands to scoop the kid from your arms and you let him, watching as Tom brought his son's face to his, the pad of his thumb soothing over your baby's soft cheek. 
    “I missed you so much little man, god, it was so hard being away from you and your mama for so long, I didn’t like that, I don’t think I will be doing it again anytime soon." He cooed to the small boy, swaying to make sure he stayed asleep. "I'm gonna go put him down" Tom hummed, carrying your son back to his room, kissing his chubby cheeks before setting him in the crib, watching as he squirmed a little before returning to sleep. Tom watched him for a moment before, admiring how cute he looked, how he was his little buddy, he loved that he looked like you, because whenever he looked at either one of you he was reminded of the other. 
Going back to the room the both of you shared, Tom stripped off his clothes, climbed in bed with you and pulled you close to him, arm wrapped around your waist and quickly falling asleep. 
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wizkiddx · 2 days ago
your voice
angsty vibe, requested by @hollandlover19 than you for th rq and hop this doesn't disappoint too much :)))
summary: tom says something so stupid and has to deal with the consquences
warnings: a bit angsty, but ends in fluff! argumnts and raising voices, I guess could be associated with panic attacks tho not written with that intention
“Oh, Y/n er sorry.” Harrisons morning dulcet tones were what you were awoken to with a groan.
Everything was achy, and your head was pounding, making you grumble in discontent as you shifted uncomfortably on the technically too-small-to-sleep-on sofa.
This was not the morning you’d foreseen even 12 hours ago.
Lockdown had been difficult for everyone, even removing the tragic health crisis. Being locked in with your boyfriend and his brothers and friends was, for the most part, amazing. Lots of laughs, lots of beers and lots of quality time that you usually didn’t get. But it was also intense.
Without a doubt, since you first got together, this was the longest time you’d ever had with Tom. And it had been brilliant, your relationship getting so much closer and just learning the subtlest intricacies about the other. In fact, when lockdown had been announced, you’d never lived together (the most a week-long holiday).
Though it was also like a pressure cooker, Toms rented house. When one of you were in an understandable but stubborn lousy mood, it affected the whole house.
Yesterday night had been the perfect storm. The weather was unbelievably scorching; your work had announced that they had to let some staff go because of the financial implications of the pandemic; a ‘mole’ had released personal details of your relationship.
And it was like a pot on the stove; everything went from controllable to violently boiling over in a matter of minutes.
Honestly, you didn’t even know why you had started arguing - it was that pathetic. And yet you’d both said pretty horrible stuff - though it was Tom who had crossed the line. Frankly, the way he’d spoken to you was almost unforgivable.
You’d both known instantly too, all his anger at you had immediately evaporated when he’d realised what he had said. It took no time for him to become a grovelling apologetic mess, however even that- it was already too late.
It might sound feeble, but honestly, you’d run and locked yourself in the downstairs loo. You’d cried on the inside- whilst from the other side of the door, he had been begging and pleading with you.
After an hour though, Tom finally gave up - hence why you’d had a pretty uncomfortable night on the sofa.
This brings it back to Harrison, the early riser of the house, barrelling into the living room after his morning run. All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, except also slightly terrified looking as he stood awkwardly in the doorway.
“I’m up now” You sighed, dragging yourself into a sitting position on the sofa whilst massaging your crooked neck.
“You er…. you fell asleep watching the TV?” Rolling your eyes, you sighed at the blonde, even if his poor acting was a little entertaining.
“Are we both pretending that you don’t know what went down last night?” Of course, Harrison knew. The walls were thin, you’d been screaming and he was Tom’s best friend. No doubt, Tom had immediately gone to him for help and advice last night.
Harrison held his hands up in response, caught in the act, and clicked his tongue. “What he said was bad. You shouldn’t be the one ending up with the sore back.” He wasn’t wrong.
“And yet here I am…” With a sigh you smiled which he returned with a sickeningly empathetic one “Anyway, don’t let my sad self get in the way, did you come in here for anything?”
Now, because Harrison was mentally a five year old, that’s how you ended up sat crossed-legged on the floor, clutching a wii remote and angrily shouting at yoshi on the mariokart screen. The whole household was competitive as hell and you were no exception - so some rouge elbows were flying when he viciously knocked you off the track.
Slowly Harry and Tuwaine filtered in and picked up remotes too, so the quiet morning was very quickly switched into a tense atmosphere of yelps and shouts. None more so than Tuwaine, who was possibly the worst looser you had ever met.
Really, you knew all the boys were only doing this as there way of showing you they were with you. That they also thought Tom was a massive raging dickhead. And you appreciated it more than they would ever know. Locked down in Toms house, very much not mutual ground, having three stupid boys behind you meant everything.
Just as you got on to the 18th and final race of the house’s mario grand prix, another voice cut across the tense silence as you waited for the coutdown to turn into ‘go’. Naturally, you flipped round to see Tom, looking as though he literally just rolled out of bed with puffy eyes and messy hair and no top. The sight made your heart flutter, to the point you had to consciously check yourself - refusing to smile softly at him like you usually would, instead narrowing your eyebrows and looking back at the TV.
Tom had so desperately hoped that when he came down this morning, everything would be better. That all it’d take would be a quiet conversation for the two of you to make up - for him to have you in his arms again. Primarily as he had heard your excited laugh echoing through the halls in reactions to Tuwaines yelps of protests - it made him hopeful. Waking up to a cold and empty bed was almost soul-crushing this morning. He did not want it to ever happen again.
Which is why his heart sank so much when all you gave him was a scolding look, before turning your attention to the TV. Admittedly, he was naive to think that what he’d done last night would be an easy fix - he knew it too. So with dropping shoulders, Tom silently took a seat on the sofa, watching from afar. You spent the rest of the race more absent, not joining in with the Harrison or Harrys trash-talking, acutely aware of Tom’s eyes burning the back of your head.
Then came Harry’s celebrations as the overall winner (only just) and when Harrison suggested another game Tom piped up again.
“Give me a turn Harry.”
The three boys kneeling next to you all stiffened, looking immediately to you for what seemed like consent - as if they were engaging with the enemy. (At least it was good to know everyone was on your side).
“I’m gonna go prepare for my meeting anyway.” You spoke quietly, already placing the remote on the floor and standing up.
“Y/n I don’t mind swappin-“
“No. Thanks, H but no.” You weren’t being selfless and giving Tom a turn. You were running away from seeing him.
And Harrison was still really angry at Tom. He’d been so selfish and insensitive and had hurt you- someone who Haz also cared a lot about too. Yes Tom was his bestmate, that he’d grown up with and known for years - but Haz really liked you too, in fact all the boys did. So they were almost as pissed with Tom as you were.
So while you threw the cushion you were sat on back on the floor, Harrison shot Tom the filthiest look and practically shooed him away.
“come on Y/n … just one more? Then you can do your boring work.” You were about to refuse when Haz tilted his head toward the door, only then noticing that Tom had slipped out the room. Now that he was gone ,yes, just one more wouldn’t hurt. The meeting prep wasn’t time pressured; it was an excuse for an escape.
Tuwaine whooped a little when you nodded, planting back down and ready for the first race. Yet apart from that, the room was still a little awkward, you being the first to break the silence.
“Actually Haz, would you mind giving me a lift today?”
“What to the shops?
“Um no not quite.” Tuwaine laughed in his usual innocent and infectious style before asking more.
“Seriously? You know we’re locked down? Boris won’t be happy if you going mad and leaving the house.”
“Just to Y/f/n’s. She lives on her own so it’s legal.”
“She lives just down the road right? Can’t you walk?” Harry was confused, making him look away from the screen, ultimately leading to his ‘diddykong’ falling off the track.
“I’ll have my bags. I um… I think I’m going to stay with her till lockdown eases more.”
As soon as you said that, Harry pressed pause on the race, all three boys looking at you mouth-opened.
“For real?”
“Yeh I um… think me and Tom need some time apart and being locked in isn’t helping.”
“I’m not saying to forgive and forget what he said… but he is really sorry.”
“The twats literally kicking himself.” Tuwaine added, making you smile a little for calling Tom that.
“I know just… I need some space and-“
“Are you breaking up?” Harry almost announced, cutting you off. He would miss you too.
“No! Nono I … well I don’t know. I just- we both need this.”
The boys all nodded, looking at the floor for a moment before Harrison’s blue eyes were back on you.
“Course I’ll drive, but… but I’ll miss you.”
You’d left merely an hour later, whilst Tom was holed up in the garden doing what looked like an almost unbearable work out. It meant he was also out your hair and you could throw all your stuff into two suitcases without him being any the wiser. It was probably pretty cowardly to leave without speaking to him, but you couldn’t. It would hurt too much and you didn’t want to break down in front of him. No doubt as soon as you had got to Y/f/n you did - into a blubbering mess of tears - but Tom hadn’t seen so it was okay.
Speaking of. Tom.
Tom was not in a good way at all. He’d been trying really hard to curb his’ short fuse’ lately- all of which had been well and truly blown in the past 4 hours. After finally being realised from meetings, which he’d not been able to concentrate on anyway, Tom had mentally prepared himself for a lot of grovelling. Once he’d vaguely hunted the house and not found you there, he naturally asked Harry and Tuwaine (both of whom were in the living room) if they’d seen you around.
It was a typical question, the answer he was expecting was that you’d just gone on your daily walk. And yet the response he got was… well a lot more confusing. Harry’s eyes widened whilst T did his awkward-uncomfortable chuckle, the two locked in an intense bout of eye contact. It was as though they were arguing with each, but through the powers of telekinesis... and it put Tom on edge. He was already stressed because you were so angry with him, so not getting a clear answer out of his brother and best mate - lets just say it tested his patience.
“You two need to tell me what the hell is going on right now.”
The two boys both looked panicked to speak to him, which was the opposite of the usual situation. They were some of the ONLY people in his life that would just say it how it is, no sugar coating. Like if he was away and being ‘famous’ was getting to his head; or if he wore the wrong pair of jeans. Even yesterday evenings events, they’d both called him out on what he’d said to you.
So why the silence?
Eventually, it was Harry who spoke up, but in doing so, practically just waved all responsibility on to another innocent party.
“Ask Haz.”
And then Tom knew. He knew this was bad. Immediately his heart was pumping at an alarmingly fast rate, taking the stairs two at a time and not bothering to knock before bursting the door open.
“Where’s Y/n?”
Harrison was reclined back on his haphazardly made bed, laptop balanced on his lap as he looked up with a sigh. He’d known this conversation was coming, but it didn’t make it any less easy. With a sigh, Haz closed the lid of his MacBook and sat up on the bed.
“Tom just-“
“Where. Is. She.”
“She’s gone to Y/f/n’s.”
“Oh… okay.” Suddenly Tom’s voice was muted, thinking he might’ve blown his top at nothing. This wasn’t weird - Y/f/n was in your support bubble and you went to hers often.
Tom was grossly underestimating the situation - and Harrison heard didn’t fancy stringing him along though.
“No like gone. She um… she took all her stuff. I think she’s going to stay there till-“
Tom was already out his room at that point, slamming the door as he did so. Making a beeline for his own room, Tom then frantically started to pull out the draws and rummage around the shelves, confirming what he already knew. Your clothes were gone, your toothbrush and toiletries were gone, you were gone.
It’s important to note Tom didn’t really cry all that much. Or if he did - it was more inconsequential, at a sad movie or one of the rescue dog stories from battersea. Actually, when it came down to it, he didn’t really cry.
Now though, it was impossible to ignore the burning of his eyes, as he sank down onto the bed that now felt twice the size. With ragged breath, he repeatedly fisted his eyes, not actually letting the tears fall - but it was impossible to not acknowledge their presence. Harrison stood wordlessly at the door frame, knowing it best not to interrupt - whilst at the same time knowing Tom shouldn’t be left alone. There was a delicate balance between the two, which he was walking on a knife-edge on right now.
After a short while, Tom looked up with red eyes and nodded at Harrison, effectively granting him entrance. With a sigh once again, Haz moved and sat next to Tom on the bed, clasping his hands together nervously.
“She said you both just needed a break from each other. Think lockdown and everything was just a bit too intense.” Haz had tried to explain, yet it seemed Tom had only managed to lock onto one of the first words.
“A break? Or breaking up?”
“I uhm… she didn’t explicitly say ending things. But I just… I don’t know to be honest mate.”
“You see the way she looked at me this morning? Like she hated me. Wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was there.”
“I don’t know what to say… she needs time and space I think.” Tom was silent for a beat, shaking his head as he cradled his forehead.
“I hate the fact you and my girlfriend are on better terms than I am.” Anddd his voice was back to scathing.
“I’m not on anyones side. But your both my friends and she… she needed some time.”
With that, Harrison made a quick exit out, getting Harry to take over the Tom supervision.
Ever since the atmosphere in the house had been tense. To say Tom was highly strung was an understatement, particularly towards Harrison. Deep down he was thankful Haz was looking out for Y/n: he was glad that Haz was checking she was okay. It’s not like Tom could, because Y/n was refusing to answer his calls, texts, whatsapps, even the slip of paper he’d slipped under Y/f/n’s door in the middle of an especially dark night.
So it was good to know Y/n was okay, but the fact she was going on socially distanced walks with the rest of his housemates was rubbing salt in the wound.
After a week and a half of complete radio silence on your end Tom had utterly worn down. He didn’t have the emotional capacity to be angry anymore, he was just tired. Tired of missing you with every breath, tired of the ten-tonne weight of guilt pressing on his chest, fucking exhausted with being angry at Haz and Harry and Tuwaine.
The best thing in his life and one of the very limited opportunities was quality time with the people he loved more than anything else. He had ruined it all.
And it was the small things. It was waking up to your soft, whispered voice in the morning; it was your infectious giggle when he surprised you with a hug from behind and gentle kisses to your neck; it was your quiet singing in the shower. Especially when he knew Haz, Harry and Tuwaine were all still seeing you and laughing with you. It hurt like hell.
Which is how he ended up hesitantly knocking on Harrison’s bedroom door at half eleven at night, with his tail between his legs. Having been so uber-healthy all lockdown, Haz was already in bed following his sleep cycle, though for Tom right now- he would be awake.
“I’m um… I’m sorry I’ve been a knob. There’s no excuse of anything I’ve just… I’ve been a knob.”
“You’re not wrong.” Harrison nodded in agreement with a sly smile, motioning for Tom to come into the room, after which he perched on the edge of the bed.
“I just… I need to speak to her but I… I don’t want to push her if she’s still hurting and I…”
“You absolutely promise not to blow your fuse? Because she couldn’t handle that.” Tom’s eyes widened, thinking this would be a much harder pitch than how it seemed to be going.
“Yesyesyes i- I promise. I just, I feel broken you know? Even if all I get is the time to say sorry, I-I really need to.”
Harrison released a deep breath, nodding slowly before throwing the covers off himself. Tom watched all his movements with a curious gaze, silently sitting as Haz pulled on a hoodie, then socks too.
“Well? Let’s go.”
Now, what Tom had not in the slightest bit been prepared for was this to happen tonight. Really, he hadn’t even thought Harrison would agree to let him talk to you… and even if he had, Tom not in hell thought it’d be at 11:30 that evening.
His heart was thundering in his chest, trying to hurriedly script how on earth he was going to apologise meaningfully to you - as him and Haz walked the short distance to your friends house. Honestly the whole situation was peculiar to Tom - finding it hard to believe that if you weren’t to answer his texts you wouldn’t be open to an in person conversation.
What Tom didn’t know, was how you’d been texting Haz at a similar point of desperation. You weren’t happy and even given everything Tom had said and acted - you missed your boy. No matter how infuriating he could be when trapped 24/7 - you’d quickly learnt this was the only way you wanted to spend these weird times.
So yes, Tom’s best friend knew you were hardly sleeping either, but needed that little push to interact with you boyfriend. No doubt, you’d still be awake to answer the door.
Once he’d arrived at the apartment block and walked up the stairs to the right floor, it still took some prodding and pushing from Harrison to get Tom to knock on the door. Plainly, because he was shitting himself. Haz hadn’t given him enough pre warning, enough time to work it all out in his head. So it took another encouraging nod from Harrison for him to knock on the slightly rough-round-the-edges flat door.
Y/f/n was single and young, starting her career in Kingston - so the flat she could afford was modest at best. When it was just occupied by a single person, that was manageable - two was a push. You’d only been living with her for a week and a few days but it was enough to know this flat was not ideal for two people in lockdown. You were already stepping on each others toes. It also wasn’t technically legal to move households but Y/f/n had always been in your support bubble as a single household otherwise. And so there was also a layer of guilt to it all.
Naturally then, sharing a bed with someone who wasn’t Tom meant you just were not sleeping. Even if you had both gone to bed early (just to kill some hours in the day) you were still wide awake at quarter to twelve - when a timid knock echoed through the minuscule apartment. Curiosity peaked at who the hell would be calling now; you silently slipped out of bed, managing to not disturb Y/f/n, and closed the bedroom door.
Now you weren’t an idiot. Even though this was southwest london, hardly the capital for crime, Y/f/n lived in a dodgy building with some questionable characters. And it was midnight. Hence why you approached the situation cautiously, tiptoeing to the door and waiting with your ear pressed against the wood.
“I told you she wouldn’t answer!”
“She will! Might just be in the loo or something.”
“Haz this is stupid-“
The air in your chest froze when you immediately recognised the smooth tone of his voice. It was him… and you’d missed that so much. Already there were tears in your eyes and you couldn’t open the door just yet. So no, instead you slid down the doorframe before calling quietly out into the night.
The bickering on the otherside of the door was silenced, but you heard a quite tap on the door... and could envision exactly what was going on. Tom, pressing both palms and his ear to the door, as Harrison took a few steps back - sensing his work was done.
“Y/n? You there?” He sounded desperate, you could hear the emotion dripping off his voice. It was only when you tried to reply did you realise your own voice was having a harder time speaking.
“Yeh its-its me.” It felt as though this heavyweight that had been pressing down on your chest was slowly lifting, making your voice all cracky and low.
In response, there was a short and sharp exhale. It sounded relieved before some fidgeting as you imagined him crouching down beside the door - mirroring your image.
“Fuck, it… it feels so good to hear your voice.”
“Yours too… I’ve-i’ve missed you.”
Tom snorted at that, a gentle bang allowing you to realise he’d just whacked his head on the back of the wood.
“You have no idea how this week felt.” He was wrong though, you did.
Yes, maybe without the insurmountable guilt that Tom was rightfully feeling, but it didn’t mean that the time apart wasn’t easy.
“I do. This hasn’t been a nice holiday for me you know?”
He sighed, knowing that yet again he’d said the wrong thing. This time though, he didn’t rebut instantly (which surprised you), instead his response was more measured and calculated.
“I am so sorry. And of course, I know because I was the one that hurt you too. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for that.” You nodded but given this conversation was happening through a door Tom didn’t see your gentle agreement - opting to fill the silence.
“I um… I’m not good at this whole um… speaking my feelings. But I’ve hated myself ever since I picked that fight with you. It was stupid and uh it-it was all my fault. I’m so so sorry for hurting you.”
“‘Why?” You tried to ask, except the words were stuck in your throat, making you have to clear it before asking again. “Why did you say it?”
“To get a rise out of you. It’s stupid and petty and fucking-fucking dumb. I said it not because I’ve ever thought it, I never ever have, but I knew it’d hurt you. I was preying on your insecurities because I was angry at the world and that was so unfair. “
“No shit.”
Silence reigned as you fiddled with your fingers - specifically with the promise ring he’d bought you a year ago.
“You-you think you could ever forgive me?”
“Thats the annoying part. I want to hate you because you literally stabbed me then twisted the knife but… but all I’ve done this week is miss you. Even when I saw Haz or Harry or Tuwaine. I just fucking missed you.”
“Can you open the door please love?”
Clumsily you scrubbed the tear tracks off your face, scrabbling to your feet so you could thrust open the doors. Because you might still be bloody pissed at him, but at the same time - you needed your Tom. Thrusting the door open, the first thing you registered was being pressed into Tom’s chest. His arms slinked around your waist and held him tight, which you reciprocated, squeezing tightly round his neck. Your senses were all being assaulted by one thing and one thing only. Tom.
He smelt like usual, except maybe the slightest bit stronger than usual - you figured he hadn’t showered in a day or two or bothered with cologne. The top of your forehead was pressed up against his chin, and as he readjusted his grip on you, you felt the scratchy feeling of his unshaven stubble. He kept whispering apologies against the top of your head, almost desperate and religiously.
Arching back, you brought both hands to cup his cheeks, looking into his glassy brown. eyes, which looked so lost and confused.
“I’m still angry.”
“Of course-“
“I’m still angry but I’m going to kiss you okay?”
Safe to say Tom didn’t require a verbal response, taking it upon himself to nudge his lips against yours, yet waiting for you to initiate the kiss. And that you did, everything else about this godforsaken week and a half. His index finger traced the angle of your jaw, whilst he held your lower back tight, pressing himself as close as physically possible to you. Needing you.
Eventually arching back, your thumb ran over his deep and sunken under-eyes, which added so much age to his face.
“You look tired Tommy.”
“Can’t sleep without you telling me goodnight.” That was another tradition you had had. Even when he was away, you’d even set an alarm for whatever bedtime was for the other across the world. Just so you could send a little message or voice not saying goodnight. Was it cringey? Yes. Did either of you care? No.
But since you’d been away all the evening wishes were absent from you. Which hurt Tom more than you may ever know.
“I know you’re still angry but will you please come home to me? I need you to be the last thing I hear at night and the first thing in the morning.”
would love to hear any feedback <333 (but think this is a bit of a shitter so im sorry!!!)
tagging: @lovehollandy12 @pandaxnienke @thegirlwiththeimpala @msmimimerton @hollandfanficlove @hollandlover19 @hunnybunimdun @crossyourpeter @thefernandasantana@hallecarey1
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sunnymuffins45 · 2 days ago
✍️ congrats on 100 followers!!! I would love some hurt/comfort recs for Tom. Its my fav trope lol. Congrats again!
Thank you !!!💕
Now here I've included my personal favorite, angsty stories I have cried to, or sad and then comforting fics.
I hope this helps
Hurting -@spideyyeet
A Few More Months- @parkers-gal
It's More Than That- @tom-holland-is-spiderman
Hoodies And Disloyalties- @hollandroos
Seven Minutes- @hollandroos
Risk It All-@cali-holland
Hope that helped, If anyone wants fic recs, message me!!!!
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sunnymuffins45 · 2 days ago
Omg can I request something where reader puts Tom in “yoga” positions he puts her in during seggsy time
Wait...This Seems Familiar
Pairing: TomhollandxReader
A/N: back with the TikTok au´s, lol I love this idea sm!!
Warning: Implied smut? Sex position talk and doing them lol, fluff, confused Tom.
WC: 821
You were laying on the couch with Tessa while scrolling through TikTok, like any other day at this point. Tom was on the floor watching the TV, resting his head and back against the couch you and Tessa were on. You came across a video of a girl putting his boyfriend in sex positions but telling him they were yoga positions. It was genius. You were bored and had a clumsy boyfriend to try this on, so you took your chance.
The fact that Tom was just in a pair of grey sweat pants made you wish it were you doing the poses. You stood up from the couch, making Tessa come down from it too.
¨ Stand up, we are making a TikTok ¨ You ordered him while giving him one of your hands to help him stand up.
¨Should I change or...¨ Tom said, looking down at his naked chest.
¨Stay like that, you look sexy¨ You winked at him, and he kissed your cheek.
¨So what are we doing?¨ He asked, rubbing his hands together.
¨ We are doing yoga positions.¨ You answered, pressing the record on the red record button.
¨Ohhh Okey am ready¨
¨Okey first lay your back on the floor and lift both of your legs up¨You said, and he started. He brought both of his into the air and looked at you, waiting for the instructions.
¨Now, grab the back of your thigh and pull it as far as you can.¨ You signaled with your hand.
¨Like this princess?¨ He asked with his voice compressed
¨Yes, baby, you are doing great¨ You cheered for him.
¨ Okey, on to the next one¨ You said and he stood up.
¨ Lay on your tummy, yep like that¨ You laughed at your boyfriend.
¨What? why are you laughing? Do I have a wedgie?¨He asked laughing with you.
¨Wha- no, you don't have a wedgie Tom¨ You laughed at your boyfriend's stupidity. ¨ Okey now you are going to lift your butt up just a little¨ he lifts his butt a little
¨ Yup like that, you're a master at yoga babe¨ You laughed
¨What can I say¨ He shrugged smiling ¨Whats next?¨
¨Stay in that position but flip to your side, now lift your right leg up¨
¨Still on my side?¨ He asked struggling
¨ Youp, still on your side¨
¨I can feel the stretch, ughh¨ He kept struggling and you laughed
¨Its hard right?¨
¨Yeah¨ Tom said out of breath ¨Can we move on now?¨
¨Sure, stand up for me and grab onto the couch¨ He does as he's asked. ¨perfect¨you compliment him. ¨Now arch your back a little, yeah just like that¨ You smiled at how oblivious he was.
¨ I still think I have a wedgie or something y/n¨ He pleads
¨Tom stop, why would you think that? that's the most random thing ever¨ You laughed
¨Its because you keep laughing at this positions¨ He giggles
¨Okey come on, let's do one last one, get on the floor on all fours¨ You were sure he was going to realize everything in this position because it was his favorite. Tom gets on his hands and knees on the floor waiting for you to continue. ¨Okey and you are going to arch your back a little so that your butt is sticking out-¨
¨Mhm¨ you knew he already knew.
¨Nothing go on¨ He shook of his dirty thoughts and left you with your thing.
¨I was saying, arch your back so your butt is sticking out and-¨
¨Wait...this seems familiar¨ He stops to think, but stays in the position.
¨How come?¨ You ask sounding innocent
¨NAH AH, YOU DIRTY¨ He realized how he had been played and started laughing alongside you, but never moved, he stayed in that position. ¨Y/n, baby, what the actual fuck-¨
¨OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING ¨ Harry askes as he enters the room just to find you holding a camera recording Tom in doggy style.
¨We were just-¨
¨Mate, nothing is going on, we are like making a tiktok¨ Tom tried to calm him down.
¨A TikTok!? for what website exactly!¨ He cried out.
¨ Chill, we were doing yoga poses¨ You went over to him and placed your hand on his shoulder.
¨Well whatever it was, it's probably going to haunt me for the rest of my nights¨ He gave you a disapproval stare and left again. Tom came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, placing his mouth against your ear and whispering.
¨I think its time for you to try some poses¨
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Personalized Fics Masterlist
Tumblr media
Hey everyone, here is where all the personalized fics will be found.
⚠️These Fics include names, so no y/n. You are still more than welcomed to read them, if your lucky your name might be here!!! ⚠️
You can sign in to the google forms here 👉 here!
I am still writing normal fics, so feel free to request!!!
Key: ❤️Fluff, 💔Angst, 😏smut
Tom Holland
Water Breaker´s, Fight Breaker´s ❤️💔
✿ Tom has been overprotective of his wife, Kaitlyn, during her pregnancy. When she comforts him, Kaitlyn´s water breaks.
✿ TomhollandxKaitlyn!reader
Batman Roses ❤️
✿ Jessica surprises Tom in Comic-Con.
✿ TomhollandxJessica!reader
Peter Parker
Neptune Love ❤️😏
✿ Lia is secretly Neptune. Peter falls inlove with her, and Steve cant keep secrets.
Arvin Russel
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Spidys mad skills (smut) CHAPTER ONE
Tumblr media
A/N please judge this as mean as possible 
Y/N gasped at the site of toms big fat white cock while wearing his spidy-suit. “Give it to me Y/N” Tom moaned, Y/N climbed onto tom “give it to me daddy” she kept yelping as she rock back and forth on toms rock hard cock, suddenly tom flipped her over and thrust into her pussy Y/N started screaming in please “harder harder faster faster” she was screaming. Toms thrusts became sloppy as he came inside her. 
~1 month later~
“TOM” Y/N yelled out “Yes Darling?” “Did we use protection” “Baby, we have sex nearly everyday your going to have to be a lot more specific” Tom winked. Y/N slapped tom on the back of the head “About a month ago” “um no should we have” Y/N slapped her hand against her face “YES TOM” “whats the problem baby whats the big deal?” “i missed my period” Y/N whispered “what was that?” tom asked “I missed my period” Y/N said louder. Toms face went blank “what?”  “yeah” “Are you going to get a test?” “I’ll go now tom.” 
After Y/N took the test the next two minutes were spent in silence until tom heard joyful squeals coming from the bathroom tom went running, “are you ok dear are we going to have a baby” Y/N squealed “no, now fuck me right now you sexy bitch”
Tom whipped his thick fat cock out and shoved Y/N on the sink. he ripped her panties and dragged a finger against her core, his finger was soaked “all this for me” he purred “yes daddy all for you” Tom grabbed Y/Ns perfectly curvy hips and slammed his massive hard cock into her.
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sunnymuffins45 · 2 days ago
Water Breaker´s, Fight Breaker´s
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Name: Kaitlyn
Additional Characters: Lila (Dog)
Request: Tom and his wife ( the reader) are expecting twins. Tom has been very overprotective over the reader, and towards the end of her pregnancy, she starts to get irritated. An argument sparks, and the reader's water breaks.
A/n: Hi Kaitlyn, I hope you like your fic. Thanks for the request ❤️
You rolled your eyes as your husband opened the door for you. Both of you had just returned from having dinner with Tom´s parents, all you wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. You got out of the car and Tom helped you walk to the front door. It was getting annoying. you loved Tom, but he was just too much sometimes. Today your pregnancy marked 39 weeks and you were so excited. When you and Tom got married; 2 years ago, you wanted time for yourself before having children, so you waited. Now here you were, pregnant with your twin girls who were due any day now. Tom opened the door to your house, and you walked in, taking your shoes off.
¨ How are you feeling love¨ Tom asked rubbing your back
¨ Am fine¨ you smiled ¨how are you feeling, baby?¨ You asked your husband kissing him.
¨Tired¨ He kissed you again.
¨Me two, ill go upstairs to change ¨ You said to him, walking to the stairs and stopped for a second ¨can you bring me a glass of water, please?¨ you asked him.
¨ Sure love, just be careful going up the stairs, don't want any of my girls getting hurt¨ He spoke innocently, not realizing how annoyed that comment made you.
¨So you think am not capable of walking up the fucking stairs Thomas¨ You snap at him.
¨No I do, I didn't mean it that way, Kaitlyn baby, you know I didn't mean it that way¨ He came closer to you, but you just shook him off.
¨No Tom, I am sick of you being so overprotective about me, it's not like I cant take care of myself or something¨ You yell at him.
¨Well am just trying to help you, Kaitlyn, why are you so mad about that?¨ Tom starts yelling back.
¨ Am pregnant, not disabled, get your facts stright¨ You sighed and rolled your eyes.
¨Oh My God Babe¨ Tom says mouth wide open.
¨WHAT? WHAT IS IT NOW?¨You snapped again as you started to feel the water in between your legs and realized. ¨My-my-¨
¨Your water just broke¨ Both of you spoke in shock. ¨Okey, Okey let's stay calm, I'll go get the bag and you- um¨ Tom gulped
¨Ill go get the bag, you start the car babe¨ You caressed his cheek, feeling bad about snapping at him. He let go of your hand and went to start the car. You went upstairs, freaking out to Lila, who just seem to be confused about the whole situation. You grabbed the bag and waved bye at your dog like she was just going to return it.
Tom opened the car door for you and you thanked him.
¨This is really happening¨ Tom freaked as he closed his door now.
¨Yeah¨ You sighted still in disbelief ¨ We should have slept more yesterday¨You laughed, so did your husband as he started the car.
¨You will be the best mother in the world, my love¨ He said as he placed his hand on your thigh.
¨ I am sorry¨ You pouted
¨ Is alright Kaitlyn, your right, I have been a pain in the ass. I just want everything to be perfect. I don't know what I would do without you darling¨ He said and you kissed his hand.
¨I love you¨ You kissed his hand again.
¨And I love you¨ He kissed your hand now then lifted it in the air with his.
¨Lets go and have our babies¨
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🥂 Celebration Time 🥂
Thank You all so much for 100 followers, you all have no idea what this means to me !!!! I honestly never thought anyone would ever read my stories. I've been a Tom fan for so long and it makes me happy to be surrounded by people that share my same likes ❤️❤️Thank You all again, I have so many fics and updates coming soon. AHHHHH am so excited!!!!!
Tumblr media
Sunnymuffins45 100 followers celebration
You can send this as a private message or an ask 🥰
🎤- Music requests or recommendations, just let me know what type of music your into and I´ll recommend a song for you. :)
👄- Tell me about anything that's going on in your life or that you need to get out . It can be private or you could make it an ask ;)
🌚- Spill your tea with me, I love your life´s mine is so boring !!
🇮🇹- I know Italian, send me something and I will translate it
🥰- Need advice w your crush? I've got you bestie!!!
🥐- Tell me what your favorite Tom quote is, I'll tell you mine!!!
💃- let's chat about anything you like to, I love making new friends
🎥- Movie requests, tell me what genre of movie you would like to see.
✍️- Want any specific type of writing recommended, I've got some great fics and Tumblrs to recommend !!!
Thank You all, you are free to participate in any way would like, am always thrilled to hear from you guys. Love u all !!! 🥰❤️🥂
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✨Personalized Fics ✨
Tumblr media
Hello, hotties 🙋‍♀️am starting this new thing where I write personalized fics. It will consist of writing the fic for you, for someone you would like to send it to, etc...
How does it work?
Fill out this google form 👈
You will be asked your name, your request, and other details for the fic.
⚠️No personal information rather than your name will be asked⚠️
Tumblr media
Fill in the survey and remember to submit it when done. Please, Please make sure to agree that it is okay with you to have your fic in my blog and masterlist ❤️
Tumblr media
⚠️None of your personal information like your emails will be seen by me. I believe in privacy so feel free to sign in !! ⚠️
I am very VERY excited to see what you guys come up with !!! Remember to feel free to request anything and send me a message if you want to chat or spill some tea 😏
Here is the link for the forms again.
Personalized Fics
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