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allthelokitea · 7 days ago
Inside the mind of Zawe Ashton.. Part 2
Calculating AF. 
Works with a actor who she’s known for years. He’s vulnerable after a HORRIBLE time due to the media. 
The show involves them being intimate day after day. Immediate a light bulb goes up in Zawe’s head.
One word Ashton is thinking about a lot these days is "motherhood." “I would like to have a baby,” she says slowly. "I’ve never said that before, but women never say it." Despite various rumours about her love life, she emphasises that the baby is a goal, not a current reality. "It's not in the works, and it's not being planned," she says. "There's absolutely not one single detail that I can mention, but the next thing on my agenda is building towards that stage, and I feel very proud of that."
Nice to hear that Tom is an agenda you’re building towards just so you can have a baby Zawe. Very reassuring.
The man probably thinks you love him. But you’re just using him.
Zawe thinks Tom is a “High Value Male” someone sweet, non-dominating, supportive, not jealous, and of course, rich.
So yes, of course, babies are the first thing on her mind.
She even fetishizes him. She used to follow interracial relationship pages on Insta. Lol, I agree interracial relationships can take work. But what’s following weird ass Insta pages gonna do?
Especially when you’re a public figure? What message are you sending sweetie? What’s this game you are playing?
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allthelokitea · 7 days ago
Inside the mind of Zawe Ashton.. Part 1
This woman is quite a piece of work. 
“Don’t talk to me about class"
Zawe was bullied at school and faced racist microaggressions. Yes I 100 percet believe this. I’m not going to invalidate POC experiences here.
The rest is bullshit.
Oh zawe are you really using the “I’m from Hackney” card when your grandfather was the president of Uganda?
Hackney is gentrified as hell. You telling me your at par with the black immigrant kids running away from political strifes and war in Sudan or Syria?
“Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel such a deep responsibility,” she sighs. She wouldn’t want to be the face of the empowerment of women, or women of colour. “I’d like one of the cisgender Caucasian males to step up and be that face,” she says. “I feel like I’m answering on behalf of them and they somehow get to remain blameless and free of public responsibility.”
Oh you POOR POOR Thing. I’m sooo sorry. Let’s make a cishet white male the face of BLACK WOMEN’s empowerment. *slow claps*
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allthelokitea · 7 days ago
Tom and Zawe are getting married soon - PROOF
Yes folks it’s happening I’ve got proof.. 
Proof 1 - The infamous video call painting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s basically this.
(Tom shot a video interview 2 weeks before Loki released for Variety. In this call he’s sitting in his kitchen with a white wall backdrop. In the wall behind him there’s a nail showing that there might have been a painting hanging there that Tom removed before the intervew.)
Now the in another interview Zawe did..She’s twisting his hand to appear more public.
There it is ! The wall and the painting.
Proof 2 - Vivienne Westwood.. Yes. Zawe’s started following famous BRIDAL wear designer  Vivienne Westwood on Instagram. She’s done this sorta crap before. Giving out subtle hints trough her Insta.. Very machiavellian Zawe!
Proof 3 -  She’s also following a WEDDING VENUE on instagram.
Proof 4 - this interview
Notice her fiddling with her ring ALL THE TIME! Like get a grip girl. We see it. chill tf out. 
So yeah, she’s engaged.
For the record, I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think Tom would prefer the security of marriage before having a kid. I love him but the poor darling is a bit flaky.
Also, she’s got a Marvel project coming up. A baby would derail all that wouldn’t it?
Funny how Miss “Indie” is suddenly interested in a Marvel movie eh? 
Seriously. I want to be happy for Tom, but I’m not. He’s gotten in to a huge mess. 
If he doesn’t run away from the altar, I give the relationship five years tops.
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