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#tom hiddelson
insomnia3555 · an hour ago
I haven't watched Thor 1 and 2 nor am I a big mcu but am I watching loki series just to simp over tom hiddeson I definitely am
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twilightdance · 5 hours ago
Petition to call Loki x Mobius “Mocki” / “Moki” cause all they do is mock and be cute with each other lmao
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a-lost-raven · 6 hours ago
Alright in Loki, why don’t the timekeepers prevent variants? The Avengers were meant to go back in time but couldn’t the time keepers stop Loki from picking up the tesseract and stop all the other ‘crimes against the sacred timeline?’
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littlemissagrafina · 9 hours ago
If Owen Wilson had a dollar for every time one of his characters have experienced pompeii, he would have two dollars. Not a lot but its weird that it happened twice
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Tumblr media
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rose-aime-m · 16 hours ago
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Did I just spend 10 minutes giggling at Loki's sleeping ?
Did I regret it ?
Am I gonna do it again and again ?
Fuck Yeah ✨
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actuallybibis · 22 hours ago
you guys can judge me all you like, but I didn't really wanted a Lady Loki...
and judge me more when I say that I think she looked like some cosplay that didn't really work out...
she looks more like Sabrina that's for sure...
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emberobscurity · a day ago
Mobius getting ready to explain what happened to Ravonna
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zuzajs14 · a day ago
Maybe Loki will encourage me to get back to drawing 💚🐍💚
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Tumblr media
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blissfollower · a day ago
Loki Wishlist
A fairly standard time travel organization story is that a previous version of a villain is recruited to catch a future version. I still want that for Loki. I want The Variant to actually be a future version of *our* variant (i.e. Sophia Di Martino's Loki is a future version of Tom Hiddleston's Loki).
Canon Loki...*our* genderfluid and pansexual. Always has been. So either Tom's Loki has a bit of an epiphany after meeting Sophia about his gender. OR Tom's Loki's not at all surprised about Sophia's Loki because he's known he's genderfluid the whole time.
There's some discussion/line about how Sophia's Loki is not an illusion.
The TVA's enforcing order - including that there only be one Loki (male or female) which just does not work for Loki. So past-Loki (Tom Hiddleston) teams up with future-Loki (Sophia Di Martino) to take down the TVA.
Turns out, the TVA is the tyrannical organization Loki's been saying - they've been the bad guys all along.
I don't expect any of that to happen, though. I expect that Marvel's going to make very clear that Sophia's Loki is a completely different variant from Tom's Loki. And I suspect Sophia's Loki is a cis woman. And there's probably going to be some conversation in the next episode where Tom's Loki is like "oh wow I didn't realize variants could be different genders" and that'll be it.
I'm ready to be disappointed, is what I'm saying.
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universalratlocator · a day ago
I’m sorry(no I’m not) but the sexual tension between Mobius and Loki this episode is through the roof
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