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#tolkien fanfiction
actuallyfeanor · 33 minutes ago
New chapter of Tolkien’s Women out, this time about Vairë the Weaver
A voice calls in the wilderness: "Ivrin, Faelivrin!" and the man who hears the words, the flaxen-haired youth who carries the ocean's blessing, knows not their meaning. But the weaver knows. The weaver takes one thread, golden in the sunlight, and twists it for a brief moment with another, darker, yet strangely similar strand. She pauses for a moment, contemplating the darker strand, tracing its path through the weave, through sea-silk and hunter brown, until she reaches the place where it is braided into a dense fabric of forest green.
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wearethewitches · 4 hours ago
Kiliel, a prince for a prince
canon divergence, kili-centric, half-elven!kili
When in Mirkwood, the Company stumble upon a party of elves that have been overwhelmed by spiders. Weak but not down for the count, the Company comes to their rescue. Fili saves Legolas and in the ensuing talks, which are heated, Tauriel points out that Fili saved Legolas and recompense should, at least, be given to him. A debt owed, etc.
The elves take them to the palace to meet their king, however, as intruders at the very least. They are treated cordially, until they reach Thranduil, who is scathing as per usual. Bilbo saves the day and puts on a hoity toity act about being a Took who wants to be the furthest-travelled hobbit in an age, who funded the dwarves' trip east to the Iron Hills, so long as he got to come with them. Thranduil doesn't believe Bilbo and is calling him a liar to his face, when Fili interrupts to remind the elvenking that they saved his son's life. Thranduil asks what recompense, etc., so Fili asks that Legolas comes with them on their sojourn to pay back his debt.
Thranduil is spitting mad, but Legolas is very agreeable, seeing no danger in it if they're only going to the Iron Hills; the dwarrow hide their expressions at that, when he defends them to his father. Thranduil tries to cripple their company by asking for a prince in return to fulfill Legolas' duties, expecting Thorin to be the only one available.
Kili thinks on his feet. It can't be Fili because of the debt and the only one young enough apart from Bofur and Bombur is Ori, none of which are believable. He steps forth and proclaims himself the crown prince, answering Thorin's snarl with a spiel about better relations with elvenkind. He calls Fili his cousin, asking him to take care of his uncle for him and says goodbye to everyone in turn, asking them to say hello to Dain and cousin Thorin II for him.
Reluctantly, Thorin mumbling a 'I hope you know what you're doing', the Company leaves him behind, Legolas joining them. Thranduil tries to get them to stay, but Bilbo claims they're behind schedule already, as they planned their jaunt to coincide with the Durin's Day feast. When he tries assigning more elves, Thorin says no, for one elf is too many already and Legolas will be lucky to be allowed in a dwarf mountain at all in these foul times for dwarf and elf.
Kili is left behind. Thranduil tests him for a few days and Kili is surprised he absorbed any lessons at all, Thranduil grudgingly admitting that he's the real deal. Kili also has the nerve to ask why he never helped the dwarrow when they were refugees. Thranduil claims to have helped the Men fleeing Dale and reminds Kili that the dwarves were not the only ones to lose their homes, and also that the dwarves refused their kindnesses. It gives Kili something to chew on, but he comes to the conclusion that you can't excuse racism, especially when you brought an army but never used it. The fall of Erebor lasted weeks, on the inside, yet the elves turned away.
Tauriel is his assigned guard and they get on immediately, well enough that Thranduil makes a remark at dinner a week in about Kili stealing his guard captain. "Only if she wants to be stolen!" And that night, they kiss for the first time. They spend a day ruminating over things, Kili worrying about the Company, before reuniting. They tour the palace, some of the forest when Kili replaces Legolas on patrol and even does some auditing, just so Thranduil can shove the missing White Gems in his face. Kili surprises him by saying that was wrong and he's sorry he lost that memory of his wife to his great grandfather. Funnily enough, it's Thranduil he shows his mother's runestone, saying stuff like being the farthest from her he's ever been. Fili had been to Gondor and even Rohan, but not he; this seems like a slip-up, but Thranduil believes the cousin story and says that he should not envy those with responsibility beyond him, as one day he may have his own that are further-reaching. Aka that time where Thranduil started liking the poor dwarf prince.
Kili gets used to doing various chores - basically, all the paperwork that Legolas never does - and celebrates Mereth Nuin Giliath with Tauriel, walking in starlight with them. The elves are surprised he can do it at all and Kili gently asks if they had shown any dwarf how. He still finds stars to be cold, but agrees they are beautiful, as underground is where he's happiest. Someone asks him to appraise a necklace, unknowingly stumbling on his Craft as a silversmith. He recognises it as his grandmother's work and is very caught out when the elf gifts it to him; cultural miscommunication time!
Unfortunately it comes as a bad time when he refuses and Thranduil sneers, etc. about not accepting the gift out of pride and it takes Kili blurting out in horror "You'd make me marry them?" for things to start slotting into place. Kili gives an impromptu lesson in platonic gift-giving, which is literally him shoving a bead into Tauriel's hand and saying 'this is yours now'. Tauriel asks what it is and he clears his throat and says if she wears it at the end of a braid, she means she is looking to court. Another dwarf can give her their bead for her to wear if she is considering their suit. Tauriel thanks him and rushes off. Kili is given the silver necklace with a humorous 'this is yours, now, nawagel (star dwarf)'.
Two days later, sparring with Tauriel, who gifts him a bow shaped for his size and strength. He tries to rehash the platonic gift-giving, but she specifically gifts it to him and asks him to help braid her hair, as she's already been given that talk early, when Kili started dressing up for Thranduil's court. He shakily braids in her courting bead and asks if he could add his own. She gives him permission and we have flyaway-hair!Kili back. They're lovey-dovey and then, we get a cut-scene.
Fili leading Legolas to Erebor, after finally revealing the truth to him. He says that Legolas can call it kidnapping in the histories and Legolas is stony, replying that they're going to fail and that he should have believed Bard when the bowman said they were heading to Erebor. On the good side, their lie got them zero debts and Tilda and Bain secretly insists Dwalin take the black arrow, because he's amazing, according to Tilda and Obviously they'll need it to kill the dragon. Legolas comments coldly about the arrow and promises that if he kills the dragon for them, not just Fili will owe him. Fili promises that if he kills Smaug, then he can have anything he likes. Brotp!
Kili is awoken by Smaug's death roar inside the mountain and Thranduil orders him to court, then to prison. Tauriel is betrayed and for a while, she leaves him to rot, but then returns with the keys and the elf who gave Kili the silver necklace - who apparently is Tauriel's mother. Woops. She apologises for accidentally proposing to him and then helps Kili sneak out, Tauriel remaining behind so as to not collect suspicion. She takes her braids out and puts the beads around her neck instead.
Tauriel's mother, Aelin, who never married, ergo 'daughter of the forest', helps him sneak down the river in an elven boat, paddling all the way to the old Laketown ruins. They head to the mountain under cover of night and discover Legolas leaving. Aelin offers to accompany him home, but Kili doesn't like that; once Legolas is told why, he agrees and promises to send Tauriel after them, under the impression that she is as good a friend to Kili as Fili is to him.
Kili reunites with the Company and learns of Smaug's defeat by combined dwarf, elf and hobbit hand. Thorin has already called for Dain's army to defend the Mountain, but Smaug died in the treasury. Kili is interrogated badly, then put to work stripping Smaug's body. Thorin only had eyes for the corpse, dragon sickness taking hold of him. Kili is not so tempted and he tells his struggles to Aelin, who has been assisting; Thorin approves of her mindlessly for 'freeing Kili'.
Bilbo tries to speak to Aelin privately about the Arkenstone, but Kili is there. Bilbo hesitates, then shows them, both Aelin and Kili recognising the brightness as living starlight. Aelin says that Kili was right after all, that the Arkenstone is light from the Silmarils trapped in crystal glass, buried deep. Even an elf would be tempted, she says - the White Gems of Lasgalen are shatterings of a similar stone. She is honest with them both, saying it should be hidden away or broken, like the White Gems, as Morgoth's forces would be glad for having such power. Kili recalls Thranduil saying he'd seen the Arkenstone and wonders if he knew then, about the White Gems.
Kili makes an executive decision to destroy it using the great forges of Erebor, asking help from Fili, who agrees after the longest, dreadful moment. They smash it and collect the shards, bringing it to Thorin...who says those are the White Gems, proving Aelin's tale. He won't listen when they say Smaug might have just smashed the Arkenstone or when they say They did it. The Company believes them, except Gloin, Dwalin and Dori, who believe Thorin's excuses.
They don't know what to do. Aelin asks Thorin if she may speak with him candidly about what signs he must pay attention to, if he does not wish to be further ensnared by the dragon sickness, which Thorin actually listens to. With no threats ahead bar the expected foul creatures and his obsessions with Smaug's dead body, he isn't so possessive over the gold itself. Kili trusts Aelin to do well by him and Balin agrees, after he tells the un-snared about his time in Mirkwood. He shows off his necklace to Fili, who says it looks good on him.
The dragon sickness in Thorin wears off gradually, without the Arkenstone making a mess of things, though he still looks for it. Kili nearly interrupts Thorin talking to Bilbo about Kili and Fili smashing it, listening to Thorin accept Bilbo saying that they spoke true, for he was there. However, he can't stay quiet when Thorin gifts Bilbo the mithril shirt, popping out from nowhere to exclaim that hobbits and elves don't know how courting works.
Kili: Captain of the Bagginshield Ship
Proper laugh with Fili about Aelin's proposal, then some teasing about Tauriel from both of them, Fili warning him that Legolas has his eye on her. Kili is smug though, mentioning the courting beads she wears, thank-you very much. Fili reminds Kili to write to their ma so she can prepare.
Queue Kili sending a letter via raven, only to get distracted by the scouting party of orcs. He tracks them without telling anyone and is caught on the way out, taking a morgul arrow to his arm. He escapes though and Thorin finishes snapping out of it at the sight of him injured and telling of an orc army on the march to their location. Oin sees to the arrow, but Aelin recognises the foul magic and curses the orcs, not waiting for permission to haul him onto her shoulder. She shouts her destination to the Company and orders them to shore up the mountain - she'll keep her son-by-law out of Thranduil's dungeons.
Kili tries to shrug it off, but by the time they get to Long Lake, he's feeling awful. A Lakeman sees them and gives them a ride to Laketown, Kili having to explain the orcs to Alfrid. Alfrid manages to be competent for two seconds and gets Aelin and Kili the fastest transport he can manage to the elven roads, leaving behind Alfrid to inform Bard and the Master what's to come in a cut-scene. Bard worries for his children and the town, blaming Thorin for going after Erebor only for the Master to correct him: the orc army needed time to build. They were always coming. Because of the King Under the Mountain, they don't have a dragon in their arsenal. They truce and the Master orders Bard to lead the evacuees to Dale, with Alfrid presiding over the evacuation from Laketown itself. The Master gets to work sending letters out to all four corners of the world, expecting Thorin 'to thank him' for his administrative duties.
Kili is taken to the healers. He can barely breathe. Luckily no pierced lung, but the poison is strong. Blurry montage, then Kili waking to find Thranduil by his bedside. He's sad it's not Tauriel, but the elvenking informs him that he ordered her to rest, before what will presumably be a great battle against the orcs. Kili agrees, then sees Thranduil playing with a white gem that had been in his pocket. Kili tells him them are not of Lasgalen, but of Erebor. The Arkenstone has been smashed, like the Gems of Lasgalen before them. Thranduil nods and blasély orders him to make a crown of starlight for Tauriel, if he expects her to become queen one day. Kili agrees, then sheepishly corrects him about Fili being crown prince, not him. Thranduil smirks. He knows already because Legolas told him. He hopes for Erebor's future, if it's second heir is so talented a prince. Kili flushes and realises its the first time he's been told he's a good prince and not just /a/ prince.
Elf swap. Tauriel has her braid in again, with beads and is there when the healer informs him that he should not be using his shoulder. The fight to come must be sword only, if he is to fight, no bows. Kili agrees, a bit hurt at not being able to shoot, but he's not an idiot - he's been trained in all sorts of weaponry. Nervous, he asks Tauriel in private how she feels about a war wedding, which is a new idea to her. Kili says it's basically elopement, with the understanding that all the celebration and frivolity comes after, if there is an after. Tauriel asks to think about it and a few hours later, she returns to his side and sneaks him away, but only after giving him the whole elf marriage talk.
Kili thinks that is very deep, then let's her steal him to their favourite balcony, high in the palace. They do the do and marry, only for Legolas to walk in on them. It's very funny and Kili snorts, saying that Fili will never let him live it down. Questioning look, then the brotp-explanation. Kili says she looks different, her 'light' different. Tauriel says much the same, a little confused to be honest. They shrug it off, then head back to the healer, who purses his lips and hopes aloud that Kili has not further injured his shoulder. Kili's levity fails a bit, because the healer is giving him a Look. Aelin visits very briefly to wish them luck and hopes they both survive the upcoming battle, to live as husband and wife.
Next day is the march from Mirkwood to Laketown, then onto the plains of Dale, setting up camp in the ruins, protecting the Men. Kili, Tauriel, Legolas and their squad get permission from Thranduil to join the Company, meeting with Dain in the middle. They return to Erebor, Kili getting kitted up in dwarven armour and patched up again by Oin. The Company get some practice in with Tauriel's squad, so they stick together as much as possible until the inevitable split.
Some last Kiliel goodness, some Bagginshield drama about 'not eloping like some lustlorn tweens!' and Fili being assured, despite his amusement at all the couply drama, it'll be his turn to wed and produce an heir once this is over. Then, oh goodness! A wild Gandalf! The wizard is annoyed, then proud of them for discovering Sauron's plot - delivering not only the full details of the orc army, but Thrain himself along with his dwarven ring of power. Thrain barely knows who Thorin is and everyone sympathises with the mad old dwarf, Kili especially. Thrain calls him Thorin, saying he's growing up practically elvish. Kili says 'in more ways than one' then has a Eureka moment, giving Thrain his silver necklace, saying 'amad' made it, 'you have it'. Thrain stares at it, then comes to a bit, saying Kili is not Thorin. Kili claims to be Dis' son. Thrain gives him the necklace back, huffing and telling him to do his braids properly before he goes to war - all of them! The Company, a bit lax in that department, goes to have a braiding party. Thrain points out for Tauriel to join them. 'If you want to be a dam, you will be a proper one', so Kili does Tauriel's hair so it can't be grabbed so easily, lots of braids in a tight bun; he does the same to his own and convinces Fili to do something for Legolas. He nearly protests, until Fili recalls a famous Glorfindel being dragged by his hair to his fucking death.
Aka, that time dwarves shamed a squad of elves into tying back their hair under their helmets.
The battle. No Ravenhill, just some close shaves and an arm lost for Thorin, to match Azog. Gloin, Bofur, Oin and Dwalin take some heavy hits, enough that Dwalin passes away, as does Oin. Bofur crushes some ribs and has his nose lopped off. Gloin has occasional seizures from a brain injury. Bilbo is knocked out, then pulled off the battlefield by Thrain, who can see Bilbo due to the dwarf ring of power. They have a conversation in a cut-scene about the burdens they bear.
Kili, Fili, Tauriel and Legolas vs. Bolg. They come out superior and Kili doesn't get grabbed by his hair because it's tidy (no Glorfindel parallel here), except Tauriel does get nearly fatally stabbed. Now it's Kili's turn to be a beacon of light, keeping her alive by tuning into 'starlight' (the light of the Eldar) while Legolas fetches the nearest healer, who turns out to be Gandalf. No-one understands why Kili was able to do it, but Gandalf has his suspicions. Fili, too, but he's busy defending them from orcs in the middle of the field, taking charge of Tauriel's squad.
With Bolg and Azog dead, they think the battle over, only for the reinforcements to arrive...for both sides. Then it really starts to finish, the dwarrow retreating to Erebor and the elves to Dale. Kili goes with Tauriel, while Fili helps the walking wounded.
Tauriel is put into a healing sleep and Kili is once again faced with Thranduil. He comments on their marriage and is the first to question if Kili really is all dwarf. Kili is offended, but Thranduil tells of dwarf/elf matches before never producing an elven bond of matrimony. He asks who Kili and Fili's father is and Kili repeats an earlier statement of never having one. Dwarrowdams can do as they will with children. He asks Thranduil not to ask him more of it. Thranduil refuses. Kili asks as a friend. Thranduil consents, then reminds Kili of the crown's of starlight. The power of the Silmarils will forever be embedded in the shards, so perhaps the second heir should always inherit them, to keep their kingdom safe. Kili agrees and returns to watching over Tauriel.
Epilogue. Bilbo sending a letter home via raven and finding Kili's discarded letter. It had opened in the bad weather and he brings it to Fili, who decides to write his own letter to Dis. "Kili won't know what hit him..."
part 2 (i did this is parts on google keep, sue me):
PT.2 Kili being Thorin's diplomatic envoy to other kingdoms, re-establishing trade throughout Middle Earth. Tauriel does not come with him, still in a healing sleep for a long time after. Kili goes to Gondor and Rohan, like Fili before him, circling around to the Shire, the Grey Havens and then Ered Luin.
Begin in Rohan, Kili feasting amongst the Rohirrim for the second time that year. Exposition about Erebor filling up with people and Kili being afforded the position as envoy. He thinks of Tauriel, his comatose wife and her mother, Aelin, who sent him off with a balm for his back she forced the healers to make for him. His shoulder is still acting up some, so he's practicing with a spear and shield combo instead. He isn't ashamed of asking one of the servants for help, amongst Men.
Kili thinks of his visit to Gondor, greeted by a Steward that was eager for gold, but not so eager to supply the initial force of dwarves with food, with promise of gold in the autumn. The Great Accounting will take decades, but no official business will be charted with Erebor until the new year.
After one last tidbit with the Rohirrim, he leaves, heading west past Isengard, secretly glad not to be summoned by the White Wizard as he travels to Lond  Daer, aiming to take a boat around the edge of Arda to the Grey Havens, where he'd first stop by the Blue Mountains to add more Ereborian dwarrow to his retinue, before journeying onwards to the Shire. Only, when he gets to the Grey Havens, he picks up a new travelling companion by the name of Cirdan, the Shipwright.
Cirdan joins Kili as he saw he would, telling him his father yet lives on Middle Earth. He says little more, Kili and the dwarrow venturing into the Shire in search of the Old Took, only to be waylaid by the Sackville-Baggins' at market, who have stolen his smial. Kili is angry at that, knowing Bilbo wanted it passed on to his Took relatives and discovers that legal matters have let the Baggins take the smial, if not the contents, as it was made by Bungo Baggins.
Kili, dizzy at the difference in cultures, dives head-first into Shire Law and finds the Old Took not to make sure Bilbo's wishes are being held up, but to use him as a character reference for when Kili takes the Sackville-Baggins' to court. A big party is formed when Kili makes his accusation at market, when most of Hobbiton is there to see him. He's dressed in his market best, as Bilbo's uncles helped him and his hair is tied back 'respectably', as are those in his party of dwarrow, despite grumbles. The Old Took and the Mayor call for Otho and his representative to arrive at the Party Tree that evening and when they try to sue for time, Kili says they've had nearly a year and a half to make their case.
They argue that if Bilbo wasn't dead, then he abandoned property as well as his tenants. Kili can't deny that, but points out that he sent his wishes by letter less than seven months afterwards. They point out that the time is supposed to be six and Kili brings up his two trump cards: Bilbo's contract (which he doesn't have the paperwork for) and an old Shire Law about verbal recruitment of the Hobbitry-in-arms, of which Bilbo applies to. They dispute Bilbo being in it and also, it still existing, so Kili has the law read out. He makes a point about the Hobbitry-in-arms being defined as any hobbit which bears arms; Bilbo accepted an elvish sword and still keeps it to this day, so he bore arms since at the very least, six weeks after his original departure.
So, the contract is useless, but Bilbo being classified as Hobbitry-in-arms is up to Old Took. That distinction is left up to him as Thain of the Shire and he agrees with Kili that Bilbo bore arms, therefore, etc., also he's probably the most qualified of the Hobbitry-in-arms to bear a blade.
The Sackville-Baggins lawyer agrees that Bilbo didn't abandon his property or tenants and left instructions in a timely-enough manner for one who was conscripted and on the other side of Arda at the time of the legalities, instead picking at Kili himself. He says that his argument is well-made, for a dwarf, but declares that he is in no position to represent Bilbo. He has no papers with Bilbo's signature, etc., so they must take him at his word. Kili asks the Old Took why his reference doesn't work, here and the Old Took says it only works once - to get him into this legal battle at all, as a non-native Shireling. He'll have to figure this loophole out himself.
The Mayor calls for an hour-long supper break, a party breaking out while Kili tries to figure out a way he represents Bilbo. His princely status means shit here and the only way he can think of is Bilbo and Thorin's relationship, tenuous as it seems to him; dwarrow can't represent those not yet part of the family. It sparks a thought and he asks Bilbo's uncle is he can represent Bilbo as his nephew by law. Some splutters of "NEPHEW BY LAW???" and the party becomes a gossip hub, people mentioning Bilbo's confirmed bachelor status. Kili denies it, saying his uncle Thorin was making moon-eyes at him for months and that he doesn't think Bilbo would fight for just anyone.
The accusation is brought back together informally, mugs of ale still in hand and Otho already drunk, the Sackville-Baggins lawyer questioning, yet again, the validity of his claim. Kili gets angry at that, getting a bit mixed up and asking if he thinks Bilbo is so heartless that he cannot find love and accidentally wins, because to attack ones character in the Shire is tantamount to murder and the Sackville-Baggins' lawyer takes back his statement, uncomfortable at his accidental insult. Lobelia is spitting mad and Kili remembers the silver spoon debacle, reminding her that it's stealing if she kept any. The Mayor interrupts before Lobelia can reply and states that the case goes to Kili of Clan Baggins and that the Sackville-Baggins' have three days to vacate Bag-End.
The party goes on and Kili gets assurances from the Took's that they'll give the smial to one of Bilbo's favourite cousins, not to worry, etc. His retinue remind him they have to be off in the morning, so some wily Took's go get the boxes Bilbo ordered packed, for Kili to transport home to Erebor in the morning. Some want to come along, but Kili can't support the amount of hobbits that wish to come; he promise to have another contingent visit some time in the following years, to collect those who wish to join Bilbo in the east.
They leave the Shire with much fanfare, fauntlings on their tails now they're back in full dwarven dress and hair. Cirdan has done his beard in an interesting way that some of Kili's retinue are trying to decipher, knowing it's some sort of ancient styling.
They pass through Rivendell on the way back, hoping to be rid of Cirdan, considering their next stop is Mirkwood, some animosity remaining. Also, they want to speak Khuzdul, damn it! Except, upon arriving at Rivendell, Cirdan approaches Kili and tells him that if he wishes to find his sire, he must accompany Cirdan alone to Lothlorien, as they don't accept dwarven visitors.
Kili is conflicted, but then he receives a letter from Aelin with Tauriel's shaky hand at the bottom, telling him of her awakening. She has difficulty moving on her own without support, so she shall not be leaving Mirkwood for Erebor any time soon and she wishes him well with his travels, hoping he stops in Rivendell in time to receive her letter; she'd heard from Fili through Legolas that they had got his correspondence from the Shire. Kili hesitates, wanting to reunite with his wife, but knowing that while Tauriel will wait, his father may not. He writes back to her, then orders his contingent to go ahead of him, promising he will be safe with one of the /oldest elves in Middle Earth/.
Sceptical, but true to him, the dwarrow leave. Kili spends an extra two weeks in Rivendell, bored enough to voluntarily practice his written Sindarin by reading books in the library. He spars with Elrond's sons, otherwise, suffering from a seized shoulder now that the healing has fully taken over; Elrond gives him advice over prolonged usage, then gives him advice about being Kili Peredhil as he is Elrond Peredhil. He tells Kili the story of he and his brother, then sends him off with Cirdan, leaving him with the horrid idea that is outliving Fili.
Cirdan force-teaches him more Sindarin and not Quenya, at least understanding that his closest allies are Silvan. They enter Lothlorien with Cirdan being a bitch to the guards, then only for Cirdan to abandon Kili to a blonde elf who sits silently by a stream. Kili mucks around for a bit, having learnt to let elves do what they want and be patient, but he's bored. He makes them flower crowns in his boredom and the blonde elf lady says he is the son of an elven prince. Kili gapes a little at the sudden speech, then gets himself together and asks her who his princely father is.
She smiles and says mysteriously that an elf resides here, in the Golden Wood. He should go to the northern border of the forest and seek out Galathil, father of the Doriath Queen, Nimloth. Kili has studied more elven history this year. He knows what Doriath used to be, so he's appropriately scandalised and asks if his parents wed. She tells him that dwarf and elf cannot come together the way he and his wife did. So, no. Kili accepts that and asks her name, for which she gives 'Nerwen'. Kili doesn't realise there's more to that and adjusts her flower crown for her, not afraid of physical touch, bringing their foreheads together gently in familial greeting.
Galadriel, of course, is very not used to this sort of thing. People are too afraid of her. She very much enjoys his closeness and kisses his cheek in turn, sending him north, telling him to ask for help in her name if he needs guiding to Galathil. Kili shrugs it off, saying he'll find his father himself.
cut-scene, Cirdan and Galadriel. "Naughty girl," Cirdan chides her for her deception, saying, "He does not realise the weight of his bloodline." To which Galadriel replies, sad, "I am not his blood." - "And neither is Galathil. I knew as soon as I saw him." - "As did I, my friend. As did I. He has a painful road ahead of him." - "That much is certain, yes."
Kili finds Galathil and says that Nerwen sent him, asking if he's his sire. Galathil says he was once wed to the mother of Nimloth, his Elia and that she left him for the Undying Lands. The only child he might have in this day and age wouldn't be dwarven, in any case. Kili is confused and asks Galathil why Nerwen would send them to each other and Galathil calls her the Lady of Lorien, correcting his misconceptions. Kili refuses to believe him, "That was not the Witch of the Woods! She is not scary in the least!" and is very stubborn about not believing it...out loud, at least.
Galathil asks Kili of his life, then requests to join Kili in his venture, curious as to what Galadriel has seen of them both. They travel North, coming along a pack of orcs. Kili defends Galathil, who is a bit stupefied at the attack; "I leave the fighting to my brother, usually...and the ruling..." - "What about the thinking?" - "That, too." They investigate the orc tracks, tracing them to a hidden boat in the Gladden River that is easterling in design, if orc in make, almost a raft. Across the river, Galathil sees someone watching them and tells Kili, the two of them agreeing to make their way as normal to Mirkwood; the stranger would come or go if they pleased.
The stranger doesn't make another appearance afterwards. They take the elven road and look out for a patrol, Galathil remembering the way to a secret crossroad that Kili can barely recall, the magic shrouding his memory. They are found by Legolas, who gladly leads them back to the palace, warning them of an intruder looking for he and Tauriel both. Legolas has no idea who Galathil is.
Only, when they arrive, everyone is on guard and Legolas takes them straight to Tauriel, who is watching from the sidelines as Thranduil inspects a magic taking ahold of her mother. She explains that Aelin took her place, in meeting the intruder and was summarily enchanted to bring her to him. Galathil mumbles about his brother's wife not having that sort of magic, which is when Tauriel sees him, Kili awkwardly introducing both Tauriel and Legolas officially to Galathil, brother to Celeborn and father to the Doriath Queen.
Kili and Tauriel reunite properly, telling each other their hardships, Tauriel wishing she could have come on his travels. Kili says she can come next time or whenever she's ready; he saw the way she walked today. Bolg's sword nearly split her torso in half. Tauriel flinches at the idea of combat, shying away from what once was her passion. Kili can see her melancholy, even feel it through the warmth of their bond. Kili drags her away from the healing halls to the chambers that Thranduil permanently affords him and comforts Tauriel some more. They even get to do the do and then have a hot bath together, Tauriel helping Kili with his shoulder, which has grown inflamed.
"We are both marked from battle," she says, before he asks about the Company, if she's heard any more. Tauriel tells him that Gloin is still having seizures relating to his head-injury and that Bofur has found a shape of false nose he likes, which makes his face seem slimmer. Kili says, "So some good amongst the bad, then..." and then he asks her, guiltily questioning if she thinks they will have children of their own. Tauriel doesn't know. Her injury was severe - the chances are low and it would be difficult, pain-wise, this early in the years. Kili says he would like some dwelves, in the future, if it's at all possible.
The next day, they visit Aelin and Kili gets to say hello to his mother-in-law, musing that he's seen her more often than his own blood this past year. She scolds him for being cheeky, then sobers, reminding him that dwarves are like stone: unlike elves, they aren't so susceptible to enchantments and other magics, unless they already hold such a weakness. He mentions the gold sickness in his blood and Aelin reminds him that he never fell to it - not for a second. She should know, as she was there. Both Kili and Aelin don't want Tauriel going down with them to see the prisoner, so Galathil volunteers.
Which is a good thing, because Galathil recognises him as the stranger, until the intruder says that was his brother, most likely. He inspects Kili and calls him worthy enough. Turns out that Elurin Diorion is a dick. He reveals that he charmed his mother, much like Aelin and Kili realises that means Elurin assaulted Dis, for his mother would not allow such a thing in her right mind, a fact that has been confusing him for nearly a year, now.
Galathil drags Kili away and when Thranduil asks what is his grievance, Galathil is stony when he says "The prince of Doriath, Elurin son of Dior and Nimloth, has admitted to the crime of rape and alteration of the mind through use of magicks unknown. As his eldest direct relative, I call for another to execute him in my place and deny him a place in Valinor." Expectedly, Thranduil is a bit disgusted by Elurin's actions and agrees to preside over the taking of his head; he has removed the geas around Aelin and knows how to combat it, but cannot work his skills and behead him at the same time. Legolas volunteers before Kili can, Tauriel explaining to Kili that kin cannot kill kin, or they will be denied passage across the sea.
Kili is walking away when he realises that Galathil is his great grandfather, but the elf is busy walking away with Thranduil. The execution is set at twilight, so Elurin might see the stars once more before his death - only, when he is killed, Elured flies from the shadows and says directly to Kili that he has failed what little expectations he had of his nephew. Kili doesn't really think too much in the next moment, cutting off his family braid and pinning it to the ground. It is a dwarven gesture, representative of cutting ties and challenging his uncle's honour.
Unfortunately for him, Elured knows dwarven customs and takes the dagger. Kili blanches as Elured smiles. "A duel to the death, for my honour and my brother," the elf says. "The challenged sets the terms, I've heard." - "You heard right...but I set the time. All weapons allowed. We meet three moons from now." - "Here. Where my brother and your father died, today."
Everyone calls Kili the stupidest dwarf alive and tell him the dangers of kinslaying. Kili counters with the very concept the fight is taking place for: he has renounced all claim to Elured. The fight was his choice. If Elured wins, then Kili is dead and Elured has all rights to the titles Kili threw away, which aren't many, considering you don't get any real rights other than the title of 'uncle' when in Kili's position. Galathil asks if that includes him and Kili scoffs, "Of course not! I threw out my uncle, not my granddad!"
Aelin advises him to make haste to and from Erebor and Kili finally makes the trek home, Tauriel coming with him, as well as Galathil, who refuses to let his newly-discovered relative run off without him. Aelin comes with them for Tauriel, specifically, for reasons neither elleth will talk about; Galathil recommends that Kili only ask if he's ready to know about how severe her injuries were. Kili says he knows - but Galathil reminds him that he very much doubts he knows the full extent. Some things stay between mother and daughter, until she's ready to share. Etc.
Back to Erebor!!! Yay!!! Fili is terribly excited, until his bro decides to Very Loudly remind Kili that he challenged someone to the death in a public space. Fili asks Legolas what in Mahal's name did he do and Kili interrupts, saying he's got to speak to their mother. Now. He feels awful.
They go to Dis and Kili just bursts out crying when he sees her. They don't discuss it. Galathil takes her aside later, peeling her from Kili's side, saying "You don't want to talk about this with your son." Kili ends up explaining to Fili, crying and sniffling and just being the worst upset dwarf in Erebor, saying their amad didn't ask for him, that she was made to have him. Fili doesn't accept it, until Kili says that Galathil already had him executed for rape and coercion; the elf he disowned in Mirkwood accepted his dagger, etc.
Cut-scene. Thorin, Dis and Galathil in quiet, Dis clutching her brother's shoulder. The storm rises and Dis says to Thorin that she wants to claim Mother's Rite on Kili; he balks and Galathil asks what it is. Dis explains that it's a fight to the death against the father of her child, in this case, the late Elurin. But brother's can stand in their place, should stand in their place. It's more binding than Kili's challenge, as it has to take place whenever, wherever and however the dam chooses and it has to be done, by the father or by his closest relative. The only problem is that she has to say it to his face, before Kili's challenge against Elured begins. Thorin fears for her life, for Kili is at least a warrior and then Dis says her chosen weapon will be volunteers. Elured will have to be his own champion. Galathil says "I shall endeavour not to be present, then, or he may compel me by the oath of kinship."
Time skip, Kili braiding his own home-made silver wiring into Tauriel's hair, glittering with shards of the White Gems of Lasgalen. He promises her she will have a crown of stars, when this is over. They travel to Mirkwood with a huge retinue of dwarrow, including Dis, who hasn't told Kili her plan. On their way, Bard joins them, having been issued an invitation by Thranduil to witness history in the making - his exact words. Kili fills him in and is sickly glad to see Bard become More Murderous Than Ever. He wishes he had Bard for an adad instead, which makes the Murder Stare become an embarrassed smile, him asking how old Kili is. Kili replies with a happy 79. Bard replies that he's only 35.
The Whole White Council are present when they arrive, as are four daughters  of Men: two daughters of Turgon, Steward of Gondor, sisters to Ecthelion II and the two daughters of Fengel, King of Rohan. The daughters of Turgon dreamt of their meeting in advance and journeyed north in secret, stealing away Fengel's daughters, who are quite glad for the respite, all four joining the Gathering of Races. Gilraen, mother to Aragorn, is also in Elrond's retinue, though few recognise her for who she truly is.
Elured is already there. ASAP, Dis approaches him and demands Mother's Rite, which puts Elured in a mood. Dis tells him that her weapon of choice is volunteer, etc. and Elured readies himself as Elurin's representative. The battle goes to start, impromptu, when the Blue Wizards arrive. Dun-dun-duh!!!
The Blue Wizards arrive to fuck things up and demand a ceasefire. Dis is blunt as fuck with them and claims Elurin raped her body and her mind, but the Blue Wizards are assholes who know and dismiss her, as well as Elured's obsession with creating an heir in blue. Kili has already ruined their plans to retake the eastern lands, before they can help Sauron's forces.
Saruman is incensed and demands to know their doings in the ages past. The Blue Wizards claim they took in the twin sons of Dior, etc., raising them as their apprentices. It is the folly of elven and edain blood together that brought such disastrous temperaments to the twins. Elured is silent throughout the exchange, seemingly well-aware of his flaws and only flinches when one specifically says that it seems where one twin goes, so does the other - even in death. They clearly doubt his ability to come out of the fights unscathed.
Kili steps forth and asks them what they want. They reply 'peace' and are hostile to Gandalf and Saruman for allowing the One Ring to live on. Cirdan warns them that the path they are on now, because of the Blue Wizards', meddling is not the same one as before. It was assured, before the twins returned to Arda.
The Council and the Wizards seem fit to argue their heads off, but Bilbo pipes up, asking what the plan would be if they even got their hands on the One Ring. It corrupts the holder and it would never be safe in the clutches of the Maiar. Galadriel adds that neither would it be safe from elves, then asks what magic he holds that his mind would be closed from her. Bilbo fidgets, says 'nothing', then Thrain pops out of nowhere and elbows him. A lot of people are spooked at the sight of him, unaware he lived.
"If I'm right and I do think I am," he says, "There are five Rings of Power in this room."
Gandalf gets it first, his heart breaking. He asks Bilbo for the truth about his trinket, the one he got in the goblin caves and Bilbo admits to having accidentally stolen a ring that wanted to be picked up. It's how he sneaks around to get extra pies from the kitchen. Predictably, the higher beings are gobsmacked - extra pies??? Gandalf laughs and calls it the will of hobbits, thanking the Valar that everyone amongst them today in the Greatwood is to  be trusted.
(Saruman...has a rethink. He's already thrown his lot in with Sauron, unfortunately, but this new information is worth keeping quiet about for either side's sake.)
The daughters of Men ask wtf they're on about, scandalised/horrified at the thought of the One Ring being so close.
The Blue Wizards are appropriately appalled at the sight of Bilbo, however, no idea what he is. When Gandalf introduces to them the concept of hobbits, they hold a guessing game with each other, trying to figure out which of the Valar created them or if hobbits are a bastardised dwarf-elf-man. Elurin says it's obviously Yavanna, but they cut him off, saying Yavanna created the Onodrim (Ents). Bilbo, slightly incensed, asks them not to be so rude, discussing the creator of hobbits aloud; it's not done, apparently. One asks where hobbits began, then and Bilbo says that's none of their business, either and even if they went looking, no-one would be able to answer their question, hobbit or not. Gandalf agrees, sadly. He has no clue where they popped up from. One of the Rohirrim has a realisation and starts speaking their local dialect at him, which Bilbo splutters a bit at, replying. The other daughter tells the Gathering that Rohan remembers the Hobylta, even if no-one else does.
Thranduil interrupts, not sorry to cut their discussion short, asking Bilbo if he is being corrupted by the One Ring. Bilbo doesn't even take it out of his pocket, clutching it tightly, saying 'mine. it's Mine. i'll keep it safe.' and he peers at it, safe inside his pocket, perfectly hypnotised until Gandalf knocks him out of it. Bilbo doesn't even realise what's happened and it disturbs Kili, who is reminded of Thorin. He says 'dragon sickness' under his breath and the Blue Wizards hum low, with power.
"We can stick a geas on you, Hobbit of the Shire. It will not last forever, only enough to get you to the fires of Mordor."
Aka, time for the most random quest of all time, making up the party that represents three corners of Arda:   Bilbo, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas and one daughter of Rohan and Gondor each.
Kili volunteers to go until Thranduil stops him, saying this quest must be discrete and he is anything but that. All those watching get the Glare of Doom, Mirkwood reacting to Thranduil's power as he threatens anyone who dares betray the location and holder of the One Ring or his companions. It's only ruined a little bit by one of the Blues, who says cattily that if he could do that to the whole Greatwood, there would be less of Ungoliant's spawn. Thranduil hisses like a cat, but Gandalf agrees and draws attention to himself, fiddling with a ring.
"Five Rings of Power," he says, almost to himself, removing Narya from his hand. "One to a Hobbit, who bears the greatest burden of all. The last of seven to a King of Stone thought dead. One to the Witch of the Golden Wood and one to the Prince of Imladris." He holds out his Ring to Thranduil, warning him, "This is Narya, once held by Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor and Cirdan the Shipwright. And for many years, it was entrusted to me."
"For good reason," says Cirdan, face unreadable.
"Thank-you, Cirdan." Gandalf places it in Thranduil's outstretched hand, which shakes in a way Kili has never seen before. "Narya is the Ring of Fire. Burn the webs and cull the spiders. A forest can thrive after wildfire, if controlled. This is your burden, now, Thranduil Oropherion, King of the Woodland Realm in the Third Age."
Around them, the Mirkwood blooms even brighter than it did in high summer. Kili realises it's been two years since he first stepped foot in Thranduil's kingdom, etc., Thranduil smiling widely. He even laughs, then says to Bilbo, "We shall have the greatest send-off known to Middle Earth, Ringbearer! On Durin's Day, you shall leave for your quest to destroy the One Ring with your Fellowship and you shall all part from us in gladness!"
part 3:
When the party is at its heights, the Fellowship of the Ring leave and tell no-one...leaving it down to Dis and Kili to fill in Thorin as to why not only his fiance, but also Gimli hasn't returned. Dis makes the executive decision to tell Thorin, not wanting to be anywhere near Elurin; Kili doesn't either, but Tauriel has travelled too much lately and he wants her to be settled as long as she can before they decide where they want to live. Dis says he's lucky he gave his report to Balin about Rohan and Gondor before this nightmare.
With a week-long party in full swing, funnily enough, coinciding with Mereth Nuin Giliath and with preparations to completely empty Mirkwood of spiders afterwards, Tauriel finds the atmosphere to be grating as she can't do anything. She snaps at Kili, sending him away briefly. However, in his wanderings, he stumbles upon a drunk Elurin, who is the mopey kind of drunk. He misses his twin like a missing limb, etc. and Kili takes him to a comfy cell to chill in, locking the door behind him, because while he might pity him and be slightly relatable, Elurin is still in the bad books of Erebor.
Kili returns to Tauriel, who is crying on their balcony with her starlight braids gleaming under the moonlight. Perfectly beautiful and perfectly distraught. He asks what she wants and she goes on about moving like normal, bearing weapons again in a way that doesn't hurt every muscle in her body, not being tired all the time anymore, feeling the whole of her leg and being able to help cull the spiders. Everything. She says she's told her mother already and her healer, but even telling another person doesn't make her feel better. Kili is delicate, saying stuff about his shoulder, how he can't straighten his arm or pull back without his shoulder going into spasm; how he misses the full use of his favoured weapon and being able to lean back against a wall without preparing to flinch from the odd angle. He can't compare their circumstances, nor the depth, but he can empathise.
Cheering up a little, he asks if he can give her a full-body massage. Tauriel knows it might hurt and says as such, but Kili points out that a good massage should loosen her up enough for a reprieve. When she doesn't cheer, he instead asks if she wants a steaming bath. That makes her pause and at her word, he personally gets a bath ready for her, though it's cool by the time he finishes lugging up the water. No plumbing in Mirkwood. Luckily for him, Thranduil is having a wander and he drags the elf into their rooms, asking him to use that fire-ring on the bathwater.
"It is a Ring of POWER, not a toy!"
"Tauriel's in pain, just heat up the bath!"
Thranduil is a little (see: A Lot) drunk on wine, happiness and power, so when he sees Tauriel standing in her undershift, not having expected visitors, he looks to Kili and asks, suspicious, if the bath was an excuse to sleep with him. Cue some wide eyes and a morose Thranduil who complains about courtiers of other realms wanting to bang him. Kili bleakly orders him to either make himself useful at something other than sex or leave. Thranduil then spends the evening entertaining Tauriel while she bathes, sharing wine and sitting by the bathtub on a cushion, refusing to sit straight on the floor or look at Tauriel in a lecherous manner. Kili gets so used to his blethering that he just gets in the bath, too, as planned.
They basically have a night in, with Thranduil as comic-relief and any teasing doesn't bother him, like 'I can't wait to tell Fili - he'll time it just right, so when he tells Legolas it'll be the funniest thing to ever happen!' and Thranduil laughs along, adding a lewd suggestion, like his son isn't off to throw the Ring into Mount Doom. Tauriel finally manages to relax, which is a bonus - not just in general, but around Thranduil, too.
It's a nice beginning to the Ring arc, no-one, not even Saruman, making any noise about the One Ring being found. Saruman tells Sauron that the Gathering was a series of coincidences, but did ultimately end with the reveal of the Blue Wizards' return from the east, with the lost princes of Doriath. The only thing that he reveals truthfully is the giving of Narya to Thranduil, as he figures nothing can explain the events that are to follow in the Great Wood.
Before the parties end, a smaller Gathering of Races makes a few political decisions, such as agreements to shore up the individual realms. Cirdan, insanely, suggests that they make two separate attacks on Sauron, to draw his forces out of Mordor, seeing as the Battle of Five Armies took out a good chunk of the main orc strongholds throughout Arda. One is obvious to the Gathering: Rohan and Gondor being an overly-aggressive force, united under  one banner against Mordor, but politically impossible with the temperament of King Fengel. They dither, before someone asks Cirdan the second part of his which his answer is "Retake Moria".
Dis asks if he's actually insane. He replies with a variation of 'no, I can just see the future' and the less long-lived Races shut up for a bit. That doesn't mean the others aren't sceptical too and they debate it for a minute, Cirdan mentioning an elven army, which is when Kili's mouth catches up with his brain and he says No. Very loudly. He's asked why, but Galadriel catches onto his line of thinking, literally, saying for him that it is not the place of elves to retake a dwarven kingdom.
At this point, Gilraen speaks up. She says it's a good idea to ally Rohan and Gondor, the last true kingdoms of Men - no offence to Bard, who doesn't mind in the slightest, despite being named King - and when the Enemy goes to face their combined forces, the Rangers would converge on those reinforcements drawn south from the northern territories. Thranduil asks who is she to speak of Rangers and Gilraen reveals herself to be the wife of Chieftain Arathorn, mother to his heir - who is currently still running around Imladris, an innocent child, with the status of Heir to Isildur and rightful King of Gondor. It is a poor time for most kingdoms of Men, whose heirs have little power of their own, despite their ambitions.
Elrond agrees with Gilraen and offers to provide her escort to the nearest Ranger encampment when they leave, so as to spread word amongst her forces that they must prepare for war. The Gathering like this plan very much, except Kili interrupts to ask who will protect the Shire if the Rangers have gone south; he knows too well what sort of fighters hobbits are. Cirdan reluctantly becomes the saving grace, promising a full-time force of elves from the Grey Havens to protect the borders of the Shire. Elrond adds to those forces, pointedly saying that the hobbits fed many outside the Shire, his own people included.
'The meeting goes on and on and on, but Kili has sat through worse. He thinks that, despite the gravity of this Great Gathering, the Accusation under the Party Tree was more stressful than this.'
Kili and Dis bonding, before she orders him home to Erebor with Tauriel, to update Thorin. He may have been the envoy, but it should be Fili, now; things are too important for it not to be. Kili argues against it, until Dis points out, calling him soft, that not roaming Middle Earth means more time with his permanently disabled wife. Chagrined, Kili nods in understanding, then readies himself to leave with the majority of their party - Dis staying in his place in Thranduil's court.
The issue of Elured is brought up briefly before he leaves, but the Blue Wizards are adamant that he has his own part to play and, for now, they three will remain in residence at Thranduil's palace. Kili worries for Dis, etc., then leaves for Erebor.
Predictably, there's some chaos after that, Thorin putting out the call to the dwarf-lords as he once did three years ago, summoning them to the Lonely Mountain. Basically, it's preparation for war and Kili is put in charge of maintaining actual kingdom things, aka the Guilds, which Fili wishes him luck with before he joins Thorin as king, readying for regency in the very likely event that Thorin goes to lead the Ereborian forces.
Some physical therapy angst, Kili sparring and having to beg off because his shoulder is just really, really shitty. He comes home to find Tauriel having a bad day, too, so they're miserable together. Day in, day out - Tauriel eventually starts commuting to the Library, which actually puts her closer to Kili's meeting rooms, so he visits her on his off-hours as she is tutored in Khuzdul, offering herself as a guest lecturer to those learning Sindarin and not Quenya, as she repeatedly attempts to inform those who try.
Reports from the outside world break the monotony. Aelin pays them visits and Galathil would too, but he's been put on Elured duty, keeping him away from people, so he doesn't step a foot past Dale usually.
Tauriel pushes herself too hard and is relegated to her bed, unable to walk, so Kili has three different wheelchairs fashioned to her proportions - one for general use that goes Fast, one meant for sitting in the library to support her back, etc. that has room underneath for belongings, and a sturdier one for going outside that can also be pushed. The frames are beautiful and Tauriel hates them as much as she enjoys the freedom they allow; her legs and lower body may be busted, but her arms are brilliant, barring stuff that needs a lot of lower back muscle.
Kili has trouble with the Guilds, mostly due to his own inexperience and also, how the Forgers Guild is by Royal Order putting their all into building up the defences using the Mining force as labourers; the tension is getting to everyone, especially as not everyone knows why things are so bad. Kili is in the thick of the confusion, realising and telling Thorin as such, that they have to tell the people the One Ring has been found. A new Age is about to dawn - either an Age free of Sauron, or the Age of Orcs.
Thorin agrees, then doesn't do it, for once being the diplomatic one and saying they need to have another Gathering of at least one dwarf, man and elf before he does anything. Kili says he should get Thranduil and Bard to agree with him, then, which doesn't do shit.
Tauriel hears all his complaints, being devil's advocate, etc., then asks him to  have smexy times with her for the first time since their marriage. Kili is so surprised that he trips and falls on his face, breaking his nose. Tauriel laughs at him, teasing that he'd rather injure himself than sleep with her - and for a moment, they just flirt and tease, Kili calling her more beautiful than all the elves in Arda and Aman. Kili resets his nose when it stops bleeding, letting Tauriel do a little magic to heal it up before he suggests using the giant bathroom. Tauriel agrees and they finally do it again, content for once.
The last dregs of the Ereborian dwarrow finally arrive, now that the second call has gone out, set for a month post-Durin's Day, meaning for them to winter there; but with them, comes assassins from the Iron Hills, out to get Thorin's heirs - they've already killed Dain's son, Thorin II, to the distress of many.
Oh and Fili has to get married. Splendid. Kili goes out to the pub with him and some of the Company to commiserate with him, though the tables are turned when Fili asks about getting nephews off of Kili, who admits to not having been with his wife so many times, due to her injuries from tBoFA. Gloin has a seizure that gets Kili volunteering with Fili to take him up to see the healers, trying not to be so upset when Gloin in a daze asks for Oin, who died.
Once in the Halls of Healing, a dam mistakes Kili for his brother, not helped by Gloin once again being odd in his daze, throwing around Thorin's name at Kili and not Fili due to his hair colour. Kili then keeps running into the dam, who wants to seduce him into marriage, asking about his craft. She asks him if he is wed, meaning craftwed, but Kili is ignorant to her designs and starts talking about the designs he's making for Tauriel's silver crown. The dam doesn't mind her being an elf, saying it's not like she'll ever be queen, which Kili says is true. The sad bit is that Kili genuinely thinks she's trying to be his friend, continually miscommunicating things, like talking about Tauriel having redheads and blondes, mentioning his brother. Kili tells her about their blonde father and their equally blonde grandmother, Rhuna.
Fili, meanwhile, starts dragging Kili to even more meetings, cutting into his time with Tauriel as Thorin lays more responsibility on Fili's head. Tauriel understands and says they will have time later, to which Kili answers with more smexy moments and cuddles, to make up for the discrepancy.
The meetings are not just politics, but also after moments, when dwarrow hound Fili to meet their daughters and nieces, etc., blunt about him needing a wife. Kili takes a day trip to Dale just to get out of the thick of it, stumbling on the solution as he discovers that Sigrid is also being hounded by suitors. Kili suggest a debutante ball, with Sigrid as the guest of honour, set in Erebor. Bard agrees and so do Fili and Thorin, giving Kili the responsibility of setting the party up. Kili sends out invites to the kingdoms of men, with Bard's signature attached and advises the Called dwarrow to bring their eligible dams, as the party will take place during the Yule of Men. The timing is off, but Sigrid doesn't mind in the slightest, as it means less male suitors vying for her hand...letting some dwarrow have a peek at her budding beauty. The smaller pool can only mean good things.
Kili invites his dam friend to visit, the dam being a little shocked at his audacity until he leads her to his quarters with Tauriel. She asks him explicitly if she wants him to be friends with her - and Kili replies, really soft and vulnerable, none-the-wiser to her plans, that she's become his closest friend in the Mountain outside his family and the Company. Why wouldn't he wish that she and his wife would become friends, too? Tauriel can hear through the cracked-open door as the dam stops him, saying she's made a mistake and he should know that: she thought he was Fili, the Crown Prince, this whole time. She brings the blame on herself, feeling guilty and also with a fragile sort of hope that she can actually get to know Fili, too, though just being friends with Kili is good enough. Kili's been good to her and very complimentary of her work as a healer in a Mountain of dwarrow.
Tauriel overhearing their conversation and reflecting on the behaviour of Kili's friend, spending more time in the Library and narrowly avoiding assassination herself, saved by her own allies among the shelves. They wheel her away super-fast, but Tauriel sees a tripwire up ahead; unfortunately, at the speed she's going, her wheels get trapped and if she wasn't buckled in, she'd go flying. Dwarrow pop out of the shelves, from above and beside, her companions defending her with their fists and precious books, while she unbuckles and grabs some knives that Fili secreted onto the underside of her chair, hauling herself up. What dwarrow see her are surprised she can stand, which she takes advantage of, scared she will not be enough to help fight them off, ashamed; she legs it, only managing to get to the main desks, alerting the guards. Dwarrow come to her rescue when she collapses to her knees, in pain and crying. One of her students bundles her up in a cloak to get her out of there; she hates dislikes being carried, very VERY much so, wishing she had her wheelchair back.
Tauriel is attacked again by various dwarrow assassins throughout the mountain on their way to the royal quarters, the student panicking when Tauriel's directions to safe rooms are disrupted by more assassins. Eventually, they ask if she trusts them and the dwarrow takes her back the way they came, hiding her in a storage room. They hesitate, Tauriel telling them to leave her here and come back; they admit to having no idea where they are and Tauriel still tells him to go. She still has Fili's knives. They help her hide in a chest, before Tauriel gives them a bead from her hair, to prove that they speak truth when they fetch someone.
Meanwhile, Fili and Kili are in the process of finishing off their own assassins, wondering why everyone gets them mixed up all the time, because they were clearly going for Fili when they said they were going to cleanse the kingdom of half-breeds and their sympathisers. The whole mountain goes on alert well before they reach their own guards, though and they both realise that Tauriel is in danger, too.
Regroup with their people and Nori, who pops out of the shadows with one eye and a very wheezy chest, saying a foreign spymaster has just attempted to take over Erebor. They'll need to get a hold of one of their people. Kili and Fili both keep their mouths shut, figuring that no-one is safe unless they know for sure, which is proven when a guard brings in a dwarrow claiming to know where the elf princess has been hidden. Except, when confronted with Kili, they say that Tauriel sent them with a message in her elf language, mangling 'trust the dwarf, my love' Quenya. Kili smiles, then stabs the dwarf in the stomach, leaving the dagger in as he pushes them into a crowd of Nori's people. "Start with this one - the rest of you, find my wife!"
cut-scene of Bilbo and the Fellowship in the Brown Lands, coming up on the Sea of Rhun, discussing their plan. Bilbo notices that the trees here, tall and brittle and dry, look like the Party Tree - and he wonders if this is where hobbits unshook themselves like melons and cabbages from vines.
Tauriel gets to have a think about her life in the chest, feeling the heart of herself. she sinks into her own light and walks in starlight, talking to an elf she recognises, but has never met: her father, who is a normal Woodland elf, until he tells Tauriel that he is the third generation descendant of Írimë, aunt of Galadriel Finarfiniel, peer to Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen by blood, though older than they by many hundred years. It is tradition that they never marry, one she has unwittingly broken by binding herself to Kili, though he does not begrudge her so, for with the breaking, it has allowed him leave to cross into her dreams and wish her well.
(Has Galadriel ever met Tauriel? I think she would recognise the bloodline of her grandfather, if she saw her. Witch of the Golden Woods, amirite?)
He gives the essecarmë Aranelloron ("Princess of the Mountain", Q, fn), to match her mother's amilessë, that is a reminder of where she came from, while his is who she was going to be. Her father doesn't give his name, so Tauriel calls him Írimion in her head when they part, the student who hid her opening the chest, Tauriel nearly outright murdering him before Kili stops her arm, the touch calling to her soul like he always does.
"Kili," she breathes, crumpling into the chest, before he says, "No, no, time to get up, now," and lifts her out of the box onto the floor, so they're level. He summons one of the guards, who brought one of her chairs and Tauriel is very glad to have her mobility back; she does ask Kili to push her for once, though, giving Fili the daggers he gave her to protect them.
The Durin's all get together for a meeting about the spymaster and Thorin makes noise about sending Tauriel and Kili to Thranduil, but Tauriel refuses, admitting her limits. She can't leave so soon and in winter, too! Thorin sees reason, but says if there is another attack like this, then they shall have to miss the debutante ball for Sigrid and Fili, which Fili had rather hoped to be cancelled.
annnnnnnnd that’s where i stopped writing. might have more to add in the future - but no, i have no idea what the blue wizards are up to. that was just Convenient for plot reasons i never actually created.
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theelvenhaven · 4 hours ago
Being Best Friends with Maedhros
Tumblr media
- Before Maedhros’ time in Angband when it comes to him being your best friend, he’s going to be far warmer and more sociable and easy to get along with.
- While Maedhros is used to the chaos of having so many siblings around his life, it’s nice for him to be able to escape with you as his friend and things not be so loud.
- Usually you both are tagged along with by Fingon, and the three of you spend time doing various things;
- It could range from the three of you having an enjoyable ride out for the day to reading and chatting amongst each other or playing games like chess. 
- Maedhros is very laid back and goes with the flow and also a good shoulder to lean on if you are in need of it. 
- He’s full of wisdom and advice after having so many siblings, so whatever problem you may have, he can certainly try to find a solution for you to be able to solve that problem. 
- If none of the solutions he offers seem to help, Maedhros is happy to just listen to you vent and anything that you want or need to share with you. 
- Because he trusts you, and if you are just as willing to listen, Maedhros will also be comfortable be sharing with you of what his woes may be. 
- Granted it may take you to ask him what the matter is as he is used to just shouldering a lot of it by him. 
Post Angband
- The dynamic of your friendship changes drastically once Fingon brings him back from Thangorodrim. 
- It’s nothing against any of you, but there is a huge guarded wall in deep distrust that hangs and sways over him repeatedly, so it takes a considerable amount of time for him to warm back up to you. 
- He will be grateful in the long run for you sticking around with him as your friend and being there for him when Maedhros undoubtedly needed you. 
- Maedhros will be far from the laid back and go with the flow ellon he was once before in Valinor, he’s far darker and guarded and quiet. Not nearly as chatty as he had been before and completely unwilling to disclose the horrors he experienced in Angband.
- If you are willing to still be his best friend, Maedhros is content with that you want to just sit with him while he works, and you read alongside him. 
- Being his best friend post Angband also might mean that you may end up helping him build back up in some confidence as he won’t have much of that at first outside of destroying Morgoth. 
- In return for all of your support, through his physical healing and the emotional support you provide, Maedhros is more than willing to do or be there for just about anything that you need.
- He will still provide you with the advice that you so need or coveted once before and listen to your complaints or concerns about anything that you need. Even if it's during a bad day, he will do what he can to make time for you. 
- He will know if you are taking advantage of him, and if you’ve been friends since Valinor he will be less likely to be worried about such things. 
- Maedhros will also try to do things for you to show you his gratitude for you sticking around when he’s needed you. 
- He doesn’t know how to verbally thank you as this isn’t a formal diplomat who has done him a favor- it’s a good friend, his best friend. So instead Maedhros wants to make sure any needs or errands that you may need are taken care of. 
* * * 
@saviorsong​ @lilmelily​ @dicksoutformtl​ @fandomhoe101​ @icarus-fell-in-spring​ @iwenttomordor​ @red-riding​ @elarinya-nailo​
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stormxpadme · 14 hours ago
Hi (hides) sorry to ask, but do you take smut requests for problematic ships? This isn't a judgment, I just have a rare pair that I'm shy about asking for.
Hey there :). I’m a firm believer in “the only problematic ship out there is called Ever Given“, so please never be afraid to talk about ships to me. I can’t always promise I’ll be able to write everything but I can definitely give it a try. If I feel the theme or ship might cater to a very special audience, I might shift the story in question to my horror blog and tumblr blog. If you can drop me a quick private line where I can reach you, I can point you to it.
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ten-summoners-fails · 20 hours ago
My contribution for @gondolinweek , day 2
a Not Entirely Objective Account on a Duel that Might or Might Not have happened between a certain Lord of the Harp, and a faithful servant of the Household of the Star.
POV: Ecthelion
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elamarth-calmagol · 21 hours ago
The first chapter of Silent Rider Book II!
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silvergreyleaf · a day ago
Wanted: Adanedhel, Elendil and/or general Silmarillion-Aficionado
Elen síla lúmenn omentielvo, mae govannen and well met indeed. We are two friends of more advanced Tolkien lore including but not limited to the Silmarillion, The History of Middle Earth and that one stubbornly unavailable edition of the Parma Eldalamberon addressing the name of a certain Maia.
We love to discuss anything Tolkien, the topics ranging from our recent discoveries in the realm of fanfiction, the upcoming Amazon series and of course all the canon (or not so canon) material provided by Tolkien himself. We are by no means experts, literature critics, philologists or anything the like (in fact it’s an agriculturalist and a computer scientist talking) so we have absolutely no authority on the matter.
Nevertheless, we would be thrilled to complement our discussions and reading of Tolkien’s writing with a new perspective. Be it to reread the Silmarillion together and address more advanced subjects or take a dive into parts of the History – it’s open to you.
If you have read thus far, we consider this a fortunate sign that you may be open to have a Tolkien talk with us or really any other format you feel comfortable with. Feel free to send us a private chat and we will figure things out from there.
Anar caluva tielyanna!
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starwrought · a day ago
the river on the window
Elrond adds a log to the fire and watches the bark catch with flames and the splinters of wood curl beneath the heat. His hair is pulled off his face and bound once. It falls across the grey sweater he wears, spilling down his back.
There is always a fire burning in the hall. It has burnt for centuries.
‘Ar, stop pulling my hair,’ Elrohir says, quietly, across the hall. Elrond turns. Elrohir sits by a pillar with his little sister in his arms.
They are the only people in the hall. It isn’t usual. But it is quiet today, even as the rain falls hard outside.
Elrohir sits with his long legs stretched before him and stands Arwen on his leg, holding her beneath her arms. Arwen reaches for his earring, but he holds her out of reach of it.
‘No, Ar, don’t hurt your brother.’
‘I see it,’ Arwen whines. ‘I’m careful!’
Elrohir takes out the blue diamond earring and hands it to Arwen. The matching earring glitters where it hangs from his other ear. Elrond sits on the floor beside them and swings the left earring with a gentle push from his finger.
Elrohir rolls his eyes at him. ‘Really?’
Elrond kisses him and then Arwen. Arwen looks up from rolling the earring along Elrohir’s arm. She presses the diamond to her mouth.
‘Don’t choke on a diamond, dear,’ Elrohir says. Too many of our family have died already from jewels,he finishes in Elrond’s mind. He takes the glittering stone and slides it back into the hole in his ear.
‘I’ll make them,’ Arwen says. Her eyes flash when she looks at Elrond.
‘Only four and already getting an occupation,’ Elrohir says. ‘You’re beating me.’
Arwen turns to Elrond and holds her arms up to him. Elrond takes her from her brother and settles her against his hip. He stands and then pulls Elrohir to his feet. Elrohir jumps up with a swift grace and wraps his arms around his father’s arm.
‘Let’s read, Ada,’ he says.
Elrond brings them to the library. The rain beats against the tall windows, making a river over them that obscures the trees and mountains outside. It does not drown out the Bruinen. The Bruinen is high, and it grows higher every day. It runs madly through the valley.
Elrohir flings himself down onto a velvet sofa. His hair is pinned up with his mother’s butterfly pins. It is black with silver strands running through, bright, like shooting stars.
He rolls onto his back and holds his arms up. ‘Ar.’
Elrond hands Arwen to him and goes to look at the books on the shelf near to the window. These are the ones Arwen likes with the beautiful pictures.
Elrond takes one about a growing tree and the world about it.
‘You can’t sit,’ Elrohir says, stretching out on the sofa when Elrond comes up. Elrond tickles one of his bare feet, and Elrohir draws his legs up long enough for Elrond to sit and then immediately throws his legs over Elrond’s lap.
The river on the window grows stronger as Elrond reads. Elrohir watches it, eyes distant. Arwen plays with the laces on Elrohir’s black shirt, untying them and then tying them back together, practising the loops to tie, getting lost for a moment with where the ribbon should go next.
Elrohir strokes her hair absently. It falls to just beneath her chin.
‘The tree is growing,’ Arwen says. ‘Can it grow forever?’
‘It can grow,’ Elrohir says. ‘There are trees older than Ada.’
Arwen looks over her shoulder at Elrond.
‘That is true.’ Elrond strokes her cheek with the back of his hand. Her cheeks are so round. She will be a baby forever in this memory, staring at him with huge eyes as she tries to figure out what the thousands of years he’s lived feel like. He feels her mind against his, trying to tumble into the whirlpool of his memories.
‘It’s all right, darling,’ Elrond says softly. ‘It isn’t something you want to know yet.’
‘I want to know.’
She does, but she would regret it once she knew. He smiles at her, but she doesn’t smile back.
‘Fine,’ she says.
Elrond draws her close. She peers over his arm at the painting and touches the branches. The leaves are silver-green.
‘I’ll know someday?’ she asks him.
‘You’ll know.’
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niphredilien · a day ago
Hi! For the prompts could I please have #6("I think I'm in love with you and it terrifies me") for Mairon/Legolas? I hope you have a lovely evening♥️
Ah yes, the new obsession I have been keeping an eye on. Thank you very much for the prompt (I may have been very much converted to this ship)!
From this prompt list.
6 - “I think I’m in love with you and it terrifies me.”
Legolas’ sister had once spoken of how marriage was a gilded cage.
He hadn’t exactly taken her seriously because she had been very drunk at the time and was only complaining about the incessant complaining of courtiers.
Now he’s beginning to see what she means.
Sauron - no, Mairon, he had been instructed to call him - gives him pretty things and nice clothes and keeps him warm and safe (he lives in greater comfort than he did as prince of the Greenwood even) but the place crawls with guards and orcs and he is barely ever let out of Mairon’s sight.
Sometimes it is as if he cannot breath properly, as if the air is thick and stale and only grudgingly creeps into his lungs.
But then Mairon will touch him, a gentle brush of his fingers against his arm or cheek, or he will start playing with his hair or he will press a possessive kiss to the side of his head or...
He groans, tugging on a lock of hair and falling back on his bed.
He will have completely convinced himself that this is bad, that he doesn’t want all of these falsities and charades, that Sauron - and that’s his name, no matter what Sauron says it is - killed and tortured his friends and he can never forgive that.
And then he’ll smile or compliment his eyes, calling them as green as the leaves in early spring, or gently brush through his hair and braid colourful beads of glass and precious metals into it or...
Legolas, the voice in his head that sounds just like his sister says, you’re being obtuse.
“I am not.” He hugs one of the pillows in his cell - for that is what it is - to his chest.
Deny it all you want but that won’t change you feelings.
“It will if I try hard enough.”
“Who are you talking to?”
Legolas nearly jumps out of his skin. “No-one, my Lord,” He says and puts the cushion down. He stands to give Sauron a short bow. “Just myself.”
Sauron takes a step forward and tucks a lock of hair behind Legolas’ ear. He is very close and Legolas is just tall enough to be at eye level with his lips.
Legolas rather violently pushes down the temptation to close the gap and press their lips together.
“I’ve told you before, my precious little leaf, you may call me Mairon. We are to be one day married and it would do no good for one of us to be so formal.”
“Of course m-Mairon.”
Mairon’s fair face creases into concern. “Something is wrong.”
“No Mairon. Do not worry yourself.”
“But I do worry. You are precious to me and I would not like to see you hurt.” There is genuine concern shining in Mairon’s eyes as he examines him.
You could tell him, his sister says thoughtfully. You have nothing really to lose.
Legolas has a lot to lose, really, but he is fairly sure he has already lost it.
He takes a deep breath. “I think...” He starts tentatively and trails off. He takes in another breath. “I think I’m in love with you and terrifies me.”
He squeezes his eyes shut, expecting...well, he’s not entirely sure, but surely something.
“Oh Legolas,” Mairon says and pulls him forward into a tight embrace. “Love is always terrifying at first. But I’ll help you through it. We have all the time in the world - we can go as slow as you need.”
That wasn’t at all what Legolas had meant.
He says nothing, however, and buries his face into the front of Mairon’s robes, hoping that the Maia will mistake his tears for something else.
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niphredilien · 2 days ago
Hi! Sorry if you’re not doing prompts anymore, or don’t like this concept, but would you be able to do Maglor raising Elrond and Elros for #13? I love your writing.
It’s absolutely fine! I’ll keep doing prompts until I unpin the prompt list and say that prompts are closed in my description. (Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff)
From this prompt list.
13 - “Look! A shooting star! Make a wish!”
Maglor is loathe to leave his brother alone in their little house on the cliff side but there is to be a meeting with the last vestiges of their followers and the twins should not be there when they arrive.
On the upside, the summer night is beautiful and it is a joy to be able to lie back and simply relax.
The stars shine high above him and he used this opportunity to tell the twins some of the star stories that he can still recall his own father telling him.
“Oh! Look!”
Maglor cuts off in the middle of the story of Wilwarin to follow Elros’ excited finger.
“A shooting star! Make a wish!”
Elrond wrinkles his nose. “Wishes are stupid ‘Ros.”
“Elrond,” Maglor says warningly and Elrond pouts.
“What? I’m just telling the truth.”
“I don’t know. I’ve wished on stars before and they’ve come true. Varda is one of the greatest of the Valar after all: she can do anything if you ask nicely enough.”
“Please Varda,” Elros starts, before Elrond can cut in again. “If you would be much obliged, could you please make sure that we are all kept very safe and sound and that Morgoth doesn’t find us again please and thank you. And can you please make sure that Elrond knows I am right. Thank you.”
He looks up at Maglor. “Do you think I was polite enough?”
Maglor smiles, hiding a laugh at Elros’ seriousness and also aching that his young ward is thinking of his safety when he could wish for anything in the world. “Quite. I am sure that Varda will have a hard time ignoring a request like that.”
He ruffles Elros’ hair and returns to his story, tucking them both into his arms.
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niphredilien · 2 days ago
I finally found the energy to type up chapter 8! So here it is!
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niphredilien · 2 days ago
oh wait! 28 - angry teenage elrond (angst)
Of course! I love a bit of angry teenage Elrond.
From this prompt list.
28 - “Were you ever going to tell me?”
Maglor plucks at the strings of his harp, desperately willing an actual melody and song to come to him even as none do. It is frustrating, to say the least, that the first moment he has to himself in over a week is lacking any and all inspiration for the music he has been wanting to play as he works.
There is a knock on the door and Maglor puts the instrument down - mayhap he needs a distraction and then inspiration may grace him from the void.
“Come in!” He calls and uncurls himself from his place on the rickety bed. “Oh, Elrond. I thought you were out with your father and Elros.”
Elrond scowls and slams the door behind him with enough force to shake the wall.
“Elrond, don’t do that.”
“Were you ever going to tell me?”
Maglor raises an eyebrow. “Tell you what?”
“I don’t know,” Elrond says scathingly. “That you’re a murderer three times over? That our parents wilfully abandoned us? That you’ve been lying to us for years?”
“Yes. I was: we were. Where did you hear of this?”
Elrond purses his lips. “Atya and Erestor were talking.”
“And you were eavesdropping?” Maglor has a realisation. “Does you father even know you are here?”
Elrond doesn’t reply.
“Nandafinwë.” Maglor pinches the bridge of his nose. “Come on, we’re going to find your brother and your father before either of them worry themselves to death.” He catches sight of Elrond’s face. “We can talk on the way.”
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SINCE Luke Evans can sing
I present to you
You have a nice voice
Warnings: none
Pairing: bard the bowman/ thranduil
Thranduil was bored out of his mind.
Trying to avoid his kingly duties, he had gone off to walk through the forests of Greenwood aimlessly. He had not been precisely... concentrated as of lately due to the grief at losing his son gnawing at him like a root eating rodents- the Elvenking knew his lack of attention was the reason why Legolas had decided to take his advice and go North, yet he could not help the sense of abandonment that now ruled him; despite this, it was his son's departure that had made him realize how he was neglecting his kingdom, and he was grateful Galion had stayed with him after everything- Valar bless that elf.
His mind wandered towards the newly crowned King of Dale. They saw each other regularly to discuss trade, defences and other 'kingly' topics that more often than not merged into purely trivial matters such as Bard's children, which types of bows were better or the blooming relationships between the princes of Erebor and their daughters. (In his case, Tauriel. In Bard's case, Sigrid.) They would share traditions, customs, food and the such and would ultimately end up doing nothing beneficial to the kingdom, save for strengthening their relations, of course.
Bard was kindhearted, there was no doubt about that, and cared for his people more than any other king he had seen- he reminded Thranduil of the Kings of Old, yet somewhat modernised. His fierce love towards his kids was enviable and his easygoing demeanour, only broken when some asshole insulted his people or his family, was something Thranduil deeply admired.
Letting his thoughts run free (and towards a certain brunet), he kept walking until he heard a voice coming from Greenwood's border, from the lake.
"We are strong
No one can tell us we're wrong
Searching our hearts for so long
Love is a battlefield"
As he crept towards the lake, he saw the man he had just been thinking (not daydreaming- he was an Elvenking, he did NOT daydream) about.
"They're begging me to go
Then making me stay
Why do you hurt me so bad?
It could help me to know
Do I stand in your way?
Or am I the best thing you've had?"
Bard was sitting on his barge, oblivious to the world around him. He had obviously sailed here to escape the madness of being a king, and Thranduil did not want to disturb the peace that his deep yet clear voice provided.
"Believe me
Believe me
I can't tell you why
But I'm lost by your love
And I'm chained by your side"
Thranduil's breath caught in his throat as he walked forwards, almost unknowingly, towards the barge- towards the human king. It had been too long since he sang, yet Sigrid had taught him this song one time when he had visited and the Bowman was still at a meeting. Resting one hand on the edge of the barge, the blond elf joined Bard's enticing voice into the song.
"We are young
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises
No demands
Love is a battlefield"
He could see the mortal tense, then turn around. In a split second, when their eyes met, a gentle smile graced his lips.
"You have a nice voice, Bard."
The human's cheeks reddened as he averted his gaze.
"Hello to you too, Thranduil,"
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theelvenhaven · 2 days ago
Random question but do you think Glorfindel would get a bit possessive of his s/o if there were too many guys hanging around them?
No I don’t think Glorfindel is very possessive to begin with and he’s pretty relaxed and extremely trusting. As long as you don’t give him a reason to not trust you then there’s no reason for him to make negative assumptions.
Now if a problem arises with one of the guys around you hes less likely to be possessive over you as opposed to protective.
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theelvenhaven · 2 days ago
What do you think elves would think of henna tattoos? If some would let you do some on them. Asking bc I do henna tattoos lol
I think the elves would really enjoy henna and the pretty mehndi you can do with it! I think a lot would definitely be willing to try out henna and some I think would definitely wear it often. Especially out of respect for the culture and they’d try and learn the meanings and the significance of mehndi and different henna designs.
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niphredilien · 2 days ago
36, 38 or 47 for the Raising Elflings AU? ❤️
Oh no, now you’re making me choose! I’ll do 47, I think I can get the most family feels from that one.
From this prompt list.
47 - “This is home?”
Maitimo is in a lot of pain all over his body but he does not let it show lest Makalaurë see. His little brother has papers and forms spread across all the sheets - only grudgingly letting Maitimo look through them - and sits in the middle, just beside Maitimo’s feet as he marks them up with a frown on his face.
“I wish this weren’t so difficult,” He mutters and huffs, blowing a lock of hair from his face. It flutters back down and Makalaurë’s frown grows into a scowl as he goes cross-eyed to look at it.
Maitimo leans forward with an ever-so-slight wince and tucks the offending hair behind his brother’s ears.
“I can help.”
Makalaurë shakes his head. “Absolutely not. You’re still recovering.”
“We’ve had this conversation already Makalaurë. And Mairon agreed with me - it’s better than sitting idle in bed and I need to be up to date with everything before I take over my duties again.”
At the mention of Mairon, Makalaurë’s hands go limp and lets Maitimo take the quill and paper from his brother’s hands.
He takes a quick glance at the first raises an eyebrow at the ink sprayed across the paper. “This is indecipherable Káno.”
“I know, I know, I just...” Makalaurë trails off and looks away, playing a song in the air in front of him, his fingers plucking at an invisible instrument. “This is home? Right? We can’t go back to Tirion and’s so overwhelming to create something that we’re going to live in forever.”
“I’m here to help. And...” Maitimo hesitates before ploughing on. “And Mairon too.”
“Yes. I know. But you’re ill and I don’t want to scare off Mairon by being all needy. I can do it so I should.”
Maitimo bites his lip thoughtfully before the voice of his father that has recently taken up residence in his head reminds him it’s a rather ungainly habit and forces himself to stop.
“I am sure,” Maitimo starts slowly. “That Mairon will not overly mind if we requested his help so long as we did most of the work. He’s nice and that’s what nice people do, I think. And I will be better very soon - if he doesn’t help, I am sure we can put this aside until I can.”
Makalaurë’s next argument is cut off by a yawn which he tries to hide with his hands. He blinks blearily as Maitimo bundles the paper up, setting it neatly on the bedside table.
“And we are definitely putting it aside so you can sleep Laurë.” Makalaurë pouts but Maitimo flicks the blanket up and pats the space it leaves.
Makalaurë looks like he might complain but seems to think better of it, pulling off his over clothes and scooting forward to slips under the covers. He is asleep in moments, his head buried in Maitimo’s shoulder and curled up tightly.
Maitimo can’t follow his lead. He lies in the semi-dark, one arm wrapped around his baby brother, and tries not to think.
The dark is the worst place to alone. It leaves time for remembering other dark places filled with pain and hurt and whispers that bury themselves into his soul.
The flap of the tent is pulled back and Mairon enters, slipping in and lighting the room up with his faint glow.
He smiles. “Still awake?” He asks softly as he settles down in his seat. He picks up the pile of paper from the table and begins to flick through.
“Yes.” Maitimo shifts just slightly so that he can get a better look at Mairon from where he lies. “Sleep isn’t...easy.”
Mairon purses his lips and Maitimo winces. Was that the wrong thing to say?
His fears prove to be unfounded. “Ah.” Mairon pauses halfway to reaching the quill. “Sleep terrors?”
“Something like that.” It’s stupid, really: he hasn’t been scared of a monster under the bed since he was three.
But meeting real monsters...
“I’ll be here.” Mairon gives him a smile - Maitimo likes his smile, it isn’t cold and pursed like his mother’s and it isn’t wild and manic like his fathers. It’s soft and a little tentative as if Mairon isn’t entirely sure what to do with it and Maitimo likes the feeling of safety it gives him. “Do not fear the dark.”
Maitimo gives him a small smile back and tries. For once when he closes his eyes, there is a warmth that covers his mind like a shield but softer. A blanket that feels of Mairon.
Maitimo relaxes involuntarily and is soon pulled into the eddies of sleep.
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stormxpadme · 2 days ago
A and B, with, hmmmm 10, 17, and/or 28?
Send me a number and (a) letter(s)
10 - Deephroat / 17 - Mirror sex / 28 - scars | A - Legolas / B - Aragorn
"I’m pretty sure, ada didn’t mean to insu...”
“I love you, Legolas, but if you finish that sentence, I’ll have to cut your throat while you sleep.”
Legolas gave a resigned sigh and followed Aragorn silently to his chambers, not even bothering to tell his father he'd be gone for the night.
Thranduil had long given up trying to discourage him from his entanglements with that Dúnadan anyway.
Partly, surely, because Aragorn was betrothed and would wed Elrond’s daughter someday, and whatever Legolas and he were up to at those rare opportunities when they were alone a little, would end someday. Until then, Arwen was happy about Legolas helping Aragorn relax a little from his demanding duties, and Legolas … Well, getting fucked into his mattress every now and then was maybe not all he had ever wanted or expected from a relationship with anyone. But it was better than spending another century or two without any physical attention at all because there just didn’t seem to be an elf or she-elf left in these realms that he was interested in.
More than that, though, Elrond’s step-son had become a real friend to him, not to mention an extremely capable combat partner who’d just kept him from getting eaten by an especially ugly spider.
Legolas might know that when his father told Aragorn that he really needed to get himself cleaned up and that he should stop by the tailors, that it really meant Thank you for saving my stupid son’s behind yet again, now get some rest while make clothes for you without holes in them for a change, but not everyone was fluent in Cynical Elvenking.
And after that long day of bathing in orc intestines, burning countless webs and destroying two nests, Legolas was simply too exhausted to try and explain. Aragorn was already in the hot grotto adjacent to his bedroom by the time he was finally finished pulling and cutting his spider blood-drenched clothes and boots off his body - very grudgingly, because the latter had been fucking expensive to make.
The faint bubbling on the surface from the water constantly flowing through the pool was hiding most of his friend’s tanned body, and Legolas found himself being grateful for it, because he was even too exhausted for that tonight.
Even more than he’d realized, apparently, because by the time, the thick veil of nothing in front of his eyes dissolved next, he was laying on his bed, wrapped in a thick towel, and his hunting partner was just busy wrapping a thin bandage around his right shoulder. Right. The water had turned a slightly unhealthy shade of red when Legolas had got in earlier ... Maybe he’d not exactly fallen asleep, actually. He moved his arm cautiously and grimaced at the hated, taut sensation of a fresh stitch. “Oh.”
“Oh.” He could see Aragorn roll his eyes without turning his head, could feel him shift on the mattress as he put away his healer’s bag, one of the blankets protecting his frail Secondborn body from the too-low temperatures inside the mountain. “You know, your father is just really annoying. You are a walking plague.”
“I love you too,” Legolas grumbled, and maybe he meant it a little.
“If you did, you’d stop trying to kill yourself.” Aragorn pulled the towel down Legolas’ back just enough to reveal a number of faint, crisscrossing lines between his shoulder blades that had still not vanished completely. Valar-damned orc poison. “Mind telling me when that happened?”
“‘t was just a little lashing,” Legolas murmured, his shoulders tightening instinctively. “Nothing else happened, alright? Stop fretting. Just didn’t watch out for a moment. Had to pull my captain out of there and ran into a blade.”
“I said, when.”
Legolas gave another of those exasperated sighs that seemed to become the dominant form of communication between them today and turned aside as if that could make anything better now. “You were travelling in the east. I didn’t want you to worry.”
“Well, someone needs to. You apparently long stopped caring.” His lips tight, Aragorn made a move to get off the bed, the muscles playing under the equally scarred skin of his broad back looking like steel cords. A few drops of water ran down from the short tail he’d braided his dark curls into that Legolas suddenly really wanted to lick off. Their eyes met in the mirror opposite the bed when he came up behind his lover, wrapping his legs around Aragorn’s to keep him in place, and the other gave a semi-annoyed grunt. But there was also real, deep worry in his beautiful grey eyes, a hint of pain, of grief for all the people the maybe-future King had had to let go in his life already. “You almost died on me today, Legolas.” Aragorn leaned his head back with a sigh when Legolas nibbled on his neck, his ear, pushing his tongue inside.
Apparently, his body had suddenly decided not to be too tired for a little fun, after all. “I’ll never do it again, alright?”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Aragorn reached back between them without letting go of his gaze in the reflection, biting his lip when he could both see and feel Legolas shudder from the tight grip of his hand on his quickly hardening cock.
“Can we stop talking about this when I really feel like fucking you senseless?” Legolas returned the favor by running his fingertips slowly up and down Aragorn’s chiseled chest, nails scraping lightly through the thin layer of fuzz he loved to bury his head against so much before he took his lover’s nipples in a tight grasp. “Put that damn blanket away. I want to see you.”
“Who says you’re the one who gets to do the fucking? I had to save you, remember? Victor’s merits.” Aragorn was apparently still in a pouting mood, but he obeyed, revealing the throbbing hardness between his legs in the mirror for Legolas’ hungry eyes.
Legolas twisted his nipples only harder, watching hungrily how a first drop of white collected at the head of his lover’s cock, a sight that had him lick his lips in anticipation. “Tell you something. You make it through five minutes of having my mouth on you without coming, then you can do with me whatever you want.”
“You’re selling yourself a little cheap, my dear elvish Princeling.” Aragorn grabbed him harder, visibly revelling in Legolas’ unrestrained moan. “In five minutes, I’m not even warm.”
“We’ll see about that.” Legolas wrapped his arms firmly around his chest and yanked him backwards on the bed a little, only to pull away then and kneel down in front of Aragorn instead, his legs spread widely so that his lover would get a very unambiguous view of his ass in that mirror. Grabbing Aragorn’s firm butt cheeks tightly, he lowered his head to lick a first broad stripe over his length. He just enjoyed both his lover’s breathless groan and his well-known, grounded taste for a few long seconds, getting familiar again, finally, with the heavy weight of a mannish cock on his tongue, the heat filling his mouth and his body, his tongue dancing over every pumping vein, every ridge. He sucked both of his lover’s balls in his mouth and still managed to grin triumphantly when Aragorn yelped and buried both hands in his messy braids for purchase, whispering his name. Five minutes had actually been quite generous. Legolas backed away only long enough to look up, provocatively licking his lips, then he thrust his head down in one long, smooth motion, taking his lover’s cock in to the hilt.
He was very thankful that his chambers were quite soundproof, otherwise his father would probably have heard Aragorn’s scream all the way down in the throne room. Those large, calloused hands tightened in his hair, holding him right where he was while Aragorn bucked against him, fucking even deeper into his throat until Legolas’ face was nestled into the soft hair of his groin and all he could taste and smell and feel was his lover. “You practiced,” Aragorn somehow managed to groan out.
Legolas gave a nonchalant, one sided shrug and swallowed only harder around the head of his cock, ignoring the beginning tightness in his chest in favor of stretching out his tongue more, bathing Aragorn’s spit-slick balls further. He’d held his breath longer than five minutes.
His skin was too tight, and heat was pooling in his middle, just from imagining, feeling that beautiful length not only spearing his throat open at some point this night. Not in the first round, of course, there was no way he would lose that game. He couldn’t resist letting go of his lover with one hand, reaching between his own legs. He made very sure to angle his hips in a way so that Aragorn could watch two of his fingers, glistening with thick drops of precum, circle his hole before slowly pushing in.
The little show was supposed to turn his lover on even more, and indeed he could feel Aragorn’s cock jerk in his mouth while he was moaning obscenely around him, moving his head up and down as much as his lover’s tight grip allowed it. Unfortunately, the sight also seemed to distract the other far too much from what Legolas was doing with his mouth. The desperate moans on Aragorn’s lips turned into an appreciative growl, and he actually pulled Legolas’ head away a little so that all Legolas could do now was lick the sweet drops from the head of his cock if he stretched his tongue far enough. “Very thoughtful of you to prepare yourself for me already,” Aragorn whispered hoarsely, his eyes shining with mirth when Legolas looked up at him in defiance and struggled to get his head back on his twitching length that was just out of reach. “Come on, my Prince, one more, then you can have my cock again. Don’t you want to show me how gorgeous you are, fucking yourself on your own hand?”
Legolas gave a protesting whine, but fuck, his own cock was rock-hard and also leaking enough for a little more slick, and his hole was too damn empty, besides, he always loved to please Aragorn, especially in bed. Also, his time was almost up. “Cheater,” he growled, not unkindly, and then threw his head back with a lustful cry as he was stretching himself further open, while Aragorn’s gaze was fixed at that mirror.
His lover was licking his too-dry lips, his skin flushed from his broad chest to his groin, his dripping length straining against his leg. It was most possibly the prettiest thing on all of Middle-earth. Legolas had hardly even opened his mouth for another needy mewl when Aragorn pulled him towards him again with a jerk, impaling his mouth on his length, Legolas’ braids wrapped around his hands now in a way that hardly left him a chance to free himself, even if he’d wanted to. His lover really wasn’t playing around now anymore, fucking his throat hard and fast, his swollen balls slapping against Legolas’ chin, and still the bastard just didn’t come. “You’re not the only one who practiced,” Aragorn murmured to him between two especially loud moans. “But who knows? You could try to sing a little again for me, my sweet bird. That might help you win after all. Fuck yourself harder, come on. Show me how that tight little hole of yours will look when you’ll ride my cock.”
Tears were prickling at the corners of Legolas’ eyes from the lack of air and from the humiliation that he loved to hate so much but he didn’t hesitate for even a second shoving his fingers deeper, ignoring the delicious burn and stretch. Soon enough, they rubbed just the right place inside himself and he screamed around his lover’s cock, hips bucking when he came over his stomach and the bed before he knew.
His head dizzy, his body heavy, he only realized with half a thought that Aragorn was gently pushing him away, straightening out his braids in a tender gesture. Then his lover leaned forward to give his ass a harsh, admonishing slap, right on his swollen, twitching hole, leaving no doubt that this game was far from over yet. “Up. And turn around. I want to see how beautiful you look impaled on my cock, my sweet Prince.”
Well, so much for his bet. Even while he was scrambling to obey, on shaking knees, still turned on beyond belief and actually half-hard again already, Legolas made a mental note that, should Aragorn and he ever happen to embark on some quest together, he should better leave the planning to his friend.
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stormxpadme · 2 days ago
omg your russingon harness snippet was the best thing I've read in ages. I can't stop thinking about it - please tell me there's going to be a follow-up? 🙏
AAAAAAH HELP you are all so kind, I’m melting into a puddle here. Just like for everyone, these last few months have been .... not good with a very low point reached in March and April. All those sweet messages in the last few days including this one, have put a little band-aid on that and I just wanted to say ... thank you? Anyway, enough with the sap. I got another prompt in my inbox after the one I’m posting in a minute, and today are TRSB gallery reveals which will take away some time, but I will definitely try to come up with a chapter two to that. It has been a lot of fun to write and poor Finno deserves a little more attention ;).
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niphredilien · 2 days ago
Yet Another Prompt - 13, nibenaes (or oc of your choice? sorry for sending so many in)
Yes! Time to talk about Nibenaes and her band of semi-reformed criminals! (Also, don’t worry at all! I’ve loved doing all of them - you can send in even more if you want!)
From this prompt list.
13 - “Look! A shooting star! Make a wish!”
“Canaer! That’s my knife!”
“You left it lying around. Really, it was practically begging me to pick it up.”
“Give it back.”
“Or what, Nelladon? You’ll make me? I’d like to see you try.”
“Children, please...”
“Keep your nose out of this Arasell.”
Nibenaes smiles to herself at her friends bickering. She lies on her back in the long grass, close enough to still see the bright fire light and to hear the cheery voices of her companions but far enough away to have her own privacy.
“Lhoeweg!” The argument cuts off at once.
“A successful hunt then?”
“Aye,” Rochind - for it is Nibenaes’ belovéd - says. “Where’s ‘Naes?”
“Oh, she wandered off again. It’s a clear night: she’s probably star-gazing somewhere quiet. Now, give me those rabbits: it’s getting late and I would like to eat before next week.”
The conversation settles down into something comfortable about food and Nibenaes turns her attention back to the sky. Out here in the wilderness, the night is alight with purples and reds and blues, stars clustering into bright clouds of light and the shining moon sitting among them.
She holds a hand up, spreading her fingers out as if to reach up and peal it away.
Maybe her mother is up there: maybe that is where her soul went, to light up the world for her.
“Oh, here you are.”
She drops her hand and turns her head. She smiles at her belovéd as Rochind drops down beside her.
“Here I am,” She agrees. “The stars are particularly beautiful today.”
She sighs.
“Thinking about your parents again?”
“Mhm.” She leans her head against their shoulder. Her father hadn’t ever been good with feelings and they had always been distant despite being the only family they each had for a long time but during dark nights when neither of them could sleep, he would take her out of the city and they would sit outside and he would tell her all the stories of the stars he could recall.
She closes her eyes and sighs again. She misses, sometimes, the peace of Thargelion and the quiet years with just her and her father.
Rochind takes a hold of her hand and the faint homesickness for a place she can never return to fades. She loved her childhood but she is here now with people she loves just as much.
“Look!” Rochind says and Nibenaes blinks her eyes open. Through the gap in the swaying corn, she can see...
“A shooting star! Make a wish, ‘Naes.”
It is not just one but a whole shower of meteors, sparking to life in a glorious explosion before fading away again. It takes her breath away a moment.
And then she turns quite suddenly and kisses her belovéd firmly on the lips.
“Whyever should I, when I have all I want here?” She asks, whispering it into the faint space between them. Their eyes are wide and reflect the multitudinous stars above them in their only blue depths.
They smile and lean forward, resting their forehead against hers and Nibenaes is at peace.
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luna-xial · 2 days ago
Fix It (Thorin x F!Reader) 18+ NSFW Commission
Tumblr media
Thank you @anjhope1 for the Ko-fi! Here is your ko-fi commission! 
Note: The Thorin image as well as the divider is not mine. The Thorin image was originally posted by @thearkenstone-ck​ (I found it on pinterest, luckily the url is at the bottom right) and the dividers used are by @firefly-graphics​​ which can be found Here 
Warnings: Smut, angst, Thorin being an ass for a bit. 
⚠️18+ Content ahead, Please read at your own risk ⚠️
It wasn’t unknown to you that braids have significance, in fact that was the first conversation you ever had with Thorin upon him asking for your approval to court you- how important and vital the braid was. How each placement of the strands of hair was significant, how by tilting the braiding outward you can declare a budding love, but inward you can declare a passing of something, such as a birthright. 
‘Yet how did this happen?’ You mentally scolded yourself as you watched each passing dwarf look at you like you were a conundrum. You knew it had to have been your hair. It was Muhudtuzakhmerag, or Spring Fest, in Erebor and Thorin requested you wear a traditional ‘Queen’s Braid’ to the event to walk alongside him. 
The request itself was simple, and sweet of him, to want you to participate like the queens before you, however, there was not a single portrait of what the said braids looked like. So you simply went by your best educated guess coupled with the old instructions written on ancient parchment that looked like it was going to fall apart any moment now. 
The festival would begin with the giving of the straw. First, Thorin would place a strand of the straw into your hair, and you into his tunic pocket. This was to symbolize the true connection and reliance the dwarves had with nature. The next event was the ‘Carrying of the Straw’ where you and Thorin would lead a line of dwarves through the kingdom, assisting each other in carrying a barrow of straw to the feast room. All to honor Yavana, Mahal’s wife who originally gave the first dwarves their first straw of barley. 
To say this event was huge for the dwarves would be an understatement. And, with this knowledge, you had hoped to look your best for Thorin. 
As soon as you entered the throne room to meet with Thorin, Balin, and Dwalin before the event, you knew you messed up royally. 
“(Y/n)...” Balin began gently, before Thorin’s angry voice startled you. 
“What in Mahal have you done?” Thorin wasn’t shouting, but his fists were clenched like he was desperately trying not to. 
“I tried my best to follow the instructions, is it that awful?” You looked at Balin and Dwalin, your eyebrows furrowed and your expression hurt at Thorin’s tone of voice. “What did I do wrong?” You asked the elderly dwarf, in hopes he would be able to give you advice before Thorin began speaking again. 
“Everything.” He spat, shaking his head with a humorless chuckle as he began to pace the throne room floor. 
“Lass,” Balin began before Thorin held his hand up, “Don’t speak to her.” 
“The one time I request for you to do something specific and you can’t even get that right!” Thorin shouted, making you flinch as you stood back, your eyes beginning to fill with tears. 
“I knew it was a mistake to ever court you, I never loved you to begin with.” 
A gasp left your throat, “T-Thorin…” You felt your heart sink to your stomach. He regretted loving you, courting you, marrying you, all because of one braid? 
“I can fix it,” You offered, your tone showing how close to the verge you were to breaking into tears, wanting to appease him so he wasn’t so angry with you. 
“You can’t fix being human,” He huffed, “I knew a low human would never be able to meet the standards of being the queen of Erebor. If I could turn back time and never let you join this journey, I would---”
“Thorin, enough.” Dwalin all but growled at him. “It is just a braid, you can re-do it for her.” Dwalin tried to reason but Thorin let out a humorless chuckle. “You can re-do a braid, but you cannot redo or undo the damage that has been done. She has shown she does not care about our culture or our practices.”
Looking to Balin, you suppressed a sob as tears went down your cheeks. “I’m so sorry,” You told him, eyes full of regret and pain as you quickly took the pins holding the braid in place out, the metal clanging as it hit the stone floor. 
“Lassie, it’s alright,” He began to soothe you but you shook your head.
“I’m so sorry,” You repeated shaking your head, exiting the room, with your hand up to your mouth to attempt to muffle the gasps leaving your throat as you continued to suppress the sobs threatening to escape. 
“Thorin what have you done?!” Balin shouted at him as soon as you fled the room, glaring at the boy he watched grow up in these stone walls. 
“Something I should have done a long time ago.”
“You will come to regret it. Don’t you realize you just told your wife that you despised her?” 
“I don’t have time to deal with this, we have a festival to lead.” Thorin brushed past both of them to go grab his crown for the festivities. 
As you put on a plain slip and slid into bed, you felt hot tears bubble down your face. He didn’t love you. All because you were human. Your heart ached as you heard the cheering, the Broken Bone Race being completed and the victor being given a medal, Thorin’s laugh trickling into your ears despite the many voices you have heard. That made you begin to sob as you clutched the pillow. 
“He doesn’t love me…” You murmured to yourself, wiping your tears. “He wants a dwarrowdam.” You felt your heart clench as those words passed your lips. 
Sitting up, you sniffled, wiping your eyes almost aggressively as you put on a robe. Maybe something in the library could help you with your love issues. 
Tumblr media
Thorin couldn’t deny the worry in his heart as he searched the halls of Erebor for you a few days later. Upon returning from the festivities, Thorin wasn’t too concerned with your absence, figuring you needed time alone from the blow-up that occurred in the throne room, but when it was the third day that he hadn’t seen you at any meals, your very presence and being missing from his day to day activities such as your walks together, he knew something was wrong. 
His gut twisted as he walked down another corridor, before halting in his steps. “(Y/n)?” He breathed out, confused at the sight of you. You were dressed in the average dwarrowdam fashion, your hair up in braids like every other dwarrowdam he had come across. 
It wasn’t you. 
“Yes?” You cut straight to the point as you turned from your discussion with an advisor, and seeing Thorin’s dumbfounded expression, you excused the gentleman as you turned fully toward him. “What is it that you need, Thorin?” Your voice was cold, posture stiff as you stared him down with calculating eyes. 
It was like you were a different person altogether. 
“What happened to you?” Was all he could think to say. 
Tilting your head, you raised a brow at him. “What you wanted.” Was all you answered as you turned on your heel, leaving him in the stone hallway all alone as you went to speak with the advisor once more. 
Tumblr media
Bursting through the doorway, Thorin’s voice caught the ears of the Company members fairly quickly. 
“There’s something wrong with (Y/n)!” He yelled out, completely unsettled by your appearance. He knew you preferred your hair loose, not confined by things, and how you liked to wear flowy dresses made by soft fabrics, not thick dresses weighed down with crystals and braided fabric tassels. 
“You finally noticed.” Dwalin scoffed, continuing to sharpen his blades, his disapproval of Thorin very clear. 
“Aye, it wasn’t like she was missing from your chambers for three whole days and four whole nights.” Balin’s tone was clearly passive aggressive as he handed out documents to each member. 
At Thorin’s lost expression, Balin chuckled bitterly. 
“You told her you didn’t love her, that you despised her because she was human and what did you expect her to do!” Balin finally lost it, throwing his papers across the room, tears welling up in his eyes. 
“She didn’t deserve that, Thorin!” Balin yelled, a tear going down his cheek. “All she wanted to do was make you happy and instead of applauding her effort and guiding her to the correct way, you belittled her! You ruined her self-esteem and told her she meant less than the dirt on your boots.”
“She didn’t deserve any of that… And now… Now you have the audacity to come in here like you did nothing wrong?” 
“I didn’t realize…” 
“You don’t seem to realize a lot of things, Thorin.” Balin huffed moving to pick up his papers as Fili, Kili, and Ori helped collect them from off the ground. 
“I have to do something.”
Bofur shook his head, “If she’d let you.” 
Thorin looked at him like he just grew two heads. 
Rolling his eyes, Bofur shook his head again. “You were an utter arse, Thorin. You expect some weepy apology is going to make her forget everything you said? How little your actions have done to prove you do indeed care for her?” 
“She’s lost weight, Thorin. She doesn’t come to meals, she hardly sleeps. And what do you notice? Oh, that she’s wearing a traditional dress.” Bofur’s sarcasm seeped through his tone. 
“Y’know, Thorin, I hope she doesn’t forgive you. I hope she doesn’t let her sorry excuse of a One back into her life.” Bofur’s words cut into Thorin, hitting him where it hurts most. And for a moment, Thorin wasn’t Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror, king of Erebor. In this moment he was a young dwarrow being scolded. 
“But if you do somehow manage to weasel your way into her good graces, you better work your arse off to prove to her that you care for her.” 
“I will.” 
Bofur huffed through his nostrils as he went back to carving a wooden duck as if Thoin wasn’t even there. 
“You better go find her, then.” Dwalin nodded to Thorin, a small smile on his face was all Thorin needed to feel encouraged as he set off to go find you. 
Seeing Thorin for the first time in the past couple of days affected you more than you’d like to think, his harsh words being pulled from the back of your mind to the forefront, replaying in your head over and over. Instead of meeting with your advisor, you waited until Thorin was gone so you could go back to your room, the room you originally had before you and Thorin were wed. 
Looking into the mirror, you couldn’t help but criticize everything about yourself. Your braids weren’t as taught as how they were this morning. The gown made you look radiant this morning but now it felt like a bulky mess that you shouldn’t have attempted to wear. 
“Is it all for nothing?” You wondered as you stepped away from the vanity mirror and sat on the edge of the bed. 
“He didn’t even notice.” You scoffed, flopping backwards. 
Tumblr media
The next morning, Thorin was adamant on approaching you. 
“Good morning, Dushin-Mizim (dark jewel).”
“Morning, King Thorin.” Your reply was short as you walked past him, your hair half braided today, and in a less formal traditional dwarvish gown. 
Thorin frowned, usually you’d kiss his cheek and say “Good morning, my love,” to him before he’d hold your hand and the two of you would walk together. Not that he blamed you for not doing so.
Instead of eating with him, you sat at the other end of the table, alone as you carefully ate your breakfast. 
Sighing, Thorin brought the water glass up to his lips. ‘I deserve this,’ he thought as he watched the way the sunlight filtered through the sky-lights, making a rim of light circle the top of your hair, making you look angelic. An ache began to settle in his chest, he missed you. 
He’s got to come up with a plan. 
Tumblr media
“How was your day, Ghivashel (Treasure of all treasures)?” Thorin attempted to make conversation as you approached after exiting a meeting.
“Perfectly fine, King Thorin.” You responded icily as you walked past him, your face stoic until you moved where he couldn’t see your face. Your eyebrows were furrowed and you bit your lip. ‘Does he love me still?’ you pondered, but that thought was quickly squashed when you realized he began to act lovingly again once you were in dwarvish attire. ‘He loves the facade.’ you decided as you walked to your room. 
Looking in the mirror, you shook your head. “This isn’t me.” You murmured to yourself, while you had nothing against dwarrowdams, you knew this style of dress, this hairdo, it wasn’t yours. It didn’t suit you. You felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing, an imitator waiting to be revealed. 
Unravelling your hair, you sighed as your scalp was relieved of the taught pressure. Reaching behind you to unravel the laces of your bodice, you let out a relieved groan as you pulled the thick fabric off of you in favor of pulling on a light night gown. 
Returning to the mirror you brushed your hair, refreshed to see it how it usually is. Free and relaxed. 
“I’m done pretending... “ You told yourself, nodding to your reflection. “I am (Y/n), a human.. Not a Dwarrowdam.” You felt tears build in your eyes, “and if Thorin wants one so bad, then so be it, but I will not erase myself for his pleasure.”
The next morning you felt alive again, as if someone had cleaned out the cobwebs of your chimney and lit the fire once more. Putting on a loose gown, you only brushed your hair, carefully placing oils where they were needed before looking in the mirror. You finally looked like yourself again. 
“Good morning, amrâlimê (My love).” Thorin called out to you as you exited your bedding chambers, making you pause in your stride.
“Good morning, King Thorin.” You responded blandly, watching as he analyzed you, your expression cool but your heart hammering inside of your chest. Would he say anything? Would he stop calling you the names you cherish close to your heart?
“You look radiant,” He smiled at you, before letting it drop, his expression turning serious. “I would like to have a talk with you, today, whenever you have time, of course.” He looked nervous as he spoke, something you hadn’t seen since the day he asked to put in your courting braid. 
“I’ll be free this evening,” You told him, curious as to what he needed to tell you. 
You could practically see the cogs turning in his head as he nodded, like he was having an inner conversation before looking into your eyes. 
“Would you… Do me the honor of meeting me in the gardens this evening?” Thorin held his hands behind his back, nervously rubbing his thumb over the other one, just waiting for you to say no.  After all, he had to earn your trust again, to earn your love again. 
You paused, a ‘no’ quick to push itself to the tip of your tongue, but as you watched his eyes dart around your face, his eyebrow scrunched like how it always does when he’s worried, you felt your face soften. 
“I shall.” You chose to say instead, a smile threatening to lift your cheeks as he perked up like a puppy, a spark returning to his eye. 
“You won’t regret it, I promise.” He vowed, hesitating, like he was ready to give you a kiss before physically holding himself back. 
Coughing nervously, he nodded, “I will see you then.” 
You couldn’t deny the disappointment that bubbled in your chest as he walked away, you had hoped he would offer to walk you to breakfast. 
“Well with how you’re acting, don’t be surprised if he thinks you hate him now.” Your inner voice taunted but you shook your head, you had every right to be upset with him. 
The day seemed to drag on and on, and as you dragged your feet to the dining hall after your final meeting,  you remembered Thorin had wanted to see you. 
“The gardens,” You hummed to yourself as you headed that way, seeing petals of (favorite flower) being littered on the ground. Raising a brow, you followed them, a small smile growing on your face as you approached the entrance to the gardens. 
Thorin stood staring at the stars, his back turned and between you and him sat a table. Two plates, two chairs, two water glasses. 
“So your discussion was a date?” Your voice pulled Thorin from his thoughts, his head quickly swinging to face you. 
“Not exactly, no.” Thorin spoke quickly, as if your words scalded him like a hot pan. 
“If you do not wish to stay for the meal then I will not ask you to.” He began, gesturing to the seat. “But I will ask if you’d like to take a seat so you can be comfortable while we talk?”
Biting your lip, you let out a breath before chucking off your heels, your feet sinking into the cool grass as you approached the table. 
Thorin sighed in relief, believing you were going to turn your back and leave the minute he opened his mouth. 
“What is it you wished to talk about?” You questioned, your voice professional as you took a look around the gardens. Lanterns were placed all around the garden, giving the space an ethereal glow and if you listened hard enough you’d hear the gentle noises of the creek. 
“I would like to apologise.” Thorin stated, and the statement alone nearly made you choke on your saliva. Thorin? Apologizing? 
“I… I have no reason, excuse or otherwise to explain to you why I spoke the way I did.” He furrowed his brows. “I am a horrible excuse for a husband, a failure of a One, and a failure as your friend.” Thorin spoke, his voice close to cracking before he cleared his throat. 
You frowned, not expecting this at all, especially the glassy look in his eyes. 
“I wanted to let you know I did not mean a thing I said.”
“I knew it was a mistake to ever court you, I never loved you to begin with.”  His words replayed in your head, your lip beginning to tremble. 
“Meeting you was the biggest blessing Mahal has ever given me, being able to love you and to cherish you was a gift I threw away,” Thorin’s voice finally cracked, as he let out a shaky sigh. 
“Menu tessu (You mean everything to me) and I was a fool to tell you otherwise.” He shook his head, angry at himself. 
“I love you, (Y/n), I love the way you take the blankets from me when we’re sleeping, I love the way your eyes sparkle when you’re happy, I love the way you care so much for people you love…” Thorin halted himself, looking up to the sky briefly before looking back to you. 
“But despite all of that, I have wronged you, I have wronged you and belittled you,” He frowned at the sight of your tears building in your eyes. 
“And I understand if you would like to leave.”
“Leave?” You couldn’t help but echo, causing him to nod. 
“After all I have done, I cannot expect you to want to stay with me, Men Kurdel (My heart of hearts). I made you feel inadequate, when I should be the one making you feel like a goddess. I failed you.” Tears slipped down Thorin’s cheeks. 
“That is what I wanted to discuss with you, a way to make your life easier, a way to just---” He sighed, “If there is one thing I want, (Y/n), it is to make you happy.” 
“And you think that’s away from you?” You cut him off, furrowing your brows as a tear slipped out, rolling down your face and dripping off your chin.
“I have spent days trying to make myself more like a dwarrowdam because you hate how human I am, because I want---” Your own sob cut you off, your breath hitching as you began to cry harder.
“Because I wanted you to love me again.” Your voice cracked as you barely got out the words, and at the same time, Thorin’s heart felt like it cracked in half as he watched you emotionally collapse in front of him. 
Thorin nearly leapt from his chair, moving to cradle you in his arms, yet unsure as he hovered his form close to yours. 
“Please, love me again,” You whimpered as Thorin pulled you into his arms, tucking your head into his neck as you sobbed. 
“I never stopped loving you, (Y/n),” He murmured into your ear, his arms tightening their hold on you as if this was all a dream. “I am so sorry,” Thorin wept as you clutched onto him just as tight. 
You missed him so much. 
“I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you,” He vowed, pulling away so he could look at you, tears springing to his eyes again at the look of anguish on your face. 
“Just please, come back to me, come back to our chambers, let me hold you, at least for just this night?” Thorin’s tone was on the edge of begging as he cradled your face in his palm, his forehead against yours.
Not being able to find the words, you nodded. And at that moment, he pulled you off the chair entirely, your form clinging to his as he brought you back to your shared chambers. 
Setting you down on the bed, Thorin pulled away to go to your wardrobe. 
“What’re you doing?” You tearfully asked, a whimper wanting to pull itself from your mouth at the lack of contact.
“Your nightgown--” 
“Thorin, please hold me.” His priority was your comfortableness while yours was to be as close as possible to him. Quickly shutting the wardrobe doors, Thorin returned to the bed, barely able to kneel on it before you latched yourself onto him again. 
Hugging him close, you could feel his heartbeat through his tunic. A sigh of relief left you before you looked up to him, seeing him already watching you with admiration and fear. Fear of you changing your mind and walking out of his life for good. 
“Kiss me, please?” You asked tilting your head back to make it easier for him to attach his lips to yours. Thorin’s expression softened as he captured your lips with his own. A needy whimper left your lips as you clutched his tunic in your hands, his own cupping your face as he kissed you deeply. 
Pulling away, Thorin pecked your lips one last time before pressing his forehead against yours. 
“Thorin, I need you.” You murmured, you had been deprived of his touch, of his love, for so long now. 
“I’m yours, I’m here,” He responded to you, not quite understanding your meaning, simply thinking you needed reassurance until you repeated yourself.
“I need you, Thorin.” 
His expression changed from one of concern to something sensual as he dragged his thumb across your cheek.
“Are you sure?” He couldn’t help but question, not wanting you to regret being with him when you were so emotionally fragile. 
“Absolutely.” You reassured, this time capturing his lips with yours, catching him off guard before he quickly fell into the rhythm you were searching for. 
Lowering you gently on your back, you felt the familiar pillows beneath you as you arched into him, your hips rolling into his causing a pleased groan to release from his lips, his hands finding your butt as he controlled your movement against his clothed crotch. 
“More, Thorin, please,” Your tone was leaning on the side of begging as he severed the kiss to pepper kisses along your jaw and neck. 
“I’ll give you all you want, amrâlimê,” He reassured, lifting off of you to help you with your dress, the offending fabric being tossed to the floor before he yanked off his tunic, leaving him bare chested with you in your undergarments. 
“Beautiful,” Thorin murmured, admiring the way your body was laid beneath him.
Smiling at him, you couldn’t help but admire him as well, the small scars from battles that have come and gone, the chest hair mostly covering him, the muscles beneath it. 
You were brought out of your admiring state as he began to remove your undergarments, leaving you bare with him still in his pants. 
“You’re very overdressed,” You hummed as he chuckled, the sound going straight to your core as he leaned back over you to kiss at your shoulders and the valley of your breasts. 
“Don’t worry about me, amrâlimê, focus on you.” He spoke softly as he kissed his way down your stomach, his hands coming up to tease your nipples for a moment, drawing a gasp from you. It served as a distraction as he skipped over your pussy to mouth at your thighs. 
“Thorin,” You couldn’t help but groan out as he purposefully neglected where you wanted him most. 
“Please,” You whined until you felt his breath over your pussy. 
“I said to focus on you, (Y/n),” He hummed, now massaging your inner thighs with his calloused hands. Before you could think of a response, his tongue stole the words out of your mouth as it came in contact with you. Licking, flicking, sucking, you couldn’t focus on what he was doing as the pleasure made you reach out and grab at his hair. 
Thorin swore he would make it up to you, and he planned to start right now through worshipping your body, making you feel every ounce of pleasure he could provide you. 
Looping his arms under your thighs, he held his hands above your hips, locking you in place as he feasted on you. 
“Thorin!” You couldn’t help but moan out, your tone high pitched as you felt yourself climbing higher and higher to your peak. Whether you called his name out of lust or trying to give warning, Thorin wasn’t sure, but he knew one thing for certain: you were close. 
He flicked his tongue over your clit rapidly, circling it before suckling the bundle of nerves into his mouth, his cheeks hollowing as he aggressively accelerated you to your climax. 
Your back arched as your grip on his hair tightened, your mouth opening in a silent moan as your hips wiggled up and down, his own grip loosening as he let you ride out your orgasm. Releasing your clit from his mouth, he kissed your inner thigh as you slowly calmed down. 
“Men lananubukhs (I love you),” Thorin whispered as he rested his head on your opposite thigh, rubbing circles on your hips. 
“What about you?” You questioned once you got your bearings again. 
Thorin shook his head, pressing another kiss to your inner thigh before crawling up to pull you into his embrace. “All I care about is that you are satisfied, my beloved.” He nuzzled the top of your head, feeling a sense of pride as your thighs continued to tremble from the intensity of your orgasm. 
“I told you before, all I want is to make you happy.” 
It felt like flowers were blooming in your ribcage, something soft and delicate taking place in your heart as you curled into Thorin’s embrace, his arm around the small of your waist bringing a sense of comfort. 
While nothing could erase the past, nor the heart that came with it, you’ve decided that for now, you would enjoy the peace that resonated in your heart. 
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