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p-e-rsephone · 7 hours ago
I'm currently reading LOTR - the two towers and my favorite thing so far is the relationship between legolas and gimli and between frodo and sam. I simply adore tolkein's writing it's always beautiful. Also the amount of nature descriptions sometimes can be tiring but I'm in a cottagecore mood so I'm living for them!! There was a passage so splendid about the hobbits finding a forest after so long in the wasteland that I cried
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bitterly-sweet-pea · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Galadriel by Bitterly-Sweet-Pea
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imperium-of-dawn · 11 hours ago
My inbox is open and I've been fixated on LOTR and The Hobbit and Tolkien for like a week. Feel free to ask me questions about LOTR and whatnot.
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So I’m with my mom and we are just talking about the up and coming lord of the rings show, and jokingly we came up with Keeping up with the Fëanoreans.... I’d watch that
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lilacnothlit · 3 days ago
Can you elaborate on “every part of Animorphs that isn’t Tolkein is Star Trek?”
Someone help what I'm missing. But Applegate is a massive Tolkein fan and Grant is a massive Star Trek fan, from what we gather. I can't speak for the plots, but a ton of the themes (prime directives, war is hell, etc.) echo themes therein, and there's a bunch of other echoes in the worldbuilding.
*Applegate filled the world with Tolkein references, to the point where I now assume all Andalites just speak Quenya. "Alloran?" Gandalf's original name among the Valinor was Olórin. "Elfangor?" "Ala" means good, and Treebeard's original name, like his forest, was Fangorn. "Esgarrouth?" The original name of Lake Town was Esgaroth. "Yeerk?" The Sindarin for Orc is "Yrch."
"Berenson?" Beren was literally Tolkein's Gary Stu. It's written on his gravestone. I threw my phone across the room when I realized that one all on my own, I haven't seen anyone mention it (probably because no one read the Silmarillion).
Even worse, remember how in the first pitch of the series, the Andalites were tall glowy elves? (Frankly, a lot of Andalite culture still echoes the Tolkein elves.) That would be bad enough, if "Andalië" wasn't literally Quenya for "The Tall Ones."
*Applegate wrote both the books in which Animorphs Sauron is introduced.
*Grant was apparently the one who suggested the series have aliens in the first place.
*The two male characters Grant wrote appear to have become best friends over Star Trek talk. Tobias even has a Star Trek calendar in the only description we get of his human bedroom.
*Grant was the author of the books in which The Ellimist and the Drode were introduced, almost certainly thinking of Q.
*Elfangor basically switches from Frodo to Captain Kirk when Grant takes over writing him in the Chronicles. Tell me you don't see it.
*Grant has almost certainly confirmed someplace that he wrote book 32 in the first place because he wanted to do the Spock With A Beard episode.
Stylistically, Grant very likely wrote the chunk of Visser where Edriss mistakes Star Trek for real life.
*After they wrote solo books, Grant filled his with Star Trek vibes, and Applegate creates Nedarra. Someone who's an actual Tolkein nerd could probably write a better thesis than I on it.
There was probably some overlap - Applegate's style is all over the chunk where the kids take Ax to see Star Trek.
Feel free to add your own examples, folks. I'm only a conlanger and I've never delved deeply into either franchise except insofar as the conlangs go.
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hegoesonallfours · 6 days ago
The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.
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mikuhaku · 9 days ago
how come all writing advice is like "NEVER spend time on worldbuilding people read fantasy for ACTION the audience DOESN'T want to read boring infodumps they want to read people KILLING each other with SWORDS" ok well i hate action scenes and i love appendices where does that leave me
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(Walking out of class after getting back a grade)
Legolas: i did so bad, my dad’s gonna kill me :( what did you get
Gimli: a 79!
Legolas: that’s so good wow ur literally amazing i did so bad
Gimli: what did you get
Legolas: ...
Legolas: a 95 
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So...question for Tolkein fans:
Do I have to read The Hobbit first to understand Fellowship? I really want to get into Lord of the Rings, but I don’t think I’m ready to revisit Hobbit. I was introduced to that book when I was in 8th grade, and it wasn’t a great experience because the teacher I had made us read several chapters at a time and quizzed us on our memorization of events (I could never enjoy a book that way), but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed fantasy, and I feel like I’m missing out by not reading Tolkein.
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dancingchopines · 15 days ago
An easy way to inspire intense rage and aggression in your friends is to call two of the bastions of fantasy writing jrrt and clives. 
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arutanno · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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dragoneer99 · 16 days ago
tolkien tumblr tell me how dirty the movies did gimli
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