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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
If my Momiji is out there, I hope you know how much I love you. I was shocked when you confessed your feelings to me, but I'm glad we got together and fell in love. - Tohru Honda
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fictionkinfessions · a year ago
i’m in a vvvv big kyo sohma lovin mood and?!? god, i love my himbo so much?? my amazing kitty!! maybe. maybe he’s the reason i always liked angry people in this life?? i just want my ball of raging anger here again! — tohru honda (#🧸🎎🎡)
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fictionkinfessions · a year ago
so i’m watching the remake of fruits basket because of my qpp telling me that i’ll adore it (guess what?? i do!) but that’s besides the point! i always felt nostalgic talking about chinese zodiacs and such so i’m sittin here. watching episode one, and the cat zodiac story plays AND I FEEL NOSTALGIC ??? IVE NEVER HEARD THIS IN MY LIFE ??? so now i kin 3 of my qpps romantic ccs & we’re here now, on episode 10 — tohru honda (#🧸🎎🎡)
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might fuck around and end up being kin with a trans masc version of Tohru Honda
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As a Tohru Honda and a Keiji Mogami, I’ve been on both sides of believing in people. I’m trying to learn a middle ground now, but I hope I’ll be able to be kind as I was again someday
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im tohru honda and i just want my friends and all of the sohmas and just everyone to know i love them and hope theyre safe and happy! to my family-- kyo, our children, mom, i miss you.
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canonhollers · 5 years ago
Hello there! I'm Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and I'm looking for everyone! Preferably minors though, my host is a minor, so she gets a little uncomfortable, sorry!
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