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#toh lilith
antenok52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Lilith is so energetic and cute on lesson 馃槏
Love this
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mocksyoucondescendingly58 minutes ago
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Image that lives rent free in my mind
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chaoticnerdsstuffan hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Owl House (Cartoon) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Eda Clawthorne & Lilith Clawthorne Characters: Eda Clawthorne, Lilith Clawthorne Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Feels, Angst with somewhat okay ending, Their mom is shit you can't change my mind, Lilith feels like shit, Eda is simply tired and wanted to sleep, Being kicked out and almost cursed all in the same day is just oof, Someone give these two therapy, Protective Lilith Clawthorne, Abusive Parents Series: Part 1 of The Boiling Isles most Feared Siblings. Summary:
Lilith started slowly.鈥 I hurt you.鈥
聽鈥 I-I鈥檓 so sorry. I knew you were going to beat me tomorrow, I knew that you鈥檇 get into the coven. I was scared. I didn鈥檛 want you to win, I didn鈥檛 want to face judgment or lose my chance to get into the Emperor鈥檚 coven. So I-I did what I thought would be best to guarantee success鈥
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localdudekisseran hour ago
I want to write this fanfiction.
The Golden Gaurd (Ash I'll call him) gets amnesia after spying on them and getting hit in the head by something and the Owl Fam tries to lie to him to hopefully get an ally out of him. I'm not sure how it'll end because it'll be based off of amnesia episodes from all the cartoons I've watched and it has a mixed bag of what happens. I might throw in some GG shipping but idk I'll decide later.
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alrightyarabellaan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lilith and hooty鈥檚 friendship was certainly unexpected, however it is definitely one that i didn鈥檛 know i needed :]
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milfcoven3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can鈥檛 believe she said 鈥淚鈥檓 a girlkisser鈥 on live television!! Good for her!!
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linsallyworld3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lilith Clawthorne x all her simps
So this is my first Fanart in a really reaaaaally long time and I thought it would be a mess so I'm happily surprised
Anyway just ignore my shitty handwriting
Thank you
Base here:
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systemofthehorde5 hours ago
Also I'm thinking about a roleswap AU.
Yes, Lilith is in Eda's place.
Their personalities are mostly the same just slightly more or less.
Amity is a witch who cannot access her magic for some reason, and Luz is a powerful human with magic, or as powerful as Amity is in Canon.
Lilith basically adopted Amity to get her out of her abusive home, and occasionally takes her siblings out as well. Luz got here the same way, only its Lilith's portal now.
Lilith didn't know she got through, but she did. Luz ran away and ran into Eda, who was hunting down Lilith. Instead she brought Luz back to the Emperor's coven.
King isn't the House, he's just a Titan who watches over it. Hooty is a small Owl who will eventually find out about his destiny.
Lilith has the beast curse, and is know as The Raven Lady.
Willow and Gus do switch with Boscha and Skara, but all four are more neutral than bullies. Willow slowly becomes friends with Amity again after learning what had happen.
Eda is the Emperor in this AU. And Belos is in Lilith's place, and Golden Guard is in Amity's.
While I do hc Golden Guard to be NB Trans lesbian with he/they pronouns, I don't think the two would get together. Dunno, we'll see.
But the Grom Dance and Escaping Explusion would still happen with Luz.
Luz is basically a mystery student.
Belos isn't a sibling to either, more like an old friend to Lilith. She does fight him a lot and yes.. I do think it'd be funny to watch the two play sports so Belos can take Lilith to Eda.
That's all I got rn
I also have another au in mind where the beast curse is basically everywhere. Not like a virus just, someone cursed the land accidentally.
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novelist-becca5 hours ago
Lilith: Just because I missed you doesn't mean I'm not mad at you!
Eda: I missed you too, you big dummy!
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novelist-becca6 hours ago
I'm really looking forward to what Eda's B-plot in episode 3 is.
Like, what's the reason she's not exploring the island with the rest of the cast? Here are my guesses.
Whatever King did got her swept to who knows where and the characters have to rescue her
She's staying home unwillingly so she can take a break
She's staying home to practice glyphs for Luz thanks to the precious episode's incident
She and Lilith got in a fight and need some space
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edatheowlbitch6 hours ago
*walking down main street*
The gang: *passes a construction sign*
Luz: *stifles a laugh*
Willow: Not again
Luz: Road work ahead鈥
Amity: do you have to do this EVERY time?
Luz:鈥擴h, YEAH鈥
Gus: Luz!! Resist the temptation!!!
Luz, cackling:鈥擨 sure HOPE it does!!
Group: *faceplams*
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sostanotes7 hours ago
Symmetry in the Owl House
Dana Terrace loves her narrative symmetry. We've seen it play out large scale and small scale, short-term and long term.
Consider the three times we've heard the line, "Now eat this, sucka!" In the cold open of 1.1, A Lying Witch and a Warden, during Luz book report. Again at the end of that episode, as she uses Owlbert on his staff as a baseball bat to hurl fireworks into Warden Wrath's mouth. And now again in the cold open of 2.1, Separate Tides.
And that cold open as a whole also has callbacks to other early season 1 elements. The intimidating voice and shadow of Garlog (and the ultimate reveal) reflect the original entrance of King. The "King as Dog" gag recalls Eda eating Adegast at the end of 1.2, Witches Before Wizards.
You get the idea. Callbacks and Parallels have always been a thing in the Owl House. But certain things about the new season started gnawing away at my brain yesterday after watching 2.1, Escaping Expulsion, and I wanted to get them down.
The A-plot, B-plot structure of 2.1, Escaping Expulsion, is entirely parallel; something we don't usually see. Luz and Lilith both feel guilty about the impacts of their actions on the people they care about (in this episode, specifically Eda); they both throw themselves recklessly into a quest hoping to atone and are quickly taught a lesson about the value of relying on and helping each other.
Lilith, in her B-plot, learns this lesson; we get the delightful friendship of Lilith and Hooty out of it, and that seems to be something that will be running strong throughout the rest of the series. Luz, maybe hasn't gotten it yet. She, even before this, had a tendency to through herself headlong into helping and didn't always get or rely on help, even when it was available; but she did do it sometimes, and I want to look at why.
That'll be a bit later though, since we need to look at 2.1, Escaping Expulsion, first. The A-plot, B-plot this time isn't as obviously parallel, but its still there; let's hope that the B-plot foreshadows somethings for the A-plot parallels.
In the A-plot, Luz and Co. fight against expulsion; after the initial group attempts to get back into the school, once Willow and Gus are dragged home, Luz goes it solo. Some might say she *tried* to get help, but I'm not so sure. She knew Willow and Gus, in addition to being grounded, wouldn't help her negotiate with Odalia and Alador (Willow very specifically said so); and yes, she went to Amity for help, help getting a meeting with Odalia. Luz acknowledges that Amity is scared of her mom; given what she'd seen up to this point, she likely knew that Amity wouldn't be able to stand up to her mom in the conversation. She likely just wanted the moral support of Amity coming with her, even just to the door of the manor.
So Luz makes the deal on her own. She fights alone. When Amity realizes whats happened, she immediately runs off to find Gus and Willow (in that order, we'll get to that). The three of them then rush to the warehouse鈥 and bicker about how to get in. They have very different personalities and approaches to problem sovling. Amity's and Willow's are effectively opposites; Amity is direct and quick, Willow's is discrete and slow. I'm fairly sure that Gus chiming in with his ostentatious but ultimately misdirection-based plan is what stopped the two from getting into a fiercer argument; instead, we simply got the three trying to talk over each other.
The twins show up and give them another way in. Inside, Amity effectively goes with her plan, leaving Willow and Gus to get caught by the guards. Amity gets her big damn hero moment, stands up to her parents, gets Luz blushing (I'll come back to this in another post), and the Abomoton 2.0 shuts down.
Over in the B-plot, we get to see Eda and Lilith regress to their teenage years and bicker like schoolgirls. Like with Amity and Willow, this comes down to their opposite approaches to a problem; Lilith likes order and structure, Eda prefers freedom and creativity. Both are valid, in fact Eda's in closer to modern teaching practice; but you need some foundation (best learned by Lilith's method) to understand what kind of innovations its possible/safe to try. In the end, the sisters work out their differences: Eda is willing to take a bit of time and learn the basic rules, and Lilith is ready to take her basics and begin innovating.
The Clawthorne sisters still approach problems differently, I'm sure we'll see that in the future; but they understand the others point of view, and are willing to compromise and work together now a bit more than before. Amity, Willow, and Gus鈥β爊ot so much. They haven't learned that lesson yet; Ed and Em cut them off from the argument, and once inside, Amity bulled ahead on her own. It worked (and it was glorious) but the issue is STILL THERE.
Really, that's the whole issue of the season, I think. Learning when (and likely when not) to set aside differences, compromise, and work together. Belos talks about the "Day of Unity", but I'm getting the vibe that his idea of "Unity" is total subjugation under a single command, his; the best way to combat that is ACTUAL unity: teamwork and friendship and love.
And Luz. Luz needs to shake off her funk. She's getting there, but she's much more a lone problem solver than she was in Season 1.
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grom-queen-mittens9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AU in which Eda met King when she was a baby and they've been friends ever since.
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cats-eye-future11 hours ago
okay but Lilith and Hooty鈥檚 friendship is everything
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ganiling11 hours ago
lilith: *making popsicles and ice sculptures*
eda, from inside the owl house:
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