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fellowlooser13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's the art I just made 馃挮馃寣 was on a cool cosplay date with my best friend today, as Toga and Deku so I had to make something
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mha-quotes-and-sucha month ago
Toga: So are we flirting right now?
Toga: ...So yes...?
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reemiwritesa month ago
饾櫢饾殩 饾殣饾殬饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殱饾殬 饾殝饾殠 饾殟饾殬饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殜 饾殭饾殬饾殨饾殺饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殭 饾殰饾殠饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殫饾殠饾殹饾殱 饾殢饾殠饾殸 饾殟饾殜饾殺饾殰 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾殩饾殜饾殧饾殠 饾殜 饾殨饾殥饾殨 饾殰饾殠饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾殬饾殢 饾殥饾殱!!! 饾殑饾殫饾殢饾殬饾殯饾殱饾殲饾殫饾殜饾殱饾殠饾殨饾殺, 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殩饾殠饾殜饾殫饾殰 饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殯饾殠饾殮饾殲饾殠饾殰饾殱饾殰 饾殝饾殠饾殰饾殥饾殟饾殠饾殰 饾殯饾殠饾殮饾殲饾殰饾殱饾殰 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殭饾殬饾殨饾殺饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殭 饾殰饾殠饾殯饾殥饾殠饾殰 饾殸饾殥饾殨饾殨 饾殝饾殠 饾殞饾殨饾殬饾殰饾殠饾殟! 饾殏饾殠饾殫饾殟 饾殩饾殠 饾殜 饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殭 饾殢饾殯饾殬饾殩 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殨饾殥饾殰饾殱 饾殝饾殠饾殨饾殬饾殸 饾殜饾殫饾殟 饾櫢鈥欚潥曫潥 饾殸饾殯饾殥饾殱饾殠 饾殤饾殞饾殰 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殥饾殱! 饾櫢 饾殩饾殥饾殣饾殤饾殱 饾殟饾殬 饾殰饾殬饾殩饾殠 饾殬饾殫 饾殩饾殺 饾殬饾殸饾殫 饾殱饾殬饾殬 饾殥饾殢 饾櫢 饾殯饾殠饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殺 饾殨饾殥饾殧饾殠 饾殜 饾殞饾殠饾殯饾殱饾殜饾殥饾殫 饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殭! (饾櫢饾殢 饾殺饾殬饾殲鈥欚潥涴潥 饾殞饾殬饾殫饾殢饾殲饾殰饾殠饾殟, 饾殝饾殜饾殰饾殥饾殞饾殜饾殨饾殨饾殺 饾殸饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾櫢鈥欚潥曫潥 饾殝饾殠 饾殸饾殯饾殥饾殱饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殥饾殰 饾殤饾殠饾殜饾殟饾殞饾殜饾殫饾殬饾殫饾殰 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾殸饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殺饾殬饾殲饾殯 饾殯饾殠饾殨饾殜饾殱饾殥饾殬饾殫饾殰饾殤饾殥饾殭 饾殸饾殥饾殱饾殤 饾殱饾殸饾殬 饾殞饾殤饾殜饾殯饾殜饾殞饾殱饾殠饾殯饾殰 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殨饾殬饾殬饾殧 饾殨饾殥饾殧饾殠 饾殥.饾殠. 饾殧饾殜饾殩饾殥饾殰饾殠饾殯饾殬 饾殹 饾殺饾殬饾殲)
饾櫝饾殜饾殝饾殥饾殤饾殜饾殸饾殧饾殰 (饾殢饾殥饾殫饾殥饾殰饾殤饾殠饾殟, 饾殞饾殬饾殩饾殠饾殰 饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾櫣饾殲饾殫饾殠 饾煾饾殫饾殟)
饾殐饾殬饾殣饾殜饾殟饾殠饾殧饾殲 (饾殟饾殠饾殧饾殲 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殝饾殠 饾殶饾殥饾殨饾殨饾殜饾殥饾殫!饾殟饾殠饾殧饾殲 饾殥饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殜饾殱 饾殰饾殞饾殠饾殫饾殜饾殯饾殥饾殬)
饾櫦饾殥饾殯饾殥饾殱饾殜饾殩饾殜 (饾殢饾殥饾殫饾殥饾殰饾殤饾殠饾殟, 饾殞饾殬饾殩饾殠饾殰 饾殬饾殲饾殱 饾櫦饾殜饾殺 饾煿饾煼饾殰饾殱)
饾殐饾殬饾殣饾殜饾殯饾殜饾殧饾殜 (饾殲饾殯饾殜饾殯饾殜饾殧饾殜 饾殸饾殬饾殲饾殨饾殟 饾殝饾殠 饾殜 饾殶饾殥饾殨饾殨饾殜饾殥饾殫 饾殥饾殫 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殰饾殞饾殠饾殫饾殜饾殯饾殥饾殬)
(饾櫢饾殩 饾殬饾殫饾殨饾殺 饾殟饾殬饾殥饾殫饾殣 饾殥饾殱 饾殢饾殬饾殯 饾櫛饾櫧饾櫡饾櫚 饾殱饾殤饾殥饾殰 饾殱饾殥饾殩饾殠 饾殜饾殯饾殬饾殲饾殫饾殟 饾殝饾殲饾殱 饾殨饾殠饾殩饾殩饾殠 饾殧饾殫饾殬饾殸 饾殥饾殢 饾殺饾殬饾殲 饾殸饾殜饾殫饾殱 饾殏饾殜饾殥饾殧饾殥饾櫤!!)
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jades2356a month ago
Could you give us some more togadeku prompts
Wow, no one asked me for writing prompts before, I feel kind of honored.
Twisted Perception(?)
After Izuku was bullied very bad in the first day of his first year of middle school, he ends up transferring to another one.
There, he makes some actual friends and his curiosity draws him to a girl with blond hair and yellow, cat-like eyes.
Because of his new found confidence from an environment that is not hostile towards him, Izuku finally builds up the courage to go and talk to her.
What he finds is that Himiko Toga is an outsider just like him, someone that is inhertly different from anyone else because of her Quirk (or for Izuku, lack thereof)
Derailed Investigation
After the Summer Camp Incident, Izuku is frustrated that there's so little he can do to help, so he ends up starting his own Mini-Investigation on them.
He started with the blonde girl with yellow, cat-like eyes, Himiko Toga.
He did not expect to find a whole News report about her stabbing who everyone assume was her crush and that she was labeled as a Villain from that point on. Do people not know what Quirk Shock is? Is very obvious that her attraction to blood is a medical condition.
Izuku silently promised to himself that he'll try to help her. Even if she rejects his help, he would at least know he tried.
Himiko excepted the League of Villains to be much different.
Tomura, Dabi, and Magne are simply on a warpath to destroy everything and everyone that they've wronged them.
Spinner is obsessed with Stain but not the same way as Himiko.
Kurogiri and Compress just feel out of place.
Lastly, Twice is the only one that seems to understand how she is feeling but his condition is psychological, not Quirk induced like hers.
When Tomura tells her to infiltrate the Provisional Hero License Exam where Izuku and his classmates were, she didn't hesitate to accept.
If Izuku Midoriya is willing to break his arms to help a random class-mate use his Quirk properly (Himiko doesn't care about Dabi's opinion, she is an expert in reading people and she can lip read), then there's a chance she'll listen to her story.
If this isn't what you looked for, tell me and I'll try to come up with something else.
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karukosa month ago
Tumblr media
Mirrors: Ao3 || FFNet
"Midoriya, is everything alright?"聽
Tsuyu looked at him, her finger at her cheek as a concerned look was on her face. Izuku raised his eyes to meet hers and in that moment, his brain just started working again. Gears started turning and turning and turning and turning...
The next moment he felt like his mind was going a million miles an hour all at once. First off, when the hell did he get Toga as a contact?! There was clearly a number associated with it but he definitely never exchanged anything of sorts with her. Second, he never added emojis to his contacts so it was definitely not him, who put Toga's number in his contacts?! Third, when did that even happen?! He had no memory of handing off his phone to anybody at all, there was also a pin code on it so there should be no way somebody just randomly was able to add anybody to his contacts...
"Midoriya? You are starting to worry me..."聽
With a frown, Tsuyu started to close in on him, trying to figure out what was going on with her friend. Izuku couldn't help but recoil in that moment, quickly scrolling past Toga and clicking onto Tsuyu's contact, going onto edit in a split second before stuttering out:
"It's nothing, just... mind going off... somewhere. Sorry... been a... hard day."聽
He sincerely hoped that that would deflect the conversation. Really from the expression on her face, he already knew that she was not buying it. So instead he quickly opened Tsuyu鈥檚 contact info and changed the info to her new number. After another short question if he was alright the frog girl moved on, to inform the other classmates.
Izuku's attention, however, returned right back, going back into the list, scrolling up and clicking on Toga's contact. There was not really... anything there. Her name, her number... that's it. Still there was a strange feeling...聽
'I could call her'聽
He thought. He could call her right now if he wanted to and ask for answers. He could also write her a text for her to answer, in case she was busy right now. But that was not really getting to the bottom of all that. No, this was feeling strange because, unlike all the other times before, it was on him. If he wanted to talk to her, he needed to initiate things.
Did he really want to?聽
She was a villain after all. He had gone through this a billion times over the last week, consciously and subconsciously; she had hurt his friends. She had hurt and worse people in general. And even now he had no idea why she was behaving towards him the way he did. He had met her in both ways, as an opponent and as somebody... who seemed to want to talk to him.
Why did she want to talk to him? He had not really any idea. Of course, maybe she was spying for the League and now he stepped right into their trap. It didn't really feel like that though. He had no idea how naive he was being, he felt like she was being honest to him in her intentions... in some weird way.聽
So what was it? Was it just her fighting against the boredom? Just chance meetings that happened at an opportune time and she just took her chances? That felt so risky that it did not seem worth the effort...聽
Of course, there was this little option that made his heart pound fast and his cheeks flush. The thought that she was genuinely interested in him was... uncomfortable in this strange way that only being desired could really bring. He had never felt like he had been wanted before and now that it seemed like a real option. That made just much more surreal to him.
His finger hovered over the text button. He was tempted, really tempted. Although he still did not understand where this number was coming from and where it could lead him, he was still tempted by the possibilities...聽
"Everything alright, Deku?"聽
The question once more repeated, Izuku raised his head from the phone screen, this time looking into the worried eyes of Ochaco. For a moment, he felt like recoiling from her drawing in closer to get a better look at him, on the other hand... there was a deep yearning for letting loose some of thoughts swirling around his head. Unfortunately, like many other things, he did not feel like he could tell her all of them in an unfiltered way.
"Yeah... yeah, I'm alright... just today's... stuff" instead of pressing the text button he locked his phone and slipped it into his pocket, filing it mentally under 'later".
"Mhm... i know... they mean well, but damn..." she replied as she let herself fall onto the armchair across from him, sighing loudly as she let her head fall into the back of her neck. "It didn't feel right, did it?"聽
He could only nod, humming along in agreement as he pressed his lips into a thin line. "Made me still wonder about a few things..." he added dryly
"The whole discussion felt, overall, weird. It was... how do I say that..." She scratched her head a little bit before trying to summon some conviction. "Just because he was right, didn't make him correct."聽
A small frown appeared on Izuku's face. Even though he tried really hard not to, one eyebrow raised as he just wordlessly stared at his best friend.
"F-forget I said that." she tried to laugh it off, waving her hands as if it would distract him from that awkward sentence. Still, he found she had a point there.聽
"I mean, in the end... we still do good, right?" he asked, making the girl sigh out a little bit, looking up as if to find the answer in the stars, even though she could not really see any.聽
"I think?" She answered, scratching her head again before letting out a frustrated groan. "I think... we need to sleep on that one for a while. Right now... we are not really getting anywhere by ourselves." she mumbled to herself.
"So Deku, what are we going to do now?" She asked, switching the topic and shaking off that heavy, gloomy atmosphere that hung over the two of them.聽
For him it took a moment to adjust before he turned towards the TV. "Wanna watch something? Maybe there is some decent movie, or a quiz show..."聽
The attempt at diversion felt half hearted at first. In his heart, he still felt a pull in all those different directions. Still, it was hard to not get dragged in when the quiz show started playing and more and more people were sucked in, joining, laughing, joking, or getting frustrated at the people being unable to answer, completely obvious questions.
When the time came for everyone to go to bed and everybody retreated to their rooms, a certain lightheadedness made Izuku feel like he was more so hovering into his room rather than walking. By the time, he started to calm back down to a normal level he was already in bed, turning from one side to the other as he tried to sleep...
Sleep sounded easy when you were tired. He was... still not. He maybe had calmed down to the point where he did not feel like his head was filled with cotton candy clouds but that still did not mean he had calmed down all that much. Even as he laid there he could feel the immense urge to just walk around... so instead he just turned from one side... to the other... again and again. And again. And again.
Maybe he could watch something real quick on the phone and that would relax him enough to fall asleep. Without really looking he reached around for his phone, hands sliding over it, before he turned it on, immediately turning down the brightness, before he unlocked it lazily.
And there, just as he was going to press the home button, he stopped his finger right before it touched the screen.聽
Toga <3
Written there right on his screen. What was he supposed to do? Just ignore it? Do as he was planned. Honestly, he could try and watch a video, but without somebody to pull him away from thinking about it, he wouldn't be able to concentrate about anything but that green message button right next to her name.聽
He was not sure if he should. Especially now that it was so late. Maybe she was sleeping already. Actually, he should be sleeping already.聽
Humming with frustration, a moment of introspection told him quite clearly, that all the efforts to calm down, were for naught now. His heart was racing, butterflies in his stomach, even a pleasant tingle in his scalp as a stray thought flashed through his head, that he pushed away before it really could take root in his mind.聽
With a sigh, he pressed the texting button, knowing that if he didn't, he wouldn't know rest. Which leads of course to the next question: What should he write her? Just writing 'Hi'? Maybe just asking how she got her number in his phone.聽
Even more so now than before he felt the burden of initiation on his heart. Toga had many times taken a step towards him. She had made her interest clear, even if the nature of that interest still baffled him in many ways that only brought more self doubt. Now it was his turn.聽
"Hello, this is Midoriya Izuku." He started typing into the text box, looked at it and deleted it even quicker than he typed it. He was doing this, right? Was he really doing this? He knew he was repeating himself, but it was almost unavoidable. His mind was running in circles, after all.
"Hi." Short, sweet... but... did she even know it's him? He had her number, but did she have his? What if she did? And if she did, why hadn't she written him before? She... probably didn't. At least, somewhere inside of him, he hoped she didn't. For multiple reasons really, some of which he was already contradicting by typing this much.聽
"Hi, it's Izuku."聽
That seemed... odd too. Maybe too informal. Maybe like he was trying to follow up with something so what if...
"Hi, it's Izuku. Is this Toga?"聽
Now... this made more sense and in that sense, was definitely not something he would send at all. He had it all deleted before his finger even thought about it, once again looking at the empty text box. There was really no good way to start this right?
Again and again he tried, feeling like he was making less and less progress the more he tried to actually write anything. The question of whether he should write to her now seemed to become more and more trivial. In the end, it was clear... as nervous as it made him, he wanted this. He wanted this more badly than he might have realized even in that moment.
His fingers finally stopped trembling after a while. Tiredness started to settle in, the exhaustion of the day making him stop more and more as his mind started to slow down more by the second. The realization that he had to sleep was slowly dawning on him.
With his eyes half open he thought about just putting his phone to the side and let it be an issue for Future Izuku... but then.
"Hello, Toga?"聽
He almost wrote it without thinking. His heart missed a short beat as he realized that he had actually typed something. For a moment he lingered, then he pressed send. For a moment, it was like a weight was lifted from his shoulders, exhaustion washing over him as he put the phone onto the night table.聽
As he drifted off to sleep he was already feeling dreams appear before his eyes, of a response. Of that crazy smile, that somehow still felt genuinely warm to him. Then just warmth as he felt himself drift off into the dream completely.
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crybabyjama month ago
ship: togadeku
rating: t
summary: Himiko just knows that Izuku is her soulmate.
word count: <1k.
c/w reincarnation, soulmates.
not available on ao3.
Himiko kneels down, peeking her head over the edge of the roof. It was a cool day, but the sun was shining nicely and made her glad she went out today. Especially because, down below, in the middle of the bustling crowds of the busy streets, is her Izuku.
Because, ever since she saw his cute freckles, her thoughts have been focused on him.
He's the /one/, she can tell without even speaking to him. (Not that she /doesn't/. He's so fun to tease.) But in her dreams, in the privacy of the dark of her mind, she remembers the way they were in their past lives. She gets flashes of his soft smile and green eyes as he beams up at her, though they're teary as he bleeds out in her arms. The middle ages, she thinks.聽
And she gets glimpses of timelines after that- perhaps even only one or two lifetimes ago where he presses a kiss to her forehead and holds her hand as they walk down the wedding aisle. So many more of those visions, of their past lives, consistently float and bounce through her head. She loves her Izuku so /much/, she can't wait for him to remember, too! Because they're /soulmates/. And even though he's much younger here than in her memories, he's still hers. He'll remember soon! And he's so cute today! His curly hair sways with the wind as he laughs and walks with his friends. Towards the mall, it seems. Himiko tilts her head, grin growing impossibly wider as he trips over nothing and stumbles. He only looks /cuter/ with that embarrassed blush on his face. Himiko giggles to herself, soft and quiet. Then she hops back up onto her feet, making note of the direction Izuku is heading before she dashes down the utility stairs. She ducks and dodges the workers who yelp and try to grab her for trespassing, and quickly blends in with the huge Saturday crowd before anything could be done to stop her from 'accidentally' running in to Izuku. Not that she /would/ let anything stop her. After all, she has her favorite knife strapped to her outer thigh blends in nicely, hidden by the thick layers of her skirt that hang past her knees. It has a bunny charm on the pommel! Himiko skips ahead of Izuku, though she makes sure to keep him in her peripheral. Today her hair is red and short. She usually prefers longer styles, but the person's blood that she took from was an easy mark. And she didn't want to be caught too soon, before she even got to touch Izuku!聽
So, Himiko waits one or two street corners ahead of Izuku and his little friends. She fixes her hair, playfully twirling the short locks until they curl almost in the way that Izuku's ends do. And while she waits, Himiko twirls on her heel, fluffing out her skirt as she stares at her reflection in the reflective shop window until it's just right. Then, just as she's perfectly practiced in the privacy of her room, she steps too far back and loses balance. "I've got you!" Arms circle her from the side, carefully rocking her forward and back to her feet. And the touch stays there as she nervously (/gleefully/) laughs at the genuine concern that Izuku shows.聽
Oh she can't can't /can't/ wait until familiar, soul-binding recognition blooms behind them too, and they can be together again. "Are you okay?" He asks, tender and soft exactly in the same way that Himiko remembers of their past lives. She nods her head, hand reaching up to tuck back hair that isn't long enough to reach her ears. His hands are warm against her hips and, all at once, she's overwhelmed with the attention. Oh, what a good day today is. "I'm okay! Thank you, Izuku," she calls as she scampers off, hiding her blush behind the sleeves of her sweater- too thick even for the cool weather. In her rush, she completely misses the way his eyebrows furrow and his calming smile warps into something more contemplative at the use of his given name.聽
Izuku blinks as the young woman dashes off, head tilting at the peculiar way she holds herself. Something about it is so鈥 familiar, engrained firmly in the back of his brain. "鈥 Have we met before鈥?" But she disappears before he can even reach a hand out to touch her again.
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tunafishprincessa month ago
Their canon selves wouldn鈥檛 be compatible since toga would probably end up carving deku out like a turkey on thanksgiving.
But fanon togadeku? Cute! I think the fanart for them is cool.
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izukubowlzine2 months ago
As we gear up for pre-orders, we've decided to compile a rec list of all your favorite Deku-centric fics! Please check out the rules and submit your recommendations.
*OC and reader fics will not be included in the rec list.
*Deku and any other underage parties must be aged up in NSFW fics. Fics depicting minors in sexually explicit situations will not be included in the list.
*Fics depicting rape/non-con will not be included.
*We will post a separate list for NSFW fics. If you would like to recommend one, please send us an ask or DM.
*Please submit SFW recommendations through a reply to this post or an ask.
*All ships are acceptable as long as the fics follow the above requirements.
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thatspongebobkidmeme2 months ago
even more bnha ship headcanons bc im out of control
villain edition >:)
dekusquad,聽bakusquad, villains, heros
DISCLAIMER: i cant see and don't聽condone any of the villain ships being canon, just because it would definitely be toxic as hell considering none of them are in the headspace where they could date someone. its just nice to think about them being happy considering they鈥檙e comfort characters for some people. ALSO. there are some manga spoilers in the shigdabi headcanons, at the end of the section. they鈥檙e crossed out, like聽this, but just a warning, they are there.聽
togachako. its canon that toga has a crush on uraraka, and i know that if they got together in canon it would not be a good match, but if ochako was a villain then- i mean,,, debby ryan smirk they'd be pretty cute together ngl,,, murder girlfriends.
togadeku. def not in canon, but i think if it were a villain deku au then it would have some potential.
shigdabi. (this one is long asf im so sorry-) shigdabi definitely has some potential. anyways, my headcanons: shigaraki is really malnourished, meaning he's a lot smaller than dabi, so when shigaraki will steal dabi's shirts, they're always way too fucking big. dabi finds it absolutely adorable. shigaraki will usually sit in dabi's lap when he plays video games, and dabi will put his head on shiggy's shoulder and watch. he usually never cares for video games, but shigaraki looks proud of himself when he does something well that dabi absolutely melts. dabi naturally runs hot because of his quirk, which helps shigaraki a lot because since he's so thin, he gets cold super easily. their cuddle sessions never get uncomfortable because they balance each other out so well, temperature wise. dabi constantly has to take care of shigaraki because the bitch will never do it himself, which also helps dabi with his own mental health problems because it gives him a routine and it makes sure he's also taking care of himself. dabi has a lot of issues with his aggression, especially since he's never been able to resolve his issues with his family so sometimes he takes it out on shiggy. shigaraki is a petty mf and usually pushes back, leading them to have a huge fight and dabi running out of the base. shigaraki, after about twenty minutes, goes up to kurogiri and is like "go find him" and kurogiri is like "*rolls eyes* fine". they make up whenever he comes back, and they both apologize and cuddle it out. shigaraki also is terrified of using his quirk on dabi, so he always wears gloves (except without one or two fingers bc quirk) so that he can cup dabi's face without fearing that he'll kill him. (this fear is also bc of the shit that happened with his family). tbh their dynamic is just "crusty bitch (affectionate)", "hot mf (derogatory)"
dabihawks. i know absolutely nothing about hawks so i cant really give much of an opinion, but i saw fanart of if dabi had become a hero and it was him on a roof, and then hawks landing behind him and saying a shitty pick up/just shitty flirting, and dabi giving him a look of "why am i dating this dumbass mf"
endeavorhawks. endeavor doesn't deserve anyone after what he鈥檚 done, i don't give a flying fuck if he feels guilty in the manga, it does not and never will make up for the fact that he drove his wife to madness and abused his children. also there is at least a TWENTY year age difference between hawks and endeavor, so this is a hard fucking no for me.
eraserdust. definitely not in canon, and theres also a really big age gap (shiggy is in his twenties pls), but like,,, aizawa is the only who can hold shigaraki's bare hand,,,, *sobs*
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bnha-nextgen-au3 months ago
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e all Baby.
Hanebai (twicehawks) - shigazawa - Saiya (dabihaul), Kanami (togachako) and Taeshou (togadeku)
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tsunochizu3 months ago
Looking for bnha rp partners
I'm looking for people who are willing to write bnha rps mainly on discord (its easier to use than tumblr messages and I don't really have other apps to use). I can write long literate responses, so I expect my rp partner to do the same
more info under the cut so I won't clutter up the tags
Ages over 16 prefered, although I do not mind writing with younger people as long as your grammar is okay and you can write as long of a response as I do, I guess?
I will not do most ship rps as I'm not that interested in most ships, and the only ships that are an exception are shindeku, shigadabi and erasermic. (if asked I might also write villain midoriya x toga or monoma x midoriya but I feel like no one will ask anyway as those are rarepairs lol, but worth mentioning anyway)
Either way!
Characters I can write the best (from the ones I'm most willing to write to the least, although I can do all of em and also other not mentioned characters too, I just won't be as good as it):
In most cases, I would rather write a story that is mainly plot-based than fully a ship story, but we will see. If the plot for a ship rp is interesting I might still write it either way.
Vigilante/Villain aus are my favourite to write, as they are just rly fun, but I can also do many other canon divergence plots
I can also play with ocs but I would prefer canon characters in most cases
- Midoriya
- Shinsou
- Toga
- Monoma
- Shigaraki
- Mei
- Dabi
- Kurogiri
- Present Mic
- Todoroki
- Aizawa
I will also not write smut, so do not expect that please
I like writing very angsty stories also, and I would love it if a person writing with me was okay with heavy angst, but that's not a requirement, as long as I'm informed that you aren't okay with writing any kind of angst and just want to write something basic I will not push for it
Just saying that
If there is anyone who likes heavy angst
then I'm always open for some rps filled with pain and suffering :'D
But I also love hurt/comfort too
And found family tropes
So its not all angst
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cyber-phobia3 months ago
What is togadeku like?
In your personality and attitude
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's like you stuffed the emotions of ten people into one person.
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jades23563 months ago
Your thoughts on togadeku?
*Looks at the script for Chapter 18 of my fan-fic*
Yeah I ship them.
Himiko already has a crush on Izuku (seen at the training camp), and Izuku is so kind hearted even in canon that he would try to help her if he finds out a slither of hope for her.
There is also the thing about Izuku's notebooks, there isn't said much about them except that he analyzes Heroes inside them but my headcannon (and a good chunk of the Fandom) is that he writes inside them like he would dissect their Quirk to see how it works. But because Izuku doesn't realize that for the rest of the world the Quirk and the person are basically the same thing he got bullied for it.
So in a sense both Himiko and Izuku have a twisted perspective of the world because of their Quirk or lack thereof.
It just makes sense in my head that they would have gotten along if they met before the 'No Return' moment for Himiko and maybe helped each other become better people.
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onlydeku3 months ago
Bnha Lockscreen Duo
Like/Reblogue se voc锚 salvar
Like / Reblog if you save
Com amor, Haru
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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