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#tk strand
paramedic-tk · an hour ago
Judd: “So, TK isn’t allowed to take the trash out at night anymore.”
Paul: “Why?”
Judd: “Because I just caught him trying to train raccoons to fight, for the 5th time.”
TK, arms crossed and pouting: “You’ll be thanking me when the third raccoon battalion saves your ass.”
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nancylou444 · an hour ago
Danny Mahealani from Teen Wolf and TK and Carlos from 911 lone star. 🌈
Bonus characters. 😘
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httpavngers · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tk strand & carlos reyes + emojis
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doodlemeimpressed · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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paramedic-tk · 5 hours ago
In honor of hitting 700 followers (the first week of june):
a present for you,
Tarlos 💗
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The people who defend TK's reactions to finding out about Owen's arrest by blaming Carlos make no sense. They say that if Carlos didn't go all police on TK and instead acted like his boyfriend he wouldn't have had an outburst.
Firstly, I fundamentally disagree with that argument. TK would have had that reaction regardless of what Carlos did.
And secondly, they were both in uniform and are on duty. They, whilst in their uniforms, are first responders 1st and partners 2nd. So Carlos acting professional is totally justified. Also they are standing in TK's workplace.
TK aggressively push Carlos while they were both wearing their uniforms and standing at his workplace! How can anyone defend that by saying Carlos should have acted more like a boyfriend?
*this is another one of my carlos-didn't-deserve-to-be-shoved post. You'll see a few of them in the next 8 months.
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Characters with the biggest heart eyes:
Top 3:
Robbe IJzermans
TK Strand
Benji Campbell
But also some big heart eyes...
Mickey Milkovich
Nathan Scott
Alec Lightwood
Wade Kinsella
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cuthian · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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noxsoulmate · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title: When You're With Me, No Judgement
Author: noxsoulmate
Ship: Carlos Reyes/TK Strand, Nancy Gillian/Paul Strickland
Read on ao3
Tags: Fluff and Humor, Comfort, Territorial Carlos, Misunderstandings, Gay Male Character, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Communication, Pride
“Alright, so, not that I’m complaining, babe, but… what was that?”
“What was what?” Carlos mumbled, already leaning in again, nibbling on TK’s chin.
For once, he didn’t let it distract him. “That overly showy PDA? Pouncing on me like that instead of pulling me into your orbit as you usually do? Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly hot but… I think I’ve never seen that side of you.”
With a new firefighter joining the 126, Carlos gets a little bit territorial over TK again.
My entry for Day 5 of the @911prideweek: “I love you, that will never change” + comfort
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paramedic-tk · 15 hours ago
Mateo: “The best part of an oreo is the cookie part, not the frosting. Deal with it.”
TK: “Darkness without light is an abyss. Light without darkness is blinding. You cannot have a coin with one side.”
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futures-tense · a day ago
hi bestie so i saw ur one ask where u said that owen has never gone to an award show thingy for tk and here's my hc:
owen has never gone to a big thing for tk aside from his hs graduation (bc from 2x12 he was late, so tk probably asked && owen 'couldnt make it' or tk j never did bc what was the point?)
that being said, he always asked enzo bc enzo was the only one who ever went to them all and after tk recieved his awards and sat back down in his seat, enzo would give him the tightest hug and whisper in his hair, "im so proud of you" and tk would give the biggest smile into enzo's shoulder 😛
I literally was thinking the same thing abt Tk’s graduation babe like
also do not make me cry while im at work people will look at me weird
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paramedic-tk · a day ago
TK: “Hold on! I’m having one of those things... a headache with pictures.”
Marjan: “What the fuck?”
Carlos: “he’s having an idea.”
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mrsblueyedbabe · a day ago
My husband: If you could choose only one ship that would keep being together, while others broke up. Which one would it be: Buddie (Buck x Eddie), Tarlos (TK x Carlos) or Schmico (Schmitt x Nico)?
And this is a story about why my husband is sleeping on a couch today.
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futures-tense · a day ago
I really like the idea of Enzo being the one to teach TK a lot of the important things in life
Like he taught him how to shave and drive and cook and the best way to pack a suitcase. He taught him all these little things that have stuck with TK his entire life.
thats literally my favorite thought
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futures-tense · a day ago
Buck is reckless and it’s pretty oblivious that it’s still because of his relationship with his parents even if he doesn’t realize it.
But TK? That was never something he did. He just has some of the worst luck or the best luck depending on who you ask since technically he did survive
TK just needs a break that poor boy
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futures-tense · a day ago
I feel like TK absolutely did not tell Gwyn and Owen everything. Although way more with Owen.
Like I’m sure he wanted to but he probably thought something like “well if they aren’t going to come or care then what’s the point?”
(But Enzo always knows)
And so over time TK just starts to not tell people much of anything? It’s just a habit and when someone does find out he just gets so confused as to why they are upset and then whoever did is like “TK no-“
Okay so I’ve mentioned it before but I always thought it was weird that when Tommy was listing all of the Awards and things that TK had received and how Owen wasn’t even like “wow sounds like TK” But what if that’s because TK just. Never told him. His dad never really came to his awards things anyway so
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lovethephantoms · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ronen Rubinstein by Sheen Wang
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