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#tj: take her neck kisses and enjoy them diluc-- pretty af sleepyhead! lol
genshin-collection · 9 days ago
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Send me 'I want the K' and I'll generate a number
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'I want the K'
Randomizer picked ‘10′ for a Neck Kiss !!
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It was so sweet of Diluc to allow the curious librarian to spend some time with him at the Dawn Winery, it was such a peaceful spot, the main building was so elegant, the vineyards surrounding it was also charming and can’t forget the hard working people that worked here. It quickly became Lisa’s favorite spot - outside of the Library within the city walls - to visit and just spend time getting to know Diluc on a more ‘intimate yet casual’ level.
Currently the pair were reading books that Diluc intended to donate to the library since the shelves in his study were getting a little crowded so figuring out which books would benefit Lisa’s ‘pride and joy’ was their main goal while obviously attempting to avoid donating any books that were too important to him or any books/pages had any sort of damage or stains in them.
Lisa noticed that fatigue was starting to hinder Diluc’s contribution to sorting the books out in piles of ‘donate and keep’ so she placed a hand upon the book that he was currently holding before leaning in and planting a quick kiss upon the red heads neck - attempting to get his full attention.
“Diluc darling ~ Shall we call it a night? It has been a long day and we’ve sorted through a large number of books. they’re also not going anywhere.”
She watched Diluc place the book in his hand into the ‘not sorted’ pile before he apologized to Lisa for not being able to complete the sorting that night but even the red head knew he needed rest. Once Diluc leaned back, Lisa took the opportunity to place a few more kisses upon his neck before standing up and offering him a hand to help the tired man to his feet.
Bonus Evidence ( Below ): 
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Google really wanted Lisa to go for the neck? XD
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