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virovac · 52 minutes ago
News companies are phrasing  the border levee repairs to make it sound like repairs to “border wall”
Tumblr media
This is like... really disgusting as clickbait?
Fox dishonest to
They are purposely confusing ACTUAL flooding, with “flood of immigrants”
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darklina-endgame · an hour ago
“There are no others like us, and there never will be.”
- Said the Darkling, completely disregarding the fact that his mom can also summon shadows.
You ain’t that special, Darkles.
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darlingreigns · an hour ago
Fake foc title: you've got to be kidding me. ~Adam Cole
You’ve Got You Be Kidding Me ↝ Adam Cole
Tumblr media
Summary; Adam takes a prank on y/n to far.
send some more, please 🥺👉👈
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nikkywrites · an hour ago
Titles can be the bane of my existence.
There is little worse than when a thing is done but still untitled. Or when you want to make an intro but you don’t have a title or a placeholder.
Just. >:/
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Song Lyrics Kali Thinks Make Good Titles For Codywan Fics
Yeah. You thought I was joking? I wasn’t. I tweak a few of the lyrics because...i felt like it. The one’s that have parenthesis are the one’s that have been tweaked.....
In no particular order because I hit shuffle.
I’m already thinking I should change the title of this segment to: Songs That Scream Codywan And Why Kali Has The Song In Her Codywan Playlist or Songs In Kali’s Codywan Playlist And The Lyrics She Heard That Made Her Put Them In The Playlist
huh...wait.....maybe I’ll do one of those too. I’ve got time.
Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift: i see sparks fly whenever you smile
Laughter Lines - Bastille: i’ll see you in the future when we’re older (i’ll see you with your laughter lines)
Graveyard - Halsey: i would’ve followed all the way (to the graveyard)
Imagine - Ben Platt: i can’t imagine my life without you
Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy: everything is fine when your head’s resting next to mine
Better - Ben Platt: i lost part of me when i lost all of you (now i’m lost)
So Will I - Ben Platt: the world will always be there (and so will i)
A Million Times - Alice Kristiansen: you’re my favorite poem to recite
Share Your Address - Ben Platt: it doesn’t matter where i go (without you i’ll never be home)
Will I Find My Home - Juniper Vale: i surrender myself to your arms (just hold me tighter)
Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos: i wanna find a home (and i wanna share it with you)
The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance: if i could be with you tonight (i would sing you to sleep)
In Case You Don’t Live Forever - Ben Platt: i love you more than you’ll ever wrap your head around
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hoardingmuses · 3 hours ago
@ultimatexmulti​ Asks: "What the hell... ?" Kazuichi ran his fingers through his hair, blinking sporadically to make sure he was indeed awake, and that the tiger digging into the potted plant wasn't a product of his subconscious sleep. He took a few shaky steps back, "H-hey, Gundham? Don't tell me there's a fucking tiger in our living room. Please." He knew the breeder housed many species but to go this far?! "I think I'm gonna pass out.." 
Tumblr media
“That is no mere tiger but a survivor from another world. I am merely housing him until his subordinates arrive.” It would seem it had escaped from a zoo and he was keeping it safe for the time being. Gundham had no issues of leaving the tiger there, just sitting down and giving the feline a scratch behind his ears and it responded as if it were a cat. “His name is King of the Crimson Flames, Inferno Blaze.” 
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willowiswriting · 3 hours ago
i meant to post that wip intro yesterday, but i straight up couldnt come up with a title for the book. anyway, i’m gonna be posting the prologue sometime soon, i think. thank y’all for all the reblogs/likes/nice comments you give my wips, i feed on them like a vampire and they keep me young. <3
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stardestroyer81 · 4 hours ago
A particularly interesting post came up on my dash today from @superherorobots​; cover artwork for a new Mega Man board came from Jasco Games, the studio behind ‘Mega Man: The Board Game’! The post was of great interest to me for a variety of reasons. For one, the cover artwork itself is BEASTLY. I think the pose they drew Mega Man in is one of his best key art poses we’ve seen in a while, and it’s really neat to see some appreciation for some underrepresented robot masters like Shade Man and Magic Man (All we need now is Centaur Man and we’re golden). Even IMPACT MAAAAAAAN is there! Secondly, the logo for Mega Man All-Stars I quite like, mostly because of how big of a ‘classic Mega Man’ influence it has with the gradient typeface and star symbol. I liked it enough to the point where I figured out just how to spend my afternoon...
Tumblr media
By making an 8-Bit demake of it! Surprisingly, this was actually a great deal tougher than I had expected it to be merely because of the ‘All-Stars’ text itself. Getting text that size to look any good especially in italics is never an easy task, but I think that it looks pretty great for the extremely short timespan I made this in! Enjoy this demake of Mega Man All-Stars’ fantastic logo!
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duchessofostergotlands · 5 hours ago
What are the last names that Sophie & Edward's children go by?
This is old but should be accurate:
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mightbewriting · 5 hours ago
I want to largely thank you for your incredible, breathtaking works of art, WaH & BaE. I recently finished both and I just need a moment for reflection and yearning. I haven't been this fulfilled for some time. Please explain the mind blowing significance to your chapter titles for BaE; I'm no physicist but aside from breaking it down monthly (1/12=0.083), I'm assuming the (-) up until Chapter 41 was leading up to the "time table reversal". I am requesting answers.
Leading up my previous Ask regarding your chapter titles — why 3 time frames (0.00, 0.00, 0.00)? Sorry for being dense, but numbers are always enigmatic to me!
oh hi! thank you so, SO much. you are so kind <3 i’m so happy to hear you enjoyed those stories! and you are SO CLOSE with the chapter titles - but its really not that mind blowing. they are essentially just coordinates. I have another ask i answered way back when with some screenshots and an explanation of my madness. you can find it here! hopefully this is helpful!!
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waterfishie · 5 hours ago
Reading two awful books lmao
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uncanny-xmen · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
one flesh; one end. gideon and harrow have killed me (pun intended)
1. iris (cover by kina grannis) 2. boats & birds (gregory and the hawk) 3. somebody to die for (hurts) 4. i will follow you into the dark (cover by daniela andrade) 5. work song (hozier) 6. bad blood - live piano version (bastille) 7. i will (mitski) 8. don't go home without me - acoustic (lights) 9. organs (of monsters and men)
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shieldherostuffs · 5 hours ago
Bartender's Kids
(Inspired by: A local bartender regularly hosts monsters and demons at his pub. When someone kidnaps his children, they learn the hard way just how close they are to him. by @writing-prompt-s)
Naofumi owns a pretty well-known bar, which also sells great snacks made by Naofumi himself, in fantasy land. Regularly, he hosts different monsters, demi's, non-humans, halflings, and demons for entertainment. Entertainment meaning things like performances, like music, singing, and stuff like that.
He also has three kids, Raphtalia, Keel, and Filo, who sometimes come with him to work. Raphtalia likes helping out around the place, like giving out the drinks at the bar once Naofumi finishes them, while Keel and Filo play around more and the corner of the bar while eating a large number of snacks.
On weekends and holidays, Naofumi even sells specials, like cakes and pastries.
The customers fucking love Naofumi and the kids. They're like a godsend. The kids are adorable as hell and fun to play with, and Naofumi is a great bartender and person to talk to when he decides to and isn't too busy.
The two most hired entertainers are a jewel person singer, Therese Alexandrite, and a demon musician, L'Arc Berg. The customers love them.
One day, however, someone wrecks havoc in the place, and during the confusion and chaos, Raphtalia and Filo were kidnapped. The only thing left was a note for a very ransom.
Immediately after seeing the note and the place, L'Arc had left in that direction, with Therese quickly following after, after reassuring Naofumi they would get the two girls back.
That very evening, the kidnapper, and customers who were sober enough to remember learned just how close the two performers, the bartender, and the kids were.
L'Arc had kicked the door open with a bloodied boot and strode into the place with Raphtalia in his arms, Therese with Filo in her arms behind him.
Naofumi and Keel had fucking sprinted around the bar over to the four. After hugging the two girls close and triple-making sure they were alright, Naofumi had stood up properly from where he kneeled in front of the girls.
Pulling L'Arc and Therese in for a hug, Naofumi had ignored the little splatters of blood on their clothes, before pulling each of them into a deep kiss, Therese first and then L'Arc. Getting whistles from the drunkards around them while the few half-sobers grinned knowingly, Naofumi only gave them an 🖕 over his shoulder, while keeping his lips with either Therese or L'Arc's.
Since then, the kidnapper who was, ahem, slightly tortured, spread the word, and people now very much know not to mess with the bartender nor his kids.
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out-of-my-way-extras · 5 hours ago
For the song thingy, King Of The Clouds + Oboro Shirakumo, if you know who he is 👀
👁👄👁 o h boy, the place my mind went for this
Hold on lemme just....give it more space
.....hold on
.....a little more
So I know that (if its the P!ATD song by that name, King of the Clouds isn't inherently a sad song when listening to it, but reading the lyrics (even tho I know a handful already, good song pick !!) Kind of gives me this bittersweet feel ? Idk if that resonates with anyone else but.
So based off that, to me a fic with Oboro titled King of the Clouds would be this story full of the reader reflecting on their past with him. Whether or not they were just platonic or romantic, this would be both a quiet and sad night as well as some laughter and nostalgia. Oboro was a loud and out there guy, and he could always bring a smile to the reader’s face. The title could probably be related to a specific picture of their friend group, and on the little white part of the picture or on the back, the reader had written something about Oboro being the king of the clouds as some inside joke. The fic would go back in forth in time, present reflections of past adventures, and of the day that the king fell from his palace in the sky (if you get what im sorry) in the end, depending on where or how the fic ends, i can see it going one of two ways, the first being that the reader falls asleep surrounded by pictures and scrapbooks or other items they've collected in the past. Or the second way would be recieving a call from either Aizawa or Hizashi, but as some authors do (pft not something I'll ever do) leave the reader on a cliff hanger and only give out half the conversation or end it with a "its him"
Anyways, thats just me and where i went 🤪 thank you so much for sending something in and being the first ask in the game !!!
Check out this post if you want to see what im up to !
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bambirexwrites · 5 hours ago
The fic is done. Beta-ed. Ready to be posted on the 21th.
Now you just have to come up with a title.
Now you just have to come up with a title.
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