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#tips for getting your whining cat to shut the fuck up
starshipsofstarlord · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
stiles stilinski x reader / masterlist
summary; a little pre game warm up never hurt anyone / warnings; smut, handjob, orgasm denial, fantasies, dirty talk, swearing
His cock leaked in you palm, as you ran your skilled hand over it, your thumb swiping over the tip as he released a desperate whine, burrowing his head back into the head rest of his driver’s seat. Stiles was at your mercy, ruining his bottom lip with the prying of his teeth, as he desperately tried to buck his hips up into your grip.
Each of his hands were sternly wrapped around the circumference of the wheel, his knuckles turning white as he relentlessly held onto it. It served as a source of relief, he was able to take his prominent frustration out on the battled steering device as he breathily sighed, his amber orbs screwing shut as he mumbled your name.
“Fuck. Shit. Don’t stop.” You had not intention of doing so, and thus you sped up your pace, watching him as he inhaled heavily through his nose, his dark brows furrowing as he felt close. And then, you stopped, denying him of such an end to the pleasure. “Fuck.” The syllable was elongated, drenched in disappointment as he hit his forehead against the top of the steering wheel.
“Something wrong baby?” You smiled, tenderly running your precum slathered hand over his tense shoulder, him slightly shivering from the soft contact, that poised strongly against the treatment that he had just gotten from you.
“No.” He steadied his breathing pattern, pulling his flushed face back, and hollowing his cheeks in dismissal of thought. He knew your intent, he knew it was well, but it still wasn’t good enough. Not when he wanted nothing more than to fuck you in the backseat of his jeep, until the windows were pent up with steam, and the vehicle was having trouble remaining stiff on its wheels.
“You’re going to win that game, aren’t you? If you do, then you’ll get your surprise.” Clasping your fingers in the sides of your shirt, your heaved the fabric gently up, watching as his eyes ogled, filled with supple desire, and some drool leaking out of the corner of his chapped lips.
“Yeah, imma win.” He was certain of it, you were giving him all the control that he needed. From the leather bra that resembled the outfit that catwoman often adorned herself in, messy stitching purposely running up the seams, it was full reassurance that the competing team was going down.
And then he would go down on you, and discover the matching underwear, that was surely loose around your hips, with various strings hanging from the sides, to make an appearance of disarray upon the sultry and figure hugging component.
“Good. Because I wouldn’t want to have to spent all this money on this little treat for nothing. I could reuse the cat ears that are in my bag for halloween, but this set, well I’d never get a refund. And you wouldn’t deserve to see them, now would you?”
“No.” He firmly spoke, feeling himself grow hard in his lacrosse shorts once more, as his feet tapped frustratedly on the floor of the jeep. You dropped your shirt down, leaning over the console and kissing his cheek.
“Win baby, then we can ditch the after party. Might even let you fuck me in the locker room.” Winking at him, he felt his mouth gape at the half filled promise. His tongue swirled in his mouth at the thought, as his eyes flickered over your whole demeanour, attempting to read the supposition and how it ran over your form.
“The girl’s locker room?” He asked hopefully, being met with you flirtatiously batting your eyelashes, nodding with a prominent grin contorting your face. “Fuck yes.”
“I know you’ve never been in there, but it’s a fantasy of yours. But imagine being allowed to come in there, huh. Sounds good, doesn’t it?” There was a teasing edge locked onto your words, and Stiles wasn’t sure that he would last until after the game.
“Better than good y/n/n.” He sighed, leaning his head back. “I’m gonna go out there and bust, I can’t fucking stop thinking about fucking you in the little girl’s room.”
“So I’m a little girl now?” You contemptibly asked, grazing your hand upon his thigh, until you grabbed his cock, rolling the girth around in your grip.
“No. Definitely not.” His face was flushed as he painted prolifically. “Just wanna see your tight cunt, feel it wrapped around me, squeezing me til I explode. All that’s on my mind now.”
“That’s a shame, cause your dad is gonna be watching your game. It wouldn’t be fair would it, if I allowed you to go out on the pitch all hot and hard, would it?” Wildly, Stiles shook his head, surveying you through half lidded eyes as you tucked your hair out your face, and ducked your head, pressing a kiss onto the pale skin of his thigh.
Your teeth pinched the flesh, extracting a gasp from the lacrosse player, your tongue darting out to lap at his balls. His lips pursed together as he tried to stifle his moans, his hands flying to the dash before him, as he endured the texture of your tongue swiping upon him.
With your right hand, you found purchase on his cock, tugging once more at his length. As you did so, he sputtered out praised, though that was usually not his forfeit, but you allowed his mistake to slip, this once at least.
“Do you want to cum before the match Sti?” He whined, allowing you to continue pleasuring him, unaware of what the consequences would be if he accepted your offer. It was not you just being gracious, it was practically vandalism of his body.
Stiles wasn’t sure he’d survive in Beacon Hills much longer if you were to treat him so vigorously. He felt like a bomb, prepared to convert damage in his surroundings all for one goal, and that was to find some bliss within all this madness.
“Yes. Please. Baby I need to- uh. Shit, shit, shit baby, I can’t-“ you ran your tongue over his spilt milk, lapping it up with kitten licks, as your y/e/c eyes stared ruthlessly up at him. His seed coated your tongue like molten gold, and with such greed, you gulped every shovel of the substance down, holding your smirk at bay until you were finished cleaning him up.
“Too bad, you’re not gonna get any release later tonight though. Guess painting the walls of my locker room white is no longer on the table, you’ll just have me purring instead. Good thing I know where they keep the canes for the bad boys.” Stiles froze, instantly regretting ever considering you would gift him out of mercy.
Before he could retaliate with wet eyes, or blubbery responses, your eyes drifted away, and to the lock screen of your phone, your tongue swiping over your lip, as you contently put it back away. “If you wanna win for me, you’re gonna have to go now babes. I’ll see you on the field, m’kay?”
He couldn’t refuse your kiss, not as you leant towards him, and pressed your lips upon his own. The taste of himself wasn’t so horrific, he rather enjoyed having the affects of what you did to him dancing on his tongue. One thing was on his mind, and that was the only priority he had; it didn’t matter if there was a darach in the local premises, carrying out sacrifices.
It was his aim to win, either way, he couldn’t be an example of a virgin sacrifice, not considering you had so blatantly offered to take the weight on his shoulders with a shrug, and proceeded to do much more than just that. Even if he wasn’t allowed to cum again tonight, he was still eager to claim his prize, after all, it was one of his hormonal dreams, that could play out into reality, so perfectly, and filthily.
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bangtancentricsblog · 17 days ago
impreg n yoongi go hand in hand 🤭🥴
Tumblr media
call me kitten
❍ pairing: lion yoongi x cat reader
❍ fluster meter: tbh I can’t tell 🙃
❍ word count: 357 words
a/n: you said breeding and I threw in hybrid lmao I screamed when I thought up a specific line and then spent so long being distracted I forgot it. It’s smut I don’t have to tell you it’s unedited by now
Tumblr media
Your knees are starting to ache, skin rubbed raw from the way Yoongi has fucked you over the last hour. His scent is overwhelming, yet oddly soothing as you try your best to reposition yourself into something a bit more comfortable. You whine as he nips at your ear, trying in vain to wiggle away from him. His breathing is heavy, brushing your neck as he moves to nip at your shoulder instead. The press of his teeth is familiar not unwanted but usually one that signifies the end of your night. That isn’t the case tonight.
“Yoongi please.” You cry, wiggling your hips to further entice him.
“So greedy my little kitten.” He murmurs, chuckling at the way your hips twitch as he drags his finger through your arousal. Your cunt is dripping with a mixture of your juices, coating your thighs in a sticky mess that would make you uncomfortable any other day, but today it’s oddly different.
“I need you.” You beg, burying your face in the soft comforter you’d managed to get a hold of before you’d started.
“My precious kitten needs her cunt stuffed full of cum?” He asks and even in this haze you can hear the smirk in his voice. It only makes a fresh gush of slick drip out of you poor cunt.
“Please Yoon, please.” You whimper, mewling when you feel the tip prod at your entrance. He hums as he pushes into you slowly, listening to your purr as your cunt swallows the entirety of his cock. You clench around him, growling at the way you're just so tight even after he’s fucked you.
“C’mon kitten, one more. Gimme one more.” He pants hips smacking into yours harshly as you sob. You cum quickly pussy overstimulated, gushing around his cock, his eyes have fallen shut, as he basks in the way you feel.
“So good for me” He praises you, thrusts growing sloppy as he rushes to find his own release. He’s so close he can almost taste it, he can’t stop the words as they spill past his lips, “give me cubs kitten.”
Tumblr media
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kiyozu · a month ago
I see your cat boy Xiao and I'll do you one better by bringing cat boy Xiao in heat where he's presenting himself to you just like female cats do when they're in heat and he's begging you to do something, anything to help him get rid of this awful need
Tumblr media
catboy xiao + pegging + begging + overstimulation.
It's true that Xiao had been acting strange lately, more touch, randomly whispering in your ear, his cheeks heating up at your every glance or touch, but you thought maybe he was sick– so your surprise when you entered your room at the Wangshu Inn was.... quite large. "Xiao?" He had his ass up in the air, and he was wiggling it desperately. His cock was leaking and quite a lot as a large wet patch stained the bed. Your own cheeks grow hot at the lovely sight.
"You're finally back," he groans, "please touch me!" You walk over to him, quirking a brow.
"What's with this all of a sudden?" You ask, your finger running over his puckered hole and he moans lightly, eyes fluttering shut and his hips grinding back to take your finger but you pull it away. "Xiao? Answer me."
"I need you– I'm– Remember... h-heat?" Your eyes widened, oh right! How could you have forgotten? Well, he did only bring it up once with flushed cheeks and a hushed tone. He whines when you don't do anything, wiggling his hips back again and you chuckle.
"Okay, okay, just let me get a few things."
"It huuurts," he whines, cock painfully erect and although he's masturbated several times now it still didnt do anything to calm his aching needs. "Please," he mewls as you finish up, "please, please, ple– ah!" He bites the sheets as you rub the cool lube along his hole. "Hnnn– hah, j-just put it in already!" You scoff.
"So rude," you say, "now you gotta beg for it." Xiao huffs, ears just as red as his cheeks. "Beg or you get nothing~"
"F-Fine! Please, please put your cock in me! I need it– I need you! Please!" You just hum, grabbing his hips and rubbing circles on them with your thumbs, your strap laying over his hole that clenches and so desperately wants you to actually put it in. "I– I need it so badly, please, i'm begging you, please fuck me!" You grin, alright, time to fuck him.
You align your cock to his hole and slowly prod the head in, his eyes widen, a gasp leaving him and his back arching as a loud moan follows suit. "Oh? Wow you must really be needy." You tease, holding still for a moment, and watching him try and grind back on to it. "Patience, Xiao." He whines loudly at that. Then, without much other warning, you thrust into him deeply.
"Ah!" His eyes nearly roll into the back of his head from that single thrust– this was going to be fun. You grip his hips harshly, nearly pulling out til only the tip was in before snapping right back in, his entire body rocked forward, his grip on the sheets tightening further and a loud, drawn out moan escapes him. "Ahhh– hah! Oh! D-Don't stop!"
You continue to thrust in and out deeply, loving the way his nails were tearing up the bedsheets. "Aw, kitty, does this feel that good?" Xiaos back arched even further, if that was possible. "Keep mewling for me," You lean down and press a kiss to his back, a loud groan escaping him as you still for a moment, "Mmm, just like that~" You soak up his sounds. You pull back holding tightly and slamming back into him, Xiao can't handle it– you're hitting all the right spots and it's driving him crazy.
"Ah! I–" You've barely done much and yet Xiao feels it, feels his oncoming orgasm. "I'm–" You pinch at the fat of his ass and he yelps, he can't– he can't take it anymore it's just so much! Vision turning dark as his body shakes with his orgasm, cumming all over the bed (once again). "Hah, ah... Oh!" His vision blurs when you don't stop, instead keeping your fast pace and coming around to wrap your hand around his weeping dick.
"We're far from done, kitten."
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megumifushi · a month ago
Songs the JJK men would fuck you to
(NSFW): JJK men x F! Reader, characters aged up, too many kinks to list, you've been warned 😳
APPLE MUSIC PLAYLIST (songs in order as listed)
SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (done by my bby: @im-making-this-up-as-i-go-sue-me )
Satoru Gojo:
Streets by Doja Cat
One of Those Nights by Juicy J ft The Weeknd
Sundress by A$AP Rocky
“Gojo, they’re gonna hear us,” your hands grip his shoulders as he lifts you against the wall of the supply closet. His fingers swipe your soaking slit making your eyes shut, “I know, but if you’re so nervous, why are you so wet for me?” His eyes are dazzling blue, and you suck in a breath as you feel his tip rub against your clit. “Come on, bunny, make those pretty noises I like,” he grins before filling you entirely with his throbbing cock.
Suguru Geto:
High Enough by K.Flay
Heavy by POWERS
Wicked Games by The Weeknd
“Good girl, keep riding my cock like that, and maybe I’ll let you cum,” his voice is coarse, and it sends shivers down your spine. Hands planted on his abs, your eyes are wide and pleading as you beg, “Thighs too sore, please help.” His cock twitches inside you at the way you submit so easily to him, “So needy, what would you do without me, angel?” His hands grip your waist to lift you off him, and suddenly you’re pinned under him, legs up over his shoulders as he kisses your inner thigh. “Since you asked so nicely,” he takes a small bite on the delicate flesh of your thigh, making you cry as he bottoms out.
Toji Fushiguro:
Desire by Meg Myers
Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation
F***d My Way Up To the Top by Lana Del Rey
The hand around your neck tightens slightly as you squirm under Toji’s touch. “I told you to stay still,” he growls, his eyes dark and demanding as they pierce yours. His fingers curve into your soaking soft flesh, and your sanity is beyond lost at how long he’s edged you. “Please, want your cock,” you manage to get out, and his smirk is so devil-like you hate how turned on it makes you. “I think you can last a little longer,” he coos into your neck before slipping in another finger.
Kiss It Better by Rihanna
Papi Pacify by FKA twigs
Candy by Doja Cat
Your tits bounce along with your body as Choso guides your hips up and down his shaft. Facing him as your thighs swaddle his, your head takes refuge in the crook of his neck, moans revealing how big a whining mess you truly are. “Such a naughty little girl, trying to interrupt my meeting like that,” he teases, and you grip his bicep harder as he thrusts his hips harshly into you. “Fuck—“ you cuss, and his laugh shakes your body slightly. “You take my cock so well,” he groans, “So wet you’re dripping down my thigh.” You’re not able to respond as he takes your clit in between his fingers, “Now be a good girl and make me cum.”
Naoya Zenin:
Okay by Chase Atlantic
Mount Everest by Labrinth 
Formula by Labrinth
“You look so pretty like this,” he praises, but your mouth is too stuffed with his cock to reply. His hands keep your face still as he continues to fuck your mouth. He didn’t appreciate your tone earlier and decided he’d teach you a lesson. Tears poured down your cheeks as his tip continues to bounce against the back of your throat, “Should I cum in your mouth? Mmm no, I’ll fill you up, I think,” his tone is playful yet threatening, and you whine against his cock, making him hiss at the vibration. “What’s that? Did you say something?” he smiles, sliding his cock out a moment later to let you catch your breath. “Now, where was I?” he sighs before plummeting into your cunt.
Kento Nanami:
Hold by Vera
Often by The Weeknd
Earned It by The Weeknd
The silky material of Nanami’s work tie has gained a new purpose, your hands tied to the headboard as his tongue devours your core. “Work was really rough today,” he mumbles against your bare cunt, before sitting up and chucking his belt across the room. His pants follow soon after, and he groans as your slick easily coats his tip, “Hope you don’t mind me taking it out on you,” he breathes as he buries his cock into you. “Mmmm, I knew this would make everything better,” his slow thrusts cause your hips to jolt, trying to meet him faster. His hands place your hips down as he shushes the attempt, “No rushing me, I need to feel you,” he groans as you tighten around him, “All of you,” he continues before moving his hips in a small circular motion that stretches your walls to welcome his length.
Snitch by Reyn Hartley
Slow Down by Chase Atlantic
Overdose by KAIBA
“Awww, don’t tell me you came that fast,” his voice is venomous, and the way he flips you over without ever losing pace makes you scream. Your face shoved in the pillows, you struggle to catch your breath as his hands grip your ass so roughly, you wouldn’t be surprised if you woke up with bruises in a perfect hand shape. “Have some decency. The way your pussy tightens around me is almost embarrassing,” his balls are slapping against your clit, and overstimulation would be an understatement at this moment. “I’m going to fill you up until your stomach puffs out,” he licks his lips, and your moans sound like heaven compared to the hell of a mess he has created of your body.
Yuji Itadori:
She by Harry Styles
Ribs by Lorde
BITE by Troye Sivan
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” his breath is hot on your neck as his hips continue at a heavenly pace. “So perfect, and completely mine,” he praises, and you cry as his hand massages your breast, his rough, callused hands completely contradicting how gentle he is with his touch. His tongue swipes your bottom lip before it’s welcomed into the moaning mess that is your mouth, your stomach tightening as his cock continues to glide into your swollen and soaked pussy. “Cum for me, baby,” he whispers, and it’s all you need as you squirm around him, flashes of white crossing your sight.
Megumi Fushiguro:
Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood
Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji
You moan after a slap is delivered across your ass, earning a deep chuckle from Megumi. “You’re enjoying your punishment a little too much, princess,” his hands snake around the front of your stomach, and you gasp as his fingers meet your swollen clit. Pulling you up to his chest after being on all fours, you squirm in his grip as he rubs your nipples in between his fingers. Clenching around his cock, he grunts and quickens his pace, his mouth nibbling on your ear. “Next time you’re horny, tell me first,” your head falls back onto his shoulder as your tongue hangs, “No playing with yourself without me there, is that understood?” Your mewls cloud the air, and you’re too lost in his touch to reply. “So impatient for my cock, I’ll make sure you can’t walk tomorrow.”
© all content belongs to megumifushi, do not modify or repost
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pufflocks · a month ago
Ok ok lady kuroo oneeeeee..
Kuroo fucking bottom male y/n in the school bathroom by pressing y/n again a wall and just fucking his brains out
Summary: Skipping with your boyfriend sounds fun. Right ? You were being rather bratty during lunch.. Maybe some discipline in those dirty stalls would whip you up straight. ♡
"-Come on, speak up. You were just saying how you'd much rather be doing something else." -T.K ❣
An: Please excuse errors. I most definitely rushed this out my drafts.
Tumblr media
Warning: Degrading • Dacryphilia • Minor Gagging • Minor Slapping • proof read
Cast: Bottom!M!Reader x Tetsurou Kuroo
Tumblr media
It was lunch time. Or passing time some others call it as for some people would play on their devices or talk to their friends.
That's exactly what you were doing earlier, you decided to drag out the topic of how you think your boyfriend is just so protective in your conversation.
"Sometimes I wanna fuckin' breath-"
That's what you said, no ?
You were sitting next to and telling this to your boyfriends bestfriend, Kenma. He however just gave a light sigh saying something how could he help. Fingers diddling with his switch frantically. He obviously wasn't much help in situations like this, you know, but your mind was side tracked with your boyfriends glare.
He was eyeing you down word for word as he silently watched you across your guys' table with your friends.
Watching you move shy hair strands from his bestfriends face and giving Kenma tips on his game. Not tha you had any particular idea in the game.
Why are trying so hard to be buddy buddy with him ? If you didn't even interest Kenma in any sexual form or other.
Tetsurou most definitely wouldn't let this just go by easily.
Lev only looked at his friend beside him then back at you in awe.
Yaku on the other hand had his eyes darted in his lap to his phone. No need to be in this conversation.
'Did he actually say that-?' He thought.
The chopsticks in Kuroos hand slipped from his fingertips as he chuckled under his breath. He didn't think you were this fucking down bad to get some dick.
All you really had to do was just ask. How fucking hard could that task be ? Could have easily fuck after school or at one of your guys' house. Gladly.
No doubt you would be coming back to this table with a dazed expression.
"Meet me in the bathroom, bubs." He whispered to you as he got up from his seat his dark aura following him out of the lunch room doors.
Yaku rose his head from his lap as his eyes darted your way, in disbelief, you were giggling happily as if you weren't about to get folded in half.
You got up from your seat leaving your barely eaten meal and two stunned friends, and one who's eyes were glued to his switch.
'Which one did he go to-' Thought unable to finish as you got pulled into a hard warm chest of someone you could only guess your lover.
You sensed his tense form as you shyly looked up to his face to only be met with dark pools of jealousy known as his eyes.
A shiver transferred to your head all the way down to your toes as a boner slowly began to form in your pants. Even when he was jealous and frustrated he could always be seen getting flat out drunk on his cat like existence alone.
And right now all you wanted from his noir existence was a dead. Good. Fucking.
"There something on my face or something ? Or are you imagining me as my bestfriend instead of me ? Your fucking boyfriend."
His words felt cold with a tinge of heated anger. He couldn't be truthfully angry at you could he ?
The only response he got from you was a shy shake of your head 'no'.
Gotta play like you didn't want your arse pounded like a dog in heat just a second ago.
You thought about your next moves as your pants got tighter by the second and your now playful and mischievous boyfriend glared down at your form.
Not all the time did you see the man get hot and bothered up front like this, not in school at least.
Close within eachother faces, hot tension in the air. The heat coming off his body specifically was close to a bonfire in the summer, and you were his slightly charred marshmallow being close to the heat.
Melting into something deliciously horny.
" 'M just horny 'n wanna be fucked really hard today-" You whined. Never being the one to exactly whine and beg, but the last time you masturbated was about half a month ago !
It wasn't your fault he was so busy and such with volleyball though. He msdevsyre to have time for you every so often. Outside and inside of school he was the best boyfriend.
"Oh. Didn't notice you were so greedy. Why not ask me after school ?" He bluntly stated. Funny his he asked this and your erection is straining against fabric as you speak.
You tugged on the bottom of his uniform catching him off guard slightly. "If you don't fuck me right now, Tetsuro Kuroo I might just consider getting with Kenma !" You barked.
Tetsurou only smirked like the mischievous damn cat he was.
Leaning closer down to your face, "Alright then. When we get back from the stalls, I dont wanna here a word about the cum leaking out of your abused ass." He whispered for your ears only as he flicked a slightly erect nipple outside of your school flannel shirt.
¤ y.p.o.v ¤
"Yes, yes." I mumbled. My nipples were being stupidly played with.
"Bathroom.." I said. He only nodded, retreating his hands.
Making our way down to the bathroom was audibly quiet. Only our footsteps being heard throughout the silent halls.
My eyes skimmed his posture and tall stature as I noticed his bulge. Soon enough it was going to be forcefully filling me in some dirty stall.
I look up at Tetsu and see his unusual stoic face fall into something familiarly mischievous as he caught on to me.
The sexual appeal and aura was never lost as we made our destination. Thankfully, we made it to the bathrooms without me jumping on him right there and then.
"We're here and let's hurry this up, pretty boy. I dont feel like getting in trouble for fucking you between classes again." He stated. I only scoffed and chuckled lightly.
At this point I dont care if we skipped a few minutes just to fuck. Did it once, I'm sure we wouldn't get caught twice.
Walking in the bathrooms, the first thing I do is pull him down for a kiss. Reminding him that I'm still feeling it.
He chuckled in the kiss. Wrapping his rather long arms around my waist, picking me up as I tossed my legs over his waist. His muscular body holding me up as if I weighed like air.
"Bubs.. About fucking you into these stalls. You know why I'm gonna go rough right," I nodded slowly. Giving him a few small hickies on his neck.
Faking my innocence for a better fuck is always worth while. He took that as a thumbs up as he once again let out that noir chuckle of his.
"That's good to know babes~"
Further movements were heated skin to skin touches and kitten licks and bites of each other. Some movements pornos could never mimic.
His calloused fingers gripping my throat, forcing eye contact as he smirked on how wrecked I already looked. I would say it was embarrassing if my mind wasn't attracted to his knee gliding across my tight pant front.
"Looks like you need to get that attitude fucked out of you from earlier, hm ?"
My mind barely focusing on his wolfish voice as he licked a long strong underside of my jaw, making me visibly shake and quiver slightly. The contact we shared in this cramped stall has me gasping for air the more I think of someone barging in. Any second I could literally bust thinking of how he would fuck me harder, the two pairs of feet on ther other side of the stall merely nonexistent to us.
"Tetsu please- I want it really bad~ I was bad wasnt I ?" I was becoming desperate as I slithered my hand down to his own very visible, erection.
He groaned lightly before chuckling and kissing me once more. I know he knows that my actions with his bestfriend weren't intentionally to hurt him, but what if I had fucked his bestfriend-
My thought was intruded as he flipped me over the stall door and shucking my pants off my body. Doing the exact same to his own as he harshly pushed into me.
I choke out a long groan of surprise as he held me against his clothed chest. "Ah-! Wait Tetsu!~" I was hushed by long fingers. Poking and prodding on my tongue to my throat.
He whispered in my ear, "Shh, now what if we get caught and I get in trouble for fucking you ?~", nibbling on my earlobe tantalizingly slow.
Hot breath we shared as his dick ushered in and out of my puckered hole. Minding you that we had no lube so the burn of him dragging himself in and out of me was a blinding pain.
My hands made attempt of pushing him away. Drool just at the corner of my mouth, fingers still at work.
He got the idea, pulled out to the tip, and lazily drooled on his shaft. His shape successfully returning to it's desired place.
"Can't have you hurting too bad. Even though this is a well deserved punishment~" He smirked at his own comment.
Right. I got myself in this situation and every second of it I loved. So close to the spot aswell-
"NGH–! Hah~ Shit Tetsu~ Right- Right thereee~!!" I shut my eyes closed tightly. My dick dripped precum as every few thrusts directed to my prostate.
"I found your spot, hm ?~ My baby finna cum soon ?~ Want me to jack you off or should I not, keep in mind your not off the hook, love.~" He mocked as his hands gripped my left leg, sandwiching between the stall door and my lover.
His other hand on my dick refusing of ejaculation. The new angle and pressure on my cock making my head fall back.
God I felt like I was going dumb and on his dick !
"PLEASE— I NEE- AH!~ I NEEF TO CUHM!~" I babbled. I doubt he heard me clearly though
Tetsu spat in his hand as his hand rapidly started to glide across my shaft. The slick palm feeling heavenly on my member. It was all so overwhelming !
Drool finally making it's way down my chin and hicked up throat.
"Bubs- Fuck-! Babe I'm finna cum in this sweet ass. Better keep in too~ Let Kenma and everyone else know you have a boyfriend~" He grunted near my ear as I frantically nodded my cockhead probably a pretty red now, completely swollen and wet.
"Cu- Cuhminggg!!~" I slurred as a particular harsh thrust shoved me off the edge and the knot in my stomach grew and snapped.
I felt a gush of his semen flow in my abused hole as he grunted and stilled ministrations. His cock head snug on my sore prostate.
"I- I hope you remember my words from earlier bubs. Wasn' playing." He scoffed as he checked out my blotchy neck and slobber slicked face.
The sight, I'm sure was obscene as he spread my cheeks. Cock head only inserted by the tip in hopes none of his hit substance fell on the bathroom tiles.
"Fuck Y/n.. Do this shit again I might just have to fuck you in front of Kenma~" He said tauntingly, slapping my ass aggressively as I eeked I surprise.
"I'm gonna leave first and you get cleaned up alright ? Don't want people to notice that we fucked like rabbits in the stalls." He said helping me with my clothes back on my body. I was too braindead to do about anything.
" Kiss.." My words coming out slurred. He looked up at me as he was helping me put my slacks on now. Leaning in giving me a long kiss.
My body leaned into his as I dragged my arms around his neck. Humming in satisfaction as I parted the sensually deep contact.
"You're so cute after sex !" He exclaimed as I ruffled his hair giggling now off my high.
He cleaned up after a few more shared pecks and left first as I sat on the toilet for about 6 minutes.
I checked my phone fir the time and I saw that it was nearing the end of the lunch hour.
'Fuck !'
I splashed some water on my face quickly before ushering to my next period. Being early wasn't so bad I suppose.
Tumblr media
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beidous-boobs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Demon Taming
anon: may i suggest action 19 + “say please.” with sub!Scaramouche? 👀👉👈
notes: orgasm denial, GN/dom reader, vibrators, demon!sub!Scaramouche, slight petplay, Master/servant.
I hope you don't mind I went a little wild with this prompt!! And @dainsleifs-vibrator 👉👈 hi I'm excited to show you even tho it's not the angel!diluc I talked about 🥴
Tumblr media
-    People shouldn't be so afraid of demons; they're not as bad as they may seem. Those sharp fangs, pointy horns, black whiptails, and long claws are not as intimidating as one might make them out to be. In fact, to you, they seem like nothing but extra accessories to your new toy.
Scaramouche, a demon of wrath, sat between your legs with his own spread out. Your arm wrapped around his slim torso, holding him against you like a seatbelt. His legs were decorated with black lace stockings that were held up by a garter belt with cute little pink bows. Your legs hooked underneath his knees, rendering him incapable of closing his legs.
His back arched beautifully, almost enough for his eyes to look up at you from behind. You smirk as drool streams down his chin. The only sounds that fill the room are his moans and the motor of the vibrator smothering the base of his cock.
"It feels good, doesn't it?" You purr into his pointed ears, taking a nibble of the sharp point which you had successfully discovered to be sensitive.
Scaramouche whimpers and nods, trying desperately to lift his hips to rut against the vibrator. It's futile; each time he tries to chase it you tilt it away. His poor cock twitches and leaks for more of your touch, but your mind has been made up to indefinitely tease him with a silly toy.
The demon boy growls lowly, twisting around under your grip. "S-Stop using th-this stupid. . .hnn. . .thing and f-fuck me!"
You glance down with your eyebrows arched. Without a word, you crank the settings up and watch as Scaramouche stiffens beneath the toy. You roll the head of the toy to the underside of his head, happily watching as precum spurts from his red slit.
Scaramouche's horns aren't scary, but still quite dangerous. They curl around his face and point up, almost able to poke out an eye if his head was as close to someone's face just as yours was now. He shook his head as he tried to regain his mind that nearly flooded away as the tip of his cock shook with the vibrations. You release your arm from around his torso and grip his horn, steadying his head and forcing it still.
"Careful now, don't fidget in your master's arms." You whisper into his ear, breathing down the shell that burns red. "Good demons stay still while they get their cock toyed with."
Scaramouche opens his mouth to retort, but your fingers suddenly slide into his mouth. He gasps, feeling your fingers gently massage his tongue. His eyes soften. His tongue was split, not enough to form into two tongues, just enough for the tip of it to form a V shape. Scaramouche was pacified by your fingers, immediately going to suck on them.
"Look at you, how sweet."
You roll the vibrator around his tip, pushing it against him harder. Scaramouche's moans are muffled with his mouth stuffed full with your fingers. His back arches again, his hips rotating and trying to fight up against the toy. He was close.
"Ah ah~" You lower the setting down to the minimum, ghosting it over his skin before turning it off completely. This was all part of his training; you can't just give a demon what he wants.
Scaramouche lets out a guttural growl suitable for a wicked demon. His teeth begin to gnaw at your fingers while his hips try to gain their freedom. You click your tongue. Scaramouche had never hurt you, not purposefully anyways; a demon had to get used to the weakness of a human body, and Scaramouche was anything but gentle.
"Hey-" you pinch his tongue and pull it out of his mouth. "-you don't bite your Master."
Scaramouche glares up at you, but you return the stare just as harshly. Then, you beam at him. Your eyes hungrily roam the body of the demon below who is internally throwing a hissy fit. You smile deviously at him. He'd rather adorable; his head pressed up against your chest as he gazed up at you upside down. You could run your fingers under his chin and listen to him purr like a content cat in heat.
Scaramouche clenches his fists, his eyes narrowing before his body settles down and he becomes silently content against your body. His scaley tail whips against the bedding with a soft thump. He doesn't break away his hard gaze though. His bratty expression looks so slutty with his tongue being tugged out of his mouth.
"Now, here's a good boy!" You sing affectionately, the motor of the vibrator coming to life again causing Scaramouche's harsh expression to change to a eager desire. You bring the toy to run over his pink nipples which earns you a squeak and a shudder from him. He whines, his tongue wiggling between your fingers. Saliva was beginning to pour from his mouth, a stream of it down his chin.
You run the vibrator down his body. His eyes soften finally, only squeezing shut when the toy finds his shaft again. Scaramouche wriggles his tongue free and gently bites your fingers, but instead of trying to draw blood, he reverts to sucking on them. The cute little demon boy truly seemed like a puppy now; he's in desperate need of training as he nips and bites.
"Is my good boy getting out of his teething stage?" You whisper, blowing into his ear. You feel his teeth involuntarily snap, and he runs his tongue over the nipped spot as a apology.
Scaramouche stiffens as you set the vibrations to the max and press it to the underside of the head, pressing down and rolling circular motions. Precum spurts out like a broken fountain, the sounds of the vibrations squishing his liquids fill the room along with his muffled moans and his tail whipping against the bed.
"Is it good? Are you going to be a good boy for your Master?" You pluck your fingers out from his mouth. He gasps for fresh air before you grip his cheeks with your wet fingers and guide his head to stare at his flushed cock that was crying with precum. "Look at what good boys get when they submit to their Masters."
You flick the toy up to his slit. The toy moves easily over his wet skin lubed with his own wetness. Scaramouche cries out, his voice cracking. His hips try to buck up, but you lift the toy higher out of his reach. You click your tongue disapprovingly, not saying a word; he should learn how to understand his mistake without needing you to tell him, just like a shameful puppy does.
"N-No !" Scaramouche cries, nearly growling in the process. His tail thrashes, slapping your legs and his own body. It would be cute if next time you could play with it.
"Don't squirm." You simply scold, waiting for him to come down again. His cock was ready to burst, so ready to be emptied. It was red and puffy, glistening with slick and crying at the tip. You could see it twitch when you nibbled on his ears. Scaramouche gulped, his face still being held by you. Your index finger prods his lower lip, feeling the drool leaking from his mouth.
He settles down again, fussing a little less this time which is a good sign. He kisses at your finger, eager to take it in again if necessary. Slowly, you descend the toy back on his cock. His back arches as you swirl it on his tip softly.
"Watch," You release his face and use your freed hand to stroke the base of his cock. It's hot, shuddering, and wet. You can feel it pulse in your hand as you stroke the slickness around.
"Ahn! There! I'm-" Scaramouche moans, his voice struggling to keep quiet. His breaths come out fast resulting in him turning into a panting mess. His head nods to the side, and you can nearly feel his rapid hot breaths on your collarbone.
Your strokes suddenly stop and turn to grasp the base of his shaft which elicits a gasp from the demon. You squeeze tightly, too mean to give into him yet.
"Say please~"
Without hesitation, Scaramouche begs, "Please! Oh please! Master, please!" Tears well up in his dewy, purple eyes. "I wanna cum! Please! I submit!"
You chuckle into his ear, glad to receive more than you asked for. Your hand releases his shaft while the vibrator presses down onto his cock enough to touch his stomach; he can feel the vibrations on his stomach through his dick. Immediately, he spills all over himself. He's gushing onto his stomach with high-pitched moans. His tail now whips around wildly than ever, almost knocking the vibrator out of your hand in the process.
Scaramouche tilts his head back to gaze up at you. His purple slit eyes were soft and glossed over, imaginary hearts could be pictured in place of his normal pupils. His deep purple hair was a mess; some strands stuck to his cheeks and other strands stuck out and gave a bed-head style. He only stared. He seemed to be acknowledging what he has done, what he has given to you. He has submitted, and now you were his Master and he couldn't take that back. The vibrator is off now, laying discarded to the side. Scaramouche is taking deep breaths, gulping for air.
"And that my little demon-" You lean down and place a tender kiss on his forehead and nuzzle him. "-is how I planned to subdue you."
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lonely-lost-soul · a month ago
Where Loyalties Lie
(Technoblade X reader) 
Tumblr media
Request 3: Can we get a little angsty fic or headcanon of Techno trying to get the reader to leave L’manberg?
Requested By: Anonymous
     “Tubbo please take a deep breath,” You followed him around the rubble as he paced restlessly. 
     “I’m president of a crater (Y/n)!” The boy pulled on his ears with a loud whine, “What am I gonna do. I can’t believe Wilbur blew it up-” He felt your hands touch his own and gently pull them away from his oversensitive goat ears. “What am I gonna do? I-I’m a kid…” You frowned, moving to cup his cheek with your hand. He nuzzled into it desperately, welcoming the comforting touch of someone who he considered family. 
     “You’re going to get through it because you’re strong.” You told him, “and so brave little ram.” He flushed pink letting out a whine of protest especially because he was still surrounded by most of his friends. 
You watch as Quackity walked over to the both of you and placed his hand on Tubbo’s shoulder squeezing it, “We’ll rebuild. We’ll be right behind you Tubbo.” He smiled at the kid and you couldn’t help but smile over at him. 
     “Thank you both. Truly.” 
There was one thing that had you were worried you may come to regret, and that was not taking Technoblade’s hand as he fled from the country. You were close almost touching it, he looked like he wanted to beg for you too but one desperate cry from Tubbo had you pulling away. He looked heartbroken but at the same time, you saw understanding in his deep red eyes. 
Family came first. 
That day he pulled you close pressing a soft kiss on your forehead, “I’ll be back for you.” 
You murmured a soft I’m sorry, turning to find Tubbo to make sure he wasn’t injured or dying. The thoughts of the festival replaying in your head, you couldn’t go through that...not again especially because now Tubbo was officially on his last life. Tommy couldn’t fathom how you didn’t blame Technoblade for what happened that day, but to you, two things were clear: one was that Tubbo didn’t blame him which made it easier on your end to forgive him; two Schlatt was manipulative and overwhelming as fuck you can’t blame someone for something they were peer pressured into doing. Speaking of Tommy you ended up finding Tubbo and him in the rubble that day, the taller male was pressing cloth to Tubbo’s bleeding arm desperately, when you took over and Tommy seemed grateful. 
However, you had to push your possible regrets aside and focus on the new nation you’d help build, and build it you did. You worked endlessly for months on end creating a lovely new nation for people to live in, Tubbo had dubbed it New L’manburg. You felt his pride and happiness, he just loved seeing everyone together again and happy once again. Finally, the server felt somewhat normal after all that destruction, even if there was a Techno-shaped hole in your heart. Things changed rather quickly when Tubbo was, in your eyes, manipulated to exile Tommy by Dream. You had tried to argue for the boy saying that not only was he Tubbo’s friend but just a kid. You were shut down harshly by not only Dream but Tubbo as well, the look in his eyes was filled with so much loathing and frustration. It’s the first time he ever snapped and was harsh to you, you felt your own frustration bubble up in your chest. You turned on your heel and marched back up into your house, you were not going to put up with this behavior. When you slammed the door shut, and turned around to find Technoblade standing in your living room,  with your cat purring fondly on his shoulders; you almost screamed.
     “Heh- why are you scared it’s just me?” The hybrid complained his nose scrunching up, “Don’t be cringe- oof-” Techno grunted as you threw your arms around his waist, the man flushed to the tips of his ears and looked away from you, Taffy hopped off his shoulders disgruntledly, “Yeah, yeah, I missed you too.” He pet the top of your head tenderly and you looked up at him with a smile. 
     “What’re you doing here Tech? If Tubbo finds out he’ll have your head.” 
     “Then I guess we’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t find me then huh?” He mused lips, quirking into a smile, and you nodded in agreement. “Other than that just running some errands. I’m in retirement now you know. I have to say that ‘New L’Manburg’ is certainly a name.” He did air quotes around the name and you nudged him, 
     “Be nice.”
     “Boo Cringe. I’m a Blood God starlight. I don’t do nice.” 
     “Bullshit,” You punched him in the arm, “Tea?” 
     “Please.” He cracked a smile as you walked over to your tea kettle heating the water and grabbing some tea bags. 
     “So, you came here to run some errands huh? I almost thought you missed me?” Technoblade shuffled a little behind you, how could you read him so perfectly? It was complete and utter bullshit. You heard him click his tongue distastefully behind you and you couldn’t help but smirk cheekily,
     “Get off my back woman.” He stated gruffly as you laughed, “but I guess I do miss you a little bit.” You smiled fondly and softly cooed at him and he let out another scoff, 
     “A little bit?”
     “What is this interrogation? You a cop now?” You placed his tea in front of him and he took a sip,
     “Yeah, we’re gonna need to do a strip search. Drop your pants.” Technoblade choked on his drink, face turning the darkest shade of red you’ve ever seen from him. You howled with laughter sliding down in your seat beside the man. 
     “I changed my mind. I didn’t miss you at all, you’re a terror.”
     “You love me, admit it.”
     “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He murmured looking at you with a sudden softness that was out of character for him. You didn’t notice the change but it was there, oh if only you knew how much of what you said was true. He did love you. He ran his tongue across his teeth and reached out to interlock your hands within his own. 
     “Come live with me.” 
     “I’m in retirement now. I’m going to get some turtles hopefully, maybe some other pets while I’m at it. There’s a lot of room...It gets lonely all alone you know. It’d be nice to have you there with me.” He watched hesitance flicker across your face again just like the day Wilbur blew up L’Manburg. Your thoughts went to Tubbo and how much he needed you, especially now that Tommy was exiled. However, you were also brought back to a few moments ago where Tubbo snapped at you for trying to help. You took a ragged breath and pushed his hand away, he frowned sadly bringing his hand back down to his lap. 
     “I need to be here for Tubbo. He’s a kid Tech...way over his head. Dreams sniffing around him like a dog looking for his next victim to manipulate. I can’t let that happen, not to him. I know he’s President of this nation and you hate him for that, but he’s my brother and I love him. He’s a tough kid with a lot of fire, but I can’t just leave him in the dust. I love you,” You reached up and cupped his cheek and Technoblade felt his cheeks burn at the implication, “but I can’t leave until Tubbo is safe.” 
     “I’ll convince you one day.” Technoblade shot back even though his heart ached, that you wouldn’t be coming home with him. But Technoblade wasn’t known for giving up. He was stubborn as hell, he’d win you over yet. You’d come home with him, he’d confess to you and he’d make you the happiest person in the world. You just...didn’t know it yet. 
     “I’m excited for the day you do Tech.” You snickered softly, you both were startled by harsh knocking on the door.
     “That’s my cue. See you soon Starlight,” Technoblade hummed slipping right out the window, you watched him go longingly. You shuffled towards the door and opened it slowly, on the front steps stood Tubbo who was rocking nervously on his feet. 
     “Hey okay?” Tilting your head to the side,
     “Is LR supposed to stand for little ram?”
     “No…I suppose not.” He murmured before clearing his throat and straightening his back, “I wanted to talk with you.” 
     “Oh?” You raised an eyebrow watching him nod his head sternly, you walked outside and closed the door behind you so you could lean on it. “Shoot,”
You watched as Tubbo swallowed thickly, “First off I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. It wasn’t fair of me to snap.” He watched you nod a little urging him to continue, “however, I am the President now and you have to respect my authority.” Eyebrows furrowing together in frustration you opened your mouth to counter him but he held up his hand, “Dream has an idea of how to rule. He can steer me in a better direction-”
     “Pardon me?” You let out a disbelieving laugh, “A better direction? Tubbo, are you forgetting everything we all fought for, we fought him for independence. He killed us!” 
     “He might’ve changed!”
     “He exiled Tommy!” 
     “He deserved it!” Tubbo shouted back as your nose scrunched up, “He’ll steer me in a direction that you never could!” He snapped before realizing what he said, he slapped his hands over his mouth eyes widening to the size of saucers. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that-” 
     “Go home Tubbo.” 
     “(Y/n) please,” He reached out towards you and you held up your hand, 
     “Go reset the day. You need rest,” You frowned, turning back into the house “see you tomorrow.” Inside the house you shut the door on him and slid down onto the floor, you brought your hands to your mouth and swallowed thickly. A part of you wished Technoblade was still here just so he could tell you to get over yourself, he wasn’t skilled in the art of comforting others, but he could make you laugh. To keep yourself sane you reminded yourself that Tubbo was a child and needed you now more than ever, especially if he thought Dream was dishing out good advice. But you were hurt and a selfish part of you wished you could just go live in retirement with Technoblade and not worry about the new country forming, but you couldn’t ditch Tubbo. 
Running a hand through your hair you sighed loudly, one might wonder what exactly could Tubbo do to make you listen to Technoblade’s offer. Honestly, you had no idea if anything would make you do that unless of course they just started executing people or something ridiculous like that. 
Restless was how you’d describe the rest of your night, you tried to sleep but after a few hours of tossing and turning you gave up. You decided to make yourself a ‘healthy’ midnight snack, a small bowl of mac & cheese, you didn’t care, you were sad. You sighed softly scratching behind your cat’s ears, “It’s just you and me against the world Taffy isn’t it?” Her purrs rang in the air as she snuggled against your hand, distracting you just enough to swipe a noddle from your bowl. “You fat bitch!” You hissed as she ran off back up the stairs, you leaned back in your chair and sighed, literally nothing was going your way today. Just as you finished up your snack you heard a soft ping upon your window, turning to the sound you noticed your neighbor Phil awake in his house. He held up a hand and waved at you through it, and with a small smile, you waved back. He shuffled back into his home, I guess you both were insomniacs together, Techno knew how to pick a certain type of friend it seemed. 
You walked back up to your bedroom and slid under the covers once more, maybe you were wrong and things were going to get better. 
Months went by and nothing seemed to change much to your disappointment. Tubbo and you were still a little rocky, you had forgiven him for his harsh words but he always put Dream’s and even Quackity’s opinion before your own. When you came back from visiting Niki one day and saw wanted posters of Technoblade all around the country you almost had a stroke. You confronted Tubbo about it and only half answered you before running off when Quackity called him. That worried you, he normally didn’t like lying, especially not to you. 
The same day you were walking into the market to get some fresh fruit when a hand shot out from the wanted poster and pulled you behind it. You were held flush against someone’s chest who chuckled gruffly, you recognized that chuckle anywhere. “Techno! What’re you doing here?” You asked looking up at him with eyes filled with concern, “don’t you know you’re a wanted man?”
     “I think that just makes this all the more exciting.” Techno mused running his fingers through your hair, “Plus it’s not like anyone here can catch me.” 
     “Wrong I could catch you.” He dared to laugh in your face, 
     “Sure you could, and I’m half sheep.” Technoblade mused and he watched you huff cutely, “Don’t get all huffy at me you know I’m right.” You only waved him off, “seriously though I’m here to do some trading with Phil.”
     “Oh…” You gave a nod, “Will I see you more frequently then?”
     “You could see me all the time if you moved in with me.” Techno joked again and was surprised to see your face fall a little. Are you serious? Was he getting you to crack? “Starlight?” 
     “Ask me again in a few months and I might say yes,” You teased brushing the question off swiftly, Technoblade didn’t pry but he could tell you were almost convinced. Just what was going on in this country to make you want to leave your little brother? “Now shoo, go see Phil before he gives up on you.” You gave him a little shove and he stumbled off with a huff sticking his tongue out at you in the process. 
After that encounter, you didn’t run into Technoblade for another very long stretch of time. About a month or so after that encounter, Tubbo had shown up at your doorstep a complete nervous wreck. He begged you to help him, claiming he needed diamonds for an upcoming project and wanted you to acquire them for him. “Tubbo I don’t understand why I need to go on this trip? I have diamonds I can just give you. You know I don’t care.” 
     “But I feel bad about it,” Tubbo argued with you “please just do this for me.”
     “You know I’ll do anything for you. If you want me to get them this way I’ll do it. I should be back tonight is that okay? Do you need them sooner?” Tubbo looked relieved as he took your hands in his own, 
     “No tonight is perfect!” The boy chirped sounding more like himself than he has in months, you couldn’t help but smile. You ruffled his hair a little before kissing his forehead, 
     “Then tonight you shall have them, Little Ram.” 
Tubbo helped you gather the materials you needed for a trip down into the mines, Tubbo even gave you some fire resistance potions. You thanked him for the potions before putting on your armor and heading down into the tunnels. As you were down in the mine the concept of time was always an illusion, so when you finally found diamonds for Tubbo and you left the cave you were surprised to see the sun was just setting. You hummed softly to yourself walking back into New L’manburg excited to show off to Tubbo you couldn’t help but wonder what he needed them for in the first place. However, when you entered town you were greeted by a gathering going on at the center. Everyone seemed to be there clad in what looked to be butcher’s outfits, your vibe was immediately thrown off eyebrows furrowing in concern. Quackity was giving some sort of speech and that finally drew your eyes towards the podium, locked inside a cage was a fuming Technoblade. You rushed towards the group, pushing past Ghostbur and a blue sheep, and grabbed tightly onto Tubbo’s arm. 
     “Tubbo what the fuck is happening?” He tensed turning towards your face. It was no secret that you and Techno were friends, this wasn’t good at all.
     “(Y/n)! You’re back early!” He spoke nervously rubbing his hands together as Quackity turned towards you, 
     “Welcome back!” Quackity hopped off the podium with a smirk, “Fundy grab them.” 
     “Quackity hey wait a minute-” Tubbo started as Fundy roughly grabbed onto your arms pinning you in place, 
     “Ow hey! Watch it! Let go of me!”
     “Get your hands off them!” Technoblade snarled nostrils flaring grabbing the bars of the cage tightly. 
     “Quackity you said we’d leave them out of this!” Tubbo argued and your jaw dropped staring at Tubbo, “You promised!” 
He waved Tubbo off with a scoff, “they’re just as bad as Phil, Tubbo. She needs to be punished. We can't play favorites when trying to run a country. We’ll execute Techno then deal with the other traitors.”
     “Execute?” You choked, “you can’t be serious! Tubbo you cannot be serious, since when are you okay with public executions?” He refused to look at you, his hair covering his eyes, he only nodded his head in Quackity’s direction. 
     “Do it.” 
     “Tubbo!” You shrieked watching Quackity grin maliciously, moving over to pull the lever that would allow the anvil to fall and crush the man below it. 
What happened next was a cluster fuck, someone began trying to set off TNT, and Quackity pulled the lever. It fell rapidly towards Techno and he pulled something out of his pocket, in a flash of bright colors and bursts of light Technoblade was ripped apart and pulled back together again. He was alive, Technoblade really doesn’t ever die. He hopped on top of the anvil and jumped the bars of the cage, Fundy had long since lost his grip on you, he noticed Dream ushering him inside a cavern and he paused a moment. The hybrid turned towards you holding out his hand one final time, the world seemed to stop a moment and it was just you and him. His face held a desperate look in it, almost pleading you to take his hand within your own. You flashed back to the day Wilbur blew the country up, Tubbo called your name you glanced over your shoulder once towards Little Ram. You reached into your bag and dropped the diamonds you found for him on the ground, you grabbed Technoblade’s hand and squeezed it tightly. Technoblade smiled and yanked you forward, leaving a heartbroken Tubbo in your wake.
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scalpel-mom-mori · a month ago
Childe: You are a little short for a Harbinger.
Scaramouche: I am a Fatui healer which means I could break every home in your body while naming them.
Ask and ye shall recieve @yokelish
why the fuck is this 1k
Anyway, I decided to steal Pedrelino because fuck that. Might write a legit fic about them ehe. Do I care that they are canonically male? Absolutely not. 
It was almost ironic how the least popular Harbingers had decided to attach themselves to the ever-beloved Jester. But somehow, without fail, the two of them would end up on your doorstep. You lived alone, despite your popularity and the occupational hazards of being a Harbinger (though, no one in Sneznaya was stupid enough to send an assassin after Her Majesty’s first Harbinger).
“Cooking?” Tartaglia asked, as he let himself in. Locks wouldn’t do anything but inconvenience the Young Lord of the Fatui, so you didn’t really bother. He’d ended up with a key, so you didn’t have to explain to your landlord why the door constantly needed replacing.
“Yea,” you replied, not looking up from the pot on the stove. “You probably don’t remember much of how, do you now?”
“I remember enough,” he replied, coming to sit at your dining table. “Though, you’re right, I do get a lot of meals handed to me.” You could feel his grin searing into the back of your head.
You sighed. “Any special requests? You should have been here an hour ago, before I started cooking if you really wanted a say in it.”
“What’s he doing here?” Scaramouche hissed from the doorway.
“Do you think I know?” you asked, feeling your patience beginning to wear thin. “You lot don’t tell me when you’re coming over. Close the door behind you? My neighbors don’t need to know there are three Harbingers in the building.”
“So considerate,” Tartaglia jabbed affectionately. “No wonder Her Majesty chose you first.”
You scowled a little. “Would you two make yourselves useful if you’re going to come in and eat my food? Someone set the table.”
“I’ll do it,” Tartaglia said, standing from his place at your table. “Neither of you can reach the plates, I’m afraid.”
“Oh, just because Signora’s the only one taller than you-!” Tartaglia always made jabs about your height whenever he came over, but somehow you never managed to let them go.
“Poor dear,” he agreed.
Scaramouche appeared in your peripheral, crouched in front of the cold oven. “What’s that?” he asked.
“What’s what?” Tartaglia asked, having somehow managed to stack all your plates on one arm and was proceeding to attempt to balance cups on top of them. “I can’t see around your stupid hat.”
“Tartaglia, we need three plates, in case you’ve forgotten how to count, and you’re going to be replacing those if you drop them. Cake’s for dessert.”
You missed Scaramouche sticking his tongue out at Tartaglia behind your back.
“You little-!” Tartaglia began.
“If you start arguing in my house, I will personally drag you two to Her Majesty,” you warned, more tired than anything.
They both bowed their heads, more acknowledging your seniority over them than actually assenting.
“Though,” Tartaglia began, “I hardly think you’re tall enough to drag me anywhere.”
“You’ll need to be dragged if both of your legs are broken,” you told him, knuckles whitening on the handle of your pot.
“Ooh, scary,” he laughed. “But you know, we aren’t supposed to fight. Though, you’re right, you’re a bit short to be a Harbinger, aren’t you?”
“Oh, shut up and set the table, won’t you?” Scaramouche said, “Your voice is so annoying to listen to.”
“Do you have low blood sugar, Balladeer? Or does the kid need a nap?”
“You’re one to talk about children, Tartaglia,” You gritted, turning off the stove with a decisive snap.
“Take a joke, won’t you, Pedrelino?” he whined, still holding the plates, leaning an elbow on your head.
“My point still stands,” you grumbled. “Now get the damn plates on the table or you lot are going hungry.”
Tartaglia obeyed, but clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “You shouldn’t use such words around children Pedrelino,” he chided.
“Need I remind you that Pedrelino and I are both older than you Childe?” Scaramouche finally asked through gritted teeth, red in the face. You could see the faintest flicker of his catalyst as he struggled to contain his temper.
You stepped between them, tipping your chin up to look Scaramouche in the eye. “Put that away.”
Grumbling, he flexed his fingers, but the air next to his head stabilized.
Tartaglia snickered. “You two are so small, it’s like watching a couple of cats fight.”
You pointedly put the pot on the table. “If you two don’t sit down and shut up, I’m going to eat all of this myself.” You did your best to ignore them as you served yourself. Your guests removed their headwear and found somewhere that was (thankfully) not the tabletop to leave them. You pretended not to notice how they were shocking each other under the table with their delusions.
The three of you said a quick prayer to the Tsaritsa, and Scaramouche murmured under his breath the foreign word he never could stop saying before a meal.
They’d calmed down enough after they’d eaten, to the point where you figured you would be able to frost the cake without them destroying your apartment.
You were right, but goodness, they were quiet.
When you returned, you found Scaramouche choking Tartaglia out with his own scarf, while the latter waved the large round hat belonging to the former around over his head. Electricity crackled over both of them, and you took a long moment to consider whether you should pop an overloaded reaction with your delusion just to teach them a lesson. You decided against it in the end, ignoring them as you sat down with your cake.
“Remind me again,” Scaramouche hissed, “how many times over you’d be dead if it weren’t for me?”
Tartaglia managed to wheeze out a laugh. “Once, idiot. As far as I know, you can only die once, healer or not.”
Scaramouche’s face went purple to match his hair. “Just for that, I’m gonna drag out your death till you’re begging me to finish you,” he snarled.
Tartaglia wheezed again. “Please don’t.”
“Looks like I’m the only one getting cake tonight,” you told them loudly. “Take that outside, and preferably away from the civilians, thanks you.”
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elysianslove · 2 months ago
ok but like here me out...dressing up megumi as a catboy maid while pegging him, and he’s sucking yuuji off, while yuuji chokes you 😳
this is literally one of my favorite asks ever. like ever. EVER. can y’all IMAGINE THIS SHIT???? fuck i am — 😃😃😃😃😃
this was so fucking long please im literally so sorry 
the skirt of the dress is bunched up at his raised hips, his back arched into you and his cock bumping against the front of the dress with every one of your thrusts. his cock’s messily staining the inner seams with his precum, because god, he’s dripping for you. the silicone feels so good inside of him, stretching him out, pressing against his prostrate as it fits fully inside him. and the feel of you, of all of you, gripping at the dress tightly with one hand, a bruising grip on his hip with the other hand, fucking into him so hard he feels like he’ll split open. 
but really, these aren’t the only reasons megumi’s so far gone. he feels so full, and that’s because he is, from both ends. with his ass in the air, his face is pressed, shoved, and kept down onto yuuji’s lap, his throat spasming and bobbing at the feel of the pink haired boys thick cock within it. he chokes and gags as yuuji fists at his hair, mostly controlling the pace at which megumi sucks him off, the headband and cat ears settled in megumi’s hair shifting with his unforgiving grip.
he’s not gonna last long, at all. fuck, who knew he loved being used like this? so vulnerable and completely void of any control whatsoever. at this point, he doubts he could cum if he simply wanted to, not unless you or yuuji deemed it alright for him to. 
his painfully hard cock rubs against the harsh fabric of the maid dress, his hands uselessly flailing around as he tries to grab onto anything. he whines and wails and cries and sobs as you let go of the dress, grabbing his hips with both your hands and somehow fucking him even harder and rougher. he can feel the thick dildo in his stomach, fuck he can, he can, he actually can. 
“what a good slut,” yuuji giggles. he plants his feet firmly onto the bed, roughly steadying megumi as he fucks up into the boy’s mouth and throat, thrusting mercilessly. “isn’t he?” he’s grinning at you as he asks this, but his mouth is quick to fall open, his head falling back. 
his abs are spasming and tightening, and you can tell he’s close, especially with the way his chest heaves and his thrusts start to get sloppier. and sure enough, a minute later, his hips still, and he presses megumi down harshly as he spills into megumi’s warm mouth and inviting throat. in his hold, megumi thrashes and attempts to scream, his legs trembling as he struggles to breathe. 
your grip tightens, and you dig your nails into his skin, thrusting slowly, yet so sharply, allowing him to feel as the dildo drags along his walls, as the tip bumps against his prostrate, and megumi’s eyes roll back. his hands find yuuji’s thighs and he paints crescents with his nails, forcing a hiss out of yuuji, whose cock is now softening, falling out of megumi’s mouth. 
megumi’s voice is scratchy and broken as he whines and wails, “gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum—” and there’s cum and drool spilling from his mouth, falling from his wet, swollen lips as his eyes water. “please— please— please, fuck, harder—”
he’s effectively shut up when yuuji grabs his jaw, shoving his soft cock into his mouth. leave it up to yuuji to be completely unaffected by his own oversensitivity— or maybe he’s weirdly into it. megumi’s words become simple gargles as he’s pressed down again, gagged with yuuji’s cock, while yuuji reaches out for you with his free hand, quickly grabbing at your throat before you could react. 
it elicits a gasp from you, one that dissolves into a moan as he presses with his fingers, squeezing at your throat. 
“make him cum,” he says, and god, his voice sounds so deep, so sweet, you can’t help but shiver. “come on, good girl,” he encourages as your hips start moving again, fucking into megumi’s tight ass. 
megumi’s choking and sobbing against yuuji’s lap, his nostrils flaring as he drags in sharp breath after the other, but even when yuuji’s grip on his hair falters and softens, megumi doesn’t lift up. whether he’s really obedient or simply loves the feel of a cock gagging him, you don’t know— but you can guess it’s the latter. 
while your hips drag against his, your hand slithers down to his neglected cock, fisting at it with the same pace you’re thrusting into him. it forces a muffled scream from megumi, and allows a sinister grin to peak at yuuji’s lips. it’s an endless chant and mixture of good girl, fucking him so well and good little slut, gonna cum for us? as you bring megumi closer and closer to his orgasm, your hand squeezing at the tip of his cock, squelching loudly as you quickly and roughly stroke him. 
megumi’s cries are growing louder and louder and louder, increasing in pitch as he gets closer and closer and closer—
till his body seizes up, and his hips roll back as he finally spills and spills and spills. cum paints your hand and his dark dress white as tears fall freely down his cheeks, his face flushed. at the sight of megumi cumming, yuuji releases your throat, allowing you to fall forward as you fuck megumi through his orgasm. it’s seemingly never ending as you slowly fist his cock, some lasy spurts oozing out weakly. 
when you breathlessly pull out, and yuuji finally allows megumi off his cock (which is hardening by the second, but you can’t blame him, not when megumi looks as beautiful as he does cumming— or beautiful as he does doing anything, really), megumi’s shaky legs fall, and he lands heavy on the bed, his head lolling on yuuji’s thigh. 
yuuji manages a small laugh, his fingers slowly combing through the boy’s hair as you undo the strap, tossing it aside. 
“took it so well, didn’t you?” yuuji coos while megumi struggles to keep his eyes open. “oh— not yet, baby,” he tuts. “still got a girl to fuck, don’t we?” 
you freeze by megumi’s side, carefully observing yuuji. all he does is wink. 
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colossalnova · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐆𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐊𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐘 ; 𝖗𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖗 𝖝 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: i was saving this for her birthday, but given that she’s had a bit of a hard time recently, i wanted to get it out tonight. this is dedicated to my dear friend @marviesss -- i love you dearly marchy, and i’m so grateful i get to have you as a friend. happy birthday!! i saw u talking about petplay reiner on the dash literally as i was writing this and you don’t know how happy i got sgauikjn. enjoy everyone! this is my first longer smut i’ve ever done and my first time writing for reiner so i hope i did well! (: also this was unbeta’d bc i speed wrote it at 2 in the morning
wc: 2.5k of pure p*rn
summary: sometimes good kitties just need to feel like they’re bad.
warnings: pet play, facefucking, hard dom!reiner, catgirl!reader, fem!reader, liberal use of petnames, rough sex, heavy degradation, creampie/breeding, lots of aftercare, reiner is an absolute sweetie. 18+ minors do not interact.
Tumblr media
“You’re fucking pathetic, you know that? Crying just ‘cause I haven’t let you touch my dick yet. Open up, princess, we don’t got all day.”
Reiner’s words ring in your ears, low and gruff. You’d respond if his cock wasn’t tapping your lips, instead obediently letting your mouth fall open and whimpering at his thickness as he pushes in, stretching your lips to their limit.
You’re not quite sure how you managed to convince your normally doting boyfriend to be rough with you for once, but you’re sure it had to do with how miserable you looked when you got home from work -- broken down, stressed, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. You needed to let go, needed to be completely out of control and treating like you were stupid; you needed to be a toy, if only for a while. 
And, despite your gentle boyfriend’s initial protests that he would hurt you, that he’s too big to treat you like that — Reiner happily obliged. After all, how could he not when you settled yourself into his lap, sniffling into his neck and pawing at his cock through his jeans? When you rut your hips against his thigh and he realized you had taken your panties off from under your skirt at the door, staining his jeans and creating a nice little wet spot? 
Simple, he couldn’t.
And that’s why you’re here, knees bruised from when he pushed you onto them and they knocked against the carpet. You’re sure you’ll get rug burn soon, but you can’t really think of that when Reiner’s hand fists itself in your hair, keeping it wrapped around so he can tug you up and down his cock as he pleases. Of course he made you restate your safe word, “wildflower”, telling you that if anything got too rough to please use it -- Reiner knows how he can get, especially when he’s balls deep inside of you. 
Something tells you you won’t be using your word, though, as you do your best to hollow your cheeks out and flatten your tongue, spurred on by the muttered praises of “Just like that, c’mon” and “atta girl, fuck” that fall past Reiner’s lips, intermixed with guttural groans.
Something snaps when you move a shaky hand up to roll his balls in your palm, though -- the fist in your hair tightens, and you gag when Reiner bucks his hips, the rest of his cock filling your mouth as you feel him slide down your throat. You try to breathe through your nose, inhaling sharply as he uses his grip on your hair to move your head up and down his cock, matching each down movement with an upward thrust of his hips, making sure your mouth is never completely empty. You gag and moan around his length, spit bubbles pooling at the edges of your mouth and drool leaking down your chin, tears flowing down your face freely.
“Fuck yeah, good kitty -- such a dumb fuckin’ kitty cat, huh? Moanin’ around my cock like you’re in heat?” Reiner’s words are strained, his balls tightening and his orgasm quickly approaching. You nod eagerly at his question, going slack jaw and letting him use your mouth as he pleases, the feeling of his balls slapping your chin making your mouth water (if it could, in the current state you’re in). 
You can tell he’s about to cum when his thrusts stutter and you squeeze his balls softly, intent on milking him for all he’s worth, wanting more than anything to see the big man above you come undone.
Reiner has other plans, though, and once you hollow your cheeks again in an attempt to effectively squeeze the cum out of him he tightens his grip in your hair again, tugging you off of his cock and relishing in the lewd ‘pop’ and spit trail that’s left behind. 
He takes a deep breath, trying to get his breathing under control and stave off his orgasm while you whine, chasing his cock with your mouth and sticking your tongue out to try and taste it again. It’s no use, though, for he holds you in place by your hair and opts to slap your cheek with his cock, hard enough you can feel the thick veins that decorate his length throb at the contact. 
“Not gonna cum in your mouth, fuck that — gonna fill this pretty cunt up, yeah? Stupid whores like you get fucked full.”
Your cunt throbs at the words and you’re vaguely aware that you’re shaking like a leaf, even when strong hands and bulging arms spin you around. 
“C’mon, whore, you’re not useless — all fours, hurry up, you want my cum, don’t you?” 
You’re frantic, then, squeaking out a, “Yes, daddy! Want your c-cum!” before you’re quickly situating yourself on all fours, attempting to arch your back to give him better access. 
He presses down between your shoulder blades, making sure that your face is shoved into the carpet and you’re arching perfect for him, face down ass up just like he likes it. Reiner shushes you when you whine, moving to grab your discarded panties and shoving them in your mouth. 
“Good pets shut the fuck up when their daddy’s fucking them, yeah? Keep quiet or you don’t cum at all,” His threat is empty, knowing that you were going to squeak and squeal at the feeling of him stretching you out, but the fear in your eyes his threats cause is too good to pass out. 
Reiner lands one harsh smack on your ass, watching you jolt and wince, loud whine muffled by the fabric of the panties. He lands another, and another, one for every whine you give him. 
“I’ll stop when you’re fucking quiet.”
There’s five more smacks until you finally don’t whimper, your ass red and sore from his heavy handed hits. The blonde rubs his hand over the red spots gently, squeezing and soothing wherever he could. 
“Now say thank you, and maybe I’ll fill you up.”  
 Reiner says this as he’s settling himself on his knees between your spread legs, grabbing his cock with a soft hiss and rubbing it between your folds, catching your clit every so often and circling your hole. 
You do your best not to moan, eyes shut tight while you do your best to speak around the makeshift gag in your mouth, “F-fank you daddy! Fank you fank you, p-please, gimme your cock now, please.”
Reiner smirks, muttering a low “good kitty cat” before pushing his hips forward, letting just his cockhead pop into your entrance before he stills. You look back at him with a pleading expression, eyes glassy with tears and cheeks red with frustration. 
“Call yourself a dumb fucking slut. A dumb kitty slut.”
The order hangs in the air for a second before you're crying out, nodding your head vigorously and attempting to shake your hips like a wanton whore, clenching around his tip desperately. 
“‘m a s-slut! ‘m daddy’s dumb s-slut, a dumb k-kitty slut! please!” 
“—Good fucking girl.” 
You only have time to preen under the praise for a moment before he rams the rest of his cock into you, thick and long and fat. You always forget how Reiner’s cock stretches you out, how normally he has to prep you for hours for you to be able to take him. 
But right now, the aching burn is what you crave. 
It makes you a little delirious, arms shooting up to claw at the soft carpet while Reiner has his fingers digging into the plush of your hips, fat balls slapping against your clit with every thrust. He sets a punishing pace, not giving you time to adjust to him and instead losing himself in your velvet heat and gummy walls. 
One arm reaches forward to fist in your hair again, yanking you up; you feel his warmth against you, his chest pressed against your back. You whine around the panties in your mouth, more so when he lowers himself just a bit to get a new angle, your mouth falling open and almost losing the gag when you feel his head hit right up against your sweet spot, over and over and over again. You’re embarrassed when you hear the lewd squelching sounds of his cock ramming into your hole, your face heating up even more when he leans down to growl filth in your ear. 
“Pretty fucking kitty, yeah? Stupid whore, might as well be in fuckin’ heat with the way you’re clampin’ down on my cock. Don’t want me to get away, huh? Want my cum inside you, is that it? Dirty bitch.” Reiner slams his hips into you even harder, pace almost as bruising as the grip he has on your left hip. 
He can feel himself about to cum, just as you feel the familiar coil tighten in your belly, cunt clenching around him and threatening to keep him inside of you. You nod, babbling about how his cock is so good and so big, how you need his cum, need it inside of you and need to feel it in your tummy. 
Once he feels his hips stuttering again he knows he’s a goner, but he refuses to cum before you — he rips the panties out of your mouth, throwing them somewhere across the room before the hand in your hair moves to pry your jaw open, two thick fingers resting on your tongue while his left hand snakes around to draw tight circles on your clit. 
“Cum for me, my dumb kitty cat — let the neighbors know who fucks you so good.” He spews filth when he feels your cunt clamp down on him, fluttering and making the most obscene noises as he ruins it. He angles his hips to hit your sweet spot, then, abusing that little bundle of nerves enough to push you over the edge, your sobs music to his ears. 
You cum with a loud yelp— might as well be a yowl, a shrill shriek of “O-oh! Daddy, daddy, cumming, cumming, ‘m c-cumming!” being ripped from your throat as you convulse, hips bucking wildly in an attempt to get more of his cock inside of you as possible. You can vaguely register his encouragement, the words “my slut” and “dumb whore”, but your mind is clouded, white hot pleasure searing through you and your thoughts hazy, candy coated and unintelligible. 
Once he’s satisfied with your orgasm he returns his grip to your hair and presses you back to the ground, face smushed against the carpet as he jackhammers into you, smacking your ass one more time before his eyes flick to where he’s connected to you; you’re leaving a milky translucent ring around the base of his cock every time he pulls out, creamy and smooth. Reiner lets out a low groan at the sight, thrusting once, twice, three times before he cums with a loud moan, bottoming out inside of you and keeping his hips pressed against your ass as thick spurts of cum fill your insides, hot and heavy. 
You let out little whimpers as he keeps himself buried inside of you, waiting until he’s fully spent before he pulls out; you mewl at the feeling of him leaving your aching cunt, the obscene feeling of your cum and his spilling out of you making you cry out, sniffling and hiccuping from the sobs you’d been letting out before. 
Reiner has to take a second to catch his breath; then he’s immediately moving to turn you around, pulling you close to him and shushing you. He pets your hair softly, peppering kisses from the top of your head to your chin, all around your face. 
He cups your face in his hands, making sure you’re breathing with him, holding you steady so you don’t collapse like your trembling legs threaten. 
“You okay, princess? You with me? C'mon, let me know, wanna take care of you.” Reiner’s tone is beyond gentle and you nod in response, collapsing against his chest and letting out stifled sobs and sniffles. 
“S’okay, baby, shhh, you were so good for me, you know that?” He speaks with the care of a loving boyfriend and the smoothness of someone who’s practiced this many times, smoothing down your hair as he does and rubbing small circles into your back. 
You can only nod, looking up at him with wide, watery eyes, lips swollen and chapped and tear streaks staining your cheeks, “I-I — I was good?” 
Reiner’s eyes soften immediately and he nods, placing a soft kiss to your nose, and then your cheeks, and then your lips, “Oh, baby — you were so good, such a perfect kitty for me, did everything I asked you to. ‘M gonna take good care of you now, yeah? Get you cleaned up and nice and warm.”
You have the strength only to nod, letting yourself fully slump against him and descend into the space where you feel fuzzy and your mind feels like it’s filled with cotton. You vaguely register your boyfriend hauling you up into his arms, your head resting against his chest and finding comfort in the steady beat of his heart. 
A few hours later and you’re all washed up — Reiner had run you both a warm bath, staying with you and washing your body, helping you through your routine. He did nothing sexual, just let you cling to him and provided the bodily warmth and emotional comfort he knows you needed at that moment. 
He lotioned you up after, dried your hair for you and got you dressed in your favorite sweats and hoodie, even securing you in fuzzy socks before laying in bed with you until he was sure you could stand to be alone again, your eyes slowly closing and your breathing steadying completely. 
Reiner then took the chance to get up and get himself dressed, making both of you tea and your favorite snack while you were sleeping. He was careful to choose a calming blend and adding just the right amount of sugar and honey — something he’s been sure to perfect in your time together. 
You smile when he brings it to you, more or less back to yourself now that you’ve woken up and gotten your bearings. You panicked a bit when he wasn’t next to you, but it quickly subsided when you heard the shuffling of him in the kitchen. 
“Hi, sleepyhead,” Reiner remarks as he walks in, gentle smile on his face as he hands you your mug and plate, “How’s my babygirl feeling?”
“Better, my love,” you assure, blowing on your tea through a smile, “You’re okay too, right?” 
He nods, settling himself in under the covers next to you and leaning over you to grab the tv remote from the nightstand, “Never better. Though I do have to say—“
You look over at him expectantly, taking a sip of your tea while raising your eyebrow over the rim. 
“I think I should get you some ears and a tail next time.” He blurts out, cheeks beet red. 
“You’re a fucking menace, Braun.” 
“C’mon! Can you really blame me?” 
And something about the bickering feels like home.
taglist (just lmk if you’d like to be added!): @jeankirstins @marviesss @kuroosusagichan @bertlebear @sems-diarie @onyxoverride @spidehpig @aestosia @ererokii @erengojo​
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purplehearts1996 · 2 months ago
Hold My Hand: Yoongi x Reader Fic (M)
“Making my way downtown, walking fast, and I’m homebound.” Jungkook sang while driving, “and I need you.” You chimed in, “and I miss you.” Seokjin chimed in. “Guys shut up its 9 am, it’s too early for a white chicks’ reenactment.” Namjoon groaned from the backseat, “don’t be a bore Joonie.” He glared at you, “don’t Joonie me, you kept me up watching friends, the entire fucking night.” You clapped three times, and Namjoon glared at you. “God, I hate you.” You grinned, “Nope, you don’t.” Namjoon softened “Nah, I really don’t.” You smiled back and Seokjin and Namjoon and turned around in your seat to smile and Jungkook. You four worked at BigHit labels; it comprised of singers, rappers and dancers. Jungkook was a singer and dancer, Seokjin was a singer and Namjoon despite his ‘Joonie’ moniker was quite possibly one of the best rappers in the industry. This morning you and another group of artists were called in by your boss Bang Sihyuk for the annual meeting. You were one of the creative heads at BigHit, and you often worked alongside the talent, helping them explore their concepts and bring their ideas to life. Over the last seven years you developed a close bond with Jungkook, Namjoon and Seokjin and you three were inseparable, you had all entered the company around the same time as well. “I hope we get to work with Jimin and Taehyung for this new project,” Jungkook said to Seokjin, and he couldn’t help but nod, four incredible vocalists all harmonizing together. “I want to work with the rappers. Like Yoongi Hyung and Hoseok.” You smiled at Namjoon’s wish. “Isn’t Yoongi low-key like scary?” You asked, and the three men started laughing. “Cold to touch, and warm on the inside.” You rolled your eyes, “I’m serious.” Namjoon nodded, “so are we; he’s just shy.” You shrugged, Yoongi’s music—while incredible—always had a ‘don’t give a fuck and don’t fuck with me’ vibe about him. The four of you entered the meeting room to see Taehyung, Jimin and Yoongi sitting waiting for Sihyuk to join you all in the meeting. “Morning, Kaira.” You smiled at Hoseok’s greeting, always happy and smiling. “Morning Hobi.” Taehyung smiled and nodded at you and Yoongi simply nodded at you. “So how’s your boyfriend? Felix, right?” Hoseok asked, and you smiled about to answer. “A pig as always,” Jungkook answered for you, earning him a glare from you. “He’s fine, we’re fine.” Jungkook rolled his eyes. You were about to call him out when Sihyuk finally joined the meeting. “Morning children. It’s good to see you all.” You smiled, and all of you greeted him. “I don’t think we are kids.” Seokjin said laughing, and Sihyuk smiled, “you’re all my little kids here. Despite the fact, Namjoon is an unusually tall kid.” All of you laughed at his comment, and Namjoon just looked flustered.
“So, the reason I wanted to gather everyone here today was to discuss your latest projects. Also, I wanted to switch around a few teams, see how you all operate.” All of you nodded. “Kaira, I want you to work with Hoseok and Yoongi on their newest mixtapes,” Jungkook whined at the direction. “Kaira is my work buddy. She does all the creative stuff for me.” Jungkook pouted, and you cooed at him. “She’ll still work with you, but I want her to work with Hoseok and Yoongi, she can really help them with the creative direction of the work. Oh, Jungkook stop pouting, I’m putting all you vocalists on work and working together for the latest project.” Jungkook stopped pouted and pumped his fists up in the air. “Hell yeah.” Shihyuk smiled at the youngest one fondly. After a few hours of discussion, Shihyuk dragged the vocalists and Namjoon out of the room to work on their latest works. “So Kaira, my mixtape is called Hope World, it’s going to be colourful, bright and happy.” You smiled at Hoseok, “so basically you?” Hoseok nodded, “yup.” You smiled and turned to Yoongi, “it’s a serious mixtape, more depressing and like sad.” You nodded, “yeah, we can arrange one on one meetings, you can run me through the general vibe of your individual mixtapes, and we can proceed with the creative sides?” Yoongi and Hoseok nodded. “Yup, let’s do that.” You were in your office that evening when Seokjin knocked on your door, and you waved him in. “We’re all getting dinner and drinks, to celebrate the new projects, would you like to join us?” You shook your head, “nope, Felix is waiting at home.” Seokjin rolled his eyes at you. “Seriously, I know Jungkook called him a pig, but wasn’t far off.” You glared at him, “can you let me live? Do I give any of you guys shit for your choices?” Seokjin sighed and shook his head. “Exactly, then don’t. He loves me.” Seokjin rolled his eyes, “yeah, love doesn’t look like that.” You glared at him “you literally got dumped on your ass two weeks ago, so I don’t think you know what love looks like either.” Seokjin’s gaze hardened, never one to retaliate, especially against you. He just frowned at you, “goodnight Kaira.” You frowned as you saw his face, you knew you hurt him, but you got so defensive when the boys questioned your relationship with Felix. You knew he wasn’t perfect, but neither were you.
“You’re late; I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.” Felix groaned as you entered the apartment. “Sorry, I was finishing up work.” Felix rolled his eyes, “what making colouring boards for those pretty boys?” You glared at him, “can we not fight?” Felix sighed and nodded, “fine, but you need to make it better, Kaira.” You eagerly nodded, “anything, baby.” Felix pulled you close to him and pulled you into a rough kiss. Not incredibly romantic or passionate, just abrupt. “On your knees, show me how sorry you are.” You sighed, “Felix, it’s been a really long day.” Felix glared at you, “do I ever say that to you?” You shook your head, “no. Sorry.” You sank to your knees and started to undo his trousers pulling his length out and started to pleasure him. Felix was rough as usual, not incredibly caring and didn’t bother to return the favour. “That was good.” You smiled softly at him, “okay, I need to get going.” You frowned, “but we wanted a movie night.” Felix rolled his eyes at you, “that was before you were late. I’ll see you tomorrow?” You nodded. Felix left the house with not much care for how loudly he slammed the door. You felt cheap, you sucked him off, and he just left, the only thing that could make it worse would be if he left a tip. You sighed and got off the floor and got into the shower. You were about to change into your pyjamas. Instead, you decided to pull out a red off-the-shoulder sweater and skinny jeans. You paired your outfit with heels and grabbed your bag and headed to the bar where you knew the boys would be.
“Jinnie?” You said as you spotted him, he was ordering drinks at the bar when he turned to face you; he glared at you. “I’m guessing Felix was an asshole?” You looked down, and Seokjin softened he could tell you were upset, “I’m sorry.” You muttered and just assumed that your presence was unwelcome and tried to leave when Seokjin tugged on your wrist. “Look, just stop lashing out. If you love him, I will support you, but don’t be mean about my ass being dumped.” You nodded, “plus she was blind as a fucking bat. Who dumps a face like mine?” You laughed at him. “Look who finally showed up, guys.” You smiled and sat down next to Jungkook and Yoongi, “nice to see you.” Yoongi greeted you, and you smiled back. “Felix give you a tough time?” Jungkook sneered, and you pouted, Seokjin smacked Jungkook’s head, “shut up, leave her alone.” Jungkook pouted but nodded listened and placed his arm around your shoulder, squeezing it. “Should I break his head?” You shook your head, no. “Not yet.” Jungkook smiled, and you smiled back, letting him know you two were good.
You were in Hoseok’s studio the next day and working on the art for his latest mixtape. “Cool, I love this vibe, the red, purple and green. They really pop and just encapsulates the whole J-Hope vibe. I love it.” Hoseok nodded, “I agree. They pop.” You smiled at him, “what are you thinking for a single?” Hoseok pondered for a moment, “either daydream or airplane. Haven’t chosen yet, might ask Yoongi Hyung for more information.” You nodded, “so how do I talk to him?” Hoseok started laughing, “he’s not the Joker, and this isn’t Arkham Asylum.” You smiled and laughed at him. “He won’t bite, he’s harmless, just shy.” You stared at him, “but his vibe is so cold and intense.” Hoseok nodded, “Kaira, as an artist, you should know that we use our creative agency to express deeper emotions.” You nodded, “I know, but he’s like apathetic.” Hoseok’s gaze hardened slightly, “keep an open mind Kaira, we all have been through shit. He isn’t dead inside; he just isn’t as reactive to everything; he’s an observer.” You nodded, “fine.” Hoseok smiled “he loves dogs; trust me you want to see that man turn into a puddle, get him near a puppy.” You stared at him, eyes wide “told you, he’s not this cold guy who just writes good music. He’s got substance.” You smiled as you headed out of Hoseok’s studio and headed to Yoongi’s studio.
A mat greeted you on the floor; it had a cat raising its middle finger with the words get out inscribed next to it. “Charming.” You whispered out; you noticed his studio door was also affixed with a digital lock. You knocked thrice on the door, and you sighed when there was no answer, so you rang the doorbell. “Oh Kaira, were you here long?” You shook your head, “nope, not that long.” Yoongi nodded and let you into his studio. “So this mixtape, it’s kind of me opening up and talking about the struggles I’ve gone through in life.” You nodded, “uh, okay. Would you be able to run me through like a few key themes?” Yoongi nodded, “well, I’m kind of saying that look I’m here, and you all should be worried vibe.” You tried to refrain from rolling your eyes at him. “You think I can’t scare others in the music industry.” You shook your head, “no, it’s just I’m not sure how to exactly capture the whole ‘I don’t give a fuck vibe.” Yoongi nodded “I like blue, grey and black.” You smiled at him, “does that help?” You smiled nodding, “look, how’s this. I’ll send you a track tonight and let me know?” You nodded.
You were listening to a podcast later that evening when Felix came home, “baby, did you miss me?” You nodded, “a lot.” Felix smiled, “why don’t you show me?” You were about to protest, but you gave in knowing that otherwise he’d be grumpy, and you loved him. It was the usual you sucked him off until he came, and when you wanted something in return, he was ‘too tired.’ The next morning Felix wasn’t even there, and you woke up to an empty apartment. You sighed; he could really make you feel useless at times. However, never one to fester in negativity, you showered and got dressed and made your way to a café. You walked into the dog café; it was an automatic serotonin boost. You were cuddling a tiny terrier when someone called your name. “Yoongi?” Your eyes widened, “what are you doing here?” Yoongi smiled at you, a brown toy poodle in his arms. “Holly likes making friends.” You smiled, “this is Holly; she’s my puppy.” You smiled and tried not to melt at the sight. Maybe there was a lot more to Min Yoongi that you thought.
“Felix, please?” You were begging your boyfriend to accompany you to BigHit’s annual beginning of the year barbecue, and yet he was reluctant. “Why? I’m not going to a party where all those pretty boys are.” You resented how Felix spoke. “Felix, I work there. You’d be going as my date.” Felix rolled his eyes, “not interested, why would I want to see you who’re yourself out to other men?” You sighed, “you know that’s not what happens there. I’m literally the creative director.” Felix sighed, “maybe you should quit, can’t you see how many problems it’s causing us?” You shook your head and grabbed your purse, “look, I’m going, and I’d love for you—my boyfriend—to show up with me.” Felix got up grabbing his car keys. “Fine. Only because I’m not letting those pretty boys near you.” You winced at his words but decided to stay silent. It was a miracle that he had even agreed to go. The entire car ride there was quiet, however, upon arriving at the rooftop location, Felix suddenly became a lot more affectionate. “Baby, shall we?” He said, placing his hand on your lower back guiding you to the elevator. You nodded, assuming he realised his actions at home were abhorrent and inconsiderate, he was now trying to make up for being a shitty boyfriend.
Felix intertwined his fingers with yours as the lift opened up to the rooftop. “Kaira, it’s so good to see you! Oh, you brought him?” Your choice of guest overshadowed Jungkook’s immediate enthusiasm. “Nice to meet you again, uh Jimin was it?” You cringed, you knew Felix was purposely trying to screw up their names. “Yeah, totally. I’m sorry I forgot your name, man. Freeloader? Fuck face? You know what it’ll come to me.” Jungkook said dramatically as you sighed, the party had barely started and there was already drama. “Watch it, kid.” You simply squeezed Felix’s hand and guided him away from Jungkook, and you could feel Jungkook’s stare burning holes into your skull as you walked away. “Pretty boy wanted to fight me. I’ll break his head in two.” You sighed, “Felix, he’s just a bit funny about you, but please let’s just have good food and wine and try to enjoy the night?” Felix nodded. You took a deep breath as you approached the bar, where the rest of the boys were. None of them looked too pleased with Felix’s presence but kept their mouths shut. Yoongi simply couldn’t understand why Felix was glaring at everyone.
“So Felix, how’s work been?” Namjoon asked. Felix actually looked keen to answer if there was someone he refrained from calling a pretty boy it was Namjoon. However, that was not out of respect, but for the fact that Felix deemed him too unattractive to be in the music industry. “Fine.” His tone clipped, and Namjoon glared at you, his eyes piercing, you nudged Felix to speak more, or at least another syllable. “Fine, I guess it’s okay. How interesting can criminal law be?” Felix said smirking knowing how stupid his statement was. You sighed realising how much of a dick he was insistent on being. “Actually, it’s a fascinating area of law. I’m sure, but when a bore like you handles the case. I can see why it’d be boring.” Seokjin sassed and you shrunk in your seat anticipating a blowout.
“Why’s that?” Seokjin smirked “It seems like you’d suck the fun out of anything. Including this party.” Felix tightened his grip on your thigh, “please the only one who sucks anything here, is her, and she’s on her knees doing so.” You froze and felt so embarrassed and disgusted by Felix’s proclamation; he was dangling you and diminishing your worth down to nothing but a tool to orally gratify him. “I’d think twice before insulting her, the next time you do, it’ll be your last.” Jimin glared at him jaw clenching. “Oh is a prissy little girl like you going to hurt me?” Jimin saw nothing but red and stood up and yanked Felix off his seat by his collar. “I’ll ensure that every time you blink you see my hand connecting with your face” Felix cowered and Jimin smirked, “I’m leaving. Don’t fucking bother following me.” You were looking down at the floor as Felix stormed out. Part of you was glad, and the other part just prayed that the ground would open up and swallow you whole. “You okay?” Jungkook asked immediately noticing your eyes filling with tears. You nodded, “yeah, just need a minute.” The boys nodded, and you left to get another drink you went back to a proper quiet space of the rooftop. You sank down in the chair, you hated how Felix made you feel each time, and yet for a year now you tolerated it? For what? Love?
“Penny for your thoughts?” You were surprised to see Yoongi and smiled weakly at him. “None, but I’d rather not speak.” He nodded, “do you want to listen? I realised I never sent you the track that night, but this might get your mind off whatever happened there?” You nodded, and Yoongi motioned to the seat next to you, and you nodded, “here.” Yoongi said, holding out a headphone to you, and you smiled at him. “Namjoon dropped my Air pods down a drain earlier today, so this is a safer bet.” You smiled and laughed for the first time in the evening.
“Yoongi, this song is beautiful. Like hauntingly beautiful.” You exclaimed, “Yoongi, it’s incredible.” You immediately felt ashamed, “I’m so sorry I cast judgment on you. I just assumed because you spit fire you’d be scary. I didn’t realise that music doesn’t need to be always bright and uplifting it can be dark and painful. Music just needs to resonate.” Yoongi smiled at you. “I see why you’re the creative head, you get it.” You smiled shyly, “what’s this track called?” Yoongi shrugged, “the last.” You nodded, “okay, I think by Monday I’ll have something done up for you?” Yoongi nodded, “Kaira, that’s all good, but not necessary. I mean I’m in no real rush, and maybe tonight just take a break?” You sighed “you think he’s a pig too?” Yoongi shrugged, “all I know is if I ever had the privilege of calling a woman as wonderful as you mine, I’d cherish her.” You smiled softly at him. “I should get going. Let me see if I can wrangle out an apology from Felix.” Yoongi nodded softly, “let me drop you off?” You smiled nodding; you were in awe of how perceptive he was of the little things. He probably noticed that Felix was your ride and he left you stranded. The car ride was filled with silence, not awkward, but calm and quiet. It allowed you to reorganise your thinking. “This is me, thank you Yoongi.” He smiled, “please don’t worry about it. Take care.” You smiled at him, “you too.” You waved at him as he drove off.
You entered your apartment to see Felix, well more accurately his head between another woman’s legs. Pleasuring her, he never did that to you. “What the fuck?” You yelled, and to your utter disgust, Felix merely shrugged and continued to pleasure the woman. You watched the entire scene and felt utterly disgusted. The girl, who had finally come to after her orgasm stared at you, her eyes wide. “Oh, god, I’m so sorry.” She said, pulling her dress on and running out the front door. You scoffed, at least someone had some decency, even if it wasn’t your boyfriend. “What the fuck?” You asked again. “Please, you know I thought it’d be nice date a younger girl, show her the ropes of life, but you don’t give a fuck. Tonight cemented that, you didn’t defend me once.” You glared at him, “there was nothing to defend; you were a complete and utter twat.” Felix shrugged, “have a nice life Kaira, make sure you use an extra small condom when you fuck those prissy little bitches.” You slapped him, and he stumbled, “get the fuck out of here, and if I ever see you again in this lifetime then so help me god.” Felix shrugged and walked out, leaving you broken and distraught.
You broke down, cried your eyes out, and mainly because you realised that you had not only been liberated from a toxic relationship but also because you realised that what the others had said about him was entirely accurate. He was unkind, hateful, and resentful. You felt so weak as you got out of the shower, and you couldn’t be alone; you just need a friend. You were tempted to call Yoongi, but you figured you two weren’t that close either. You sighed and swallowed your pride and called Jungkook, who just from hearing the crack in your voice, immediately assured you he would be there with pizza and wine. You smiled and waited for him. Jungkook, Seokjin and Namjoon all showed up, and wrapped you into a tight hug, “I’m such a fucking moron.” You whimpered into Jungkook’s chest, “nope, he is. He lost the greatest thing he ever had. Not you, you just lost like 200 pounds of dead weight.” You laughed weakly, and Seokjin placed a kiss on the top of your head, “can I continue my dad jokes if you keep smiling like that?” Namjoon rolled his eyes, “pretty sure that’ll only make her feel worse.” You smiled at the three men, “no Jinnie, for tonight unleash all your lame jokes, I want to laugh.” He smiled, “okay, glossing over the fact you called them lame.” You smiled.
You didn’t realise that you had left your phone in your room, and there was a missed call from Yoongi and two texts asking if everything was okay. However, you forgot to check your phone, and it wouldn’t be till the next day that you noticed the notifications.
You were getting ready for work the next day when you saw that you had several notifications from Yoongi, “oh fucks sake.” You hadn’t replied, and now he’d probably think you were just an emotionless human—the very thing you accused him of being. You got into work and placed your stuff down and went straight to Yoongi’s studio, you rang the doorbell, and he opened it smiling at you. “Morning Kaira.” He said and opened the door to let you in. “Yoongi I didn’t see your message. It just got rough last night.” Yoongi nodded, “I only messaged because well I waited around after I dropped you off, and then I saw Felix leaving. He looked upset?” You rolled your eyes, “I’m not sure what he was upset about, he cheated on me. I kicked him out.” Yoongi’s eyes went wide, “he cheated?” You nodded “I don’t know where I went wrong.” Yoongi shook his head, “him cheating is a reflection on him. Not you.” You sighed and nodded, “can we just work?” Yoongi nodded slowly “are you sure you can do it today?” You glared at him, “why because women are emotional? Because I got cheated on? So I’m too unstable to do so?” You yelled at him. Yoongi looked confused “I didn’t say that? But it’s understandable if you wanted a break, just for today.” You glared at him. “I can handle myself just fine; I’m not some weak girl.” Yoongi tried to protest, “I didn’t say you were. Not even for a second.” You glared at him. “I’ll be in my studio. If you think I’m not too emotional to be working.” You said storming out of his studio. Yoongi just sat back down in his chair, confused.
You were in your studio painting a mock-up for Yoongi’s mixtape. The canvas was splashed with grey, blue white and black. “Why did you yell at Yoongi?” Seokjin asked as he entered your studio. “Hi Kaira, how are you, I’m great thanks for asking.” You mocked, “Kaira.” You sighed “he told me to take a day off.” Seokjin blinked at you, “and that was, what? Rude? He was considerate.” You rolled your eyes at him. “Or he was just concerned that I’d be an oversensitive woman.” Seokjin flicked paint at you, “out of all of us, he might be the least judgemental or narrow-minded. He was genuinely concerned, frankly, so am I, you look like you’ll break apart.” You felt your lower lip tremble, and you couldn’t help the whimper that escaped your lips. “I’m a horrible human.” Seokjin softened and walked around to your work desk and wrapped his arms around you, and you broke down. “What was missing in me? Like I went on my knees whenever he wanted. I did whatever he wanted.” You trailed off in whimpers and Seokjin made a mental note to break Felix’s kneecaps should he ever see him again. “Let it all out, baby. I’m here for you.” You kept whimpering into his chest until you stopped and pulled away. “Jinnie?” He nodded, “ugh, Yoongi was right. I’m heading home.” Seokjin nodded, “okay. If anyone asks I’ll let them know you took a personal day.” You smiled “thank you.” Seokjin nodded as he walked you out of your studio and into a cab.
You were in your apartment that evening binge-watching Netflix and just wallowing in your sadness. You weren’t entirely upset that Felix broke up with you—well you dumped him. You were so humiliated by the fact that he cheated on you. You felt so inadequate, and the fact he went down the woman he cheated on you with, that stung even more because he never did that to you. You were spiralling when the sound of your doorbell took you out of your thoughts. “Yoongi?” He smiled at you; he had a box of pizza in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. “How do you know where I live?” Yoongi smiled, “Jungkook can’t keep his mouth shut even if his life depended on it.”
You smiled, inviting him in. “Look, I know I’m not your first choice for a friend. However, my ex cheated on me, and I can understand how you feel. So I got you pizza and wine, and we can talk about it. However, if I’ve ever overstepped any boundaries, then please let know, and I’ll leave you with the wine and pizza.” You smiled softly at him, “please make yourself at home, I’ll grab us glasses.” Yoongi nodded as you went to the kitchen to grab a couple of glasses. You both were eating pizza in silence when you felt guilt, consume you. “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I felt weak, ashamed, and I took it out on you.” Yoongi nodded, “don’t worry.”
I get it.” You sighed, “it’s just the sight I was greeted with made it so much worse.” The wine had loosened your lips. “What do you mean?” Yoongi asked a mouthful of pizza. “He was going down on the girl, and it just made me feel more stupid because he never did that for me.” Yoongi choked on his pizza. “You okay?” You asked, and he nodded, “what? He never ate you out?” You shook your head, “I mean the first couple of times he offered I was nervous so I said no, but then I hinted that I’d like him to go down on me, but he never bothered really.” Yoongi’s eyes were wide, and he could feel emotions of anger and arousal flood him. “So it was just sex, with him getting oral?” You shifted slightly, “well, actually. I never felt like he was the right one. I wanted to wait. So no. I didn’t sleep with him.” Yoongi got more confused, “wait are you a virgin?” You looked down, “you say that like its a sin.” Yoongi shook his head, “no, I apologise for my tone. I’m just confused, you would always do him favours, and he wouldn’t even bother?” You shrugged, “fucking moron.” You smiled slightly, “I wanted to do it, but I’ve never found ‘the one.’ Yoongi nodded, “you believe in that?” You nodded, “do you not?” Yoongi shrugged, “I believe if you are with the right person, someone who makes you feel special, loved and hopefully makes you cum at the end of the night. Then you might have found ‘the one.’ However, I don’t really believe in the notion that there is that one out there.” You nodded, “have you had a moment like that? Something so euphoric?” Yoongi blushed slightly, “yeah. With my ex, but clearly, she cheated so clearly she didn’t feel the same way.” You nodded, finishing your glass of wine. “How did you do it?” You asked, “what do you mean?” He asked, sipping his wine and eyeing you. “I mean, tell me Yoongi, how do you eat out women?” Yoongi smirked “I could show you.” You froze, “what the fuck?” Yoongi’s eyes widened, worried he overstepped. “No I didn’t mean it that way, I just. I mean I would but like not now.” You shrugged as you placed your glass down and crawled over and into his lap. Yoongi was surprised, but he didn’t oppose your actions. Yoongi wrapped his hands around your waist, and you placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Show me Yoongi.” Yoongi could feel his cock starting to harden, and he wanted to comply so badly, however, he knew weren’t in the right headspace. Yoongi gently pushed you off his lap and onto the sofa. “No Kaira.” Your face crumpled, “what why?” Yoongi sighed as he got up, “for starters, I don’t know you that well, and you’re drunk and lonely. I want it to be special for you.” You felt tears threaten your eyes, “fine, then get out. I don’t need you to eat me out pitifully.” Yoongi was about to protest, but he knew in your current headspace you wouldn’t listen and anything else he’d say would only add fuel to the fire. Yoongi walked out of your apartment with a slightly hardened cock and cursed himself for getting so easily riled up, but he couldn’t do that to you. Not when you were healing from a breakup.
The next day you felt like you were doing the walk of shame as you stood outside Yoongi’s studio. He opened the door smiling at you; you groaned as you walked in. “Look I’m so sorry.” Yoongi smiled softly as he walked closer to you, closing the door behind you. His dark eyes bore into yours. “Don’t be, look I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t interested, but not right now. Once your heart heals, then I’ll be glad to be the one to have it. If you let me.” You smiled, and Yoongi leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, and you smiled at him. “Come on, let’s work on this mixtape. I need to be angsty for Agust D.” You smiled and nodded as you both got to work.
“A birthday party?” Namjoon nodded, “come on, you’ve been in a funk for a while, and we understand, but a party is fun. Also, it’s been like two months.” You sighed, “ugh, only if there’s alcohol.” Jungkook nodded excitedly “Jimin Hyung planned the entire thing, so duh.” You smiled softly “fine. What do I bring?” Seokjin smiled, “I believe Taehyung’s invite said alcohol and yourselves.” You laughed at that, “he can’t even drink more than two glasses without turning into a lobster.” Jungkook looked offended, “give my baby a break, okay.” Your eyes widened, “baby?” Seokjin nodded, “it’s honestly disturbing the things we see in the recording studio.” Jungkook blushed, “he makes me happy.” You cooed and wrapped your hands around Jungkook’s waist, “you adorable little baby.” He smiled softly and hugged you back. “Wear something nice, and be ready in an hour.” You nodded and walked back to your bedroom as the boys settled into your living room waiting for you. You came out of the bedroom wearing trainers and a black dress, you paired it with a leather jacket, and Seokjin smiled, “well you look beautiful.” You smiled softly at him, “I do?” Namjoon nodded, “I’m sure Yoongi Hyung will agree too.” You blushed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s a good looking guy.” Namjoon smirked, “I didn’t ask, thanks for the information.” You glared at him, “guys can we continue this later, my baby is waiting for us.” You nodded, “yes, Jungkook, let’s get you your baby.” Jungkook squinted, “thats sounds real off.” You shrugged, “its is, what it is.” Jungkook glared at you as you all walked out of your apartment.
Upon arriving at the party, Jungkook took off to find Taehyung, and when he saw him planted a big kiss on his lips. Making everyone else squeal and laugh at their enthusiasm. You were nursing your third drink when Yoongi approached you, “you look beautiful.” You smiled at him and adjusted so he could sit next to you. “Thank you. You look very handsome.” Yoongi blushed “you can’t just say things like that I get shy.” You rolled your eyes at him, “you rap about tongue technology.” Yoongi smirked and took a sip of his drink, “I don’t get complimented often, so it’s weird.” You shook your head, “you have so many fans.” He nodded, “no I know, they’re the real ones. I mean looks wise I don’t usually get very many compliments.” You pouted, “but you’re handsome.” You mumbled, and Yoongi laughed, “how’s the party treating you thus far?” You shrugged, “not the biggest fan.” Yoongi nodded and looked around “do you want to escape and go on an adventure with me?” You smiled at him and downed your drink, “lets go.” Yoongi held out his hand, and you placed yours in his. The two of you left out the back exit; you shot a text to Namjoon knowing he’d be the most level headed to you leaving the party and would remember to let the others know as well.
“So, you said Texas was famous for tofu?” Yoongi nodded, “it was during a vlog?” He nodded, “I mean, my fans bought it.” You laughed more, “no they didn’t, they just thought you were cute and accepted it. No one believes that Texas is famous for its Tofu; they just believe that you’re famous for your ability to bullshit.” Yoongi smirked, “but you have to admit you’d believe anything I’d say. I just sound trustworthy.” You frowned, “yeah, gullible. That’s me. Felix took that quality of mine and ran with it.” You said at you sat down on the steps near a quay, Yoongi’s face dropped and sat down next to you. “Kaira, look at me please.” You pouted and stared at him. “What?” Yoongi held your face with his hand, “I bullshit about harmless facts. However, I would never ever misplace or abuse the trust you put in me.” You smiled softly at him, “promise?” Yoongi nodded, “I promise. I never ever want to hurt the people I care about.” You smiled, “you care about me?” You said a smile lacing your words. Yoongi nodded and leaned in. “Kaira, I’m going to kiss you. Is that okay?” You smiled softly and nodded. Yoongi smiled and leaned forward and pulled you into a soft kiss. One that made your heart flutter, one that made you feel safe and secure. You pulled away softly and rested your forehead against his. “Kaira?” You hummed as Yoongi pulled you closer to him, “do you want to meet Holly?” You sat up straight and nodded excitedly. “Okay, you seem way happier to see my dog than anything else.” You smirked, “you didn’t offer anything else yet.” Yoongi blushed, “okay, um. Let’s get a cab.” You laughed as he helped you up, “wait can we grab food first?” You asked, and he nodded, “yep, I know a wonderful noodle bar around here, shall we?” You nodded.
You and Yoongi started to walk in the direction of the noodle bar. “Yoongi?” He turned to you, “will you hold my hand?” He nodded and held it and started to walk, “this is not to mask the fact that you’re feeling the alcohol now.” You giggled, “oh god, you’re giggling.” You smiled and gently tugged on his arm, making him bend down and face you. You placed your lips on him and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Not that drunk, though.” Yoongi smiled at you “you’re fucking adorable.” You blushed and curled into his side as you walked hand in hand to the noodle bar.
Yoongi helped you sit at the booth, as he walked up to order when you tugged on his arm. “What?” You pouted at him “kiss me.” Yoongi smiled “fucking adorable.” Yoongi pulled you in for a soft kiss making you a giggly mess. After collecting the food, you and Yoongi hitched a ride to his home, and you immediately melted seeing his puppy. “This is Holly?” He nodded, “she’s so cute, can I have her?” Yoongi laughed, “nope, but you can come over as often as you want to see her.” You smiled at him. You and Yoongi silently ate the noodles with Holly playing at both your feet.
“Do you want to crash, it’s quite late?” You smiled, “I don’t want to intrude.” Yoongi shook his head, “nope.” You smiled as Yoongi went to fetch you a shirt. “here, change I’ll grab us water.” You nodded, “Yoongi, can I cuddle with you?” Yoongi blushed, “if you want.” He nodded, “don’t go spreading this. I love cuddles.” Your eyes widened “you’re kidding.” He shook his head, “oh god, Yoongi you’re a soft little marshmallow.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his neck, “not that little,” he muttered. You smiled at him “well, one day I can find out.” Yoongi groaned, and you smirked at him “Kaira, you’re adorable and also fucking trouble.” You smirked and placed a kiss on his lips, “come on marshmallow, I want cuddles.”
You woke up in Yoongi’s bed the next morning and noticed Holly wedged and sleeping comfortably between the two of you. You assumed both Holly and her owner were sound sleepers, so you grabbed your dress and from last night quickly changed and tried to leave his room. You had made it down the stairs to the kitchen when you heard Holly barking. You could listen to footsteps, and you decided to run out of his house. You got a cab a few blocks down from his and went home. You were in the shower when you wondered if Yoongi regretted last night, kissing you, cuddling you, he probably did. You frowned as you dressed for work, you chalked up his kindness to the alcohol. A knock on your door startled you as you were midway through eating your breakfast. You opened the door to find a less than impressed Yoongi standing outside. “May I come in?”
You nodded, “Yoongi, I.” Yoongi held out a hand to stop you, “just don’t. Was all of last night, the cuddles, the kisses a joke to you?” You shook your head, “then why did you leave me?” Yoongi’s tone was softer and shrugged. “That’s not an answer, tell me.” You sighed, “I didn’t know if you regretted last night, and so I wanted to beat you to the punch.” Yoongi nodded and walked closer to you, and you stood still, he placed his lips onto yours, a soft kiss making all your worries disappear. “Then, please stop running.” You nodded softly, “okay.” Yoongi smiled, “great, now shall we head to work? We can raid the kitchen there?” You smiled, “the bus isn’t for another twenty minutes, though.” Yoongi shook his head, “Kaira, I’m driving.” You smiled shyly at him.
Yoongi was driving and humming softly as you kept smiling at him, “so I have a question for you, what do you think of the others?” Yoongi smiled at you, “why?” You leaned into the car seat and adjusted yourself to get more comfortable, “you’re very insightful, and I guess I just want to see what the self-proclaimed ‘genius’ thinks of the other artists. Yoongi nodded, “okay first, I am a genius. Second okay let’s see Namjoon probably has the calmest approach to everything. I mean professionally, he can always see the big picture and is a rock for everyone. He’s like a huge retriever, loyal, happy. He is also rather destructive and unaware of how big he is.” You laughed at his words, “that is adorably apt.” Yoongi nodded, “okay, Seokjin Hyung has one of the most incredible vocal ranges ever, he shines when he sings ballads. Almost untouchable when it comes to emoting while singing. I only wish he was more confident in his abilities and didn’t hide how incredibly talented he is.” You nodded, “let’s see Jungkook. Complete package, however underneath that muscle big is a giant baby, he’s sweet, sensitive and has a golden voice.” You smiled, “he is a giant baby.” Yoongi laughed, “okay Hobi, let’s see. No fucking bones in his body. However, he is one of the most experimental and creative individuals. I love how he will try almost every concept there is and not be shy to embrace boldness. Jimin is like a mix of a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin. He’s primarily the former; he’s always there for you. Suppose you’re having a bad day. A bad week or crying he’ll find you and will comfort you until you are okay. He’s too hard on himself though; we’re human. Mistakes are allowed. He has a great vocal colour and versatility.”
You were melting with Yoongi’s kind words, “finally Tae. He’s something else, sometimes happy and silly, sometimes cold and withdrawn, but he’s always genuine. He cares deeply, and sometimes that ends up hurting him. However, if you make it into his heart, you can bet yourself, you will always have a place to stay. He might not be as good with comforting others, he often needs it more, but he is always there for everyone. He goes above and beyond for his friends and family. Finally, his voice is rare, it can invoke such intense emotions, he’s truly gifted as a singer and as a person.” You squeezed Yoongi’s thigh gently, “you are actually the kindest man I know.” Yoongi blushed, “no, I just spit facts. These guys are mad talented, and they all deserve the world.” Yoongi said as he pulled into the BigHit car park. Yoongi parked and turned to face you, “what?” He smiled, “I can’t evaluate myself, so what do you think of me?” You smiled. “I think that you aren’t the ‘cold’ guy I thought you were. You are soft, kind and gentle. You care deeply, and you have the capacity not only to love but to receive it too. I have never seen anyone with the passion and drive for music, not in the way you do. It’s almost as its running in your veins, you’re so open and non-judgmental I feel like I could tell you anything and by the end of the conversation, I would feel safe and possibly have a solution too. Yoongi blushed and smiled, “you’re such a sweet talker, you’ll be the death of me.” It was your turn to blush now, “everything I said was true.” Yoongi nodded and pulled you into a soft kiss. However, there was something different about this kiss. You needed more; you wanted more. The way he spoke just now made you fall for him more, his kindness, his thoughtfulness you liked him. You tugged on the collar of his leather jacket as you deepened the kiss, you were scared that you went too far as Yoongi froze for a second before matching your pace. You gently bit on his lower lip, allowing you to slip your tongue into his mouth. Yoongi moaned into the kiss as his hands held your face, you pulled away slowly and placed a final peck on his lips. “Seriously, you will be the death of me.” You laughed as you both got out of the car and walked into the building.
You were waiting in Yoongi’s studio later that day; he had let you in. You were kept busy with snacks and drinks; he did say that if you left, you would have to wait outside until he got back. You pouted, which he found adorable, but he wouldn’t let you have his password. Yoongi was at some photoshoot; he didn’t tell you which, however, you stopped caring when he walked into his studio. “Holy shit.” Yoongi laughed, “okay, is that a good reaction or bad?” You were frozen on the couch as you drank him in “fucking amazing.” Yoongi smirked as he sat down next to you, “you like this?” You nodded furiously making him laugh, “how much do you like it?” You pouted, “a lot.” You mumbled, Yoongi reached out and pulled you into his lap, your back pressed into his chest. “Can I find out how much?” You shuddered at his words and shook your head, “please.” Yoongi smirked as he started to plant kisses down your jaw and neck, his hands gently trailed down your breasts and stopped and your panties, “okay?” You nodded, “Yoongi, do something. Please.” He smirked against your neck, “needy; I like it.” You moaned as he undid your jeans and you kicked them off, Yoongi’s hands traced your swollen cunt over the lace fabric. “Yoongi.” He smiled, “I got you, princess, just let me make you feel good.” Yoongi’s fingers went inside your panties, and he ran his fingers along your wet folds hissing at your arousal, “so fucking wet?” You whimpered nodding, Yoongi found your clit, his two fingers found the swollen bundle of nerves.
You turned your head slightly to kiss him; you continued to kiss him as he rubbed your clit. The pace was perfect, not too slow, not too fast, the pressure was perfect. “Fuck Yoongi, so good.” You said, pulling your lips away from his for a second to appreciate his handiwork only to put your lips back on his. “More, Yoongi.” Yoongi hummed into the kissed and picked up the pace of his fingers. “Like that?” You whimpered nodding, moaning into the kiss. You froze as you moaned into the kiss as you came, shaking, you pulled your lips away from his as you gasped for air. Yoongi removed his fingers from your underwear and brought them to his mouth, licking them clean, “you taste good princess.” You whimpered as you turned around in his lap to face him, you put your lips back on his. “Fucking hell, that was amazing.” You said, resting your forehead against Yoongi smiled as he held as you, “when you’re ready for more, I promise I’ll be on my knees making you say that again and again.” You smiled softly as you sat in his embrace. “Yoongi?” He looked at you, “thank you.” Yoongi smiled slightly, “for fingering you?” You smiled and shook your head “no, for making me feel wanted.” Yoongi smiled and pulled you closer to him if it were up to him, he’d have you in his arms for as long as he could, and he’d never let go.
“So do you want to tell me what happened since you and Yoongi disappeared on Taehyung’s birthday?” Seokjin asked, wiggling his eyebrows, “well, he’s charming, and made me feel good about myself.” Seokjin smiled, “okay, with his hands, lips or cock?” You threw a pillow at Seokjin’s head, “shut up, not everything is about sex.” Seokjin nodded, “noted, but you were glowing, like an afterglow.” You blushed, “fingers.” Seokjin nodded, “does he know you’re a virgin?” You narrowed your eyes at him, “come on, why do you say it like its bad thing.” Seokjin shook his head, “no, it’s not. Not even, are you really ready to sleep with him?” You smiled, “I mean. I don’t know, but I feel the safest with him.” Seokjin smiled, “just make sure you use protection.” You laughed, “I know, I remember sex education in school.” You smiled at him. However, for some reason, doubts started to cloud your mind. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Seokjin asked, noticing the change in your mood, “what if he’s like Felix?” Seokjin scoffed, “please don’t compare him to Felix, that pig never cared for you.” You sighed, “he did; it just stopped at some time.” Seokjin rolled his eyes, “not even true, he just saw you as someone who would willingly get on their knees and take care of his desires and ignore yours” You threw another pillow at Seokjin, “leave.” He frowned, “Look, I didn’t mean it. Not that way at least, he triggers me, especially when I saw how miserable you were.” You sighed, “just leave. I’m not in the mood right now.” Seokjin got up and left mumbling an apology to you. He knew that he had crossed a line, but along with Namjoon and Jungkook had reached their boiling point with Felix. Mostly if you defended him, you sighed as you curled into your pillow, you decided to call Yoongi who picked up immediately and decided he’d come over with a bottle of wine and cuddles for you. You heard a knock, and you yelled out ‘door’s open.’ You listened to the front door lock, and soon enough Yoongi appeared at your bedroom door. “What’s up?” You held out your arms to him, and he sighed, placing the wine on your bedside table, and sitting down on your lap, pulling you into his lap as he did so.
“I got in a fight with Jin.” Yoongi sighed as he gently stroked your back, your soft skin meeting his long fingers. “About?” It was your turn to sigh, “Felix.” Yoongi nodded, “your asshole of an ex-boyfriend who didn’t deserve you?” You pouted more, “when you put it that way. I guess I owe Jin an apology.” Yoongi smiled softly holding your face in his hands, “baby, it’s not a fault thing, but imagine seeing someone you care about to put up with the bullshit it gets annoying. I’m sure he didn’t mean to lash out, but he just got upset and raised his voice.” You nodded and reached over to grab the bottle of wine from the bedside. Yoongi tried not to groan, and your hips rolled over his.
You popped open the bottle and took a generous swig. “Wow. Are you trying to get drunk?” You shook your head, “no, I just needed liquid courage.” Yoongi quirked his brows at you, “for what?” You smirked and placed the wine bottle down, “for this.” You said as you latched your lips on to his neck, frankly speaking, you were salivating from the minute he walked in wearing his leather jacket. Yoongi groaned his hands, wrapping tightly around your waist as he pulled you in closer to his chest. You moved your mouth from his neck to his lips. Moaning as you kissed him, your thin pyjama bottoms did absolutely nothing to hide the fact that you were aroused. You whimpered into the kiss despite being the one to initiate it; there was just something about Yoongi that would automatically make you feel submissive.
Yoongi gently pulled away from your mouth and moved his hands to the hem of your shirt, “may I?” You nodded, “fucking hell, you weren’t a bra?” You smiled shyly, “can I make you feel good?” You whimpered nodding as you did so. Yoongi leaned forward, wrapping his lip around your swollen bud. He flicked his tongue against your hardened nipple before swirling his tongue around the bud. His other hand massaged your other breast, his fingers tugging gently at the nipple. You kept grinding on him as he continued to play with your breast, sucking softly, leaving soft bite marks all over your chest. “Princess?”
You nodded, and Yoongi groaned when he saw you lust-filled gaze “can I taste you?” You quickly got off his lap and sat down next to him, and Yoongi bit his lip immediately regretting his words, worried that he offended you. However, your words surprised him. “You want to?” Yoongi moved and sat in front of you, “yes, why wouldn’t I? Oh, right, douchebag?” You smiled slightly, “he said it was gross. Or would make excuses.” Yoongi pulled you into a kiss and gently pulled away, “may I?” You nodded “lie down, pretty girl, let me have a taste of you.” His words made you shiver with anticipation, Yoongi pulled off your shorts and your underwear along with it. “God, you’re soaking.” You leaned up on your elbows, “sorry.” Yoongi placed a finger on your clit to stop you from speaking, “do not ever fucking apologise for having a soaking wet cunt, its what I like.” Your toes curled at his words, and Yoongi smirked knowing how aroused you were. Yoongi pulled off his jacket and shirt, and you drooled at his toned body, he leaned down between your legs and spread them apart with his hands. “Do you want to know how much I want to taste you, princess?” You whimpered, “so much.” Yoongi said as he placed a kiss on your inner thigh, just shy of your clit. The touch was making you hiss, “I’m going to lick your pretty little pussy now, okay princess? Are you ready?” You whimpered nodding, Yoongi smiled and wrapped his arms around your thighs, pulling your cunt closer to his face.
Yoongi started to run his tongue all over your wet folds applying varying amounts of pressure over each part of your cunt. He did this until you started squirming in his grip. Yoongi then moved his tongue to your entrance, which was dripping in arousal, he lapped at it he continued to do so until you started to squirm about again. Yoongi moved his lips up from your entrance to your clit and wrapped it he pushed two fingers into your cunt; he kept fingering you and licking your clit. It was all so incredible, and you felt your core tightening, your orgasm was approaching and you fisted your hands in his hair as he licked and fingered you until you came. “Fucking hell.” You lifted your head up only to drop it back on the pillow in pleasure. You shook on his tongue, and your thighs shook around his head as you came. You whimpered as Yoongi licked your cum up, and moved up laying his head on your stomach. “Good?” You whimpered nodding pulling him into your arms and pulling him into a kiss. “I could have done that all day princess I just hope you know that.” You smiled shyly at him “Yoongi, can I?” Yoongi shook his head, “not yet. I’m going to ensure you know how fucking wanted you are, and then if I’m lucky enough you will one day decide to make me writhe under you.” You smiled softly, how had you gotten so lucky?
“Wait you have a collaboration with a female soloist?” Yoongi nodded, you were both in your studio going over the layout for the album. “Who?” Yoongi smiled “Suran.” You hated that your insecurities were starting to creep into the conversation, “she’s so pretty.” Yoongi sighed, “no, don’t do that to yourself, you’re gorgeous.” You sighed as you continued to edit the album cover, “I’m stating a fact.” Yoongi sighed “I’m not having this conversation with you. I’m telling you that you’re the only girl for me.” You smiled softly, as Yoongi pulled your chair close to him, pulling you into a kiss. You smiled, but you couldn’t seem to shake the thought that you weren’t his girlfriend, and that meant he could find someone else. “Don’t worry okay? Will I see you in a bit, baby? She’s coming to visit and work on the track.” You nodded as Yoongi kissed your head, “bye.” You waved at him as he left your studio.
You realised that Yoongi hadn’t signed off on one of the designs and you ran back to his studio, and knocked on the door. Your stomach was in knots as you knocked, you didn’t know what to expect, but for some reason, you were expecting to see the same scene as you did when Felix cheated on you. Yoongi opened the door and closed it behind him, which already set off alarms in your head, “what?” He seemed irritated, “you haven’t signed off this.” You said, handing him a sheet of papers “this couldn’t have waited.” You frowned, “I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?” Yoongi sighed “don’t make this into a bigger deal than it needs to be, we’re working.” You smiled softly and took the papers back from him. “I’ll see you later.” You frowned as you headed back to your studio. You were working on the mockups for Yoongi’s album later on, and you were walking through the hallway at BigHit, and you noticed that Yoongi and Suran were still working. You checked your phone it was nearly 9 pm, what else was Yoongi possibly doing with her, only the worst thoughts came to your mind. You decided to drive home. Instead, you were walking up to your apartment, and you froze when you saw Felix sitting on your doorstep with flowers.
“Kaira.” You ignored him and pushed past him to open your door, “go away.” You mumbled trying to close the door on him. “Can you please hear me out?” You sighed and nodded, and he came into your house. “I got you these,” Felix said as he handed you the flowers, you rolled your eyes at him and took them but didn’t bother to put them in a vase or anything. “I wanted to apologise.” You sighed, “look, I’m not here for a second chance. Clearly, I lost my feelings for you, and instead of just telling you that I cheated and that wasn’t cool.” You scoffed, “you think?” Felix sighed, “look, I’m here to say I’m sorry, and to give you clarity of some sort of closure.” You nodded, “thank you, I don’t want to lie and say I’m okay with what happened, but one day I can say thank you, I guess?” Felix nodded and got up, and as he left and opened your front door, “what the hell?” Yoongi said, “chill, man, I’m leaving.” You sighed as Yoongi walked into your house.
“What the hell was he doing here?” You shrugged “apologising.” Yoongi looked surprised, “may I?” You nodded as Yoongi sat down and pulled you into his lap. “I’m sorry I snapped at you, but when I work. I get very snippy. Especially the song with Suran was quite intense. I guess I didn’t want to lose my train of thought, but that was not a reason to get snarky with you.” You nodded, “I just got scared, but seeing you here, after all your work all my worries went away.” Yoongi smiled, “how come?” You smiled at him, “because I guess you came back home to me.” Yoongi smiled, “I’ll always come back home to you.” You melted in his arms, “Kaira? I guess I need to ask, will you be mine?” You smiled at him and nodded, “I didn’t say girlfriend, it sounds too odd, but mine, it sounds special that's what you are to me, special.” You cooed at him and pulled him in for a soft kiss, and for the first time, you released that everything felt okay and that Yoongi would be the one.
“Did you see how people were praising the album?” You moaned as Yoongi pushed another finger into you. “Fucking hell, Yoongi. Please more.” Yoongi moved to wrap his lips around your earlobe and gently tug. The two of you were sat in your bathtub, what turned out to be a nice simple romantic bath had turned into Yoongi slowly fingering and edging you for the last half hour. “Did you see how much they praised your work baby?” You whimpered holding onto the sides of the tub “did you?” You nodded as Yoongi started to push in a third finger into you. “Good girl, how did all the praise make you feel?” You mumbled incoherence, “good so good.” Yoongi moved his lips to your neck, “do you want to cum my pretty baby?” You nodded shaking in his grip. Yoongi suddenly pulled out of you. “No, Yoongi I was so close.” Yoongi chuckled “I know, come on, get out the tub. You’ll still cum. Just not here.” You shivered at his words, as you gingerly got out the tub. Yoongi followed after you and into the bedroom, he held you by your waist and gently pushed you against a wall. Yoongi held your body as he sank to his knees, lifting your leg up onto his shoulder. Yoongi wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking and flicking the swollen nub, and pushed back his three fingers inside you. You came soon, and hard you shook, riding your orgasm out on his face.
“Yoongi?” He smiled at you, looking up at you. His mouth covered in your release, glistening. “I need you.” You mumbled as Yoongi slowly unhooked your leg from his shoulder and stood between your shaking legs. “Baby, are you sure?” You nodded, “never been more sure of anything.” Yoongi smiled, “fuck, I don’t have a condom.” You smiled softly at him, “I started taking birth control since well you when, but only if you comfortable with it?” Yoongi felt his cock harden; he moved so that he was pressing your naked body against his. “Did you just ask me, princess, if I am okay with fucking you without a condom? Do you think I’d want anything more than to feel your tight cunt clench around my cock?” You whimpered at his words, “gladly I would love to oblige.” You smiled as you gently pushed him off you, and pushed him until he sat on the bed. You sank to your knees and started to wrap your hands around his thick length. “Fucking hell.” Yoongi moaned, you wrapped your hands around his cock you wrapped your hands around his cock and placed your lips at his tip. Slowly sucking and placing kisses on the sensitive tip, “more?” You asked, batting your lashes at him. “You fucking tease.” You smirked as you wrapped your mouth around his length, sucking him moaning as you tasted the arousal coating his cock.
Yoongi’s hands found your hair and fisted themselves in it. You enjoyed the pain from the tugging and only sucked more; you used your hand to light massage his balls. Yoongi suddenly let go of your hair, and gently pulled your mouth off him. “Baby don’t; I want to feel you.” You nodded as you stood up; however, Yoongi leaned back and motioned for you to crawl over, “on my face princess.” His words made your cunt clench, you crawled over and sat down on his waiting tongue, hissing as he immediately wrapped his lips around your clit. Your hands gripped his head as he licked your wet folds and finally settled on sucking your clit until you came. You rolled off him and laid down on your back panting. “We can stop here?”
You shook your head, “I want you, and I need you.” Yoongi nodded as he positioned himself between your legs; he ran his thick cock along your swollen cunt several times before gently inching his way in. You hissed at the stretch, “hey, look at me. Just breathe.” You immediately relaxed looking at Yoongi, you nodded and let him push until he was inside you. “Fucking hell I won’t last long, you’re so fucking tight.” You smiled at him, “Yoongi, move, please.” He nodded and started to move in and out of you gently, and the pain subsided, and pleasure overtook you instead. “Fucking hell Yoongi right there.” You said, scratching his back as his cock hit the spot that had you keening and seeing stars inside you. “More, more. Yoongi fuck me.” You kept wailing as he pounded into you, Yoongi growled the way your cunt clenched around him, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Fuck Yoongi, I’m going to cum.” Yoongi nodded he wasn’t too far off either, “cum with me princess” you whimpered as Yoongi reached down and rubbed your clit making you cum and clench around him, you felt him spill his warm release into you. Yoongi gently pulled out, and leaned down and licked you out again, cleaning his cum out of you until you came again. “Fucking hell, Yoongi. So good.” Yoongi smiled, moving away from your cunt to lay down next to you and pull you into his arms. “Yoongi, that was amazing.” He smiled softly at you, “everything you ever imagined?” You smiled tears pricking at your eyes, “better because it was with the right person. It was with you.”
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the-fiction-witch · 2 months ago
I Hate You P3
Tumblr media
I groaned as I woke up seeing the bright light cascading from the windows and door, Loud music coming from the other room, I groaned sitting up rubbing my eyes. I slipped my robe over my shoulders going out to the rest of the apartment seeing y/n stood at the oven making pancakes, her hair in rollers, in a little blue sleeveless dress slightly dancing to the record player.
"Morning" I groaned
"Morning Husband!" she smiled "Coffee?"
"Uhhh yeah sure"
"Here you go" she smiled handing me a cup of coffee
"Aww thank you wifey" I smiled giving her a kiss "why are all the lights and the music on?"
"Because this is the time I get up benny. Get used to it"
"Fine, see how long you can keep this up when I don't go to bed till like three Am"
"fine, have your coffee darling"
"I shall" I nodded having a sip of my coffee but it tasted terrible, "Ughh! what is this!"
"I made you coffee darling" she smiled
"what did you do to this coffee? what was the exact steps in you making it"
"Coffee powder, milk, Water"
"I did however use Almond Milk"
"Ughhhhhhhh...." I relused almost being sick "Okay. Thank you dear" I sighed tipping the coffee down the sick "I'm going for a shower"
"Ohh you might want to wait, I used up all the hot water" she smiled "sorry darling"
".... Its fine dear" I sighed starting up the shower and it was a cold as ice, "I'm gonna use your shampoo okay hun I'm out of mine" I told her as I climbed in the shower
"No! benny! it's mine use your own!"
"what's yours is mine darling"
"Fine, Ohh by the way I used your razor to shave my legs"
"... You know what that's not a problem, I wasn't planning on shaving,"
"You should"
"Should I?"
"It would make your wife happy"
"so would a divorce and I'm not giving you that either"
"I'll wax it in your sleep"
"You wouldn't dare"
"Wouldn't I Benny?" she smiled as she did her hair "Ohh I'm having some friends over later by the way"
".... fine. Then I'm having the boys over tomorrow" I told her as I climbed out my shower I smirked and dried off then threw my towel on the floor and wrapped my robe around me she seemed annoyed with me already "Feel free to leave me wifey, It's only going to get worse"
"Ohh is it now? well I'm going to stay put, I know I can last longer then you"
"why so sure darling?"
"Ohh I'm two days out from my period benny. You ready for it?"
"are you now? How about I start getting really into Diy projects that I will never complete"
"How about I get really into cooking and constantly make terrible foods"
"I'm never buying a dish washer"
"I'm gonna get a cat"
"I swear to go I will stat having chess themed orgies in this house, with or without your participation"
"I going to take a female lover"
".... Actually I'm fine with that. In fact I'd be slightly into it" I shrug "I will..."
"You'll what?"
"I will get you so fucking pregnant, you'll give birth to fucking twins or worse"
"My god do I hate you"
"I hate you too" I smiled pulling her to kiss me she resisted at first but happily kissed me back wrapping her arms around me tightly
"You'd be into me having a side girlfriend?"
"Kinda yeah? If you'll let me watch"
"You're disgusting" she sighed going to the bedroom
"what! It's hot!" I complain following her but she threw my jeans at me
"Put pants on!"
"My house! I can walk around naked if I want"
".... Damn it I can't you'll enjoy it"
"I will" I nodded "Infact could you, like seriously. that would be very very nice wifey" I smirked cuddling her from behind
"Hands off unless your going to fuck me benny," she laughs pushing me off her "Can't try this sugar sweet before you buy" she smirked playing with her hair and shaking her ass at me so much her dress physically moved from side to side with her shaking
"I thought I had bought it. considering... we are married."
"Don't you poke holes in my sexy analogy"
"Maybe I would have had sex with you if you'd given me a minuet"
"Nope! dwindling to none existent sex life. Welcome to married like benny watts"
"Our sex life is not dwindling if I have anything to say about it"
"Who said you did?"
"Our sex life is not going anywhere" I smirked grabbing her pulling her to my chest and grabbing her ass "Not at least till give got you pregnant y/n"
"You are never getting me pregnant"
"Aren't I?" I smirked "Just you try and stop me"
"Even if you do I'll make sure there all girls, all hate chess and want nothing to do with there father"
"You have no control about that honey, I do remember. so I'll make sure there all chess playing, messy, dirty little boys who all look just like me"
"I hate you"
"I hate you too" I smiled pulling her to kiss me.
I sat at the table working on my next book, Y/n came in bringing the last two crates of beer in she had borrowed my car or well she took my keys without telling me she was getting beer in for her 'freinds' she had visiting tonight,
"who have you got coming tonight anyway?"
"My friends"
"what friends?"
"My poker friends"
"I thought you poker friends was luke and everyone?"
"Ehh some of them yes"
"You have other friends?"
"I assume you have other friends then just lukes and your chess guys?"
".... I do not"
"Ohh. Well I do" she shrugs taking the beer to the kitchen i tried to take one but she slapped my hand "Not for you"
"Owww..." I complained "How many people are coming then?"
"A few"
"A few?"
"Just some poker friends, some biker friends, and Dan he's my bestie"
"Is he now?"
"will you just chill. also pack your chess board away unless you want it broken"
"Because It'll get broken if you leave it there" she laughs
"I am growing more and more concerned about your friends"
"Yeah and I've been concerned about yours since I met them"
"Have you?"
"The boys are weird"
".... I'll give you that" I sighed
"Yeah?" I sighed as I put my board away
"I don't like your clothes."
"You have mentioned that many times y/n"
"what! you do dress like a cowboy porn star!"
"Okay the cowboy I get where are you getting porn star?"
"The weird caterpillar you keep above your mouth"
"You love it" I smirked as I put it away
"But seriously benny I don't like your clothes"
"Take them off"
"...Ohh" I laughed "Something you wanted wifey?" I smirked leaning on the kitchen counter beside her
"Nope just wanted to make you hard so I can abandon you" she smirked groping my dick though my jeans and then walking off
"You are evil"
"yep" she smiled as the door knocked "Get the door please husband"
"Yes wifey" I sighed going to the door as it was pounding by now, I opened it and almost gulped seeing the gang of tall, muscular, burley, heavily tattooed, leather jacket wearing men with bags and boxes of beer. "Uuuuuhhhh Hello" I smiled
"Uhh Yes, that uh that's uhh she's over there" I told them letting them all in,
"Ahhh my boys!" she smiled hugging them each tightly, once they where all inside I shut the door as they opened the first box of beer, My god she's turn my flat into a biker bar.
"y/n? are they going to kill me?" I whispered to her
"Maybe if you piss them off. wouldn't be the first time" she smiled as she walked off to chat with some others
"Wait- what? what do you mean wouldn't be the first time?" I asked her "Y/n? Y/n? Don't leave me alone" I whined following her carefully
"Benny watts are you scared?"
"Yes! this is little the first time in my life I'm NOT the most insane man in the room." I told her "I know I like to stick out but this... this is in a way I don't like"
"Boys?" she called making them all silence and look at us "Don't murder my husband...." she smiled
"That's it?"
"Don't murder my husband... Please?"
some nodded but most just returned to their conversations, their beer's or other such things, Y/n walked off to put some of her records on, and helped out one of the guys with something.
I mostly just sat at the table trying not to get in the way as my apartment was full of these... well biker guys, The smell of cigarette smoke wafting across the air, as well as the smell of beer, motorbike oil, and cannabis. The empty pile of cans and bottles of beer piling high by the door, The rock music blaring, men shouting and swearing at each other. Some guys arm wrestling others betting on it, spilling beer across the side, another group was doing something with vodka shots I wasn't sure, Y/n had helped one guy set up all the cushions on the floor like a bed and he had a little... let's call it improvised tattoo machine and sat cross legged smoking something as he did tattoo's on other guys, often he would pass the cigarette to y/n as she went around gathering empty bottles, checking on various things. as much as it wasn't my scene I loved how... she's kinda the queen of this shit, on anything she had the final word, on beer's, on who won games, everything went though her.
"Come on Baby? where's my sugar?" One guy asked sitting in the leather chair trying to pull her onto his lap
"Oi! hand's off Pete, ladies busy" she argues pushing his hands off her
"Besides, little ladies married now" Another guy spoke up from the table
"Yeah, how'd that little weasel get his hands on my baby?" He smirked more to y/n then anyone else
"Reasons" she smirked winking to me,
"Hey? Watts right?" he asked to me
"Yeah" I nodded
"You party?" he asks offering me a cigarette
"Uhhh no. No thanks"
"Whatever, fun little hubby you got y/n" He smirked pulling her onto his lap
"He's fun" she smirked getting off his lap "sometimes" she smiled as she walked past giving my cheek a kiss
"Y/n? your up" The guy called as he finished up the last guys tattoo
"wait your getting another tattoo?" I asked her
"No just touching up mine" she smiled "You wanna come hold my hand benny?" she whines playfully
"Alright" I smiled holding her hand so she dragged me over she laid on the pillows as this guy looked her tattoo over. He was taller then me, muscular and toned, Tattoo's covering every inch of his body, he was shirtless with only a pair of jeans and some suspenders, he sat cross legged on the cushion as he cleaned his needles and got some ink ready in a little glass dish "Y/n are you sure this is... sanitary on our floor?"
"Our floor's cleaner then the shop I got this done in" she laughs tapping the ottoman so I sat on it and took her hand "I don't really need you, I did it last time with just a lollipop and a foul mouth" she laughs "But... give you practice" she winks
"We good?" He asked her and she nodded and he started, it was only fascinating to see him touching up the colours and lines of her dragon even if at times it felt like she was going to break my hand till he took a break to change the colour or needle I don't know,
"fucking hell" I complain shaking my hand where it had gone numb
"Ohh this is nothing wait till I have a baby"
"Hell no, I'm waiting in the husband room with a paper"
"No your not your going to hold my hand that or stare at the human forcing its way out of me. either way" she smirked
"That is if you have a baby?"
"Like your not gonna get me pregnant" she smiled giving my lips a sweet kiss
"I might" I winked
"You don't I will" That Pete guy smirked
"You're done" The guy told her and she smiled sitting up
"You're turn"
"what? no way!"
"Awww what's the matter benny? You scared?" she smirked "I knew you wouldn't" she giggled as she got up "Guess I have a better pain tolerance then you,"
"I could sit though it y/n. I just don't... want anything"
"I bet you can't"
"I bet I can"
"Put your money where your mouth is then watts." she smirked the room going quiet
"Yeah? Okay. If I do it you have to stop this stupid competing." I told her and she seemed shocked "we call the bets off, all of them"
"and what would we do about... everything?"
"I get to give in. and stay married to you. as long as I want"
"Humm found of your wifey now are you watts?" she smirked wrapping her arms around my neck
"I am. no more fighting, No more dares. and you stay my wife" I told her wrapping my arms around her waist
"And if you can't do it? If your chicken out?"
"Then we call our bet off and you win. you can leave me"
"Hummm... Okay" she smiled "But I pick what you get"
"Deal" I sighed
she smirked and pulled me to heavily kiss her, I happily kissed her back tightening my grip on her, I could hear the guys wolf whistling at us till she pulled away "Get cosy Benny" she smirked running to the table getting a bit of paper,
I breathed and laid on the cushions trying to get comfy staring at my celling while my head screamed at me
'Helloo! Earth to benny's rational mind what the fuck are we doing! why do we agree to this! She's gonna tattoo a dick on me isn't she?'
"You done this before?" The guy asked me
"I aint gonna lie to ya man, It's gonna fuckin' hurt"
"Yeah... I know"
"Ankle, under 15." y/n smiled handing this guy a bit of paper but I didn't see what it was on it "Get him on the bone"
"You're intentionally making this hurt aren't you?"
"Ohh relax benny, My first tattoo was my ankle"
"It was? so... it's an easy first place then?" I asked as she came over getting comfy with me
"Ohhh noo. I screamed" she smirked rubbing on my shoulders
"don't move. Or It'll take longer. and hurt more" he told me
"Great" I sighed
"Ohh relax I'm not that evil to you benny"
".... we got married out of spite of course your fucking evil to me" I said starting to panic as he moved my jeans up 'ohh fuck oh fuck this is getting real, this is getting real, it's not to late I can get out of this'
"Yeah," she laughs giving me a cuddle "I hate you"
"I hate you too" I told her and as I did I felt the scratchy pain across my ankle "ahhh fuck!"
I blocked it out or at least tried to, Mostly just laid there with my hands over my eyes narwing on the inside of my mouth as y/n cuddled me and sometimes gave me kisses often going here and there to do other things as people began to leave to head home every so often i felt him drag something across my skin wiping away
"what uhhh what are you wiping?" I asked trying to focus on something other then the pain
"Ink." He says "and blood"
"I shouldn't have asked" I sighed
"Almost done" He says
"Is it normal to feel sick?"
"You're probably just low on sugar" Y/n laughs "You should have eaten something"
"Yeah well... waiting for my wife to make me dinner"
"Make him his dinner y/n" Pete Laughed as he had now came close to watch my pain sitting on the rug even if I did notice him ever so often ogling y/n
"Benny make y/n her dinner" Y/n giggled
"I would by my wife insisted I get my ankle amputated" I sighed
"Ohh grow up your getting a single line tattoo under fifteen centimetres. Not like I made you get my dragon" she laughs
"How long did your dragon take?"
"six hours in two three hour blocks one for line work and one for colouring" The guy smirked as he worked
"How much did that cost?" I asked
"Two crates of beer, fifty bucks and a free fuck with my friend Lina" she laughs
"How much is this?" I asked
"The beer and the cigarette I've had tonight" He shrugs "And your done"
"I'm done?"
"All finished man. you feel alright?" he asks as I sat up
"I feel like I'm going to faint or hurl"
"Go lay down benny," y/n smiled helping me up even if I couldn't put weight on my ankle instantly falling into her arms "whoa. Okay to bed Mr watts right now" she laughs helping me to our room and instantly she tucked me into bed "You get some rest okay sleep tight" she smiles kissing my head before going back to the living room leaving the door open a crack
"Back in a sec y/n I gotta clean up" The tattoo guy said as he headed to the bathroom
"Sure dan" she waves
'ooohh so that's dan"
I tried not to focus on the aching and throbbing pain on my ankle trying to get to sleep
"so? can I have a little sugar now baby?" Pete asked
"Pete knock it off. How many times I'm not into that anymore"
"what? seriously? but your my little biker baby?"
"Yeah well Not anymore"
"What? Because you got married in Vegas your actually going though with this shit? you got drunk and hooked up so what divorce him and lets get back to our sugar?"
"Pete, Look I'm serious. I'm married now"
"You can't really be staying with this little weasel"
"I am." she smiled "I Like being a wife, I like a lot of things about it but... I'm happy,"
I smiled a little and quickly fell asleep.
I groaned as I woke up my ankle still aching but I felt y/n cuddled up with me "Ummm good morning wifey" I smirked holding her close
"Ummmm hello Husband" she smiled cuddling me tighter "How are you feeling?"
"Better, now I have you"
"Yeah me too" she smiled kissing me softly I smirked and pulled her closer kissing her back being careful of her fresh tattoo
"so... we're married. and not looking for a divorce."
"Nope. Unless you like.. I don't know cheat on me or anything like that" she laughs "but other then that. I'm happy"
"Yeah, I'm happy too y/n" I smiled "We're happily married my darling"
"Very happy" she smiled "coffee?"
"Yes please my sweet wife" I told her and she smiled getting up and tugging me along with her, to the kitchen, I smiled wrapping my arms around her nuzzling into her neck as she made coffee, "We're really... not competing anymore? you're happy to stay married to me?"
"Very happy benny," she smiled turning to give me a kiss "For as long as you are"
"I heard... you and pete last night?"
"Did you now?"
"did you and him?"
"Once. Yeah, well you heard last night don't you trust me?"
"I trust you, Even if I hate you"
"Yeah I hate you too" she laughs "Do you like it?" she asks as she turned to face me
"Like what?"
"You're ankle?"
"Ohh. I haven't really seen it yet"
"Come on then" she giggled excitedly dragging me over to the Livingroom sitting her little mirror on the table and angling it down so I could see my ankle I was a little worried what I now Had permanently on me but I was pleasantly surprised,
The careful and beautiful linework of the outline  of the king piece
"oooohh... I like that actually"  I smirked rather impressed with it even if it was rather red,
"See. trust me" she giggled
"It's beautiful darling, I really like it"
"Good, I thought you would" she smiled moving a little closer standing beside me and I could see in the mirror as she got closer she had a fresh tattoo on her ankle too a tattoo in the same style in the same place on her ankle but of a queen piece so as we stood together they matched
"after you went to sleep, before Dan left"
"I love it even more now, it's amazing my darling"
"Ummm" she smiled hugging me tightly nuzzling her head into my chest "I love you"
I was in shock, my heart beating quickly, I relaxed a little and hugged her tightly pulling her as close as I could "I love you too"
I smirked as we arrived at lukes my arm around y/n my hand on her butt though her coat
"Hey! you guys are togethere and aren't murdering each other? this is a rareity" Luke laughed letting us in leading us into the poker room where everyone else was already waiting
"Hi everyone" she smiled
"Hey" I waved as we got to the last two seats next to each other, I slipped my jacket and hat off  
"Drinks?" Luke asked
"Just a cola please Luke" she smiled
"Me too" I told him
"This is... weird" Luke said getting them from his little fridge "But come on you two know the rules"
"Course. You look beautiful y/n"
"Awww thank you benny, you look very handsome too" she smiled I happily kissed her giving her lips a sweet intense kiss
"What- What the hell is going on?" Luke asked as everyone was confused
"You go on wifey" I winked slapping her butt as I sat down she smiled widely and showed off her nice diamond ring,  and wedding ring. everyone looked impressed and shocked so I smirked and showed off my own with my signet ring
"You- You two are... fucking married now?" He asked
"Yep happily married" she smiled slipping her coat off putting it on the chair
"Yes! I knew it!" Mark laughed from across the table "the second y/n wasn't drinking I knew it"
"Yeah, Four months now right?"
"Four and a half" she smiled as she sat down and took my hand "I love you" she smiled nuzzling into my shoulder as Luke dealt the cards
"I love you too" I smirked giving her a kiss
"This is the most insane thing I've seen in my life. But I knew you two loved each other really" Luke laughed.
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bobateastay · 2 months ago
hello! can i request a soft dom boyfriend minho x fem reader please? just... mmm something along the lines of them finally living together and still have to get used to some changes and each other's daily habits which made them kinda sensitive and ended up fighting but then they'll make up and make love 🥺 thank you in advance ily
Tumblr media
A/N: hello lovely anon!! i hope this didn’t take too long and that you like the way it turned out but if you don’t feel free to leave more requests and i’ll happily write them for you!! thank you for requesting and thank you for specifying reader’s gender <3
tags - fluff, smut, established relationship, soft sex, domestic arguments
Word Count: 2′413
Moving in with Minho had been a dream of yours for the past few months. You’d been dating for just over a year now and stayed over at each other’s places almost constantly when your respective flatmates weren’t in the way. You’d been thinking about it for a while already when Minho brought it up. 
You were in his kitchen, his hips pressed against your ass as you made pancakes. His lips left open-mouthed kisses along your neck as you set aside the pan, fingers gripping your hips tight enough to leave bruises. A smile played on your lips as he grinded against your ass, the feeling of his cock getting hard against you making your heart flutter.
“Isn’t Jisung coming home?” you asked, breath catching in your throat when Minho brought a hand up to wrap around your neck. 
“He said he’s getting back at seven,” he mumbled, a small hum of satisfaction leaving his throat. “Which gives us all day-”
Loud laughter filled the apartment all of a sudden and Minho drew back from you, tugging the shirt he was wearing down to cover the bulge in his sweatpants. You felt your whole face flush, picking up the pan to put it into the sink.
“Minho!” Jisung called. “I brought Chan and Changbin!”
“What happened to coming back at seven?” Minho called back, glaring at the younger boy who appeared in the doorway. 
“Are those pancakes?”
“Not for you, thief,” Minho grumbled. “Tell me when you’re coming home early.”
“Sorry for the intrusion!” Chan and Changbin called from the living room. You and Minho stood in the kitchen for a little while after Jisung left the room, Minho offering you an apologetic smile. You hugged him, letting your head rest against him as you breathed in the scent of his laundry detergent. His fingers ran through your hair, chest raising in a quiet sigh.
“Have you ever thought about us moving in together?” he asked quietly.
“Isn’t it a pain, with Jisung and your flatmates? Think about it, okay?”
It turned out to be a good idea, spending the next few weeks searching for apartments and picking out bed sheets and kitchen equipment. It was fun and the two of you had fun moving in with help from both your friends. The first few days in the new apartment were filled with sharing takeout on cardboard boxes and giggling at possessions you’d never noticed the other owned. When the bed was finally set up you fucked on the clean, pretty sheets you’d bought and made a mess of them (which was a pain because you hadn’t bought an extra set yet). The kitchen filled with golden light in the mornings and the living room sofa was much comfier than the one you’d had before. Overall it felt like things were perfect.
However, you hadn’t anticipated that after a few weeks together you’d start to grow tired of being with each other almost constantly. Minho was good at cleaning but he left the bathroom floor and mirrors wet - something that irked you even when it wasn’t a big deal. Minho felt the same about the way you left dishes out on the counter or the way you let your laundry pile up so much that you had to spend two days straight taking care of it. These things weren’t all that important but on top of having to be around each other when you were grumpy or tired or hyper, it piled up until the two of you were actively avoiding each other almost every day.
“Y/N!” Minho called from the kitchen. “Have you seen that mug I like?”
“Which one?” you hummed as you made your way to the kitchen. 
“The one with the cat on the handle, you know?”
“I put it in the dishwasher,” you told him with a small shrug.
“You put it in the- you can’t put it in the dishwasher!” he yelled, waving an arm at you. You huffed softly.
“It’s not a big deal-”
“It is a big deal, the paint’s gonna come off! Do you never listen to me, how many times have I told you that you can’t-”
“I’ll buy you another one, Minho, don’t make a fuss,” you mumbled, rubbing your brow bone.
“I’m the one fussing? You ignore everything I say and then ruin the stuff I own and I’m the one fussing?” he shouted, turning away from you. “Can’t you just listen to me?”
You toyed with the ends of your t-shirt, pressing your lips together into a thin line. Now that you thought about it, it had been his favourite mug - but you really hadn’t meant to fuck it up. You were sure that you did listen to him. Despite what he said, you never meant to ignore him. 
“I’m sorry, baby,” you said softly, tempted to reach out to him but too scared that you’d just upset him more.
“Yeah, sure,” he muttered. 
You retreated to your shared bedroom, curling up on the bed. You felt a sigh rise in your chest, exhaling slowly. It hit you then how much you missed Minho, how much you missed all the giggles and closeness that had been so easy between the two of you before. You found yourself pouting as you thought of how much you just wanted to be close to him again. Was it your fault? Maybe it had been a bad idea to live together from the start. 
You lay there for what felt like forever until your thoughts were so jumbled you could barely tell them apart, eyes watery and hands holding tightly onto the hem of your t-shirt. You were pulled out of your worried state by a knock at the door. Minho opened it before you had a chance to ask what he wanted, seating himself by your feet.
“Baby,” he said, a gentle hand coming to rest on your calf. You hummed in reply, blinking quickly. “Can you come here? We should talk.”
You sat up without hesitation, almost desperate to have Minho treat you normally again. He gave you an apologetic smile and gestured to his lap. You straddled him carefully, enjoying the way his hands came up to hold your face. There was a minute of silence, both of you admiring each other’s features after not having been this close to each other for a while. When you finally opened your mouth to speak Minho took it as an opportunity to kiss you, leaning in and moving his hands to hold your waist.
The kiss was slow and careful, his tongue only sliding against your bottom lip after a small sigh left you. His hands continued to be gentle, sliding his fingertips up underneath your t-shirt to touch your warm skin. You giggled against his lips when his thumbs ran over your skin.
“I’m sorry, angel,” he said, voice quiet. “I didn’t mean for it to go like this.”
“That’s okay, it’s not your fault... I’m sorry for ruining your favourite mug,” you answered, kissing along his cheekbone. 
“That kind of was your fault,” he joked, kissing your neck. He was quiet, hands squeezing your waist as he sucked a dark hickey into your skin. “Let me make it up to you?”
You nodded, moving your hips against him. The way his bottom lip caught between his teeth when he grinded up into you made your heart flutter. He was so pretty, his eyes so concentrated while he stared at your lips, hands travelling up beneath your shirt to cup your breasts. He grinned at the knowledge that you weren't wearing a bra and you murmured an embarrassed 'shut up', arching slightly into his touch.
He was quiet, thumbs rubbing over your nipples until they were hard. You felt your chest grow sensitive while heat gathered in your crotch.
"I missed your pretty chest," Minho said softly. He gestured for you to lift your arms, helping you pull off your t-shirt. "I missed kissing you." He leaned forward to flick his tongue against one of your nipples, his fingers toying with the other one. You bit your lip to try and muffle your whimpers, embarrassed by how easy it was for him to make a mess of you. 
"Don't tease," you whined, tugging at his hair. Minho didn't pay any attention to you, sucking marks into your chest and kissing until both your nipples were wet, the air cold on your skin. He smirked, looking at you once again. He could feel how your body tensed from the smallest of touches, taking pleasure in pinching your nipples and twisting them. 
"I just want to make you feel good, dollface," he told you, leaning to kiss you. He swallowed your whines and whimpers, letting out a deep breath of satisfaction when your hand came into contact with his crotch. He pulled back just enough to whisper against you, his breath warm on your lips. "Tell me what you want."
His words made you throb with need, your panties growing wet. You shut your eyes, squeezing Minho's hard-on through his pants, thumb rubbing circles against the tip. You rested your forehead against his, drinking in the soft pants he let out. 
"I want you inside of me," you told him, squeezing him gently. "Please fuck me, I miss how you feel inside of me." 
You expected him to laugh and tease you more but all he did was mutter a quiet 'fuck', grabbing the waistband of your pants. 
"Take these off."
You did as he asked, watching him do the same. The sight of his cock, flushed and hard made your sex pulse. You shifted your thighs slightly and felt how wet you really were, your inner thighs already messy just from Minho playing with your tits. You sat yourself back on the bed, Minho pushing you so that you were laying with your head on the pillows. 
"I wanna see your pretty face when I make you cum," he told you, pushing two fingers into you. The slight stretch was welcome, Minho's eyes on you making you flush darkly. He knew just how to make you weak, his fingers curling just right, his thumb rubbing circles into your clit. "Tell me how it feels."
"It feels good," you told him, gasping when he added another finger. It hurt a little this time but the feeling of Minho's lips on your jaw distracted you. After a few more thrusts of his fingers your hips were bucking up to meet his movements, thighs shaking slightly. "It feels good but let me- I wanna cum on your dick."
This time he did laugh a little, curling his fingers to draw a loud whine from you. He seemed to have no intention of stopping, even when you grabbed his shoulders, nails digging into his soft skin.
"What do you say angel?"
"Please," you whimpered. You felt your stomach tighten just at the thought of his length already leaking precum, that pretty vein along the side of it and the way it twitched slightly if you said the right things to him. "Please, let me cum on your cock."
Minho removed his fingers, bringing them to his lips to suck them clean. You watched, unable to catch your breath with just how pretty he looked. His lips were so soft and just that little bit swollen from kissing, eyes completely focused on you. You whined, pushing your hips up to try and get him to hurry. 
"You're so cute," he told you, rubbing the head of his cock between your folds. His moans were quiet but just as pretty as his face. He pushed in slowly, brows drawn together and eyes squeezed shut. You let out a long groan when you felt him bottom out, hole clenching around him just to feel how deep he was. This drew another moan from him, his hips bucking into you. "Y/N?"
"Yeah?" you said quietly, your hands reaching for his waist. He pulled out just as slowly as he'd pushed in, his thrusts languid and gentle. He opened his eyes to look at you, exhaling audibly.
"I love you."
You grinned at him, fingers squeezing against him. 
"I love you- fuck," you were cut off by your own moan when Minho angled his hips to thrust against the spot that made you see stars. His hands gripped your hips tightly, fucking into you slow but firm. "I love you too," you finally managed to gasp out, followed by a long whimper. 
"I missed your pussy," he moaned, hands squeezing your chest before one hand came down to touch your clit. "It's so easy to make you wet, baby... You feel so good around my cock."
He felt you throb around him as he spoke, leaning down to kiss you as carefully as he could. 
"Minho," you moaned against his lips, knocking noses with him by mistake. "Minho, I'm-" 
He silenced you once again, muffling your loud gasps and moans with his lips as you came. Your walls tightened around him, pulling his cock in deep as he slowed his thrusts. You were shaking beneath him, hands coming up to rest on the back of his neck. 
"Good girl," he murmured, continuing to fuck into you although he was much gentler now. With each thrust he could feel your cunt pulse, could hear how wet you were each time his hips met yours. 
"Cum for me," you said between quick breaths. "Please cum for me."
Your gentle words made his stomach tighten as he hurriedly pulled out of you, groaning as he came on your stomach. He felt his thighs shake as you took a hold of his length, stroking him through his orgasm until he was shuddering. 
He lay beside you, pulling you close even though you were both a little sweaty now and your stomach was sticky. Once both of you were breathing calmly, his fingers tracing patterns onto your spine, you opened your eyes to admire his face as though it were the first time you were seeing it.
"You know," you began, watching as Minho opened his eyes to watch you speak. There was already a fond smile on his lips even before he'd heard what you had to say. "I'd buy you a thousand mugs if it meant I could keep living with you."
Minho laughed softly, humming as he hugged you close again.
"Don't you dare break a thousand of my mugs."
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weebmonster · 2 months ago
Tamaki X Neko Reader ❤️
ℙ𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘: 𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕛𝕚𝕜𝕚 𝕏 𝕐/ℕ
ℝ𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘: ℕ𝕊𝔽𝕎 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥
𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕘𝕖𝕣 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘: ℕ𝕠𝕟𝕖
Tumblr media
Your Quirk is Kitten. You have a tail and ears, your nails are sharp and you do a lot of cat things. You're extremely flexible and agile, but you need a lot of energy to do so and you're on the lazy side of cats.
You peeled into 1-A and waved to the students.
  "Hi guys!" You beamed and the class waved back. "Hi Mr. Aizawa!"
He waved back and you quickly walked in, handed him a stack of papers and he patted your head.
  "What's that?" Kaminari asked.
You flipped your head back to face him. "There's tests. Forty questions on each page! Good luck~!"
The class whines and Aizawa smiled and told you not to do that.
"Ok ok! They aren't tests... but I can't tell you!" You said, waving your hands around. The class calmed down and sighs filled the room.
  "Bye nowww!" You skipped out the classroom and shut the door, right on your tail.
   "Damnit!" You frowned, opening the door and yanking your tail.
   "Hey.. N-no cursing..."
you looked to Amajiki and bent down, a grin on your face. "Make me.."
  "Y/N, you seem more excited!"
You nodded to Nejire. "I've noticed that too! I dunno why but I like being excited, keeps me happy."
She rubbed your head, making a point to scratch your ears. You grinned at her and she walked to her class. You sat back on the couch, mostly just looking at your claws and blooping a string of yarn around your fingers then your eyes darted to a little girl.
She was hiding behind a door, white wavy hair, big apple red eyes, a tiny smile on her face and a drawing in hand.
  "Eri!" You completely forgot about the string and jumped to Eri, pulling her in a big hug and holding her face.
   "Hai Y/N!" She giggled and gave you the drawing. "Look! I drew you and the big three!"  She pointed to Mirio, then Tamaki and finally you and Nejire.
   "You wanna hang it up?"
She nodded and you scooped her up, walked to the bulletin board and she grabbed a red push pin, held the drawing and stabbed it.
   "Nice job!" You cheered and tossed her in the air. She screamed and giggled, asking for you to do it again. You threw her again and she squealed, falling right back in your arms. She dropped down and ran back off, leaving you back with your yarn for a while.
You looked to see Amajiki at the doorway, looking down at the ground and simply playing with his fingers.
  "Nya?" You we're still focused on the yarn and it tipped over and fell onto your face.
Amajiki chuckled and sat beside your head. "Are you okay?"
You sat up and paused from your daily play. "Why wouldn't I be?"
He paused. "Well... cats usually gets really excited over certain things so I was just curious... but if your okay then alright.."
He reached to rub the tips of your ears.
You pushed his hand away the second it touched you, feeling a different feeling; it was still nice but different. You recognized the feeling you'd get sometimes, it was that feeling you only got on certain days.
"Amajiki~!" You peeked in his dorm and saw him pulling a shirt over his head. He smiled and held out out his arms for you to wrap yourself in. You spun around and wrapped his arms around your chest, looking up at him with a grin.
  "My baby..." He kissed your forehead and you climbed onto the bed, it being a bit of a hassle since you didn't wanna crawl it by mistake.
   "Wrong! I'm not yours..." You giggled and grabbed a pair of nail clippers on the dresser, holding them to your own fingers and snipping them. You clipped four then ended up hurting yourself.
Amajiki took the clippers from you and then out his hand under yours, held the clippers over the nail and snipped. It cut off cleanly and he clipped the other hand for you.
  "Why's that so hard for you..?" He chuckled and leaned over to the dresser to set the nail clippers back. You bent down all the way to the bed and stretched as best you could.
   "I didn't need help...!" You groaned and felt a hand on your waist, making you jump.
   "Y-Y/N... I know why you keep acting like this.."
You looked anywhere else from Tamaki, scaring of what he might say; he could get it right, he's never been wrong at guessing what's the matter with you.
That word made you jump, he was right.
  "You always get bratty and playful when you have your heat.."
You shivered, feeling Amajiki's hands trail down to your jeans, hooking his thumb on the belt loop and pulled them down quickly.
  "I think we can fix t-that.."
  "Come o-out..."
you walked out from the bathroom with a bell collar around your neck, a pair of underwear and a vibrator shoved right up your sopping hole. Amajiki looked at you and gestured for you to sit on his lap, latching a leash on your collar. He tugged on it gently and you bent over on his lap, giving him access to your bottom half.
"My good Y/N.." He cooed and trailed his fingers over your entrance. They slowly dipped in you hole and slid right back out, pushing the toy deeper into you which made you cry out.
He kissed your cheek and neck, turning you to lay on the bed in one motion; he looked at you in the eyes, letting you see all the lust building up like a bubble getting ready to burst hidden behind his sweet loving eyes. You had no idea until you screamed out but he had undid his pants and shoved himself right into you.
He pounded into you at a vigorous pace, not letting up for a second; you moaned and gasped, digging your nails into his back. That only seemed to fuel his lust and want to fuck the brains out of you, his thrusts getting deeper.
"Butterfly... you're practically mewling f-for me..." He sighed at the feeling of you contracting around him, signaling you were cumming. Your legs shook and you instinctively bit down on the boy's neck, nails already scratching up his back. Tamaki thrusted one last time, shoving himself into you completely and stopping, his chest heaving and him being a sweaty mess.
"Feel better, Butterfly..?" He looked at your face, you being caught in your euphoric state, he kissed your forehead and pulled out, making you moan. You looked down at your dripping hole, Amajiki's semen in a pool and dripping out slowly; you flexed and tightened the muscles down there like you were pushing something out and the white liquid rose a bit and more dribbled out.
"That felt like three orgasms all at once..." You giggled and kissed Amajiki's forehead, pulling him down to the bed for cuddles.
Your arms delicately wrapped around him and he sighed contently, his breathing becoming more slowed and steady.
"I love you... so so much, Y/N."
You smiled and turned your head. "Me too... I love me too.."
You felt Tamaki pull at the leash again and you let out a laugh, apologizing.
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theravencawsatmidnight · 2 months ago
Sweets sweets sweets
Pt 2
Sugar Daddy Tendou
Wanna see more of this? Let me know!
@squeaky-ducky @knifeewifee @kingtamakimurder @thesimpsclub @galagcica
Tumblr media
“Three...three hundred…….” The money crinkled in your hands. You had never gotten such an insane tip before.. who was this guy?!? And who was that tall man with him? Quickly you shoved the cash into your apron along with the note . As soon as you did your boss came over to rush you to more tables.
“Y/n back to work!! Wheres the payment?”
“Here sir!!” You handed him the black book to watch him open it.
“No tip?” He pointed to the X .
“Oh uh!!! , he left me a candy so that counts right?” The little green wrapper shined between your fingers.
“Even better! More money for us.” He took his leave and you took the note out again reading it over and over.
“Shop.. chocolate shop im guessing..” you unwrapped the candy to see ‘sweets sweets sweets’ on the inside. “The.. shop i pass? The one that smells so good?!?”
It was a heart candy with very detailed designs sketched into it. You took a bite feeling your eyes roll into your head. It had melted fudge inside that made your heart stir all around. ..
Tendou was back in his usual spot making chocolate with a lazy happy smile on his face. The chocolate was falling off his spon every time he lifted it up . “Aah…” he pulled his chair over to sit and admire his shop.
“I hope she comes by, maybe Ushi Kun will want to go again tomorrow if she does not.” He leaned on his table with his arms extended out , his happy grin flatlining . “Should i go home tonight?” He pouted at the thought.
The bell on his door dinged alerting him to a customer. Tendo pulled himself up to see you clutching the note to your chest, you still had on your uniform and apron.
“Uh? I hope this is the right place.. “
“Y/n chan..” Tendo circled the table pulling his chef hat off . “You came..”
You jumped seeing him and quickly pulled the money from your apron. “I… Sir i cant accept…”
He looked down at the money as if it was foreign to him. His cat like eyes drooping and his smile coming back. “Y/N chan.. that is for you.”
“But Sir i…” he pressed a finger to your lips .
“Y/n chan. Seeing you run around like that today, no break, no water. Your boss barking at you. Is that everyday? Dont your feet hurt?”
He tasted like sweet chocolate , a very sweet chocolate with a hint of mint. His words sounded genuine too, sure your feet ached everyday but.. but.. but what…?
You lightly sucked on the tip of his finger as you talked. “They.. they do.. its been long shifts..”
“Ahh y/n chan. There's more where that came from. Im a lonely man i dont even go home some nights. All i want is some love, and someone to spend my money on.”
Were you really going to accept his offer? You would never have to work again.. “ what.. will i do then?” His finger hit your tongue and he had wrapped an arm around you.
“Whatever you want y/n chan. Want to sleep in? I've got the biggest, warmest bed. See something you want? Come here, I'll give you the cash.”
“I wanna.. spend the day with you..” lightly you gripped his wrist to kiss his knuckles after moving his hand away. “You deserve to sleep in a bed Sir..”
Tendou purred, picking you up and taking you to his table to lay you on it. “If your there y/n chan. Ill take that offer.”
You pulled his face down to kiss him and wrap a leg around him. Tendo was in such bliss, finally, someone to love and spend his money on . He could not wait to tell Ushi Kun.
Tendou was kissing down your neck and you were working on getting your apron off, fussing with the tie just for Tendo to stop you with a happy face. “Leave the apron on, its kinda my thing.”
Tendou had your clothes off you in a matter of minutes. He even put the apron back on you , it was bouncing along with your tits with each thrust. Tendou filled you up perfectly, you were soaking his table but he did not mind. You had chocolate drizzled on your face too which Tendo kissed and licked off of you.
Told you it was a special recipe he wanted to test out before he makes it into chocolate. You said he was silly for such a thing and he just pressed your knees to your chest fucking you harder.
“Sir!!! Wanna.. cum.. please..”
He kissed your cheek and pulled your apron off your chest. “Y/n chan. No need to ask me. Go ahead. “ he kissed all over squeezing each one feeling you tighten around him .
“ wanna .. scream your name Sir.. “ you pulled his face to you whining for his approval.
Tendou kissed your lips pushing all the way in you letting his release take over him. He purred his name into your ear, you cried it out finally cumming around his cock, Tendou looked up at the ceiling blinking slowly. “Im so happy... “ he told himself.
Tendou had brought you to his home, cleaned you up and dressed you in expensive silky pajamas before helping you into his bed. He kissed your head watching those pretty eyes flutter shut . A hefty stack of cash and some chocolates was set on his desk next to you once you drifted off. He was happy, content, and blissed. Maybe tomorrow he would actually call an employee in and take the day off.
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hyucksfullsunx · 2 months ago
this took way longer than i’d care to admit.. if it sucks actual ass, i’m sorry. the writers block was real and i basically had to force this shit out so- dont hate me Niragi x Chishiya  ***warnings :18+, nsfw, the good shit + Arisu deciding to watch 👀👀***
There was always something about him, something that would constantly get on Niragi’s nerves. No matter what, everyday Chishiya would manage to do it at least twice without fail. It was just after a game when the militants returned to the beach, along with a few others when Niragi’s eyes scanned everywhere in the Beach for the shorter man to arrive. Of course Chishiya had managed to piss him off during a game, just with his typical comments, even one word from the silver haired man would set Niragi off and Chishiya loved it. He loved knowing he could so easily get under Niragi’s skin, and he loved what happened afterwards, not that he would ever admit it. Once Niragi caught sight of Chishiya’s figure walking through the main doors of the Beach from where he stood on the indoor balcony, instead of approaching the hooded man, he simply made eye contact with him before motioning his head to indicate for Chishiya to follow him out of the building. Niragi pushed his tall frame from the balcony before strutting out of the Beach, some people around him moving out of his way in fear of him leaving him with a smirk plastered across his face.  What neither of the men realised was someone picking up on their subtle communication. That someone being Arisu. He hadn’t been far behind Chishiya walking into the Beach and had noticed Niragi watching like a hawk watching his prey. Arisu’s mind couldn’t stop thinking of possibilities of what could be happening whenever those two snuck off together. Was Chishiya planning something with him? Not knowing what went down everytime they were alone was almost driving Arisu insane. That’s when he made the decision that tonight was finally the night he was going to follow them and see for himself, even though he knew if Niragi caught him there was a high chance of him either being tortured, beaten up or even killed, but not knowing was even worse for Arisu. After making it outside, Chishiya strolled around the Beach in search of Niragi purposefully taking his time just to test the black haired man’s patience a little while longer. Thinking he made Niragi wait long enough, he finally made his way to the lot where the cars were parked, this being their usual meet up spot before they would head to somewhere else, although this time Niragi had something else up his sleeve for tonight. Once Niragi caught a glimpse of Chishiya’s figure approaching him in the dimly lit lot, he stood up from his previous slouched position on the bonnet of a 2010 Mustang GT and made eye contact with the shorter man. ‘’You took too long.’’ Niragi spoke, his voice harsh as he raised an eyebrow. Chishiya stood a few feet away from him with his hands stuffed in his hoodie pockets. ‘’I didn’t know I was being timed, I had no reason to rush.’’ Chishiya replied with a slight shrug, a small smirk pulling on the edges of his lips threatening to show how he was really toying with the other man. Niragi scoffed at the response he was given before he placed his gun on the car he once rested on, taking a few steps and closing a gap between him and Chishiya. ‘’I don’t like to be kept waiting, I thought you knew that by now.’’ Niragi said, inching his face closer to the shorter man's while putting one of his hands on the back of the Chishiya's neck. Compared to Niragi’s cold demeanour, his warm breath fanned over Chishiya’s face causing his heart to beat faster while trying to stay cool on the outside, compared to the bubbling feeling he had in his stomach. Niragi noticed Chishiya's eyebrows slightly furrow subconsciously as his eyes softened while looking up at him, an action that Niragi quickly learned meant that Chishiya's more submissive side was coming out. Noticing this Niragi let a smirk fall on his lips as he brought his free hand up to slowly trace his thumb down Chishiya’s face, lightly grabbing his chin and almost pressing his lips against the man's who whined slightly once he realised Niragi was teasing him… making it his time to wait.  The sound of a dark chuckle met Chishiya’s ears as he opened his eyes. He was greeted with the sight of Niragi's eyes locked on his slightly parted lips, soft breaths escaping his own. "you made me wait… Now it's your turn" Niragi whispered before slowly dragging his tongue along Chishiya's bottom lip. Not being able to deal with Niragi's teasing tonight he placed both hands on Niragi's chest pushing him back to where he once rested. Niragi wasn't used to Chishiya being this way, but tonight, turns out he had no patience either.  Unknowingly to both men that were currently lost in the feeling each other, Arisu stood not too far away, seeing something that never even crossed his mind. Compared to how they act around other people, this was something he  would’ve never imagined in a million years. While watching the two men, Arisu felt something inside him that he had never felt before… Why couldn’t he take his eyes off of them? He quickly whipped his head back around the corner as his mind flooded with thoughts of Niragi’s eyes meeting his own. He knew Niragi and Chishiya definitely wouldn’t want this getting out for the sheer fact that people would take it as a weakness. Even though he knew if he got caught that he would quickly be silenced, he wasn’t able to get himself to move from where he stood, almost as if the cement of the ground grew over his feet trapping him there.
The kiss between Chishiya and Niragi was slowly heating up and Niragi could hear Chishiya’s breath slowly becoming more laboured, the sound sent a chill down Niragi’s spine as he pulled his lips away from Chishiya’s, both pairs being red and swollen. ‘’Shouldn’t we go back inside somewhere and-’’ Chishiya said, his voice revealing how much the taller man affected him before he was swiftly cut off. ‘’No.’’ Niragi said as his hands met Chishiya’s hips, pulling his waist against him roughly as he stared down into his eyes, "I've waited long enough to fuck you" he finished before attaching his lips back to Chishiya's. He turned the pair of them around pressing Chishiya against the car before he felt Chishiya's hands undo the button on his tight pants, one of his soft hands dipping past the fabric and grabbing Niragi's hardened length causing the taller man to let out a groan.Niragi quickly brought his hand to Chishiya's neck pushing him down on the hood of the car, knocking almost all the wind out of his lungs. The sight of the smirk on Chishiya's face made Niragi's nostrils flare, only making the black haired man even more on edge. "Do I really need to wipe that stupid look off of your face?" Niragi asked, hand gripping Chishiya's chin forcing him to look at him. Chishiya just shook his head while speaking, ‘’We can’t  be doing this out here’’  ‘’No, we shouldn’t be. There’s a difference.’’ Right after Niragi’s comment he made quick work of removing Chishiya’s shorts, not letting the man up from where he was laying. Chishiya could feel his heartbeat in his throat, ‘’why is he being so risky like this…’’ was all Chishiya could think. Usually Niragi would be against anyone possibly stumbling across them.. Like Arisu did. Curiosity killed the cat.. That might be true in his case, Arisu thought. As he peeked his head around the corner. From where he stood, he almost had a full view of the two men at the front of the car, whereas he was looking more from the back at an angle. His eyes could still make out almost everything the two did. He could only imagine what was going on. He could see Chishiya’s legs were around Niragi’s waist, his mind left to little imagination as he watched the black car slightly rocking back and forth. Niragi kept his hands on Chishiya, his unzipped hoodie providing access to whatever he wanted. Unaware of Arisu’s eyes, Niragi continued moving his hips against Chishiya while one of his hands brought itself up and down his length. ‘’Don’t even think about making a sound’’ Niragi said, his voice quivering from the pleasure he was getting. Chishiya barely managed to nod his head,not daring to open his mouth with a moan in his throat threatening to escape. The last thing he wanted was piss Niragi off right now because he knew he wouldn’t get a release if he didn’t follow the rules. Chishiya’s chest was met with Niragi’s lips as they left slight bites on his skin. The feeling of Niragi’s warm lips and breath against his own skin, mixed with the feeling of Niragi entering him over and over again along with the feeling of his large hand wrapped around Chishiya’s thick dick was almost all the pleasure he could take. The moan that had been held in his throat finally slipped through his parted lips, his eyes fluttering shut when it came to Niragi’s ears. Instead of pulling out of Chishiya’s tight hole like Chishiya was expecting, instead the raven haired man brought his free hand to Chishiya’s neck before gripping it tightly and raising his head slightly to look at him. ‘’I told you not to say anything..’’ Niragi grunted as he started to speed up his thrusts into the smaller man. Due to Niragi’s grip on his throat, he couldn’t get words out, only a singular quiet whimper came from him. Niragi smirked as he quickened the pace of both his hips and his hand, causing Chishiya to squirm on the hood of the car, both men still blissfully unaware of the pair of eyes that was watching them, that was getting pleasure from seeing what was right before his eyes.  Niragi could feel himself drawing closer to an orgasm, but wanted to push Chishiya past his own before Niragi gave himself release. Niragi continues his thrusts, slowing down his hand on Chishiya's dick just enough to be able to run the pad of his thumb over the sensitive tip, causing him to bite down on his own lip to suppress another sound, which was proving to be difficult. Chishiya could feel himself drawing closer to orgasm with each thrust from Niragi resulting in him tightening around Niragi’s length. Ignoring his own rules, the older man let out a rough groan from Chishiya’s tightening around him. Chishiya couldn’t repress the sounds that he held in for so long, his heart rate increased with every second that passed. Laboured breaths and soft whining fell on Niragi’s ears, letting him know that Chishiya was past his breaking point. Niragi ran his tongue over his lip as he watched Chishiya fall apart right in front of him,  his hand and thrust speeding up edging Chishiya on, before slowing both actions down. He watched as Chishiya began whimpering from Niragi’s edging, his hips moving to create more friction against Niragi’s fist. Niragi all but chuckled darkly at him before finally giving into the younger man’s needs. As he sped his hand and his hips up, a groan came from his throat as Chishiya’s hole tightened around him before Chishiya finally released, the white sticky liquid coming from him landing on his own stomach. Niragi leaned down before dragging his tongue along Chishiya’s skin to collect some of the salty cum before his eyes flicked back up to Chishiya’s, but instead of his eyes falling on the panting man’s, a figure in the distance that he quickly realised it to be Arisu.  To Arisu’s shock, when Niragi’s eyes caught his own, he didn’t simply grab his gun and shoot him on the spot. Instead he watched as a smirk came across the psycho’s face before speeding up his thrusts into Chishiya. The thought of someone having watched them the whole time set something off in Niragi as he grabbed Chishiya’s hips, pulling him in with every time he fucked into him. An almost evil groan ripped itself from Niragi’s throat, his grip tightening on Chishiya’s waist enough to leave marks as he finally came spilling into Chishiya. Niragi didn’t stop until he felt himself begin to lose breath, eventually finally pulling out of the smaller man. Niragi fixed his clothing and flipped the few strands of hair that had made their way into his face as he watched Chishiya sit up from his position on the car, fixing his clothes too. The smirk never left Niragi’s face as he glimpsed over to where Arisu had been standing, before turning back to Chishiya. ‘’You should ask Arisu if he liked the free show.’’ 
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moonlightchildz · 2 months ago
wild; j.h
Tumblr media
summary: jung hoseok had the tendency in driving you wild while fucking you senseless.
tags: M, established relationship, smut, creampie, fingering, domestic!hoseok, somewhat of spit play, slight degradation, drug usage (weed)
“So you do this,” Hoseok began showing you how to roll, his eyebrows furrowing in deep concentration. He was too busy trying to demonstrate to you how to properly do it as you watched him in fascination. He was just too cute to not pay attention to. From the way he slowly bit down on his lower heart shaped lip to the way his pretty hands looked underneath the dim lighting in his back porch.
In his thighs he had a basic raw tray, and you were peering up at him in admiration even though what he was doing wasn’t exactly the most legal thing he should be doing at the moment. His wavy hair was swept on the sides, heart shaped lips looking kissable right there and then. He was humming, concentration passing beyond 100 percent and right then your heart sighed. Followed by it fluttering once you saw the tip of his tongue begin to lick the tobacco leaf. His short, manicured nails were turning the half made blunt in his hands, tongue shutting it sealed. 
He was always detailed, precise, and quick when it came to rolling his shit. One of the things that fascinated you of him was how he was constantly putting his all in literally everything. His work, his dancing, his rolling, his goals, ambitions, and everything that made him into the person that was Jung Hoseok was magnified even more by his sheer beauty. So as your boyfriend occupied himself in finishing it, you let your thoughts wonder straight down to the gutter. Hoseok was always fucking phenomenal with his hands and mouth. That was something he was definitely cocky of and with every damn right he should be. The first night you two were intimate he had fingered fucked you into oblivion and ate you out until you felt like you were defying gravity.
“And that’s how you perfectly roll a blunt,” he cockily finished, holding the ending product out towards you. You tried to compose yourself, tried to make it look as if you were paying attention from the beginning, but it was too late. He had caught you.
He sighed once he glanced up through his long, thick lashes. “You weren’t even paying attention, y/n.”
You impishly smiled, eyes crinkling as you leaned forward. “I’m sorry,” you began, though not feeling sorry at all. “You’re just” you lamely tried to express just why your attention span was shit.
He looked annoyed now and you simply giggled to yourself since your boyfriend always tended to take instructing so damn seriously. But hey, he was a pretty damn great instructor. A really, pretty and beautiful one. A hot one too.
He however was not the least amused. Judging by the way he was gazing at you with a pouty mouth, you knew you were bound to get an earful. “Just because we’re dating doesn’t give you the excuse to slac—” he began, and even when he was reprimanding you, you still viewed him as your beautiful, breathless, and irresistible lover.
“You’re not even paying attention right now!”
Sheepishly, you just leaned into him with apologetic hands already framing his squishy cheeks. His words slowed down and lowered to a mutter once upon seeing you so close to him, as if catching him off guard. And just like a charm, your spell had already rendered him speechless as usual. With a tiny, but cocky smirk you teasingly brushed your lips against his, fingertips slowly caressing his skin, admiring him up close.
A hot whisper left your lips, “I’m sorry baby, I really didn’t mean to.”
Hoseok just grinned against your mouth before he slowly leaned in, eyes set on you until they fluttered to a close as he softly kissed you. Your hands slowly abandoned his face, lips molding against each other’s. You let yourself clung onto your boyfriend, arms winding around his neck as his hands began to encircle you. His hands were already working their way underneath your dress, fingertips ghosting your sensitive thighs all while he slowly began to unravel you with just the magic of his lips. 
 He quickly eased into you once your hands began to tug at the hair strands at the nape of his neck. His body was turning towards you, mischievous fingers squeezing and bruising your bare thighs. It didn't take long before you were already crawling on top of his thighs, blunt forgotten now. You caressed his face, admiring his beauty before you turned and leaned backwards into his arms.
“Am I forgiven now?” you softly teased, a smile edging your lips. “I promise I’ll pay attention next time.”
“You were staring at literally anything but at the blunt,” he said, amused now. His hands were on your thighs once again, gently squeezing part of one. However your eyes were mainly fixated on his swollen pink lips. “It’s cute actually, even though you have the attention span of a squirrel though.”
“I’m sorry,” you brushed your lips against his, momentarily catching his bottom lip with your teeth. “It’s just, I have a really, and I mean, really, hot boyfriend you see, and uh I can’t help myself when he’s looking at me like that.”
His light brown hair covered his eyes so you ran your fingers through his wavy strands, wanting to see your man in all perfection in this dim lighting. There was a soft breeze, reminding you of the ocean that was just a couple feet away from the both of you. The both of you were in the comfort of his home, alone, enjoying the water nearby, and being wrapped up in each other for as long you both needed. Tonight was just barely the beginning for the two of you.
 He was already shaking his head, shyly uttering out, “Yaaa, stop it.”
You noticed how his cheeks were flushed, bashful smile luring your heart into his mercy.
“I am so serious right now, baby,” you purred out, lips tracing the underside of his jaw until you could feel his breathing fan your skin. You could feel his breathing pick up, fingers tightening around whatever part of your body he could grasp at the moment.
You felt him begin to grin, and as you glanced up, your wandering hands had managed to loosely wrap around his neck.
He quirked up an eyebrow, “Oh, really?”
“Mhm,” you nodded eagerly.
His hands were already framing your face, kissing you deeply before you could respond. His tongue was making love to you as your hips slowly began to move against his. Your fingers slowly made their way up his shirt, roughly fisting it. God, right now all you wanted was to run your fingers down his skin, kiss every part of his body, and leave love bites to adorn his melanin skin. Every fiber of your body wanted nothing but to feel your lover against your warm body. You wanted nothing more than having his plushed lips suck your sensitive skin into his mouth.
Hoseok’s fingers tangled in your hair, pressing your mouths together as you panted out against his lips. You felt your hips move on their own, rocking your whole body against Hoseok’s hardening cock. You could feel your underwear dampen as the tip of his cock brushed against your center each time you moved your hips. Soft, keening moans emitted from your lips and it was driving him wild. Your whole existence drove him to utter madness. He just couldn’t get enough of you. Your hands were already bunging up his shirt, urging him to take that damn thing off already. As Hoseok pulled it over his head with one hand, your hands nimbly unbuttoned his shorts.
He was already hard, and the anticipation to feel him inside of you was already brimming out of you. He wasted no time in letting his fingers find your covered clit, his thumb gently brushing it in guided circles. His fingers stroked your sex, rolling it between his fingers in such a teasing motion. He was a teasing little fucker and his batshit smile was a dead giveaway.
“I don’t need it,” you whined out, hands stopping his fingers. As much as you loved his hands, you wanted his dick inside of you at the moment.
“You’re not wet enough,” he contradicted, trying to shush you. This time he slid your lacy underwear to the side and with his thumb on your clit and finger, he slowly continued playing with your pussy. He watched as you impatiently ran your hands to your breast. Thumbs stroking on your nipples as he coated his fingers with your juices. He began stroking you and you were a hot mess, lolling your head to the side, and slowly beginning to rut yourself against his magic, slender fingers. 
“Seokie, please,” you whined out, trying to feel him even more as urgently and desperately as possible. He simply curled his digits inside of you, dark eyes watching his princess beginning to lose control of herself once again. Fingers were digging into his shoulder blades, soft moans emitting from your reddened lips.
“H-Hoseok,” you cried out, strands of your damp hair attaching to your face. Your eyes were clamped shut, mouth pressed directly against his cheek. Hoseok simply gave you a peck on the lips, grinning like the Cheshire cat. He knew if he licked the pussy, you both would simply forget about the finished blunt and take care of business for the rest of the pending night.
“Please,” you kissed the side of his mouth, stopping his movements with your hand. You continued to leave wet opened mouth kisses all over his jaw, your breath ghosting the nape of his neck. His darkened gaze studied you, slowly sucking his fingers into his mouth with such delight. 
Once he was done, his hands cupped your cheeks, puffing your lips out to him. “You’re the most impatient brat,” he mused out, his smile just making your chest swell with pride and happiness. Yeah you were a brat, but you were his brat to deal with. Heart, soul, and body belonged to him wholeheartedly and completely.
He swiftly moved your panties a side, slowly sliding down a finger. “mhm,” he began, getting cocky since his girl was already dripping wet and mewling to get fucked. “I guess you were right, baby.”
His hands were firmly placed on your hips, guiding you over his thick, and veiny cock. His hooded gaze fervently landed on your face, watching as he teasingly rubbed your pussy against the tip of his cock. With each movement, you coated his dick with slick and he softly groaned at the delicacy, the blood rushing straight down to his dick. Your mouth was slightly ajar at the sensation that you couldn’t help but spread your thighs wider, having yourself rut against his cock with such teasing and slow movements. 
“Oh my god,” you murmured out against the crook of his skin, your tongue tracing his hot skin as your fingers dug into his back. You felt his cock twitch underneath you, and you knew he loved it when you were being such a dirty whore just for him. So you tugged at his earlobe, whispering, “I can’t wait to have my pussy stuffed with your cum.” 
You felt how slick your pussy was incredibly getting from swiveling your hips against his hardened, thick, and veiny cock. He was teasing as he nudged the tip of his cock inside your folds, and then slid it back out. He was practically biting back his groans, enjoying just how much you were already mewling. 
“Please,” you whimpered out, lips trying to find his swollen mouth in need. Your dilated pupils met his, cheeks were flushed already, and your fingers were beginning to wander all over his toned abdomen. Your heavy breathing fanned his mouth, foreheads were pressed against each other’s, and your eyes were trained on his. Bodies were overwhelmed to the point where Hoseok found himself pushing inside of you. Your breath hitched as you felt him, slowly fill you up.
“Oh fuck,” you softly moaned out at the feeling of his cock pulsing inside of you. Your slick covered thighs rubbed against his, driving Hoseok absolutely insane. All he wanted in that moment was to lick your mess away with his tongue and shove his fingers inside your wet cunt until you were a sobbing mess just for him. You felt him smirk against your skin as his hands grabbed your ass, and thrusted into you. 
“You take my cock so well, princess,” he grunted out as you slammed down against hips, meeting his thrust halfway. 
“Only for you,” you incoherently whimpered out, moaning afterwards as you rolled over him. His hands engulfed your back, helping you bounce right back up and slamming you down against him. Pants began to leave his lips, your soft whimpers and pleads of ‘more, more’ edging him on.
“Such a pretty princess,” he agreed, dark gaze taking in the way you rocked your hips so sensually. Your hands were matted into your head, his cock making you stupid dizzy.
“I-ah-I,” you incoherently cried out, eyes screwed shut, and nails digging into his shoulder blades. You felt your body arch, arms instantly wrapping around his neck as you felt sweat coat your skin and his. The sound of skin slapping and your wet pussy sliding out and slamming back down was all that echoed in the back of his porch. Hoseok was keen on watching the way his cock slid out of your pussy, edging mewls out of those sinning lips.
His hand grabbed a hold of your neck, halting your movements. His hand was large enough to cup the side of your face and right underneath the base of your throat. He teasingly nudged his thumb inside your mouth, knowing damn well how much you loved his hands. He was grinning down at you, amused at how fucked out you seemed to be and he wasn’t even done with you yet. As you glanced up at him, your hands caressed his flushed face, mouth finding his in seconds. His lips sucked your bottom lip into his mouth, saliva dripping down your chin as he nipped and licked away until you were begging against his mouth in such moans. 
“You want on your knees, or back?” he nudged your nose with his, his voice a bit huskier and slurred. There wasn’t a second thought as you responded, “Blow my back out.”
His hand was grabbing a hold of the back your neck as he lowered you down on your back, legs hanging from the edge of his settee. He didn’t even need to spread your legs apart from him since you were his whore and you loved doing that already. 
“Fuck,” he groaned out in disbelief. The sight of you looking completely disheveled and ready for more had him rendered speechless. 
He pinned your wrists above your head, tongue running up the side of your neck. His plumped lips peppered kisses down your collarbone, tongue sliding and tracing them to his liking. He was absolutely infatuated with you and his love language was marking his significant other. 
he released your arms, spitting out, “stay still, whore.”
you kept your arms crossed, chest heaving as hoseok grabbed a hold of his aching cock. he ran the tip of it against your glistening pussy, moaning at the soft whimpers emitting from your lips. your thighs were quivering and you were so fucking messy, mouth slightly ajar as he watched your hole clench around nothing but air. he slowly pushed himself inside of you, grunting at how you were swallowing him completely, mewling so fucking loud. it’s all he wanted to hear from you now and on.
“mhm, fuuck,” you choked out, your fingers desperately grabbing a hold of his arms to tug him upwards. you needed his lips on your neck, your collarbones, and him whispering the dirty things he would do to mess you up even more.
“baby likes it, huh? my cock?” he rasped out, lips ghosting the underside of your chin. he was grinning from ear to ear, watching as you arched your back for him, spilling nothing but your dirty sins out into the void.
“mhm, mhm,” you cried out, eyes fluttering to a close as he slid out and pushed himself all the way back in to the hilt. you swore you could feel the pulse of his cock drag against your walls, and you relished at how hoseok nipped at your soft skin. he bit down on your collarbones, then ran his tongue over, splattering his spit all over your chest just how you loved it.
he bottomed down, fingers digging into your thighs.
“oh my fucking god,” you moaned out loudly, head thrown back in absolute bliss. He was thrusting into you, his hips snapping with such fervor that had your head bouncing against the settee. at some point your fingers were holding on to the back of the settee, hands barely managing to grip on to it.
“More, more, please--” you kept repeating over and over again as your legs to quivered. With each thrust, you could feel the pulse of his cock hit every inch and corner of your sweet cunt.   
Perspiration coated his body and yours and the summer breeze made it even more exhilarating. The both of you too wrapped up in each other’s arms, lost in sense as he kissed your worries away and welcomed your most sinful desires. 
He shifted suddenly, gathering your right leg and pushing it to the side. His forehead was pressed against yours, mouths missing each other’s in desperate attempts to reach your high. You felt it bubbling up on your lower region, toes curling and on your slick covered thighs.
“So close,” you cried out, body shaking in his arms. Your nails were dragging down his back, edging him on. Hoseok kisses you, swallowing your moans into his mouth as he gave one last thrust, sending you into a state of euphoria.
You felt his cum begin to drip down your thighs, and as you tried to close your legs, Hoseok simply spread them wider for him. He would never get tired of seeing his cum leak down your thighs.
“Brat.” He pulled back, leaving you panting. you could barely breathe, much less try to at least sit up. so he delicately wrapped an arm around your body, helping you sit up right on his lap. he was quick in grabbing the soft towel, the pad of his fingertips ghosting your sensitive skin. you watched how his fingers nimbly cleaned you, imagining how they would feel being sucked into your mouth.
even as he spread your legs open to clean you up, he definitely noted the way your skin arose with goosebumps. it made him smile.
“I love you,” you smiled in return, your hands cupping his face, turning him so he could glance down at you.
“Yeah, yeah,” he huffed out and even while you were motionless, you still managed to punch him on the arm. He chuckled, and purposely kept on ignoring you until he was done cleaning you up completely.
“Hoseok,” you pouted and he leaned back into your clingy arms, kissing you dizzy again. His fingers were tender as they caressed your cheek, smile endless and eyes closed.
“I love you more, silly.”
content with that, you judged your nose against his before he said, “So, how about that blunt?”
You were already lighting it as you slightly leaned away from him. “Can you pass me your shirt? I’m cold.”
Hoseok threw you his shirt, shaking his head as he watched you deeply inhale. Sure, you didn’t pay attention to the rolling, but you sure as hell didn’t need teaching in smoking all of his shit. He watched as you paused momentarily to slide on his shirt and crawl over to him once again. your throne was his lap - specially his thick thighs - and he knew that already. his thighs and mouth were all yours.
You sat with your legs entangled with his, eyes half lidded, and a pouty mouth. “What?” He chuckled, his index finger bopping your nose rather cutely.
“Miss you,” you nuzzled your nose against the crook of his neck.
He let you into his arms before embracing you and pulling you tight against his chest. “I’m right here baby.” He muttered out as you passed him the blunt.
You sighed in contentment, smoke wafting the both of you as you nuzzled yourself on to him. you pressed your lips on the base of his throat, mumbling out, “I love you.”
Smoke emitted from his lips as he slowly crooned out, “You drive me absolutely wild, you know?”
“I love you.” you smiled widely at him. You would never get tired of saying those three words to him. Expressing your love to him was one of your most endearing features and he absolutely loved you for it. vocalizing your love for him was his own reward after making you cum countless of times.
He slowly kissed you, humming against your lips as you cheesed from these simple words. “Impossible, princess. I love you more.”
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imaslutforremusandsirius · 2 months ago
can u do a marauders smut with dom remus and sirius and sub reader and james
For their pleasure
This is my area of ​​expertise. I could write a thesis about this request and graduate with honors. Period. Catch me making a pt. 2😈
Part two
Warning: 18+
„Pup“, Remus got your attention „be a good little girl and get on your knees for James.“
James grinned at you, poking his tongue out when Sirius and Remus turned their backs on him.
„But Daddy“, you pouted „James just poked his tongue out! He doesn‘t deserve to cum!“
Sirius raised his brow, glancing back at James just in time to see him flip you off. You grinned when you saw James‘ terrified look and turned your attention back to Remus.
„See, he‘s being a bad boy!“
Remus gave you a strict look. „And what makes you think that you get to decide who‘s good and who‘s bad?“
Your eyes widened and you put on your best innocent puppy dog eyes. „I‘m sorry Daddy, won‘t do it again.“
James snorted and Sirius shot him another dark look. He was the definition of a spoiled brat and you the goody-two-shoes, but James had a habit of making you act up and drag you into punishments with him.
„C‘mon love, don‘t you wanna be good for them?“, James taunted and Remus suddenly stood up and grabbed James‘ face hard.
„Listen James“, Remus groweld out and you saw James panic slightly „if you don‘t shut your mouth this instant I won‘t let you cum for a week straight. Is that understood?“
James blinked and nodded vigorously. „Yes Moony, understood! I‘ll be good.“
„Go on puppy, on your knees“, Sirius said as he took a seat on his bed, beckoning Remus to join him. „Give us a good show.“
You got up, the only article of clothes you wore was a skimpy lace thong and you knelt on the floor infront of James, hands flat on your thighs. This way your doms could clearly see your side profiles.
„Pup“, Remus chimed in and you focused your eyes on his „since James thinks he can act up, you decide if he gets to cum.“ Sirius let out a laugh, leaning back to enjoy the show.
You grinned and shot James a menacing look. „Thank you Daddy!“
James was already looking at you pleadingly, knowing he had fucked up. You gave him an innocent smile, taking him out of his boxers and drooled on the tip. Swiping your thumb over the hot skin there you pumped him slowly, mouth sucking on the throbbing vein on the underside.
„Take him in your mouth and suck“ Sirius commanded.
You opened your mouth wide and slowly took him in, sucking on your way down. James whined, hands gripping the bedsheets and tried to keep his hips from fucking your mouth. You kept taking him until your nose hit his pubic bone and you let him breathe for a second before you sucked hard, hands playing with his heavy balls. James let out a cry, head thrown back and started to beg.
„Already begging Prongs?“ Sirius taunted. „Can‘t even hold on for a few minutes more? Poor baby...“
James let out a high pitched whine, trying his luck with Sirius. „Please Sirius let me cum!“
Sirius clicked his tongue and gave James a disapproving look. „S‘not me you should be begging.“
James turned to you again and you looked at him as you sucked his cock eagerly. Taking him out of your mouth you smiled at him teasingly. „What is it Jamie, cat got your tongue?“
James gritted his teeth and crossed his arms on his chest, too proud to beg you.
„I‘m not begging you!“
You shrugged, suckling at the tip softly. „If you cum without permission Daddys gonna punish you.“ You heard Remus laugh at that.
„Listen to the girl James, you don‘t wanna risk that...”
James‘ composure wavered when you started to deep throat him again, sucking and licking as messily as you could. His knuckles turned white from gripping the bedsheets to hard and when your teeth softly grazed over the tip, James gave in.
„Please“, he gasped „please let me cum!“
You shook your head, going faster and sucked harder. Taking him out you jerked him off with both hands, your mouth busy licking his balls and you felt them twitch. Oh, he‘s very close.
„I‘m sorry I was disrespectful“, James forced out, eyes blazing with anger. He wasn‘t sorry at all and if he had an opportunity to punish you, he would.
You smirked. „Apologize to my Daddy and I‘ll let you cum.“
James bit his lip for a moment to think, but one twist of your wrist was enough to encourage him.
„I‘m sorry Remus! Please, let me cum love please!“
You glanced at your doms who were watching you closely, stroking each other through their clothes. Sirius glanced at you and gave you a nod.
You smiled at James and told him to cum, before you took him all the was down your throat and swallowed hard. James cried out when he came unexpectedly and anchored himself in your hair. You sucked him through his climax, pulled off carefully to not spill the little amount of cum in your mouth and stuck your tongue out to show your doms.
Remus groaned, beckoning you towards them. You crawled, tits bouncing with every move and he leaned down to kiss you. Remus‘ tongue played with yours and you moaned when he sucked your lips clean of James‘ cum.
Pulling back he gave you a proud smile and you preened under the attention. „Good girl, always so perfect.“
Sirius pulled you on his lap, kissing you as well. „Let me make my good puppy cum, hm?“ he cooed, making you blush as you gave him a shy smile. Sirius’ smile softened and his hands dragged down your tits, grazing your nipples. A harsh pinch of his teeth on your nipple made you squeak and you gave him a confused look.
„What do we say when someone gives us cummies baby?“
You immediately corrected yourself. „Thank you sir, I‘m sorry.“
You had a devilish idea. „James didn‘t say thank you to us...“ your voice trailed off and you pouted, looking up at Remus through thick lashes.
„You traitor!“ James yelled and Remus instantly got up, marching towards James. Sirius gave you a mischievous grin. „Wanna watch Daddy put James in his place?“
You nodded, smirking as well and Sirius turned you in his lap, settling your back on his chest. Angry Remus equals crying James. And you loved it.
„You fucking brat“, Remus sneered, grabbing James hair to flip him on the bed so he‘s bending over the edge. James heard the metal clang of Remus‘ belt and tried to beg for forgiveness.
„Quiet!“ Remus yelled and grabbed his hair to bend him backwards painfully. „You will shut the fuck up and take this like a good boy or I‘ll fuck you bloody James.“
The three of you were no strangers to Remus bloodkink, especially James who adores bite marks on his skin. But fucking Remus cock without preparation? That‘s hurt and you winced at the thought. So he nodded, eyes casted down submissively.
Remus slammed his head down on the matress and started to spank James hard with his belt. Remus was relentless, not giving the boy time to breathe and after ten spanks James was biting his fist to keep himself still. James skin was battered and bruised, blood surfacing on the flesh as if someone had sucked on it. His muscles were tense and felxing with the effort of keeping in pained whimpers.
Sirius was watching intently, hands slipping down your body to play with your cunt and you moaned when he rubbed your clit, fingers pushing in to fuck you.
„So wet already? You like seening James in pain?“
You nodded and added „I like seeing Daddy angry.“
Sirius laughed quietly, curling his fingers and you moaned louder, struggling to watch. Remus grabbed James to throw him on the bed and the younger boy hissed when his sore skin made contact with the sheets. Remus took out a cockring, fastening it around James and tied him to the bedpost by his collar.
„You only get to watch. I still have to decide wether I let you cum today.“ Remus tone was final and he marched over, taking you from Sirius arms to place you between James open legs. You leaned back, spreading your legs on either side of his and grinned up at the silent boy. Surprisingly he only glared, obviously valuing his chance of cumming more than antagonizing you.
Remus focused on you, still buzzing with the anger of James‘ blatant disrespect. Sirius noticed and got up as well, kissing Remus deeply to calm the aggravated dom and wrapped his hand around Remus‘ cock.
„Mm Pads“, Remus groaned, bucking his hips.
„Make her cum, she deserved it Moony.“
Remus smiled at you, cooing when you flushed under the praises. „Aw, baby why so shy? M‘gonna make you cum so good, you don‘t even have to ask for permission.“
You gave them a happy beam, giggling when they cooed at you. „Thank you Daddy! Thank you Sir!“
James snorted angrily, but you paid him no mind. Serves him right to get punished.
Remus leaned down to kiss you and you pulled him closer, feeling James‘ cock beneath your back twitch. The poor boy was getting so much friction, but no release. Remus‘ punishments were not to take lightly.
Sirius chuckled when he noticed James‘ groans of dispair and made his way over to kneel beside the boy on the bed. Stroking his cheek softly he gave the boy a mocking pout. „Want something in your mouth to shut you up? My cock maybe?“
“Yes please! Wanna taste you, please Sirius?”
Sirius smeared his lips over the boys own and let out a soft chuckle. “Will you be a good boy after?”
James let out a broken moan when your back rocked against his cock as Remus fucked you hard. “Yes! Yes I promise m’gonna be good! God, p-please!”
His begs mixed with yours, both of you wanting to please your doms. Sirius took his clothes off and straddled James’ chest, rubbing his cock over his mouth. James waited patiently, knowing that Sirius would tell him what to do. 
You were screaming with the amount of force Remus was fucking you with, trying to hold onto James’ legs so you wouldn’t slip away. Not that Remus would let that happen, his fingers digging bruises into your flesh. He was fucking all his rage into you and the way his cock was hitting your sweet spot made you see stars. 
“Daaddyy” you wailed “right there ah please!”
Remus adjusted his position, throwing your legs over his shoulders and went deeper, now fucking your spot in quick, short thrusts. You were pressed against James now, the boys whines muffled with the cock in his mouth, only choking sounds escaping his throat.
Sirius groaned at the way James‘ mouth was wrapped around him, pink lips pulled taunt and glistening with his spit and precum.
„You like me fucking your face James?“
He tried to respond but Sirius only fucked his mouth deeper, giving him an evil smile.
„What was that baby? Speak up!“
James cried out when Sirius hands squeezed his balls tight, not once letting him come up for air.
„Pads“, Remus growled out „make space wanna cum on his pretty face fuck-“
Sirius leaned to the side as Remus pulled out and went over to stroke himself directly infront of James‘ face. The boy was delirious with pleasure, reduced to a whimpering and moaning mess. His eyes were glassy as he sucked Sirius and begged Remus with his eyes to cum in his mouth. Sirius took himself out as well, stroking his cock fast.
„In my mouth please“, James cried out „please please want your cum please!“
Remus lost his control, cumming in thick hot spurts right on James‘ tongue and Sirius joined him, moaning loudly at the sight of James‘ mouth covered in their cum.
He had learned his lesson and immediately thanked the boys who were feeding him the rest of their seed with their fingers.
„Horny cockslut, you like drinking our cum babyboy?“
James whined, nodding and sucked on Remus fingers.
„What a pretty baby, huh? Learned your lesson?“ Sirius cooed, lips pressing kisses along his sweaty brow.
„Yes yes I‘m a good boy. I‘m gonna be good, I‘m sorry!“
You were jealous of all the praiseJames was getting. Remus had completely disregarded your orgasm after promising to make you cum and now he was doing as James had begged them. What the hell?
You kept watching them and angrily pinched James sore thigh. He hissed, kicking your shin with his foot. 
“Oi” Remus said “Stop it now!”
You huffed, crossing your arms. “He didn’t deserve your cum Daddy. I did!” 
Sirius grabbed your jaw and you stared at him petulantly. “Watch your mouth.”
You kept glaring. “Why are you always letting him off so easy! Your’re wrapped around his-” you stopped to glare at James shocked expression “ugly-” and turned back to sirius “fingers!”
“Pup” Remus warned “don’t.” 
Even James was shaking his head. It is true that they kept you on a tighter leash than James, purely because someone had to be the good one. And you were sick of it. God, this is exactly what you meant by James dragging you down with him every damn time.
You kept glaring into Sirius’ eyes defiantely. “What are you gonna do Sir, cum in my mouth?”
James took a sharp breath as Sirius slapped you hard, your head whipping to the side. Grabbing your hair he took James’ leash and put it around your collar, fastening you to the bedpost. 
“You want our cum? Fine. Daddy and I are gonna fuck your cunt raw until you‘re begging for us to stop. Is that what you want?“
You swallowed hard, it‘s too late to back down now.
„Can you even get it up?“
Oh shit.
Your eyes widened comically and James slapped his hand over his mouth in shock. Remus gaped at you, a disbelieving expression on his face.
But Sirius. It took him a second to realize that you actually said that and his jaw pressed together, eyes blazing with fury.
He turned to Remus, the latter rolling his shoulders back and cracking his neck.
„She wants to be a slut I see“ Remus said under his breath.
James gave you a warning look, mouthing an ‚Fucking apologize!‘ and you wanted to, but Sirius put a ball gag into your mouth.
Sirius still wasn‘t talking and that was never a good sign. He spread your legs, telling James to hold them against your chest. Without warning he pushed in, pounding you so hard that it hurt when he hit your cervix several times. He spit on his hand and rubbed his fingers on your clit, making you tremble and cry out with the amount of pleasure. Not able to hold back you came hard, screaming with the gag inside of your mouth, your legs cramping.
Sirius didn‘t care and kept on fucking you, thrusting harder. His hand was still on your clit, pinching when you tried to wiggle away.
„Pwease“ your word came out muffled „too muh“
Sirius pulled out and you nearly sobbed with relief until Remus took his place, fucking you deep.
You screamed, hands digging into James‘ arm who had the nerve to look amused. Your doms changed every with minutes, taking turns in fucking your raw pussy. You were begging, crying for them to stop, but they wouldn‘t listen.
„Gonna cum fuck-“ Sirius groaned as he came, his hot cum pushing you over the edge again as you cried out in pain. Remus pushed inside seconds after him, cumming as well. Pulling out their cum dripped out of your sopping cunt onto the matress below.
„There you go“ Sirius gave you a fake smile „Now you have our cum as well. Might wanna keep it insde hm?“
With that Remus pushed the plug in and you whined in discomfort, not liking the squelching sounds. You felt filthy.
„I hope you know that your little stunt cost you the privilege of cumming for an entire week. Yes you too James, since you started all of this.“
Sirius and Remus got up and put on their clothes, leaving the both of you dumbfounded on the bed. They slammed the door shut and you sat there in momentary silence.
„You fucking bitch“ James yelled „now I won‘t get to cum because of you!“
„Me?!“ you yelled back „You fucking started it you slut!“
„But they forgave me! Then you decided to fuck it all up again by being a selfish whore!“
„Fuck you James! Now you know what it feels like to be dragged into punishments!“
James groaned, untying you.
„How will we survive this?“ he asked, looking at the cock ring.
Now you felt bad.
„Fuck I‘m sorry. I‘ll make it up to them I swear. They can‘t resist us!“
James gave you a flat look. „Moony can“
You gave him a hopeful look. „But Siri can‘t“
To be continued i‘m so exited for pt 2 omg
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bbyjisungx · 2 months ago
you were pretty sure your neighbor was spiderman.
mark was super nice but there was something off. 
he always looked a little beat up when when asked about it he would brush it off, something about being clumsy 
and last week he asked you to feed his cat, and when you went there were footprints on the walls and ceilings. 
you were in the kitchen waiting for the cat to finish eating. when spiderman came barreling through the open window. he rolled a few times then got up and shut the window. he closed the blinds, took his mask off and turned around. 
it was mark under the mask. 
cute and clumsy mark lee. 
mark lee is spiderman ? 
your and marks’ eyes locked. both in a state of aroused shock. 
you had a feeling but you did not expect yourself to be correct. or for mark to be this attractive in a skin tight onesie.
mark gulped “you, please just” 
you made the motion that your lips were sealed and you threw away the key. 
“thank you” mark whispered, never breaking eye contact. 
it was a matter of seconds and in a flash, he shut the window, took his shirt off, and grabbed you. 
he took your shoulders and began intensely making out with you, sucking on your bottom lip and eventually shoving his tongue down your throat. your back found the wall, mark making sure to get you away from the window.
he didnt stop what he was doing and you prayed he would continue, you ran your hands through his hair and whimpered every time he took a breath. 
his knee found your clit, pinning you even more to the wall and bringing a rush of pleasure through your body. 
despite both of you being in absolute bliss, the room went dark then light again as something big flew past the window. mark pulled away to glance at it. 
he cursed under his breath. 
“is that what you were running from?” you whispered
“yeah, i dont want you to get involed, so go hide in my room” he said picking his discarded shirt up off the ground. 
you fought him at first but he made it clear that you couldnt have anything to do with him, with spider man. 
but he promised he would be back soon. 
he put his mask on and flew out the window, as you ran to hide in his bed with his cat.  
your mind was racing, as you sat on marks bed in the dark. his cat sitting on the floor. 
the space between your thighs still wet from your heated session before. 
you turned on the news to see if he was on, sure enough he was just finishing up with it. he handed the bad guy over to the police. 
he waved to the cameras then ran, he sprinted out of view, yelling something that no one understood about plans. 
he was coming back for you, he was coming back to fuck you.  
as soon as you realized you stripped, you lit the candle on his bed side and made the cat leave. 
before you knew it mark kicked the door down, he was only wearing a pair of compression boxers. they werent doing a good job of hiding his excitement.
he stood in the doorway with a smile on his face. he pulled his boxers down and his member hit his stomach. 
he looked good. especially under candle light. he was lean and muscly. he looked scrawny under clothes but was built like an acrobat. 
he practically lunged at you, picking up right where he left off. sucking hickies on your neck and rubbing his leaking member on your stomach. 
for the marathon he just ran he smelled amazing and wasnt that sweaty. 
you entangled your hand in his hair, and inhaled his scent. savoring the moment, praying this moment would never end. 
you bucked your hips up, causing mark to sit up and readjust. he went down and connected his mouth with your entrance, his arms went under your thighs and wrapped around them.
mark licked up your entrance and rubbed the insides of your thighs. his fingernails tickling your skin, causing your back to arch into him. 
he pulled away and looked up at you. he looked you in the eyes and shook his head. 
he brought his right hand up and to your clit while he sucked and licked your entrance. 
marks tongue entered you and his thumb circled around your clit, hander and harder as his tongue entered your faster and more aggressively. 
the know in your stomach had been growing, your arousal was audibly embarrassing. 
you knew your orgasm was coming, but the thought of spider-man eating you out really sent you over the edge. 
the knot in your stomach released, you gripped the sheets and moaned as your walls clenched and released, your body overflowed with pleasure. 
your legs were shaking as mark leaned back and admired you as you rode out your high. 
he held your legs down as he sat up, 
“can you take me?” he asked while inserting a finger to your soaking wet entrance to stretch you out.
“yes” you begged through breathes as your mind struggled to form coherent sentences.  
mark paused, “yes, what?” 
“yes sir” you begged.
mark chuckled as he ran his tip along your folds, gathering up juices and teasing you.
he entered you slowly, looking back and forth from your heat to your eyes.
you closed your eyes to concentrate on his member entering you.
until you felt his hand on your jaw, “i want you to look at me, while i fuck you” he said. pausing what he was doing.
“do you understand?” he asked.
you nodded vigorously.
he did not have to tell you twice to look at him.
so you obeyed.
mark release his grip on your jaw and continue what he was doing.
or so you expected, rather than teasing he got right to the point, bottoming out in you.
giving you no time to adjust, your walls throbbed around his girth as he pounded into your dripping heat mercilessly.
you instantly moaned, your legs shaking, as the bed slammed into the wall. marks passion made you absolutely sure this had been something he had been wanting.
“be louder” he commanded as he showed no signs of slowing down. his hips slapping your hips at inhuman speed.
you moaned once again, louder than the last time.
“who do you belong to?” mark said remaining eye contact.
he picked up one of your legs and threw it over his shoulder. you were embarrassed at how much you were shaking, but he didn’t even notice.
he slapped your ass.
“who am i, you cum slut”
“uhmm mark” he slapped your ass again then his hand found your throat.
your insides ached but you loved the feeling, his tip had been hitting your cervix and the hand on your neck was only bringing you closer to another orgasm.
“spider-man?” you tried for a third time, this time getting it correct.
he tightened his grip on your throat and his other hand found your clit.
mark vigorously rubbed your clit, but at inconsistent speeds. leaving you unable to predict and prepare. which only meant one thing.
your orgasm was coming. and fast.
you went to say something but the pressure on your throat made you unable to say anything.
you came.
your legs shaking and your body overflowed with pleasure as your walls tightened and released around mark.
he slapped your ass. you expected more of a punishment but he seemed amused.
“oh? you’re that obsessed with me?” that you come two times that fast?” mark said loosening his grip around your neck.
your face burned and your legs shook even more.
his hand found your jaw once again, he shook your head lightly and reminded you “come on whore, eyes up”
at this point his thrusts had slowed down a bit, you expected him to be finishing soon.
you were wrong.
he slowed down on purpose and waited for you to look up at him. he was going slower, repositioning himself, repositioning you.
mark placed your leg that had been over his shoulder on the bed, and sat up with both hands, removing his hand from your throat.
all while slowly rocking his hips.
you whined bucked your hips but he pushed you down and said “no.”
he examined your swollen clit, then flipped you over.
you realized there was a mirror on the other side of his bed. on the very table where you lit his candle.
as you laid on your stomach looking at the reflection of you two mark leaned down and whispered into your ear
“don’t look away”
you could hear the chuckle.
then he slammed into you.
you yelled out as he rentered your used walls.
marks hand reconnected with your bottom.
it was a little sore from earlier, but at this new angle you had a feeling you would be much more sore than you originally were.
“I” slap “said” slap “look” slap
you moaned as your eyes scanned your reflection, searching for his.
marks hand found your shoulder, which he used to steady himself as he relentlessly pounded into you once again. and his other hand was continually connecting with your aching bottom.
every slap from mark you would moan out at.
you so desperately wished he was rubbing your clit again.
you mindlessly brought your hand down to your clit. which made mark not happy.
he gasped in response, slapping you ass as hard as possible as he scolded you.
“goodness gracious y/n, you are full of surprises. each of them revealing what a worthless whore you are.”
you wined as he pulled your arm out from under you and pinned it behind your back, now using your pinned arm as leverage to fuck the life out of you.
you found his eyes in the mirror and didn’t dare look away.
you grew more and more mesmerized by him. pieces of his hair that fell into his face as he pounded. his toned abdomen, and his absolute concentration on abusing your pussy.
you ached but in a good way. it was the best kind of pain.
he slapped you a few more times just for the fun of it, but mark was obviously getting tired.
he put you in a headlock. then came inside of you. making sure you heard his exhale.
he didn’t release you for a few moments after he came.
you were okay with that.
you wanted to be intertwined with him for as long as possible.
[sorry i’m so inconsistent with posting lmao]
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13uswntimagines · 2 months ago
Family’s Hard (Kristie Mewis x Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: part 2 of the fic with Kristie that you post today! Maybe something with the r and Kristie both getting call for the national camp and we see a bit of what happen at camp with mal. pt 2. Maybe with both the reader and Kristine on the USENT roster and the fallout with Amal because of the reader being there. part 2 of the reader and mal meet up again joined by the team
Pt. One 
You had never been more unhappy while staring at a plate full of pancakes in your entire existence. You loved your typical practice meal (and your girlfriend of almost a year’s hand on your thigh while you ate it), but you weren’t enjoying the disapproving glare you were getting from across the table. She had been like this the moment you stepped off the plane, and you feared she wouldn’t stop until camp was over. 
It wasn’t like you decided to sit at this table to annoy Mal. Kristie wanted to sit with Sam, and you weren’t about to brave the dining room all by your little lonesome (plus you liked the team's Tower of Power and enjoyed watching the siblings banter).
You shifted uncomfortably in your seat, pushing your chocolate chip pancakes around the plate, and keeping your eyes trained on your fork. 
“You ok?” Your girlfriend asked, her lips caressing your ear. You didn’t miss the way your older sister's nose scrunched at the looseness between you and the older midfielder. 
“Just tired. The flight from Houston was super long,” You mumbled, shrugging lightly. 
“You sure?” Kristie nudged your cheek with her nose and squeezed your thigh. You had been jittery since you left your shared apartment in Houston to head for camp and no amount of reassuring from your girlfriend seemed to be helping. 
“Psh. The flight home from France was exhausting, and then we had to get ready for good morning America. That was crazy, right Sammy?” Mal said with a wicked smile, completely cutting you off. Your mouth clicked shut and Kristie squeezed your thigh again (her jaw working overtime to prevent the scathing comment from leaving the tip of her tongue). 
Mal had been impossible since you stepped foot into the hotel the USWNT had commandeered for camp. She had swung between outright bitchy and underhanded reminders of Jill's preference of her over you all day and Kristie was getting sick of it. Your shoulders slouched a little more with every remark, every jab clouding over a little bit more of your sunshine. 
“That was pretty crazy,” Sam nodded, watching you and her sister carefully. She was trying to run as much interference as she could, but it seemed your sister wanted to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Almost like she was trying to drive you off the team. 
“Definitely not as crazy as that party right after we won. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much champagne in my entire life. Not even after we beat Texas,” Mal added, and you shivered at the memory, wilting under her glare. 
It was your freshman year (and coincidentally Mal’s senior year), and the first time the two of you had ever really played against each other. UCLA decimated your team and took over a frat house to celebrate. From what you heard, it was one of the biggest parties Texas A&M had ever seen. 
Kristie sighed, wrapping the arm that was on your leg around your back, rubbing soothing circles. You leaned into the touch, still playing with the food on your plate, trying to hold your tongue and not rise to Mal’s prodding. 
“From what I hear there was a lot of alcohol after Houston won the challenge cup,” Sam nodded, sharing a look with her sister and side-eyeing her friend. 
“That was just beer, Sammy. It wasn’t as classy because no one cares about an arbitrary chaos cup win, especially after we won the World Cup. It’s all about scale,” Mal continued, completely ignoring the glare Kristie had pointed at her, enjoying the way you were squirming in your chair. 
You shoved your plate away, giving up on eating. You didn’t want to be here. 
“I'm sure. I’m gonna go. The uniform staff wanted to see me anyway,” You mumbled, just loud enough for Kristie to hear you (or so you thought). 
Mal’s vicious smile grew. She just couldn’t seem to help herself when it came to you. You were always chasing after her, and this time she had done what you couldn’t. She wasn’t ready to give that up yet. 
“I’d tell you to switch names, but all I can suggest is to pick a number you can actually live up to,” She sneered. 
Your entire being froze and you blinked owlishly at your older sister (taking comfort in how Kristie's arm tightened around you). 13 had been your number since high school, but you knew that Alex was a vet and you weren’t stupid (or disrespectful) enough to even dream of trying to take it. You knew you would never be even close to the level of Alex Morgan. 
You had accepted that and Instead chosen a different number, one you were proud to wear. You had no control over the last name on your jersey (until Kristie and you decided you wanted to get married, if you wanted to get married, and that was still pretty far off). 
“Come on. They wanted to do a quick check-in with me too,” Kristie said, standing and dragging you with her out of the room, her eyes sending daggers towards your sister. She was done watching you collapse back into yourself. 
Sam stared at Mal’s Cheshire Cat grin, her mouth agape. She didn’t understand why your older sister was being like this, or how she could continue eating as though she didn’t just rip you apart. (And at this rate someone had to stop her before Kristie killed her). 
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Sam said, leaning forward and resting both elbows on the table. 
Mal shrugged, taking another sip of her orange juice. “What? I’m just being realistic,”
If you didn’t want to hear stories about their triumph at the World Cup, or how awesome the party was afterward, you could just find yourself a new seat (and take your girlfriend with you- you always did have to outdo her). 
“You were a little harsh babe,” Rose said softly, patting the forward's hand. 
Sam scoffed loudly, shaking her head. “She practically crumbled under that last comment,”
It was painful to watch your shy bean self withdraw back into the shell her sister worked so hard to crack. Even if you had Kristie here to support you, she wasn’t sure how long you would last without bursting into tears or getting into a screaming match with your sister. You were under enough pressure as it was. 
“She’s just overly sensitive. If she wants to play in the big leagues she’s going to have to learn to stand up for herself,” Mal rolled her eyes. 
It was a going joke in your family that Mal got the brains and beauty, while you just got the leftover emotions. Ever since you were kids, she had been the extroverted one saving you from bullies and being the “good example” that her parents wanted her to be. But this was her thing, and she didn’t want you horning in on it. (It was also a slight protective instinct too. She would rather be the one giving you shit than the media. They were ruthless and you would probably never forgive her. The road to hell was paved with good intentions after all.)
Sam sighed, taking in how Mal’s eyes tighten just a touch beneath her nonchalance. As much as she wanted to pretend she didn’t care about you, it was obvious that she did. The questions now were if she was willing to have a change of attitude and if she would even be able to repair the damage she had already done. 
“Just be careful with how far you push her, alright?” Sam said thoughtfully. 
Mal rolled her eyes again, any care she may have felt disappearing. “I know what I’m doing Sam,” 
“I really hope you do, because I remember what it was like to always be trying to live up to your older sister and how difficult that was. And Kristie knew when to cut me some slack,” Sam said, raising her eyebrow at the younger woman. 
She really hoped she could get through to her before Mal lost you, and Kristie kicked her head off. 
You sighed into Kristie's lips, enjoying the way her hips pinned you to the wall and her tongue explored your mouth. You weren’t one for public displays of affection, but she had dragged you into an abandoned corner of the hotel after your sister's clear display of disdain. 
You guessed an upside to being at camp with Mal was your girlfriend's desire to cheer you up. You always responded better to physical contact (which was why Kristie used it to help you calm down all the time). 
You hummed as the hands under your shirt made their way up to cup your cheeks, her fingers tangling in the baby hairs at the back of your neck. She let the kiss continue for another minute, before pulling back, so her lips were just barely ghosting over your own and your foreheads were touching. 
You futilely tried to push off the wall and chase her lips, only for her to chuckle and pull back so you couldn’t reach, keeping you pinned with her hips. 
“Ah, no more kisses until you say it,” She mumbled, her breath fanning across your lips. 
You whined. You loved how supportive Kristie was, but you didn’t want to do this right now. You didn’t want to go through your normal reaffirmation routine. Not after the shots, Mal had taken at you. 
Kristie chucked at the keening whine again, shaking her head (both at how adorable your pout was and because she was standing her ground). She learned a long time ago that the best way to stop your mental spiraling was for you to say how worth it you were. “No buts. To get what you want you gotta say it,” 
You huffed, I ally opening your eyes to look into Kristie’s determined blue. She raised her eyebrow at you. 
“I’m an amazing person, no matter what anyone says,” You mumbled, looking away from your girlfriend. She hummed, using her thumb to tilt your chin back up. 
“And?” She asked, a smile playing on her lips. Your pout deepened. You were set to start and Mal had made you feel bad about it. Now Kristie was trying to get you to admit that you deserved the opportunity. 
The two of you stared at each other for a long minute, and you debated in trying to get back to the kissing again, to not say the last part of your mantra. Kristie's thumb ran soothingly over your cheek as if she was reading your mind. “Come on babe,” she said softly. 
You bit your lip, finally giving in. “I shouldn’t feel guilty about opportunities I receive,”
“Good,” Kristie smiled, leaning back in to connect your lips. You smiled back into the kiss. Maybe things weren’t so bad if you got this treatment after your sister was mean to you, even if Kristie was trying to get you to finally confront her about her behavior. “And for the record, you can always say you’ll have a cooler last name later,” 
This was getting out of hand. Very out of hand. You hit the ground again, your face scraping against the turf after another bad tackle. You groaned, pushing yourself up off the turf and brushing yourself off, ignoring the hand of the defender in front of you in favor of taking the hand your girlfriend offered. 
Kristie glared at the blond defender, very pissed off that she was pushing you so hard. “Fucking watch it Sonnett, another tackle like that and I’ll beat your ass myself,” Your girlfriend growled, brushing a stray piece of turf off your back. 
Emily shrugged, awkwardly scratching the back of her neck. “Just trying to test the Rookie. Need to make sure she can handle a little pressure,” 
She liked you, but with the pressure, Mal was putting n you, she thought that they were all going to go hard. To show you exactly how difficult this game could be and how much you needed to work to be on their level. 
“I think Mal is doing enough of that on her own,” Kristie raised her eyebrow at the woman, still rubbing the turf off your back and cringing at the new burn. If this hadn’t been a teammate’s doing, she probably would have killed them by now. Ripped them limb from limb for touching you, but you didn’t need that. You needed her support and not her overprotectiveness. 
“She actually needs to be able to play against Canada,” Sam said, patting her back. Emily shook her head. Mal was right. She would rather be the one to go hard on you and prepare you than some random defender who didn’t care at all. 
As far as she was concerned, Mal’s plan was still in effect and you were going to have to pull some trick to get past her again. 
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Kristie threaded a ball through the gap between Becky and Julie, straight to you. You turned, taking advantage of the gap in the backline, dribbling across to try and get a clear shot. 
You didn’t see that gap collapsing. You didn’t see Emily and Midge racing towards you until it was too late. There was a loud crunch as you were caught between the two defenders, and tumbled to the ground. 
The reaction from the rest of the team was instant. Kristie raced over, followed closely by Sam. Both women kneeling down next to you, trying to get you to roll over. It seemed that another blue blur was already laying into the two defenders. 
“Lay the fuck off my sister,” Mal yelled, shoving Sonnett back from where her shifting form was standing over you. 
Emily held her hands up in defense, stumbling away from you. “I’m just trying to keep the intensity up, exactly like you are,” 
Mal growled audibly, stepping up to the taller defender and wrapping her fist into her shirt. “It’s different. She’s my sister and I’m the only one who gets to fuck with her. Got it,” she said her voice deadly calm. 
Emily nodded rapidly, her eyes wide as Mal straightened her shirt, patting her shoulder. Emily backed away slowly, her hands still extended, terrified that Mal (and your girlfriend) would decide to actually kill her. 
Mal nodded once the offending defenders were far enough away from you, before turning in your direction. 
You were finally on your feet, shifting awkwardly and rubbing the back of your neck. 
“Thanks,” You mumbled as she approached. 
She smiled, pulling you into a very strange hug.“You got it, kid. I love you, even if you’re not as good as me yet,”
She let you go and winked. You smiled and trotted off back to your position, warmth filling you. Sure you weren’t on the best terms, but you were sisters and the act was like a white flag. A truce. 
Kristie caught Mal’s arms as she passed. “Learn to lay off a little bit. I don’t want to have to hurt you,”
Mal nodded. You were family mad the only one who got to mess with you was her. She would kill anyone else who tried and she was glad you had gained two protectors. 
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