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#time to post memes!
warmdrpepper · 9 hours ago
are we ready to have the conversation that shaming people to reblog your art or guilting people who dont or yelling about how “people dont interact with art anymore and thats why no one’s making it anymore!! its all ur fault!!” is entitled and cringy as hell or am i gonna get an angry mob in my inbox
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h-a-m-t-e-e-t-h · 9 hours ago
Damn I really do romanticize everyone in my life.
Tumblr media
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purpledanser · 12 hours ago
my favorite part of tumblr mobile is the way it just *checks smudged writing on palm* *app crashes*
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ysera · a day ago
idk its the fatphobia around like just flat deplatforming shitheads but then turning fat Problematic ppl into memes and endlessly posting and ridiculing them instead of just ignoring them like the rest lol...
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Why Sk8 Characters are Vibrating at a Frequency that Could Shatter Glass
Reki: Anxiety or ADHD
Langa: Was attempting to dance
Miya: Mixed together whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles, gummies, and any sort of sweet syrup together and then ate it
Joe: Failed at jumping over an electric fence. That or walked into it
Cherry: Was working on Carla
Adam: Stuck a fork into the toaster
Tadashi: Was trying to save Adam
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shieldcaught · a day ago
im  buried  in  drafts,  but  if  you  want  me  to  send  you  memes  ( and  are  not  expecting  me  to  respond  to  said  meme  answer  unless  i  have  the  muse  for  it )      feel  free  to  like  this  post :))
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voidsides · a day ago
I have concluded that you definitely had a Panic! At The Disco and/or Fall Out Boy phase at one point.
haha... phase...
jk but yeah you got me. I do still listen to their music though, especially panic lol
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Ohkawa, to Katayama: Yesterday I accidentally kicked Kurosaki in the face and I couldn’t decide between saying “I’m sorry” and “Are you okay?!”
Ohkawa: So I panicked and yelled: “ARE YOU SORRY???”
Shimada: *is laughing in the background*
Ohkawa: It took Kurosaki an hour to get up and Shimada still hasn’t stopped laughing at me…
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acrimoniouscatalyst · 2 days ago
also acri: but its really hot where i live aaaaaa))
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Hi! Just saw your author ask post, how about C (with any/all of your long fics), F (with the same), M, and Z? thanks! 💙💙
Sure thing! Thanks for the ask, dear anon! 💕
C: How did you come up with the title to (your OFC fics)?
Oh boy this is going to be a long post 😂. I’ll do bullets for this one, below the cut.
Cobblestones - Sutton Flynn-Marshall
I was just about done writing the second chapter of Sutton’s story before posting her introduction moodboard when I realized I needed a title. I took a walk outside and on the way I kept tripping over loose gravel, and my thoughts kind of went “gravel-stone-need to fix this gosh darn road-cobblestone? cobblestone.” Not the most meaningful of my girls’ titles, but there you go.
Scripted Tides - Jules Hartmann
Jules, right from the start, has been a writer. Also from the get-go, I knew where her story would end. It’s a tumultuous tale- we are in the middle of a war, after all -and there’s a lot pushing and pulling at her through the course of the fic. I also like water metaphors (I overindulge in them in my writing, for sure), so that certainly came into play. I think the biggest thing for me with Scripted Tides is that the title refers both to the natural to-and-fro of Jules’ life, but also reminds the reader that her path is quite literally predestined.
Also- I will be publishing Jules’ chapter 3 today, accompanied by a new, vital character to her story: her younger sister.
Le Défi des Français - Éva Delafose
This one was fun to think up, as well as pretty quick. I wanted something that showcased the determination of her character, hinted at her involvement in the French Resistance, and denoted her proud French heritage. Thus: “The Defiance of the French”, in French: Le Défi des Français.
Prose’s Passion - Olympia Bird
The reasons for this one are sort of a cross between Sutton’s and Jules’. I love me my alliteration, so I tried to come up with something that started with the same letter each major word. Then I started to think of her character and how letters and books are a big part of her story, and how she’s a rather frivolous romantic- “the passion of a rose” led to “the passion of prose” which ended up as Prose’s Passion.
In Defense of Chicanery - Verity Rich
Forgive my preferentialism for a moment- In Defense of Chicanery is my favorite title of all my girls’ stories. ‘Chicanery’, not a very colloquial word, is defined by Merriam-Webster as “deception by artful subterfuge”. Verity, giving up her entire life to serve her country in its time of need, must become someone else entirely, thus the deceit. I wanted to add the first part of the title, In Defense..., because she is not a deceptive person by nature and debates with herself for the better part of the fic if she is doing right by herself, her dear father, her comrades in Easy, and her country.
Also, the acronym is IDOC, and her love interest is ultimately Doc Roe, so there’s that little easter egg, too. 💕
There Goes My Flight - Bernadette Noel
One of the more comedic titles of the bunch, this one came to me when I was listening to Berni pitch ideas in my thoughts. I wanted it to be themed around her profession as an ATA pilot. She, ever the sassy (and somewhat snarky), declared, "Well this is a waste of time," to which I thought, "What, you got a flight to catch?” and bam- there it was.
Petals - Phyllis Dotson
A more sentimental addition to this list, there are a lot of reasons why I think the title Petals fits the story. Phyllis is, for one, mute; flower petals typically make no sound when they fall to the earth. One of her favorite pastimes (which she ultimately incorporates into her home-based business) is collecting flowers and dry-pressing them into pretty arrangements on paper or in books. Also, most flower petals are soft and gentle, like Phyllis herself.
Gallant Heart - Maeve R.L. O’Leavy
Maeve, my brave darling! She is selfless and courageous and determined and goodness do I love writing her; her title came to me almost immediately after I created her introduction moodboard. “Brave heart/Braveheart” was way too on the nose (never minding the blockbuster movie associated with that name), so I went to my flip dictionary [a thesaurus, by all means and purposes] and voilà: ‘gallant’. 
Destiny Carries a Wrench - Leslie Sheppard
The other of the more playful titles here is Destiny Carries a Wrench. For a good while, I’ve known that Leslie sticks by Don Malarkey’s side throughout the entire war. She’s there for him no matter what, almost like a guardian angel, almost like it’s destiny that they keep each other alive. She’s a jokester, like her best friend (cough cough), as well as a gifted mechanic, so I thought an amusing title would work best for her story. I, for one, think there’s something funny about the image of a guardian angel marching up to someone, smacking a wrench against her palm (but maybe that’s just me).
Also- shout-out to the lovely @tvserie-s-world who let me run a few title ideas by her before helping me settle on this one. 💕
To Find Unbroken Ground - Harlow ‘Harley’ Gibbs
Last but not least, my most recent addition to this list: Harley! The wild child of the bunch, to be sure, and I love her for it. Her title is actually inspired by a lyric in the song “The Wanderers” by The Sweeplings. The lyric goes: “The open air invites each one of us/to find unbroken ground”; I think this fits Harley well because of her explorative, adventurous nature and the way she approaches life with a wry yet earnest optimism. As such, "The Wanderers” is a firm staple of her playlist.
Would you look at that? What a perfect segway into the next question...
F: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with (your OFC fics)?
Yes! I have playlists for each and every one of my girls, even the ones who I have not introduced yet (and may not for some time yet). I collect songs through radio mixes, my personal tastes, and recommendations from friends. For instance, @vintagelavenderskies has a brilliant (and unbelievably long) playlist for her masterpiece Bleeding Hearts (go read it!) that I have certainly ‘stolen’ a few songs from for my own characters.
M: What’s the weirdest AU scenario you’ve ever come up with?  Did it turn into a story?
I didn’t particularly think up this one- all idea credits go to the lovely folks of the Band of Boyfriends discord server -but this Y/N as a pair of scissors fic (that somehow turned a little smutty??) is definitely the strangest thing I’ve ever written.
Z: Is there a story you’ve written that doesn’t seem to get much love?
I was hoping someone would ask this: yes, indeed! I’ll link a few of my one-shots here that I wish would see a little bit more daylight.
I Get Along Without You Very Well (Donald Hoobler x OFC reader) || tumblr || ao3
Avis (3-part interwoven one shots; Band of Brothers) || tumblr || ao3
A Flower’s Beauty (Shifty Powers x OFC reader) || tumblr || ao3
Faith In Felix (Eugene Roe x OFC reader) || tumblr || ao3
Messenger to Montgomery (Ronald Speirs x OFC reader) || tumblr || ao3
What Are You Tryin’ To Say? (Joe Toye x OFC reader) || tumblr || ao3
Happy (Dick Winters x OFC reader // Winnix) || tumblr || ao3
Champion (Baberoe) || ao3
Any and all of my ‘feature-length’ fanfics (with the OFCs that I discussed above); links are to the masterlists for them || tumblr || ao3
WOW this ended up as a long post. Thanks again for the ask, dear anon! 🥰💖
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qwrtybirdie · 3 days ago
I'd like to formally apologize to all the people I've ever spoken to who made an offhand comment about some random piece of media, to which I respond by instantly interrupting with the weird obscure fact I happen to know about said thing. Even if it has nothing to do with the subject.
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