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duckymcdoorknob · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Fall of Red Riot P1
Warning! This is a tickle fic!
Ships: KiriBaku
The breakdown: Lee!Kirishima, Ler!Bakugo and Ler!Kaminari
Warnings: tickling, swearing, fluff overload
Prompt: The 1-A boys are hanging in the classroom during lunch and they’re stumped. They could not get Kirishima to spill his biggest secret: his crush. Bakugo rolls his eyes and volunteers his methods...
“There’s gotta be some way!” Kaminari whined.
“No way! I’m never telling any of you!” Kirishima barked in response.
“Tch, we’ll get it out of you at some point, shitty hair.” Bakugo noted coolly.
“OYE DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Kirishima yelled.
The boys groaned as they all ate their lunches. It was just them and Aizawa, who naturally was asleep, all alone in the classroom.
Kirishima was in a really fuckin’ bad place; he was being pestered by his friends. They all wanted to know who his secret crush was. Luckily, due to his quirk, the boy could withstand anything.
“There isn’t anything?” Midoriya questioned, “not even one thing?”
“Punch me, kick me, swirly, wet willie, draw on me, whatever you want. I’m not talkin’.” Kirishima answered bravely.
Bakugo let out a scoff as he rolled his eyes. “You’re all idiots”
“Well I don’t see you offering any ideas, Kacchan!” Deku grew defensive.
“Literally you’re all fucking stupid.” Bakugo was getting agitated; are they all really this dense?
Deku and Bakugo glared daggers at each other before Bakugo squeezed Deku’s sides.
The smaller boy yelped and leaped at least a foot in the air.
The blonde scoffed, rolled his eyes, then finally spoke up, “there’s your method. Try it out, I’m sure it’ll work.”
Kirishima, who had not been paying attention, turned toward Bakugo, “What method? What do you mean Bakubro?”
“Well now that you’ve got him wondering, I think that you should do the honors.” Kaminari chimed.
Deku grinned menacingly while Bakugo tackled Kirishima and straddled him.
“W-woah there! What gives, Bakugo?” Kirishima grew anxious, what the hell was this guy’s deal?
“Last chance to talk, shitty hair.” The blonde was smiling evilly, a side Kirishima had never seen before.
Red Riot sucked in a breath.
“Do your worst!” Kirishima cried preparing for inevitable pain, “what man can’t take a little pain?”
“Wh-Pain?” Deku asked with furrowed brows, “no-no! You got it all wrong. Kacchan is just going to exploit your body’s sensitivity is all.”
“Ohh!” Kirishima beamed. Then the realization struck, “oh”
Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Way to go shitty Deku, now he knows the plan!”
Nonetheless, the Katuski clawed his hand and started to lower it down to an already giggling Kirishima’s tummy.
The red haired boy used his summer camp training: act quick in heavy pressure situations.
The hero in training hardened his skin, adding an extra layer to his abdomen, causing Bakugo to groan.
“Seriously? Your shitty quirk!” Bakugo rolled his eyes, “well I can wait here all day. And when the girls come back, you get to say which one you like in front of her.”
“HAVE YOU NO MERCY?” Kirishima roared.
The sudden loud noise awoke Aizawa. He was not a happy camper when he was woken up, especially from a good nap like this.
“You know what Bakubro! I’ll be fine holding out! I can keep my skin hard as long as I wish!” Kirishima yelled cockily.
Oh this will be good.
Aizawa stood up and stealthily stood next to Midoriya. He put a finger to his lip and winked at the greenette.
“How can you interrogate me with no method? You really didn’t think this through Bakubro.” Kirishima was getting cockier by the minute, “can’t tickle someone with no soft skin!”
Aizawa grinned.
Midoriya clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from spoiling another surprise.
As Aizawa’s hair stood up in an instant, Kirishima’s rock hard abdomen disappeared into a soft, pudgy, tummy.
“YES!” Bakugo cried
“M-MISTER AIZAWA!” Kirishima whined.
“You’re the one who woke me up. Just thought I’d keep my quirk alert Incase if any villains attack.” Aizawa responded in a monotone.
Bakugo didn’t hesitate. He immediately started scribbling his fingers along Kirishima’s sides.
The red haired boy kept his composure, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.
“Oh? Nothing’s working huh.” Bakugo lifted his attack, “I guess we’ll just have to stop then.”
“Man you really suck at th- EEP!” Kirishima squeaked as Bakugo raised his arm above his head and poked the hollow of his arm.
It all happened so fast, Kirishima couldn’t even attempt to hold in his laughter.
“waihihihihit. Bahahahahakuhuhuhgohohoho!” Kirishima’s bubbly giggles melted Midoriya’s heart. Normally, Red Riot would be rolling all over laughing, but the uniform definitely helped minimize the feeling.
“You ready for talk yet?” Bakugo asked with a cocked grin.
“Nehehehehehever! Ihihihihihihihi cahahahan lahahahahast!” Kirishima manages through his uncontrollable giggling.
“Midoriya I might need some eye drops. This could take a while.” Aizawa muttered.
Deku chuckled and grabbed drops from Aizawa’s desk.
“You’re getting boring shitty hair. I’ll find your death spot and you’ll never stand a chance.”
“Jokes on you! You can’t even access it!” Kirishima spoke without thinking.
“Oh? Why is that? Is it blocked by me or clothes?” Bakugo cooed as he started to untuck Kirishima’s uniform shirt.
“Waihihihihit Bakubrohohohoho!” Kirishima giggled uncontrollably before any contact was made with his hyper-ticklish skin.
“What happened to being unbreakable? Where’s the great Red Riot now?” Bakugo teased as he prepares an assault, “I wonder if you share your worst spot with the shitty Deku.”
Deku yelped with wide eyes as attention turned to him. He could kill Kacchan.
“W-where’s his death spot?” Kirishima asked, followed by a gulp.
“Nowhere special. Just-“ Bakugo drilled his thumbs into Kirishima’s hips, “here.”
“Ohh maybe you do have the same death spot as Deku!” Bakugo teased confidently.
Kirishima’s bright belly laughter filled the room. All of the other boys gathered ‘round to see what was going down.
“Bakugo, you do know you just exposed Deku right?” Kaminari questioned with amusement.
“And I care because? I’m the only one who knows how to get him howling anyways.” Bakugo replied cockily.
A loud yelp was emitted from Deku’s side of the room after Aizawa took a squeeze at both of the boy’s hips.
“Well he’s not lying.” Aizawa said calmly.
“Come make yourself useful, Pikachu. Hold his arms up.” Bakugo commanded.
Kaminari obliged and soon Kirishima was under Bakugo’s mercy, meaning there would be none.
“Tell us Shitty Hair!” Bakugo spoke louder as he removed a hand from one of Red Riot’s hip, and added a scribbling hand to one of his underarms.
The boys of class 1-A all shared the same look: fearful amusement. They now knew to never mess with Bakugo, especially after today.
Bakugo lifted his attack fully. “Alright Kirishima, you leave me no choice.”
Kirishima gulped nervously.
“Either you tell me your death spot, or I embarrass the hell out of you right now.” Bakugo said menacingly.
“Y-you. Fiend. You’ll get nothin’ outta me.” Kirishima barked in rebuttal.
“Suit yourself.” Bakugo said calmly, “Pikachu.”
Kaminari drew his attention to Bakugo. While this happened, Aizawa realized that Kirishima was too weak to use his quirk, so he retreated back to his sleeping bag.
“You might wanna sit on those arms, things are gonna get ugly.”
As Kaminari obliged, Bakugo began to pinch at the pudge right above Kirishima’s bikini line. This caused the hard-rock hero’s laughter to jump up an octave.
“Found it~” Bakugo purred in a low voice.
“BAHAHAHA! BAHAHAHAHAHAKUHUHUHUHUHUGOHOHOHOHOHO! MEHEHEHEHEHEHRCHYHEHEHEHE!” Kirishima tried to writhe from under the blonde’s evil clutches.
“Then tell us!” Bakugo demanded angrily.
“NOHOHOHOHOHO!” Kirishima whined in response.
“Then die.”
Bakugo’s evil smirk was all that Kirishima saw before his eyes squeezed shut and he was a screaming, blushing mess.
The blonde continued to squeeze the boy’s worst spot. But, he also demanded Kaminari to spider his fingers under Red Riot’s arms. And to top it all off, Bakugo started blowing fat raspberries on Kirishima’s abs.
Red Riot moved into quiet hysterics, unable to bear the tickly feeling.
“Maybe you should stop soon.” Tokoyami butted in, “He doesn’t look too good.”
“Shut up bird brain! He’s done when he confesses!” Bakugo barked back.
Kirishima was trying his best to get out of his friend’s clutches, he was even squeezing Kaminari’s butt with his free hands. But, It had no effect on the electric boy.
“Last chance to tell us before we get you to exhaustion!” It was Kaminari’s turn to interrogate now.
The attack ceased, leaving Kirishima panting. After a few seconds of greedily gulping in air, Red Riot looked at his attackers, then his classmates. He had no dignity left, so why should he lie?
“It’s um... it’s...” shit. He needed to come up with a name quick, “it’s Mina.”
“You liar.” Kaminari said as he skittered his fingers once again.
“That’s enough Pikachu. He knows to tell us the truth.” Bakugo unstraddled Kirishima, Kaminari did the same. The blonde reached a hand out and helped Red Riot to his feet.
His classmates surrounded him in a circle, there was nowhere to run.
“Ah jeez. This is gonna be embarrassing.” Kirishima spoke softly.
“Just say it!” Kaminari commanded.
“It’s Ururaka!” Kirishima yelped.
“No! You’re still lying! I know when you lie because your quirk activates on only your hands!” Bakugo yelled.
“Mister Aizawa! The one time I needed you to erase my quirk!” Kirishima groaned bashfully.
“Just tell us dude we won’t judge you.” Kaminari said with a reassuring hand on Red Riot’s shoulder.
Kirishima looked at all of his classmates curious faces. What if they judged him? What if they didn’t want to be his friend anymore because of who he liked?
“W..well.. um...” Kirishima closed his eyes and sighed, “it’s.. its B-Bakugo.”
Bakugo’s eyes widened along with all the other boys.
“I.. I shouldn’t have said that...” Kirishima said before running out of the room.
“Kirishima! Stop!” Bakugo yelled.
The blonde went chasing after Red Riot, leaving the rest of the class dazed.
“What did I miss?” Aizawa asked with a yawn. He saw all of his confused students, “Jesus was it Mt. Lady or something?”
“N-no... Kacchan” Deku spoke quietly.
“Oh that was obvious.” Aizawa said with an amused breath of air. “Now I owe All-Might 200 Yen.”
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duckymcdoorknob · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Staying Home
Warning this is a tickle fic!
The breakdown: Requested by @secretly-tword-obsessed
Lee!Jessi and Ler!Missy from the show Big Mouth.
Ships: Platonic Jessy
Warnings: the big sad, tickling.
Prompt: Nothing could be worse. Jessi is moving to New York and all she wants to do is stay with her dad. Her best friend Missy takes notice of the girl’s sudden attitude change and uses a tactic her parents did on her.
Life was hell for Jessi Glaser. Mom divorced dad, has a lesbian lover and now Jessi has to move to New York? Jessi had no one in her corner, she felt hopeless. Not even the Anxiety Mosquito was her friend, just an annoying creature that spent time over her shoulder.
“Anxiety Mosquito I think I’m ready to just run away.” Jessi spoke softly, in fear of her fighting parents hearing her.”
“B-b-but! W-what if we die trying to run away!” The mosquito squeaked in response.
“I already feel like I’m gonna die every second. What’s the change?” Jessi replied as she stood to her feet and packed a backpack.
After Jessi packed some things, she unlatched her window and dropped into a bush quietly. She closed the window and took off in a flash. She didn’t know where she was going, she just ran as tears leaked out of her eyes.
She passed Nick’s house, Jay’s house, Andrew’s house, then finally her feet stopped at Missy’s driveway.
Jessi bit down on her lip as she reached up to ring the doorbell.
“Shit what am I doing I need to just leav-“ Jessi’s outer monologue was interrupted when Missy’s dad answered the door.
“Hey Jessi! Can I help you sweetheart?” Mr. Foreman-Greenwald asked.
Before saying a word, Jessi burst into tears. She was ushered inside by Missy’s dad.
“I j-j-just didn’t know w-where else to g-go” Jessi stuttered after she explained her situation to Missy and her family.
“You can stay with us!” Missy shouted, “you can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor! It’ll be like a sleepover every day!”
Missy’s parents looked at each other in shock, but lowered their expressions into satisfied grins as they both murmured a response.
“Woohoo! Come on Jessi!” Missy cried as she dragged Jessi to her room.
“Missy th-thank you...” Jessi spoke softly as she sat down on a beanbag chair.
“Of course! That’s what friends are for!” Missy beamed.
Jessi broke down into quiet tears again, then she felt Missy wrap her arms around her.
“S-Sorry. Just. No one’s c-called me their f-friend in a while.” Jessi stuttered.
“Oh come on! We’ve been friends since 7th grade!” Missy chimed.
Missy noticed her hands on Jessi’s waist and wondered... She gently wiggled her fingers along Jessi’s torso.
“W-waihihihit Mihihihihissy!” Jessi couldn’t contain her giggles.
“Dr. Foreman-Greenwald’s diagnosis! The Big Sad! And they always say laughter is the best medicine!” Missy was grinning ear to ear, she was so excited to help her friend.
“Ohohohohohohoh myhehehehe gahahahahad. Yohohohohou ahahahare a dohohohohork.” Jessi was writhing under Missy’s torturous clutches.
“And you’re feeling better already! See!” Missy observed.
Missy moved from her friend’s sides to her stomach, scribbling skilled fingers along. The sensitive spot.
“No can-do Jessi! When you tell me you’re better, I’ll stop!” Missy chimed.
“IHIHIHIHIHIM BEHEHEHEHETTEHEHEHER!” Jessi squealed as Missy lifted her shirt and scribbled the bare skin.
“Mmmm. I don’t believe you.” Missy teased, “let’s try here! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!”
A blush crept over Jessi’s face. Oh how she hated that word. She no time to react as a finger dipped into her belly button.
“GAH! AHAHAHAHA MIHIHIHIHIHIHISSY! W-WAIHIHIHIHIT! NAHAHAHAHAT THEHEHEHEHRE!” Jessi was writhing under her friends clutches. Tears from laughing developed in her squeezed shut eyes.
“All you gotta do is be better and this all stops!” Missy cooed. She got an evil idea and quietly apologized to her parents in her head.
Missy continued her assault on Jessi’s belly button, then added in squeezes to Jessi’s sensitive tummy.
Jessi didn’t like it very much, but she just let it happen. Missy was right, this was helping. She squealed in agony as it unfolded.
“OKAHAHAHAHAHAY OKAHAHAHAY! IHIHIHIHIHIM BEHEHEHEHTTEHEHEHER! I GIHIHIHIVE MEHEHEHEHEEHERCHYEHEHEHE!” Jessi was pounding a fist against the floor, moving off the beanbag in fear of hurting missy.
Missy chuckled as she lifted her attack. She helped a still giggling Jessi to her feet.
Jessi flopped onto Missy’s bed, panting. But, plastered on her face was the silliest grin she’s produced in a while.
“Okay maybe I went a little far.” Missy said bashfully.
“N-no. It was just enough. Thank you Missy.” Jessi replied with the same bashfulness.
“What are friends for!” Missy shot her a beaming smile, “now. Dr Foreman-Greenwald’s next treatment is a Wii Sports tournament. Do you accept this treatment?”
Jessi shot a menacing grin, it was ON. The two girls were soon chuckling amongst themselves as they played a very high stakes tennis tournament. Of course Missy cheated a few times with some squeezes to Jessi’s sides.
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You Don’t Hate Me
Requsted by @ 
Fandom: Big Mouth
Summary: Nick is feeling shit about his relationship with Andrew, so Andrew has to remind him that they are still best buddies!
Nick was sad. It was the last day of camp and sure, he and Andrew had made up, but he still felt like he had a hole in his heart. His best friend in the whole world had called him names, humiliated him and ignored him. Sure, he was under the influence of, um, his waste; but that didn’t make it any less hurtful.
Nick sat alone by a tree the morning of pickup, picking at dirt. Tito buzzed by his ear.
“Look at Andrew and Seth, they are so happy without you. They probably still hate you”.
Nick looked towards Andrew and Seth laughing by the bus. However, at that moment he was looking, Andrew noticed him, and came over.
“Nick, buddy, I know that look. Can you not get the doodoo out either?”
“What? No!”, Nick whined.
“Okay than”, Andrew said, “Bye”.
“Wait!”, Nick said, reaching out, “Do you still hate me?”
Andrew’s expression dropped, “Hate you? Oh Nick, I don’t hate you. I’m the problem in this friendship, not you”.
Nick sighed heavily, “Ohhh, thats a relief”.
Andrew chuckled, “Excuse me?”
“I mean, I’m glad you don't hate me. I’m just, Iv’e been feeling so anxious lately, and not having you made it so much worse”.
“Don’t be vulnerable!”, the mosquito urged. 
Andrew sat down and put a hand on Nick’s shoulder, “I’m so sorry I did that, I really am”.
Nick snuggled into him, and they shared a friendly hug. The mosquito vanished.
“And I’m sorry too”, Nick said, “About Missy. I can be a terrible person sometimes”.
Andrew chuckled awkwardly, “And so can I! We can both be assholes sometimes Nick, we’re teenage boys!”
Nick smiled, “Yeah, I guess. Though a teenage boy wouldn’t have a special pillow”.
Andrew gasped playfully, “I got over Pilbo months ago!”
“Yep”, Nick said, “And he had a name”. 
Andrew nudged him softly, “Oh please!”
Nick poked him to retaliate. 
“Hey!”, Andrew whined, poking Nick in the belly.
“No!”, Nick squeezed, curling on on himself. 
Andrew gasped, “Oh, I’m so sorry Nick, did I hurt you? I only wanted it to be a light poke!”
Nick had a blush running down his cheeks, “No, hehe, you didn’t”
Andrew tilted his head to the side like a confused puppy, “Really? Because you curled in on yourself”.
Nick shook his head, “Nup, I’m all good”.
There was silence for a second, before Andrew’s eyes flashed, a smirk growing on his lips.
“What?”, Nick said nervously, “Andrew, what are you thinking?”
Andrew smiled, “Do you have a ticklish tummy?”
“What? No!”
“Are you sure”, Andrew said, wiggling his fingers in Nick’s direction. He squeezed and jumped back.
Nick could see the evil in Andrew’s eyes, “Nope, nope, don’t even think about it”, Nick said nervously”.
“Oh, I already did”.
Nick jumped up to run, but Andrew grabbed his torso and lifted him into the air. He squealed in shock. Andrew placed him back down beside the tree and started wiggling his fingers up and down Nick’s stomach. 
Immediately, the short boy was reduced to a fit of high pitch giggles.
“Nohhohoho!”, he laughed, “Ahahahndrew!”
Andrew gasped in playful shock, “Wow, I thought you were ticklish, but I didn’t think you would be THIS ticklish!”
“Shuhuhut up!”, Nick laughed, kicking his legs up but failing to squirm out of Andrew’s grip. Yet, in all honesty, Nick kinda didn’t want to escape. He’d been so anxious lately, he’d even had a panic attack, and it just felt really good to be playing with Andrew and laughing freely.
“Hey! Whats all the noise?”, Jessi asked, walking around a corner to see Nick and Andrew on the grass. Natalie stood next to her, the two with identical grins.
“Wow, I don’t think Iv’e ever seen a man so ticklish in my life”, Natalie teased.
“Yeah”, Jessi added, “Want some help Andrew?”
“Nohohoho! Jehesihihihhi!”, Nick cried.
“I don’t think his tummy would be his only ticklish spot, have you tried his neck?”, Jessi suggested.
“No!”, Nick cried, but Andrew had taken Jessi’s advice. As soon as Andrew’s fingers got to his neck, he pinned it to his chest and let out a load of hysterical laughter.
Natalie joined in, crouching down beside Nick’s stomach and spidering her fingers up and down his sides. 
“Tickle tickle tickle”, Natalie teased.
Okay, now this was a bit much. 
“ENOUGH!”, Nick cried, needing a breath. 
The two of them stopped, Jessi with a huge grin on her face, and Nick panting for air.
“You guys are so mean to me”, Nick panted.
Andrew roughed up his hair, “We do it because we love you”.
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twordytings · 5 hours ago
Can you please do one where ur mad at Bucky and he tickles u so u stop ignoring him
Can’t Stay Mad
(Bucky x Reader)
Summary: Bucky calls you a raccoon. It’s up to him to make things right with you.
Word Count: 620
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Bucky called out from the couch across from you. “Why are you sitting over there? You always sit next to me when we watch movies.” You didn’t respond, but instead shrugged as you turned your attention back to the TV.
The morning of that day, you came downstairs looking extremely tired, which Bucky had immediately noticed. He knew you’d been super stressed out about finals for school, yet still decided to point out the dark circles that had planted around your eyes.
“Good morning y/n- woah. You look like a raccoon. Did you get any sleep last night?” Bucky said nonchalantly. You rubbed your eyes in embarrassment, pulling your hoodie over your head in defense. It rubbed you the wrong way, since the last thing you wanted to be worked up about was your physical appearance.
“You know I’ve been studying for finals Buck. Why would you say something like that?” you said as you grabbed a granola bar and headed back up to your room in a huff, not wanting to talk about it any longer. He felt bad for a little bit, but brushed it off as he thought it wouldn’t affect you much; little did he know, though, that you were pretty upset about it.
“Oh c’mon,” he dragged out, “you aren’t still upset about what I said earlier, are you?” His smile faltered a bit as he noticed your face hadn’t changed it’s salty expression. You still didn’t say a word. He’d figured you weren’t going to respond, so he got up and plopped himself beside you. “If I say sorry will you talk to me? Huh...?” he smirked as he poked at you stomach. Your lips curled a bit as you slapped his hands away. “We’re doing this the hard way? Fine by me.” In no time, Bucky had sprawled himself on top of you on the couch, clutching your wrists so he could stick his prickly beard in the crook of your neck, sending a million shivers down your spine.
“Buhuhuhuck nohohoho!” you squeaked, not being able to hold in your nervous giggles, but at the same time, not replacing your grumpy demeanor.
“She speaks! I’m gonna need you to smile for me though bug...”
“Nohohohoho!” you whined, forgetting that you didn’t have much of a choice considering you were at the mercy of a psycho with a bionic arm.
“Guess we gotta go for the big guns...” he sighed, pretending like he wasn’t currently having the time of his life.
“WHAT? NAHAHAAHAHA-” Before you could protest, Bucky had started kneading your thighs at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. There was no way you could hold in your smile, which was just what he wanted.
“There she is!” Bucky beamed as he paused his attack. “You gonna talk me now?” You immediately frowned, now that you were actually in control of your actions.
“Only if you stop tickling me.” You would’ve crossed your arms if your wrists weren’t still trapped by the man.
“Okay okay...” he relented as he pulled you up into his lap, engulfing your entire form; compared to him, you were like a peanut in his arms. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier bug... didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” You looked up at him and smiled sweetly.
“S’okay, I know you didn’t mean it.”
“Oh I meant it- OW!” he winced as you elbowed him in the rib.
“And I meant that...” you quipped.
“You have five seconds to run before I get you...”
“Oh god.” You didn’t even think before you began sprinting away from a hungry eyed Bucky. It’s safe to say he was glad to have the old you back.
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Okay, so I saw Hamilton about a week ago, (Australian cast), and there was a brief blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tickle scene! 
Basically, in what’re you tryna hide Buuuuuuurrrr?, one of the men, I can’t remember which one, tickled Burr’s chin, very close to his neck! He let out a chuckle and jumped back, “I should go”.
(Also, seeing the show was the best day of my life)
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ticklykitty216 · 5 hours ago
I mean... not sure of the scenario, but perhaps something with the goldenarm gang?
(Ohohoho, I had an idea mulling around for something to do with the Goldarm Gang, specifically Belle, and now I finally have my chance!)
(This one got REEEEALLY REALLY long because I’d been thinking about this for a bit, so kinda sorry in advance for the long story? lol)
(I always take so long to actually get the tickling part, you should know the drill by now. Go to the “ ** ”if you just wanna skip to tickling bit)
The Goldenarm Gang had just returned to their hideout after a successful heist. Their leader, Belle, was stashing their loot away while the other two members, Edgar and Tara, waited for Belle to return.
Edgar was sitting in a chair reading a book, with his feet propped up on the table, while Tara was sitting on a mat that was slightly in the corner of the room, meditating.
Belle opened the door and sighed, wiped her forehead with her golden arm and threw a single bag of gold onto the table, the coins spilled out around Edgars boots and he looked up from his book to see the commotion.
“Whoo! Good job on that heist gang.” Belle said walking over to a map of some small towns, and placed a note that said “Done” on one of the towns. “Of course we did good, those suckers didn’t even know what hit them.” Edgar said, in a rather monotone voice and turned the page of his book.
“You’re right about that!” Belle said with a quick laugh and turned to look at him, before a slight frown crossed her face “Boy, what have I told you about putting your feet up on the table?” Belle said. Edgar looked up and glared before he reluctantly took his feet off the table, Tara opened her eye, she could already feel tension brewing between the two.
“Now don’t look at me like that, not after I just complemented you and your work.” Belle said and walked over to the table and pulled up a chair to sit at it. Edgar rolled his eyes but closed his book and placed it on the table, “I think we need something more challenging.” Edgar said. “More challenging?” Belle said raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, that heist was almost too easy. It felt off to me.” Edgar said, “Yeah, I chose an easy target because your a new member, I ain’t gonna immediately throw you into the deep end.” Belle said and leaned forward towards Edgar, and Tara huffed, so much for a peaceful night...
“I can handle a more challenging heist!” Edgar said, frustration dripping from his voice, “I’m sure you can, but we just hit a small, but well known town. All the bigger towns, with the bigger banks, are gonna up security. We’re gonna have to lay low for a bit.” Belle said crossing her arms and looking down at the gold on the table. “Then we should strike immediately! Before they can up security!” Edgar said slamming his fist into the table.
“Hey! I’m leader of the gang! And I call the shots!” Belle barked out slamming her own fist into the table, she stood up and walked around the table towards Edgar “I appreciate your enthusiasm and love for theft, but you gotta know when to back off.” Belle said and Edgar stood up as well as Belle now stood in front of him “Both, when doing heists, and when talking to your leader like that.” Belle hissed out. Edgar glared before a huff escaped him, “I still think you’re being too cautious, we can still do so much!” Edgar growled.
Belle herself huffed and rolled her eyes before glaring at the teen “Boy you are lucky I’m in a good mood tonight,” she said and took a step forward threateningly, Edgar’s scarf raised itself in defense, he obviously had no plans to attack Belle (he wasn’t that stupid) but he was ready to jump back if she went to strike him. “Cause if I wasn’t I wouldn’t hesitate to put you in your place!” Belle said and jabbed her fingers into his side.
** Edgars eyes widened and a choked sound came out of him as he took a quick step back, his scarf shuddered. Belle made a confused look and Tara cracked her eye open to see what happened. Edgar’s face heated up as Belle took another step forward and jabbed him again “Snrk-! Stop!” Edgar said quickly slapping Belle’s hand away and backed up again. Belle stood there for a second before it clicked, and she smirked “Edgar... You’re not ticklish are you?” Belle asked, she took another step towards him.
Edgars face turned another shade of red and quickly looked over his right shoulder “No! Why would I be?” he said and started to walk backwards, and Belle kept pace “If you really aren’t ticklish, then why are you acting suspicious?” Belle asked and cracked her knuckles. Edgar swallowed and tried to quickly jump backwards, but he’d tripped over his chair and stumbled back.
Belle, like a cat waiting for the right moment, lunged at Edgar and grabbed his arms, and took him down to the ground. Tara just watched on from her spot on the floor as Belle wrangled the moody teen, Belle had managed to get his scarf off, and in the scuffle his hat had been knocked off as well. “BELLE! GET OFF OF ME!!” Edgar yelled as he tried to push the older woman off of him, but she was strong despite her appearance, and didn’t budge.
“Come now Edgar!” Belle said as she pinned his left hand down with her golden arm, Edgar had his hand gripping Belle left wrist and it slowly descended down to his side, “I thought you said you wanted something more challenging!~” Belle teased as her hand finally made contact with the teens side and started to quickly scribble her fingers into it.
Edgars eyes bulged and he bit the inside of his cheek, and started to kick his legs. A smile found it’s way to face and he closed his eyes and started to tremble under Belle’s fingers. “Hehe, what’s wrong boy? Cat got your tongue?~” Belle teased as she stared to squeeze up and down his side. He opened one of his eyes to glare at Belle, and he cracked when she’d squeeze near his hips, “Behehehelle! Stohohop!” he giggled out, “There ya go!” Belle said and chuckled.
Belle took her golden hand off of Edgar’s wrist and quickly brought it to his other side. He spluttered before a louder laugh left him. “BEHEHELLE! NOHOHO STOP!” he laughed and tried to push her hands away “Stop? Now why would I do that?” Belle said as she started to squeeze more up towards his ribs. “NOHOHOHO!! STOHOHOP IT! NOHOHOT THEHEHEHEHERE!!” Edgar cried and started to wiggle back and forth.
“Not where, here?” Belle said, her hands went under his poncho to his ribs and started to scribble her fingers into his ribs “BEHEHEHEHELLE! STOP STOHOHOHOP! NOHOHOHO HAHAHA NOHOHOHOT THEHEHEHERE!!” Edgar shrieked and shook his head and kicked his legs. “Ha! I didn’t realize you were this ticklish!” Belle said and snickered, her hands traveled back down to his sides and stomach, she lifted the hem of his shirt up and gently skittered her nails over his exposed belly, while her right hand squeezed his side.
Edgar let out a squeak before he started to thrash, “BEHEHEHELLE NOHOHOHO MOHOHOHORE!! PLEHEHEHEHEASE!!” Edgar laughed as he tried to pull his shirt back down “Oh? You’re already begging? I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.” Belle said menacingly “GOHOHOHOHOOD PAHAHART?!” Edgar laughed out.
Belle pulled her golden arm away from his side and used her teeth to pull the glove off of her hand, she pulled his shirt (and subsequently his poncho as well) and managed to wiggle her golden fingers up into the teens armpit.
Edgar lost it. The cold touch of her golden hand against his sensitive skin sent his nerves over the edge. He let out a high-pitched shriek and his laughter went silent, before it came back as a loud, screechy and shrill laughter. “BEHEHEHEHE- HAHAHAHAHA- BEHEHEHELLE!! NOHOHOHO- HEHEHAHAHAHA-!! NOHOHOHO MOHOHOHOHORE!!” Edgar said, barely managing to get the sentence out through his laughter.
“I don’t know Edgar, I mean, you look like you’re having fun down there.” Belle teased as she gently fluttered her nails over his waistline. “Besides, I think you deserve this for backtalking me all the time!” Belle said. Edgar could feel tears starting to slide down his cheeks, and he was slowly losing the energy to fight back.
Belle was actually starting to feel a little sorry for the kid, but she didn’t stop immediately, she let her cold, golden hand travel down from his armpit to ribs, then all the way down to his sides and belly. “Edgar.” Belle said, with a certain edge to it that brought his attention back to her “YEHEHES?!” he laughed out, his hands weakly trying to push her hands away by the wrists.
“I’m leader of the gang, correct?” Belle said as both her thumbs drilled into his hipbones “YEHEHEHES!!” he cackled out and arched his back “So... That means you gotta listen to me, right?” Belle said and watched for Edgar’s reactions. He paused for a second before he responded, “YEHEHEHEHES!!” Belle hummed at his response, “And if that means you’re gonna listen to me, that means you won’t backtalk me and question my decisions, right?” Belle asked.
“YEHEHEHES! YEHEHES OK WHAHAHATEHEHEHEVER YOHOU SAY!! JUHUHUHUHUST STOHOHOP ALREHEHEADY!!” Edgar squealed out as he wiggled in a last ditch effort to escape Belle’s merciless fingers. “I want to hear you say it.” Belle said as her golden fingers got dangerously close to his belly button, “Tell me you’re not gonna backtalk, or questions my decisions. AND that you’ll follow my orders, no matter how much you disagree with them!” Belle said.
Edgar gaped at her before another peal of laughter left him. For a few seconds he didn’t say anything, and Belle huffed. “Come on Edgar, say it!” she said and repositioned herself so she could get closer to his stomach “Don’t make me start blowing raspberries...” he warned. His eyes widened up at her, “NOHOHO DOHOHON’T!” he cried out and she raised her eyebrow “Then say it.” she said.
Edgar turned his head away and a conflicted look crossed his face, he really didn’t want to promise that, but he was slowly starting to go insane from all the tickling. Belle rolled her eyes, and a smiled crossed her lips despite herself. “Fine then, I guess we’re gonna have to give some raspberries then.” she said and grabbed his wrists and pinned them to his side. “Wahahahait! WAIT NOHOHO!” Edgar cried out as Belle sucked in a deep breathe.
“NOHOHOHO WAHAHAIT STOOOOOHOHOHOHOP!!” Edgar shrieked out, and Belle stopped, her face was a few inches away from his quivering stomach, when she exhaled her breathe teased his stomach. “Ihihihi... Ihihihi... G-gihihihive mehehe a sehehecond..!” he giggled out. “Hurry, I don’t have all day!” Belle warned, she was really tempted to just go ahead and blow that raspberry regardless, “Hohohohohold ohohon! L-Lehehet mehe catch my breheheheathe!” he cried out.
Belle rolled her eyes, but did let him catch his breathe. After a minute or two of Edgar gasping and giggling he looked away, shut his eyes and swallowed both the lump in his throat and his pride, he looked back at Belle. “Ihihihi prohohomise... I prohomise to lihihisten toho yohohou, ahahand to nohohot bahahacktalk you...” he said through a few giggles. Belle sat back up, though her hands still pinned his down “And promise to follow my orders, even if you don’t like them.” she said, with the scolding tone. “Behehehelle!” Edgar whined out, “Say it, or I’ll tickle you to death boy!” she threatened.
Edgar flinched at her words, and a loud whine escaped his through “FINE!” he shouted, “Ihihi also prohohomise to fohohohollow yohohour orders...” he said. “Even if you don’t like them?” Belle asked and he growled, “Yehehehes... Evehehen if Ihihi dohon’t like thehehem...” he said and looked away from Belle.
“There!” Belle said as she put the glove back on her golden hand and stood up off of him “That wasn’t so hard was it?” she asked and pulled the teen to his feet. He stumbled for a second, not expecting to be pulled up so quickly. Belle grabbed him by his shoulders as he steadied himself, he pulled his shirt and poncho back down and walked over to where his hat and scarf were on the ground.
“Go take a bath and get ready for bed, we might not be going out to do a heist, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do around the base!” Belle said and clapped Edgar on the back as he walked by her, he just growled in response before he disappeared down a hallway.
“Mmmm hmmm mmm?” Tara asked from her corner, she was in a relaxed position with her legs still crossed, “Oh he’ll be fine, he’s just sore I made him giggle!” Belle said and laughed, Tara rolled both her eye and her third eye “Mmmhmm mmm mmmmmh!” Tara said, “Oh don’t you start too! What, do I need to tickle you to?” Belle asked and wiggled her fingers in Tara’s direction.
Tara’s eyes widened before she shook both her head and her hands “HMMHMM! HMMHMM!” Tara said and Belle really started to laugh “I’m just kidding!” Belle said and motioned toward the hall, “You should get ready as well, I’m gonna go check the perimeter to make sure Edgar didn’t accidentally alert anyone.” Belle said picking her rifle up and winked at Tara.
Tara got the message. Tara stood and stretched before she walked down the same hall Edgar had, Belle clapped her on the back as well before Belle headed out the door of their base.
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strawberry-lee · 5 hours ago
To Calm A Totem Shark
Summary; Foolish losing his mind because of “L’Sandburg” and Eret helping him calm down.
Notes; Apparently 1am is the best time to write things as I’ve literally written this and the other two fics at 1am as well. Hope you guys enjoy!
Warnings; swearing, mentions of death threats and memory loss
Eret had seen the the letter Foolish wrote, more so intrigued then anything else. If he also thought it sounded fake, but he went to Foolish’s summer home anyway. When showing up saw L’Sandburg that was on the path that the totem shark made, which apparently had a toll as well. Foolish beginning to break some of the building down, mumbling to himself. He seemed pissed given what Eret could glen from the mumbles which mainly were “Fuck Bad” and “Dumb ass nation”. Though he walked over toward and totem shark and waved, which Foolish looked happy upon seeing the royal.
“Eret! Oh thank god, you won’t believe this! They keep expanding on my land! An–and stealing my stuff, and breaking things—,” Foolish rambled on which Eret could see this was taking a toll on the man. He had spent many days making his summer home away from people and now had other decided to steal it from him. Yet he could tell the that his friend hadn’t relaxed at all, given how stiff he looked. Also reminded them of when he built the mansion for Ranboo and Tubbo.
“Foolish, breath okay? I’m sure we can figure this out calmly, alright?” Eret said, trying to be reassuring but it didn’t seem to help.
“Calmly?! They’ve been nothing but threatening! Bad even say for me to die!” Foolish said, showing the notes that Bad wrote. Which did indeed showed that he did say for Foolish to die, “Fuck being calm! I want to either tear this down or fight! I can’t anymore as this is my land!”
Eret sighed, putting away the notes into a chest and just let Foolish ramble on for a bit longer before pulling the totem shark into a hug, which caught him off guard. He tried to get away, but Eret kept a good grip on him. It did calm him down a bit, but he still was angry.
“Eret, as much I love your hugs, let me go,” he said pushing lightly at them. Eret made a humming noise to make it seem like she was thinking about it before speaking.
“No I don’t think I will, seems you need it right now,” he chuckled at the small pout from Foolish, “I’ll let you go once you’ve calmed down enough alright?”
“I am calm!” Foolish whined pushing a bit more to get out of the royal’s grip, “Pleeeeeeeease Eret!”
“Well……it’s either this or another method I have of getting you to calm down,” Eret mentioned which made Foolish go still. This made Eret chuckle at the totem shark at how fast his reaction was.
You see months ago when Foolish was building the mansion he was visited by Eret who happened to find out he was ticklish while giving him a hug. Said hug was because he was going insane and running on 1 hour of sleep for two days. How they found their friend was ticklish was because they accidentally moved their hand over his ribs, causing the demi god to squeak. The soon resulted in Foolish being wrecked to calm down and also to get him to sleep. Eret has made it clear many time she isn’t scared to do that again at any time, even more so now given his friends current state. Foolish, however tried to bargain his way out of both the hug at the moment and the possibility of being tickled. It didn’t work at all as Eret sighed as Foolish was at this point running his mouth and squeezed his sides. This caused a yelp and a tiny giggle from the totem shark.
“Foolish, I’m only saying this once, either I hug you or a wreck you. You can’t get out of either as you need to calm down because of this whole L’Sandburg thing, alright? You’re going a bit mad because of it and I’d rather not see you go off the deep end,” Eret explained as Foolish pouted again, “Now you chose what you want to happen or I’ll chose for you.”
“You wouldn’t!…….would you….?” Foolish asked nervously as Eret nodded, “Well, I don’t believe you, so let me go!”
“Ah… can’t say I didn’t warn you,” Eret tsked and tackled the demi god to the ground, looming over him with wiggly fingers, “Now the Tickle Monster is gonna to get you!”
“Nohohohoho! Nohohohot tihihihi–thahahat mohohohnsthrheher!” Foolish giggled out, hiding his face as the wiggly fingers moved closer to his skin. Just above his sides, as Eret chuckled lowly.
“What Foolish? What monster, hm? What evil monster do you not want to get you?” Eret used the voice (tm) to fluster him further. Foolish whining from the teasing as that’s it’s something he can’t handle at all. But if Eret had managed to put their friend into a lee mood during all of this, he still would enjoy at least some of it, “I wanna know what monsters trying to get you, Foolish, as right now all I see is a giggly shark boy~”
“Mehehehahan!” Foolish giggled out as Eret lightly traced his sides causing high pitched giggles to spill from his lips.
“I’m mean? How rude I was trying to stop them forming coming out and eating you. It seems you didn’t care about that now did you? Such a rebellious shark you are today,” she teased, leaning near Foolish’s ear as he spoke. The totem shark below them squeaking, “It also seems I’ve sent you into a lee mood too hm? Did I send you into a lee mood, Foolish?”
“Nohohoht lehehehe!” the totem shark giggled out which got a small raspberry on his neck. A squeak came from his lips as more were placed as well as a few nibbles, “Nohohoho!”
“The Tickle Monster isn’t a fan of lying, Foolish. As you seem to be a very very big lee mood, which they can help you out with,” Eret started, whispering into the sharks ear again, “If you behave and play along with them that is. Otherwise you won’t like what will happen my giggly shark~.”
Foolish whined and only nodded, he was too flustered to speak at this point. Eret smirk and took Foolish’s arm and lifted them up, causing quite a bit of squirming from him. He let go of her friends hands and smiled, “Now don’t move those arms for me okay giggly shark~?”
Another nod was given as Foolish hid his face into his arm, blushing like crazy. It honestly sometimes was amazing how easy it was to fluster him. One little tease and he’s done for! Eret seemingly being one the few people to able to get away with it too. He assumed it was because the level of trust Foolish had for her over many years. She found that endearing honestly even after they practically forgot who he was. Yet that didn’t matter at the moment, what did was to wreck their friend. Lightly moving his from his sides to his ribs, causing very high pitch giggles. Foolish squirming lightly, trying to stop himself from his arms moving.
“Such cute laughter you have Foolish, and oh so giggly too~,” Eret teased, racking their nails on his ribs which caused squeaky sighed to pour from their friends lips. Twisting more slightly, as Eret cooed, “So squeaky, but that alight it’s really really cute. The Tickle Monster looooves your squeak laughter~”
“Dohohohonht sahahay thahahat!” Foolish said, blushing a deeper red. Eret smirking at this reaction, going for his hips. Foolish arched his back and laughed, with some squeaks coming out.
“Aw but why? I love your laughter, it’s such a wonderful sound~,” Eret cooed and dug a bit more into Foolish hips making his whole body jump, “So squirmy too, but you’ve been listening to the Tickle Monster and stay as stiiiill as can be! Which just shows me how lee you are~.”
“Stohohohop sahahahay stuhuhuhfhhf lihihihikhkhke thahahat!” Foolish as a lot more red now, trying to cover his face. Eret sighed a little and whispered into his ear, making their voice as low as possible.
“Which part Foolish? You laughter being cute? How cute you are? How lee you are? Or maybe it’s the fact that keep saying Tickle Monster hm~?” Eret teased as Foolish lightly shook his head, “No? Then what giggly shark? Cause I think allll of it flusters you~.”
“Eheherheheht nohohoho!” Foolish said trying to twist his head away from them.
“Tickle Monster, Foolish, I’m the Tickle Monster not this Eret you speak of,” Eret chuckled and lightly tickled his underarms, “Silly giggly shark, do you need a reminder~?”
Eret growled a little as he went towards Foolish’s tummy, which made the totem shark whine. Eret leaned down and looked up at Foolish with a smirk. Both knew what was going to happen.
“You see Foolish, the Tickle Monster besides loving laughter, looooooves raspberries. My favorite snack, even more so because of your ticklish tummy,” Eret explained and growled a little, “And I am really hungry~.”
Before Foolish could even say anything, Eret placed a raspberry right onto of his belly and belly button. He screeched, arching his back as it happened. Throwing his head back and laughing hard. Hating loving the sensation that was on his tummy.
“NAHAHAHA NOHOHOHO! PLEHEHEHAHSE!” Foolish laughed out, twisting a lot more now that Eret had to hold his hips down.
His pleas ignored as is friend kept blowing raspberries and nibbling on his tummy. If Foolish was honest he was enjoying every second of this, which Eret knew. Honestly to Eret it was cute how Foolish loved being tickled even if he didn’t admit it that often. It was still nice, even more so if it meant that it would help calm him down. After a bit longer and one last raspberry, Eret stopped and rubbed away the ghost tickles. Foolish practically limp on the floor, giggling a bit still.
“Thahahanhnk yohohohu,” Foolish said smiling up at Eret.
“No problem, Foolish,” Eret smiled back. Times like theses give them a weird sense of nostalgia. Even if they can’t remember things Foolish has said all the time about the past, this felt familiar and safe.
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vqler · 6 hours ago
Hi ya, I'm not sure if this is how you send prompts, but could you do a fanart or fanfic of liu qingge being tickled, or shen qingqiu as there are surprisingly no svsss tickle stuff out there 😅😅😅
after so much debasing of the liu-shishu’s image i have no right to say anything only to apologize on knees 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in fact, this can be considered a foreward to the coming soon fic with the main pairing, so wait for the second part of your request :D (a “bit” more as always :’> (sry))
Tumblr media
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mikie-ticklin · 6 hours ago
if there's anyone out there
i need teases
i don't know if i'll be able to continue with this community anymore
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twordytings · 8 hours ago
(Hope you're still taking requests:D)
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
A/N: if u guys r ever unsure if I’m taking requests, just check my bio on my blog! i am in fact taking requests at the moment though:)))
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I have elected to ignore it,” you beamed with an all too wide smile.
“Excuse me?” Steve said after a surprised scoff. Did he think you were going to happily oblige to a 10pm curfew? It was like he had forgotten you were almost an adult.
“You heard me...” Okay. You may have been dragging it out a little bit. The attitude you were giving him was partly due to the fact that getting on his nerves was practically your favorite hobby at this point; he wasn’t having it. He reacted with that confused, almost flustered face that he always gave whenever he had no idea what to say. It didn’t last longer than two seconds, and his favorite hobby at the moment was tickling the shit out of you to put your teenage angst in its place.
“Do you have any idea what you just got yourself into? Huh?” he said as he grabbed you in a bear hug, squishing and squeezing at your belly. It happened so fast that you couldn’t help but melt to the floor, which only gave Steve the upper hand.
“HAHHAAHAH! NOHOHOHOHO STEHEHEHEH-” you screeched, flailing your limbs in every direction possible; you were surprised you hadn’t dislocated anything.
“Where’d all those snarky comments go y/n? Does it tickle too much to talk?” he pried. There was still no way in hell you were coming home at 10, but that was obviously a different conversation for a different time.
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spider-twords · 8 hours ago
For the five sentence thing with Bucky??❤️: “I swear I will throw my coffee in your face Buck!”
“I swear I will throw my coffee in your face Buck!” 
“Oh, I know you won’t do that,” Bucky smirked.
“How do you know that?” 
“Because, I know you like this anyways,” he said as he lunged at you.
You yelped and tried to dodge him, but he quickly grabbed you and pinned you.
“Come on, Y/n, just let me tickle you,” he said, shooting his hands to your armpits and scribbling.
send me the first line of a fic, and i’ll write the next five
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spider-twords · 9 hours ago
Omg, your peter parker one is so cute! How about.. "Nohoho! Teheasing makes it wohorseee!" For peter again?idk. up to you. Thank you!!! <3
"Nohoho! Teheasing makes it wohorseee!" You squealed out.
“Good,” Peter smirked. “Tickle tickle Y/n.” he skittered his fingers around your ribs.
You blushed at the tease, as you laughed out. “PEHEHETER, DOHOHOHON’T TEHEHEHEASE!”
“But it’s cute,” he teased. 
“It is,” Peter smirked. “Tickle tickle Y/n.”
send me the first line of a fic and i’ll write the next five
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made-by-jade-222 · 9 hours ago
Random YamaDad and DadMight scenario I couldn’t get out of my head lol
Kaminari walked out into the common room and found Yamada straightening things up. The man stood, dusted his hands off, and admired his work with a satisfied sigh. He turned to leave and saw the boy standing there.
Yamada: Hey Kaminari! Are you—oh! *rushes over to him* Oh no, what happened? You look like you’ve been crying!
Kaminari: *sniffles* Y-yeah...I was. I just got in trouble with Toshinori-Sensei.
Yamada: *folds his arms, a sad expression on his face* Yeah, you were pretty rude to him earlier.
Kaminari: I know...I was awful...I shouldn’t have said those things.
Yamada: Well, did you apologize to him? And ask him to forgive you?
Kaminari: Y-yeah.
Yamada: And did he forgive you?
Kaminari: Yeah...and he gave me a couple hundred lines to do, but I already finished them.
Yamada: *puts a hand on his shoulder* You paid for your mistake, you’ve apologized and you’ve been forgiven. There’s no reason for you to feel bad anymore. Don’t let yourself be consumed by guilt and regret. It’s already been taken care of, it’s all over and done with. Okay?
Kaminari: I guess...
Yamada: Good enough. Now come on, the movie just started!
The class was having an outdoor movie night, using a large white sheet hanging from trees as the screen and projecting the movie on it. Everyone chatted quietly and shared nachos and popcorn. Kaminari, who was still sulking feeling badly about what had happened, seated himself at the base of a tree far away from the group. Twenty minutes into the movie Yamada noticed Kaminari was missing and went to look for him.
Yamada: What are you doing all the way over here, little listener?
Kaminari: *hugging his knees* Watching the movie...
Yamada: You can’t even see from over here! *sits next to him and puts an arm around his shoulder* What’s the matter? Hmm? What’s got you down?
Kaminari: I don’t know...
Yamada: You’re not still sulking over what happened, are you?
Kaminari: *pouts* I don’t sulk!
Yamada: I’ll take that as a yes. I told you, eerything’s alright now! *smiles* Geez, for an electric hero, you sure could use some lightening up!
Kaminari: Hey! What? W-wahahait!
Yamada had surprised him by tickling his sides.
Kaminari: Sehehehehensei! Why?!?! Ahahahaha!
Yamada chuckled as his student squirmed under the tickles.
Yamada: Why? Isn’t it obvious? Come on now, lemme see that smile! *tickles his way up to his armpits*
Kaminari: *snorts and kicks his legs* NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EHEHEHEHEHE!
Yamada: You’ve got such a nice laugh! It really lightens up the room! Ha! Get it? *tickles his stomach*
Kaminari: *rolling around in the grass* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Yamada: Wow! That joke was so funny it’s got you rolling on the floor laughing!
Yamada: This is great! I’ve always wanted to be a comedian!
Toshinori had noticed the absence of both Yamada and Kaminari and went looking for them. He didn’t have to look for long. He approached the giggling pair with an amused smile on his face.
Toshinori: There you two are! What’s going on?
Yamada, who had stopped tickling the boy to give him a break, patted his back.
Yamada: Our little listener wouldn’t stop sulking after the little run in you two had earlier.
Toshinori: Ah, I see. *kneels next to Kaminari* My boy, I don’t want there to be any doubt that I’ve forgiven you.
Kaminari: There isn’t Sensei...I know you have. i just feel bad...because...because I....
Toshinori: It’s alright, take your time.
Kaminari: Because...I love you...
Yamada: *quietly* Awww!
Kaminari: And I respect you a lot and look up to you, and how could I speak to you the way I did?
Toshinori sat next to the boy and pulled him into a hug. Kaminari hugged him back fiercely, starting to sniffle again.
Toshinori: To answer your question, we’re all human. And humans make bad choices and mess up sometimes. *breaks the hug* And in addition to the grace we receive from others when we do something wrong, we have to give ourselves some grace too. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s all over, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s water under the bridge, alright?
Kaminari: Alright...*sniffles*
Yamada: Dang it, Yagi! I just got him to stop crying a few minutes ago and now you’ve set him off all over again!
Toshinori: Hmmm...well, maybe we can work together to fix that. *grins* Try his knees. They’re the worst.
Kaminari shrieked with laughter as he felt both his knees being squeezed and the undersides of them tickled mercilessly.
Yamada: His smile really lightens up the room, doesn’t it? Eh? Eh? Get it?
Toshinori: Yeah, very funny.
Yamada: Oh come on! He likes it! He thinks it’s hilarious! *tickles his side with one hand and squeeze his knee with the other*
Yamada: See?
Toshinori: *tickles Kaminari’s belly, causing the boy to curl in on himself in a fit of giggles* Your comedic talents did him wonders I’m sure. You alright?
Kaminari: Ehehehehe...ahaha...whew! *pants* Heh, yeah.
Toshinori: Good. Now come here you little rascal! *he and Yamada give the boy a big hug*
They break the hug after a moment and stand up.
Yamada: You ready to head back to the movie, little listener?
Kaminari: Just had laughs, about to eat NACHOS! *pumps his fists in the air and runs off toward the group*
Yamada and Toshinori exchanged amused glances and followed their boy back to the movie.
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ticklykitty216 · 9 hours ago
Spare Brawl Stars Requests?
Hey, my inbox is pretty much empty
Y’all got some spare Brawl Stars tickle requests? Or even headcanons? 
I’m down to hear some of your headcanons, or ask for some more of my headcanons about certain brawlers
I might also just start writing my own fics as well, tho I need to plan how I want to set them up... Changes are coming lads lol
(I am starved for Brawl Stars tickle content, and if I have to make it all myself then so be it lol)
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misslibby92 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Someone wonderful sent me this and I cannot stop thinking about it. To be gang tickled, have my toes sucked on and licked, and have my pussy played with all at the same time. If the armpit tickler reaches around and tickled my breasts and played with my nipple too... pure ecstasy.
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hiddengiggles · 10 hours ago
When they turn to you and say “I want to take you home and tickle you. Can I tickle you baby?” 🥴🥰
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mitsuki-04-11 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Stop! That tickles!”
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majicmarker · 10 hours ago
i remember i used to care abt what other ppl shipped but then i started spending more time in the sun
and yes, absolutely that makes me a better person than you
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amitlee · 11 hours ago
hello there :) uhm would it be possible to do 10 and 14 (if that’s okay) with lee!techno and you can choose the ler! :)
10. “Im not ticklish.”
Lee!Techno Ler!Ghostbur
I completely forgot to put 14 in there somewhere, but I kinda did 10! Also, sorry I left in my inbox for so long!
“Technoblade! The most wonderful thing happened today!” Ghostbur enthusiastically explained. To his friend who was currently bent over farming potatoes. He doesn’t understand why he still grows the vegetable since the contest had been over for many months now.
Technoblade shot up from his bent over position having been startled from the unexpected voice. “Hello Ghostbur, I’m busy.” He said, now settling back down to continue his work. Don’t get him wrong, Ghostbur was a delight to have around, but the reminder of Wilbur was something he didn’t want at the moment.
The ghost’s smile never faltered as he went on to tell the hybrid about his day. The story was rather uninteresting, but Techno listened to the rambling as if it was background noise. He was mostly tuning it out until he heard a series of strange events begin to unfold.
“-so I threw him over my shoulder and his axe fell out of his hand, thankfully because you never kno-“
Techno cut him off with a raise of his hand. “I’m sorry, what are you talking about again?”
Ghostbur sighed impatiently and placed a hand on his hip, he looked like a disappointed mother. “I knew you weren’t listening. I’m talking about tickling Tommy.” He paused for a minute in thought before looking back to the hybrid. “Say Techno, are you ticklish?”
Techno froze for a split second but tried to act natural. “I’m not ticklish. At least I don’t think so. You were saying?” He willed the ghost to simply forget what he’d admitted.
Ghostbur didn’t forget. “You think?” He questioned with a curious gaze.
The younger man hummed in thought. Techno seemed like he wanted to be left alone, but he was intrigued at this point and tasered the man’s sides without a second thought.
Techno expected him to try and had attempted to ready himself for the oncoming sensation. He managed to stifle his reactions except for the physical twitch of his body. He cleared his throat, “See, not ticklish.”
“No wait, let me try again. Here, turn towards me.”
“I really don’t think that’s the best ide-“
“It is, I promise it is. Now turn”
The eldest sighed and turned as ordered. He was now looking up at Ghostbur, who kneeled in front of the man and set his hands on his sides before pausing.
“Just tell me if you really want me to stop, okay? But don’t worry, it should be fun.” The ghost said with a reassuring smile.
Techno had never been the best at eye contact, it was strangely intimate. His eyes shifted from the ground to his hands, only occasionally sneaking glances at his acquaintance.
The sensation was strange to say the least. Ghostbur was very gentle in general, it seemed to carry over to his touches as well. While it usually took more pressure to get any significant reactions from the warrior, tingles erupted from the areas the ghost touched.
He was unsure of if he should hold his reactions back. After all, he did have a reputation to keep up. But Ghostbur was so nice and whatever was going on with his hands definitely added onto the feeling.
Noticing the lack of response he was getting, Ghostbur moved his hands to now scribble a little firmer on the hybrid’s stomach.
The change was immediate. On Techno’s end, the feeling was stronger and more satisfying than it was before. It now drew huffs of laughter that bordered into titters when Ghostbur skimmed over a particularly bad spot. On Ghostbur’s end, he saw a small change, but it was all he needed. Now motivated with the knowledge that Technoblade was at least a little ticklish, he continued.
His hands drifted downwards to Techno’s hips as he kept up the firm yet gentle scribbling. As he got lower, Techno’s squirming became apparent and he let out slightly muffled titters. By the time Ghostbur’s hands made contact with Techno’s hips, the restricted laughter became more unfiltered.
“Ohohokay, you gohot me Ghohohostbur. You can stohop now.” Techno uncharacteristically giggled out. He didn’t want it to stop, but was unsure of what to do with himself at the moment.
Ghostbur slowed to a stop, not wanting to overstep but clearly disappointed. “We were just getting into it! Do I really have to stop?”
Techno was much better at masking his emotions than his companion and was able to seem somewhat nonchalant in his reply. “I guess you can keep goin’ if you want to. But you aren’t going to get much more than this.”
Whatever repressed embarrassment he felt was overshadowed by the look of pure excitement on Ghostbur’s face.
The excitement transpired into his touches as he went back to the man’s hips and tried squeezing instead. It worked like a charm, having caught him off guard. The shock caused Technoblade to fall onto his back, Ghostbur following suit and not being affected by the change in position. If anything, he had access to more exposed areas. He continued the light hearted assault of gentle squeezes, the grip on Techno’s hips keeping him pinned on his back.
The touches stayed the same, an unyielding flurry. Another consistency was the silence from Ghostbur, making Techno’s laughter the only sound. Even though he hadn’t been flustered by previous teasing, the silence seemed to have a completely different affect.
“SAHAhay sohomething!” Techno practically squawked out. He was surprised at the amount of strength Ghostbur had, he had no trouble holding the warrior in place.
Ghostbur honestly hadn’t meant to stay quiet at all, he simply got lost in thought and concentration. He couldn’t say he wasn’t pleased with the outcome, however, and couldn’t help but be a little smug.
“Like what?” Ghostbur asked. “Like how fun this is? I’m having so much fun with you, Technoblade! I think your laugh is as bright as the sun, and I’ve gotten pretty close to the sun, so I’d know.”
Ghostbur decided that getting to watch the normally stoic Technoblade hide his face and emit muffled giggles was one of his new favorite things. And it would definitely be worth whatever revenge was surely coming his way. As the idea of revenge came into his mind, he couldn’t help but lose some of the small ler mood he’d developed. But, there was still a chance to tire the piglin hybrid out enough to at least hold off revenge for the near future.
The ghost thought long and hard about how to tire him out without overdoing it and overstepping any unknown boundaries. He didn’t remember ever seeing Techno being tickled. But, he did recall seeing Phil scratch behind his ears, Techno leaned into the touch and smiled every time.
He noticed Techno starting to squirm more and being his hands near the ghost’s. Having no other bright ideas, he stopped the tickles on his hips, and brought his hands to the man’s ears. He began gently scratching behind them towards the base, similar to what he’d seen.
The reaction was small, but the ghost found it incredibly endearing. Techno leaned into the touch, as expected, his hands came to hold Ghostbur’s forearms but didn’t try to pull him away. Instead, he let out occasional huffs of air through his nose and grinned widely. His eyes closed and he closely resembled a happy cat.
Ghostbur repressed any verbal reactions as to not disturb Techno in such a vulnerable state. But when the man started to stur, he slipped a hand away from his ears and let it gently scratch around his stomach.
Now with gentle tickling on both his stomach and ear, Techno all but melted. The occasional huffs were replaced with much bouncier chuckles. The feelings were not overwhelming in the slightest for him, quite the opposite actually, as they left him feeling relaxed and wanting a nap.
Techno opened his eyes and looked at Ghostbur with a dazed but undeniably happy look on his face. Ghostbur had stopped the tickling earlier than he had planned, he recognized that he’d accidentally melted Techno before doing any real wrecking. But they were both satisfied.
Once Ghostbur had moved from his hips, Techno sat up. He looked to where he was previously laying and saw the smushed crops that would undoubtedly need to be replanted. He looked back to his friend, “I’m going to get you back for that in particular.” He teased light heartedly but there was no mistaking the statement for a lie.
Ghostbur gave a sheepish smile, “But not now though?” He questioned, not really minding either way.
“Nope. You’ll live to see tomorrow, maybe.” He shot his eyes back to the ghost at the last part with a playful glint in them. But his posture remained relaxed and there was still the nagging need for rest. He stood up and began making his way to his house. “I think I’m goin’ to go sleep now, thanks for that or whatever.”
Ghostbur scrambled to his feet as well and looked after the already walking hybrid. “Can I come too?” He called after him.
Techno gave a sarcastically exaggerated sigh and turned his head to look back as Ghostbur, “I suppose.” He let out another chuckle when Ghostbur cheered and ran up to join him at his side. Ghostbur had broken a barrier by the physical contact and the tension present in thier first moments together was long gone.
I’m soft.
I also just finished state testing!!! Whoooo! In total, this past week I tested for about 11 hours...ouch. But I’m glad I got it done and I think I did pretty good!
Anyways, super sorry I let this sit in my inbox for so long, I just couldn’t think of what to put. I really like how this turned out though and I hope you do too! 💕💕
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