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#throne of glass
kingandfireheart · 46 minutes ago
Okay I'm not even mad about Show Me Everything Lorcan anymore. We were truly robbed of all Elorcan firsts other than their kiss in the Salt Marshes.
What about the first time Elide came back to the room in Anielle to sleep?
What about the night after they left Vernon? What about the first time Lorcan had to wake her from a nightmare?
What about when Lorcan helps Elide up onto a horse? Do they ride together?
What about the first time Lorcan pulls Elide into his lap? Or the first time Elide kisses him in front of their friends?
What about Fenrys giving them shit about changing tent assignments because they get their own now? Or how he's the only single one in their court?
What about Rowan giving Lorcan a look because he is just as much of a wife simp as Rowan is?
I need more Elorcan always
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vxlarhys-insta · 56 minutes ago
Evangeline: Is 8 a lot?
Aelin: Depends on the context.
Aelin: Plans? No.
Aelin: Names? Still no.
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greenbriarc · 3 hours ago
There is not one (1) straight immortal. They are all bisexuals.
No, I will not take criticism
Thank you for coming to my ted talk
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nikethestatue · 3 hours ago
True Story
Last night, we are sitting on our terrace, eating dinner.
Mind you, we live in a very large metropolitan 10 million people city. 
Suddenly, a hawk lands on the railing. And just sits there and observes. Doesn’t try to steal food or anything like that. Just kind of watches.
Finally, I say,
Hi, Rowan!
My partner, with some confusion, asks me if I am friendly with hawks and how do I know its name?
So I tell him that there is only one hawk. And his name is Rowan.
My partner starts to realise some things and rolls his eyes and asks, “Is this one of your winged fairies situations?”
I say, ‘maybe’.
And then he proceeds to ARGUE with me (mind, he knows nothing, other than Cassian and Azriel) about how it’s supposed to be a bat, and not a hawk. So I have to explain to him that sometimes it’s a bat and sometimes it’s an animal or a bird. And we proceed to have like a 2 hour tense conversations about this.
Rowan flies away.
Finally, we are done, and my partner is shaking his head and then asks, sincerely, “I am whipped, am I not? If I can have a 2 hour conversation about winged fairies.”
I say, ‘maybe.’
And he says, ‘I actually enjoyed it.’
And if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 
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starfallkaz · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I will not be taking any questions at this time :)))
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queenestarcheron · 5 hours ago
it’s 2021 and nehemia still deserved better
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sydneymack · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lorcan and Elide - Throne of Glass
Artist: @mellendraws
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theonewhoimagined · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Warning: This is not a Chaol Westfall stan account. These are my thoughts alone!
Edit: This is a late post! Already halfway through "Kingdom of Ash" <3
Okay tbh, I still hate Chaol even after reading this lol my great dislike for him actually grew even more after TOD despite this book being his redemption arc. This is the first time I’ve ever hated a fictional character with so much passion lol I hate myself because of how much I shipped Chaol x Celaena back then.
Lesson learned: If a book is longer than a trilogy, then don't ship anyone until book 3 or 4.
Yrene is pretty cool because she doesn’t tolerate Chaol’s never-ending bullshit of an attitude. Loved seeing him get the kickback he deserves for projecting his anger towards people who have been nothing, but nice to him. But meh for her, she still fell for Chaol when Kashin was there. 😶 also, ngl I'd probably be happier if Chaol and Dorian ended up together hahaha
I absolutely cannot stand Chaol. If he’s not brooding and lashing out at everyone trying to help him then he’s either daydreaming about his old, comfortable life with Dorian or lusting after other girls AFTER LEADING NESRYN ON or being bitter and blaming Aelin for every shit that had happened. He couldn’t even end things with Nesryn before going after Yrene. I mean Nesryn is a smart woman so she knows, but Chaol was so preoccupied with his head is in his pants that he couldn’t be bothered. I swear he is even more notorious than Dorian. 🙄 He keeps saying Dorian is infamous with women, but Chaol, honey, you’re worse. While Nesryn is out there risking her life, Chaol is getting some. What an asshole. Lol I’m running out of colorful words to describe Chaol.
The reason why I despise him so much is because of the narrow and close-minded mindset that he has which blinds him from facts, and how easily he tosses aside, hurts and blames his friends once they don’t fit in with his rigid notions. I mean I’m glad he finally made peace with himself after, but his character is beyond saving for me. 😬
I just hate how he treated Aelin and I'm never gonna let it go. And don't get me started on when Chaol kept on painting Aelin in a bad light even all the way South. I would never forget how he kept on undermining Aelin and calling her a "monster" straight to her face. He just can't accept it when his (or ex) lover is more powerful than him because it hurts his male pride. Chaol hated Aelin because he gave up so “many” things for her. Okay, first of all, that was your fault, not hers because she never asked you to do anything. He hated her, but at the same time, he knows she's the only one who can win the war and keep Dorian safe. 🙄 WHAT A USER.
No way am I gonna let y'all forget Asshole! Chaol (oh hey it rhymes)
Tumblr media
This is not even his worst, but ya know the effect is still the same. YEAH, BLAME AELIN AGAIN, CHAOL. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GOOD AT.
I mean he’s not even an outright villain unlike say The Darkling, but he is the worst. Irdk why, but Chaol Westfall really reminds me of Nate from The Devil Wears Prada, the fragile, soft boy who resents his partner's success:
Tumblr media
Putting everything aside, this book was pretty meh saved for Nesryn, and Sartaq’s adventures. I hope their backs are still okay after carrying this book so hard. Nesryn and Sartaq’s story was far better and exciting. Not to mention, Borte and Yeran omg the palpable tension every time they appear!! WE NEEDED MOREEEE!!
Meanwhile, Yrene and Chaol’s story was bland and already a tried formula – a snarky healer fixes the broken patient, both fell in love, and emerge together in the light. A recycled trope used in just 2 books prior. I can’t believe it was used again 2 books later when the execution of the trope in "Heir of Fire" is already top tier. TOD also gave me Crown of Midnight vibes zzzz 🤐. Not to mention that Yrene's sassiness is patterned after Celaena/Aelin though it's a bit understandable given their connection. Wait, there's a word for this. That's right, it's✨ PREDICTABLE.✨
Honestly, the need to pair people up is getting a bit tiring with a new couple springing up every chapter/book. I mean it is equally powerful to see the characters find healing on their own.
But all in all the best part for me is how everything and everyone is connected! From Falkan to Yrene's connection to Aelin. It's just so heartwarming to read how Aelin's momentarily kindness goes a long way and finds its way back to her. She gives without expecting anything and yet people and the ancient ones still shit on her. As expected, TOG's worldbuilding is still top-notch. Congrats to myself for finishing this cheesy and cringy book. I can't believe I actually dedicated a whole ass post for Chaol 🥴
That mf ending though. While Chaol was having a grand time, Aelin was definitely NOT.
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 12 hours ago
tog x acotar x cc shipping (going by compatibility not sexuality)
feyre x aelin-look I know. but hear me out. at first they think they should get a long but they don’t. and eventually they just are “I really don’t want to spend time with this person literally ever” but they are forced to get to know each other. find out they work really well together and fall in love
rhys x fenrys-they’re the couple that starts out as friends but are constantly flirting with each other so that you can’t tell if they are a couple or best friends. they both accidentally fall in love with each other but refuse to do anything until a mutual friend helps them out
nesta x manon- (they won’t all be gay. or maybe they will) they both need someone to match them in ferocity and wit. and well this would be the rivals to lovers match from heaven.
elain x choal-introvert meets introvert. the dancing around each other. the blushing. the softness. but the sex is not nearly as soft as their relationship
azriel x lysandra-lysandra is going to flirt the shit out of azriel. she’s going to tease and make him blush and enjoy every minute of it. eventually he’s going to semi aggressively pull her in for a kiss and she’s going to be surprised and then smirk like took you long enough
cassian x hunt- cassian would flirt and hunt would be like shut the fuck up. but then eventually hunt will flirt back to cassians delight. and the rest is history
mor x fury-every lesbian couple looks like them. light/dark mother fuckers. also definitely enemies to lovers.
gwyn x dorian-they would have the most shenanigans to every exist. like they would be cece and winston (bishop) if they were a couple. gwyn and dorian mess around. and the sex would be hot
gwyn x bryce-what I never said I couldn’t do more then one for each person. feisty golden retriever gf meets flirty bold gf
emerie x elide-idk I just have a feeling it would work
rowan x lucien-what? we know rowan has a thing for people with fire in their veins. sly fox meets broody warrior. and let’s be honest rowan definitely needs some fire dick
lorcan x hypaxia-why not🤷‍♀️
eris x fenrys- I see this going as eris would be doing his sneaky shit and eventually fenrys would make him choose. but obviously eris is going to choose him over power
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lord-of-perranth · 12 hours ago
She’d offered him a home in Perranth knowing he’d be a dishonored male. Offered him a home with her.
– KOA, 5
Home. This, with him. This was home, as she had never had. For however long they might share it.
– KOA, 87
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thetimetraveler24 · 13 hours ago
30 Day Book Challenge
Day 09 - A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving
I don’t really buy books I don’t think I’d like. No that’s a lie. Kind of. I started reading Throne of Glass because other book readers loved it and I said that I had to read it because they read it. So I guess I was a little dubious about liking them. I’m not done with the series yet but I have enjoyed the ones I’ve read.
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softnessfrommyheart · 16 hours ago
Omg plz do yan Rowan !!!💕💕
Thanks for the request. Most of my knowledge of this character comes from tumblr and wiki.
Yandere Rowan seems like a tsundere
Especially when in the beginning he was cold and/or annoyed with Aelin
He's rough around the edges when it comes to people and letting his guard down
Rowan is cautious about letting you into his life. Especially after Lyria died and finding out Maeve manipulated him
Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it he can't stay away. Especially after feeling the mating bond click
I feel like he would get these secret tattoos of your name and declarations of love. But if you ask what they mean he'll get flustered
As a tsundere he seems not to like you at first. In fact he appears to hate you at least in your eyes. When he pushes you around during training or getting annoyed when you ask him questions
Eventually Rowan's feelings would bubble over and not into a cute confession. More like a pot's lid coming off from the pressure
You see this 6'4" package of unresolved grief, trauma, and unrequited love coming your way...
Rowan stops in front of you. His burly frame and large shadow towers over you. There's no sign of emotion on his face but his eyes tell another story. Softness, anger, and perhaps a ting of sadness? Rowan reach to grab your hand. The only explanation you receive is, "We need to talk." His tone leaves no room for arguing.
Rowan would soften over time but in the beginning he's rough but he tries...
Like when his eyes soften at you whenever he knows you're not looking
Rowan knows he isn't the softest guy in the world but he's the only one who can protect you. You're just a child with no survival skills.
But he'll be dammed if anything happened to you. Just like Lyria...
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lilyharvord · 18 hours ago
why do you guys want a silver baby so badly lmao?? that’s such a confusing request to me
I think I know who the anon is, they've actually requested for this on one of my fics and told me they disagreed openly with me on it when I said I didn't think that would happen XD But I respect them for it.
I could see the appeal of a silver baby, although I do see the likelihood of a red baby far more.
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lilyharvord · 19 hours ago
OKAY WAIT I LOVE YOUR CORIANE THOUGHTS!! i never really put much thought into marecal kids besides reading the epilogue or fanfics and being like okay cute. but your headcannon about the political impact of calore children with red blood is so interesting and i 100% agree with you. if you have any further ideas or writing i would love to hear it! the way the world world and silver succession would adjust/react to cal’s abdication and marecal’s relationship post broken throne is so fascinating to me.
First of all, Cal's abdication is the biggest slap in the face to the Silver Secession (particularly Larentia who I headcanon leads the whole thing like a shadow puppeteer. Her husband died trying to keep that Calore brat on the throne, you can bet she's got two bones to pick with him even though she wants him on that non-existent throne just so they can go back to the "old ways"). They took him abdicating personally. They send him letters almost weekly, and they are all super passive aggressive comments about his birthright, and how denying it is akin to spitting on his father's grave, and later akin to pissing on it when Cal just burns all the letters and refuses to reply.
Anyway, the political impact of Cal and Mare's marriage. Ho boi, that one is a dousy. There's a reason they have a small wedding with only their very close family and friends. They try to keep it hush hush, for a little while, but of course the Silver Secession finds out because they find out everything. They bother the living hell out of Anabel until she sends one very threatening letter back after which the letters come far and few between (she never tells Cal what she put in that letter but she always gets a wicked gleam in her eye when he asks). But the political impact of their marriage is heard round the continent. Lets be real here: Cal is no longer a prince, but he is still a very high profile figure in the Nortan government (now the States). Mare is both a prominent Scarlet Guard figure and Montfort one. There are very LOUD whispers saying that Montfort forced them to marry to create a permanent bridge between the two countries. That Montfort is using Mare as a leash on Cal and the States to dictate how they function etc. (Which may or may not be the actual truth)
They dont want kids at first. Cal's a little heartbroken about it of course. He wants kids, has always wanted them. But Mare is right, and their children would be in danger from the moment Mare conceives. Then Mare says fuck it, I want a baby. They try and she gets pregnant. The Silver Secession finds out. Those letters that stopped coming for a while come back, but with a fury from hell. It gets so bad (after Mare is actually almost kidnapped at one point) that they have to go underground and hide until the baby is born. Dane and Carmadon offer the cabin in Paradise valley because it's location is actually incredibly secret and isolated and safe. So they go there, and Coriane is born a few months later. Cal cries in relief because her blood is Red. There is no way the Silver Secession will come after her now, but they try and it is the most hellish three years of Mare and Cal's life. It puts them off from having any more children. There are eleven kidnapping attempts before Coriane is even a year old (one for every month she is alive and breathing air)
Then they just stop. The letters stop coming, the kidnappings stop. Mare and Cal walk on egg shells, Coriane toddles along, growing by leaps and bounds and making them proud every second of every day. She's loud and proud and walks around saying: My name is Coriane BARROW Calore. When people try to call her Coriane Calore. They find out that the Silver Secession is not happy with Coriane being Red. And People whisper when they go to the States. Some people who are not exactly part of the Silver Secession but who still whisper "Long Live Tiberias the Seventh" when Cal passes in the street with Coriane on his shoulders and Mare at his side are not happy either. They sneer at the giggling toddler at his side reaching to touch the pretty things in the market. They jeer at her Red blood when she laughs so hard her cheeks burn bright, cherry apple red. They frown when they see Mare nuzzle her neck and press kisses all over her face. They especially dont like when Cal glares at them until they pull back into their stalls or shops or go back to their coffees and newspapers. Around this time, (In my headcanons) Coriane meets Nikolas Samos (second born to Wren and Ptolemus) and they become instant friends. A dangerous thing of course... for obvious dynasty reasons, and this fuels the Silver Secession for a little while.
Then Mare gets pregnant again. Shade is the definition of a Whoopsie! Baby. They immediately go into hiding this time. They take Coriane, Cal takes a leave of absence, Mare takes one too, and they dont tell ANYONE where they are going. The reason? The nurse who did mare's check up told someone it was a boy, and that person had some nefarious connections to a certain Silver Political group that was running on fumes up until that moment. The first letter that arrives at their little house in Ascendant is written in beautiful court handwriting (Larentia's unmistakable tact in every word of that letter) and swears fealty to Tiberias Calore the Eighth who isn't even born yet. Cal torches that letter with his bare hand before Mare can even read it. Coriane doesn't like being taken away from her cousins and her grandma and grandpa and her aunt Farley, but they go in the dead of night and don't look back.
Shade is born in the middle of a storm like Clara, and Sara is the only person to see Mare or Cal in six months. They come back to Ascendant two months after Shade is born with a healthy baby boy, and everyone looses their minds. There are six kidnapping attempts in two months. Mare and Cal dont sleep for weeks, there is one dead Silver Secession member who got halfway down the street before Mare used Brain Lightning for the first time and liquified his insides. She is so horrified by it she cries herself to sleep for three nights because Coriane saw her do it, saw what her mother could do, and won't come near her out of fear.
But that too passes after a few years, because it gets around that Shade is a Red baby that looks more like Mare and her dead brother than Cal. Then it's back to Coriane, who by now is old enough to begin to understand what is going on around her. She starts to notice the whispers, the pointing, the stares when she goes out with her dad to train. (She accidentally set her bedsheet on fire after a nightmare, and that is where the trouble begins again). The letters start coming again, but they're addressed to her instead. She's only ten, so when she gets the first one with her name on it in pretty writing, she opens it before Mare or Cal notice, and is so confused by what is in it that she shows them it for clarification. Mare takes it and rips it to pieces, and Coriane cries about it, because that was HER letter. They have to sit her down with a very young Shade then and tell her a story about brothers, crowns, and mutations, death, war, and pain, and sorrow, and love. Then she understands. She's eleven when she does her first broadcast to denounce a throne that doesn't even exist anymore. She shakes with nerves in front of a camera, and has to hold a notecard with what she has to say on it. She mispronounces five words, and almost cries when she stumbles over a phrase she doesn't even understand, something about ever and always and crowns being broken. Cal stands behind her the whole time, squeezing her shoulders in reassurance. The nightmares begin after that for him, because there is a letter sent telling him of a distant Calore relative who is very interested in Coriane and would like to meet her. When Cal looks into him, he finds out he's 45 years old. And when I tell you he packed a bag the moment he finished that letter and drove to the airfield to take an air jet himself and kill the man, I tell you that Mare stopped him by standing in the middle of the runway and refusing to let him take off without going through her. "You give them what they want if you go after him." she tells him when he breaks down and kneels before her while she sits on their bed holding his head against her stomach. They NEVER tell Coriane about that, but there is two more letters that come like it.
Coriane and Nik becomes very close, dangerously close. There is one fic I will write at some point where both of them are taken and they actually get them away from Montfort and to a secondary location. There is man hunt led by Cal and Ptolemus and they do not keep those children for long. There is no record of what happened at that dilated mansion in the middle of the woods in the upper States, but Cal comes back with Silver blood under his nails and Coriane in his arms four days later.
When she gets older, much much older, into her later twenties, three different people send requests for her hand in marriage. She burns those letters and doesn't even deign them a response. Shade gets similar requests, and he throws the letters away. The Silver Secession goes out with a whimper, and eventually Coriane and Shade are safe. But inbetween their childhood and those years, people start whispering different things. "The word is changing, it's really changing" they whisper, and then say, "A Calore had two children, both Red, and they are kind."
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enchantedliterature · 20 hours ago
Any of you ever entertained the idea of Aelin Galathynius being played by Taylor Swift in her Reputation Aura? the magic , the female power ... ugh
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kingandfireheart · 20 hours ago
Keeping a running list of my fave fictional dudes being completely undone by joy:
Please feel free to add!
She couldn't help it. Couldn't stop it. Not the flash of desire, btu the smilet hat overtook her face. She huffed a laugh. Cassian stared like he had never seen her before.
She smiled, and damn if it wasn‘t the loveliest thing he‘d ever seen.
She smiled at last. And damn if it didn‘t kill him, the quiet joy in her face.
Her little smile was like seeing the sun after days of rain
She'd laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him
She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again
Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured....
I grin irrepressibly at Cardan. He smiles back, with a little surprise. It’s possible I don’t smile like that very often.
The corners of my lips tipped up and I smiled. "Beautiful," Casteel whispered.
[kisses her] "Sorry. I know I should've asked first, but your laugh ... It undoes me, Poppy"
"You're beautiful when you're quiet and somber, but when you laugh? You rival the sunrise over the Skotos Mountains."
"You have a beautiful smile. That and your laugh. And you... you never laughed enough as it was, but when you did... it was like the moment the damn mist finally cleared. Like when the rays of sun break through the clouds after a heavy storm"
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