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#thranduil and bard
Bard: Why are you like this??
Thranduil: I used too much "No More Tears" shampoo as a kid and I haven't felt a single emotion since.
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game-ofthe-company · a month ago
So I’m sorry it seems like I’ve been MIA for days, but my job changed its hours so I’ve been working late and all
I hope to work on some request soon and catch up some (I feel behind) anyway thanks for the understanding ☺️
P.s. if you like marvel I’ve been making some lockscreens tonight and posting them on my main ( @orphan-with-a-stutter )
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ibrithir-was-here · a month ago
Hey! I was thinking about Narewen/Bain (I think that was a what you said in your tags). Could you expand? I’m curious
Oh Yeah no problem! So the idea just came out of the other idea where the Arkenstone really is a Silmaril (like it ought to be come on Prof.)
So Narewen's timeline there would have been:
Stuck in stone form for however long magical plate tectonics took to move her from that fiery chasm to where the dwarves of Erebor discovered the Arkenstone
Feeling that she's finally around friendly folk she would have woken up, much to the amazement of the dwarves,( who probably take her as some sort of blessing from Mahal. I mean with the circumstances I would)
She's raised amoung them for a while, learning smithing and craft until
Smaug comes
At which point she definitly goes back into jewel form and stays that way until Bilbo Baggins takes her out to trade for peace, resulting in a very confused Hobbit, an extremely concerned Thranduil (because he's heard about what happens when Silmarils are up for grabs) and a Gandalf with a very important report to make to the Valar
Meanwhile all Bard sees is a frightened/angry young girl around his sons age, and so he probably introduced them while she was staying in the elven camp so she wouldn t be so lonely/worried
She probably does go back to stay with the dwarves after to help them rebuild, but keeps in touch with Bain and Bard and it just blossoms naturally from there
(It really wasn't much of a concrete idea, except that Bard's kids was were some of the only stuff I'd really liked in the last two Hobbit movies, and since Narewen's sort of in a Snow White situation Bain was the nearest prince in proximity and age, and I thought they'd be cute together 😅)
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thranduilland · a month ago
All you gotta do to nab yourself a Sindar/Teleri is to like the sea.
Galadriel? Loves the sea. Celeborn? Absolutely down for that.
Eärendil? Thinks the sea is fab and he would like to spend his life on it. Elwing? Absolutely with him on this.
Gimli? Not really in love with the sea, but absolutely willing to traverse it and possibly end up in a watery grave. Legolas? Here for it!
Finarfin? Not totally mad about the sea, but he still thinks it is pretty great... from a distance. Eärwen? Totally alright with that!
and the shipping one...
Bard? A bargeman, hangs out on the water all the time. Thranduil? Absolutely smitten, totally down for it!!
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game-ofthe-company · 2 months ago
Here’s the update:
I have two imagines left to write then request will be back open.
I am working on a new prompt list so you will have new options to choose from if you need them
So yea ☺️
Ask are always open and welcome, mix and match are also still open
Tumblr media
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whippedcloudsofcream · 3 months ago
watching the battle of the five armies and if i was bard and saddled with that miserable town that treated my fam like shit, id leave them for goddamn dead to kill that disgusting deputy
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thranduilmirkwoodsblog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jarwars · 3 months ago
Last video of me showing my family The Hobbit! I’ll be doing some more movie reactions myself (I.e. the newer potc movies and some popular shows I’ve never watched. I’m also gonna show my mom narnia so subscribe for that as well as more LOTR content)
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frostedej · 3 months ago
I am 100% convinced Dís would be completely on board with Bilbo's sass, and gleefully encourages every bit of bullshitting that funky little hobbit uses, all those pranks that the Fíli and Kíli teach him too...
Until she has a talk with Bilbo's grandparents, when she finds out he's the one that's been teaching the boys pranks.
It takes even longer for Thorin to find out, after Bard tells him about the prank Legolas and Gimli pulled on Thranduil, when said Elf King suddenly takes to wearing a massive beanie to cover his now glowing green hair, during the Bagginshield reception.
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themugshotexperience31 · 3 months ago
Can you imagine how would it be if the company had a cat (I picture it as a gray somewhat fluffy tomcat)? That would include:
him sleeping under Bofur's hat while on the go
him always rubbing against Gandalf's staff
him arriving in the Woodland Realm the same time as Thorin (like in the book) and hissing at Thranduil
him climbing on Gloin's face and scratching him during the barrel scene while trying to keep dry
Gloin throwing him on an orc's face
him scratching the hell out of that orc's face before being thrown and lending on Dwalin's head
his favourite dwarf being Thorin (he just tolerates the rest)
Thorin always calling him a "rugged old cat" but secretly enjoying his company
him softly meowing at the company until they feed him (one meow per dwarf, because he doesn't want to seem too needy)
him always running off whenever Kili tries to touch him
him purring on Bombur's chest while the other dwarves carry him after he fell in the water
him liking Bard from the start and nudging against his leg whenever he sees him
him jumping on the table in the chambers of the Lake-town Master, leaving with a steak and the tablecloth
him swimming and jumping through the pool of gold in the mountain
him lying on Thorin's lap while he's sitting on his throne under the mountain burdened by the gold sickness
him staring Bilbo right in the eyes, somewhat reprochefully, and then turn away the night he took the Arkenstone to Bard and the elves
him living happily ever after with the company after The Battle of the Five Armies because no one died
him standing on a chair looking down at little Gimli in his cradle
A nice addition: The scars on Azog's face were made by his claws
You are all welcomed to add your own headcannons. In fact I dare you, guys
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jarwars · 4 months ago
Fun new video with my dad! I quiz him on The Hobbit, which he hasn’t read in 40 years... Subscribe for more tolkien content with some of my other interests sprinkled in! If you have any video requests, feel free to message me!
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game-ofthe-company · 4 months ago
Forever (Fili x reader)
Requested by: @dark-angel-is-back
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I may request a fluffy Fili imagine?
Summary: After the BOTFA Fili and the reader talk about everything including how Kili knew and got them together before even reaching Mirkwood
Warnings: none really
A/n: So I started one and realized it one be fluffy and so i wrote this one. Also I don’t allow death unless asked so yea :)
Tumblr media
You watched as Fili helped give some of the injured people food. There was a smile on his face and you could see the kindness of his heart.
The battle of the five armies had be treacherous, but won and now was officially over. The Elves, humans, and dwarves had created an alliance once more. Erebor was now reclaimed and Dale was starting to be rebuilt.
Fili was helping the people as best he could giving food or finding anything that could help the wounded.
“I believe you are staring at me again.” Fili smiled as he came up to you.
“No, but I was admiring you and how compassionate you are.” You replied smiling as a blush appeared on your face.
“So you were staring at me just in a more loving way.” He said still smiling as he stopped at the balcony looking out towards the mountain from Dale.
“Yes, can I not do that Amrâlimê?” You questioned. “Can I not admire the love of my life being the caring and amazing prince he is?” You asked turning to face the same way as him locking your arm around his and placing your head on his.
“I feel I’m the one who should be admiring you ibinê.” He replied still looking at the mountain.
You chuckled at his words, “I believe you did much of the journey to here. If not I doubt Kili would of ratted us out about our feelings like he did.” you said smiling now lifting your head from his.
“He would have known without the admiring. My brother knows me well.” Fili admitted looking up to you.
“In deed he does, just as you know him well.” You stated, “but remind me when I see him that I need to properly thank him.” You said with a smile.
“For telling us about one another?” He questioned and you nodded.
Kili had known of Fili’s feelings for you since the two of you had met at Bilbo’s. Fili couldn’t keep his eyes from wondering to you even when you weren’t speaking. All Kili needed to know was if you felt the same, which took longer to confirm. It was after arriving in Rivendell that he learned you returned his brothers feelings when he saw you blush when Fili had asked you something. Soon after he saw you stealing glances at Fili whenever he wasn’t looking your way.
When you all got trapped in the goblin tunnels Kili put whatever plan he had into action which had involved telling both of you at the same time how the other felt. You both had tried to brush it off as Kili just trying to be silly, but after the wargs attacked you both admitted he was right.
“It’s crazy to believe, almost that it was only a few months ago.” You spoke. “But everything seems crazy to believe right now. The fact that we made it to the lonely mountain, that we fought a battle… I was apart of it all because Gandalf had asked me to join.” You said in amazement finally unlocking your arm from his.
“Everything would have been different and I would have never met you, my love.” He said looking back at you. “I have never been more happier than when I’ve been with you.”
Another blush appeared on your face at his words.
“No matter how long we’ve been together you will always make me blush.” You replied with a smile of disbelief on your face.
“I try too.” He admitted, “I love seeing you blush. I think it’s cute when you still get flustered too.” He told you.
“So I see, that’s why you like to tease me when you catch me looking your way.” You chuckled.
The two of you stood in silence for awhile, neither of you minded as you both found it nice just to listen to the world around you.
Soon more wounded arrived causing the two of you to turn back towards Dale.
“You know the moment I saw you after the battle I was so happy. You were alright other than some bruising, cuts and had be unconscious for some time so they told me.” Fili said truthfully. “I had worried the worst when I couldn’t find you and then they told me everything and it was like everything had stopped and restarted.” He admitted as you turned to face him.
“I had my worry too, when I couldn’t find you halfway through the battle. I look and called for you up until I was knocked out. Even when I awoke here in the healing tent I called for you. You came shortly after and everything went away. My pain, my fears, all vanished when I saw you walk in.” You told him grabbing ahold of his hand.
“I hope to never make or leave you to face anything like that again.” He told you. “I know you can fight, I’ve seen you beat Kili and myself a dozen times but I don’t want to leave you to fight on your own. I want to be there to protect you forever.” He said to you meaning it with every bit of his heart.
The tears that formed in your eyes now fell down your face. “As I do with you, Fili.” You said as he wiped away the tears. “I want to be there to fight by you, to face whatever you face, to protect you as you protect me, to be by your side forever.” You confessed.
“You two so owe me for getting you together!” Kili exclaimed causing the two of you to chuckle at his excitement.
“That we do Kili.” You said looking from him to Fili with a smile on your face. “That we do.”
Hope y’all like it, who knows maybe I’ll finish the first imagine I had started but decided it won’t fluffy enough... 🤔
Translations: Amrâlimê - My love, ibinê - my gem (I’m not entirely sure if that one is right but anyway)
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angelic-kisses13 · 4 months ago
Kiss me, Soldier
Tumblr media
Credit goes to the picture owner. If you know who it is please let me know so I can give proper credit. 
Summary: Bard is called back to duty and Thranduil doesn’t know how to handle it. 
Warnings: None, fluff, sweet moments, Caring Bard, Worried Thranduil
Thranduil hated when they had to part. Dread always flooded his stomach when he heard Bard say he was being deployed. He always felt the world was against them. 
Whenever Thranduil finally got used to Bard’s presence in bed and hearing his deep laugh through the air, it was ripped from his hands. Today was when he found himself putting a mask in place, his features going cold and impassive. Thranduil couldn’t let Bard see how his leaving affected him. 
Bard had gotten the call last week. They had been eating dinner, the t.v. on in the background. Their voices were soft, the looks lingering. They weren’t lust-filled. They were warm and comforting—the type of looks where the other had their heart on their sleeves. 
The looks were what Thranduil missed the most when Bard left. He could no longer look to his left and have a shared conversation with just the upturn of the mouth or tender touches to the back of his hands. 
The sound of a phone ringing had Bard and Thranduil pausing. Thranduil’s body had tensed, his fingers clutching the cutlery tightly, leaving indentations in his palms. Bard’s eyes moved towards the living room, his phone falling silent. They waited, and just as the two began to relax, the phone rang again. 
Bard got up and rounded the table, his hands brushing Thranduil’s shoulders as he passed. Thranduil strained to hear the conversation, heart in his throat. Bard’s side of the conversation filtered in and out, snippets meeting his ears. 
“Supposed to be on vacation...No, that’s not… I understand… leave on the 22nd… Goodnight, Sir.” Bard fell silent, and Thranduil closed his eyes, willing his tears away.
He didn’t need Bard feeling bad. The military was his life; he had no reason to make him leave it. 
“Darlin’,” The endearment was whisper soft, and it tore a sob from Thranduil’s throat. 
Strong arms wrapped around him, a hand brushing from the top of his head and down his back. He wasn’t sure how long he cried. All he knew was that Bard’s shirt was soaked, and he was exhausted by the time he pulled away. 
“Sorry,” He rasped. 
Thranduil reached out and grabbed his napkin and wiped his eyes and nose. Thranduil didn’t have the heart to look up at Bard’s face. He had broken, and now Bard was going to feel guilty. All he had to do was not cry. 
“Thran, look at me.” 
Thranduil stubbornly shook his head. Tanned fingers wrapped around his arms, and he was pulled to his feet. Warm brown eyes stared into Thranduil’s blue eyes, “I wish I could say I didn’t have to leave.” 
Thranduil gave a watery smile, “It’s your job, Bard. I understand, I really do. I worry, though, you’re my world. Every time you walk out that door, you take my heart with you.”  
Bard’s face was lined with worry, his lips pressed in a thin line. 
“Every time I walk out that door, I leave my heart here with you. I always come back, Thran. I will always come home to you.” Thranduil threw his arms around Bard’s neck, tears falling from his eyes once again. 
Thranduil blinked and came out of his memory. Bard was seated next to him, his hand warm as he rubbed his thumb against Thranduil’s knee. The two of them had chosen to stay in the car for a few minutes longer, both trying to delude themselves from that they were not about to be parted. 
Thranduil turned in his seat, tucking a leg underneath him. He raised his hand to cup Bard’s cheek, the dark stubble tickling his palm. 
“Promise you’ll be safe?” 
Bard took Thranduil’s hand, pressed a kiss to the fingertips and palm. 
“I promise.” Bard breathed over the skin of Thranduil’s wrist. 
“Good. Now come and kiss me, Soldier.” 
Bard laughed as he reached up and pulled Thranduil’s mouth against his. 
It was sweet and warm. Hands were brushing against faces and necks, smoothing down hair. Fingertips were caressing shoulders and backs—both of them memorizing the other for the long nights ahead. 
Over and over, their lips met. Whispered words and praises, leaving lips and floating into the other’s lips and skin. Eventually, they broke apart, foreheads resting together as breaths slowed down. 
“You come home to me, Bard. That’s an order from your lover.”
“Yes, Sir.” 
The matching grins lit up their faces. A light rap on the window had the two jumping, giggles spilling into the air. Bard rolled the window down, and a familiar face popped in. 
“They’re looking for ya, Captain,” Percy said, his eyes dancing in mirth. 
Bard sighed before waving Percy away, “Yes, Yes. I will be there in a few minutes.” Percy saluted before walking away. Bard smiled sadly, “Alright, Darlin’, I gotta head in.” 
Thranduil gave a smile, and they climbed out of the car, and Bard grabbed his duffle before closing the trunk. Thranduil caught Bard’s arm before he could move away. Bard cocked his head; eyebrow’s lifting in confusion. 
“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but can I just kiss you one more time?” 
Lips seized his, arms trapping him against a firm chest, and he melted into Bard’s parting embrace. His mind was trying to catalog the taste, smell, and feel of Bard. 
All too soon, they parted. 
“I love you, darlin’. I’ll be home soon.” Thranduil swallowed the tight feeling in his chest. 
“I love you more,” He whispered. Bard gave one last smile before turning on his heel and making his way towards the building. 
Thranduil watched him, his eyes taking in the sight of his uniformed soldier. His broad form disappeared from view, and Thranduil’s heart twinged. 
“Stay safe, beloved. I’ll await your safe return.” 
Taglist: @nocompromise-noregrets​ @moony-artnstuff​
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iwenttomordor · 4 months ago
So I was talking with @elles-writing and I sent her a pic and we decided that it would be amazing to make LOTR memes and here they are:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe I should do it with the Silmarillion too😂
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wildspaceyokel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Accidentally deleted my post of this yesterday but I filled a sketchbook page with some of the most fabulous characters from Battle of the Five Armies. Click on the images for more detail.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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