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#thoughts with geek
inexhaustiblechaos · 9 hours ago
what does lb stand for?
You scare me.
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inexhaustiblechaos · 12 hours ago
whats that one garden that those people got banned from in the bible??
Tumblr media
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inexhaustiblechaos · a day ago
My gender is just Jack Stauber - Viator (2015) (Full Album) as it should be.
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bookthievery · a day ago
somewhere along the way i learned that journaling doesn’t count unless you use actual pen and paper and that robbed me of many, many years’ worth of documented thoughts + events because it Wasn’t Allowed for me to use a word processor as a journal. 
no, seriously, i didn’t realize this was an option until ~2019-2020 when someone i follow released a memoir and recounted how he combed through his journals + electronic diary files in writing said memoir and my mind was frikkin blown. 
anyway. something something intrinsically ableist something something rules are stupid something something and if a rule or aesthetic is actively preventing you from doing something you wish you could do...break the rule. seriously. it’s your life. 
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geekinthecorner · a day ago
Current struggles:
1. The crippling anxiety that comes with day-to-day life nowadays
2. Deciding if I should change my awesome Rogue disney plus icon to a mediocre picture of Loki
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10 Fandoms, 10 Characters, 10 Tags
I was tagged by @marvel-and-dc-geek to play. Thanks for the tag, friend!
Alright, here we go, gang!
Marvel Cinematic Universe : Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lord of the Rings: Gandalf the Grey
Avatar the Last Airbender: Sokka
Harry Potter: Ron Weasley
Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman
Broadway musicals: Elphaba of Wicked
Disney: Simba
All the Sherlock Holmes stuff: Sherlock Holmes (especially RDJ version)
Frasier: Niles Crane
Tags (no pressure, I promise):
@ant-man98 @necromancer0225 @sophthebof @likepotato @cptn-handsome @aconfusedbagel @stargazingcarol @kindnessisstillhere @approximatelypi @glitterquadricorn and anyone else who wants to play!
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geekinthecorner · 3 days ago
this account is l, as of yesterday, officially ran by a high school graduate :)
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wildedoesthings · 3 days ago
Unfortunately I have errands to run today and won't be able to watched Geeked Week. If any thing happens (which at this point I doubt), let me know.
Stay strong, clowns.
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pierremichelofavignon · 6 days ago
ideal outcome of this week is there's tog 2 and botw 2 news. i will be Thriving
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geekinthecorner · 6 days ago
Remember to check in on your Loki stan friends and mutuals today 💚
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pierremichelofavignon · 8 days ago
are we ready clown squad
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pierremichelofavignon · 10 days ago
before i disappear for a bit. in light of Recent Events i want to say that if i ever write something that makes you uncomfortable then please let me know. i try my best to think critically about what i'm writing while i do it and before i post but it is just me and i am susceptible to messing up like any other person. if i do, i'll try to fix it or take it down entirely if necessary so please do tell me if this happens.
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