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#thorin's company
ghiva-shel · 6 days ago
Imagine you conversing with your close friends, and suddenly they glance behind you, before you can turn around, Thorin’s throws you over his shoulder,
“I’m very sorry to interrupt, but I need my wife for a second”.
Tumblr media
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ghiva-shel · 8 days ago
Thorin: My second name is honour.
Kili: Since when do you have a middle name?
Fili: Do I have a middle name?
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estethell · 8 days ago
Thorin's company members compete in a drinking contest, who will win???
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grunid · 9 days ago
They meet a human woman with a beard, how do they react? ( Thorin’s company )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Here a picture found on google of Harnaam Kaur ,she's 24 years old , has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that can result in the growth of excess facial hair. In March 2016 she became the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week. She’s BEAUTIFUL SERIOUSLY !)
Tumblr media
-he is SO confused at first
-The fact of meeting a dwarf traveling alone, a lady at that, being surprising and rare to say the least, he is just, "Where are you from? Where are the others? What dwarf cities are you from? Why are you traveling alone ?"
-because yes, even if you are the size of a human, and having never heard of a bearded woman existing among humans, he immediately thinks that you are a lady dwarf
-When you explain to him that no, it is quite normal, that you are not one of his but actually a human lady, he will confound himself in excuses.
-He knows the reputation that dwarf women have among humans (not to their liking) and fears to have embarrassed you
-Does he find you attractive? MAHAL YES !!!
-”Balin help how do you compliment a human lady ?“
Tumblr media
-He had heard of women with beards among humans but had never met one before
-He is more than delighted and honored to meet you
-he will subtly make you understand that you do not leave indifferent several members of the Company
-if you ask him, he will explain how beards are perceived by dwarves, and how important they are to them
Tumblr media
-At first he will think that you are making fun of dwarf women and that you have a fake beard
-he will then smash the face of all those who will have the misfortune to make fun of you 
-will help Thorin to compliment you
-will teach you to break the face of those who laugh at you
Tumblr media
-no matter how many times you try to explain to him that you are a human lady, he will think you are a lady dwarf
-will give you billions of tips to take care of your beard and make it beautiful
Tumblr media
-”a beard like this and still not married? Inconceivable!”
-he is outraged to hear that you are single 
-”Come on, Oin, we must find her someone worthy of her !”
-Bombur and him adopt you
-as protective as Dwalin
Tumblr media
-knowing already that some dwarf women have more beard than him, to know that a HUMAN LADY has more beard than him makes him a little jealous
-but after a while he is : “Ok she’s pretty.”
-tries to make you understand that he finds you attractive
Tumblr media
-laughs at his brother for seeing that a female human has more beard than him
-compliments you directly 
-does not hide that you are perceived as a beauty among the dwarfs
-will offer you to try some braids and will even lend you some of his jewelry
Tumblr media
-Like Oin, he will think that you are a dwarf lady and good luck to make him understand
-he will offer you wooden jewels that he will have carved himself to adorn your beard
-will try for a long time to put you in couple with Bofur
Tumblr media
-he is sorry to hear that you have been harassed and mocked because of your beard
-”Why don’t you come leave in one of our city ? Even if dwarfs are not to your taste, you will be more than respected here, and much more !”
-will assure you that you are very pretty the way you are and that you have nothing to be ashamed of
Tumblr media
-he is already on his way to adopt you
-cherring adoptive father
-if you were not confident because of your beard, he will give you confidence
Tumblr media
-he must control himself with all his strength not to bury you under all his advices to magnify your beard, the oils to use, the possible hairstyles to make, the braids, the jewelry
-the first human he sees looking at you the wrong way will have his arm broken
Tumblr media
-It will take a while for this little guy to come and ask you if he can draw you
-“Dori, how do you court someone?”
-is very afraid to compliment you
Tumblr media
-you will find jewels to put in your beard in your pockets and your bag without ever knowing where they come from
-he will never tell you but he thinks your beard is beautiful 
in short: they think you are beautiful and they think that if Aulë made the gift of a beard to a human lady, she is worth it
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estethell · 9 days ago
Seeing the confused state of the dwarves, Thorin's company must have discovered Mirkwood's secret marijuana plantation and made good use of it!
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ghiva-shel · 11 days ago
Bilbo: *trips* Wooa! *looks back to see what it was, notices a rough plank of grass* Oh silly little me.
Thorin: *trips, let’s our a roar* WHO DID THIS?! *looks back to see what it was, notices a rough plank of grass*
Thorin: *starts to aggressively stab it with his sword until it’s nonexistent*
Thorin: *leaves*
Thorin:*comes back after a second to give one more leash, then leaves with a growl*
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ragsweas · 11 days ago
Uh-hmm. Is this mic working? Okay
Having said that, I promise I am working on all my WIPs and m just stuck in the planning/ writing and exam phase. Meanwhile, all those who do follow me here, which one do you want updated next?
When the Sun Sets
The future sucked
Flow as the River
Digging down
Or sth else entirely? Because as I said we need more Bagginshield stories
Also, I am interested in new prompts/ideas as of now. Anything
ALSO, i am working on the Dis joining the quest story. It's just taking time.
Also very happy to do modern stories but for some reason I make them angsty
Anything you tell me to write with Frerin I will happily write JUST TELL ME PLEASE IDEATING IS HARD
Okay bye. i wish all of you Hobbit fans and shippers a very godo shipping
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ghiva-shel · 12 days ago
Bilbo: *sneezes*
Bilbo: You’re not even going to say bless you?
Thorin: I’m sitting here with you, you cannot be more “blessed”.
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ghiva-shel · 13 days ago
Imagine arguing with Thorin and making him stay outside in the rain, if he doesn’t apologise (for something stupid; he’s never wrong, right?). He is too proud to, so eventually you let him inside seeing his puppy dog eyes, and soaked hair across his face.
You pretend you didn’t see the sly smile.
Tumblr media
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ghiva-shel · 14 days ago
Imagine happily taking the mountain at Thorin’s side and giving him a beautiful daughter he will admire and love above everything else. Well you both will have that special place in his heart.
excuse me do you have time to talk about how cute Thorin would be as a dad please?
Tumblr media
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ghiva-shel · 14 days ago
Kili and Fili texting Thorin while drunk: “Thorin, I think someone kidnapped us, we don’t know where we are and where he is taking us”.
Thorin after reading Kili’s message, turns around from the drivers seat:That’s me, I’m taking you home guys.
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vem-vem-writes · 16 days ago
New Beginnings
A/N: a short drabble while I write the final chapter of the Hardest Day Series.
Thorin paced back and forth with baited breath as he waited for news. His wife's loud moans of pain had quietened and been replaced with the loud mewling cries of an infant. After half an hour more of silence, and much more pacing, a midwife popped her head around the door and beckoned him inside. Tentatively he entered, as not to disturb the serenity that had just been established. Inside his wife was laying in the middle of the bed, fresh furs had been lain around her and a midwife had helped to clean her up. To her chest she cradled a small bundle swaddled in white linen. Her eyes shifted from the bundle to her husband as he stood in the door way. "Come and meet our child, gishavel" his wife simpered sweetly.
Thorin was quick to make his way over to his wife where he perched on the side of the bed. Anxiously he reached up and cupped her cheek. His wife smiled gently at him before laying her had over his. "I am fine amrâlimê" she assured him. With that she held out the infant to him. Thorin carefully took the new pebble into his arms. An overwhelming flood of joy and love came over him. With his calloused fingers he stroked his child's cheek with a tenderness he did not know he possessed. "A daughter" his wife whispered. Thorin glanced at her before shifting his attention back to their daughter. "A daughter" he repeated, a large grin creeping over his face.
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ghiva-shel · 18 days ago
Richard Armitage on my phone:
It’s free real estate.
the amount of sexiness of RA my phone has to cope with on daily basis is unbelievable
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grunid · 19 days ago
If they could learn them, which dances would they choose? Dwarf edition ( with more or less explanations )
(none of the gifs are mine )
GIMLI : Tap Dance
Tumblr media
The echoes must be deafening in some parts of Erebor. This + boots = best place to tap dance.
I want to see dwarves tap dancing in Erebor.
DAIN IRONFOOT : rock’n roll dance/rockabilly
Tumblr media
A dance requiring so much energy can only please a dwarf like him
DWALIN : classical dance/ballet dance
Tumblr media
no, no, I'm not kidding. I think that ballet would be a dance that would appeal to Dwalin.
NORI : Hopak/Gopak
Tumblr media
Because a dance that requires so much dexterity, flexibility, speed and strength can be a considerable asset for 1) combat 2) burglaries. And besides, imagine how crazy it could drive Dori if Nori practices all over the house.
DORI : Capoeira
Tumblr media
A mixture of combat and dance: refined and powerful, just like Dori.
OIN : Waltz
Tumblr media
He is half deaf, you have to give him a slow dance I think so that he does not lose the rhythm
BOFUR : Salsa
Tumblr media
Joyful, like him.
BALIN : Fox-trot
Tumblr media
Elegant and fun for a cool grandpa.
BOMBUR : Hip-hop
Tumblr media
After seeing him take down Orcs while stuck in a barrel, you can't convince me that Bombur wouldn't be a hip hop champion.
BIFUR : Footwork
Tumblr media
The axe did not break his dancing abilities
GLOIN : Jumpstyle
Tumblr media
Imagine him trying to teach jumpstyle to a three year old Gimli, it's way too cute.
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ghiva-shel · 19 days ago
Azog to Thorin: I see you.
Thorin: Do I look good?
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ragsweas · 21 days ago
Okay you know what really fucks me up sometimes? It's that...many people who do not like the Hobbit have never seen the extended scenes...they do not know about the deleted Thorin and Bilbo in Rivendell overhearing Elrond and Gandalf talk...or Bilbo planting the acorn in Dale...and I know they are not the same thing but I have always seen the movies with the extended scenes and after falling in love with the movies I watched all the BTS and deleted scenes and just...people don't know the stories. They don't know what happened when the movies were made and how they were made. They don't see the struggle, they just see the final product.
And it breaks my heart.
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