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xx-calibre · 22 days ago
I hate how it has taken me 700 hours to realise Randvi has a sister.
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jshepardtsoni · 4 months ago
Its interesting that Randvi's sister suggested that Randvi seeks out someone to warm her bed instead of saying "hey, maybe you need a hobby". I wonder if Randvi has a tendency to gush about Eivor in her letters and her sister came to the conclusion that Randvi has feelings for Eivor.
Well, the letter was pretty clearly saying Randvi was complaining about her marriage. Finding a hobby wouldn’t change the fact that her husband is who knows where for 2 years now and no one knows when he’s coming back or even if he’s coming back. 
As for Eivor, it looks like Randvi started realizing her feelings for Eivor after they moved to England and both women worked closely together. Back in Norway Randvi was pretty much a servant for Styrbjorn. In England she had a valuable position and actually worked with other people, the closest of them was no one else but Eivor. I bet though that she did write to her sister about her new found feelings and I’m sure Thora was excited about it and told her to go for it.
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worriedaboutmyfern · 4 months ago
When I lost my dog... And let me stop here because I need you to understand that she was a mastiff. 
That means she was a huge girl who needed leash training and needed doggy kindergarten training but never needed protection training; you don’t ever do that, with mastiffs, because protection training involves putting a dog’s person in simulated threat and prompting them to fight on behalf of their person. A mastiff will do that anyway, and they will do it very well, and any “training” scenarios would be a) distressing for the dog, and b) dangerous for the people pretending to be threats.
Most mastiffs in a home-burglary situation will use their weight and ferocious bark/growl to immobilize intruders: they’re pretty famous for sitting on would-be burglars until the police come round. (These dogs get to be about 200 pounds, depending. Thora was on the slim side but trust me, nobody wanted to try her.) They don’t enjoy fucking people up. They are gentle giants. They bite as a last resort. But they absolutely will do it, in defense of their person.
I was Thora’s main person, and she never needed training. She knew in her bones that guarding the house and the people in it was her job. She wouldn’t stray far from me, but she liked to plop her entire bulk down in the middle of hallways so that she could get sightlines to everyone else in the house as well. She guarded us from dawn to dusk and round through the night too. She was on top of it, in a lounge-y way. If I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen it would be to the accompaniment of scrabbling claws on hardwood and the soft effortful grunts of a mastiff heaving herself up, because she could not let me out of her sight. When I was sick, she would be lying at the side of the bed.
When she was sick, finally, of old age, she went out into the yard and stretched out under my window. When it became clear she wasn’t coming back in I went out and stayed with her, trying to coax her to drink chicken broth; we couldn’t move her without her cooperation, so we found a vet that would come to us, but by the time the vet came it was for funerary services. Anyway, so, when I lost my dog, I never stopped feeling her presence. It’s been twenty months since she died and the reason I made this post is because I absentmindedly just leaned over to scritch the vacancy where her ears would be, if she was lying in the place where she ought to be. I can feel with absolute clarity the space her ghost takes up, and I never want it to leave me.
Don’t ever buy a mastiff. Rescuing ones that already exist and need homes is different, if you know what you’re doing, but I’ve become convinced that it is immoral to knowingly create beings so good who only live for such a short time. Big dogs live shorter lives, and seven to nine years is not enough. Much better to have a less saintly dog that lives longer. That mastiffs exist at all is a reproach to the arrogance and hubris of humankind: we thought we’d make something good. We weren’t prepared for the cost of loving and losing them so soon. Someday I might adopt another mastiff, as a rescue, but only if I’m ready for another ghost.
Tumblr media
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ahavta · 4 months ago
Das Wort zum Schabbat am 20.  November 2020
Jeden Freitag um 14 Uhr stellt ein Rabbiner seine Gedanken zur Tora online bei ahavta - Begegnungen vor. Um live dabei zu sein, ist es ganz einfach, sich bei einzuwählen. Am 20. November 2020 (4. Kislew 5781) sprach Landesrabbiner Alexander Nachama in Erfurt das Wort zum Schabbat.
Der sechste Wochenabschnitt im neuen Lesezyklus lautet „Toledot“, תולדות „Geschlechter“. Er umfasst 1. Buch Mose 25,19–28,9.
In diesem Tora-Abschnitt werden Jakob und Esau geboren. Es folgt die berühmte Geschichte, in der Jakob seinem Bruder Esau, der gerade hungrig von der Jagd kam, das Erstgeburtsrecht gegen einen Teller Linsen abkauft. Isaac zieht ins Philisterland um. Dort gräbt er Brunnen, was zu Spannungen zwischen ihm und den Philistern führt. Isaak hat Angst aufgrund von Rebekkas Schönheit getötet zu werden und gibt sie daher als seine Schwester aus. Aber die Wahrheit kommt ans Licht. Schließlich folgt die zweite berühmte Geschichte: Der Segen, den Isaak seinem Erstgeborenen  Esau, der dieses Recht verkauft hatte, geben möchte, geht an Jakob. Esau ist darüber verärgert. So muss Jakob fliehen: Er geht nach Padam Aram, zu seinem Onkel Lawan.
Ich freue mich, wenn du meinen YouTube-Kanal abonnierst und der heutigen Sendung deinen „Daumen hoch“ gibst.
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1000lightyearsaway · 6 months ago
okay intro post to pin !!!
hi im bug i use they/them
main is @nyanbinxry
im not active alot sorry !!!
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redmayniac-roleplayer · 6 months ago
Thora, daughter of Loki and Helena, just seconds before shapeshiffting into a wolf pup, lol
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boo-that-ghost · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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phantomas99 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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testingcheatsenabletrue · 7 months ago
Thora: What is the plan?
Gordon-1: Drive fast eat ass.
Thora: That-
Alix: Yeah! Drive fast eat butt!
Thora: That’s not a plan-
Thora: I thought you three were supposed to be smart!
Gordon-1, Alix, and Exo!Rasputin, in sync as they all hop on Gordon-1’s sparrow in the EAZ: DRIVE FAST! DRIVE FAST! DRIVE FAST! DRIVE FAST! DRIVE FAST! DRIVE FAST!
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phantomas99 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Fehu and Thora
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taco-not-bell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
oh hey look i just did two dragons that look veeery similar
one of then doesnt even seen to be in the movies 👁👄👁
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testingcheatsenabletrue · 8 months ago
The first strike Alix and Gordon-1 took part in with Loki + Thora was one time where they were infiltrating a cabal thing a'la 'The Arms Dealer' strike and they came across a locked door as they were sneaking around and Eidolon and Phosphor were arguing over what Thora should do to get past the lock without tripping the alarm and it went like:
Eidolon: Just guess the password, it can't be that hard.
Phosphor: What would you know?
Eidolon: I'll have you know I've gotten through many a space rhino thingy by just guessing the password. Try 'panCake-green3'.
Phosphor: It requires an access code, not a password. This isn't some dead sod's Tinder profile, rookie, get your shell on straight!
Alix, after glancing to Gordon-1 and getting an idea on a way to impress her: Access code? You guys really need an access code?
Thora: Yes we do, Ghost.
Alix: Psh, I don't need a access code. Watch and learn.
He approaches the terminal and zaps it a couple times, the door opens and he spins pridefully. Everyone looks to the door in awe, save for Phosphor, who squints at it incredulously, and Gordon-1, who is staring off into space looking really fucking bored. As Alix turns to Gordon-1 to say something cheeky, an alarm goes off and the door slams shut. Everyone looks to Alix with mildly irritated expressions. He laughs nervously.
"I might have needed an access code..."
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aycdicdbmcu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve used faceapp to feminize Thor/Chris Hemsworth. What do you guys think? More Avengers coming soon!
Read my Avengers series Here.
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testingcheatsenabletrue · 9 months ago
For ur Destiny beans (any or all of them XD) what is their biggest "I made a calculated risk but man am i bad at math" moment *eyes emoji*
Thora doesn’t have any big "I made a calculated risk but man am i bad at math" moments but she has one reoccurring one where she often will overestimate her strength/the power of her Light (due to how long she’s been, she’s extremely in tune with it) and jokingly/encouragingly nudge a Kinderguardian on the shoulder, and completely obliterate them in one punch. She always profusely apologizes and gives them big Titan hugs afterward.
Loki always has "I made a calculated risk but man am i bad at math" moments, since he’s always trying to do cool things as per his Anime Protagonist nature. His biggest one was running up to an ogre, eager to show off to some Kinderguardians how he learned the Punchey Arc Hunter subclass, but sadly he was not as proficient at it as he initially thought and ended up just bare-knuckle punching the ogre, then was stomped into a Hunter pancake after a comedic pause where both he and the Ogre awkwardly stared at one another, processing what just happened. Zavala was watching. Thora was embarrassed. The Kinderguardian took a picture and constantly sends him it and won’t ever let him live it up. He regrets the decision to this very day, and its the only mistake he has ever regretted (he usually follows the ‘never be ashamed of your mistakes! every mistake is another lesson learned!’ optimist path).
Gordon-1 has a stupid amount of dumb luck, and on account of being incredibly strong-willed but also a complete idiot radiates an aura of ‘Everyone relax, I know EXACTLY what I’m doing’ despite often just relying on instinct and never planning ahead. As such, she has hardly any "I made a calculated risk but man am i bad at math" moments because she never calculates anything. The only ones I can think of are your typical ‘i fucked up my jump and fell into an unending abyss’ type stuff.
Alix’s biggest "I made a calculated risk but man am i bad at math" moment was losing his and Gordon’s ship on Mars, which led to Rasputin giving them the ship they use now, the Tartarstan ship. He thought he could make Gordon laugh by overloading their ship’s boosters before they launched to Orbit, since she loves going at high speed (he hates it). TLDR; accidentally started the launch sequence before running out to eagerly tell Gordon this cool idea he had and already started doing, ship basically did THIS and then flew off into the depths of space at lightspeed. He died of embarrassment right there and then but Gordon was fucking wailing with laughter because of it (and Rasputin gave them a bigger and objectively better ship, so it turned out alright in the end).
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prdzx · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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taco-not-bell · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Im trying the painting style
what i mean is that im using only one single brush
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