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#thor tdw
bedlamsbard · 2 hours ago
trying to beat back the Loki series plot bunny where for reasons the TVA ends up with variants of Asgard’s royal family each from a different point in the timeline and there’s a very emotional family reunion and then, probably, Hela goes on a killing spree.
“everyone in this family is from a slightly different alternate universe but now they have to work together” is like PEAK BEDLAM
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ellena-asg · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you, father.
Tumblr media
No, thank you.
That scene... it's touching but also positive, I mean: it's in general very good open-ending with a chance for happy end in the future. Yup, TDW ending isn't harmful.
But you know what? Now I'm thinking that this scene above is sad. Very sad. Enormously and dramatically sad. Why? Because I see not only Thor saying goodbye to Odin. I see Chris saying goodbye to Odin and to Loki (Tom) and them both saying their goodbyes to Thor. To Asgard. And I feel that they are saying "thank you" to each other. I mean... what if Thor's "thank you, father" is also Chris' "thank you, Anthony, for being my father for that short but wonderful time" (and "thank you, Tom, for being the best brother, I will miss us here, miss all of that")? What if Loki's "no, thank you" is Tom's "no, thank you, Chris, thank you for Thor, thank you for your brotherly love"? Or/and "thank you, our dear fans". And that Chris' look... Like... he is seeing Asgard for the last time. Asgard that he knows and loves. What... What if they knew? I mean: Chris, Tom and sir Anthony. That this was the final end. The last Thor movie. The last Asgardian movie. That they knew that that one (TDW) was the last canonical one. That it was the last time of real Thor, Loki, Odin and others. There were no scripts yet, there was no Waititi, Russo or Herron but there was Feige... And (I suppose) his future plans/ideas. Did he tell them (the cast) about some of them? Did they predict new Marvel/Disney era (reboots, retcons, parodies, huge plot holes and contradictions, craziness, no research, no maestry in acting etc.)? I feel that they did. And that TDW's ending was a real ending. Some kind of farewell with Asgard and us - fans.
They gave us open-ending and hope:
Tumblr media
But maybe not a real hope. That "Thor will return" sounds rather like "the real Thor will be always with you, in your hearts". Maybe they gave us this open-ending for our imagination, our dreams, our need for safety?
And now... poor guys have to be like actors-Skrulls. They play some space guys (who knows, maybe Skrulls indeed?) and pretend that they're still the same Thor, Loki, Odin... I don't know why they agreed to that. Maybe they needed something new, fresh. Maybe they felt obliged (well, they're all gentlemen). But I feel that the change (cutting bonds with Shakespeare) might be painful or will be (I just... just hope that they soon start to miss canon and old good times very badly).
The very last movie, the very last scene together, no more Asgard, no more Loki, no more Thor... No more Tom and Chris being so joyful together, being so "I play in a noble movie and my director is a wizard". But we have this. We have Thor, and The Avengers and TDW. We have this beautiful ending. We have this farewell. So thank you too, Chris, Tom, sir Anthony, all cast, Alan Taylor, Joss Whedon, Kenneth Branagh, late [*] Don Payne, Brian Tyler, Patrick Doyle, all wizards. Thank you for this masterpiece.
@everything-you-feel-is-real hugs and 💕 for you and for all "hurt by Feige" support group 🌞
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lokispancake · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Before you ream me, I would just like to say I KNOW he's not a monster. But he looks for hurt, angry, and betrayed by his family that it just reminded me of this quote.
And I imagine he probably feels like a monster in this scene.
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kozkaboi · 6 days ago
I don’t care what y’all say, Loki has the cutest face when he is fighting or is in an argument (part 2)
~ @bebx
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(part 1) of this post
I'm so proud of myself. Compared to the first half those looks sick. I really enjoyed this series of Loki faces! I learned a lot of it and i hope it won't be the last post with Loki expressions.
I love doing those, so don't be ashamed of sending me some hot pics of Loki.
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iamnmbr3 · 6 days ago
this is such a great scene. i miss this loki. 
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ellena-asg · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Loki Odinson (also: Friggason), not: Laufeyson (it's offensive, cruel and not formal)
Title: prince (also king) of Asgard, master of magic, god of mischief (but technically he's not a god)
Place of birth: Jotunheim
Home: Asgard
Race: Frost Giant by birth, Asgardian at heart
Parents: Odin Borson, Frigga
Siblings: Thor
Best friend: Thor
Love interest: none
Pets: brown horse (plus family's pets: Thor's white horse, dad's horse Sleipnir and ravens Hugin and Munin)
Hair: black
Eyes: green (they are blue under the influence of mind stone and may look blue/greenish-blue in some light; they are red when Loki is in Jotun form)
Sex: male (he can transform himself into woman or in general: into every being (like Odin, Sif, Captain America or einherjar) - and probably thing too? - by using his magic, but if you can turn yourself into f.e. cat, other sex, tree or stone it doesn't mean that you feel like it)
Status: alive (very alive)
Current situation: he's sitting on Asgardian throne (as Odin) and... waiting for some future?
#TVA? Pardon, what TVA? ;)
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latent-thoughts · 6 days ago
Loki and technology
We need more appreciation for Loki's exceptional capability of quickly grasping any kind of tech that his eyes can catch.
A few examples:
Stealing and using the time twister remote from Mobius within an hour of getting acquainted with it. He even figured out how to remove his collar while keeping B-15 subdued with one hand.
Using reel player to watch the rest of life play out in the TVA projector.
He had no issues understanding any Earth tech in the Avengers 2012. He observed Fury using that cage locking interface on the helicarrier and was able to drop Thor using it without a hitch. (I'm counting that Hyundai commercial too; he can drive 😂).
Knew whatever needed to be done to do the D. B. Cooper dare.
Was able to actively steal the passcodes of Grandmaster' ship hangar and spaceships and was able not get caught by the slavers of Sakaar.
Knows how to fly different types of ships.
Knew how to activate a dark elf space grenade (while being impaled).
Feel free to add more if you can recall. 👀
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feralchaoticbastard · 10 days ago
Me: I miss u Loki.. wish u were still alive..
Tv series Loki: I'm right here
Me: .....anyway I miss him so much...
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worstloki · 11 days ago
people worry or disagree with how the writers describe loki but in a way they not wrong as loki could be seen as pompous he literally went to earth and told people to kneel before him and called hulk a dull creature before uttering i am a god and his line i am loki and i am burdened with glorious purpose like sorry to burst your bubble, but that is clearly a pompus attitude. loki practically thinks his better than people on earth and they should kneel before him because his a god and better than a dull creature the hulk, i like loki but some of his fans are blind to his flaws also loki is an ass, i don't see how it wrong to call him that. like what are we going to call him? a sweetheart/angel for killing people? and trying to rule earth? etc like loki himself says his bit of both, good and bad. his not a saint. no offense but some loki fans need to stop wrapping him into cotton wool and accept/acknowledge his not a saint/his flaws after all his called the god of mischief for a reason.
I wouldn’t call him any more pompous for killing people, no, and he literally is a god, even if it’s only as a title (but remember how Hela and Thor were raving on about that in Ragnarok?), so I’m not seeing any real arguments for Loki being those things or an @$$ other than “boo hoo Loki killed people.”
It ain’t news that he’s done good and bad things, though feel free to expand on how that’s an argument in favour of kept characterisation when Loki’s expressed through words and action that he doesn’t want a throne, sees other races more equally than other Asgardians, and is ridiculously sentimental and selfless even when it comes to hatred. He’s also proven he holds jealousy towards Thor though that only lasted through Thor 1, resentment towards being treated lesser and betrayed, and a trademark stubbornness for the idea he deserves to be treated at least equally to others, which was exemplified and at its extreme in Avengers 1.
None of this is to say he hasn’t killed or lied/tricked people, but even if we for a moment pretend Loki wasn’t being tortured or wasn’t influenced by the mind stone his behaviour and personality still doesn’t line up (in what we’ve seen so far). This opinion will vary, and we’ve only seen clips so far, but please refrain from insisting that Loki is an @$$ with the proof that the character or another says he’s a bit of both.
Frankly how the writer describes the character is especially concerning because that’s the one way I’ve seen him describe him. “A pompous @$$” doesn’t show that he’s understood the character completely, only that he’s chalked up the Avengers 1 attitude to arrogance alone, but, I also don’t expect an interview to demonstrate the whole of his thoughts, which I think is reasonable.
Maybe sit down and read some decent meta before deciding he’s being cotton wrapped for being flawed and that people aren’t already aware of this stuff because the “fans are blind but I’m right bc I agree with canon” attitude isn’t very good. It’s okay to be critical of the media you consume and have different interpretations of things, or even the same, but all you’ve done here is shown you haven’t paid attention to and are still insisting on invalidating another view.
If you think that’s an accurate description of the character then that’s wonderful for you! Now try not to make fun of people who may not be in awe of the same words, especially if they provide decent reason to be apprehensive of them.
#anon#I’m too tired for this right now#Loki might not be a saint for killing but people are allowed to call him one for lasting a millennia on Asgard with the way he was treated#or for putting maybe 2% effort into the attack and 40% into monologuing away clues to his plan for the invasion#or if we’re going further forward than the past two movies#for not betraying Thor and risking the universe in TDW#for showing up with the statesman in Ragnarok after Thor left him convulsing indefinitely on the ground on sakaar#for not taking advantage of Asgard or bring its downfall while ruling as Odin#you’re allowed to think Loki’s an @$$ but you don’t get to tell others that they should too#especially not with whatever trash argument ‘should we call him an angel for killing people?’ is#you know what? maybe I will call him an Angel for that#the death toll of the invasion wasn’t even 80 and he stalled Thanos by YEARS singlehandedly and took 3 stones out of his reach#he then takes the prison sentence he gets and sticks to it till broken out#he’s served more punishment than many ‘heroes’ combined for actions not half as bad as what they’d done#maybe Loki’s an angel and anon is the @$$?#who is to say?#not me because I am by far too tired for this#blanket warm#whatever this ask is meant to be...... not warm#‘Loki thinks himself above the dull creature of the hulk and the humans who wouldn’t survive being thrown around by him’ yeah no sh*t#it’s a good think Thor for example doesn’t exhibit similar traits despite his ‘redemption’ in Thor 1 🙄#imagine thinking that ‘characters have flaws’ is an argument when someone says a character is feeling ooc to them#anon no really I insist the only thing about Loki that is flawed is the deterioration of his eyebrows after Thor 1#it does seem you’ll enjoy the show though so that’s good for you#I agree critical thinking off is a way to enjoy it too!#the Loki show#Loki spoilers#Loki show spoilers#‘wrapping him in cotton’ just made me think about Asgardian bathroom habits again#AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA show comes out today!!!!
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one-big-dumpsterfire · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holla' if you see your name featured on the site! 🤩🥰✨🙌💅
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thorfanficwriter · 13 days ago
Thor Production Still Edits
The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Thor: Ragnarok
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Endgame
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ailxnmxlfoy · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
.       .        
  ˚     ✵  . loki & darcy lewis.
    .    · manip tasertricks.
  ·   *       💙💚
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thorfanficwriter · 19 days ago
I don’t think Lady Sif gets enough credit for not “accidentally” running her sword through Jane Foster.
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