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#thor odinson x reader fluff
mostly-marvel-musings · 2 hours ago
The Intern - Chapter Two
A/N: I’m so inconsistent, but there isn’t a cure. Anyway, feedback is love as always. Happy reading!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Thor x Reader
Warnings: general fluff.
Word count: 1400ish
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Series Taglist: @daniw7 @babypink224221 @darklydeliciousdesires
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Tags open! If you wish to be tagged in future chapters or any of the Taglists, send me an ask or DM.
As the clock ticked closer and closer to the time of the interview, you found most of the women working in your office coming out from the rest rooms after reapplying their lipsticks and sprucing up their hair.
Shaking your head, you went through some of the emails that required immediate responses. Not long after, Wanda knocked on your door informing you that the probable new intern was here before you asked her to let him through.
Thor walked through the door and you immediately understood what the fuss was all about. He looked like a man straight out of a fairy tale, rugged looks, heavy built, and the bluest eyes you had ever seen. He wore a dark blue suit and a kind smile as he approached your desk.
“Thor Odinson. Very nice to meet you ma’am.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), please have a seat.”
You shook hands returning his smile before sitting down, staring pointedly at Wanda who lingered longer than necessary before rushing out of your office. The man’s towering presence made your office look smaller even when he was sitting.
“So, what makes you the right person for this internship program, Mr Odinson?” you began, leaning forward and placing your elbows on the desk, waiting for him to answer.
“Well, I was looking for a new start, had to leave my old life behind for personal reasons. Begin afresh even if it meant starting from the bottom. I came across your brand when I got here, read your story and it is really inspiring. I found myself wanting to be a part of your company. It sounds dramatic I know, but it’s the truth.”
His answer brought a genuine smile to your face.
“It’s not dramatic, it's just very honest. Something I haven’t heard from an employee in a long time.”
You went on asking a few technical questions and qualifications before rising from your seat to shake his hand one last time, accidentally knocking over a photo frame which fell flat on the table with a clang. Thor’s quick reflexes caught it before you did and he kept it where it was before accepting your handshake.
“Thanks. That’s my daughter Emily.” You somehow felt it necessary to reveal this information as you shook hands because in your head, he had already got the job.
“Oh, she’s beautiful, looks a lot like you.”
Thor’s compliment turned your cheeks warm, you thanked him again for coming in, letting him know that someone would get in touch soon and led him towards the door as you said goodbye.
As expected, the week that Thor joined, there was a significant increase in your female colleagues turning up sharply dressed than they did before. His desk was like a chick magnet where you found pretty much everyone but especially Wanda with her lingering stares and flirty touches.
Not that it mattered to you but, Thor never indulged any of the approaches, he mostly kept to himself but was polite nonetheless.
A particularly hectic Friday evening, you were preoccupied dealing with a shipment related issue when there was a knock on your cubicle door. Rubbing your temples you mumbled a ‘come in’ without bothering to open your eyes.
“Burning the midnight oil, Boss?”
Thor’s voice startled you, you weren’t expecting him to stay back this late, it was way past office hours.
“Almost done. You didn’t leave?”
“I actually had to dismiss Paul after I caught him drinking in your car earlier today. I took the keys from him, hope you don’t mind a different chauffeur tonight.”
You were glad Thor looked out for you, there had been a few occasions when you had noticed Paul’s flask in his coat pocket but never acted on it. Lucky for you, there hadn’t been any accidents yet.
“Oh I guess he had to go some time. Thank you Thor, I appreciate it.”
Noticing how drained you looked, he grew concerned.
“Do you need anything (Y/N)? Have you eaten today?”
You shook your head in a no, confirming his worry.
“Truth be told I’m famished.”
“Alright I’m gonna order some food for you right away. Pizza?”
“That sounds perfect.”
You felt guilty for not calling Steve back home. He and Emily had gotten used to you missing dinners and didn’t wait up, but that never stopped you from feeling bad.
Typing a quick text to your husband, you got back to work while Thor ordered food.
Twenty five minutes later, you shut your computer with a huff and stretched out your neck, just in time for Thor who walked in with a pizza box that smelled tempting enough to make your tummy growl in hunger.
He was going to leave you alone when you asked him to join, telling him you wouldn’t be able to finish it by yourself anyway.
“So, where did you live before moving to New York?”
You questioned, biting into a slice of your pepperoni as Thor sat on the opposite side of the table.
“Wow, that must’ve been a massive change for you then.”
“It was, but I found this city welcoming. Lovely people, great food, extremely kind bosses, I already feel at home.” Thor nodded, gesturing towards you with a chuckle as you brushed it off with a wave of your hand.
Conversation flowed easily between the two of you as you ate dinner. You occasionally brought up funny stories of Emily and he listened to them eagerly, laughing alongside as you narrated.
“Oh look at the time! We must leave, I’m sorry to keep you here with me.”
The clock indicated half past ten which meant it was way past Emily’s sleeping time, you thought with a sad sigh.
“Something wrong?”
“No it's just. I miss kissing my daughter good night. I find her fast asleep all tucked in bed by the time I’m home you know? I miss being the one who’s putting her to bed sometimes.”
You admitted, gathering your things and putting them in your purse before turning the light out and walking out of your office, following Thor towards the car.
“I’m sure she knows you’re working hard and she has her father too. Plus you have the whole weekend to make up for lost time.”
Thor added cheerily, opening the passenger door for you like a true gentleman before getting in the driver’s seat.
Once your apartment came into view, you smiled to see the kitchen light switched on, Steve was probably waiting for you.
“Thank you once again for the pizza, Thor. Have a good evening. I’ll see you Monday.”
You placed a hand on his shoulder, unmistakably feeling the muscles underneath the shirt. He must work out a lot, you wondered before removing your seatbelt and getting out.
“Take it easy (Y/N). Good night.”
You watched him drive off before he turned the corner and disappeared, you had offered him to take the car home after he willingly agreed to chauffer for you everyday.
To your surprise, Steve wasn’t home. Instead, you were met with his mother who had offered to babysit Emily while he went out for something urgent with a friend, as Sarah informed.
Thor turned the corner of your street, something to his right caught his attention and he found your husband Steve, deep in conversation with a woman with dark wavy hair and a red dress.
He thought nothing of it though unconsciously slowed the car down, just in time to witness Steve cupped the woman’s cheek and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.
Tumblr media
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wednesdayadams228 · 23 hours ago
Hugs - Loki
warnings - none
Based off of a TikTok I saw a couple days ago (still trying to find it so I can give credit lol)
"Hello" you said stepping into the elevator next to Loki.
"Hi" He said annoyed.
"Do you want a hug?" You asked him
"What- no Y/N why would i-"
"Because you look sad and whenever I am sad I like hugs" You quickly said with an optimistic tone and smile cutting him off.
"No Y/N I do not want a hug." He said looking at you then looking at the ground.
"Okay." You said then looked at the ground. "It would have been nice though."
Loki then looked at you again with a sad face.
"I'm sorry Y/N. Now get over here and give me a hug before anyone sees us." He says as he pulls you into a hug.
"I love you." You say as he holds you.
"I love you too Y/N. I always will."
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queenoffanfictions · a day ago
The sun will shine on us again - Loki x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki died at the hands of Thanos. You try your best to bring him back, but what happens when you cross his path in New York in 2012? Is he still the man you love? Will he understand who you are and why you are here?
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In the rain
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warning: fluffliest.
Dull grey clouds promised showers but your mood was gloomier than the weather. A longing you felt for a particular other worldly being lay heavy in your heart, enough to dampen your spirits.
A crack of lightening right outside your balcony pulled you out of your reverie and brought you outside finally, after a busy day of absolutely nothing.
The thunder could only mean one thing. He was back.
Right as your eyes landed on the silhouette of the Asgardian King, the gloominess melted away being replaced by joy as he gave you a heart-stopping smile.
It was drizzling as you stepped out frowning as no drops fell on your body, or his. Not that it mattered, your mind was busy running through ideas for ways with which to stay mad at him for being away so long.
That was proving to be difficult with each passing second as his eyes raked over your disheveled form - a loose-fitting white sleep shirt that left your legs bare and hair that was in a state of utter ruin. And yet his ocean eyes held nothing but love.
“I’ve missed you, my dearest (Y/N).”
“Well then, why did you leave?” You slapped yourself mentally for coming up with that after everything your mind scanned through.
“Maybe I wanted to see if you longed for my return.” Thor’s voice dropped as he held back from gathering you into his arms. The intensity of the rain had increased considerably in the meantime.
“And? What did you see?”
He had asked Heimdall to keep him informed about you so technically he hadn’t missed what you went through in his absence.
All those times you opened kitchen cupboards to check on the boxes of pop tarts you’d kept for him, times you’d wrap yourself in the blanket and sit out in the balcony glancing skywards and wishing you’d rather be wrapped in those muscly strong arms.
Thor’s eyes had a mischievous glint as in a fraction of a second, instead of answering, he let you get drenched in the rain, the invisible umbrella that was shielding you suddenly gone.
A gasp left your lips as the water made the shirt stick to your body, the sheer fabric leaving little to imagination as your unsupported nipples stood erect due to cold or him, you weren’t sure.
“What even?”
“Looks like you missed me a lot, my love.”
He chuckled, finally cupping your face, thumbs caressing your cheeks as he leaned down to press his lips to yours in the most dramatic yet romantic kiss you’d had in your lifetime.
Tumblr media
PS: To the person who requested this, again I am terribly sorry for deleted the ask. It wouldn’t go back in the drafts and I had stupidly left it queued. Thank you for this lovely request! ❤️
1500 Follower Milestone
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redoceanx · 2 days ago
y/n: loki?
loki: yes, little Midguardian?
y/n: 1, please dont call me little, 2, why do you always wear long sleeves?
tony: *pops head around corner suddenly*
loki: *voice cracking* no one has ever paid that much attention to me. gOOD ATTENTION.
y/n: *worried*
y/n: loki-
loki: *jumps onto y/n* im keEPING THEMMM!!
y/n: *sad and happy*
loki: *wails and teleports away to cling to y/n longer*
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melwilson · 2 days ago
i love you | drabbles (part one)
different ways they say those three little words without actually saying those three little words.
“let me know when you get home,” w/ steve
it was late. steve had told you it was okay to stay over. in fact, he slept better with your body pressed against his. however, you worked the next morning and didn’t want to bother. you had already stayed at his apartment twice this week and it was just wednesday night.
the blonde pressed the sweetest kiss to your lips, hands tugging at your waist. he didn’t want you to go- that much was obvious. and truthfully, you didn’t want to, but you needed to.
“let me know when you get home, okay?” your safety was always steve’s top priority. with his occupation being what it was, he was big on communication. he could be overbearing at times, but it never bothered you. it just showed you how much he cared.
“i will. i promise.” your voice was soft and you placed one final fleeting kiss to his lips before walking out the door.
you kept your promise.
have you eaten anything today?” w/ sam
it wasn’t uncommon for you to overwork yourself. your hours were already outrageous, thanks to working for the demanding intelligence agency that is shield. so sam took it upon himself to make sure that you didn’t accidentally overwork yourself and succumb to death in your office. at the same time everyday you could expect sam to show up at your door bringing his heartwarming smile and infectious energy.
you paused as sam turned your chair around taking in your appearance. you were dressed in workout clothes, hair thrown messily into a thick bun atop your head. his eyes softened at the bags under your eyes and the small smile you sent his way. you looked exhausted.
“have you eaten anything today?” he already knew the answer, but he always asked.
you shook your head sheepishly as you leaned back in your chair, muscles relaxing.
“you can’t keep doing this, bub. if you’re not sitting at this desk, you’re training a rookie, and if you aren’t training a rookie, you’re doing something else asked of you. which is great an’ all, but you won’t be able to do any of those things if you aren’t eating right and i don’t want you passing out on me. so why don’t you set that aside,” he gestured to the paperwork on your desk, “get your pretty ass up, and come eat with me.”
“let me take care of you,” w/ bucky
steve had sidelined you and you were not happy about. pissed was a probably a better word for it. you were injured during the last mission after taking a blow to the ribs. you reassured steve constantly that you were fine, but he proved otherwise after you couldn’t last in the sparring ring for more than a minute. the doctors had diagnosed you with two broken ribs and a mild hip contusion. you should be fine in a week, but you still hated sitting out.
tonight, you found yourself in the gym, hands steadying either of the punching bag in front of you. the team would go absolutely berserk if they caught you, not that you cared. two minutes pass and you’re leaning against the bag for support. you’re finding it hard to catch your breath and spots are clouding your vision.
“you better be glad it was me who found you and not steve,” a familiar voice said. bucky’s hands gently grasped your shoulders as he steadied you. “let’s get you upstairs, yeah?”
“i’m fine, buck.”
you didn’t miss the concern flash through his eyes as his grip tightened protectively. “it’s okay for you to rest, y/n. let me take care of you.”
you sighed, body slumping into his. “you don’t have to do that...not for me.”
bucky’s eyes softened, exhaustion laced in your voice and the weakness of your body. you would never admit it, but you needed him right now and it brought him joy to he needed. “i want to, y/n.”
“i trust you,” w/ tony
tony stark didn’t trust easily. he may have played the part of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but when he was alone he was anything but. he was quiet and reserved and tended to his own business. he no longer extended his arms and showed off the flashiness that was his life. (he’d been screwed over one too many times for that.) he had set up a barrier between himself and the world, one that wasn’t easily broken.
but then you placed yourself right between him and that barrier. tony wasn’t sure how you managed to do it. it could have been your sweet smile or the lingering, yet reassuring glances you sent his way. one day you were going over stuff in the lab and the next you were helping him to his room after a panic attack.
“what’s on your mind, y/n?” you could feel tony’s stare as you shifted in your seat. you had been uncharacteristically quiet and tony didn’t like it. you weren’t the most talkative person in the world by any means, but he liked hearing your voice. it grounded him.
“i- i don’t know. i just feel bad i guess...for invading your privacy like that yesterday. i didn’t mean to. i-“
“y/n,” tony chuckled, “it’s okay. i trust you.”
you glanced up at him eyes wide in surprise. “oh.”
“yeah,” tony responded, “but don’t get used to it.”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” w thor
“are you kidding me!”
an amused smile tugged at thor’s lips as he entered the kitchen. your hands were balled into fists at either side of your waist, eyes trained on the empty takeout box in front of you.
“something wrong, dove?”
a growl emitted from your lips as you turned to him. “is there something wrong? of course there’s something wrong. somebody ate my damn takeout.” the larger man laughed and you sent him a glare. “why are you laughing at me?”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” thor said softly.
“cute? you did not just call me cute. unbelievable.”
the blonde took a step toward you, hands reaching out for yours. “how about this? i’ll get you some more takeout if you stop yelling at me.”
your eyes narrowed. “are you bribing me?”
“yes,” thor shrugged, “is it working?”
“yeah, it is. let’s go.”
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lokistoriesblog · 3 days ago
Sin City - Part Two
A/N: Here it is folks, the smutty follow-up to my first fic “Sin City”
Summary: You wake up and remember you married the God of Mischief in Vegas last night, what will the morning bring? They don't call it Sin City for nothing...
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader
Length: 2500+ words
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, pure smut, fluff, swearing?
Loki pulled you closer to him and buried himself in your neck, leaving a trail of kisses leading to your ear purring, “No need to blush, I have already devoured every inch of you, Mrs. Laufeyson.”
Hearing Loki call you Mrs. Laufeyson in his velvety smooth voice sent shivers running down your spine. You were trying to play it cool but your body reacted to him in every possible way and he of course noticed. “Mrs. Laufeyson eh? Is this not the 21st century where a woman can keep her own name? I will have to double check our *marriage certificate* to see if I truly am Mrs. Laufeuson.” You winked at him.
He ignored your taunting, running his fingers down your back staring at you with his piercing blue eyes. Your hand still placed along his collarbone and your legs intertwined with his. With the little sun peaking through the curtain, the green emerald on your ring finger sparkled sending little fractals over Loki’s chest. How much had changed in the last day, would you keep this ring? You wondered still thinking that you only married the trickster in a jest of fun not knowing what was still to come.
Loki untangles himself from you and abruptly springs up from the bed muttering, “This just won't do.”
As he got up from the bed you could see him in all of his glory. Tall, muscular but lean body, his raven hair falling over his shoulders, his pale butt as perky as ever. Unsure at first what he was doing and why he would leave you so promptly in bed, he went straight to the window and threw open the curtains letting the morning sun flood the room. “Ahh much better, now I can see every detail of your body perfectly.”
“Same,” you mutter as he turns around to face you now, you bite your bottom lip as your eyes linger on his god sized cock. You squirmed remembering the feeling of him inside of you only a few hours ago. Loki followed your gaze to his member “Patience love,” he smirked.
With that your heart began to race, you jokingly threw the duvet over your head hiding from what was to come in some last ditch effort of modesty. You could hear Loki sauntering back over to the bed laughing at your failed attempt and with one strong hand he ripped the covers completely off the bed. You gasped as your entire body was on display for him, you whipped your head up to look at him straight in his blue eyes, a hungry purr escaped your lips.
For a moment Loki stood still except his eyes shifted to take in each area of your body. With a mischievous look and in one swift move, he leaned forward grabbing your ankles and pulling your body to the edge of the bed. “Come here, Y/N”.
He looked down at you seductively as your legs were now leaning against his chest. He spread your legs apart exposing your intimate area to his gaze. A moan of excitement came from your lips.
Loki moved slowly at first, trailing one hand down your leg and then his fingers lightly running up your thigh. Your body reacted to his touch causing goosebumps to appear where he traced on your thigh.
The more he teased you, the more the need in your womanhood grew. You couldn't take much more waiting, you pressed your thighs together adding pressure against your clit making it spasm with the remains of last night's festivities still inside you.
Loki let out an animalistic growl watching you crave his touch. He quickly sunk down to his knees and pulled your thighs over his shoulders bringing your lower lips up to his mouth. He glided his tongue at your entry and over your outer lips, teasing you slightly.
As he began to explore you, your hands were gripping the bed sheet trying to regain some sense of composure before losing yourself completely into Loki. It was true then, they didn't call him Silver Tongue for nothing - you could feel yourself pooling for him.
“You are absolutely soaked for me, darling,” he looked at you as a grin spread across his face before beginning to lap at your clit. This sent shock waves over your body as he finally paid attention to your throbbing need. He was sucking your clit while looking directly into your eyes. You could feel the wetness running down your thighs and down your body as he held you up to his mouth.
You couldn't help but moan for more, “Loki, please” feeling your pleasure reaching its peak.
Loki lowers you down and pushes you back further on the bed, letting your thighs down from his shoulders, he begins to make his way back up to you. His body hovering over yours for a moment, you look up at him pulling him closer to you. His cool breath falls over your neck before his lips find yours. He kisses you deeply, his tongue crashing into you making you taste your juices still on his lips.
His hands trail down your body until they reach your exposed breasts. His lips remain locked with yours as he turns his attention to your hardening nipples. His thumbs circling your nipples as he presses against your mounds with this skilled touch earning a moan into his mouth.
You feel his thigh pressing against your womanhood and you grind yourself onto him wanting more. He breaks your passionate kiss and smirks, lowering his mouth to your breasts, his right hand slides down your body until it reaches your pool of wetness. He stimulates your clit before two of his long fingers disappear into your needy hole. He grunts as he feels how desperately wet you are inside for him.
“Loki” you moan, your right hand now completely tangled into his raven hair. Loki circles your clit with this thumb while pushing his fingers in and out of you.
You were panting now, unable to control yourself and grinding against Loki’s fingers. He returned his attention to your lips again before pulling away looking you in the eye. He was enjoying you becoming undone for him. “ I-I-I'm so close,” you barely manage to muster before moaning nothing but his name over and over again like a prayer.
“Look at me while you cum for me, love”. Loki encouraged and that was it. The pressure in your body explodes, your back arches and you pant deeply into Loki's neck. You feel yourself wrapping around his fingers still inside you pulling them deeper.
Loki removed his fingers from your pussy, your wetness and climax all over his hand. He smirked at you before licking his fingers clean. You weren't sure who was the god in this scenario as Loki worshipped your body with such detail but you certainly were not going to complain in the slightest.
He looked at you now with lust clouding his eyes, moaning his name had aroused him to a critical point, you could feel his hard cock pressing desperatly against your leg. How long was he going to keep you waiting? You had just climaxed but still felt empty, still hungry for more. Once you regained control over your breathing you told him exactly what you needed. “Please Loki, I need to feel you inside me” making Loki growl in response.
“Anything for my wife” Loki winked. Normally you would have a witty response to volley back to him but you were lost in pleasure waiting for him to fill you.
He pushed your right thigh up, spreading you to make room for him. Loki moved the tip of his cock, dripping with pre-cum, around your wetness making it nice and slick before inserting himself deep inside you.
You forgot how big he was as he slid inside you to the hilt, your mouth opened but no noise came out, instead your nails dug into Loki's back. This caused him to push even further inside you. A desperate whimper escaped your lips in both pain and pleasure. He hissed as you began to buck your hips to meet his thrusts taking him as deep as you could.
He was lost in his own lust fucking you hard and fast, rocking into you relentlessly chasing his own climax. His left hand now aggressively claiming your breasts. This made you climb the ladder of ecstasy again. He could tell you were close, he began to slowly rub your clit with his right hand. “L-Loki” you screamed, causing a moan from deep in his chest to escape.
“FUCK, you feel so good inside me” you breathed. Loki’s hard cock hit you in your exact special pleasure spot, your back arched and your body trembled. You came around his cock, taking him deeper inside you as your insides contracted.
Your orgasm brought upon his, your tightness contracting around him caused him to spread his seed inside you. “Y/N!” Loki breathed before he let his body rest on yours and you brought his lips to meet yours. Loki pulled your hip, while he remained inside of you, and rested the both of you on your sides. You laid that way for a while, your heart rate returning to normal while your head rested on Loki’s chest breathing him in.
It was then, as he softened inside you with your combined juices leaking down your legs that there was a loud banging at the door.
“Quinjet leaves in one hour, better get a move on” boomed Thor with what almost sounded like laughter following. Jesus you forgot you came here with him, Nat and Clint, you were too busy getting lost in Loki.
“Alright brother.” Loki called out towards the door a look or pure annoyance on this face.
“Well I guess I better get cleaned up before facing the firing squad” you rolled your eyes at the thought of returning back to the team. Your new coworkers. Jeez what would they think of the new girl now.
You parted from Loki, the sudden loss of him inside you made you feel hollow. Wiping away the liquid leaking down your thigh you noticed Loki still laying on the bed watching you. You stepped into the hotel bathroom and immediately ran the shower letting the steam cover the mirror. The hot water rolled down your back and you were finally able to get a moment of clarity on the situation. Being with Loki was intoxicating, but you were still you, even despite being married to a God.
This was all fun, right? Nothing serious. You would simply get on the Quinjet and make light of this as if it never happened. Of course Loki wouldn't actually want to remain married to you, a mere midgardian, this was just an act of mischief and fun. After all as the saying goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. You clung to that saying for a moment reassuring yourself everything would be fine when you heard the shower door open.
And there he was again, “Sorry to interrupt,” he said with a smirk, “but I couldn't just stay out there knowing you were in here alone.” You looked down and sure enough he was hard again.
“How long have you been staring” you teased him knowing now that he saw you washing your breasts.
Loki stepped into the shower but it was you who took the lead next. Weren't you just thinking about how you were going to go back to normal but here you were pushing him against the shower wall?
Reaching up to kiss him while your hand lowered, stroking his length. Loki moaned at your touch and you bit his lip.
You sunk down on your knees, licking the tip of his shaft, your tongue teasing him and your right hand cupped and messaged his balls. Slowing you began to take more of him inside your mouth. You were being greedy, you wanted him again. One last moment of this pretend marriage you two conjured up before returning to the real world.
You began taking as much of his god sized dick inside your mouth as you could, letting a low whimper out as he thrusted with your sucking, taking himself deeper. His hands were now positioned on your head guiding you on him, your hands gripping his strong thighs to stable yourself.
You moaned on his dick sending sound waves rippling down him. Loki was panting, you were looking up at him as you sucked, which drove him mad.
You pushed against the pressure of his hands for a moment to catch your breath but you didn't have a choice in that moment. He pushed his cock down your throat and you took him again, your tongue lapping at his girth he was thrusting into you and a loud moan escaped his lips he busted his cum into your mouth. Some spurted out onto your chest.
There was so much but you swallowed as much as you could while looking at him for approval. Once you were done he growled at you. He picked you up from your knees began lathering your breasts to remove his liquid while standing behind you. He teased your clit but a moment of clarity broke through “Loki, no, stop it we don't have enough time, we have to get on that jet.”
He was not amused at your resistance, his fingers picked up speed and power. You kept forgetting that he was the God of Mischief and he usually got what he wanted. You quickly gave into his will as a moan escaped your lips “Loki, please.” Your hand moving back to nestle into his damp raven hair as if to hold you in place.
Hot water running down your body, Loki still standing behind you as he began to vigorously rubbing your clit, “cum for me, dove” he whispered into your ear. Like a command you came instantly on his hand while your knees gave out, luckily he was holding you up.
Once your breathing was back to normal and the feeling in your legs returned he let you finish your shower in peace.
After drying off you went to change but realized your clothes from the day before were ripped as a result of last nights first lustful encounter. “Loki are you kidding me?!” You yelled.
He gave you a sorry look but one that wasn't very convincing, enjoying your dissatisfaction. “What am I supposed to do, board the jet naked?”
“As much as I think I would enjoy that sight,” Loki mused while green magic sparked from his fingers, you were now dressed in a dark green asgardian dress which complimented the one Loki had on.
“No way Loki, come on this is beyond over the top. I realize we may be legally married but I am NOT wearing this” you barked back at him. Another spark of magic and this time you were dressed in your normal attire. "Thank you, husband" you said while rolling your eyes.
You headed to the tarmac to meet up with the others before boarding the Quinjet. In an attempt to place the past 24 hours behind you, you walked apart from Loki. However you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw Thor holding a sign saying The Newlyweds. “I think that's for us love,” Loki says as he walks past you with a tint of mischief still in his eye.
“Here we go...” you groaned under your breath while Loki smirked knowing how much the next few hours were going to drive you nuts.
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Fandom: Marvel
Requested by: N/A
Request: Thor and Loki fight over the reader’s love
Warning: N/A
Pairing: Loki x reader, Thor x reader
Taglist: Loki: @andi-and-thats-all @harleythecosplayer @idontknowwhatthisisfam @amurderofcrowsinatrenchcoat @lilgaga98 @ksmkaythingstolove
Thor: @ksmkaythingstolove
Summary: Thor and Loki fight over you love! Who will win your hand? HAVE THE GODS BEEN IN THEIR FAVOR!
(Sorry for English mistakes English is not my first language)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"How about each of you take me on a date and than I can choose which one of you I would like to be with?" You ask. They both look at you and agreed to it.
The next week thor took you on a date to a amusement park that came to town. First you guys played some games than you went on some of they rides. Then after getting something to eat you both walked back to the tower. "I had fun tonight thor." you said as you both got to your room. "I'm glad." Thor said with a smile and cupped your face. You put your hand over his anls he cupped your face. You both lead in and had a quick kiss. You both pulled away. You opened your door and said. "Goodnight thor." Before walking in to your room. "Goodnight Y/n." Thor said.
The week after that loki took you to eat at a big gourmet restaurant. After eating you both went dancing at a 40s bar style bar. Than took a walk in the park. Since it was getting cold loki gave you his suit jacket. After the walk you guys walked back to the tower. "Thank you for the date loki." You said as you got to you room. "Im glad you did" loki said as you both leaded in and kiss. As you kissed your arms went around his neck and his around your waist. You both pulled away. "Goodnight loki" you said as you walked into your room. "Goodnight Y/n" loki said.
Tumblr media
It has been a week since your date with loki. A week that you have had to think. Should you pick the god of thunder or the the god of lies. Thor is strong, handsome, and charming. Why loki is beautiful, smart, and cunning. But the question is who will win your hand in love and happiness.
You walk down the hall to the kitchen area where thir and loki are sitting at. "Loki, thor can you please meet me in the living room?" You ask. They follow you as you walk to the living area. Once you make it to the living room and they both sit down you speak up.
"I have decided who I want to be with." you nervously say.
"Will than who do you choose darling?" Loki askes.
"Yes who do you choose lady Y/n?" Thor pipes in.
"Will i pick..."
Tumblr media
"Will I pick thor." you say with a smile.
Thor smilies and stands to walk over to you. He cuppes your cheek and you both lead in for a kiss. You arms go around his neck and his go around your waist. You both pull away for air. You looked over at loki to find he has his head down in sadness.
"I understand Y/n" loki says as he gets up.
You give a sad smile and walk over to loki and give him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's okay loki" you say with a sad smile.
He nodded with a sad smile and walked away.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Will I pick loki." you say with a smile.
Loki smilies and stands to walk over to you. He cuppes your cheek and you both lead in for a kiss. You arms go around his neck and his go around your waist. You both pull away for air. You looked over at thor to find that has his head down in sadness.
"I understand lady Y/n" thor says as he gets up.
You give a sad smile and walk over to thor and give him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's okay thor" you say with a sad smile.
He nodded with a sad smile and walked away.
Tumblr media
(I hape you liked it)
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mgopalace · 4 days ago
The Sceptre and the Isle- S.R (pt.5)
Tumblr media
A/N- whew, almost at the end of this series guys. I’m not sure about this chapter but I had to set up the next one real nice :)
Tags n warnings// Odysseus! Steve Rogers x fem!reader. Angst, fluff, fighting, love triangle, sexism, mentions of war, lovers to enemies to lovers I suppose, suggestion of infidelity
Summary// trapped inside the palace, tension grows high and cunning breaks loose.
King Midas has a magic touch. The stories this side of the Mediterranean tell of gold glazed windows and shiny statement pieces. Rose gardens coated in precious metal and then, at the end of it all, two graves set beside each other. Midas walks now in Hades’ home, alongside a daughter who paid the price for a whisper in the night that called out to him, “not enough”.
Lonely moments is when she finds you. Clawing at the breaks between your bones and crawling through the tunnels in your mind, she settles between your lungs, weighs heavy in your chest. Grief, a mistress most unpleasant. Constant clashing with Anger, your other demon, Grief outstays her welcome every time.
You hide from her in hallowed halls, leaving her at a threshold she can’t cross when you’re with company. Only then does she depart.
Zeus’ fury reigns down in more way than one. Thunder, lightning, incessant storms that issue warnings to stay within palace walls. The notice did not however warn of leaks in the brickwork and ceiling drips collecting in puddles on the dining room floor. Most of the staff and service already preoccupied, Grief is hot on your trail. Combatting your nemesis has become the new problem; your solution is the guest you host in your home.
The Prince of Crete is good company, despite what you initially thought. Storm surges at the coast forbid his leave and in turn the leave of trade ships stocked with grain and gemstones. An experienced hand in tow of the economic issue, your husband is also busy, much to your relief. Cold stares and hard shoulders, you only set the stage for an outside audience now; most of the palace staff have put two and two together. If not for fear of the crown and sceptre, your dirty laundry would be strung across the length of Greece by now.
Rain rattling the window, you began today the same as the past eight: playing chess with Thor in the drawing room. Patterned tile beneath legs angled at your side, you prop yourself up on your left arm. White cotton gathered, twisted over your shoulders pulled tight over chest and wound around your waist.
“You play the game well, my lady.”
The compliment is met with lighthearted laughter. A man who operates in whatever part of the world he wishes to at any given time, he has stories from every crevice of the empire. Stole and stashed away secrets that he shares just with you. Its special again. Like it first was with Steve, when nobody knew. Not that there is anything to know about. You tell yourself your relationship with Odin’s son is strictly a matter of diplomacy. He plans otherwise. But that’s in the future, you need not know yet. For now he’ll focus on winding up the ribbon, pulling the frayed end closer and closer to his grasp.
Herbal tea carted from along the Silk Road brews between you. He declined a cup- he doesn’t drink tea. Neither did Steve till he met you. Smiling down at the flailing tea leaves suspended in a China cup, you’ll make a tea-drinker out of him yet. Steam rises to close the gap between you as the window rattles viciously behind your back. Wooden pieces progressing slowly along chequered lacquer, the game plays over and again. More tales traded, chess moves with swift riposte and every now and then, something enchanting said.
“Oh the adventures we might yet have, my Queen.”
That was one you noticed. Spoken half-distractedly in a rather quiet manner, your perplexed stare went unnoticed by a focused face. The prospect of proliferating adventures for the rest of eternity was a fine thing to consider. Alongside a handsome Prince and a sturdy ship, exploring the world had always been somewhat of a dream for you and your sisters. Now, all but one of an initial six are married, head of home and hearth in the image of Hera. A sweet dream to fulfil a childhood whim, you find yourself even now considering what could’ve been had you traded places with one of the eligible bachelorettes in Crete that the Prince is bound to marry.
The Prince himself, having spent his fair share of time exploring that turn of events himself, recognises a distant but not reproachful look in your expression. Ambitions consolidated in the curve of your mouth, Thor smiles like the cat that got the cream. You attribute it to his winning hand; he knows better.
Herbal tea still steaming against the cold dry air, it tastes like lemon and ginger, reminds you of spring when life was new.
*flashback time*
Strawberries sweeter this time of year, you had made headway to the rolling fields, tall grass and berry bushes. Newborn lambs to bless April rains and plants bloom beautifully under Demeter’s watchful gaze. Basket woven by your own hand sat beside you between beds of lilac and bluebells, red cherries on tall branches confirm Persephone’s return from the underworld for definite.
Shrouded in shades of ivory and periwinkle, your head rests in the cupped hands of the earth but you mind floats far above it. The fourth month of the year means many things to the people of the Isle. To the farmers, harvest; to the tradesmen, travel; to girls your age, wedding bells ringing. Two months away from June- a time where blushing brides are blessed by Hera’s hand- the days are stretching longer, nights are growing warmer: perfect time for dancing. Three years to the date next week when your mother’s eldest traded sisterhood for a silver band, you’ve grown to resent the age old seasonal surge of engagement jewels on once bare hands. Where once you had her to yourself, your beloved sister would soon be far too taken by the pitter patter of tiny feet on floor boards like the gentle tapping of rain to the ground.
Pitter patter, pitter patter- that’s how it would sound. As if to mimic you, the clouds peel back with a tremendous roar and open fire on your laid back body, droplets prickling fine strands of your hair. No sibling here to shelter you now, this really does mark the end of childhood. Basket swinging wildly at your side as you scramble to shelter, wildflowers trace your steps close behind.
Cracking, splitting, caving in, the heavens double in size with every step you take; of all the things that might have put the fear of Zeus in you, this might take the cake. Under wooden beams is where you seek refuge, hay and horses. Far from fastidious in your examination of the place, you miss the blonde behind as you complete the circuit, yank the door back into place.
“Quite the storm out there-“
An ice breaker that bursts your nerves; a small yelp cut short by your own two hands jumping to your mouth. Saddle in hand, the man you share the shaking structure with bites back a laugh.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Steve,” he motions to your basket, hand outreached to yours. “You know, that’s a pretty extreme way to wash your fruit, miss.”
“Huh? Oh. Oh I was just out for a walk, thought I’d pick some berries. I didn’t know anyone was in here.”
“Do you walk around here often?”
“Only to look at the flower beds. I take quite the liking to primroses, but I must say they’d be more suited with petunias.”
“I’ll make a note.”
“I’m sorry?”
“I’ll make a note of it. Petunias not primroses.”
Its said with a simple smile. Warm and inviting, you laugh and you’re not sure why.
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll tell the gardener to dig up the primroses, move ‘em to the balcony baskets or somewhere, plant petunias instead.”
Lightning flashes illuminate his eyes for a moment, seeping through the wrinkles in the wood.
“You know the gardener?”
“Yeah, I pay his wages,” he laughs. “I’m the Prince and these are the palace gardens.”
*back to present setting*
Table cleared from a dinner dined alone, your footsteps echo through lonely halls as you reminisce about storms like this you’ve seen before. Hair tossed over one shoulder, you perch on the end of the bed when he enters the room.
“Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.” Reproachful in tone, fleeting in movements, Steve crosses your shared bed chambers to retrieve something from tall drawers.
“Do you come in here often?”
“Where? My bedroom?”
“I’ve been sleeping here alone for the past few weeks I think it counts as mine now.”
“Ha. It was ours. If you’re tired of the lonely nights, doll, all you have to do is let me back.”
Seething anger, you channel the lightning storm to fuel your fire.
“You have no clue what is at stake for me here, do you?!”
Taken aback by the outburst, Steve falters on his feet. Rain beats the window pane. Sharp breath, proceed.
“You were gone for years and then everything was on me. The whole damn island was on my shoulders- I felt like Atlas. Then I got used to it which wasn’t easy by any means, but I figured this out, I really did. I wouldn’t of even had the chance though, if you hadn’t have left, because the truth is your very presence here undermines me! So I know that this whole council conundrum is superfluous to you, but to me it’s essentially my whole legacy balancing on a line this thin.”
Cracking, splitting, caving in, the heavens double in size with every silent second that passes. You leave him sitting in it, slammed door behind you and you’re fast down the staircase. Hot tears on soft cheeks, angry wind on sturdy stone.
“My lady? What is it?”
Sunk into brown leather seating by a weak fire. A firm arm connects across your shoulder blades, Thor pulls you into his side.
“I’m sorry... we had a fight.”
Truth be told, he knew that already. Closed in by the storm, pushed out by the growing tension, you’re stuck here next to him like white on rice. Wheels turning on a wagon, the plan it carries is in motion. Spilling the hard truths of marriage to a foreign relation is less than appropriate, but he coaxes you on nevertheless. Then after, when the room feels a little warmer, after the rain has calmed a little he springs it on you.
“Come let’s run away together.”
Lashes blink on beat, still and slow you play it back in your mind. He repeats it for you, holding your legs on his lap, thumb rubbing slow circles in your ankle.
“Your highness, let’s leave this island. We can go anywhere you like, I promise this.”
Darkened clouds in the early hours; the stillness of the night. In rapid succession, thoughts of Steve, of what has been lost, what could be gained. Wind whipping past your window, you could’ve sworn you heard a voice call out from the barren shoreline. “Not enough,” it whispered. “Not enough”.
Tags 🪐 - @fckdeusername
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multifandoms1019 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
⋆ Steve Rogers
⋆ Bucky Barnes
⋆ Sam Wilson
⋆ Peter Parker
Tumblr media
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angelyuji · 5 days ago
ok i know i said ill be inactive with writing but i got an idEA (idk if this has been done before but hopefully not 🤞🏽)
tony, sam, carol: argues abt what movie to watch, board games to play, where they’re sleeping, what everyone’s eating. “heyyy, sleep next to me” literally the worst person to have a group sleepover with 😭 theyre so stubborn, its lowkey irritating especially if there is more than one of them. but it does make the sleepover more interesting
vision, bucky, bruce: these bitches knock tf out. like the moment the sun sets, they’ve passed out. you can wake them up and they’ll just participate like a whole zombie before passing out literally halfway through an activity 😀 they get tired so easily, but they’re probably the first ones up in the morning tho lol they’re the ones making brunch for everyone “good morning! i made pancakes ☺️”
peter, scott, thor: they are the reason that there are limits to the amount of candy brought to sleepovers. these bitches have so much energy and they have so much happiness that it literally exPLODES when its sleepover time. they’re literally bouncing off the walls in excitement, they’re so happy to play any game, watch any movies, eat anything, they’re just so happy to be with everyone. they might be a lot, at times, but they make everything more fun 😁
wanda, nat, t’challa: they hold down the fort. they talk down the angry ones, calm the crackheads, move the sleepers, and make sure no tears occur. of course theyre not just taking care of everyone, but if it comes down to it, they know how to take charge and come to a decision that appeases (mostly) everyone. they make sure to bring games, food, and movies as well as blankets and pillows to build forts 🥺. without them, the sleepover would be a chaotic mess, “everyone, calm down, rock-paper-scissors for which movie, fair?”
steve, stephen: confusion. they dont know whats going, nor what they’re doing here. they came because everyone (peter, scott, thor) begged then to come. they sit on the couch watching everything go down like 😃😮 they help out the leaders once in awhile, but otherwise they just sit and try to follow the conversation or game like “wait wait what? how do we play??...what?? we’re watching a moVIE?” they’re happy to be with everyone, but would very much appreciate if someone explained what in hell is going and why tf tony’s throwing a vase at the T.V
loki: this man deserves so much but u cannot tell me he wouldn’t be a party pooper 😭 he’s that one bitch that tells everyone to shut up as they’re sleeping, “*angry whispers* i have to go to the library tomorrow, shut up 😡” literally complains the. whole. time. he’s having fun, but no one can know tho. everyone’s laughing and giggling, but watch loki mumble in angst. the only way to stop him from bringing down the entire mood is by hitting him in the face with a pillow, and just watch as he takes that as a personal challenge to fight everyone. he’s fun once lets himself have fun 🤩
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queen-of-the-avengers · 5 days ago
Big Shot
Pairing: Thor Odinson x Female!Reader
Warnings: fluff
Word Count: 504
Fandom: Marvel
carnival for @acrosstheuniversebingo​
A/N: pictures are not mine, but i made the aesthetic.
Tumblr media
Thor has never really experienced human things since coming to Earth. He’s always called here because the Avengers need him to fight some monster that’s trying to destroy the world. He’s only known violence from this world, so you thought you would take him to one of your favorite places in the whole world: the carnival.
When the annual carnival set up shop in your town, you immediately called Thor down so he could enjoy this with you. Your favorite thing at the carnivals are the games. They are probably one of the biggest scams because these vendors make it next to impossible for people to win the big prizes; it’s how they make their money. Still, you love playing the games for what they are. You’re not worried about money issues, so you like to enjoy them when you can.
You love Thor with all your heart, but he can get too… excited… sometimes. Due to his super strength, he has broken almost all of the games you two went to. He shattered the bottles in the ring toss, threw the baseball a little too hard in the basket toss that caused a hole in the wall behind it, he knocked those clown statues right off its hinge, and he’s ruined just about every other game.
This is the last game you can try before you either leave or go on the rides.
“Are you sure I should try this one? I broke all the other ones.”
“This is basketball, you can’t really break the net. All you have to do is throw it high enough and far enough to make the shot. They usually make these impossible to win, but you’re a God,” you tease.
“That’s right,” Thor beams.
He tries really hard to be your hero no matter what he does. It’s super cute and very endearing. As Thor grabs the basketball to shoot, you hold your breath in hopes he doesn’t break anything. The ball goes in nicely, and your breath is released. Thor makes the shot one after another, never missing the net by even an inch. The man working the stand is shocked that this is happening, but you’re too busy cheering your boyfriend on.
When the buzzer rings, Thor has gotten every single ball in. The worker has no choice but to offer him the biggest size prize there is.
“Nice shot,” he compliments as he hands over the overstuffed Mjolnir.
Ever since the Avengers became a big deal, carnivals have made stuffed objects that represent them. Thor hands it over to you, and you squeal happily. Thor can’t help but smile at your enthusiasm and excitement. He picked a good human to love, and you picked the right God.
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stanknotstark · 5 days ago
Astral Pt.9 (Loki x Reader)
Tumblr media
Sooooo this isn’t pushing plot too much just kinda mentioning that Thor has some questions regarding your bond! Which new things will come to light for you that you’ve also been questioning. Looking back at this I probably should have made it a .1 chapter but it’s ok :p if yall didn’t know I personally made this gif because I had this exact one in mind XDD I’m dedicated to everything about this story guys! It’s my first chaptered anything and you all enjoying it has lifted my spirits so much ^^ Enjoy your fluff :D
After last night when Loki had kissed you you had woken up extremely happy. Deciding to try something you haven’t done in a long time you close your eyes and open them to Loki’s mental room, your mental room. Everything is just as it was when you left. There are a few books scattered on the table, a few logs of wood in front of the fireplace, the bed sheets a rumpled mess. You’re sure that if dust could settle it would be coating everything in the room. You walk next to the bed and let your hand trail over the messy, green silk sheets. 
Turning around at the sound of a door being opened and closed you see Loki. He smiles at you and walks up to you. You pull him into a hug and let out a deep breath. The smell of him, something otherworldly, calms you but at the same time makes your heart speed up. If you had to put a name to the smell of Loki it would be leather and something herbal, almost like jasmine but not.
Loki brings his arms up to wrap around you and kisses your hair. 
“You know I’m just a floor away, right?” Loki asks.
“I know,” You hug him tighter, “I just wanted to see this place again.” 
“I understand...I haven’t been back since that day.” 
You grimace and pull from Loki. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be, you made a wise choice.”
“I-” You start, frown, “-Maybe we should talk about this in person?” 
Loki nods. You blink back to reality and quickly dress yourself in comfy clothes. 
Making your way to Loki’s room, you tip toe past Thor’s room. Tony had only made enough rooms for 7 people, he was clearing an 8th floor for Loki. So, Loki was stuck in Thor’s guest bedroom.  
Entering Loki’s room you rush to him. He is sitting up against his headboard, his hands clasped together over his stomach but they settle over you when you squish up to him. You’re hugging his side, your head resting on his shoulder and intertwining your legs with his. 
“Good morning, darling.” 
You stomach flips at the nickname. 
“Good morning, my highness.” 
You can feel Loki lose his breath at your old nick name for him. 
You both settle and just enjoy being in each other’s arms for awhile but then Loki breaks the silence. 
“What did you want to tell me in person?” 
“I wanted to say I’m sorry I left,” You look up from his side to his eyes, “I feel really guilty about it even if I did make the right choice.” 
Loki’s eyes flitter over your face but he murmurs something unintelligible and kisses your forehead. 
“You have no reason to feel guilty, I told you not to come back if you left. You simply adhered to my words and I can’t blame you for that...What I did was cold hearted.”
You struggle to find what you want to say to that. Looking away from Loki’s deep eyes. 
“I don’t know...” 
Loki rests his fingers on your chin, causing you to look at him again, and kisses you. It’s just little pecks but you enjoy it nonetheless. When he pulls back he looks into your eyes and says, “If it makes you feel better, I accept your apology.” 
You close your eyes and let out a tense breath you didn’t know you were holding in. 
That’s when Thor decides to come in, without knocking might you add what if you and Loki had been in a compromising position oh God. 
“Thor! You’re supposed to knock!” You exclaim pulling from Loki and looking at Thor irritated.
“Ah. My apologies.” Thor says scrunching his face but you can tell he isn’t really sorry. You roll your eyes and cuddle up to Loki again. 
“To what do we owe you the pleasure of, brother?” Loki asks, one of his hands wrapping around your waist and resting on your hip, the other resting on his lap. 
“Well I had a few questions-” Thor begins, almost nervously. 
“Spit it out, Thor.” Loki says with a glare, you giggle. 
“How long has this been going on?” Thor points at you two cuddling. Then he decides he’s deep enough might as well go all out and sits on the edge of Loki’s bed. 
“Three days.” You say, picking at Loki’s pajamas. You could tell he was born into royalty, everything this man owned was silk. What the fuck. Maybe Loki was just a diva. This was something you’d have to look into. 
“You mean to tell me-” Thor begins with wide eyes. 
“The legal age is different here on Earth, not to mention there were other things,” Loki squeezes you to him when he says this, “that took precedence over our developing relationship.” Loki says smoothy. 
“Wait,” You exclaim, pulling to look up at Loki, “What’s the legal age on Asgard?” 
Thor chuckles, “15 for both sexes.” 
You frown looking into space then settle against Loki again. 
You miss it but Loki lifts an angry brow at Thor, you only know because Thor looks sheepish but decide not to say anything about it. 
Picking at Loki’s pjs again, you ask, “So 15 in Earth years, how many years old for you two is that?”
“1200, give or take a few hundred years.” Loki replies. 
You giggle in Loki’s arm and your giggles slowly turn into a full on laugh. 
“What’s so funny?” Thor finally asks. You laugh harder at the look on Loki’s face. 
Calming down a little bit you answer, “That means that Loki is only around 17 years old right now and that means that his invasion of Earth was basically a temper tantrum!” You gasp out. 
You squeal when Loki pinches your side. Thor begins laughing too. Loki just rolls his eyes and looks exasperated. In hindsight maybe it wasn’t a good thing to joke about his invasion considering what happened but you try to look on the bright side of things, keep things light hearted. 
“If you two are done mocking me, I’d like to actually get up and eat breakfast.” Loki says sliding away from you and out of bed, leaving you to whimper from loss of contact with the god. Loki merely smirks at your reaction. 
“I have more questions about your bond and magic but I suppose they can wait. Loki, have you tried the midguardian snack poptarts or marshmallows?” 
“You do have quite the sweet tooth, Loki, I’m sure you’d enjoy them.” You state climbing from the bed and jumping on Thor’s back when he motions you to. 
You yell a war cry and Thor rushes from the room with you on his back, a now dressed Loki following with a fond smile on his lips. 
Pt. 8.1/Pt. 9/?
Tag list: @justfangirlthingies @emelieh99 @high-functioning-lokipath @loveableasshole 
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ur-riddikulus · 5 days ago
Fear and Cuddles (Thor Odinson)
Pairing: Thor x Y/N.
Summary: You are afraid of storms and go into Thor’s room one night because he calms you down. Then he figures out and forces you to admit this to him.
Warnings: Just pure fluff and the obviousness of them loving each other and needing to get together. This may suck but honestly it’s just meant to be a short cute story.
As another roll of thunder shook the compound, you buried yourself under more covers. You were shaking in fear, the lightning flashing across the sky. 
It was probably around 2 or 3 am, but honestly you didn’t know. Fear was weird, making the hours start to blend together at this point. But it could have also just been exhaustion. You hadn’t been able to sleep all night, too afraid to from the raging storm outside.
Screw this, I’m an Avenger for God’s sake, I can deal with one storm. You thought to yourself, but that confidence immediately left when moments later, another round of lightning streaked across the sky.
Everyone was probably calmly asleep, with not a care in the world. You have never been more envious of your team mates. You were so, so tired and had a long day tomorrow, but sleep wasn’t even an option with your anxiety through the roof all night.
Your heart was beating so fast you thought you were having a stroke. Maybe I’m dying? You thought. At least it would take you out of your misery. After all, you can’t be scared when you’re dead. But even you were not that lucky, you supposed.
You had been battling yourself since the storm had started. Should you go to Thor’s room or not? You haven’t because it was so embarrassing, what adult was terrified of storms? But you had been friends for years, and he was just across the halls. He helped you through everything and you were too scared to be alone right now.
“No, I am not a child. I’ll be fine right here.” You promised yourself for the umpteenth time. You were resolved, you weren’t going to run into his room and bother him with something as dumb as your ridiculous fear of storms.
But when you heard wind rattling the trees in the night and huge bolts lightning light up the night sky, you were a goner. So, being the coward you were, you finally had enough. You ran out of the room, your shaking legs taking you quickly across the hall and outside the door of Thor’s room. You knocked, just to be polite, but when you heard nothing you just assumed he was sleeping. So you just quietly opened the door, tiptoed over to his bed, and crawled into it beside him.
He was snoring, loudly and deeply. If you weren’t terrified of waking him up and of course, the raging storm outside, you probably would have laughed.
You were crawling into bed very slowly, pausing whenever he would shift or a break would come in his snoring. When you were finally tucked into his bed, beside him, you were enveloped in his smell. Pine tree, the smell of rain, and a scent that was just...Thor. You breathed it in deep, the mix of it all making you feel safe and protected from the violent storm outside.
Your fear soon started washing washing away and you could feel your eyes suddenly start to droop when he moved, turning in your direction. You immediately held still, careful to not move in order to not possibly wake up the god. 
He snuggled into you, holding you close and putting an arm around you. Then, his deep snores started once more. As awkward as this position was, it relaxed you even more. Thor was simply your best friend, nothing more. But you couldn’t help but be secretly glad that he was in this close, intimate position with you. 
You ignored the fluttering of your heart, guessing that it was just all the anxiety you had been through that night. You leaned in and cuddled with him as well. Moments later, thunder shook the compound the loudest it had all night, but you didn’t care. You were finally calm and sleeping, a faint smile on your face as you were tucked in next to the Avenger.
You heard noises before you opened your eyes the next morning. It sounded like a shower was being turned on. You ignored it and decided to go back to bed, snuggling back into the comfy covers. Then, before you drifted back to sleep, you noticed it. Thor’s scent was all over these covers. It made no sense, none at all. That was, until you remembered last nights events. The big storm, your fear, you sneaking in and cuddling with Thor.
You shot up, cheeks blazing from embarrassment. How were you going to explain this to him? The bed was empty beside you, so you knew he was in the shower. He had to see you this morning, you were hugging him like a giant teddy bear for God’s sake. 
You didn’t want anyone to know of your fear. Why would you? The rest of the Avengers went through hell and back and lived to tell the tale. They feared nothing. While you turned into a statue if you heard one roll of thunder. There was no way to get out of this. And you definitely couldn’t face him, what were you going to say? “Sorry, I am a huge baby and crawled into your bed last night because of a storm, then you cuddled me and I loved it and haven’t slept that good in years?” No, absolutely no way. You didn’t need to add even more embarrassment onto this already huge list of things to be embarrassed about. 
You looked at the door, wishing you could somehow magically teleport back into your room, where you were supposed to be. Maybe your friendship could survive this, of course considering that he even wanted to be friends with you after this, the girl who crawled into bed with him at 2 am without his consent. You could just ignore it, never talk about it, and with time, maybe it will be back to normal.
You were about to run to the door when you heard the shower stop running and Thor get out of it. The bathroom door was open, and soon you saw him saunter out of it with a towel wrapped about his waist, water droplets still streaming down his chest and v-line. 
Your eyes immediately opened wide at that sight. No wonder he’s a god. He was the hottest, most attractive man you’ve ever seen. Of course, as close friends you saw him shirtless sometimes, and you always thought he was attractive (I mean, you would have to be blind to not see it) but it never made you feel this...starstruck before. He was turned around, going through his dresser for clothes. So, you did the only thing you could think of it that moment.
You leaned back down and faked being asleep.
Sure, it was a coward’s move. But your pride was long gone. You already knew you were a coward last night when you crawled into bed with him. 
He finished going through his clothes, picking them out and you could hear the fabric rustling so you assumed he was getting dressed. Once the sound stopped, you felt his gaze harden on you. You had to fight the urge to not move while feigning sleep, but knowing that he was staring at you was making it pretty hard.
You felt the bed dip down under his weight as he got on it beside you and snuggled right back into you like the way you were together last night.
He moved your hair behind your ear and put his lips right next to your ear. You had to fight yourself to not give him more access to your neck, which was ridiculous. Why were you being so weird around Thor lately?
You felt him breath on your ear. “I know you're awake, Y/N.” Thor said in a singsongy voice.
Your heart dropped. How were you going to explain this? In your head, you knew that Thor was a kind and understanding person, but that didn’t mean you wanted to admit that you, someone whose literally job it is to face villains, couldn’t face a storm. You just didn’t want to get laughed at.
You sighed and opened your eyes. “Surprise?” You said. Maybe you could joke your way out of this mess. He loved jokes, and you knew that his big heart would trust that you weren’t lying to him.
He smiled his trademark dazzling smile and you automatically felt more comfortable, as you always felt when you were around him. You weren’t thinking about the situation you just got yourself into, all you could think of was, “Why wasn’t Thor the god of beauty? He certainly fits the job description.”
“Uh...thank you?” He said with a little laugh and a confused look on his face.
“Oh shit...did I just say that out loud?” You’re cheeks grew red and you started to hate yourself so much for how embarrassing you are
“Maybe, but I find it very endearing.” Thor replied, still smiling.
You had to clear your head, but whenever you were around him recently, you couldn’t. You shook your head quickly to try to gain any brain cells you had left. When you looked back up you saw Thor looking at you thoughtfully.
“So, not that I didn’t love sharing a bed with you, Y/n, but why were you in my bed last night? I wasn’t aware we had scheduled what you mortals call a ‘sleep over’.”
You swallowed thickly, quickly going in between answers to this question in your head. Should you say that you were possessed and woke up here? That you were just wanting to snuggle with your best friend for the night? You audibly sigh, you never were a good liar.
“Are you okay,Y/N?” You looked up at him and his worried expression. Thor was the kindest person you had ever met, and he never failed to make your day better. He didn’t deserve to be told a lie from his best friend. Especially when you know how much he hates lies, understandably because he was told them all the time from Loki, his mischievous younger brother. 
This was it. Were you going to lie and keep your fear to yourself? Or tell the truth and possibly bear the humiliation?
“Thor, I came into your room last night because I was scared. I’m afraid of storms and you always calm me down so I went in here to feel better. I’m so, so, so sorry. Really, it was-”
He cut you off by putting a finger up and saying, “ came into my room because you were scared?
“Uh...yeah?” “I calm you down and make you feel better, really?
Okay, not the way you thought this conversation was going to go at all, but at least he wasn’t focusing on your embarrassing fear.
“Yeah, of course you do. Are you not mad or something?” You asked. Why was he caring about that?
After saying that, then he looked at you like you were an idiot. “Why would I be mad? That’s the kindest thing anyone’s ever said to me. And many people have something to be afraid of, me included.”
You smile at Thor, just relieved that he was such a kind person. You had nothing to be nervous about, he would always be there for you. You were curious about him mentioning that he has a fear but then just decided that was a conversation for another time. 
“Thor, you are the sweetest person alive, I hope you know that.”
You both smiled and enjoyed each other’s presence. You were so grateful for such a great person in your life. 
Thor yawned before saying, “You know, I was going to work out but seeing you so comfy in bed makes me want to go back to bed. Want to sleep in?”
You give Thor a look. “Only if you make me waffles when we wake up.”
He rolled his eyes. “You humans and your weird breakfasts.”
You laughed and scooted over on the bed to make room for Thor. He got more comfortable and you moved back to cuddle with him almost immediately without even having to think about it, it was just instinct for you now.
You soon went to bed but before you fell back into deep sleep, you barely heard the comforting voice of Thor say, “I love you, Y/N.” before finally dozing off. Loud thunder could be heard once more in the room but you didn't care. You were finally cozy and cuddling with your favorite Avenger, his presence keeping the fear at bay. 
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The Shape of You
Summary: While at one of Tonys top end parties the god of mischief asks you to dance to your suprise. You didn't think he was the type to dance muchless to the song that he decided to ask you to dsnce to.
Characters: Loki, Thor, Tony, Natalie, Wanda, Clint, Steve
Pairings: you x Loki, you x Thor (platonic), you x Tony (Brother, sister)
ANNOUNCMENTS: I got this idea while listening to "Shape of You", then I really started getting into the story everytime that I listened to it (which was a lot). Ive had this on my head for a while now but i had to finish up I think I'm in love and part 2. I also got 200 followers today, next is 300, lets get this! BTW I know that this is a GIF from High Rise but it gives you a PRETTY good iead whats going on. 💚💚💚
Loki Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Why do you insist on bringing me to the boring ass parties Nat?" You asked trying to pull the hem of the dress down that she had picked oit for you. It wad a dark blue thigh length dress with a very low v neck, the shoes where a high heel ankle strap black shoe with small bows on the side the same color as the dress.
"Stop. Stop pulling, your not gonna make it any longer by doing that." She said swatting your hands away. "I bring you to these 'boring ass parties' because you spend to much time in the library doimg research, in your room working, or sitting in the lab trying to make something better. Point is, you are always working."
"I dont hear you complaining when something of yours gets improved, or an upgrade. Nat I love you but I am a weponds expert. I work better in the quite, thats my zone. Not here."
"Is that why you enjoy spending time with Loki? Because I have to tell you y/n hes not really the quite type." She rasied an eyebrow to look st you.
"Hes not the quite type around all of you because you all make snide remarks. Hes usually quite around me because I dont pick on him or call him names." You turned and looked straight at her.
"All of the other reindeer, use to laugh and call him names." Tony sang walking up to the two of you with a drink. "Couldnt be talking about reindeer game could you?"
"Thank you Tony, and we were just finishing talking and Loki." You answered walking off to sit at the bar where Steve and Thor was sitting.
"Your brother throws one heck of a party." Steve saod tilting his beer to his mouth. "Defiantly better than some of the parties I've been to."
"It is a good party but nothing like the ones on Asguard." Thor boomed with laughter. "You must come some time, we would have a grand celebration in your honor."
"Hes always been a little over the top, if you cant tell. Always had an eye for big, expensive things. Flamboyant parties, playboy style women, expensive cars. Whatever he wants he gets, now dont get me wrong he does work his ass off, but sometimes it would be nice to just have a weekend were the walls didnt shake while I am trying to work on something."
"Ah but little sister, all work and no play makes y/n a dull boy." Tony answered lightly slapping your back.
"Jesus Christ Tone, stop quoting movies, it gets rather annoying."
"Another round, bartender, for little sister." Tony said ruffling your hair.
"You realize I cant stand you right?" You shot him a sideways look.
"Thats why I dont let you work on my toys." He answered giving you a kiss on the top of the head before walking off.
"Thor?" You turned to the god of thunder.
"Yes Lady y/n?" He turned to were he was facing you, his legs on either side of your thighs.
"Do you know of your brother is going to show up?" He laughed turning back to the bar. "Dont get me wrong I absolutly love your company but...."
"You would rather have the company of a more slender, raven haired man tonight." He raised a brow while taking a drink of his beer.
"Well, yes. He is quite interesting to say the least." You laugh.
"Well lady y/n, he said he would be down shortly. He did say he was going to make an apperance though."
"Thank you." You stood, leaning down to kiss his cheek before walking off to find someone else interesting to talk to.
"Hey y/n! Over here!" Clint shouted waving you over to were he, Nat, and Wanda were sitting.
You sat talking to them for a little bit about what new stuff you had added to their weapons and gear, Clint was excited about trying out some of the new arrows that you had developed. You kept gnacing around the room hoping to catch a glips of Loki when he decided to come down.
While you and Wanda was in the middle of a conversation you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning slightly you seen Loki stamding there was a know it all smirk on his face, he was wearing a completly black suit with his hair slicked back, you coud have swore that your heart stopped.
"Hello Darling, I heard you had been asking about me?" He offered you his hand to help you stand.
You laughed tucking your chin down slightly, you could feel your cheeks heat up. "I am going to kill your brother." He lead you back to the bar and getting you a drink handing it to you.
"You look quite ravishing tonight." He leaned in whispering in your ear. "Dont start being bashful tonight, after what happened last night." He had caught you off guard causing you to spit your drink back in your glass.
"Loki," you hissed smacking him on his shoulder. "We dont need Tony going all Iron Man on you tonight."
"Dance with me." He took your glass sitting it back on the bar and grabbed your hand.
"Oh no no no no. I dont dance." You tried stopping but he pulled you to the edge of the damce floor.
"Then dont dance, let the music guide you, or just follow my lead." He grabbed your waist pulling you closer to him, the song was an up beat song and he started moving. "Midguardian dances are so simple, it would be a type of tango I am assuming." He took you hand and wrapped it around the back of his head before placing his hand on your lower back pulling you even closer.
"This is crazy." You laughed after a few practice steps. It was simple yet intimate at the same time, you had a feeling you knew where this was heading.
"But simple, you are better than what you give your self credit for." He spund you around a few times as the tempo changed, when he spun you back to him his chest ws aginst your back as his hamd splayed across your abdomen.
He traced his nose up the side of your neck as you both moved causing you to give a small moan. "My bed sheets still smell like you." He whispered.
"Loki, can I let you in on a secret." You turned back in his arms to face him.
"Of course my dear." His fingers stroked your back.
"I think I'm in love with you." You wrapped your hand around his head so that you could pull his ear down to your level. You heard him take a breath and the dancing faltered slightly but he kept moving.
"It feels as though I might be returning those feelings y/n." You smiled up at him he turned you in a few more circles causing you to be facing away from him again. His hips following yours in a delicious manner causing your thoughts to go back to the night before. His trailing kisses down your neck to your collar bones, fingers caressing up your sides pulling your shirt over your head. You returning the favor and being speechless at finally seeing him with out his shirt on. He had a more slender figure but his muscles were still there. Remembering the feeling of his chest clenching as you ran your fingers up and around his neck to pull him closer for the earth shattering kiss that had lead to so much more.
"You reliving some of last nights activities, y/n?" He asked quietly.
"Yes but sadly I am having trouble remembering some parts. You might have to remind me." The song ended as you pulled him off the dance floor and through the doors leading to the hallway.
Tag List:
ANNOUNCEMENT 2: Wow wow wow, ok so some slightly adult situations but oh dear lord, my face is a little red just from writting that. I've read worst but never wrote. What I would give to be twirled around the dance floor like that by him. Thank you guys for reading! I really hope you enjoy this one. Like I saod I have been thinking about this for about a week now and here it is. I habe to say this is like top 3 of my faves (my first was and still is my fave "Bath Time For a Prince") Thank you again for all the love and the support!!!!
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Tumblr media
Here is a list of my works so far!! I will update this list whenever a new story or part is posted!! Thanks so much for reading. Xx
Steve Rogers
A Swarm of Butterflies: Part one, Part Two, Part Three
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boxofbonesfic · 7 days ago
Pattycakes (Chapter 7)
Title: Pattycakes
Summary: Like they say, it really does just take one time... Patricia Hodgins knows that better than anyone. She’s got even worse luck when it comes to her child’s father: Billionaire playboy Thor Odinson. He’s selfish and manipulative; and Patty’s not sure which outcome frightens her more—killing him or letting him worm his way into her heart.
Pairing: Thor x Black OFC
Rating: Explicit
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5// Chapter 6//
Warnings: Manipulation, Possessive behavior, Mildly dubious consent, Breeding Kink, Age Difference (significant but not extreme), Stalking (light stalking though lol), Past Relationships, Class drama, Dad!Thor, Character improvement
A/N: Finally we’re caught up! This is the most current chapter up on both A03 and here, so now... we wait, haha. Comments, reblogs and replies are always welcome! Specific warnings for homophobia in this chapter, so please be advised!
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! 😘
Chapter 7: All fall down
Shit hits the fan for Thor and he is forced to make a difficult choice, and Patty finds empathy where she thought she had none.
I didn’t know Thor had a brother. There wasn’t much resemblance, other than the haughty attitude they seemed to share, Patricia thought dryly, watching Loki move about the apartment with a familiarity that spoke truth to his claims. He seated himself at the kitchen island, and glanced at her over his shoulder. 
  “Come, sit. Unless you’d like to stay there, I suppose.” His drawl was shockingly familiar, and Patty couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Yep. Definitely brothers. They looked nothing alike, but it was impossible to hide the haughtiness that she was now certain had to run in the family. 
  Patricia padded across the living room, giving him a wide berth before climbing onto the stool opposite his, across the table. “I didn’t know Thor had a brother.” She repeated her thought, raising an eyebrow questioningly. Loki chuckled. 
  “Oh? What do you know?” He asked, cocking his head at Patty. Is this a trick question? She thought to herself, raising a skeptical eyebrow at Loki. 
  “I know you’re probably not happy he’s attempting to slum it with me,” She retorted, and a wide grin spread across his features. “Though that would make two of us.” 
  He barked out a laugh, tilting his head back. “Funny. Thor said you were… spirited.” Patty frowned. Something told her “spirited” wasn’t the word he’d used. Patricia watched as Loki got up from the island to pour himself a drink, draining the last of what she’d noted looked to be Thor’s favorite whiskey. I wonder if Thor will be pissed he drank him dry. He didn’t throw any ice in it, unlike his brother. “And for the record, I never said he was slumming it.” 
  “Respectfully, it’s hard to feel that way when you find out your child’s father has been hiding your existence because of the expectations his family wants him to meet,” Patricia fired back, her ire sparked at the memory of Thor’s callous words. Loki sighed. 
  “At least he was honest.” Patricia opened her mouth to release another quick-fire retort, but Loki held up a hand. “I didn’t say he was right. Our father has had our lives planned out for us since before we had conscious thought, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to disappoint him.” 
  Am I a disappointment? Patricia thought to herself, squeezing her hands together. It shouldn’t have mattered what his family thought of her—especially since it wasn’t like they were married or anything—but it did. Knowing that Amelia’s own grandfather would rather she not exist wasn’t exactly comforting or welcoming, either. 
  “If he thinks my daughter is a disappointment, it’s his loss.” She said fiercely, clenching her fists.
  “Speaking of which, where is my niece?” He asked, cocking his head. 
  “Sleeping. Good thing too, or she’d talk your ear off.” Patty said dryly. I also don’t want her hearing about how her own family doesn’t want her, so there’s that. “Though she’ll probably be up soon looking for a snack,” She replied, eyeing the clock. 
  “May I be blunt?” Loki asked, swirling the amber liquid around his glass, though his icy eyes remained locked on Patty’s face. 
  “I don’t think I could stop you.” 
  He chuckled again. “With a mouth like that, I can see why he likes you. I never thought the airheaded barbies were much his type.” He took another sip of whiskey. “How do you like living here? Is it better than your apartment?” 
  Not this fucking shit again. “Oh yeah. I love it. Especially the part where your brother threatened legal action against me if I didn’t move in. We’re all one big, happy family.” She snapped sarcastically. She was tired of Thor’s—and now Loki’s—insinuations that she was hanging around for money, especially when it hadn’t even been her idea to move in. 
  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.” His voice was smooth and buttery, and Patty might have thought the apology was genuine if not for the gleam in his eye that said he would be filing that information away for later. “I take it things are… complicated.” He raised a brow. “Legal action? Now that I didn’t know.” 
  Patricia let out a sharp laugh. “That’s one way to say it.” She ran a hand through her curly hair. “Has he always been this selfish, or is this a new development?” Patricia asked snarkily. Loki shrugged.
  “We all have our flaws.” He fixed her with another piercing stare. “I’m sure you realize we didn’t have the easiest childhood.” Patty snorted. It was obvious that Thor had more than a few complexes that she was sure therapy would assist with, but she couldn’t imagine someone who came from such opulence ever having struggled with anything. It was clear from his expression that Loki had gleaned her opinions without even asking. “Money doesn’t solve everything, you know.” 
  Suddenly she felt guilty. Patricia didn’t really know much about Thor, his past, his family… She knew nothing. If she thought about it, she was sure she could recall a few tabloid headlines featuring their family, but he’d not been particularly forthcoming with information. “Sorry, you’re right. It’s just… I mean look at him. He walks around like the sun shines out of his asshole, and he pisses gold,” Patricia muttered. “It’s a little difficult to imagine.”
  “We were children once too, you know.” Loki replied dryly, raising an eyebrow at her. “Though I won’t disagree with you about his attitude, I’m always telling him it needs work.” He half murmured the last half to himself, before his bright eyes lit on Patty again. “With a father like ours, I’m surprised he didn’t turn out to be more of a narcissist.” 
  Patricia looked down at the countertop, embarrassed. Now she wondered what Thor’s childhood had been like—from Loki’s words, it seemed difficult. “And you?”
  He grinned wolfishly, though it didn’t seem to reach his eyes. “I’m the spare.” Patty couldn’t keep the shock from her expression at his words. “Third in line, I inherit the keys to the kingdom, but only if Thor dies,” he made a slicing motion across his neck that made Patricia frown, “or gets disowned.” 
  She furrowed her brows. “Third? Another brother?” She asked, and he shook his head. 
  “Sister, actually.” 
  He didn’t seem keen on coming forward with more information, though Patricia could see he knew she was curious. He was playing with her, she realized. He’d come to meet her, size her up, and Patty didn’t know what to make of it. She didn’t have any intention of being part of Thor’s life in any meaningful way—well,  besides being the mother of his child, anyway. But Loki didn’t seem convinced of that, his eyes tracking every nervous movement she made. 
  “Where is she?” Patricia asked. Loki couldn’t hide the smirk playing at the edges of his lips. He looked as though he was trying to decide whether to leave more breadcrumbs or not, when a small voice surprised them, making him snap his head to the side as Patricia jumped. 
  “Mommy who this?” Amelia was rubbing her eyes tiredly, clutching her stuffed elephant tightly in one hand. Patricia rose from the table, stroking a hand over her daughter’s head before hefting her onto one hip. Amelia was always cranky after naps, and this time was no different. She clung to Patricia, eyeing Loki suspiciously as she popped a thumb into her mouth. 
  “This is Loki, sweetheart. He’s Thor’s brother..” Amelia’s eyes brightened as she turned to Loki.
  “Door is my friend too!” She said excitedly, giggling. “We family.” She said decisively, and Patricia started, her eyebrows rising up to meet her hairline. Loki was silent, observing Amelia with a calculating gaze. It was like he hadn’t believed she was really real until she was sat in front of him. 
  “Nice to meet you, Amelia.” He said after a moment. Amelia picked up a few discarded crayons and went to work on the coloring book she’d left on the table, still sitting in Patricia’s lap. “Gods, she looks just like him.” 
  Patty rolled her eyes. “I’m so sick of hearing that,” She groused. Loki laughed. 
  “I mean…” She sighed frustratedly before checking that Amelia was sufficiently distracted. “I kept her out of his life. I figured… He didn’t want or need us around. It’s not like we even get along, for chrissakes.” She toyed with one of Amelia’s braids as she colored. “It’s like cruel irony that she’s his spitting image.” Patricia knew that Amelia looked like her, too; they had the same nose, the same rounded cheeks and heart shaped mouth. But those damn eyes , sitting just above her father’s same sculpted cheekbones still screamed her parentage to anyone who was willing to listen. 
  “Our family does have rather… dominant genes.” Loki said sheepishly. He watched her coloring, with her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated. “Do you like coloring, Amelia?”
  “Oh yes!” She answered, slapping her little palms on the table as she leaned over to talk to her uncle. “I like purple.” He chuckled, nodding. 
  “I like purple too. Color of royalty, you know.” Amelia’s eyes widened at his words. 
  “Princess?” She asked, her little mind going straight to Disney. “Like Elsa?”
  “Yes, Princes and Kings and Queens all used to wear purple a long, long time ago.” Her eyes widened with wonder, and Patricia hid a laugh. I’ll be buying purple everything for a long ass time, thanks Loki. “It showed everyone they were important.” 
  Patricia still wasn’t sure about Loki, but it was kind of cute watching him chat with Amelia, despite him needing to curb his cursing while he spoke. He seemed nice,  but Patricia had worked with enough rich, spoiled assholes to know a facade when she saw one. This was an information gathering session, though to what end she wasn’t sure. 
  “Low-key, I show you my room now,” Amelia declared, clamoring down out of Patty’s lap and waving her little hand impatiently at him. Loki glanced at Patricia, who held her hands up as though there was nothing to be done.
  “You heard the lady.” 
  Amelia tugged on his hand, leading him up the stairs to her bedroom. “See my books?” She said, pointing excitedly at the fairytale decorated bookshelf in the corner. Patricia remained in the hallway, listening to Amelia spout random information about her bedroom as Loki did his best to respond accordingly. The men in this family do not know shit about kids, she thought with a giggle. Amelia was busily showing him her horses, and Patricia stifled another laugh as she demanded he make them gallop the right way. 
  “Like dis, Low-key,” She said seriously, her little brows furrowed. 
  “Oh, yes, right,” He said, before awkwardly rocking the horse’s plastic hooves across the floor. “Like this?” 
  Loki waited until Amelia was sufficiently immersed in the world of horses before attempting to slip from the room. 
  “You were right about my ears,” Loki muttered, joining Patty in the hallway. 
  “You get used to it,” Patricia said, smiling softly as she glanced at her daughter. “The toddler babble was a pretty fun stage too. You do get a break, it’s just when she’s asleep.” She laughed. “The world’s your oyster then.” 
  Loki inclined his head, looking across the hallway at Thor’s bedroom, before flashing a cheeky wink and smile at Patty. “I’m sure those hours are priceless.” Patricia sputtered, her cheeks heating. 
  “I don’t—! I mean, we aren’t—Thor and me—we’re not together. Like that.” The apex of her thighs pulsed in disagreement, and she hoped her face didn’t show the uncertainty she felt. Loki hit her with another knowing grin, and Patty knew her expression had betrayed her. 
  “Oh, of course. I didn’t mean to assume,” He purred. His tone belied his words, but Patricia was too flustered to say anything about it. It was evening now, and the massive windows all around the apartment all depicted the same scene—the sun lowering itself over Central Park, the buildings glittering gold in the light. Patty found herself wondering where Thor was—where he’d rushed off to in such a hurry. It hadn’t sounded good. She wasn’t sure why that made her so anxious, after all it wasn’t like it was her problem, per-say. Leaving Amelia playing in her room, Patricia and Loki made their way back downstairs.
  “Any particular reason you and Thor aren’t… together like that?” Loki asked draining the last of the liquor from the glass he’d left and depositing it into the sink. Patricia had been in the process of sitting down, but his question made her back go straight and tense. Loki made his way back to the table ,his face the picture of innocence and concern, though Patricia could see the interested gleam in his eye. 
  “We just aren’t.” She said, her tone coming out shorter than she’d meant it to. “I mean, it’s not like I’m the only one.” If she was honest with herself—and she really didn’t want to be—she was a little jealous, though she would die if Thor ever found that out. “I mean, he practically had to break off an engagement because he moved us in here without telling Idunn anything.” 
  “Well you certainly are now.” Loki replied dryly. Patricia started. What? She’d assumed he’d been done with the busty blonde, but… she’d never thought Thor was even capable of staying true to a single partner at a time. She swallowed thickly, not wanting to think about what that meant for their relationship. Goddammit Patty, you don’t have a relationship. “Much to my father’s chagrin, I might add, considering how much he had riding on what would have been a complete sham of a marriage.” 
  Patricia felt lead settle uncomfortably in her stomach. She didn’t want to talk about the complexities of Thor’s romantic entanglements with not only her, but other women. It was making her uneasy—and it was disrupting the image she had of him in her head, something that wouldn’t be helpful if she wanted to continue hating him. 
  “So… you just decided to visit while your brother was out?” Patricia wheedled, deftly switching the subject. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and he was watching her thoughtfully. It was clear that being around Amelia had put a few cracks in his mask, and she was as eager to peek underneath it as he was to see under hers. Loki quirked an eyebrow at her, and Patricia knew her fishing attempt had been spotted a mile away. 
  “You know Thor’s quite good at only painting half of the picture.” Patty found herself wondering exactly what Thor had told Loki about her and Amelia. He’d done a fairly good job at keeping the two halves of his life from meeting, she noted sourly, thinking of Idunn. 
  “What picture did he paint for you?” She asked, and Loki grinned. 
  “Oh, he said you were quite difficult.” Patty couldn’t help but laugh. Of course he’d say that—only because she refused to just roll over for him half the time. “Though I take that with quite a large grain of salt.” 
  “Was he always like this? I mean, I’m just curious.” It was hard for Patricia to imagine Thor as anything other than the large, intimidating man he was now. Though she knew, logically that he had to have at least been a child, it was still hard to picture. He was so… closed off. The only time he truly seemed passionate or involved was when he was trying to stuff her guts absolutely full of himself. She blushed a little at the thought. 
  “No. Haven’t you seen any baby pictures? He had the fattest cheeks.” Loki replied, scoffing as Patty grinned at the thought of a red-faced, chubby cheeked baby Thor. Had he looked like Amelia? “No, our father wasn’t exactly the easiest person to get along with, and when mother died…” Loki grimaced. “I’m the spare, you see.” He said, gesturing to himself. Patty felt discomfort settle in her stomach. She couldn’t imagine telling Amelia something like that. “So I had a bit more leeway, but Thor had to be positively perfect all the time.” 
  “And your sister?” Patricia asked, remembering his mention of her earlier. Now that the barrell had been pried open, she couldn’t help but lean in and poke around. Thor told her so little about himself, she couldn’t help but be ravenously curious. “
  “Hela? Odin disowned her.” Loki answered easily. “I never met her.” 
  Patricia shuddered. That was no way for a child to grow up. Thor’s visceral reaction to her keeping Amelia from him suddenly started to make just a bit more sense. He was such a control freak, which made sense considering he seemed to have very little of it growing up. Loki shifted uncomfortably. 
  “Sorry, I didn’t… I didn’t mean to bring up unpleasant memories.” She said, patting his hand in an attempt to comfort him. He gave her a small smile in return. 
  “Not at all. If anything, I’m sure I’ve given you two plenty to discuss.” He replied knowingly. Patricia’s face warmed. Had it been that obvious? He’d offered her a tantalizing look into Thor’s past—hell, his mind . And that was invaluable, especially when he regularly brought her to the verge of frustrated tears. Patty watched him get his shoes on, slipping his arms back through the sleeves of his snappy dress-coat. 
  “Patricia, may I offer you a bit of advice?” He asked, punching the elevator button. 
  “I didn’t ask for any,” Patty replied flatly. “But I’ll take any you have to give. With a grain of salt,” She added, and he smirked. 
  “What is it?” She asked, leaning against the wall. Loki laughed. 
  “I like you. Don’t let Thor walk all over you, hmm? He’ll do it if you let him.” 
  The elevator doors closed, leaving Patricia alone again. She leaned her head back against the wall with a soft THUMP . 
  “This is going to be the longest three years of my life.”
  Patricia moved through the apartment, her ears perked for any sign that Amelia might be getting into things she wasn’t supposed to, picking up stray toys and cleaning up. Thor had a cleaning woman that came through a few times a week, and though Patty had argued with him about it—bitterly—he’d refused to budge. They were both adults, completely capable of cleaning up after themselves,  but Thor was about six times as obstinate as Amelia, with a temper to match.
  Still, Patty felt bad about leaving her too many messes to clean up. “Fish, it’s bath-time!” She called up the stairs, cradling an armful of Amelia’s stuffed animals, plus a coloring book or two. “You ready?” Amelia gave an answering shout that probably meant the affirmative as Patty climbed the stairs. Amelia was still in her room, apparently having a battle royale with her horses and dolls. She made a loud explosion sound as she crashed them into each other. Patty folded up her blankets, and neatly arranged her stuffed animals on the bed before making her way over to Amelia. 
  “Hey Melly-belly. Did you hear me?” She asked, settling herself onto the plush, pink rug where Amelia was playing. Her daughter snuck a crafty look up at her mother’s face. 
  “No?” Patricia couldn’t help but laugh at the flimsy lie. 
  “Bzzt. Wrong answer. It’s bath time, fish. Don’t wanna be stinky, right?” She grabbed Amelia, tickling her belly and under her arms until she shrieked with laughter. “My goodness, you’re gonna melt off Thor’s nose when he comes home, with those stinky feet.” Amelia giggled harder, waving her feet in Patricia’s face as they play-wrestled. “Ready?” 
  “Okay, mommy.” 
  Patricia filled up the tub, making sure the water wasn’t too hot before she added a few bubbles, and began to detangle Amelia’s hair as she played in the water. 
  “I like Low-key, Mommy.” She said, looking up at Patricia. 
  “Yeah? You do?” She asked, cupping water in her hands and gently pouring it over Amelia’s head, careful not to get it in her eyes. Her chest constricted nervously. “I’m glad you like him. That… that’s your uncle, you know. Uncle Loki.” Amelia released the toy tug-boat she’d been playing with to fix Patty with a confused look. 
  “Yes, baby. Like Auntie Wanda and Auntie America.” She took a deep breath, her hands clutching the edge of the tub so hard she thought the porcelain might break. “And Thor… You said we were a family, Mels.” Amelia nodded vigorously. “And you know all families are different.” 
  “Yes, mommy.”
  God, why was this so hard? Patricia swallowed thickly. Just say it. Rip off the fucking bandaid. “Thor is your daddy, sweetheart. That’s why Loki is your uncle.” 
  Amelia’s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. “Door my daddy?” She repeated, and Patricia could see the gears whirring in her mind as she slotted that information in. Patty fought to keep her voice from trembling.
  “Yes, baby. He is.” 
  — —
“I’ve never been more disappointed in you.” Thor tried not to flinch as his father threw the phone at him. It slid down the table so fast he almost didn’t catch it. The screen was bright and unlocked, and Thor swallowed thickly at seeing the bright, eye catching font at the top of the article. 
  Odinson knocks up mistress! Fiancee speaks out!
  “Father, I—”
  “Of all of the stupid, irresponsible things you could have done,” He barked, cutting Thor’s explanation short. “This is the worst.” He steepled his fingers, resting them against his head. Thor flexed his hands against the armrests, torn between childish groveling, and burning anger at the insult. “Ungrateful,” He seethed, slamming a fist against his desk. “I should have made you marry her years ago.” He muttered.
  “Ah, yes, because marrying Idunn would solve this.” Thor spat, running a frustrated hand through his hair. He could still fix this, still spin it right if they worked fast enough. Idunn’s really outdone herself this time. He thought venomously, remembering their last conversation. The idea of marrying that shrilling harpy was enough to turn Thor’s stomach on a good day. 
  “Yes, it would.” Odin snapped, his voice like thunder. “Marry her.” His voice held an air of finality that Thor was all too familiar with. He was too old for Odin to raise a fist to him now, but much to his shame, somewhere inside of him was still the boy he’d punished for crying too much, for being too needy, for showing too much emotion. “Do you know what I promised? What I agreed to, to bring Njord into the fold, you selfish child?” He hissed. 
  “Oh that’s rich,” Thor replied. “You’re going to lecture me on selfishness. How many mistresses have you paid off, again?” Thor didn’t want to hear about the promises he’d made to other, equally old, equally wealthy men so that he could build his empire. Thor’s marriage certificate had already been practically notarized by the time he’d graduated college, though he’d never agreed to it. 
  “None of mine ever got pregnant and made the tabloids.” His father fixed him with a cold glare. “I don’t care if you love her. I don’t even care if you fuck her—hell, you’ll adopt the other brat if that’s what we have to do, but you will marry her, since it’s far too late for you to do the right thing and get rid of it.” 
  Thor’s jaw tightened. Of course he would say that—he’d coerced more mistresses into abortions than he could probably remember. “Don’t talk about Amelia that way.” Thor felt hot, protective anger rise in him. 
  “Or what? What will you do?” Odin spat, his chest shaking with laughter. “Will you leave like your sister? Good riddance, I’d be glad to be rid of you and all your mistakes.” He leaned forward in his seat. “I’m not bargaining with you, Thor.” 
  His entire life, he’d let Odin call all of the shots. It was better that way, he’d been convinced, because if he didn’t live by his father’s rules, he’d be cut off. Cut out. Hela was evidence of this—if he could push away his own firstborn, he could and would do it to any of them. Thor had never entertained thoughts of a loving parental relationship—all of Odin’s children were means to an end. Bargaining chips to be used at the greatest opportunities. That’s what his marriage to Idunn would be—an opportunity. But not for him, no. For Odin.
  Idunn’s father, Njord, was the majority shareholder of their biggest rival. They’d struck a bargain—Idunn marries Thor, Njord gives Odin the shares, everyone is happy. 
  Except me.  
  “I’m not marrying Idunn.” Thor spoke slowly, his voice hard. This, he wouldn’t give.
  “Then we have nothing left to talk about. I hope Loki has a place for you at Mjolnir when he gets it, because I certainly don’t.” Thor felt like someone had gut punched him. His entire life had been spent preparing for the day the company would be his—granted, that day hadn’t come nearly as soon as Thor had hoped it would, but still. 
  “What?” He stared at Odin, who regarded him coldly, unblinkingly, as though he were a stranger. Is this how he’s always looked at me? “You’re fucking joking.” The curse slipped out of his mouth unbidden. Patricia is rubbing off on me. “You’re a vampire.” Thor snapped, straightening his jacket. He’d never really thought about the analogy before it popped out of his mouth, but it was true. Odin was a parasite, latching onto people more capable, and controlling them. Once he had been a great man, there was no doubt about that. But those days were long gone, and the man before him was just a cruel reminder. 
  “What did you say, boy?” He narrowed his eyes, and Thor could only imagine the punishments and curses swirling behind them. 
  “You’re a goddamn vampire.” Thor hissed, placing his hands down on the desk as he loomed over his father. “You suck everyone around you dry. Me—I’ve been working for this goddamn company since I was sixteen, greasing deals for you, running interference. I hand picked our software engineers. Hell, I know more about half of the programming for the Stark project than they do.” He couldn’t stop. 
  “Mother—gods, you know, I think mother died just because she couldn’t stand to be married to someone so miserable and dead inside for one more damn minute. Hela. It’s no wonder you’re all alone.” He seethed. How dare he—he’d given up the best years of his life for his father. His own dreams—gone. And he’d weathered it all, repeating the mantra he’d been taught ever since he was young. Father knows best. Father knows what’s right. But he didn’t, did he? He didn’t know shit.  
  “We’ll see who’s alone. You’ll be begging me for my help, just like your dyke sister.” Odin spat. “Go clean out your office before I decide to have security escort you out.”
  “If I go, Steve goes, you know that don’t you?” Thor replied, leaning heavily over the desk. “Are you willing to lose him too?” The look on Odin’s face said that he was. 
  “Be glad I don’t make you empty your accounts here and now, boy.” He sneered. “Otherwise we both know you’d really be in trouble. Go see what the world thinks of you without me. Without my money and my business behind you. I think the papers are going to read a lot worse than “knocked up whore” , don’t you?” 
  Thor moved without thinking, his body acting completely without the permission or direction of his brain. In fact, he didn’t even realize he’d punched Odin until he was standing over the old man, breathing heavily. They were both big men, but age had withered his father, though he was still a force to be reckoned with. Odin, for his part, still glared at him icily, though his cheek was deep red, and a thin line of blood trickled from his nose. 
  “I never thought you’d have the balls, but it seems like they just dropped.” He grunted, wiping the blood from his face lazily with the back of his hand. “Get the fuck out. Before I throw you out.” 
  He sat back in his chair, clearly done with the conversation now. Thor was reeling. Where was Loki? Did he know? God, where the fuck was Steve? He needed to talk to him before his father dug his claws in. Thor stormed down the halls, uncaring of who saw him. It didn’t matter, none of it did. Close to twenty years of work, building—all gone. 
  All for them.
  His daughter, her mother… He wasn’t willing to give this time. Everything else that Odin had wanted of him, he’d given him. Make the right friends. Fuck the right women. Grease the right palms. He was sick of it—and this marriage, this…business partnership that he wanted him to enter into with Idunn—he couldn’t do it. 
   Not when it would almost certainly mean he would never see Amelia again. Not having Patricia was bad enough, but he would never be the father that Odin was. He would never abandon Amelia, not for money, not for anything. Thor threw open the doors to his large office, striding inside. He began emptying out all of his desk drawers, feverishly grabbing every and anything that was important. He could understand Patricia’s staunch, possessive declarations now. 
  She’s mine, my daughter!
  Thor wasn’t really a planner—he flew by the seat of his pants more often than not. But he knew he needed one now, and fast. If he didn’t move quickly, his life would come crashing down around his ears, more than it was already. There would be nothing worse than Odin being right. He had more than enough money in his accounts to coast for a while—money he’d earned, despite what Odin seemed to think his work was worth. 
  He clenched his jaw angrily. A knock sounded against the doorframe, startling him, and Thor looked up to see Steve standing there. 
  “Bad time?” He asked, looking around curiously. The usually immaculate office was a wreck, papers scattered everywhere. Steve raised a concerned eyebrow, and Thor felt his eyes narrow. 
  “My father fired me.” He said flatly. “I’ve got nothing but fucking time.” 
  Steve looked taken aback. “No. He wouldn’t have. Are you serious?” He pinched the bridge of his nose.  
  “What, you haven’t read the news?” Thor asked tiredly. “Odinson knocks up mistress , I think is the title, but I can’t remember.” 
  “I’m not one for tabloids myself.” He replied, stepping inside. “I thought he wanted grandchildren.”
  The thought made Thor laugh out loud. Odin had barely wanted children . He’d simply had them out of either narcissism or necessity, Thor wasn’t quite sure which. “Not this one.” He leaned back in his chair. “You’d think all of the money I made him would have factored in, but no. All he sees are mistakes. ” He said scathingly. Steve sat down across from him. They’d known each other since college, though Thor had practically poached him from Stark Industries when they’d graduated. 
  “I’m just a poor kid from Brooklyn,” He started, and Thor snorted. 
  “Not so poor anymore, kid. ” He laughed. “I write your paychecks.” 
  “Well I was. ” Steve cleared his throat. “You don’t need your family to make something of yourself, you know. You can do that all on your own.” He leaned forward, a small smirk on his face. “So what’s the plan? Are you going to start your own company now, or what? How long till I hand in my resignation?” 
  Thor’s mouth dropped open. He’d never really considered that before. His whole life he’d been training for the day his father’s tech company would finally be his. Starting his own had never really been on the to-do list. He wouldn’t see any of the payoff for the Stark deal, though he’d practically engineered it. But he knew all the right investors, all the right backers. 
  All he needed was the right idea. 
  Suddenly, getting fired didn’t seem so bad, though being possibly disowned still hurt deeply. 
  “Give me a month.” 
  “You got it, boss.” 
  Thor resumed clearing out everything he needed from his now defunct office. He wiped the computer, putting all of his files on a thumb drive that he slipped into his pocket. When he exited, the big security guard from downstairs was waiting for him. 
  “Hey boss. I’m sorry I gotta do this… Big boss asked me to walk you out, man.” Thor wanted to curse, but he held it in. Making a scene wouldn’t help. He hadn’t even read the tabloids yet, he didn’t think he wanted more articles pouring out about his family. The only small consolation was knowing that Odin was just as steamed about it as he was. 
  “Yeah. Sure.” 
  He ignored the stares and whispers from the few of his former employees that were in on the weekend as he made his way to the elevator. He punched the button harder than necessary, his mouth set into a grim line. On the scale of how he’d thought this would go, it had been much worse than he’d feared. 
  Punching the old man had felt good—better than he’d anticipated. Years of pent up frustration at being pushed around had been released with a single blow. His car was in the parking lot, and Thor threw the box into the back seat—next to Amelia’s car seat. Despite his anger, the thought of her made him smile. 
  At least he had that to look forward to. 
  When he got back to the apartment, he sat in the parking garage, wondering what he would tell Patricia. Did she even care? It was hard to imagine she did, with how he’d 
been treating her. He grimaced. Maybe he was more like Odin than he’d thought. It was easy to justify pushing her around and forcing her decisions when he was angry with her—was he even still angry? Thor scrubbed a tired hand down his face. He knew he wanted her. Wanted her enough to forsake damn near everything. 
  Family was a joke concept to Thor—sure, he had people he was related to, but… People he would sacrifice for? People who he felt deeply for? The closest anyone came was Loki, and he was always on thin ice. But with Patricia… There was warmth at her core, and it drew him like a moth. He couldn’t help but covet her, even though he’d given her more than enough reasons to despise him. If he could have locked her and Amelia up and kept them for himself, he would have. 
  Was that family? 
  His father’s hateful words rang in his ears. 
  You’ll be begging me, just like your dyke sister.
  Thor grimaced. He’d never sought Hela out, as per his father’s instructions. She isn’t family, Thor. He’d told him. She’s a leech. A waste. He chuckled darkly. Perhaps he  was saying the same thing about Thor now, to whoever would listen. Odin had all but erased his sister’s presence from their lives—no pictures of her remained around the massive family estate, and her room was just one of many now. 
  Thor fished his phone out of his pocket and unlocked it. There were several texts from Idunn from much earlier in the evening, when he’d first left his apartment. Threats mostly, which he hadn’t bothered reading. She’d insisted she was going to his father at the office, to tell him everything unless he agreed to “hold up his end of the bargain”. Idunn wasn’t particularly clever, but like all spoiled girls, she had a penchant for vengeance. He went to his web browser, and googled the tabloid title. 
  Immediately, articles began popping up. It was impossible to find the original one, they all seemed to feed off of one another, remixing the same words and images endlessly. He pulled one up, and when it loaded, he growled with anger. At the top was a picture of the three of them; Thor in his casual attire, with Amelia on his shoulders. Patricia was next to them, smiling up at him. Funny, he hadn’t noticed that while they’d been there. Despite the circumstances, a small smile found its way to his lips. He hadn’t thought it was possible for Patty to look at him like that. 
  Probably why she did it when I wasn’t looking.  
  He hadn’t noticed anyone following them at the zoo, but as he scrolled through the articles, it was obvious that someone had been. There were pictures of them at several different exhibits, walking around, holding hands… He clenched his fist so hard he heard his phone creak in his hand. He usually didn’t need to avoid paparazzi—he wasn’t a high profile target, and his family didn’t usually have scandals. 
  A source close to Odinson reports that he began the affair over three years ago, choosing not to end it when he began his relationship with model Idunn Njordsdottir. Sources report she is heartbroken; reconciliation may not be on the table for this power couple!
  “Power couple?” He said aloud, disbelief coloring his voice. As far as he’d been concerned, Idunn had been a convenient piece of ass that no one could be angry at him for cozying up to. He wouldn’t have been surprised if the “sources” were just Idunn herself. He angrily stowed the device back in his pocket, scoffing as he did so. 
  Deciding that he would deal with the box tomorrow, Thor exited the car slowly and heaved a heavy sigh. It was evening now, Amelia would be getting ready for bed. He headed out of the parking garage, and up into the lobby for the elevator.
  He wasn’t used to feeling so heavy—usually his responsibilities began and ended at himself and the things he needed. Now, he felt… pressure. He had to provide for Amelia, for Patricia, even though she clearly thought she had it handled. Thor exited the elevator into the entryway of the apartment. It was relatively quiet—either Amelia was already in bed, or close to it. He kicked off his shoes, uncaring of whether he was scuffing them or not, and hung up his jacket on one of the coat hooks. 
  Thor felt his chest constrict as Amelia bounded toward him, tangling herself in his legs. “Door, I miss you,” She said excitedly, gazing up at him adoringly. “Mommy say I can wait for Daddy to come home.” Daddy. Patricia had told her. It felt like he’d been waiting an eternity to hear her call him that, though it had only been a month. He’d never been allowed to call Odin anything less than father. It made him feel… special. Thor leaned down to scoop her up into his arms, pressing a kiss to her forehead. 
  “We’ll have to tell mommy thank you for letting you stay up, hmm?” 
  Patty was in the kitchen, holding a steaming mug of tea as she flipped through a magazine. “Look what the cat dragged in,” She greeted him, though there was no real bite in it. “You back from your adventure?” 
  “Did you two have fun while I was gone?” He asked, avoiding her question. He didn’t want to talk about that now, and especially not in front of Amelia. Patricia snorted. 
  “Fun? Your brother came by.” She said, and he felt his stomach drop. Goddamn it Loki! He could never leave well enough alone. 
  “I like uncle Low-key,” Amelia chimed in. “He have pretty hair.” 
  “He did have pretty hair, didn’t he?” Patricia asked, laughing a little. She took another sip from her mug and set it down. “Alright, miss missy. We made a deal, you get to stay up until Th— daddy comes home, and then you go to bed, remember?” Amelia’s wide smile morphed quickly into an angry pout as she cast a sly look up at her father, her lip trembling. 
  “B-but, but—” Tears began forming in the corners of her eyes and she sniffled. “Wanna stay up with Door.” She whined, crossing her little arms. Thor caved immediately, glancing over at Patricia. 
  “Maybe we can just have ten more minutes?”
  Patty glowered at him. “Thor…” 
  He winced. “Sorry babes. It looks like it really is bedtime.” Amelia let out a frustrated growl that reminded him sorely of himself, before kicking her legs. He released her, and she ran between Patricia’s legs, glaring at him for his betrayal. “Amelia. Bedtime.” He repeated, his voice sterner than usual. The act stopped immediately, and she scuffed her foot against the floor. 
  “Okay, daddy.” The two of them walked her up to bed, and Thor watched Patricia read her a story, noting that she had a special voice for each character. He laughed inwardly. He’d have to copy that. When she was finally asleep, they padded out of her bedroom on silent feet, closing the door gently behind them. 
  “Thank you.” He said suddenly, and Patricia raised an eyebrow. 
  “You told her.” 
  Patricia looked away, embarrassed. “Yeah, well. I said I was going to.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “One less thing you can use against me in court.” Her tone was jokey, but he could tell there was some meaning behind her words. 
  “I’m not taking you to court, Patricia.”
  She raised an eyebrow, leaning back against the bannister. “Oh?” Her expression was suspicious. 
  “I would never take Amelia away from you.” He swallowed thickly. It was hard to be vulnerable, but he was trying. For once, thor didn’t have the energy to keep the ice wall up. “Just as I hope you won’t take her from me.” He could see she was taken aback by his words. 
  “I, um… I mean she loves you. She’d never forgive me,” Patricia replied, clearing her throat and looking anywhere but at him. Unable to help himself, Thor goaded her, grinning. 
  “I’m sure you would miss me too much.” 
  “One does miss a proverbial hole in the head.” She fired back. Patricia sighed. “What’s this all about? Did something happen? I mean I know we’re not friends , but…” She motioned with her hands. “Is this something we should sit down for, or what?” 
  Thor gaped at her. “You… want to talk to me?” He asked incredulously. Almost every interaction he’d had with Patricia had been forced by him, so he couldn’t help his surprise that she was actually volunteering to listen to him whine. Especially when she consistently—loudly—reminded him that he had no “real” problems. Her nut brown cheeks darkened. 
  “I—well. Look, we’re coparenting, so… your problems are my problems too. Within reason,” She added quickly. It seemed as though each of them were holding out an olive branch, and Thor sincerely hoped Patricia was willing to take his. 
  Thor motioned to his bedroom, and Patricia stopped short, glaring at him. “Are we actually going to talk, or are you just trying to fuck me again?” She asked, crossing her arms. I see where Amelia gets it. 
  “I just want to talk.” Though I’m making no promises about after…
  Patty settled herself on his bed while he pulled the door closed behind him, leaving it open just a crack. He sat next to her, resting his arms on his thighs. She looked at him insistently, raising an inquiring eyebrow. 
  “What happened today?” She asked, and Thor exhaled heavily. 
  “My father fired me today.” He half expected her to bark out a laugh at him, but when no biting retort came, he looked up at her through the curtain of his hair. Her face was sympathetic, and she placed a soft hand on his shoulder.
  “I’m sorry.” She furrowed her brows. “Why would he do that? I mean… aren’t you close?” Thor fixed her with a puzzled look. “I mean you’re in the office all the time, so it’s not like you’re not working.” 
  “I don’t think you’re grasping the severity of the situation.” He said gruffly, watching as Patty rolled her eyes. 
  “Then help me grasp it. You’re not telling me anything.” Thor ran a frustrated hand through his hair.
  “You know who I am, yes?” He asked, and she nodded. “I’ve told you before, my family wants certain things from me. Well, my father did. I… I love Amelia. I wouldn’t change her for anything,” Thor began explaining, but he watched Patricia’s expression sour as his meaning became clearer. “But my father…”
  “I get it, we’re garbage.” She said angrily. “Loki just about said as much earlier.” She looked crestfallen for a moment, before the anger returned. 
  “I didn’t say that. I would never say that.” Thor placed a hand on her thigh, and Patricia’s gaze snapped back up to his sharply. “Loki better not have said it either,” He growled. “You are not garbage. Our daughter is not garbage. Don’t ever say that again.” He clenched his fists angrily. “Tell me, what else did Loki say?” He narrowed his eyes—Loki was always doing that, stirring up trouble where there was already too much strife. 
  “He told me about Hela.” She said, her voice soft. “I didn’t know you had an older sister.”
  Guilt settled in his stomach at the thought of her. He wondered how he’d just… put her out of his thoughts for so many years. And to learn that she’d come back, asking for help and been denied made his anger at Odin all the more bitter. 
  “I haven’t seen her since I was eight.” Thor replied. “She left when she was eighteen—wait, no. That’s not right.” He corrected himself. “My father threw her out when I was eight.” Patricia’s hand flew to her mouth in shock. 
  “What?” She asked, her brows furrowing. “Why?” 
  “I think… I think he found out she was gay. I suppose it upset some of his plans for her, and…” He trailed off. 
  “And you haven’t seen her?” There was no accusation in Patricia’s voice, but Thor felt judged anyway. It had to have shown on his face, because she held her hands up placatingly. “I’m just asking, I’m sorry. You don’t have to tell me, Thor.” She said softly. 
  “No.” He felt the guilt grow heavier. “I haven’t.” A beat of silence passed between them. Patricia had obviously picked up that this was a sore spot for him, and gave him the grace of changing the subject. 
  “So your father did the same thing to you.” She looked angry on his behalf, which made the strange, angry tightness in his stomach release, just a little. “Loki already told me your father thinks we’re disappointments.” Patricia said bitterly, a small, dry laugh bubbling from her chest. Thor felt the familiar rage from earlier, and suddenly had the urge to seek out Odin and punch him again. Maybe a few times… The way he’d spoken about Amelia —about Patricia— was unacceptable, and if Odin did it again in his presence, he couldn’t be held liable for what he did. 
  “Yes.” He admitted, smoothing a tired hand down his face. “But that doesn’t mean he’s right.” He cupped her face gently, forcing her to look at him. “Patricia.” She looked up at him, her eyes brimming with the emotions she was too goddamn stubborn and ornery to confess. For a moment, he thought he saw affection but it was gone in an instant, replaced by other things. 
  She looked away, embarrassed. “Sorry, I’m just in shock that you actually… chose Amelia over your father. I know that was really hard for you.” Thor nodded. “How… how did he find out if you didn’t tell him?” She asked and Thor swallowed thickly. He’d never been at the center of a media storm like this before, but he did have plenty of experience with bad press. 
  “Idunn told some tabloids… that I’d gotten my mistress pregnant.” Patricia gasped audibly. 
  “She had someone follow us. She’s probably been having them follow us all week,” Thor said angrily. “They took pictures of us at the zoo, that’s what the magazines are running with.” He watched Patricia fumble her phone out of her pocket. 
  “What do I search?” She asked flatly, and then shook her head. “Probably just your name,” she muttered. Thor saw the screen of her phone light up with her search results. Patricia scrolled through article after article, the look of abject horror on her face growing the longer she stared at them. Thor finally placed his hand over the screen, stopping her. 
  “You’re just going to upset yourself.” He said, and she looked up at him with a panicked expression. 
  “Thor, it’s trending on fucking twitter. ” Her voice cracked. “The things people are saying about me—about Amelia—” She stifled a small sob. 
  “I know.” 
  “My parents are going to see this,” She moaned, pressing the heels of her palms against her eyelids, sniffling. “Everyone I know is going to see this!” Thor could practically see her pulse skyrocketing. “What kind of—”
  “Idunn is a vapid, greedy harpy, and she’s angry I chose someone else.” Thor replied flatly. “Patricia, look at me. None of that matters.” 
  “You’re not the one getting called a homewrecker.” She said, crossing her arms stubbornly. “They always hate the women more in these scenarios, Thor. Don’t you know anything about social media?” 
  “No. I think Loki made me a facebook a few years ago—” Her loud laughter cut him off. “I’m glad that amuses you.” 
  “It does. It really does.” She heaved another heavy sigh. “I was kind of hoping to break the news to my parents gently myself, but I’m pretty sure they have twitter.” Patricia spat angrily. It was Thor’s turn to laugh derisively. 
  “You never told them I was Amelia’s father?” He asked, incredulous. Patty glared at him defensively. 
  “Well it’s not like I ever intended to see you again,” She snapped. “It made sense at the time. Everyone was asking me who the father was, where was he—what was I supposed to say? That my kid’s father tried to pay me for sex?” 
  Thor held his hands up. “I wasn’t judging.” 
  “Nobody knows, okay? I didn’t tell anyone, except Wanda and America.” Patricia said sullenly. “I was young, and I made a call based on the information I had available.” She fixed him with a glare. “Besides, I don’t think it’s fair to lecture me about this when it’s your spurned fiancee that made this news.” 
  Thor supposed she had a point. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of Patty flustered—it always did something to him. “Only because I didn’t want to let her and Odin make me the kind of man who abandons his child.” 
  Patricia laughed dryly. “Trust me, I don’t think anyone in this room would make that assumption about you. I’m just…” She paused, as though she was trying to find the right words. “I’m sorry that was a choice you even had to make.” Thor grasped her hand. 
  “Amelia is my family.” He said, running the pad of his thumb across her skin. “You’re my family. I chose you, too.” She leaned into his touch, but when he spoke, Patty jerked her head away, her mouth gaping. 
  “What—what—I don’t, Thor—”
  He knew she was on guard, that she’d convinced herself she didn’t want him when he knew she did.  “Don’t. I’m not in the mood to stomach a bunch of lies and excuses, Patricia. It’s been a long night.” The way she responded to him, the way her gaze lingered on him when she thought he wouldn’t notice, all of it betrayed her.
  She continued to sputter. “Thor, we’re not—!” Patricia took a deep breath. “We have no business being together, and you know it. I’m not doing the fake family thing, it’s not fair to Amelia.” She scooted away from him a little. 
  “Who says it’s fake?”
  “Come on . You can’t really want me. You don’t.” 
  “You seem so sure. Tell me something else about me, baby.” He purred, enjoying the way her mouth fell open in surprise. “I’m dying to hear more.” 
  “Thor, b-be realistic,” She said, continuing to put inches of distance between them as he prowled closer. “We hate each other.” Her voice shook, and her expression was wholly unsure. He almost laughed outright—she didn’t hate him, and she knew it too. 
  “I want you.” 
  “You just want easy—” 
  “Stop telling me what I want, Patricia!” He snapped. “You’re the one convinced you’re so far beneath me I could never want you. Perhaps you should consider how hard you’re focusing on something I never said.” He grasped her wrist to stop her from moving. “I couldn’t marry Idunn when all I think about is you.” It looked like his words had stunned her into immobility as he crept closer, pulling Patricia flush against his body. “Your face. Your hands. Your voice. You drive me fucking crazy.” He growled before pressing his hot mouth to her own. She whimpered against him, opening her lips when he swept his tongue against them. 
  Thor worried her plump bottom lip with his teeth, groaning when her arms wrapped around his neck. Patricia wriggled in his lap, the soft crotch of her leggings pressing hotly against the quickly growing bulge in his jeans. She mewled when he palmed the cheeks of her ass, kneading them roughly in his large hands. “So soft, baby,” He growled against her mouth. “So fucking soft.” 
  One hand steadied her hip while the other slid between them to slide along the slick seam of her bottoms. She shuddered, her eyes sliding to half mast. “Mmm, Thor,” She moaned his name softly, like a prayer. “I th-thought we were just ta—alking.” There was an accusatory note in her voice, but she ground against his hand, her expression just a little shameful. 
  “Oh, I’m talking baby.” He said lowly, flicking his thumb against her swollen clit through the fabric of her leggings. “You’re already so swollen,” he murmured, reaching up to tug them down her hips a little. The soft flesh of her vulva made him groan when he traced his fingers over it. “No panties? You’re trying to kill me, Patty.” He growled. A small smirk played at the corners of her lips as she leaned forward, inching them down further until he could see the wet, swollen lips of her pussy just above the elastic band. 
  “What a way to die.” She said snarkily, and Thor practically threw her onto the bed, and was on her before her body even bounced on the mattress, pulling feverishly at her clothes. He pulled them roughly down her legs, throwing the leggings carelessly to the floor as he slid between her legs. She still held her thighs together tensely. 
  “Such a pretty pussy,” He murmured, leaving a trail of wet kisses up her inner thigh. He glanced up as embarrassment made its way across Patricia’s face. “Let me see, baby.” He pressed another soft kiss against her trembling thigh as she parted them slowly. His nostrils flared as the slick, swollen petals of her cunt revealed themselves. A broken moan tore itself from his throat as he leaned forward, sliding his tongue against her hungrily. Patty’s hips arced up from the bed, but Thor pressed her down with a firm hand. “Gods you’re so fucking sweet , Patricia.” He rolled his tongue against her throbbing clit, sliding a thick finger into her clenching heat. 
  “Nnn, oh fuck , Thor—!” She writhed against his face, her thighs closing tightly around his head as she trembled. He forced them apart with a practiced hand as he continued, undaunted. He slid a second finger into her, groaning again at her tightness. 
  “You’re so fucking tight, baby,” He panted against her. “If I hadn’t already fucked a baby into you, I’d think you were a goddamn virgin.” She squeezed impossibly tighter around his fingers, almost like her cunt was sucking on them. Thor scraped his teeth against the sensitive skin of her clit, soothing it immediately after with a pass of his tongue. 
  “Oh God!” She cried, her fingers tangling themselves in his hair as gibberish poured from her kiss swollen lips. “Yes, yes, Thor, please—” Patricia soaked his face as she came, her pussy spasming around his fingers and her hips bucking against his chin. Her body was still trembling as he tore his shirt up over his head, ripping his jeans off with equal fervor. His name on her lips was the best it ever sounded, and Thor had half a mind to forbid anyone else from using it. 
  His cock was swollen and throbbing, the tip red as precum gathered at the tip. Thor closed his fist around it, thrusting a few times as he smeared it down the base. Patricia watched him, her expression both bashful and hungry at the same time. The button up she wore was half open, another lacy bra gracing her ample breasts. He wanted to see her— all of her. 
  “Take that off for me, baby.” He gestured at the clothing that still remained. Her moved to undo the buttons slowly, and the small smile on her lips told him it was intentional. He wanted to fuck the defiance out of her, have her wet and needy and begging on his cock. Thor groaned softly as inch after inch of smooth skin was revealed. As Patty reached behind herself to undo her bra, his eyes tracked the movement hungrily. Thor’s patience was wearing thin, and Patricia was tap dancing on his last nerve. His arm shot out, tearing the bra from her body with a sharp snap , and Patricia gasped with surprise. 
  “Taking too long,” He growled, pulling her toward him with a firm tug. She let out a mewl, arching her hips needily toward him. Thor groaned—he was almost tempted to take a picture, so that the next time Patricia was busily mouthing off about how she didn’t want him, he could remind her of this moment. Her, staring up at him with lidded, lusty eyes, her body spread out deliciously and his for the taking. How could he even think about marrying, about fucking anyone else? 
  Thor gripped Patty’s hip tightly with one hand and fisted his cock in the other before sliding it through the dripping, petal soft folds of her cunt. He groaned loudly, his head lolling back as he did it again. Her hips bucked against his grip, and the head of his cock popped just inside her hole, her pussy hurriedly squeezing and sucking at it as she writhed like she was trying to force him all the way in without his say so. 
  A ragged moan tore itself from his throat, and the thin thread of Thor’s self control snapped. He thrust home smoothly, his back going rigid at the feel of her walls milking the turgid length of his cock. She let out a loud cry at his roughness, but her pussy clamped down tightly around him, her back arching. 
  “Yes!” She gasped, her hands tangling in his hair, nails dragging along his scalp. Thor drew back and thrust in again, feeling the bed shake beneath them. A pleased grin spread across his face at her cries. 
  “Is it good, baby?” He growled, leaning over Patty’s trembling form. He bent her thighs down to her chest, pressing on them with his hands as he locked her into place. He thrust into her hard, pushing against her cervix with every thrust. “ ‘S like you were made for my cock,” He groaned, dragging his tongue across her lips. Patricia whimpered, her tongue meeting his as he sucked it into his mouth. Thor was dimly aware of the loud, ragged moans tearing themselves from his throat as he laid into her, the slamming of the headboard into the wall, and Patricia’s ever growing cries—but he couldn’t bring himself to care. 
  Let them hear. 
  “Tell me it’s mine, Patty,” He panted, continuing to fuck into her with wild abandon. Her body was shaking, her hands scrabbling for purchase against his arms, chest and shoulders. She wailed brokenly as his arms locked under her back, pulling her flush against him. This new position forced her to wrap her arms around his neck as Thor lazily moved her trembling back and forth on his cock. “Come on, baby. Say it.” He punctuated his words with a hard thrust, and her legs trembled as an answering gush of wetness soaked his cock. 
  “N-nnngg —Thor—!” Her nails dug into his shoulders, and he smirked into her messy hair. Patricia sobbed against his throat, her teeth bit into his skin. “It’s yours,” She moaned defeatedly, her hips still rocking against him as he fucked her. Patricia’s pussy squeezed tightly around his cock, despite the shamed expression on her beautiful face. 
  “That’s it baby,” Thor purred roughly, his eyes rolling almost shut with pleasure. “Let go. Fucking cum all over this cock,” He commanded, landing a hard slap against her ass with one hand. She clamped down over him, her body going rigid as a broken curse fell from her lips. She was squeezing him so tight he could hardly move, and Thor roared, his grip on her hips bruisingly tight as he held her to him. His cock jerked inside her, flooding her with jets of his cum. 
  They panted together for a moment, his hands smoothing over Patricia’s back and running his fingers through her hair. She didn’t try to extricate herself from him immediately, her own hands drawing idle patterns on the slick skin of his shoulders.
  “You… have got to stop asking me to agree to things in the middle of sex,” She murmured, and Thor chuckled. 
  “Stop agreeing to them.” 
  His cock slipped from her still twitching wet heat, and she laid back against the mattress, exhausted. Thor laid down next to her, his hand smoothing affectionately over her hip. Patricia rested her head against her arm as she regarded him with a serious expression. 
  “Please don’t make me regret this, Thor.” 
  Before he could answer, a loud wail interrupted them, along with the jiggling of the bedroom door handle. Patricia bolted upright, snatching up Thor’s discarded shirt with quickness that surprised him as he struggled to fit his feet into the boxer-briefs he’d hurriedly stripped off. 
  Patricia made sure that Thor was dressed with a sidelong glance before speeding over to the door, pulling it open. Amelia was on the other side, one hand clutching her stuffed elephant tightly, and the other rubbing sleepily at her eyes. Slow, fat tears tracked down her little face.
  “What’s the matter, babes?” Patty asked concernedly, her hands moving over Amelia’s face and arms, checking her for anything out of place.
  “I had bad dreams.” Amelia said, sniffling. She reached her hands up expectantly, and Patricia picked her up, seating her firmly on her hip. Patricia comforted her with soft words, dropping a kiss to her forehead as she cradled Amelia against her body.
  “I’m sorry baby. I know that can be really scary sometimes. Why don’t you sleep in here with us, okay?” She asked her, and Amelia sniffled again, her face screwing up in displeasure. She shook her head wildly. 
  “It smell funny in here, mommy.” Thor stifled a shocked laugh as Patricia’s face went pale. She gaped at her daughter, and then turned to him for help, her mouth moving without sounds. “Don’t like it.” 
  “Let’s go sleep in mommy’s room, Amelia.” Thor said smoothly. “I’m sure it’s… better in there.” 
  All three of them climbed into Patty’s bed. Amelia tucked herself into her mother’s arms, and Thor slid in behind them, wrapping his arm around Patty’s waist. They both fell asleep quickly, Amelia babbling quietly as she dreamed. Thor stroked a finger down her chubby cheek, grinning in the dark.
  Yes, he thought to himself, pressing a sleepy kiss to the top of Patricia’s head. 
   This is worth it.  
  To be continued...
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boxofbonesfic · 7 days ago
Pattycakes (Chapter 6)
Title: Pattycakes
Summary: Like they say, it really does just take one time... Patricia Hodgins knows that better than anyone. She’s got even worse luck when it comes to her child’s father: Billionaire playboy Thor Odinson. He’s selfish and manipulative; and Patty’s not sure which outcome frightens her more—killing him or letting him worm his way into her heart.
Pairing: Thor x Black OFC
Rating: Explicit
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 
Warnings: Manipulation, Possessive behavior, Mildly dubious consent, Breeding Kink, Age Difference (significant but not extreme), Stalking (light stalking though lol), Past Relationships, Class drama, Dad!Thor, Character improvement
A/N: Please let me know how you’re feeling about this fic with a comment or a reblog! Thank you 😘
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk!
Chapter 6: Ashes, Ashes
Patty finds it isn’t easy being “single” when Thor is involved. Thor weasels more... “agreeable” terms out of Patty.
Thor spent the entire next few days in a foul temper, and when Loki knocked on his office door, it hadn’t yet improved. He hadn’t heard from Odin or Idunn, and could only surmise that the latter hadn’t yet informed his father of his… transgressions. Worse still, he hadn’t had the time to make any progress with Patricia. There had been a strange sort of truce in the apartment since the beginning of the week, with Patricia dancing skittishly around him. 
  She was using Amelia as a buffer, though whether she was aware he’d figured it out was anyone’s guess. Thor had intended on slowly chipping away at her resolve with soft touches, expensive gifts—but that seemed to work better on their daughter than her mother. Amelia loved the tablet he’d gifted her, but Patty had stoutly shook her head, firmly stating that Amelia was too young for it.
  Thor couldn’t understand. He had the means with which to provide—why was her every response to his lavish gifts disgust? It hadn’t stopped him from allowing Amelia to play on it when Patricia wasn’t around. He grinned at the memory of her holding up her tiny pinky. “Pinky promise,” She’d said seriously, her little mouth set into a serious line.
  Thor threw his pen down in frustration—he wasn’t getting any work done, not like this. He took a sip of lukewarm coffee and grimaced as a familiar knock sounded through the closed office door. The person on the other side didn’t wait for him to answer, and the door slid open. Thor could feel his younger brother’s displeasure from across the room, and he glowered at him, stroking a frustrated hand down his chin as he regarded him silently from the doorway. I suppose that makes two of us.
  “Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Thor snapped, and Loki’s resounding chuckle only incensed him further. 
  “Honestly, I’m surprised you hadn’t fathered a bastard sooner, what with your… proclivities. ” he snickered. Thor gritted his teeth. “How old is she now, three? Four? Christ.” Loki closed the door behind him, leaning just out of the way as Thor’s favorite coffee mug smashed against the thick wood. He tutted at him, shaking his head. “Terrible aim.” 
  “Call my child a bastard again, and even father won’t be able to put you back together again,” He warned. Clearly Idunn had gone and run her mouth to Loki after leaving his apartment, though he couldn’t say he was particularly surprised. They were closer in age, and while Idunn had always had a... thing for men a little older, she’d tried her luck with Loki many times before. Thor cut his eyes at his brother, who was slowly making his way across the carpet, brushing small fragments of porcelain dust from the sleeves of his otherwise immaculate suit. 
  He wasn’t particularly pleased to see him, especially not with that introduction, but he supposed it was better than Odin himself bursting in. That would have far more dire consequences than just his personal irritation. A memory came, unbidden, swimming up to the surface of his mind from the murky depths of his childhood. 
 “Father, where is Hela?” Odin looked down at him disinterestedly, shaking his son’s small hand from his pants leg with a scoff. He straightened his bow tie in the mirror, and tucked his watch into his pocket, before sighing and rolling his eyes at Thor’s expectant gaze. He brushed past him on his way out of the master bedroom, speaking over his shoulder. 
  “She made her choice, Thor. As far as I’m concerned, you have no sister.”
  Loki cleared his throat, and Thor rubbed at his temples. He didn’t enjoy memory lane on a good day, and having them pop up unnecessarily now was even less ideal. “Fair enough.” He continued, holding his hands up placatingly, though his barbed tongue didn’t still in his mouth for even a moment. “I also thought you’d be smart enough not to let your betrothed find out about your…what are we calling her, mistress? Girlfriend?” He quipped, leaning against Thor’s desk with feigned disinterest.
  “She’s not… Gods, you’re such a shit .” Thor hissed. “Idunn is not my betrothed. I don’t recall ever agreeing to that, not even to please father. And Patricia is not my mistress.” Though in a perfect world… Thor shook his head. Though the fantasy was certainly tempting, there was nothing he could hold over Patty that would make her accept second place in anything. There was no conceivable future where he could have both his father’s approval and Patricia’s warm, lithe body next to his at night. Not to mention that he’d long since lost interest in Idunn, though he’d never deigned to share that information with her . He hadn’t exactly seen the point then , though hindsight was always 20/20. 
  “No, but she is the mother of your ba—child.” Loki corrected himself quickly, but Thor glared at him in warning. “Idunn called me a few days ago, I made out what I could from all her blubbering.” 
  “And you didn’t tell me?” Thor questioned accusingly. He and Loki were close—the closest out of all their siblings. He trusted Loki—though perhaps only about as far as he could throw him. Loki grimaced. 
  “I had to… persuade her not to tell father. It was quite a process.” He spat the words out distastefully. Thor looked at him in surprise. Though he and Loki were close, they still bore the same trademarks of Odin’s upbringing; they were fiercely competetive with one another, and it wasn’t a stretch to imagine either of them attempting to undermine the other, especially with such… lucrative information. Loki must have realized Thor’s shock, and his cheeks colored. 
  “Look, as much as I would love to see you get your due comeuppance—” Thor snorted derisively at this—“I thought perhaps it might be more prudent to help you.” 
  “And how do you plan on doing that?” Thor raised a single eyebrow in question. 
  “Well what; she wants money, right?” Loki asked, shrugging. “Isn’t that why she’s hanging around? So, we pay her off. People do it all the time. What, you think we’re father’s only children?” He snarked, and Thor rolled his eyes. He hadn’t met any of Odin’s... other children, and while their existence was relegated to hushed whispers, the thought of all the women he might have paid for their silence left a sour taste in Thor’s mouth. 
  “She doesn’t want our money.” There . He’d admitted it, both to Loki and to himself. He’d been loath to do so, because if he acknowledged it, it meant he had to feel bad about not letting her off the hook—but he didn’t. He still wanted Patricia more fiercely than he’d wanted anything … and he still burned with fury at her when he thought about how she’d kept herself from him. “I won’t abandon them.” He’d already laid claim to her— the only kind of claim that even fucking mattered— and now all that was left was for her to realize who she belonged to. Him. “I… I asked her to, er—”
  “Oh christ.” Loki hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he sat down on the desk. “You didn’t.” He rubbed his temples before dragging an exasperated hand through his thick black hair. “You said she was a fling, Thor. We don’t move flings into our apartments three years later . Along with our very much out of wedlock children.” The mention of marriage made Thor’s frown deepen. If Odin wasn’t on him about his work at the company, then he was riding his son’s back about marriage. The thought of marrying Idunn, and having to put up with her clinging, whiny behavior until death did they part made him gag. Not to mention the kids… He shuddered.
  The match with Idunn was already made, and though Thor had never treated her like a girlfriend—much less a fiance—he would be lying if he didn’t admit that both of their families had been waiting eagerly on him to pop the question since Idunn turned twenty one. 
  “I wasn’t going to leave my daughter in a run down apartment in Canarsie.” Thor snapped. “And Patricia… it’s complicated.” He certainly wasn’t going to explain the mired depths of his innermost feelings to Loki , of all people. “I intend to have her.” He said simply. 
  “And when father finds out?” Loki drawled, drumming his fingers against the thick wood. “Because he’s going to, so… will it be worth it?” A moment of silence passed between them, and Thor knew that like him, Loki was also thinking of their sister. Unlike Thor, Loki had never been close her. He’d been about six when she left, and now, over two decades later, they still didn’t know what had become of her. “Is she worth it?” 
  “The old fuck is going to be pissed no matter what I do,” Thor said with a grimace. Barring completely hiding Amelia’s existence (which was no longer a viable option), there was little Thor could do to avoid his father’s wrath—only delay it. Idunn wouldn’t tolerate being cast aside so easily, nor would she remain quiet about it for long. “I can’t very well hide her now.” Whether it would be worth it or not… remained to be seen. Thor glowered, thinking of Patricia’s rather difficult demeanor. But the sweet payoff… Instead of irritatingly painful memories, this time his mind conjured up images of Patricia; writhing and sweaty and full of him—
  “You know, of the two of us, I always figured it would be me that would go off script like this.” Loki sounded amused, which didn’t make Thor feel any better, though his assumption had frankly been true for both of them. “You know, go against the family, seduce some pretty little thing, knock her up and run off with her.” 
  “Sorry to beat you to the punch,” Thor replied dryly, not entirely pleased with Loki’s summation of events, though he knew that had Patricia heard them, she would probably agree that she’d been “seduced” by an older man. He chuckled lightly. Though, now that he’d thought about it, there was a certain thrill that came with their age gap. “I’m sure there’s still enough time between now and when father disowns me for you to knock up a college girl if you try hard enough.” He snapped sarcastically, rubbing his temples. 
  Loki snorted. “So when do I get to meet her? She’s the girl from the lobby I pointed out to you, isn’t it?” He asked eagerly, his grin widening when Thor nodded. “Hah! And to think, if I hadn’t said anything…” He trailed off. It was true, had Loki not attempted to taunt him, he very well might have remained ignorant of Patricia’s proximity to him indefinitely, he wasn’t the most… observant member of the family. “I’m just stoked to meet your bundle of joy, too,” He added. 
  “When I’ve got everything sorted.” Thor replied, shooing his brother off of his desk. “It would be… chaotic to introduce you now.” Especially while Patricia is so… wily. Patty’s behavior was unpredictable. One moment he’d think he had her pinned down without question, and the next she was just out of his reach. He couldn’t introduce her to the family until he could control her—and having to threaten her with legal action was proving to be as tiresome as it was effective, and he had a feeling it too would become obsolete as far as threats went. “What are you even doing here, besides being a thorn in my side?” Thor didn’t want to talk about Patty anymore—he would leave Idunn to Loki, who was far more underhanded with his machinations than he himself was. Idunn was petulant and spoiled—no one was better at playing to those than his brother. 
  “Can’t I just check in with my favorite brother after hearing an absolutely atrocious rumor?” Loki lied so easily, Thor wondered if perhaps their father had known something of his nature when he’d named him. God of mischief and lies indeed.  
  “I’m the only brother you’ve got, being your favorite is meaningless.” Thor grumbled. “What else did she tell you?” 
  Loki shrugged. “The usual threats, you know. ‘My father will hear about this’, and ‘I’m going to ruin you’.” 
  “How did you get her to stay quiet?” 
  “I told her her marriage prospects were already fairly thin, considering everyone knows how hard she’s been panting after you—and under you—for literal years. Said I’d try to talk a bit of sense into you, but we all know that’s next to impossible.” Thor chuckled a bit at the insult—he didn’t much change his mind once he’d made it up, that was certainly true. 
  “How long do you suppose you can keep her quiet?” He asked, and it was Loki’s turn to frown. 
  “A week. Perhaps two, if we’re lucky and she doesn’t remember that she’s angry at you while she’s out spending my money.” 
  Thor barked out a laugh. “You paid her?” Loki looked appalled. 
  “I did not pay your ex-fiance off.” He rolled his eyes. “I gave her access to my card as a… condolence for your transgressions while I ‘help you see the light’ , is what I believe I said.” 
  Thor wasn’t sure what he could possibly accomplish in a week. His father knew everyone who was everyone, and there was no faking the level of pedigree that Odin would require from any person who would be joining their family. 
  “A week, then.” Thor replied, feeling no better about the situation than he had before Loki walked in. 
  They chatted some about the Stark merger, and their acceptance of his revamped proposal terms. Odin was pleased with him, but no one knew how long that would last—it would likely burn out in the face of his fury at Thor’s indiscretions. When Loki finally left his office, Thor had one of the interns come and sweep up the broken bits of mug, which they did wordlessly, a grace he was thankful for. His wrath had blanketed the office for days, and no one was particularly eager to incite him. 
  At four thirty, he was locking his office door, and heading eagerly down to the lobby. Though, technically the work day wasn’t finished until five, being the boss had its perks, and one of them was leaving early to tend to Amelia. Patricia watched his time with her like a hawk, circling them protectively while he read to her, or played games. He thought back to the argument they’d had just that morning, when he’d declared over breakfast that he would be picking Amelia up from school. He’d been pushing Patty for it, demanding it in harsh whispers in the hallway as Amelia slept at night, oblivious. 
  I’m done waiting for permission. When has an Odinson ever waited for permission for anything? He thought amusedly, punching the down button on the elevator. Patty had fought him hard, of course, but she’d given in when he’d slid a warning hand up her thigh, squeezing it as he’d made his request again. 
  She’d acquiesced easily after that. 
  Thor felt a slight stirring in his loins as he thought about it—he couldn’t help it. There was something about Patricia that just made him want to take charge, to bully her. He hadn’t had anyone to help slake his lust for her since the restaurant, and his patience was wearing thinner and thinner every day. The doors slid open, and Thor pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, turning from the elevators and walking towards the entrance of the daycare. The receptionist looked nervously down at her folded hands as he passed, likely not wanting a repeat of the last time he’d picked up Amelia. 
  Good. He didn’t like people questioning him, which she’d learned thoroughly when she’d tried to stop him from strolling out with his daughter. Amelia was sitting in a circle with the other children, and it looked as though the teacher was showing them letters, having them name words they knew that began with the ones she was pointing at. Amelia was sitting eagerly at the front, practically jumping up from the carpet as she raised her hand eagerly. The teacher pointed at her, and she stood proudly. 
  “House! House start with ‘h’, Miss Robbins!” She said, running up to the board and pointing at the letter decisively. “Right?”
  “That’s right, Amelia.” The teacher looked up from the class, making eye contact with Thor as she smiled softly. Thor’s cheeks burned as dozens of pairs of small eyes turned to gaze at him. “Look, I think someone’s here to see you, Amelia.” Amelia waved excitedly before running over, and grabbing his hand. 
  “Door, l learn letters!” She gestured excitedly back at the board to illustrate her point. He squatted down, ruffling her messy curls with a gentle hand. 
 “I see that. You should go say bye to your friends and your teacher, okay?” He’d learned a little more about talking to her by watching Patricia—she phrased most things as questions, and spoke to her gently, regardless of whether she was angry or not. Amelia was endlessly curious, and full of questions. Why did she have to go to school on time? Why did she need to take a bath? Where were her fairy wings? Though it never ended, Thor had come to find it amusing, instead of irritating. Amelia nodded, and began making her rounds. She got distracted by her friends by the building blocks, but Thor allowed her a few more minutes of play time before he cleared his throat. 
  “Amelia, it’s time to get ready to go.” She heaved a heavy sigh, but scampered away to grab her backpack. Had she worn a jacket that morning? He couldn’t remember. It was warm now, but… Thor shook his head. How did Patricia remember all these things? One of Amelia’s puffs had come loose from its band in the time it had taken her to run over to her small desk to get her bag, and Thor knelt down, frowning as he tried unsuccessfully to bunch her hair back together. Patty didn’t yet trust him with Amelia’s hair, so most of the time he simply sat back and watched. 
  Once he was satisfied that it would at least stay until they made it back to the house, Thor grasped her hand and led her out of the building. It was a nice day, and while his apartment was a good twenty minute walk from the office, it was nice out, and he knew Amelia would enjoy the walk.
  “Did you have a good day at school?” He asked, and she nodded excitedly. 
  “I like school,” She replied, threading her small fingers through his larger ones. “And aminals, I like aminals.”
  “I like animals too. I think I told you my family used to keep horses, right?” He asked, and she let out an excited gasp. 
  “Yes, lots of horsies,” Thor tried to mirror her excitement, and she grinned up at him, a little whistle sounding through the gap in her front teeth. “Maybe one day mommy will let you come see them.” 
  “I want to see them, Door,” She whined, and Thor patted her head comfortingly. “Door, why you pick me up today?” She asked after a moment, peering up at him curiously as they waited at the crosswalk. 
  “Because I…” he paused. He couldn’t very well say that he needed to spend as much time with her as he could, to make up for what he’d missed. I can never make that up , he thought bitterly. “I like to spend time with you. We’re a family.” He said simply, and a confused, yet happy expression crossed her small face. “You, and Mommy, and me.” He hadn’t gotten approval from Patricia to make that statement, but he didn’t much care. He was her family. 
  He’d been worried he would have nothing to talk to Amelia about—but that wasn’t particularly a problem, not when his little chatterbox could barely manage to finish one question before the next was fighting to get out of her mouth. 
  Just outside of their building, Amelia pointed excitedly to the ice cream truck parked just across the street. Thor had always thought he had strong resolve, and after a stern head shake, he knelt in front of her. 
  “No, Amelia. It’ll spoil your dinner.” 
  She reached out, and placed a small hand on his own, her wide eyes tear filled and her lower lip trembling. “Please?” 
  If the doorman was irritated at the chocolate icecream he was sure to find smeared on the walls of the elevator as Amelia happily slurped at her cone, Thor was none the wiser. Patricia wasn’t home yet, though Thor knew she would be there soon; she didn’t often leave Amelia alone with Thor voluntarily. Thor kicked out of his shoes, and padded down the hallway, grimacing when he stepped in a cold puddle of melted ice cream. 
  He looked around frustratedly for Amelia, who was now sitting on the couch, still working on her treat. 
  “Amelia, be careful with that.” He called. “I don’t want mom to find out…” 
  “Don’t want mom to find out what?” Patricia’s voice rang out from upstairs, and Thor jumped. The living room had been dark, and he’d assumed that meant she wasn’t home, but clearly had been incorrect. Amelia jumped up, and ran excitedly over to Patricia, who was coming down the stairs. She was still dressed in her work clothes, well fitted slacks, and a loose, flowy white button-up. Amelia tried to jump on her, but Patricia successfully evaded her chocolate covered toddler, holding her at arms length. “Oh, I see. We went and got treats, did we?” She asked, laughing as Amelia bounced excitedly, nodding. 
  “Door got me ice cream!” She leaned up on the tips of her toes, showing Patricia her sticky face. The remnants of the cone were no more than mush in her tiny hands, which Patty kept dutifully away from herself. 
  “I see that, Mels, you’re a mess!” She said, laughing. Amelia giggled right along with her. “Why don’t you and Thor go wash hands, and I’ll try and… clean up.” She straightened up after giving Amelia a loud kiss on her forehead. Amelia scampered over to the sink, where they’d set up a small stool for her to stand on so that she could reach the faucet. “Good walk?” She asked Thor, who was stripping off his ice-cream coated socks with displeasure. 
  “Of course. We got ice cream, and discussed horses and the many things that begin with the letter ‘Q’,” Thor replied, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Usually by now, Patricia had changed out of her work clothes, usually sporting loungewear that wasn’t meant to be sexy, but made Thor’s eyes follow her to every corner of the apartment anyway. 
  “Good luck, the sugar rush is going to hit her in about thirty minutes, so… may the odds be ever in your favor,” She joked. Amelia ran back over with damp— but clean— hands, and Patty swept her up in a hug, picking her up as Amelia laughed loudly. She blew a raspberry on Amelia’s exposed belly, and she shrieked, kicking her legs. Patty put her down, and Amelia ran over to the living room, turning on the television. 
  “Going somewhere?” Thor asked, gesturing at her. Patty looked skittishly down at herself, before pursing her lips. 
  “As a matter of fact, I was . I was just… just about to ask you if you would mind watching Amelia by yourself tonight, I wanted to, er, get some drinks with a couple of friends.” Patricia swept a lock of curly hair behind her ear as she studied him. Thor was careful to keep his expression neutral, though all he wanted to do was tell her she couldn’t—which would devolve into more arguing, something he didn’t need right now. As if she sensed his hesitation, she held up a hand. “I can always get Melissa if you’re, you know, busy.” Somehow, the idea of her calling a babysitter when he, Amelia’s father was there, incensed him further. 
  “Do you not think I’m capable of watching my own daughter, unsupervised for an evening?” He asked, raising an irritated eyebrow. Patricia rolled her eyes at his mood, before leaning back against the island. “I don’t need a sitter.” 
  “No. I just know that sometimes, it’s nice to have a break.” She scoffed. “Should I do something for dinner, or—” Thor dismissed her with a haughty wave of his hand. 
  “I’ll take care of it.” He snapped, more forcefully than he meant to. “So… out with friends?” He drawled, enjoying watching the way her eyes snapped nervously up to his face. 
  “Yeah. Just some people from work. Don’t worry Dad, I’ll be home before curfew,” She said sarcastically. Thor reached for her hand, tightening his grip when she tried to pull away. 
  “See that you do.” He could feel her pulse fluttering against his fingertips, and for a moment he considered sending Amelia upstairs with her tablet and sinking into Patricia on the table— again— but stopped himself, releasing her. “Where are you going, out of curiosity?” He asked, and she swallowed thickly. 
  “Red Hen, in Union Square.” She said tightly, refusing to meet his gaze. 
  Patricia puttered around the house getting ready, and for Thor, every moment was torture. She changed into a slinky, fitted cropped turtleneck, and a sinfully tight pair of jeans, before sliding into a heeled pair of boots that exaggerated the sensual lines of her legs. It was all Thor could do not to take her upstairs and take her to task for daring to leave the house looking like that without him, but Amelia was curled comfortably on his lap watching Backyardigans , and he was loathe to move her. At half past seven, Patty crawled across the couch cushions, bribing a kiss from a thoroughly distracted Amelia. 
  “Be good for Thor while Mommy’s gone, okay?” She instructed, standing in front of the television and crossing her arms until Amelia mumbled out an affirmative answer. 
  “We’ll be fine, Patricia,” Thor replied smoothly. “Go have fun.” 
  He didn’t even wait for the elevator to go off before he had his phone out, messaging Natasha. 
  T: I need you to do something for me.
  N: Again? Spying on your baby-mama wasn’t enough the first time?
  T: You scratch my back, Nat, I scratch yours. What do you need?
  Natasha’s specialities usually fell along the lines of corporate espionage, but Thor knew those talents could serve his more… personal purposes, so long as he didn’t piss her off and send her blabbing to Odin about it. 
  N: A raise. 
  T: Done. I need you to follow her tonight. She just left here, said she’s getting drinks with friends. 
  N: Shit, Thor, could you be more vague? Where’s she going??
  T: Red Hen. 
  N: I’ll see what I can do.
  Thor repeatedly checked his phone as they moved from activity to activity, waiting to hear back from Natasha about something—anything. Reluctantly, he allowed Amelia to give him her “back up” fairy wings, and joined her for a dance party in the living room, before removing the device from his back pocket once again to check it. Nothing.  
  “Door!” Thor looked up from his phone. He vaguely remembered Amelia scrambling off his lap to go to the bathroom, but that had been about ten minutes before. Her whimpering wail of his name had him instantly on his feet, and looking about wildly. 
  “Amelia? What’s wrong? Where are you?” He asked, and heard her sniffle. She hadn’t gone upstairs to the bathroom, instead he found her in the one on the first floor, her sparkly leggings down around her ankles as she looked up at him miserably. 
  Oh Gods. The smell hit him before he was ready, and Thor gagged, clapping a hand over his mouth and nose. It was clear she’d had an accident—though that seemed a grave understatement. 
  “Door, my tummy hurts,” She moaned, her lip trembling. Thus far, Patricia had been there to deal with the more… unpleasant parts of parenting; this was the first time he’d ever had to deal with anything of this magnitude alone. Despite his disgust, he took a deep—rancid—breath, and knelt down, peeling Amelia’s soiled leggings off of her, and throwing them into the tub. Perhaps the combination of ice cream, greasy pizza and a small dance party wasn’t a good one… Thor thought irritatedly, though his movements remained gentle. He helped Amelia off of the toilet, and narrowly avoided being thrown up on as Amellia retched. He grabbed the trash can, holding it under her chin. 
  Fat tears began forming in the corners of her eyes, and Amelia began wailing, snot and tears mixing on her cheeks. 
  “It’s okay, Amelia. Everybody gets sick,” He said gently. “Lets get you out of these clothes, and into the shower, okay? I’m sure you’ll feel better after that.” She held her hands up, and he peeled off her soiled shirt as well, before bundling up her dirty clothes as best he could, and ferrying them to the trash. I’ll be burning that. Once she was sufficiently clean, Thor took her upstairs and helped her into her unicorn pajamas. 
  “My tummy still hurts, Door,” She whined, tugging on his hand. 
  “Okay, well why don’t we lay down and read a book?” he suggested. “You can’t move around too much right now, sweetheart.” Amelia loved reading, so it wasn’t a particularly hard sell. They settled onto her bed with a couple of books, but by the time Thor was halfway through the second one, she was snoring. Afraid to jostle her and wake her back up by moving, Thor contented himself playing on his phone. He’d missed a few texts from Natasha, and he narrowed his eyes, scrolling through them. 
  N: Your girl’s popular.
  Her text was followed by a picture; Patricia with four or five people, most of them men. Thor frowned. 
  T: What’s happening?
  N: Nothing. She’s just drinking. Talking. Seems pretty chummy with the blond one.
  Thor scrolled back up to the picture Natasha had taken—Patricia was sitting in a booth next to a tall, older woman, and a man close to her age. He was tall with short blond hair, and a friendly smile. His hand was on her shoulder, and he was turned toward her, animatedly talking about something while she rested her chin daintily on one hand, watching him interestedly. 
  She’s on a fucking date.  
  The thought made rage roar to life in his chest. She’d said she was just going with friends, but the idea that someone else was touching her, her laughing and smiling with someone who wasn’t him… Thor clenched his fists. 
  T: How chummy?
  Natasha responded with another picture. The two of them alone at the booth, clearly in deep conversation. Thor quietly removed Amelia’s hand from his arm, and padded out of the room, careful to switch on her night-light before he closed the door. He headed for the kitchen, snagging a tumblr with a couple of pieces of ice before filling his glass with brandy as he sat down to wait. 
  Home by curfew indeed.
  He could almost hear the hesitation in her next text. 
  N: You sure you’re okay? This seems… I mean I know you’re my boss (technically), but isn’t it weird having your personal fix-it-gal keep tabs on your girlfriend?
  Thor drained his glass and filled it again before he answered.
  T: If I wanted to hear opinions, I’d have asked Loki to do it.
  N: Yessir. Looks like she’s headed home, so… good luck, Thor. 
  Natasha skated by on his nerves just like Loki did—he’d known her since they were both young, and despite her skill set, he liked her. She was probably the closest thing he had to a friend aside from his brother. 
  N: And try not to lose your temper. 
  T: No promises.  
  Thor paced the kitchen, waiting for Patricia to find her way home. Though Natasha had said she was leaving almost an hour before, it was past midnight when he finally heard the elevator slide open. He heard a thump and a giggle as he rose from his seat at the counter, peering around the corner just in time to see Patricia stumble into view. She was holding her boots in one hand, clearly trying to be quiet. She hadn’t noticed him yet—probably courtesy of the alcohol. Thor cleared his throat, and the happy, dreamy expression that graced her pretty face turned sour. 
  “Oh.” She said slowly, as though she hadn’t expected to see him in his own home. “You’re awa—ke.” She hiccupped in the middle of the word, covering her mouth cutely as a small smile wormed its way across her features. “Oops.” 
  “You’re drunk.” Thor spat, furrowing his brows. Patricia didn’t seem to realize the predicament she was in, raising a confused eyebrow at his ire. She went on a fucking date.  
  “Duh,” She intoned, rolling her eyes. Thor slammed the glass down on the table, and Patty jumped, her gaze traveling quickly between him and the stairs. “Shh! Melly is sleeping!” She hissed. She didn’t seem particularly concerned with his anger, which only served to fan the flames growing inside him. The thought that she might have freely given to another what he was denied…. Made something snap in him. Thor stormed over to Patricia, grabbing both of her hands in his. She yelped in surprise, dropping her shoes loudly to the ground. “Thor! You’re gonna—”
  “Shut up.” He snapped, his tone low. Patricia quieted immediately. “Where were you tonight, Patty?” He asked, taking a step forward. She mirrored his movements, her breath hitching as he caged her against the wall with his body. 
  “I—I—” She was stammering, her nervousness getting the best of her. Sober, it was easier for her, he was sure. Drunk, however, Patricia’s smart mouth was eerily empty of biting words. 
  “Where?” He asked again, releasing one of her hands to trap her chin between his fingers. 
  “I went to the Red Hen, like I told you! What are you doing this for?” She struggled, but it was uncoordinated and sluggish. 
  “With who?” 
  “What business is it of yours—” He silenced her with a growl.
  “It’s my business when the mother of my child is out throwing herself at anyone who’ll have her!” He spat, and watched as the meaning of his words first shocked and then enraged her. She raised her free hand to slap him, curses and half formed insults falling from her lips, but Thor caught her hand easily. “I will be fucking damned if I watch you whore around with just anyone.” 
  “How fucking dare you talk to me like that,” She seethed, struggling against his grip. “I was with friends!” She let out a frustrated breath. “And if you haven’t noticed, I’m fucking single!” Thor didn’t want to hear anything else from her petulant filthy mouth—so he silenced her with a kiss. He groaned at the contact, loving the taste of alcohol still on her tongue as he sucked on it. 
  I’ll show her single.
  Patricia was stunned into immobility, which Thor used to his advantage, pinning her arms above her head with one hand as he used the other to stroke the outline of her breasts through her shirt. 
  “Single? Patty you’re mine.” Thor hissed. Her face was flushed, eyes lidded as she looked up at him, her brown eyes wide. “Whether you accept that now or later is of no fucking consequence to me, but you will know it.” Thor was everything all at once: he was enraged, ready to find the man in the pictures and fucking end him—but he was hot for Patricia too, wanted her to know her place and who she belonged to. 
  “Stop it!” She whimpered. “I’ve had enough of the mind-games,” She looked off to the side, focusing on something behind him as her head hung low. “You didn’t want me then, and you don’t want me now! I’m not a toy you can keep on a shelf and get mad whenever anyone else wants to play with it!” For as drunk as she was, that was a fairly good analogy. What she didn’t understand, was that it was wrong. All his life he’d been taught that he was most important. His desires were the ones that mattered—he saw no reason to deviate from that now. 
  “You don’t need anyone else,” He replied stubbornly. “Let me show you…” He kissed her again, feeling her lips trembling against his as she broke, opening her mouth to allow his tongue back inside. Thor couldn’t help the satisfied smirk on his face when he felt her hard nipples rubbing against the planes of his chest through her shirt. The traitorous moan that escaped her throat only made him press harder against her, sinking his teeth into her lower lip. When he finally pulled back, her mouth was swollen and she panted through parted lips. 
  “You’re a real piece of—” 
  “Patricia why do you fight me so hard when we both know you’re wet for me?” He murmured, kissing along the tense line of her jaw. He knew she hated when he said things like that, hated that he saw the desire she tried so hard to bury. Her eyes went wide with embarrassment, and she shook her head. 
  “I’m not—I don’t want you,” She lied petulantly. Thor grinned down at her smugly, knowing how much she hated that he was right. “You treat me like a thing , Thor! I don’t like it.” 
  “You don’t have to like how I treat you for you to want me to fill you up, Patty.” He said crudely, and she shuddered, licking her lips. There was no way she could know what she was doing to him, with her smudged makeup, and drunk, wanting demeanor. Thor was experienced enough to know a facade when he saw one—he’d been seeing them and breaking through them for his own benefit his entire life. Patricia’s lip trembled, and she let out a low whine. 
  “I hate you.” She spat. “I hate you so much…” She writhed against him when he attached his mouth to her throat, tugging the slinky fabric of her top out of the way. “You— unh— you make me feel crazy.”
  Thor felt a possessive growl rise in his throat at her admission. “It never felt right with any of them, did it?” He breathed against her skin. “Never felt like me.” Thor was cocky about a lot of things, perhaps unduly, but his prowess as a lover was not one of them. 
  “No.” She admitted, her voice whiny, guilty, and angry all at the same time. “Never….” She gasped as he wrenched her shirt up, pulling at the cups of her bra to expose her breasts hungrily. “Nothing like you.” This sounded less like praise than Thor wanted, but he let it go in favor of tugging the cups of her bra down until they tore. “Hey!” 
  “Cheap lace.” He grunted disinterestedly. “I’ll buy you something better, baby.” He palmed one heavy breast in his hand, groaning inwardly as it threatened to spill over the sides. He remembered what Patricia’s body looked like before Amelia—lithe and tight, now replaced with wide, soft hips and ample breasts that threatened to drive him as crazy as she said he made her. “Something just for me…” Thor released her hands, but Patricia didn’t push him away, her hands coming to rest nervously on his broad shoulders. 
  “This isn’t supposed to be part of the deal,” She murmured, letting out a whine when he rolled her nipple roughly between his fingers. 
  “Fuck the deal.” Thor snapped, sliding his hands down her body until he met her jeans. He popped the button open easily, before easing a thick finger down into her slick folds. She moaned, ducking her head in embarassment, which Thor allowed with a dark chuckle. “Knew you’d be wet, Patty.” Thor spread his palm, grinding the heel of it into the swelling bud of her clit as he drove a single finger into her cunt. “Always wet for me…” He muttered appreciatively, burying his face in her hair. 
  He’d waited so long for this, waited so fucking long to have her again, he was almost giddy. Sure, Patricia would probably regret it tomorrow, but he would cross that bridge when he came to it. She clenched eagerly around his digit as she writhed against him, whining. 
  “Thor, not here!” She pleaded. “The bed… please?” He felt himself tighten. Was she asking him to fuck her in his bed? Oh gods . He’d been waiting to hear that… Thor felt his cock press hard against the seam of his pants, and he inhaled her scent deeply, thrusting his finger lazily into her a few more times before acquiescing. Her pussy clenched needily at his finger as he withdrew it, and Thor moaned aloud, anticipating how good she was going to feel wrapped around him.
  He sucked his middle finger clean of her as she watched, openmouthed and panting. “Get upstairs, then.” He drawled lowly, and Patty scrambled to obey. She stopped at the top of the stairs, waffling between his room and her own for a moment, but Thor delivered a light slap to her ass. She hissed and rounded on him, but he held a finger up to his lips. 
  “Amelia’s sleeping.” He gestured toward his own bedroom with a nod of his head—he’d break her of that soon enough, but for now, this was good. He closed the door behind himself, practically attacking Patricia as he pulled at her clothing. “Off, all of it.” He growled, tugging her jeans down her hips. He stopped for a moment to admire the lacy thong that matched the bra he’d ruined, before pulling that down too. Patricia tugged at his shirt with shaky, feverish fingers, exposing his broad chest to her questing hands. Next, they found the bun at the nape of his neck, loosing his hair from it. Thor didn’t usually like people touching his hair or his face, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care when she caressed the strong line of his jaw gently. 
  Patty allowed him to push her back onto the bed, her kinky hair spreading around her head like a dark halo. She looked up at him through her lashes, her lips kiss swollen. The bites he’d left at her throat were already darkening into bruises, and Thor groaned at the sight of them. How could anyone expect him to go back to Idunn after having Patricia laid out so perfectly before him? Jealousy rose in him once more at the thought of someone else seeing her like this, and irrationally Thor wished he could have been her first, too. 
  Her only. 
  He wanted to ruin Patricia for others the way she’d ruined him.
  Thor parted her thighs easily, settling himself between them. He could feel the nervous energy running through her muscles, and he stroked them idly with his thumbs as he dropped a kiss onto her clean shaven vulva. She smelled so good , something that was earthy and floral but distinctly her , and Thor found himself pressing his face into the soft skin of her thigh to leave an affectionate bite. 
  Patricia tried to reach a hand down and slide her fingers through her own soaking folds, but Thor pushed it away before laving his tongue down her slit. 
  “No touching.” He instructed, watching as she rolled her eyes, but lifted her arms above her head and clasping her hands obediently. “Good girl.” Her breath hitched at his words, and Thor smirked against her skin as he parted her with two gentle fingers. “You’re soaked, Patty.” He couldn’t help the mocking lilt that colored his voice. “For someone who hates me so much , you’re very eager, baby.” 
  He could feel Patricia readying another scathing response, and silenced her with a long, slow lick; sucking her swollen clit into his mouth and rolling his tongue against it. Her complaints died in a ragged moan that made Thor repeat the motion, earning him another for his trouble. 
  “Oh fuck , Thor—” He slid two fingers into her, letting out a muffled groan at her tightness. He curled them inside of her, scissoring them as he continued to tongue her clit until her thighs shook and she was writhing beneath him. “Nnng— Fuck, I’m gonna cu-um,” She whined, bucking her hips against his face. Thor pulled away as she began twitching, and Patricia cried out in frustration. 
  “Damn it, Thor, no—”
  “I’m revising the deal, Patty.” He murmured against her, sinking his fingers into her clenching heat deliberately slowly, keeping her teetering on the edge. He circled her hard clit with his thumb, refusing to touch her where he knew she needed it most. 
  “Wha—? Thor, I don’t think now is the time—” He thrust in again, flicking the throbbing flesh with the tip of his finger, and she hissed, throwing her head back. 
  “Three years.” He repeated his original demand. “You’re both mine for three years.” He snarled, continuing to play her body like an exacting musician. She was practically riding his face, emitting soft, yet urgent moans as he worked her into a frenzy with his tongue. Patty’s thighs shook with exertion, and her back bowed up off of the bed as she started to crest again. “Say it, Patricia,” Thor growled against her. “Give me what I want…” She came, sobbing out her release as he watched. 
  “Yes, fuck—yours, Thor—” Patty went to pieces, shuddering and tightening her thighs around his head as she cried out hoarsely. All Thor could think about was getting inside of her, finally fucking spending himself in the wet heat he’d been thinking about since they’d reconnected. He fumbled with his pants for a few seconds before tugging them down and kicking them off, fisting the hard length of his cock in his hand. 
  “Oh God,” She breathed, staring unseeingly up at the ceiling. She sat up on her elbows after a moment, watching him crawl over her with heated eyes. “This doesn’t change anything,” She muttered as he settled on top of her, caressing her still trembling flesh with a reverence that surprised even him. Her breath hitched as he slid up her body, sucking a puckered nipple into his mouth. 
  “It changes everything.” He responded, reaching between them to drag his fingers down her slit, eliciting a small whine. Thor stroked himself against her, his eyes rolling back at the feel of her slick entrance against the head of his cock. “I may be a lot of things, Patricia,” Thor let out a grunt as he pressed just inside, enjoying the way her eyes fluttered to half mast, even as her mouth formed a petulant pout at his words. “But I always keep my promises.” He thrust home, and she let out a strangled cry, her fingers coming up to dig into the flesh at his shoulders. 
  “Nnnnn— shit— ”
    “Yes,” He hissed, digging his fingers into her hips hard enough to bruise as he bore down with heavy, deep thrusts. “Take all of it…” Patty let out a mewl as he bent further over her, holding her soft hips tightly as he thrust in and withdrew over and over. Wet sucking noises echoed around them, and Thor snarled, burying his face in the crook of her neck and sinking his teeth into the skin there. 
  How was it possible that every time he was inside her it was better than he’d remembered? It was unnatural, the way she seemed to respond to his every touch with honest eagerness. Patricia, as if responding to his very thoughts, reached up to scratch her nails down his chest, leaving sparks of pleasure trailing across his skin. I want to get her pregnant again. The thought sent even more blood rushing to his cock and it throbbed inside of her, making Patty moan in response. Her pussy clenched tightly around him, signaling that she was close again too. 
  The first time had been accidental, but to do it on purpose… Imagining her all swollen with his seed, his claim obvious to anyone who looked at her was enough to send him over the edge. “You need me to fill that pussy up, don’t you good girl?” He growled, thrusting in once, twice, before pressing his cock against her cervix hard as he came. She shuddered around him, her cunt sucking hungrily at his throbbing cock as she came apart at his hands again. Thor groaned, resting his forehead against hers for a moment as he came back to himself. 
  He didn’t want to pull out—it felt too good stuck fast inside Patricia’s wet heat. Thor rolled off of her, wrapping her in his arms as he laid on his back, keeping Patricia nervously straddling his waist. She tried to dismount, but he stopped her with a hand on her thigh. 
  “No, stay.” 
  She raised an eyebrow. “But… I should go,” She said somewhat awkwardly, folding her arms over her breasts as though he hadn’t just seen them. More than seen, he thought smugly. “If… If Amelia wakes up, she won’t know where to find me.” 
  “She’s a smart girl,” Thor intoned, reaching for the lights. “She’ll figure it out.” HIs tone brokered no room for argument, and though that had never stopped Patty before, she sighed. She wiggled her hips irritatedly. 
  “I don’t want to fight. I’m tired and my head hurts,” She said. “At least let me… get off.” She gestured at where their bodies were still joined. Thor was still half hard, and he gave an experimental thrust. Patricia bit her lip, silencing a moan. “Come on.” 
  “Fine,” He groused, though he thrust in another few times before releasing his hold on her hips. Patricia settled against him stiffly, jerking when he circled her body with one arm, tugging her closer. He’d never slept with Idunn like this—or at all. 
  Will it be worth it?
  Patty woke up in parts, slowly coming back to awareness through the haze of the hangover. She could feel her head throbbing from the sunlight that was coming in through the open blinds, and when she groaned in displeasure, her tongue stuck to the roof of her dry mouth. She flung an arm across her face, sighing in relief at the darkness. 
  A loud snore startled her, and she jumped, whipping her aching head around. Oh shit. She hadn’t forgotten the night before exactly , but it all seemed to rush back with shocking clarity, and Patricia moaned, slapping a frustrated hand to her forehead. He’d done it again. Convinced her with that silver tongue and busy hands, and now… What the hell did I agree to last night? She sat up slowly, rubbing her temples. 
  There was no way he could hold her to that, could he? Did it count as a verbal agreement when you were three knuckles deep in someone? FUCK. Patty glared at the sleeping man next to her, scowling when for a moment, her gaze softened. 
  No. She wasn’t going to waver, she couldn’t. Amelia’s security depended on her working out… whatever this was with Thor. He didn’t seem to understand that he could have Amelia without Patricia too—or rather, he didn’t want just Amelia, which was the worst part of all. She crept slowly out of bed, tip toeing across the floor over to the door. She peeked out—the hallway was empty. She headed for her own room, stopping for a change of clothes before making a beeline for the bathroom. She could still feel his hands on her, running so deceptively gently over her heated skin…
  There was a part of her—larger than she would ever admit—that felt... pleased at his jealousy. That he wanted her that much. Patty scowled beginning to soap up. She stepped out of the a short while later, hurriedly dressed in pajamas. Amelia was usually awake by then, but when Patricia checked her room, she was still sound asleep. 
  I guess Thor wore her out. Patty rubbed a sore spot on her hip and frowned. That makes two of us.  
  She’d half been expecting panicked phone calls for help, but none had come—allowing her to actually have fun. Well, until she’d come home drunk and Thor had pounced on her like a jealous, hungry wolf. It had been nice, drinking with her work acquaintances, and Peter, well… He’d been nice too. They’d agreed it would all just be friendly, but he’d been more than pleasant to talk to after everyone else had gone. And then… everything had all gone wrong. 
  Patricia walked over to the bed, switching off the night-light before sitting softly on the bed. It was already past eight, and Amelia was usually awake long before that. But today, she was still sleeping. 
  “Amelia, sweetheart are you feeling okay?” Patricia rubbed a worried hand over Amelia’s forehead. It didn’t feel warm. She stirred sleepily, rubbing her eyes. “Hey, sweets. How you feelin’? How was it with Thor?” 
  “I eated too much pizza, mommy.” She said after a thoughtful moment. “I dance too,” She added, grinning at the apparent memory. Patricia snorted. Clearly Thor hadn’t yet mastered the “do not feed gremlin after midnight” rule when it came to Amelia’s bedtime. No doubt he’d been intending to establish himself as the fun parent, but it had backfired on him, at least a little. 
  “Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have fun too?” Patricia asked, beginning to run her fingers through Amelia’s hair, undoing the tangles of the day before. She nodded vigorously. 
  “Yeah! Door is my friend!” She exclaimed enthusiastically, and Patty felt guilt answer deep in her gut. She needed to tell her, she just… wasn’t sure how. The last thing she wanted to do was traumatize her daughter forever, a desire that stood on a razor’s edge. She swallowed thickly. “Mommy?” Patty felt her daughter’s small hand on her face, and her heart melted. 
  “I’m fine, sweetheart. Let’s get you some breakfast.” 
  It seemed as though he thought that by virtue of sleeping together, the matter of their dysfunctional non-relationship was solved. Just because Patty’s body seemed to crave him like she had some strange addiction didn’t mean that she had to indulge it. It was starting to feel hard to label these as accidents, not when it didn’t seem like Thor was sorry for them in the least, and was actively trying to encourage her back into his bed each time she left it. Patty couldn’t shake the shame floating around in the back of her mind, either. How could she have done this again ? Allowed him past her defenses another time and let him work his detestable magic on her?
  Three more years of this…  
  That seemed an impossible length of time to put up with Thor’s petulant attitude and constant sexual pressure. And giving in… that was unthinkable. 
  Wasn’t it?
  Patricia’s mind wandered as she fixed a toaster waffle for Amelia, and cut it up into pieces for her. Thor wanted to use that time to influence her, force her to bend to whatever social pressures he himself had already allowed to run his life, and though the reward would be a cushy, safe existence, Patty wasn’t sure if the price was worth it. Not to mention that allowing Thor to treat her like a trophy would grow old. He was the kind of man who was thrilled by conquest, and if she just piped down and let him control everything, she’d find herself walked all over. 
  “Good morning.” Thor’s smooth baritone sent a shiver up her spine, and Patricia had to will herself not to turn or to tense, her posture remaining relaxed. “How are you feeling, Amelia?” He asked, stopping to give her arm an affectionate squeeze as he made his way over to the coffee pot. It was always easy to pretend when Amelia was there, neither of them wanted to cause her any undue upset. 
  “Better,” Amelia chirped through a mouthful of waffle. “Mommy braid my hair, see?” She said excitedly, pointing at the six large braids in her kinky hair, all finished with shiny bubble hair ties.
  “I love it,” Thor said, exaggerating his excitement for her benefit. It worked, and Amelia grinned up at him. She was fond of him, that much Patricia was sure of. He glanced up at her, his gaze hot, and Patty found herself swallowing thickly. How could he be so… hungry for her, as if he hadn’t just been buried so deep inside her that Patty feared she might actually never be rid of him? Just last night, in fact? She was suddenly glad for the birth control injection she’d been maintaining regularly since Amelia was born. If he could get her pregnant again just to control her, Patricia didn’t doubt for a moment that he would. 
  “Good morning Patricia,” He rumbled, pulling her close as he buried his face in her hair. She swallowed. He’d never been so forward in front of Amelia before and she was so young and impressionable… What if she started making assumptions about their relationship? He squeezed her tighter, and Patricia braced her hands against his chest. Thor grinned down at her. “Sleep well?” 
  “Just fine, thank you,” She snapped, pulling herself away from him. Patty didn’t want her brain going to mush at his touch again, so she would have to be more careful with herself. He wasn’t pleased, but he didn’t protest it, watching her move away with narrowed eyes. She could feel his gaze resting on her, her skin heating up as his eyes traveled over her. Patty hated the way her body seemed to know and respond to him—it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that she should despise him so much and want him all at the same time. 
  “Testy?” He asked smugly, fixing her with a knowing smirk. 
  Patricia didn’t grace him with a response, instead focusing her attention on Amelia, who was still going to town on her plate of waffles. “Mels, what do you want to do today? Mom has all day off, so we can do anything you like.” Amelia grinned at her with a mouth full of food. 
  “Wanna go to the Zoo, mommy.” She said after a thoughtful moment. “Cause I want to see the aminals.” 
  “Animals,” Patty corrected gently. It was late spring, and the weather was certainly nice enough for a walk around the Bronx Zoo. 
  “That sounds like fun,” Thor interjected, and Patricia sighed inwardly. Of course he was going to want to come. He wouldn’t miss an outing with Amelia—especially not one where he would get the opportunity to do a little bonding. Patricia couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at the way Amelia’s eyes lit up at his interest. Patty had only spent every spare moment for the past three years raising their child and keeping almost nothing for herself, but in waltzed Thor with his gadgets and goddamn bank account , and Amelia was just as happy with him as she was with her mother. 
  “Door can come too!” 
  Patty glanced at Thor, who was nodding, patting Amelia’s curly head affectionately. “Of course, sweetness. I wouldn’t dream of missing it. You know if we get there early enough we can watch them feed the lions.” He leaned down conspiratorially, stage whispering to their giggling daughter. Her eyes went wide, and she turned excitedly to Patricia. 
  “Can we go, mommy? I wanna go,” her voice turned whiny, a quality Patricia had noticed was increasing the longer they were around Thor. It seemed that was a technique that worked well on him. 
  “Of course, babes. That sounds like a lot of fun.” She replied, steeling herself for a day with Thor. He was handsy all morning—touching her arms, her waist, her hair— her only respite was an escape into the shower, locking the door behind her. She ran mouse and leave-in conditioner through her damp locks, watching her own face in the steamy bathroom mirror. She stared at the large purple hickey he’d left on the side of her throat, tracing it with her fingers. Patricia didn’t make the same vow she did last time—she was growing tired of promising herself that she would never let Thor touch her again, only to give in under the pressure of his knowing hands. 
  Patricia slipped into a pair of well fitting jeans, tucking a loose button up shirt into them before slipping her purse over her shoulder. Thor had volunteered to get Amelia ready, and she approached the kitchen with trepidation. Amelia had a penchant for picking out the most ridiculous clothes she could find, and with how much of a push-over Thor seemed to be when it came to putting his foot down with her, Patricia wouldn’t have been surprised to find her daughter in rain boots, a tutu and her swimsuit. 
  I’m actually impressed.  
  Thor had managed to wrangle her into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, which Patty was thankful for—more than appropriate for the zoo. She straightened up, looking at Thor. He’d dressed down, though Patty hadn’t much thought that was possible. Everything was probably still designer, but the unzipped hoodie, t-shirt and jeans were a far cry from his usual business-casual attire. “I figure we’ll hop on the 2 train straight there.” 
  Thor snorted. “Why? We’ll drive, it’ll be easier.” He said authoritatively, and Patty shook her head. 
  “Have you ever… been to the Bronx Zoo on a weekend, Thor? It’s going to take like… an hour if we try to drive. Trust me, it’ll be much faster on the train.” She knew he hated taking public transportation, like it was some sort of affront. But rarely, Patricia got to be both smug and right, and this was one of those instances. Besides, she wanted Amelia to know how to get around, and not be too snobby or too reliant to take a damn train. “If we buy our tickets online, it’ll be faster too,” She said placatingly.
  Thor looked like he was going to disagree on principle, but Amelia distracted him, grabbing onto his hand excitedly. “Door! Aminals, we gonna see aminals!” Patricia used that to her advantage in true Thor style, buying the tickets as he responded to her energetic chatter. 
  “Come on, the train comes pretty regularly, and we’re only like six blocks away.” He pursed his lips at Patty’s badgering. 
  It was worth the irritation of getting him a metro-card and forcing him to touch the turnstyle, which he complained was “probably filthy”, just to see him jostled uncomfortably among strangers while Amelia continued to talk at him, completely oblivious to his discomfort. The closer they got to the zoo, the fewer people were on the train.
  “What animals do you like, Amelia?” He asked. 
  “I li-ike… bears. And monkeys!” She grinned up at him, and Patricia was suddenly struck with just how much Amelia looked like him. It was stupid to even try and hide it. Even though she’d done her best to try and erase Thor’s impact on her life, that too had been an impossible mission.
  The zoo was as crowded as Patty thought it would be, but it was easy enough to navigate around. Not only did they manage to catch the feeding of the lions, they got to see the bears getting fed as well, which Amelia was especially excited about. 
  “I can’t see,” She whined, standing on her tip-toes, trying ineffectively to see over the adults in front of her. Patty tried to make room around them, squeeze past the other people in the crowd, but she wasn’t making much progress. 
  “Excuse us.” Thor spoke loudly, his voice forceful and intimidating. Patty jumped, and the three people in front of them did likewise, making room instantly. I suppose it is helpful to have a six foot bully on your side, Patricia thought to herself, though she stepped into the new space gratefully. Thor swept Amelia up onto his shoulders, pointing down at the bears. “Look, see? They’re putting out the meat for them.” He said, glancing up at Amelia’s excited face. Patty was suddenly struck with the desire to take a picture. God help her, it was cute, the two of them together. 
  She wasn’t sure what had changed between them, but it seemed like he was eager to heap affection on her today. To show her he could be something other than surly and demanding, and Patricia hated to say… it was working. Rationalizing that Amelia would want to see pictures of herself and her father, Patricia quietly took a few, hoping that Thor wouldn’t notice. If he did, he’d preen, and she wanted… natural pictures. 
  Patty shoved her phone back into her pocket as Amelia turned around. “Mommy, mommy, see the bears?” She asked excitedly, pointing down at the enclosure. “Grr!” 
  “Oh my goodness, is that a bear? How did a bear get out?” Patty exclaimed, looking around wildly while Amelia giggled from Thor’s shoulders.  Amelia growled again, and this time, Thor took part. 
  “We’re just going to have to leave this baby bear at the zoo, I suppose,” He said, turning away from the bears as they finished feeding. “Any idea where I can drop her off?” He asked Patricia, winking conspiratorially. In spite of herself, she grinned back at him, before cupping her hands around her mouth as if she were calling to anyone who could hear her. 
  “Any zoo keepers around? We’ve got a baby bear here that needs to go back right away!” Amelia’s giggles continued as they walked. Amelia clamored down off of Thor’s shoulders to walk between them, holding both of their hands. For a moment, Patricia was tempted to pretend that this was her normal—a nice, family outing with her husband. 
  Husband? The thought made her stumble a little. Where in the hell had that come from? Thor was barely one night stand material, let alone husband material. He was good with Amelia— so far— but that didn’t have any bearing on their relationship… Did it? Seeing the two of them interact so sweetly was tugging on Patty’s heartstrings, and she was afraid for a moment that it was all an act. 
  “Door, I can have ice cream?” Amelia asked, sticking her lower lip out and batting her eyelashes at her father. She’d already learned how to play him easily, and Thor caved instantly. 
  “Of course, sweet pea. What flavor do you want?” Patty watched as he allowed her to lead him over to one of the stalls, pointing at the flavors visible through the case. Patricia sat down heavily on a bench, before pulling her phone out while she waited for them. The pictures she’d taken were still pulled up, and after a moment’s consideration, she forwarded them to Wanda. 
  P: look at your girl.  
  The first picture was from the side, with Amelia perched on Thor’s shoulders, pointing excitedly down at the enclosure. Thor was looking up at her adoringly, his handsome face bearing the first genuine smile Patricia had ever seen on it. 
  W: Awww! 🥺 My baby is getting so big. And is that Thor I see??? 👀You guys doing family outings now, girl?  
  Patty could practically hear the tone in Wanda’s text. 
    P: I can’t exactly tell him he can’t come to the zoo with his kid. Especially not when she invites him, lol.
  W: What ever you say. Just remember your mission: Operation drive him so crazy he leaves you alone forever.
  Patricia sighed. If there was one place she and Thor seemed to be evenly matched, it was in their tempers. He seemed less keen now on letting them go than he’d ever been. She’d been banking on him finding parenthood disgusting and time consuming—but strangely, he seemed to be adapting. Amelia certainly liked him—more than liked him, she trusted him.
  P: Right. I didn’t know that was what we were calling it, but… Okay. 
  “Mommy, look what we got!” Her daughter’s ever excited voice drew Patricia’s attention away from her phone. The two of them had returned from the ice cream stand, bearing not two, but three cones. 
  “Amelia said you like pistachio.” Thor replied, his eyes burning into hers. He pressed the cone into her hand while Amelia nodded approvingly. “Well, she said you like ‘the green one’, so I made my best guess. You don’t seem to be one of those heathens who eats mint chocolate chip.” 
  Patricia tried to hold it in, but the peal of laughter escaped her anyway. “You’re right about that.” She licked at the sides, stopping the melted bits from dripping onto her fingers. She caught Thor licking his own lips as he watched her, mirroring the movement. Her cheeks burned. “Thanks. You didn’t have to get me anything.” 
  Thor rolled his eyes and sat down on the bench next to her while Amelia clamored into his lap after shoving her own ice cream into his free hand. “Well I thought you looked so hot sitting here on the bench, so I wanted to refresh you.” He drawled, and goosebumps rose on Patty’s skin. She scooted away from him until their thighs were no longer touching. 
  “The last thing I need is ice cream,” Patty replied, though she continued to consume the frozen treat. She poked her own thigh. “If I keep this up, it won’t be baby weight any more.” She lamented, sighing. 
  “Though I don’t believe your body needs any work other than the work I’d like to give it—” Patricia’s hand snaked out to slap his arm in warning, glancing pointedly down at Amelia, who wasn’t paying the least bit attention to their conversation. “—there is a gym in the building. I can set up your membership if you’d like, since you’re a tenant now.” 
  Patricia cocked her head at him, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. “Do I have to… do anything for this membership?” She asked, and he frowned, rolling his eyes. 
  “Patricia, really. Stop treating me like a dirty old man every time I try to do something nice for you. It’s off putting.” Patty held in the biting retort that he was a dirty old man, but only barely. 
  “You’re not exactly in the business of offering handouts,” She replied. “I’m just being careful. I can’t really afford any more of your… deals. ” He chuckled, ruffling Amelia’s hair. 
  “Just because you don’t like the terms now doesn’t mean you get to renege on your end of the bargain.” Ah yes, here he was. The Thor she knew all too well was back— the smooth talker, the master manipulator. She wished he’d kept a lid on it for just a little longer, at least then she could have continued to enjoy the zoo. Now Patricia was reminded of the gilded cage she’d willingly entered, handing Thor the only key on her way in.
  Her face heated. “I’m not—! And I didn’t—” He fixed her with a look. “We’ll discuss this later,” She snapped. 
  When they got back to the apartment, Amelia was worn out and cranky, fussing whenever Thor tried to put her down. Patty couldn’t help the envy that flared to life in her chest at the sight of it. 
  “Mels you’re a big girl now, and big girls walk by themselves—” Amelia let out a whine as tears began gathering in her big, blue eyes. Patty backed off, watching jealously as Thor walked their daughter up the stairs and put her down for a late nap. It was already late afternoon, they would be lucky if her entire sleep schedule wasn’t thrown off. Patricia was on the couch, rubbing her feet when Thor came back down. 
  “I’ve never seen a child lust after ice cream so much,” He said tiredly, seating himself next to her. 
  “I’m pretty sure she’s got it in her veins or something.” Patty leaned back against the sofa. “She’s been a fiend for it ever since she was a baby.” 
  Thor chuckled. “I’d like to have seen that.” Whether intentional or not, his words made guilt settle in Patty’s stomach. Amelia had a right to know. 
  “I want to tell Amelia soon.” She said, and his eyes lit up. 
  “Yes. I mean… As hilarious as I find ‘door’, I have a feeling ‘dad’ might be easier.” Thor chuckled at this.
  “Thank you, Patricia.” Patty was struck by the honesty in his voice. It wasn’t too often that his words weren’t laced with some hidden meaning. 
  “You’re welcome.” 
  Thor went off to work on some things at the kitchen counter, while Patricia busied herself checking emails, and deciding what to make for dinner. Something buzzed loudly, and Thor cursed behind her. She peeked over the back of the couch to watch as he picked up his phone, frowning. Instead of taking the call there at the table, he quickly strode across the kitchen and living room to his office, shutting the door. She strained her ears, but couldn’t make out what he was saying, only that his voice seemed to raise in volume, like he was upset. Patty padded over to the door, pressing her ear gently against it. 
  “—not being reasonable, Idunn.” Silence. “And what did Loki tell you?” Another pause. “And that’s exactly what I said. You’re— fuck —you know what? Tell him. I’m done playing this stupid game with you, Idunn.” 
  Idunn… that was the woman who’d come to the apartment the week before. Patty grimaced. He was still in contact with her? After what she’d said about their daughter? Uncertainty grew in her, but before she could digest any further, angry footsteps pounded toward the door. Patty threw herself away, and sped back to the couch as his office door was thrown open, and Thor stomped angrily toward the elevator. 
  “Thor…?” She called his name questioningly, and he paused. 
  “I’ll be back later.” Was the only explanation he gave her, before punching the elevator call button heatedly. “Try not to burn down the apartment.” He drawled as the doors slid shut, barring Patty from responding to his dig. She rolled her eyes. 
  The doors dinged again, and for a moment, she worried he might have supernatural hearing, and was coming back to lay into her, but when they opened, it was someone Patricia had never seen before. Tall and lanky, with wavy black hair that fell around his shoulders. If Thor was smolderingly handsome, then this man was the opposite, handsome yes, but icy. Cold. He stepped out of the elevator and looked around, before clucking his tongue disapprovingly. 
  “Always has to buy the most expensive things. I’m always telling him money doesn’t account for taste,” The man said to Patricia, who continued to gawk at him as he kicked his dress shoes off in the entryway. 
  “...Who are you? And how the hell did you get in?” She asked, her eyes roving the room for potential weapons. As if he sensed her trepidation, he grinned at her. 
  “I’m Loki. Thor’s brother.” 
To be continued...
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boxofbonesfic · 7 days ago
Pattycakes (Chapter 5)
Title: Pattycakes
Summary: Like they say, it really does just take one time... Patricia Hodgins knows that better than anyone. She’s got even worse luck when it comes to her child’s father: Billionaire playboy Thor Odinson. He’s selfish and manipulative; and Patty’s not sure which outcome frightens her more—killing him or letting him worm his way into her heart.
Pairing: Thor x Black OFC
Rating: Explicit
Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4
Warnings: Manipulation, Possessive behavior, Mildly dubious consent, Breeding Kink, Age Difference (significant but not extreme), Stalking (light stalking though lol), Past Relationships, Class drama, Dad!Thor, Character improvement
A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to move this chapter over here, I got kind of busy, and just was feeling bleh, but I’m here with the updates! 😂 
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! 😘
Chapter 5: Rock-a-bye
Thor’s secret gets out, and Patricia is forced to confront some hard truths.
“Mommy where my room?” Amelia’s excited squeal echoed loudly through the large apartment. She’d kicked her shoes off as soon as they arrived in the penthouse, bouncing excitedly around the open space. Thor had already called the movers—and paid them too. 
  He’d meant it when he’d told Patricia he didn’t want any more delays. And when he hadn’t heard from her, he’d decided to go straight to the source. Why argue with Patricia over texts when he could do it in person, staring down her low cut t-shirt as she fought against the inevitable? 
  There was little Thor had ever wanted that he hadn’t gotten, whether through privilege, or by simply taking it, and though he couldn’t explain it, he wanted…Patricia. Amelia. And if the only way he could get them was by exploiting Patricia’s fear that he might win a custody battle, Thor wasn’t above doing so.
  He’d been so close to fucking her right there in the kitchen—it probably wouldn’t have taken too much more convincing—but his daughter’s riotous giggles made him second guess the urge. Besides, it was better to only push one agenda at a time, and it was clear that having Patricia’s obedience would take more than idle threats. You caught more flies with honey, as the saying went. 
  “I don’t know baby. I think upstairs?” She asked, turning to look at Thor, who nodded. 
  “Yes. Come on, I’ll show you.” 
  Amelia scampered up the stairs, half crawling on her hands and knees. She ran the few feet to the first door, pointing as he came up behind her, eyes wide with excitement. “Dis one?!” He hoped Amelia liked her new room—he’d spent time poring over every furniture catalogue he could get his hands on, and though some things hadn’t come in yet, he was fairly confident that he’d done a good job. 
  “Yes, Amelia, this is your room now.” He reached past her to open the door, and Amelia shot inside just as Patricia came up the stairs and rounded the corner. There was a huge bay window on one side, and the stark white walls had been painted a soft yellow, with images of horses running all along it—he knew she liked horses, and had asked specifically for them to be included. The plain light fixture in the center of the ceiling had been replaced with a hanging moon and star. She didn’t have a bed, or furniture set up, though the pieces lay against the wall, waiting to be assembled. 
  “This is a nice room, Thor.” Patricia said tightly. He could see she meant it, even if it was grudging. It was substantially larger than the room she’d had in Patricia’s apartment—it was easily double it’s size, with room for a much bigger corner for Amelia’s books and bean bag. The view—which she would only come to appreciate when she was older—was nothing to sneeze at either. The city lay spread out before her like a picture, the fading afternoon sun painting the room even brighter gold And that wasn’t even mentioning the antique rocking horse he'd stationed in one corner, or drivable miniature car in the other. He hadn’t quite been able to curb the urge to shower her with gifts—make up for lost time. 
  “You should say thank you, Amelia.” Patricia instructed, sighing with resignation. “Jesus, is that a mini Maserati?” She muttered, cutting her eyes at him. 
  “Thank you,” She repeated dutifully. “Mommy, where my books?” She asked, looking around confusedly. Her brows furrowed as she looked between the two of them, waiting for an explanation. 
  “They’ll be here tomorrow, with everything else from the old apartment,” Thor answered. He knew, of course, that that meant they would be sleeping with him that night, but he didn’t mind the thought of it quite so much, so long as Patricia kept Amelia’s tiny fists and feet away from his head. Instead of being reassured, Amelia’s face crumpled further as her lip trembled. “You don’t have to worry about them, they’ll be here.” He meant for it to be an assurance, but he could tell it wasn’t taking. 
  “But I want them now!” She whined, peering up at him with watery eyes before turning to her mother as though she would get a different answer. “Mommy!”
  “They’re on the truck, Mels, like Thor said. Mommy can’t get them. You’re just going to have to be a big girl and get by with the books we have for tonight.” Patricia crouched down and tried to rub a soothing hand across Amelia’s cheek, but it seemed she wouldn’t be deterred, pushing her mother’s hand away fiercely. 
  “No, now!” She argued, her voice rising in volume until she was yelling. Patricia knelt in front of her, trying to calm her down, but it appeared too late for that. Thor grimaced. Thus far, all of his interactions with Amelia had been wonderful. She’d been very good on their walk to the store, holding his hand, and chattering at him quicker than he had time to process it. Now, however, her toffee colored cheeks were red with anger, and she rubbed her teary eyes as she stomped her foot. 
  “Amelia, enough.” He said sternly, crossing his arms. His voice was loud and authoritative, with the intent of stopping her fit in its tracks. This only served to incense her further, and she burst into tears, wailing loudly as she crumbled to the floor in a tantrum. Oh shit. Patricia heaved an exasperated sigh, and glared up at him
  “Real nice, Thor.” She muttered, picking the screaming toddler up and cradling her to her chest as she continued to cry and struggle. “Don’t yell at her like that.” She snapped, stroking Amelia’s hair. Thor wanted to interject that he hadn’t yelled at her, but he doubted that distinction would matter to his wailing daughter and her irritated mother. 
  “She didn’t nap today, we’ve been moving around a lot, it’s no wonder she’s feeling testy.” Patricia explained, rolling her eyes. Thor could tell there were more words she wanted to let loose, scathing ones that would likely set his own temper raging. Her tone made it clear she felt the information she was dispensing was obvious— To you, maybe. He groused inwardly. 
  Amelia whimpered in her arms, and she grimaced. “Where am we sleeping? I’m going to try and put her down for a nap, it’s the only thing that’ll stop this.” She said quietly, and Thor fought the wide grin that threatened to spread across his face. Patricia had requested her own room—a request Thor had not fulfilled. 
  “Your bed isn’t here yet either.” He replied smoothly, not bothering to keep the smug smirk off of his face. Patricia glared at him, tight lipped and marched past him back out into the hallway, likely heading for his bedroom. Thor couldn’t help but enjoy riling Patty up. He hadn’t changed many things there either, and he saw her stop and roll her eyes at his massive bed before crawling onto it and laying Amelia down. 
  Amelia was still sniffling, clinging tightly to her mother as she tried to extricate herself. “Mels, I’m just going to go get your bottle from the bag downstairs—”
  “No!” She sobbed, holding tighter. “No, no, mommy!” Patricia looked up at Thor helplessly. Amelia had graduated from attempting to push Patricia away to refusing to let go of her, wailing. 
  “Can you get the duffel bag from downstairs, please? I think I have a bottle all made up for her already.” 
  “A bottle? Patricia she’s three.” He said disbelievingly. He knew little about child rearing, it was true, but surely three was too old to still be drinking from a bottle, wasn’t it? The vitriol with which Patty was glaring at him, however, spoke otherwise. 
  “Yes, Thor. Three. ” Her voice carried an air of finality that made Thor bristle, and he opened his mouth to respond—but was cut off by Amelia’s loud sniffle. He turned on his heel and strode out of the room. The bag Patricia had mentioned was sitting by the steps, and upon opening it Thor saw that it was full of things for Amelia. Changes of clothes, small toys, snacks, and formula for toddlers. In one of the side pockets, he found a lidded sippy cup containing what he assumed was Amelia’s juice. 
  When he returned to his bedroom, Patricia was seated cross-legged in the center of the bed, rocking a still testy Amelia back and forth as she rubbed soothing circles on her back. The toddler eyed him suspiciously as he crawled onto the bed on his knees awkwardly, holding her bottle. “Here, Amelia.” He patted his lap, hoping to entice her into sitting with him while she drank it, but Amelia let out a distrustful little whine and fidgeted. 
  “Come on, Mels. Thor went and got your bottle for you, what do we say?” She looked down at the fussy child in her lap. Amelia scowled and threw a frustrated little fist at the bed beside them. “Amelia.” Patricia replied sternly. “What do we say?” 
  “...Thank you.” 
  “Okay. Now do you want to go sit—” Patricia’s voice was drowned out by an answering wail as Amelia shook her head so hard her hair flew around it wildly.
  “No, don’t wanna! No, mommy!” Patricia looked apologetically at Thor, who handed her the bottle without further argument. He couldn’t keep the angry look off of his face, however, and he heard Patricia swallow audibly. Amelia calmed instantly, holding the handles on either side of the bottle as her eyes grew lidded. Patricia continued to rock her slowly, patting her back when she let out a sad little hiccup. 
  Thor rose from the bed, his fists clenched tightly. Why? Why would she react so poorly to him? They’d been just fine the other morning when he’d taken her out to help him get breakfast. It just… didn’t make sense. Thor narrowed his eyes as he made his way back downstairs, and over to the liquor cabinet. It was late afternoon, but it wasn’t as though he had anything else to do. By the time Patricia joined him at the table, he’d downed two glasses of scotch already. 
  “Starting early?” She asked snippily as she sat down across from him, her lips pursed with distaste.
  “What are you telling Amelia about me?” He asked bluntly. Patricia’s mouth fell open in surprise and she sputtered. “She hates me.” The bitterness he’d been trying unsuccessfully to keep out of his voice dripped steadily from his words. What he wasn’t expecting, was a surprised peal of laughter from Patricia, who quickly clapped a hand over her mouth as her shoulders continued to shake. Thor gripped his glass tighter. “This is amusing to you?” He spat. “We’ll see how amusing it is when my—”
  “Yes, Thor, your lawyers.” Patricia snorted. “You’re this upset because your daughter had a tantrum? Newsflash, Thor: you’re a stranger. ” He bristled at this, but Patricia rolled her eyes and continued. “Amelia doesn’t know you . It takes time to build that kind of relationship. You can’t buy it,” She replied pointedly. 
  Thor took another angry sip of his drink. He knew it was silly to expect her to latch onto him like she clearly did Patricia, but he still couldn’t help the burning jealousy that threatened to overwhelm him. In his mind, it was even less fair because Amelia hadn’t had the time or the choice to get to know him. 
  “I’m not telling her bad things about you, Thor.” Patricia said softly, reaching out to touch the back of his hand. “I promise.” He studied her face for a moment, looking for the lie—but found none. He hadn’t realized how much he really wanted her to stare at him with the same adoration until he’d found she didn’t. A
  He drained his glass and sighed. “I suppose I just… She’s my daughter too,” He replied, somewhat petulantly. Patricia nodded. 
  “She is, I’m not denying that.” Any more. “She’ll come around, Thor. You just have to be patient. Amelia’s a sweet kid, I’m sure…” Patty sighed long-sufferingly. “I’m sure she’ll love you in no time.” Surprisingly, Patricia’s platitudes did make him feel just a little better. Were it Idunn, she’d be sulking until he bought her something shiny and expensive. Patricia cleared her throat. “Can we talk about my bed?” 
  Thor rolled his eyes. Here we fucking go. “It’s not here yet.” He lied smoothly, declining to mention the fact that he hadn’t ordered it. It had been nice waking up with Patricia and Amelia, and even better to fall asleep with Patty’s body fitted so snugly into the hollow of his own. 
  “Thor, please. Let’s not play this game. I can buy it myself if you’re feeling too prickly about it.” Thor furrowed his brow at her jab.
  “I can afford a bed for you.” He scoffed. 
  “So what, you just don’t want to?” She snapped. “I meant it when I said we should be focusing on Amelia. Isn’t that the whole reason you’re doing all...this?” 
  Patricia was half right. He did want to involve himself in his daughter’s life, and he did want to be present for her. At the same time, the virulent desire to punish Patricia for her transgressions remained. Along with it, was the strange urge to have her wholly and completely to himself. He understood it about as well as as he cared to—Thor was more in the habit of assuaging his desires than he was into examining them. 
  “I’m doing this, Patricia,” he said smoothly, grasping her hand in his own and stroking his large thumb over her knuckles. “Because you owe me.” He could see the indignation and anger on her facial features. “Because you took something from me that I can never replace.” He would never see Amelia learn to walk, or to talk, there was no amount of money that would rewind the years for him. 
  “Thor, I—”
  “You what, Patricia?” He asked, bringing her hand up to his lips. He felt her shudder at the contact. 
  She snatched her hand from his to point at him accusingly. “Look. I’m not doing this with you, Thor. I said I would come here so that… so that you wouldn’t take her from me, not so that you could make me into a housepet!” Thor gritted his teeth. Brute force had always worked well for him, but he kept butting up against seemingly impenetrable walls when it came to Patricia. It would be much harder to force her hand with Amelia around, he knew. Perhaps it was time to employ the same technique he had with Stark—give just a little, to get a whole lot more. 
He wanted Patricia—wanted her as often as he could have her with as little resistance as possible. 
  “Fine.” He’d caught her mid-sentence, and Patricia sputtered, the steam going out of her in her surprise. 
  “I said fine. I’ll have something here in an hour.” He sent off an irritated text to one of his many “assistants”, instructing them to pick up a queen sized bed from the closest Pottery Barn—it didn’t matter what it looked like, Patricia wouldn’t be using it very long if he had his way. And Thor Odinson usually had his way.
  “Oh.” She looked at him suspiciously. “Really? I-I can pay for it myself,” She said again, and Thor shook his head. 
  “I’ll take care of it. I told you I would, so I will.” Patricia’s trust— and her compliance— wouldn’t come easily. 
  When Clint finally came by with the movers, Patricia was almost as excited as Amelia, bouncing on her toes as they unloaded the bed. They set everything up easily, and when Thor brought a set of sheets for her, she was laying in the center with her legs dangling off of the side. She sat up to look at him quizzically. 
  “Thank you, Thor.” She said grudgingly. “I… Just...thanks.” 
  “You’re welcome, Patricia.” He deposited them on the edge of the bed, and for a moment, he found himself tempted to tug her forward for a kiss—but dismissed it. That wasn’t the relationship they had. He watched her struggle with the bedspread for a few amusing minutes before crossing the hallway back into his own room. Amelia was still sleeping soundly in the center of his bed, snoring softly. Patricia had surrounded her with pillows, which Amelia had prompt spread out over, her arms and legs sticking out at awkward angles. 
  In spite of himself, Thor smiled. Adorable. It had been a long day for her, waking up early to pack as many boxes as they could, and then sitting in the car while Patricia and Thor sniped back and forth at one another. No wonder she was tired and cranky. Maybe Patricia was right. He sat down on the bed gingerly, careful not to disturb her too much. It really was amazing, how much she looked like both of them. She wrinkled her nose in her sleep, and Thor grinned. 
  “Real cute when she sleeps, isn’t she?” Patricia asked quietly from behind him. She’d clearly bested the fitted sheet, and was now standing next to the bed, quietly observing their daughter alongside him. “Sometimes I can’t believe I made her.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her raise an unconscious hand to her stomach. Unexpected bitterness filled him—-he’d missed that as well. 
  “Did you… I mean, did you always want….” Thor trailed off, unsure of how to ask. If he’d been in her position, he couldn’t say he’d have kept a baby. Unmarried, fresh out of school… For the first time, Thor fleetingly thought about what it must have been like for her. Had her parents supported her? Had they been disappointed? He swallowed thickly at the thought; the weight of Odin’s disappointment was often crushing. 
  “Did I want an abortion?” Patricia asked, and for the first time when their eyes met, there was no anger or hurt in them. “At first, yeah.” She admitted. “But I couldn’t… I couldn’t go through with it. I kept making the appointments and missing them.” Her voice was quiet. Thor didn’t really know anything about her pregnancy—he’d never bothered to even ask. “And then I was a month and a half pregnant, and by then I knew she wasn’t going anywhere.” 
  Thor felt another pang of jealousy. He’d never gotten to see her pregnant, to go to ultrasounds or feel the baby kick. Would I have gone if I’d known? He shook his head. It didn’t matter what he would have done—because he’d never gotten the chance to do it. He wondered if she’d known the baby’s gender before the birth or after. 
  Patricia moved forward, leaning past him to reach for Amelia. She fussed a little, but Amelia hushed her, cradling her in her arms as she fell quickly back asleep. 
  “Thank you again for the bed, Thor.” Her thanks were earnest.
  He heard her door close behind him, and her footsteps faded.
  The next morning, Thor was woken from sleep by the smell of food cooking. He didn’t usually keep the fridge or pantry particularly well stocked, considering he ate out for almost every meal. He frowned, before padding blearily down the stairs. He didn’t normally work Mondays—a caveat of his long weekends, usually spent drinking more alcohol than he cared to remember. It was early for him—before eight—and he rounded the corner into the open kitchen.
  Patricia was standing in his kitchen, flipping sausage links in a pan while Amelia chattered at the breakfast bar, swinging her legs wildly. 
  “Door! Mommy, Door is here!” She pointed at him, her eyes wide. Thor was tired and he’d woken up feeling particularly cranky, but Amelia was as chipper and excitable as always, paying little heed to his sour mood. Patricia turned to look at him over her shoulder, and Thor felt his mood worsen as she raised a judgmental eyebrow at him. He was tempted again to take her to task, wipe the smug look from her pretty face and make her beg —but Amelia was all too present. 
  “I see him, Mels. What do we say? Good morning, Thor.” Patricia instructed, looking over her shoulder first at Amelia, and then at him. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt, her legs and feet bare. Her curly hair was piled messily on top of her head, and round glasses that Thor had never seen her wear before were perched on the edge of her slightly upturned nose. 
  “Good morning, Patricia. Gone grocery shopping, I see.” He said, and she snickered. 
  “Someone had to, this house was emptier than a Mets game.” She replied without missing a beat, glancing at him over her shoulder. 
  “Goo’ Mornin!” Amelia chirped, turning to smile brightly at him, all yesterday’s animosity completely forgotten. She whirled back to her mother, her mouth going a mile a minute. “Mommy I have school today?”
  “Of course you have school today, Mels. It’s Monday. You have to go to school, and Mommy and Thor have to go to work,” She explained. Patty muttered something Thor didn’t quite catch, though he could parse out the phrase “real work” from her grumbling. He felt ire rise in his chest, but he calmed himself. 
  Long con. You’re playing the long con.  
  Patricia brought over a small, colored plastic plate with Amelia’s blunted cutlery on it, and began cutting up her food when Thor stopped her. 
  “I’ll do it. You get ready.” He said, watching her narrow her eyes suspiciously at him. She didn’t fight him on it in front of Amelia, relinquishing the fork and knife wthout a fight. 
  “Oh. Um, okay. Thank you?” It came out as a question, and Thor nodded his head graciously. Patricia lingered for a moment, puttering around the kitchen as she watched them out of the corner of her eye. 
  “You go to work?” Amelia asked him curiously as she chewed. 
  “You should wait until you’re done chewing to talk to people, Amelia. But yes, I’m going to work today.” She chewed thoughtfully, still swinging her little legs. She swallowed before speaking again. “Like your mother.” 
  “Um. I work in the same building as your school, Amelia. My father owns it.” Her eyes widened, and Thor was surprised by the spark of pride he felt in his chest at her amazed expression. If only your mother was as easily impressed. He continued to cut up her eggs, and sliced the sausage into little pieces. 
  “Wow!” He held the fork out for her, and Amelia grasped it with clumsy fingers. “I like school.” Thor had never really… spoken to a child before. Things he found obvious were completely new to her, but he found the glow in her eyes as she discovered new information to be strangely precious. 
  “What, er… what are you learning in school?” He asked, taking a bite of his own food. Good.  
  “Show and tell! I like show and tell,” Amelia bounced in her seat. “And shapes! Dass a square,” She replied proudly as she pointed at one of the pictures on the wall. Thor heard the shower start upstairs, indicating that Patricia for now, at least, couldn’t interfere. Amelia puffed her little chest out, and Thor got the indication that he was supposed to be impressed, and acted accordingly. 
  “Wow!” He replied in a booming voice, enjoying it when she slapped her tiny hands over her mouth as she giggled. “You’re so smart!” Amelia preened—she was a proud little thing, and it reminded him of himself. There were other similarities, ones he kept noticing the longer he was around her. Her stubbornness, the squared set of her jaw. It was more obvious than ever that Amelia was his— How Patricia thought she could deny the obvious is beyond me. Though he knew Patricia would frown on this line of questioning, she wasn’t there to object. “Amelia, can you tell me about your family?” 
  “Mommy!” She chirped, and Thor nodded, smiling. 
  “Very good. Who else is in your family?” He asked patiently, stroking her head affectionately, testing a loose curl between his fingers. It was looser than her mothers, but still just as soft. 
  “Gramma, and Gampa,” She said slowly, her face screwing up slightly as she thought. “Auntie Wanda! And ‘Merica!” She still hasn’t told her. Thor kept his displeasure off of his face, though it wasn’t easy. Of course Patricia hadn’t told Amelia yet—it was clear her goal was to drive him away before it ever mattered. But Thor was just as, if not more, stubborn than she was, and it would take more than that to keep him from his daughter, now that he knew he had one. the 
  “And what about your father? Daddy?” He asked, and Amelia furrowed her brows in confusion. “Where is he?” 
  “I don’t… I don’t know,” she grimaced. She was fidgeting, glancing all around the room as she frowned. She sniffled, and Thor cursed inwardly. It seemed like this was something Amelia had never really questioned before. He hadn’t meant to upset her, only gauge what she thought. 
  “Mels, what’s wrong?” Patricia’s worried voice came from behind him. Thor turned to see her, a towel wrapped around her body and her hair damp and dripping. “Thor, why is she so upset?” Amelia hopped down from the breakfast bar and ran over to her mother, attaching herself to one of her legs as Patricia glared at him accusingly. 
  “Thor, I was gone ten minutes! ” She hissed. “She looks like she’s about to cry!” It was true, Amelia didn’t really have the words to communicate her confusion, and it was making her upset. Amelia looked tearfully up at her mother. 
  “Mommy, where is Daddy?” 
  Patricia fumed the entire way to work, and had to fight from cursing when the Asgard building came into view. Amelia bounced excitedly; ready for school, her previous upset already forgotten. 
  “Where is daddy?”
  Patricia had sputtered at her question. Of course Amelia knew about families—they had at least two books about them, packed away in boxes somewhere. She knew about parents, and siblings, but… Patricia had been careful. She made it clear who Amelia’s family was—grandmother, grandfather, her. America and Wanda too—but not Thor. And when Amelia had looked up at her and asked that seemingly simple question, Patricia had been caught between a rock and a hard place. 
  She’d scowled at Thor, whose attempt at placid innocence would have been laughable had it not been painstakingly clear that he was the one who had set Amelia on this course of thought in the first place. Patty wanted to scream—why was he doing this? Was it just to torture her? Had she really done so wrong by keeping her pregnancy from him? Her mind was going around and around in circles, each thought biting the tail of the last. Maybe it had been cruel and selfish, but his current behavior made her feel fairly justified in doing so. 
  He’d been successful in forcing her between a rock and a hard place. If she lied, he would he angry—Patty had swallowed thickly at the thought of his ire. And if she told the truth, there was no way Amelia would be in any shape to go to school today. 
  “He’s… it’s complicated, Amelia. You have a dad, sweetheart.” That reassurance seemed to satisfy her daughter’s worry, and her lip stopped trembling, though she wasn’t quite as bouncy as she had been when Patricia had gotten her up for breakfast just a short while before. Thor hadn’t come with her to drop Amelia off, apparently satisfied with the chaos he’d already managed to sow at seven thirty in the morning. I want to wipe that smug look off his disgustingly handsome face.
  It wasn’t the thought itself that made Patricia start as she ushered Amelia into daycare, but the unnecessary descriptor she’d attached to it without meaning to. Of course Thor was handsome… Her cheeks flamed. 
  “Sorry, we’re a little late this morning,” She said quietly, watching Amelia skip forward past the reception desk and over to one of the small learning areas where other children were being read to as they sat quietly. The receptionist shrugged. 
  “No problem, Miss Hodgins. We’ll see you at pick-up.” 
  The rest of Patty’s day was a blur of activity—sorting new art, returning phone calls. She completed each task mindlessly, her thoughts scattered elsewhere. How do I tell her? The time was rapidly approaching when she would no longer be able to conceal who exactly Thor was to Amelia, and if she didn’t want her daughter to resent her forever, she needed to figure out the best way to do so. 
  Patricia bitterly found herself wondering how Thor would continue to punish her when he could no longer hold Amelia’s hidden parentage over her head—no doubt he would find something. Suddenly, her mind conjured the image of Thor reading to Amelia, her tiny body tucked beside his on the bean bag, bright eyes watching him with rapt attention. In spite of everything, Patricia felt herself melt, just a little. At the very least, it was amusing to watch him attempt to keep up with their daughter’s rapid fire questions, ever changing moods, and seemingly never-ending well of energy. 
  “Patricia, we’ve got some Klein pieces being delivered this evening, do you think you could stay an extra hour or two?” One of the other consultants was poking his head into the back office when she looked up, a pleading expression on his face. “Peggy’s leaving early to take the Judas to the MET for the opening tonight, and I have to go with her to help. You’re the only one who’ll still be around.” 
  Patricia liked Peter Quill well enough as a coworker, and though they were relatively close in age, she often found him just a tad scatterbrained, not to mention immature. Patricia glanced up at the clock—only twenty minutes before the gallery closed. She’d only been working there a few weeks, not long enough to have a standing relationship with anyone. Peter had been there for years—an expert at appraisals. Saying no to him could have consequences. Patricia swallowed nervously. She’d be cutting it close to pick up Amelia, but…
  “Um, sure. I think I can stay. How many pieces are we expecting? Evelynne didn’t say.” 
  He grinned charmingly at her. “You’re a lifesaver, Patty.” Patricia waved him off, shaking her head. “No, seriously. I’m the idiot who double-booked myself.” He joked self-deprecatingly, jerking his thumb in his own direction. “Just two. Delivery guy said they’d probably be here before five.” 
  “No worries, Peter. My pleasure.” Peter crossed the room in two long strides, sweeping Patricia up in a bear hug. She squeaked with surprise, before awkwardly returning the gesture. He released her after a moment, and as Patricia was smoothing her skirt, he leaned against the desk. 
  “Let me repay you. Dinner? Drinks? On me.” 
  “Peter… I don’t really know, I mean you really don’t have to,” she sputtered. He was handsome, funny… But Patty wasn’t one to date her coworkers. Peter held his hands up placatingly. 
  “Totally platonic, I promise,” He replied evenly, lifting his hand to draw an “x” over his heart. “Scouts honor. There’s a couple of us going, a couple of the other consultants, Drax and Gamora. Plus, you know, boss lady’ll be there too.” Patricia felt her shoulders practically sag with relief. She didn’t know if she could take another presence in her close personal life right now—between Amelia and Thor, there wasn’t much of Patricia left to go around if she was being honest. As much as she disliked the father of her child, she couldn’t deny that he occupied more space than she wanted to allow, both physically and in her thoughts. 
  “Well I hope you’re an honorable scout, because I could definitely use a drink. How’s Friday?” She asked, and he nodded. 
  “Be prepared to be serenaded, Drax gets very romantic when he’s drunk. Thanks again, Patty!” He replied, before heading back out of the storeroom. It would be nice to have a night away from Amelia that didn’t included getting the crap grilled out of her by Thor—it would be a welcome respite. 
  Patty finished up her cataloguing, and then headed back to the front desk to wait for the delivery. Johann Klein was no small name in their gallery—a small, Sokovian artist who had gained international fame when his work was featured in a cultural exhibit at the Louvre. No coincidence that he was Wanda’s favorite artist, as a fellow Sokovian—even if she’d been in the states since she was ten. 
  P: We’re getting some Klein pieces in tonight, thought you might want to know so you could come see them, fangirl
  Wanda responded to Patricia’s ribbing almost instantly. 
  W: 🙄 not responding to that. OOOOOOH!! I’ll be there. When’s the gallery open until??? I wanna see! 
  P: We’re closed for the night but we’re open late Thursday. I’ll bring your child, she’s been dying to see you
  W: it’s a date 😘
  It was only half past four, and Patricia amused herself by scrolling on her phone until after five, when she began to feel a little impatient. The daycare closed at six, and while there was no hard rule about pick-up time, Patricia knew that it was likely Amelia wouldn’t have many other children to play with by now, if any were left at all.  Fuck. If she’d still been in Long Island, it wouldn’t have been difficult to have her mother or father pick Amelia up, but it would take over an hour to drive in during rush hour traffic, and Amelia certainly couldn’t wait that long. 
  The last thing Patricia wanted to do was call Thor, but there weren’t many options. As the clock struck half past five, Patricia sighed in defeat, before reluctantly tapping Thor’s contact info. She’d saved his name under Asshole , with several cursing emojis after it. It was childish, but it still made her giggle just a little before she pressed the call button. 
  It rang once, twice, three times before being silenced, and Patricia was abruptly sent to voicemail. She narrowed her brows. Did he just… screen my call? Pursing her lips, Patricia tried again. 
  It took three more calls before Thor’s irritated voice boomed out of the receiver. 
  “What?” He snapped. Patricia could hear what sounded like rustling, and a quiet, feminine giggle, and she rolled her eyes and clenched her jaw. “I’m… in the middle of something.” 
  Balls deep in some one , more like. Patricia didn’t like the spark of jealousy that burned on her tongue as she spoke. 
  “I need you to pick Amelia up from school, Thor.” She said quietly. “I had to stay late at work, and I’m worried I won’t be there by the time they need to close at six.” She heard Thor snort. 
  “I’m busy. ” Another little laugh. The woman said something too quiet to hear, and Patricia could hear movement. 
  Patty knew it probably wasn’t wise to push him. She’d been on the receiving end of his ire since they’d reconnected, and she wasn’t stupid. Patricia knew that she’d only experienced a small portion of his wrath, and was loath to see him follow through on all of his idle threats. But Patricia’s maternal instincts had already begun kicking in, and she wasn’t about to back down now, not when her daughter needed him. 
  “You don’t just get to be a parent when it’s fucking fun, Thor!” She shouted, slamming her hand against the desk so hard she knew he had to have heard it through the phone. “Amelia is alone at daycare, and she needs her father to come get her! If this isn’t what you wanted, you should have left us in fucking Canarsie, we were doing fine without you!” She seethed, her heart racing. She was prepared for the barrage of condescending insults, but he only levied a heavy sigh at her after a few seconds of silence. 
  “I’ll be there.” 
  Patricia ended the call without saying anything further. Her pulse was still racing, her blood roaring in her ears. This was only a small victory, but Patricia felt the pleasure course through her just the same. It was ten to six when the delivery men finally got there, and after six thirty when Patricia had finished logging the paintings into the system, and locked them away safely in the vault all the way at the back of the gallery. 
  She didn’t bother with the train that evening, and simply called a taxi back to Thor’s luxurious apartment. Patricia wondered if she would ever think of it as home. Thor had all the taste of a rich, urban socialite, and though his apartment was gorgeous , it wasn’t… homey, or welcoming. It was cold and impersonal—a perfect reflection of its owner. He hadn’t responded as to whether he’d picked Amelia up or not, but as it was almost seven, she assumed he had. 
  The lobby was almost as sparse and minimal as Thor’s apartment, and the security guard eyed her suspiciously as she fumbled with the card key for the penthouse elevator. I know I don’t belong here either, buddy, Patricia thought bad naturedly as she punched the “close door” button harder than she needed to. When she finally reached the top, the doors slid open and her ears were immediately assailed with Amelia’s excited shrieks. 
  Yep, he got her alright. Patty kicked her shoes off, and padded towards the sounds with stockinged feet. Thor and Amelia were in the living room, and from the looks of things, it had only taken her just over an hour to utterly destroy his simple, clean living space. There were some boxes piled up against the distant walls, indicating that the movers had already dropped their things off. Patricia was surprised to see Amelia’s bean bag at the end of the sleek sectional couch. Patricia took the two short steps down into the sunken living area, peering around. As she observed, Amelia’s head popped up from the other side of the couch, and she shrieked upon seeing her mother, covering her mouth and ducking down again. 
  “Mommy’s here!” She whispered excitedly, her still too-loud voice carrying easily. Thor’s deep answering chuckle made Patricia’s belly do a strange flip-flop. 
  “Is she? Okay, we’re going to jump in three, two—” Thor stood from behind the couch, Amelia clutched in his arms. “Surprise!” Amelia laughed, clamoring out of Thor’s grip and scampering across the rug to slam into Patty’s legs. 
  “Mommy! Mommy, Door came to my school!” She said excitedly, pointing back towards her father. Patricia snorted, before covering her growing smile with her hand. Thor was wearing Amelia’s fairy wings, which were hilariously small on him, and she’d given him the wand that accompanied the costume as well. 
  “I see that! Did you have a good day at school?” She asked sitting down as Amelia clamored into her lap. Amelia began chattering instantly, and Patricia watched Thor settle not too far away, putting the glittery wand down on his once pristine coffee table. 
  “I paint today, mommy!” She said excitedly, showing Amelia her finger-paint stained hands. “And, and, and we play games,” She said seriously, watching Patricia nod as she listened. The living room looked like an Amelia bomb had gone off in it—there were several of her books littering the floor and sitting on the couch, along with at least four toy horses that Patricia could count, and probably what were the entire contents of the dress-up chest that her grandmother had gotten her this past Christmas. 
  Thor looked completely exhausted, though Patty didn’t blame him—it was clear Amelia had extra energy tonight, and it was going to be an uphill battle getting her to settle down, this Patricia knew from experience. She couldn’t help but giggle as Thor’s head sagged back against the couch cushions. 
  “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go play, and Mommy will start dinner?” Patricia asked, watching as Amelia considered her options. Patricia kissed her head, and bundled the little girl off of her lap. It looked like Amelia and Thor had had a go at quite a few of the boxes, and she tore through one of them, pulling out even more toys. Patricia looked over at Thor, who was regarding her silently. 
  “I assume everything went okay at school,” She said, and he waited a moment before shrugging. 
  “I wasn’t on the approved guardians list, but I smoothed that over.” Patricia winced—she’d forgotten to add him to the list of people allowed to pick Amelia up from school. She’d been meaning to do it, and just kept forgetting. It hadn’t helped either that she was still holding out hope that he would grow bored of this game and release them. 
  “Damn. Sorry.” Thor raised a skeptical eyebrow, but Patricia gestured placatingly with her hands. “Really, I didn’t… that wasn’t on purpose, Thor.” Patricia reached up to loosen the bun she’d had her hair in all day, massaging her scalp and running her fingers through her curls. “I’m glad they let you take her. What did you tell them?” She asked, cocking her head. 
  “I told them I was her father.” He said simply, and Patricia’s cheeks heated as she was reminded of her earlier thoughts. She glanced up to see if Amelia had heard, but the little girl was far too busy making her horses fight one another to listen to their boring adult conversation. 
  “Of-of course.” She said tightly. She rose from the couch, and she could feel Thor’s eyes on her like physical weights, dragging down her form. “I’m going to go change.” It was clear her earlier assumptions had been correct—the movers had already dropped off their things. It seemed like Thor had already unpacked and set up most of Amelia’s room; her four poster bed sat against the wall, across from the huge window seat on the adjacent wall. Her bookshelf was put up, and while not all of her books were on it, many of them were. Her beanbag was downstairs, and so were a couple of her other things, but… It gave Patricia a warm feeling in her chest to think that Thor had gone through the trouble of setting up Amelia’s room. 
  He probably paid someone else to do it. She thought snarkily, before heading to her own room to slide into a comfortable pair of leggings and a cropped tee. Thor was waiting for her in the hallway. 
  “I saw Amelia’s room,” She said softly. “Did you… I mean, you hired someone, right?” She asked, and he shook his head. Patricia couldn’t help it when her mouth fell open just a little, and her eyebrows shot up in surprise. Thor didn’t particularly strike her as the manual labor type. 
  “A labor of love,” He said dryly. “Though I did consider it.” The laughter bubbled out of Patricia before she could stop herself. She felt a little bad—it was clear Thor was attempting to connect with Amelia, and establish a relationship. Patricia sighed. 
  “Thank you. For picking her up, I mean.” Patty said awkwardly. Even though I had to practically beg you to do it. “I see she hasn’t destroyed too much of your apartment.” 
  “Yes, well… It’s all part of the job, right?” He rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s your apartment too, Patricia.” He reminded her. She couldn’t help the little scowl that played on the edges of her lips at his words—of course he would say that, even though he’d bullied her into being here. 
  “Yeah. It is, I guess.” She said slowly. 
  Amelia was still playing when they came back downstairs, and hardly seemed to notice their absence as she made her plastic horses gallop all over the backs of the furniture. Patty headed to the kitchen, before beginning to search through the fridge for something to cook. She could feel Thor’s presence lingering nearby. He was seated at the dining room table, where he could easily watch both her, and Amelia, though his attention was clearly on the latter. Patty couldn’t help stealing glances, letting out an amused chuckle as their daughter climbed up into the chair beside him and began chattering away. 
  It was good to see he could be patient, even if he had a long way to go. Patty was in the process of cleaning up their hasty dinner when the shrill sound of the door buzzer went off, startling her. She dropped the lid of the pot with a loud CLANG , her hand flying to her chest. Thor looked equally surprised, knitting his brows together as their eyes met. 
  “Expecting company?” Patricia asked, bending to pick up the fallen cookware. He shook his head, putting down the book he’d been reading to Amelia. 
  “Not that I know of.” He rose to his feet, hushing Amelia gently when she whined that he’d stopped. The buzzer rang again impatiently, and Thor strode across the living room and down the entry hall to the elevator. Patty knew from experience that there were only two ways to get up to the penthouse—either with a personalized card key, or the be sent up by the doorman. Clearly this was the latter. Patty poked her head around the corner, watching curiously as Amelia clung to her legs. 
  “Who at the door, Mommy?” She asked impatiently, tugging on Patricia’s arm. She could only shrug. Thor punched the open button, and a tall, willowy blonde stepped out, poking her finger into Thor’s chest. She reminded Patty of a barbie.
  “What the fuck, Thor?” She shrilled. “You said later four hours ago,” She whined, pressing herself against his surprised, rigid form and curling a lock of his golden hair around her finger. Patricia’s jaw dropped open in shock. No fucking way. The blonde brought her hands to his shoulders, but Thor seemed to get his bearings, and caught her wrists in one large hand. Patricia scooped Amelia into her arms, hushing her when she fretted. 
  “It’s… not a good time, Idunn,” He said harshly, glancing over his shoulder at Patty and Amelia. The woman— Idunn?— cast a disparaging glare in the direction Thor had looked, and her eyes first widened in shock as they met Patricia’s, and then narrowed in rage. She shoved her way past a shocked Thor and stalked over to the kitchen, where Patricia hurriedly backed away, still holding Amelia. 
  “Who the fuck is this? ” She asked, stomping an expensive heel against the hardwood flooring. Amelia whimpered at the yelling, and Patricia frowned. She rounded on Thor, pointing a manicured finger accusingly at Patty. “Who is she?! ” 
  “I’m right here,” Patricia muttered, stroking Amelia’s head soothingly. “And who are you?” She asked pointedly, refusing to be cowed. Idunn squinted at Amelia, her gaze traveling from her, to Patricia, to Thor, and then back to Amelia again. A knowing smirk appeared on her lips. 
  “Go play in your room, baby.” Patty muttered. Perhaps she could feel her mother’s ire, or sense the quickly escalating situation between the three of them, but Amelia obeyed instantly, and Patricia waited until she was gone from sight to raise an accusatory finger at the other woman. “You barge in here, yelling, scaring my daughter,” She snapped, grimacing when Thor got between the two of them. “I don’t know what you’re thinking is going on here, but it definitely isn’t.” 
  Idunn sneered at her, raking her eyes over Patricia’s plain leggings, and t-shirt, her lip curling. It was obvious that Patty was being judged—and found wanting. Her curly hair was pulled into a loose messy bun, in extreme contrast to the loose, blonde waves that Idunn clearly spent a great deal of time cultivating. Thor couldn’t have found a more opposite set of women if he tried. Patricia knew she wasn’t Thor’s… typical type, but with what amounted to a super model in front of her, she was forced to take stock. 
  “Idunn, calm down,” Thor replied harshly, placing a hand on her shoulder. She threw his hand off, continuing to glare menacingly at Patty. “You’re making a scene, I can explain—” Idunn cut him off, her offended gasp silencing him. 
  “ I’m making a scene?” She shrieked loudly, throwing her hands into the air. “You’re here playing house with the goddamn help , and I’m making a scene? Does Odin know about your fucking charity case?” Patricia’s mouth dropped open, rage beginning to boil in her gut. It didn’t matter who Idunn was, no one talked about her daughter that way. Before she could speak, however, Thor grasped Idunn’s wrist tightly in one hand, and she winced, struggling against his grip. 
  “I want you to think very carefully about the next thing you say, Idunn. You will not speak about my child like that.” Idunn opened her mouth to speak, but Thor didn’t let her. “You show up to my home unannounced and uninvited, and then have the nerve …” Thor flexed his other hand, clenching it tightly. 
  “So she is yours,” Idunn breathed, using his momentary lapse to snatch her hand away. “My father will never let you marry me now,” She gloated, crossing her arms and staring down her nose at a fuming Patricia. “Not when you’re indisposed. ” 
  Surprisingly, Thor emitted a deep chuckle. “Idunn, I was never going to marry you.” She sputtered at this, and he squared his shoulders, peering down intimidatingly at her. It was hard to stand up to him when he did that, and Patricia found herself feeling just a little bad for Idunn; having to face him down. “Leave. Before I call your father and tell him you’re panting after me like a bitch in heat.” 
  Idunn recoiled as though she’d been slapped, turning and marching out of the apartment. The elevator dinged, signaling she was gone, and Thor’s shoulders sagged as he clapped a hand to his forehead, cursing. 
  “God fucking dammit.”
  Patricia let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. “Girlfriend?” She asked dryly, pursing her lips. Who was Odin? And…why wouldn’t he know about her and Amelia? It was clear they had an intimate relationship—why else react so poorly to Patricia’s presence? Thor turned to scowl at her, shaking his head. 
  “Something like that.” 
  Patricia found herself wondering what their relationship actually was, how close they were. Her thoughts turned back to the other night, and she felt even more uneasy. They’d had sex not that long ago… Patricia pinched the bridge of her nose. She was the “other woman”. 
  “You know, it would have been good to know you were seeing someone before you fucked me,” She snapped, stalking over to the fridge. She pulled the door open, grabbing a bottle of wine from the door and then slammed it back shut. “That’s pretty goddamn low of you.” Not to mention now I feel like shit.
  Thor had the nerve to smirk at her. “I didn’t hear you complaining then,” He replied. “We were hardly exclusive.” He sighed. He didn’t look particularly guilty, either. “You might not understand this yet,” He reached for the bottle himself, motioning for Patricia to remove another glass from the cupboard. She did, grudgingly. “But there are certain… expectations I have to meet.” His voice turned sour, and Patricia took a large swallow of wine. Ah. Here it is. She thought bitterly. The part where he tells me I’m not good enough.
  “Mmhmm.” Patricia narrowed her eyes at him, pressing her lips into a thin line. “And those would be?”
  “Marry right. Take over the business. Keep our line strong.” He replied without hesitation, and Patricia got the sneaking suspicion he wasn’t pulling this out of thin air. It had been drilled into him by someone else. Maybe not so nicely, either. Patty smiled bitterly. 
  “Well, we never meant to screw up your arranged marriage by virtue of existing, and all,” Patricia said snarkily. “Maybe if you explained… everything to her, it would help.” She offered, but he shook his head. “Tell her you and me… we’re not anything.” He rolled his eyes at her words, and an unreadable expression crossed his face before he shrugged. 
  “It’s no use now. There’s no talking to her like that.” He sounded as though he was speaking from experience.
  “Well, you know, just saying, if you’d told her you were moving your baby-mama into your apartment before you did it, it probably would have made less of a mess.” An irritated expression crossed his face, and realization dawned on Patricia like a lightbulb going off in a dark room. “Oh my god.” She barked out a derisive laugh. “You couldn’t tell her, could you? What are we, your dirty little secret?” Her tone was scathing. “So this whole time you’ve been trying to fuck me, you’ve been toying with her too? No wonder she came in here screaming bloody murder at you—”
  “You sound jealous, Patricia. Want me all to yourself?” He drawled, and Patty was seized with the urge to hurl her wine glass at his head. 
  “Jealous?” She repeated incredulously. “What would I possibly—” Patricia was officially in defense mode, her voice rising in volume. Thor was unfazed by this, pushing his chair away from the counter and making his way over to her. He caged Patricia in against this sink as she shuddered, pressing himself against her. 
  “If you want me, Patty, all you have to do is say.” She hoped to god he didn’t see the little tremor that passed through her. She couldn’t help it, not when he used that voice. Patricia glared up at him, but Thor continued to smile disarmingly down at her, lifting a hand to stroke her chin gently. God , it was like he was seeing directly into her with those cold blue eyes. She didn’t want to admit her jealousy, because if she did, Patty would have to admit that part of her wanted him—and there was no way she was doing that.
  “I—I don’t—” He kissed her, sweeping his tongue into her open mouth as Patricia struggled for words. She hadn’t been prepared for this, and like the bastard he was, Thor was ready and willing to take advantage. He sucked on her bottom lip until it throbbed, releasing it to go to work on her throat. 
  “You don’t understand yet,” He murmured against her skin. Patty hated the way his touch made her head all foggy, made her forget just how much she hated him. “Doing this for your own good.” His hand skirted over her hip, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He pulled away then, leaving her standing panting and confused in the kitchen, the wine glass trembling in her hand as he headed upstairs to check on Amelia.
  What the hell just happened?!
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