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#thor had that gag because he KNEW loki was going to be annoying
marvel-m-leea month ago
Naughty Words
Warnings: tickle fic, emotions
Words: (I'm more sure, around 1000-1500)
Summary/Prompt: So an idea for a prompt could be that the reader changes a word on Steves phone to a "bad" word. So whenever he tries to write a certain word the phone automatically changes it to "fuck" or something similar. And then the reader and the others will be like "language". Steve gets extremely frustrated until he figures it out:)
It was another normal day at the compound. You were bored because all the other avengers were training and Peter was at school until evenings time.
You were just sitting on the couch when you began to think to yourself. You could go annoy Tony, but you weren't sure if he was asleep. Pepper would usually force him to sleep when he couldn't so you really didnt want to disturb that. You could go train but Steve explained you were too young to be an avenger yet. OkAy StEve, (y/a) isnt old enough, WhAteVer! (I got ur back)
That's when the best idea popped into your head. An idea better than any other on the planet. Perhaps you were the smartest human on earth, smarter than Stark, perhaps even the smartest living lifefo!-
"That is a stupid idea y/n" Wanna laughed. She must had only just entered because you hadn't beard her before.
You jumped up and watched her at the counter with your elbows resting on the couch top and your head resting in your hands acting cheeky.
"Wanda! It's a great idea!" You protested. "What's gonna happen? Hmm?"
Wanda began to walk over to you and looked sideways. She brought her hand to her chin to think. You knew she was acting silly but you weren'tsure what she was up to.
"Hmm, I dunno. Maybe.." She then grabbed your hips and began to squeeze them, "Tickle you!?"
You squealed and bucked, tossing and turning on the couch, wanda now had started tickling your sides and giggling with your contagious laughter.
She then stopped and smiled at your giggling self curled into the couch. She ruffled your hair, "little prankster, have fun" she then left as you recovered from her attach as not to be attacked herself.
You didn't mind the tickles, but this prank was worth so much more.
Time had passed and you were just outside Steve's room. You entered quietly, he and the other avengers other than Wanda and Tony seemed to be training so the coast was clear. You slipped inside and looked around.
"This old man's got no taste" obvious in the nicest way possible.
You looked around and saw his phone charging by his bedside table. "Jackpot" you whispered and woddled over to it. You grabbed it and switched it on. Tony had brought him one from the 21th century, finally.
Annoyingly he now had a password now. Luckily, like all old men, it was either Password or his birthday. Or just the same password for everything.
You knew the plan, sneak in, get his phone, and change 'No' with auto correction to "FUCK YES BABY" Because, Swear words, yes, and let's all be honest Steve would never say this unless he was drunk, WHICH COULDN'T EVEN HAPPEN ANYMORE!
Once completed you snucked back out and left to your room to read a book.
More time passed, and finally the team were going to start dinner. Rather than calling everyone and disrupting them Steve decide to text everyone. Peter was also here by now, he had finished school a while ago and you both were sat in his bedroom playing video games.
Old Man Steve: So who wants what for
Metal arm: Idm
Bank馃捀: I'm in the shop, wont be
Best mom: No Tony, we're eating dinner
with everyone. Y/n and Peter can choose
You and Peter both picked up your phones after pausing the game, both curious of the buzz after buzz's.
Old Man Steve: @Y/n馃崈馃尫馃捀 and
@spiderlings馃槦馃暦, what do you want for
Spiderlings馃槦馃暦: 馃崟?
You watched your phone as everyone texted, about to ask about what you should eat, but suddenly you remembered the little prank you decided to play on Steve. You knew that we had no pizza left, you and Loki had eaten it the night before when everyone was busy instead of cooking.
Old Man Steve: FUCK YES BABY, sorry Y/n
and Loki ate the last of it.
That's when both Peter and you heard Tony's laughter from his lab.
Bank馃捀: Languaage cap!
Metal arm: Steve??
Old Man Steve: what, FUCK YES BABY- I
didn't text that.
You: Language cap!
Badass馃暦Spider: Language Steve, it's a bad
example to the kids
YES BABY! How do I work this?
You and Peter then heard someone walking down the halls and to neither of your surprises Steve opened the door.
"Y/n, Peter, could one of you help me with this?"
Peter was about to answer but you quickly butted in, "oh, we don't know how to. It's too hard" you gave Peter a look.
Peter's face went from confusion to fear and smug. "Sorry Mr Roger's, this is out of my hands"
Steve grunted but smiled, he left to go to see if Tony would help him. Quickly you both tested Tony and explained the situation, everyone heard Steve grunt and leave the lab to go get dinner started.
Bank馃捀: you guys are fucked once he finds out yk?
Both Peter and you laughed, knowing fully well you'd be wrecked sooner or later, but you couldn't be bothered as of the moment. VIDEO GAMES AWAIT!
Half an hour had passed now and you were getting hungry, so you texted Steve to ask if food was ready, once again the same situation happened. And once more, everyone corrected him on his very inappropriate language.
It was a running gag, whenever one of you swore, Steve would correct you. 20th century shit, and him being a cinnamon bun turned steroids. Now you could have your revenge.
Finally though, food was ready. Peter and you left the room laughing and joking, you were annoying him about a headshot you had got on him but he bragged about more kills so it was practically even.
Everyone was getting to the table as Wanda and Steve set up plates, utensils, and food.
You sat next to Peter and Tony, Tony next to Pepper, next to Pepper was Sam, then Bucky, Steve, Wanda, Vision, Nat, Clint, Bruce and finally back to the Spiderling. Everyone else was busy, Thor and Loki were going to come the next week anyway, they were in Asgard again.
Everyone ate their meals, laughing and talking with one another, you sat directly across from Steve and saw him trying to stop Bucky from throwing his plate at Sam.
Tony leaned in next to you, whispering, "So you did the whole text situation?" He chuckled slightly as you nodded, smirking.
"Why?" Tony asked, he was curious because he knew you enjoyed pranking everyone, but he also knew you wouldn't do this to Steve without a reason. And in all fairness, you just wanted to spend time with Steve- and poke fun at his language- but mainly spend time with him. He had been on missions, work, training, and seemed busy with his life. You just felt as though he was drifting from you.
You shrugged at Tony's question, placing some food in your mouth. Tony poked your side, he didnt need you to answer but he didnt want Steve to have all the fun once this was over.
You squeaked and then squealed once he started squashing the skin on your side, everyone looked to see your adorable face slowly turn red from embarrassment.
"Arent they adorable?" Steve teased. You giggled and finally shoved Tony's hand off you, you looked at steve with a wobbly smile and asked about his language today.
"So Steve, what was up with your texting today?"
Nat swallowed her food and pointed a fork at Steve, "yeah Steve, it was a really inappropriate word"
In all fairness the team knew you both said fuck a lot. You usually would say after a rare mission you got to go on or when there were food in the fridge. "FUCK YEAH" or "FUCK YEAH BABY", probably from deadpool- though luckily for you, Steve was not a genius. Smart, yeah, genius. No. But you began to see the clocks turn in his head as he looked over the table at everyone.
After a while of winding up Steve, you all continued as usual. You were chatting to Peter and explaining how awesome you were at a game to Tony, luckily- well not for you- you hadn't noticed Wanda and Strve watching you as she whispered in his ear.
"Steve, y/n did it earlier, while you were training"
"The whole 'no' situation, she wanted to prank you. She misses the time you spend together"
Steve turned to Wanda with both a confused face yet all understanding. Only now had he realised how little time he'd spent with you over the past few weeks. He felt bad but also a little mad at your little prank. But he smiled at Wanda, one filled with hope and- no he smirked. I wont sugar coat it. You were done.
Quickly Steve pushed out his chair, as loud as he could and took in a deep breath causing everyone to go silent and watch him. He then casually looked up and got to his feet. Everyone was almost finished by now, Buck, Steve, Clint, and even you had finished.
"Y/n, I need your help"
You watched him, confused. But suddenly seeing as smirk and losing all your cool as you looked to Wanda with a helpless face. Steve walked around the table and bent down to your height on the chair, whipped out his phone and asked you to help.
You stuttered, but once more explained you had no clue.
"Really? Stark, Peter, how about you?" The old man looked at the tech genius's. Neither spoke up.
"You're on your own kid"
Steve smirked and picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder slightly as you had just finished eating. Well a few minutes ago but still.
"S-Steve! Steve I didnt dohoho anything." As any normal response you began to nervously laugh, knowing fully well what would come of this. But you wanted it. You missed it. You missed Steve.
"All I need is for you to help me, can you? Or do I gave to make you?"
Steve had now flung you onto the couch as most watched and others continued their conversations.
"Steve I- i told you i have no clu-" suddenly ten fingers found your sides and began to run up and down them causing you to giggle and yelp.
"Nahaha! Steve! Steve!!"
His fingers traveled to your ribs, pinching and squeezing each one, pretending to nawh on them. He didn't start easy, no. He knew you needed this as much as he did.
"Mm, that was a great dinner, but I wonder what's for dessert?" He asked, gnawing on your ribs and squeezing your hips making you buck and squeal.
"STEVEEEEE!!!" you were almost histerical when he reached your pits, scratching at the hollows inside, making you giggle and scream, beg and brawl. It was truly adorable to watch the two of you.
"Tickle tickle y/n, aww do you want to help me now?" Steve taunted. You stood strong though, you wanted to win. Well maybe you didnt, maybe you just wanted this to last longer. You werent sure.
"NOHOHO WAY OLD MAHAN!" You bucked and squealed, blush covering your face. You truly didnt think it would get worse but oh God, Steve hadn't ripped out the fruits yet. And just for your sas. Ah, you were wrecked.
"Okay smart ass"
"That's it." Steve lifted your shot and placed his mouth right above your belly button. Now you were beyond hysterical, you knew what would happen and wouldn't be able to handle it, Steve gave some of the best- WORSE. DEFINITELY WORST. Raspberries around.
"NAH! NAHAH! STEVE STEVE IM SOHOHORRYYYY! I'LL HELP! I'LL HELP!" you squeaked and bucked, trying to escape, those at the table laughed at your helpless, blushing body and Steve's incredible stubbornness. So mean. So very very mean. Mean.
"Ah I'm glad you'll help" Steve lifted his head and lessened his grip on your hips, not fully though, as a millisecond later he blew a big, wet, raspberry directly on your belly button, sending vibrations to your core and back.
You jolted and screeched, pushing at his head as he blew more and more with tiny tickle kisses around your stomach.
After a while he stopped and patted your head as you balled up into the couch, drowning in giggles, laughter and ghostly tickles.
Steve handed you his phone and you quickly changed the words back as they were, disappointed but happy that you spent time with Steve again. You missed your bond, even the tickles.
Steve kissed your forehead and turned on the tv, spongebob. A favourite of both of yours, cuddling together as everupmr rose finished and put away the dishes. You slowly fell asleep on Steve's lap, hally knowing you've got your captain back.
Writers note.
Hey, sorry this was- well shit I'm not sugar coating it. It was also awkward because I cant eat to great now and the cuteness was sickening. Thank you for the prompt though! This was definitely a favourite, thank you! Apologies again :)
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thatrandomcatoverthere9 months ago
Hey love 馃挍 can I request a Loki x reader fic? Something angsty but fluffy where the Reader is friends with the Avengers, and Loki can鈥檛 believe she鈥檇 fall for someone like him? 馃槉 Thank you so much!! 馃グ鉂わ笍
so sorry for how long it took me to write this,聽I've been swamped at work now that school is starting back up. I hope you like it and that its what you were looking for! Thank you for the idea I really enjoyed writing this one 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍聽
Warnings: angst and fluff, reader gets hurt, stitches are mentioned, nothing crazy in this one just insecure Loki聽
Y/n and Loki clicked the second they met, they were basically best friends. They both loved books, both could use magic (y/n would never admit it but Loki was superior in his magic compared to hers), and most importantly they both loved to cause mischief together.
The sound of Clint screaming like a little girl was heard through the vents of the whole compound. Y/n and Loki sat on the sofa both of them reading their own books when they heard it. Nat, Steve, and Tony shared a look before looking at the two questionably. 鈥淐an I help you three?鈥 Y/n said not looking up. She was more focused with the spider illusion she made, which was currently following Clint in the vents along with Loki's own illusion. 鈥淲hy is Clint screaming? You two never relax like this in the middle of the day.鈥 Nat answered knowingly. Loki looked up at them and shrugged, 鈥淚鈥檝e no clue what you鈥檙e talking about, maybe he saw a spider.鈥
Then almost like it was planned, Clint fell out of the vent opening in the living room. Right on top of Tony. Tony groaned in pain and pushed Clint off of him. Y/n couldn鈥檛 keep herself from laughing when Clint went on rambling about two spiders in the vents following him. His head snapped over to look at the two. 鈥淚t was you two! I know it was, one was purple and the other was green! Whyyyyyyy?鈥 Loki gave the small happy smirk on his face that he only did around Y/n. 鈥淎rrow man, I think the vent dust is getting to you. We would never do such a silly thing.鈥 Loki stated looking at y/n, who was smiling beautifully as she agreed.
Thor walked in at that moment and saw the look he gave her, he only gave that look to their mother usually. Thor asked what was going on and why Clint looked angry and terrified. Steve finally spoke up, 鈥淵/n and Loki placed two illusion spiders in the vent to chase Clint.鈥 鈥淒id nottttt!鈥 Y/n wined.
After a small argument everyone decided they wanted to get changed into pajamas and watch a movie, Loki only agreed because y/n had begged him to watch it.
When everyone was back and settled into the living room, Nat popped in a comedy movie that Thor and Loki said they'd never watched.
Y/n was seated on the sofa in-between Loki and Thor, wearing soft black pajama shorts, and a shirt with Loki wearing his helmet on it that Tony got her as a gag gift. Steve, Bucky, Nat, Wanda, and Tony were also in the room seated on another couch or various recliners. About halfway through the movie most of the lot were asleep.
Y/n had passed out, her legs thrown over Thor's lap and her head laying on Loki鈥檚 chest as his arm was around her shoulders. He usually didn鈥檛 like touching anyone, she was the only one allowed. He was stuck in his thoughts not noticing he had been staring at her sleeping face. He didn鈥檛 understand his feelings, he had never liked being around anyone, never enjoyed one persons company so much as he loved being around his mother. He couldn鈥檛 deny that she was beautiful. Her h/c hair perfectly complimented her s/c skin, with her piercing but soft e/c eyes.
He was so lost in thought he didn鈥檛 see Nat and Thor share a look of knowing. It was only when Nat got up and went to the kitchen 鈥渇or a snack鈥, truth is she was going to stay by the door and listen to the conversation, that Loki snapped out of his thoughts. Thor cleared his throat getting the raven haired mans attention.
鈥淵es Thor?鈥 Loki looked at his brother, slightly annoyed not feeling like conversing.
鈥淏rother, I know that look you give her. She has captured your heart hasn鈥檛 she?鈥 Thor asked quietly so he didn't wake the sleeping girl. He already knew the answer of course but he wanted to make sure Loki didn鈥檛 mess this up. He saw the heart eyes y/n gave his brother when she thought no one was looking. It was actually so cute it was disgusting and everyone had seen the way she acts towards him and looks at him. Had Loki not been so naive, he would have noticed by now too.
Loki sighed, thinking for a moment. Back to all the memories he had with her, she was the only one willing to give him a chance at first. She fought alongside Thor to allow Loki to join the avengers, she welcomed him with open arms no matter how much he pushed her away at first. It wasn鈥檛 until he saw her in battle on a mission that he gave her a chance.
Loki heard a scream and looked towards his team mate. Y/n鈥檚 hands were glowing purple, her eyes had turned a vibrant violet. He watched as she skillfully swung her large obsidian daggers, slashing a mans throat in front of her. It was that man that had screamed in fear. Loki decided at that moment he needed to know more about this little witch.
He didn鈥檛 expect that moment to cause a close friendship between the god and witch to bloom. Several things clicked in place all at once. The feeling he had around her, the want to make her smile and laugh all the time, the feeling he felt when she had gotten a bullet wound in her leg once when fighting hydra, the anger that bubbled up in his chest before he killed the man. He realized, maybe he did love her. A sad look formed on his face as he looked at Thor, there were no words needed. He couldn鈥檛 fathom that she would ever love him back.
The next morning y/n woke up cuddled against Loki on the sofa who had also fallen asleep. Everyone else had already woken up and gone to bed. She snuggled into what she thought was a pillow. Her eyes snapped open when the 鈥榩illow鈥 was breathing. She looked up at the victim of her cuddling, seeing the raven haired man that she had fallen for months ago. A blush formed on her cheeks when she noticed she had in fact fallen asleep on him last night. She carefully got up so she didn鈥檛 wake him and left to go get ready for the day.
After that morning, y/n had noticed Loki was distant. He wouldn鈥檛 seek her out anymore, he would barely even look at her much less answer her. It was hurting her heart more and more everyday. She even asked Thor if she had done something to upset Loki, which is where she was now.
鈥淟ady y/n, I promise you did not-鈥 Thor got cut off by the sad somewhat angry girl.
鈥淗ow did I not do something wrong Thor?! I fell asleep on him that night. I didn't think it was going to piss him off. He won鈥檛 give me the time of day anymore! Even Tony asked what I did wrong when he saw Loki blatantly ignore me in the living room.鈥 She was yelling at this point, tears streaming down her face as she paced back and forth in Thors room.
鈥淟ady y/n, please listen. It is no secret to me that you have fallen for my brother, please be patient with him. He does not know how to handle these kinds of feelings very well. Would you like me to talk to him?鈥 Thor said, worried that Loki was going to push away someone that truly cared for him. 鈥淎nd come off as desperate for his attention? No thank you Thor.鈥 She sighed and left the room leaving a worried but mildly upset Thor behind.
Loki couldn鈥檛 bring himself to talk to her. He would never imagine that a girl like her could love a monster like him back. So he withdrew himself from her, it made his chest hurt when he ignored her that day. He saw the sad expression she gave to him then to Tony who only shrugged to her. He stopped hanging around in the living room after that, he stayed in the library most days unless he needed food. He didn't get to see how sad he had made y/n.
She was angry now, hitting the punching bag with enough force, Nat thought it might just break off the hook on the ceiling. Nat had come down here to talk to the girl. She knew what was going on already, so she wanted to check on y/n. It wasn鈥檛 until now that she realized she and Thor needed to do something to fix what Loki was doing. The redhead had never seen this sweet girl so angry, she was yelling as she hit the bag with all her force. Venting to Nat about how Loki was a dick for ignoring her instead of telling her he wasn鈥檛 interested. That she just wanted to punch him for being such a jerk and for making her heart break into a million pieces.
Nat finally stopped y/n from throwing another kick to the bag when she said that. 鈥測/n/n calm down, it's ok. I鈥檓 going to talk to Thor and get this figured out. Truth is, that night Loki and Thor had talked about his feelings toward you. He never outright said he felt the same way about you, but I was certain he did. And I'm doing this regardless if you say I can or not. I hate seeing my precious little witch so upset, it鈥檚 actually kind of scary to even me.鈥 Nat hugged y/n. Something she rarely did for anyone except for Clint and Wanda.
Nat did exactly what she said she would do the next day. She had already talked to Thor about it, and right now they were both standing in front of Loki. 鈥淲hat do you two want?鈥 Loki said, obviously annoyed.
鈥淟oki why do you ignore Lady y/n every time she is around you now? I thought you had reciprocated how she felt about you?鈥 Thor started. Loki was thrown off by the question, hearing Thor鈥檚 voice he noted he almost sounded disappointed in him. 鈥淎s though she could love someone like me? I鈥檓 not someone that anyone could ever love Thor, I鈥檓 a monster.鈥 He replied looking at his brother. Then he saw the anger on Nat's face.
She stomped up to him and got in his face, 鈥淵ou say this, but did you forget how she convinced us to let the 鈥渕onster鈥 Loki live with us? Or how she went out of her way to make sure you were comfortable here? or how she risked her life for you and got shot in the leg for it? Oh let鈥檚 not forget when instead of being scared and running away when you had got sick and your Jotun form came out, she took care of you and reassured you that you were different just like her. For crying out loud, have you seen her when she is at her peak power? She ripped a hydra mans head clean off simply because he called you a monster! Get your head out of your ass and fix this. She loves you Loki. But you will lose her if you don鈥檛 fix what you have broken.鈥
With that, Nat stormed out. Thor looked at Loki, who looked absolutely heartbroken he had not noticed all of that before. 鈥淧lease don鈥檛 scold me right now brother. Lady Nat did enough of it for not telling you to clean up your act. She is correct however, y/n loves you, you have broken her heart by your actions. She has been taking missions nonstop for the past two weeks, and when she isn鈥檛 she is in the gym or her bedroom.鈥
Loki nodded in understanding. He needed to tell y/n how he felt even if she did not feel the same way. She could push him away if she wanted to, but he needed to let her decide instead of deciding for her. 鈥淛arvis, where is y/n currently?鈥 鈥淪he is currently in the medical room getting her arm stitched up Sir.鈥
With that Loki teleported to the med room and saw Dr.Banner stitching a nasty gash on Y/n鈥檚 bicep. Neither of them had noticed Loki鈥檚 presence, he saw how numb y/n looked. Her usually happy smile and bright eyes were replaced with a frown and her eyes were a dull shade of e/c. When Dr.Banner finished up his stitching he took a deep breath, 鈥測/n I know you鈥檙e upset, but these solo missions are going to be the death of you. You鈥檙e too tired, this wound is the result of that and you鈥檙e lucky it was only a quick stitch job. I have informed Steve and Tony that you are not allowed back onto any mission until you get adequate rest and this wound heals.鈥
Loki clears his throat to get their attention when Banner finishes talking. Y/n looked at him then looked away, Banner left the room not wanting to see how this turns out. Loki takes a cautious step forward towards her, 鈥淵/n please, I鈥檓 sorry. Just look at me at least.鈥
Y/n makes no move other than shifting her gaze to look at him, then he sees it. The anger and the sadness, that he has caused you to feel. It weighs heavy on his shoulders and suddenly his confidence wavers. She doesn鈥檛 say a word, only stares at him. 鈥淚 did not mean to hurt you y/n/n, me and thor had talked one night and i realized tha-鈥 He stops when she stands up angrily and cuts him off. 鈥淲hat did you realize Loki? That i cared about you? That i actually wish i could be enough to catch your eye the same way you caught mine?鈥 She starts spilling all of her thoughts at once.
鈥淣o that鈥檚 not what i鈥檓 saying just listen.鈥
鈥淣o you listen. I waited Loki, I waited a few days actually, for you to be ok again. Before I realized that you simply did not want me around anymore. For a while I thought maybe it was because I fell asleep on your chest that night. Then Nat told me you and Thor talked. 聽She thought you implied that you felt the same way about me. That you actually loved me back. Well you completely ignoring me and going out of your way to avoid me, was worse than you telling me you didn鈥檛 feel the same way. I would have been fine with staying just as your friend Loki. But no. I even thought that going on solo missions would make you worry enough to talk to me if only to scold me for it.鈥
She had tears streaming down her face at how little she thought he cared while yelling at him. He tried to grab her and hug her mindful of her arm, but she only shoved him. 鈥淒on鈥檛 try to act like you care after all of that Loki! I can鈥檛 believe i was really convinced for a while that you might actually love me back.鈥 He froze, all of her words finally processed in his head. He thought he heard wrong the first time. Oh how stupid he really felt now. The h/c haired girl went to start going off again. He cut her off, trapped her against the wall and kissed her. It wasn鈥檛 a lust filled kiss at first, he was testing the waters. After he was about to pull away she grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him back to her with the uninjured arm. Catching him back into a kiss, for the both of them this was all they needed to understand each other.
Pulling away he looked into her eyes, they weren鈥檛 dull anymore. They were shining bright and she was smiling like an absolute idiot, 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, i guess i should鈥檝e let you talk鈥.鈥 She apologized sheepishly. 鈥淣o it鈥檚 ok I hurt you and you needed to let it out i understand. But I am upset at you for getting hurt because you decided to go on a solo mission.鈥 He leaned down and kissed her again, this time it was all teeth and fighting for dominance.
鈥淚鈥檓 happy for you two and all but can i have my lab back?鈥 Banner interrupted them.
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tonystarkisasluta year ago
7 Minutes In Heaven
Summary: second installment of my High School AU. The high schoolers are at a party and they play lots of part games. Mostly Tony鈥檚 POV for this one, but it changes a lot.
The first day of school was a success; at least, by Tony鈥檚 standards.
He knows all his teachers, which is a plus because they all love him already. He joined the robotics club (well, he鈥檚 the president but whatever) which was fun. He met the new freshman, and he likes most of them. Most. Some are assholes but, what do you expect
But now, it鈥檚 the fun part. His party.
Word had travelled fast around the school, as it always does. He knows most of the school will be in his house by the end of the night
16 bags of chips, 25 beer packages, 2 boxes of condoms on the counter. Should be fun.
鈥淎lright everyone! If you wanna play truth or dare with the kiddies, it鈥檚 in the kitchen. Spin the bottle in the living room, seven minutes in heaven upstairs first room on the right. Drinks and food in the dining room and dancing and music is outside. Have at it!鈥 Tony laughs at the uproar of cheers, shaking his head fondly and heading upstairs. No one 18 or older is allowed to play (because it鈥檚 easier or kick them out than people underage) which is good because that means Steve has a reason to not play.
For some reason, being in a relationship to him means you can鈥檛 have any fun. Tony scoffs at the thought.
He grabs a beer bottle and sits down in the circle starting to form. Once around 25 people are in the circle, he finishes off his bottle and places it in the center. 鈥淎lright people! Here are the rules. On your turn, you spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on, you go into the closet for 7 minutes with. You can do anything from just standing awkwardly in there to sex, but no penatration. Not enough condoms.鈥
At the snickers around the room, he laughs himself, spinning the bottle. He whoops happily when it lands on Pepper鈥攈e鈥檚 lucky.
Once he鈥檚 in the closet he giggles into her lips, reaching under her skirt. 鈥淕onna be a good girl Pep? Not gonna let anyone else touch you like this?鈥
Pepper moans softly, nibbling at Tony鈥檚 ear. 鈥淵eah... kissing only, I remember the rules.鈥
Tony growls possessively, leaving a hickey on her shoulder. 鈥淚 hope you land on that Wanda chick. She鈥檚 hot. God, even just think thinking about you kissing her鈥斺
Pepper moans again, rubbing her hips against Tony鈥檚 hand. 鈥淭oo bad you won鈥檛 see it, baby. You鈥檒l just be out there with your blue balls watching the clock tick down.鈥
Tony snorts, kissing her softly. 鈥淕od I love you.鈥
Thor laughs heartily, drinking from his plastic cup. He doesn鈥檛 know what the hell is in this, but it鈥檚 real good. 鈥淢y turn!鈥 He yells happily, spinning the bottle. It lands on a girl he鈥檚 seen before, he thinks her name is Valkyrie or something like that. She goes by Val since her name is really weird.
Val rolls her eyes and crawls across the circle, kissing him roughly and oh.
Yeah, she鈥檚 good. When she pulls away, she鈥檚 smirking at Thor, and the dazed look on his face. 鈥淢eet me upstairs after the game,鈥 she whispers.
Thor smirks, taking another sip of his whatever-it-is.
Loki hates parties. He really, truly does. So why is he here?
To piss his brother off. Duh.
He follows this Bruce kid鈥攈e鈥檚 one of the most popular kids in school, he鈥檚 surprised he even wants to be seen with Loki鈥攐utside to dance and drink and get high. It鈥檚... nice. He likes Bruce.
Peter sighs, following MJ and Ned to the kitchen. 鈥淭ruth or dare is so lame, though! Why do we hafta play it?鈥
MJ scoffs, letting go of his hand. 鈥淏ecause you need to relax before you get to the big boy games, Parker. You鈥檙e tense and annoying.鈥
Peter pretends not to be hurt by what she said and grabs a beer bottle. He鈥檒l show her annoying...
鈥淔reshmen! Oh goodie, this just got ten times more fun,鈥 a very large man with wicked looking teeth says. Peter gulps, taking another sip to calm his nerves.
MJ smirks, stepping forward. 鈥淵up. Dare, give me your worst.鈥
The man laughs, licking his lips. 鈥淒are you to take your pants off. Walk around the party with just that long shirt on you.鈥
MJ rolls her eyes but does it, folding her jeans and packing them into her bag she鈥檚 been carrying around all night. 鈥淢y turn. Ned, truth of dare.鈥
Ned blushes and wrings his fingers together. 鈥淭-truth.鈥
MJ sighs but nods. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the worst thing you鈥檝e ever done?鈥
Ned clears his throat, laughing nervously. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know... came to this party even though I knew there鈥檇 be booze?鈥
A boy with brown hair a beard that makes him look way older than high school scoffs, rolling his eyes. 鈥淟ame-o.鈥
Ned blushes even more. 鈥淗ey! H-how about you then, truth or dare?鈥
He smirks, taking a sip out of his plastic cup he鈥檚 been holding. 鈥淭ruth, let鈥檚 see what you wanna know.鈥
Ned swallows thickly. 鈥淯m... uh... I... uh... how many girls have you been with?鈥
Now the man smirks even wider, a snicker leaving him. 鈥淗alf the school has gone on their knees for me, kiddie,鈥 he says, as if it鈥檚 something to brag about. He looks around the table and smirks as he sees Peter. 鈥淵ou. What鈥檚 your name?鈥
Peter squeaks, surprised to be noticed. By a senior. A senior who鈥檚 on the football team. Oh god. 鈥淧-Peter!鈥
Beck coos, taking another sip. 鈥淥kay, Peter. Truth or dare?鈥
Peter lets out a shaky breath. 鈥淒are.鈥
Beck stands, walking over and leaning in his ear. 鈥淚 dare you to suck my dick, Peter.鈥
Peter gasps, eyes wide with shock. 鈥淚-鈥
鈥淯nless you鈥檙e too chicken. If you chicken out, you gotta go home. It鈥檚 the rules.鈥
It鈥檚 not the rules and Peter knows it. But... 鈥測eah, okay. Lead the way.鈥
Natasha takes her fifth shot of the night before she spins the bottle, having just walked out of it with Clint. Clint had eaten her out, and it was honestly good because he made her cum in less than seven minutes. Damn she鈥檚 lucky to have him.
It lands on Bruce, who had recently joined their circle with Loki in tow.
She smirks and grabs his hand, leading them to the closet. Clint whoops at them as they go, and Natasha feels a little guilty for what she鈥檚 about to do.
Bruce smiles shyly at her, and he coughs a bit. 鈥淪o... how are-鈥
She cuts him off with a rough kiss, hand cupping his dick through his jeans.
Bruce groans, eyes wide. 鈥淲hat- what about-鈥
鈥淪hhh, darling. Don鈥檛 worry about Clint. When we go out we鈥檒l say we stood in awkward tension until the seven minutes were up~鈥
Tony laughs as he and Pep stumble down the stairs, deciding to join spin the bottle instead. After he got in the closet with Shuri (which made T鈥機halla literally growl at him, so no thanks) he decided he didn鈥檛 wanna play anymore, since he wasn鈥檛 hitting anyone he wants to kiss anyway.
Besides, he鈥檚 only allowed to kiss anyway. So spin the bottle is more fitting.
Right as he sits down, the bottle lands on him. Cheers erupt and he laughs as he notices Stephen Strange blushing and looking away.
鈥淲hat, don鈥檛 wanna lock lips with host of the party?鈥 He teases.
Pepper laughs and shoves Tony forward, clapping her hands. 鈥淐ome on Tony, give me a show!鈥
Tony snorts and grabs the sophmore by the hair, giving him a kiss that makes the circle whoop and hollar at them. He pulls back and wiggles his eyebrows, making Strange giggle despite himself.
Tony laughs and spins the bottle, whooping again when it lands on some girl he doesn鈥檛 know. He thinks he鈥檚 seen her before. 鈥淐ome here neighbor, give me some sugar.鈥
He hears Pepper giggle at that, and winks at his girlfriend before locking lips with what鈥檚-her-face.
Sam sighs, watching the circle grow bored. 鈥淟et鈥檚 just play chicken instead!鈥
Steve looks over at him, eyes heavy. 鈥淗uh? Wha鈥檚 that?鈥
Sam laughs at how drunk his best friend is. 鈥淵ou soon the bottle. Whoever you land on is your partner. You go as far as your comfortable with, and whoever stops first is the chicken and has to spin again.鈥
Peggy bounces excitedly. 鈥淥h yes, let鈥檚 play that Steve!鈥
Sam snickers and spins the bottle. He hums happily as it lands on Natasha, who is also very drunk. 鈥淗ell yeah. Come here baby, let鈥檚 see who鈥檚 chicken.鈥
Clint grunts, bumping shoulders with Bruce. 鈥淪am is totally gonna lose. My girl ain鈥檛 a bitch.鈥
Bruce laughs uncomfortably, nodding. 鈥淵eah... where鈥檚 my blunt?鈥
Peter is a bright red as he stumbles out of the bathroom, Beck right behind him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e good, kid. You鈥檝e never done that before?鈥
Peter blushes and shakes his head. 鈥淣-no...鈥
Beck smirks and steals Peter鈥檚 phone. 鈥淗ere. Call me sometime, I鈥檇 like to take you out.鈥
Peter swoons. He just got asked out. By a senior. A senior football player. God.
Loki makes a face as his bottle lands on Tony. 鈥淲hen did you come back?鈥
Tony snickers and points. 鈥淪pin the bottle got boring, everyone came back here.鈥
Loki sighs and crawls over. 鈥淔ine, whatever. I鈥檓 not a chicken.鈥
Sam snorts and takes a sip from his beer. 鈥淚鈥檓 not either, but when Nat started taking off my shirt I had to make the decision between being a chicken or having Clint shoot me.鈥
Tony snorts, handing Pepper his drink. 鈥淧ep won鈥檛 shoot you. She鈥檚 nice like that.鈥
Thor turns away from the circle, looking at T鈥機halla. 鈥淣ow I know how you felt.鈥
The other man snorts, putting his phone down. 鈥淗ey, at least they went in the closet. He鈥檚 just right there in the open for you.鈥
Thor makes another face and pretends to gag.
Harley is so drunk, he can鈥檛 even see straight. He鈥檚 90% sure he鈥檚 dancing, but there鈥檚 also the possibility he鈥檚 just stumbling in random diractions while he sings along off key to the song that鈥檚 playing. He sort of registers the hands on his hips, but he doesn鈥檛 really mind them. As long as he can keep dancing.
Clint stumbles down the stairs. 鈥淣aaaat? Has anyone seen my-鈥 he hiccups- 鈥済irlfriend?鈥
V walks over to him, clapping a hand on his shoulder. 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 man. But bro, Beck got a freshman to give him a blowie.鈥
Clint makes a face. 鈥淒ude...鈥
V laughs, passing Clint a plastic cup. 鈥淭old you Beck was nasty. Gonna try and find Steve, I needa ask him what time practice starts Monday.鈥
Clint waves him off, going back to trying to find Nat.
Pietro laughs as Steve kisses him; this is a lot more fun than he thought it would be! Steve keeps making him laugh, trying to make him give up first. And Peggy is cheering them on, saying 鈥渃ome on baby, win!鈥 And it鈥檚 making Pietro鈥檚 head feel even ducked and everything is just sooooo funny!!!
Natasha moans, throwing her head back. 鈥淎nd this is- fuck- from the guy who- ohhh- was guilty over a- ah!- dry humping session?鈥
Bruce kisses her, just to shut her up. He fucks into her harder and faster, liking the sounds of the headboard banging against the wall.
Natasha moans louder, biting Bruce鈥檚 bottom lip. 鈥淔uck!鈥
鈥淚 dare you to... to...鈥 MJ hiccups, then giggles about it. 鈥淎sk out your crush.鈥
Hope yawns, stretching her arms over her head. 鈥淲hat if I don鈥檛 have one?鈥
MJ thinks about it for a moment. 鈥淭hen someone you could tolerate dating.鈥
Hope thinks for a moment and then a smile graces her lips. 鈥淪COTT!鈥 She yells. Scott jolts awake, having passed out on the couch. He walks into the room, rubbing his eyes. 鈥淵eah?鈥
鈥淒ate me?鈥 She asks simply.
Scott blinks, decides he鈥檚 dreaming, and then shrugs. 鈥淥kay, yeah.鈥
Hope laughs, finishing her drink. 鈥淲ow, thanks MJ.鈥
MJ snickers, looking over to Scott. Poor boy.
Tony groans as he wakes up, head killing him. He smiles as he turns over and sees Pep sleeping beside him, drooling onto his arm. Damn, she鈥檚 so cute.
He gets up, stumbling around his house. Poor Jarvis. It鈥檚 already all cleaned up. He decides to hack into his dad鈥檚 bank account later to give him an extra tip.
He yawns again as he makes it down to the living room. He smiles as he sees Steve snoring on his couch, Peggy on top of him. Bruce is shirtless and on the floor, joint unlit in his hand.
He makes his way to the kitchen, starting the coffee pot.
He goes outside, laughing as he sees several people asleep on his grass, one of them being Harley Keener, a freshman, who somehow has a cowboy hat now and an extra jacket.
All in all, he would consider the party a success.
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